Bloodmonkey (2007) Movie Script

i b Bloody Monkey./b /i
He/she already comes.
Be clever,
he/she already comes.
Does this work?
Professor Hamilton,
do you hear me?
Not I can listen to you.
Professor Hamilton,
do you hear me?
He/she doesn't hear me, it doesn't work.
Professor Hamilton,
do you hear me?
Hello, I am not able to it is...
Not I can...
i Professor Hamilton,
do you hear me?
i we Have one.
We have one.
Do you have one?
If, if, good work.
Good work.
It will never leave.
i One comes.
We go.
Are you annoying?, we go,
I gave something before it gives birth to.
i Hello, my name is Greg,
I am anthropologist of animals.
i But I prefer the monkeys.
i With big teeth.
i they Look, look.
i you Give me the camera.
Give me the camera.
OH if, he/she looks at that.
i That is well.
i for heaven's sake, Greg,
leave me calm.
i Hello, I am Dani.
Put the camera well,
that it is grandiose.
You have to make it to it
more professional possible.
- Don't put him/her the fingers.
- It is well.
What is it?
We are making a video
of a documentary.
i we Go to the forest, the
expedition is in progress.
i Hello.
i I am their pilot.
If, it is not supposed that it takes
another clothes.
Not there are survivors.
Another opportunity.
i - are you excited?
- If.
i Definitively.
i you can tell Us a little
what you take inside your mind.
i In the mind of a psychologist.
i I can say that not.
i Seth, we go,
I gave any thing, something.
I Say, Josh.
i George, speaks to me,
i What?, to tell you that
I am a professor.
i If, sure.
i That is a joke.
i But I am really
excited of being here.
i In this expedition,
it is an incredible experience.
We go, but bla, bla.
OH looks, what surprise.
i The joker that
it hates it.
i you Said that you hated me.
i you Joke, I love to this type.
i do they Come, how do you love me?,
this way.
i OH this way.
i - What are you about making?
- Me?
i I am happy of being
the only one.
i Also of being a genius
in anthropology.
i If we compare ourselves, me
I am here.
i Who can change you?
i it is one of the most brilliant
i That have seen, him
they called of an institute.
i they Come because I love to
this type.
- Is that your great liking?
- If.
Then, we leave
to eat that later.
- What?
- What?
i What?
i This that they am
i For these chores
of $10.
i OH God, seriously,
I am not made up.
If, if he are.
i OH if, you caught me,
always you.
Good, he/she says that you have
a mster in anthropology.
i If, seriously.
i Then, what you can
to say to the camera?
I have to have them to all
entities that he/she keeps it.
i Alone that have one
good instruction.
I would like to take
this opportunity for...
i to Take a good one documental
when we return home.
i OH goes, Seth.
I gave something, hello.
Hello, I am Seth, study
That was very well.
I had one second.
I sit down it.
You. are the students?
I Said, Jeee.
I heard you.
- High.
- that?
Does he/she hear, is this the place?
Not I believe that this it is the place.
it is not the place.
I don't go.
- Not you do go?
- Do you leave us here?
The things inside.
How is that, are there tigers?
Perhaps, but.
Then somebody
he/she comes to pick up us.
- We wait here.
- What does it happen?
Not him you, follow the rake.
To follow the rake,
of the river?
Follow the rake.
Then, we go walking.
- Are you well?
- If.
Good, you are concerned.
When you are quiet,
you like music.
To my and you don't speak.
I think in as arriving,
that believes.
If it leaves somebody of the sombre.
Already him you.
What does it happen?
It is a location system.
It points out me exactly
where I am.
Where we are.
- What is it?
- Not him you.
I get scared a little.
If, that says the a lot
that you like.
What is that?,
it is not amusing.
Not it is amusing.
- What does he/she spend?
- I told you that he/she would bring it.
Not I understand because
you make it.
That is a big one.
You would want.
We go, let us continue,
It will take us to the house.
We go, we are in
the forest.
It is everything.
- Everything?
- Not there is more rake.
What do we make now?
We wait.
Will we wait here?
It seems that that
it is the plan.
To make fire.
Not I can believe it.
Good, it continues with your work.
What you will wait for
to tell him/her that you have a lighter?
It is well, it is
obsessed with that.
Comely that him him
I will say.
It is stable and not obsessive.
- Have you mounted horses?
- If, sure.
As her also.
Is truth?
They are good.
Do you see something?
Really not.
I already see.
We should return.
- Did they hear something?
- If.
What is it?, that is to say,
it is as an echo that me...
- to feel...
- Same me.
You what you/they say.
It also scares me.
Boys, I have one.
I believe that it will serve.
He/she waits, allow me to see.
That is not amusing.
Don't stop, I believe
that it is intelligent.
Not it is amusing.
- Boys hear.
- what?
OH my God.
What is it?
Something big.
- What is it?
- Not him you.
OH my God.
- Affection.
- The camera.
- Why?
- For the light.
- OH my God.
- OH man.
Do you see it?
There is something.
If, man, is something.
- Who are?
- I Am Chenne.
I am with the professor
He/she is a girl.
It was hour.
They come.
He/she waits.
When we will see the one
Professor Hamilton?
When it is clever.
What you find the
girl of Jungla Jean?
It is stupendous.
it is beautiful.
Because he/she always insists
in being so stupid.
Thank you.
Good morning, students.
I Am the Professor Hamilton.
The breakfast is in
And we leave in 40.
To leave, to where?
We will carry out one
expedition here.
We have all the
A valley, untouchable.
Non overdraft.
Flora and Fauna.
Sew that they have never seen.
I thought that only
we were here...
To study the same things
that they come in their books.
They return home.
They have the opportunity of
to write a new book.
To take to their new classes
species when they return to their houses.
Each one of you.
They will see new species.
They will be able to.
To go and to be in places that
before never they have been.
These days.
They will be able to look toward
the sky where they are.
They will be inclined.
We have enough that
to write here.
Not lose time.
He/she wants to impress us.
It is convincing.
Not you.
- No, it is well, it is as...
- Something not imaginable, it is well.
What are there with you?
You are clever for
to learn.
Not him you.
I have a premonition of
that he/she doesn't tell me the whole truth.
Where are the other ones?
Is there other, certain?
- Somebody more.
- There is something in the Professor.
A little, they know, stranger.
In the camp.
It is for the place.
I mean.
Who does the work make?
Boys, it is it is my first
time here.
He told me that there were others.
If, we listen to you.
Perhaps the professor is
in another thing.
With Chenne.
They Were You. those that
they thought it.
No, I thought it.
What I am surprised
it is that you say it.
Boys hear.
Did somebody see my cellular one?
From when you don't have it?
Obviously where I lost it.
What does it happen?
He/she was fallen the cellular one.
No, somebody steals it to me.
Which is the problem?
Mine also,
I don't have cellular.
They stole those things.
It is hour of leaving.
Not I see why.
To take off those things.
That is mine.
It is obvious that it was.
He/she looks, he/she goes back, it returns
our things.
She made it low my
The nature of your
abilities are not our problem.
They have to trust in
Not I will let him to get lost
any information of this project.
Okey, listen.
Who does it lack?
Pleased that you
us one.
I ask them them to consider
to take this.
But Mr., already us
we know all.
That is me.
I Am Greg.
Greg, very interesting.
The type of blood, age.
If, that I am me.
These tapes have everything
the information in case...
... of emergency.
Be sure of taking them,
I believe that they understand it.
It could save them the life.
The jungla is not good
for the complexion.
It is very hot.
all up.
It is a beauty,
certain is not?
I want them to be
clever for this.
If, then.
Everything is charming.
All that ignored.
All that we need.
For us.
Exactly how
do we arrive below?
- So we will lower.
- If.
They have to be joking.
In no way.
Here the genius is.
Not he/she can wait
that we lower.
They will be well.
It will be amusing.
It is important to be pressed
in the life.
That is enough.
Big risks bring
big victories.
I read it once when
I went to the church.
Not I go, I cannot make that.
- What will you make?
- To return.
To return?
Not I can leave
that you make it.
You steal yourself to yourself one
great opportunity.
- But not...
- You will come.
For the documentation.
We will make an introduction.
I sit down it small,
it has been one day, not.
No, you have to prove yourself it
to yourself.
I Am the Professor
Conrad Hamilton.
I am stopped to the border
of the creature of Hamilton.
Located under the one
In the purest and natural
As it was it ago
millions of years.
So that they remind it today.
He/she has made it another
time?, Professor.
To enter to the valley.
No, we will be the first.
You. they will see the history.
And each one of you.
They will live him.
Okey boys,
I see them there below.
I see them below.
I wait for them.
We go.
They are some fools.
They come.
There is enough amusement.
OH my God.
This is the most exciting thing
that I have made.
I really need
to go to the bathroom.
Small, are they very there?
It is well from there.
Not it is so bad.
Throw you, I grab you.
OH for heaven's sake, I don't believe
that he/she can make it.
I am to your side.
OH shit.
I never saw two girls
coming this way to my.
He/she hears, this is very serious.
Do you want to make it?
Be quiet.
You go.
You go.
Not I can believe that him
have made.
OH if.
We go, boy.
We Go, Josh,
you can make it.
We Go, Josh.
We go, friend.
It lowers.
- Not I can.
- It lowers, now.
We go, it lowers.
It lowers.
It lowers smoothly.
It lowers, now.
It lowers smoothly.
Loose the rope
and then you stop it.
Loose the rope,
you should calm down.
We go, it lowers.
We go, it lowers.
That dog hit me.
- It hurts me.
- Vmonos.
Pick up their things
and vmonos.
When we arrive to
a sure place, we will camp.
Not we will leave you here.
Are you well?, Josh.
We go, stop.
Do you feel well, Josh?
I will be well.
Josh, are you sure?
What is this?
It is a camp.
It is not supposed that we are
the first in being here.
If, he/she said it in the documentary.
Here it is where they are
the other ones?
You. they are the other ones.
I will have to explain to myself
I have to tell them
the truth.
But he/she had to make them
to lower here.
Nobody more he/she needs
to hear this.
If, my people and I came
before to the valley.
But we surpass
the limit.
What there are with those
extra haversacks?
They are there.
- Professor.
- If.
I need him to come
to see.
OH if.
We will continue with
this later.
- Well?
- If.
If, better.
Thank you.
He/she looks.
If, it is well.
We go, seriously.
I am serious.
i The type is insane.
Not I can use that.
Why not?, it is supposed
that we document the truth.
If, it is true.
We go, there he/she comes,
let us speak of another thing.
- What?
- It is behind you.
Look at this.
An opposing small fossil.
Has some seen it?
It is of a monkey.
Can I see it?
- It is strange.
- What?
What is Seth?
It is of a monkey.
Let us continue.
No, definitively
it is not of a monkey.
- Then, human.
- That thing?
It is...
I believe that when those of those
cities come to see this.
Not they will know how many
there is.
Not joke.
But I am sure.
But if you are sure.
That is to say, those histories of
Look at the skull.
This skull is as
that of us.
I mean it is strange...
There are 1200 of diameter
up to now.
And this should have
It should be very
Not one can exist
creature this way.
If it exists.
Okey, we go.
Stay there,
I joust there.
Help me.
We will see that us
he/she will say.
What devil is all this?
I am me.
I want to see that.
What is that?
They move it.
Not it is well.
I believe that it is dead.
It is a tomb.
- For that type.
- If.
The type died ago
Something is not very here.
We are studying,
non professionals.
In no way
we are it.
It is not supposed that we are
here in this situation.
Not I want to be part
of this.
- You understand all this.
- If.
It is intelligent, he/she made us
to build up hopes to come.
- Then.
- Then.
He/she should have discovered
a new species.
The only thing that I don't understand
in that forms us it will protect.
Him you.
Both knew that that
they made to Josh.
- They had left it.
- If.
But how.
Not you, she told me that he/she felt
very comfortable if we return.
What are there with you?
Do you come?
He/she would think it.
I am beginning to
to feel a little.
As having hunted.
They come, vmonos.
Leave them that leave.
This is a warning.
I have to go.
You that you don't need it
to know, but I have to go.
I really want to urinate.
Who is there?
We go boys, this
it is something private.
Not continue.
It is enough.
I don't like it, boys.
He/she hears, Sdney left.
- What?
- He/she should leave.
Have not I seen it, where is it?
They have not seen it those
The cadaver walker.
Go away.
What does it happen?
Sdney speaks with you.
this morning.
Which is Sdney?,
that of the blue eyes.
The catira.
If, I saw it.
- What I want to know...
- If it is dead.
Then, she left.
I mean, the accent to leave.
To allow it to leave.
Why not?
Here there is not any prison.
It packed early
this morning.
She came to see me.
Explain to him/her that we made
and he/she told me that it was better to leave.
That it missed their house.
- Seriously?
- If.
She would not make that.
Perhaps he/she had waited
for us.
To say goodbye and to leave.
Good, you know to those
When they have one
he/she devises in the head.
And what?
What it is exactly
does that make here?
You have some idea.
You would should.
Not I want you to ruin my
entrance, you understand it.
I want you to discover
the truth.
Because you have it in front.
We will enter inside
their territory, I promise it to you.
But Josh, with their ankle,
there is not way that he/she goes.
To enter to
that territory.
He can stay
with the rest of you.
The other ones should come
with me, they will have any thing.
I lied you.
Would you make it for my?
What did he/she tell you?
He/she said.
We need to continue.
We should pack and
to move.
And what did he/she say of Sdney?
He said that her you
it was without danger.
So she is well.
If, I am sure
that it will be well.
Only I didn't think that he/she would go
without saying goodbye, it is everything.
- He/she would not make it.
- What does it mean?
She was not able to.
Very well, vmonos.
Does he/she hear, are you well?
Seth, what does it happen?
He/she said that you will stay,
if you want, or to come with us.
No, I will go with you.
What do you believe?
If, better we are together.
- He/she looks, let us continue.
- but...
He/she looks, I will think of something,
It aids.
Help me.
Help me.
Please, leave me.
Please, don't make me this.
Help me.
Who is?
It works.
- He/she has something.
- He/she waits.
What is there with Sdney?
Did you return her?
If, her return without danger.
She returns very quick.
As they come her you
he/she moves very quick.
If, but even...
We continue in two minutes.
Boys, we have to make something.
- I sit down that...
- As a bait.
What do you mean?
Not I believe that it is
interested in that species.
- I believe that it feeds him.
- What do you make?
Point out.
Marking, when
let us need to leave.
It will be easy.
But how we can
to make that?
A he/she arms, we have that
to get a he/she arms.
If one makes that,
tonight is made.
- What is there with Josh?
- If we get the weapon.
Not we have because
to worry.
We will be able to take charge
of Josh.
We will camp here.
Put the things there.
OH God, is millions
of them.
The hate.
Not you should be here.
It is like a warning.
A warning?
If, it is exactly what is,
a warning for us.
We go.
What is that?
Not it is anything,
don't worry.
He/she really thinks that it is
good idea to stay here?
If, I believe it.
What is it?
Begin to speak.
I suppose myself that it is
the moment.
I have discovered one
new species of Primate.
With an evolution
complete of the brain.
One with a possible one and
perfect sense.
It would be the lost link.
How you can think in
lost when we find it?
This is one old.
He/she means that he/she has lived
here for thousands of years.
Then, how the flames?
Them, why the flames
Frankly, not him you.
It is as if it will try of
to prove their existence.
Of all this.
It is as if he/she will wait that
he/she came to us.
We have come
to him.
He/she has the skull,
that is not evidence.
Single test that it existed.
I want to prove that
it exists now.
We need something more
- Something that...
- Something that to eat.
How can it interest him/her that?
Good, I can imagine
that the danger.
In this species, it is exactly
that makes now.
Not it is more dangerous than another
wild animal.
The fact of the matter,
It is that I can make this
without you.
If I choose to discuss the
existence in the academy.
He/she would have to share
the whole glory, but you.
They are studying, good.
They are intelligent but none
of you. he/she can opacarme.
Clear, without offending.
- No, that is lie.
- That is bad.
You already looked for people
as us.
That is to say, you treat us
as prisoners.
As farmers.
At the end of this, not him
they will be able to say anything to anybody.
They will be so self-absorbed
with the discovery.
That they will not even remember
my small work.
It is hour of resting.
They don't find it.
This is a disaster.
Sdney, was right.
All the other ones
people that disappeared.
Not I want neither to think that
I pass them.
I will get the weapon.
After nobody sees me.
I will get the weapon.
Me also.
No, he/she has to be quick,
without noise.
It will be easy for my at the end.
Or me.
That is to say, I can be me.
He/she looks.
If you were you and something
it will happen to you.
Not I am so strong
to load Josh.
Don't worry about my.
Don't make it for my.
Him you.
What would it happen?
If vam...
I already said it, okey.
Alone just in case,
it is everything.
For that reason I should be me.
You scream if something happens.
A great expression, Greg.
Boys, if it is very serious,
you can do with this.
He/she looks.
It is like key Morse.
We cross the door.
You see.
Batman had one similar.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I will stay with you
Dani left with Greg.
Not I want to be alone
That is to say, if, it is well.
Thank you.
Not he/she wanted to be alone
Thank you.
Tonight, the noises.
Do you believe that you would make it?
Not him you.
Perhaps be lucky
in the morning.
Perhaps they send us
some sign.
That is to say, it would rot
to be any thing.
Probably not
be anything.
We don't still know anything.
Not you are afraid.
No, I am not afraid.
Me if.
Will you look for the weapon?
Now it is a good one
moment like anyone.
Do you believe that he/she is sleeping?
Probably make it.
Thank you, to be so
Before also it drifts
to make me a tat.
Those idiocies.
Are Josh well?
With You. to 10 miles.
You know what I mean.
Non glide to go to none
it leaves.
I will be well.
What I worry about
it is Sdney.
Not he/she said anything.
That is to say that there is not...
What does it happen?
It is raining.
Not it is my foot.
That stinks, take out it.
That was not rain.
You joke.
We Go, Greg.
It is true.
Some animal urinates from
the tree.
Good boy.
Care, Josh.
It can hold on to
the monkey.
If, he/she had 10 now 11.
- God, was taken to Josh.
- What?
It took it to him.
To where?
With him.
I take it to him I live.
i you Help me.
i you Help me.
Josh, I cannot see you.
i you Help me.
Where are you?
What demon?,
Oh my...
Daughter of...
Why do you shoot me?
OH God.
OH God, hurts.
Why do you make me this?
Why do you shoot me?
Why?, what does he/she spend?
What do you make?,
Help me.
Help me.
It aids.
It aids.
It aids.
I have to go.
Please not.
- What do you make?
- I have to go.
- Don't leave us.
- I have to go.
Already return.
OH God.
Not you will go with them.
It hurts.
OH God.
It aids.
It aids.
OH God.
OH God.
You use these species.
You knew the dangerous thing of
this place before coming.
And you still tell us
that we came.
You should understand.
No, I am not able to.
You are so young.
- You have a lot to learn.
- on what?
Of the desperation.
Insanity, lie.
This is alone of the
It is on it that
we discover here.
What has been discovered.
They kill us.
You kill us.
You believe that you have already destroyed us.
You put it in a box, and him
you take to a part of London.
I wait some recognition.
All understand
the sacrifices.
They will make it.
We will see it when he/she returns.
And he/she explains to all.
That you sacrificed
For your valuable one
Do you understand that?
If, I understood it.
- He/she hears.
- What?
Somebody comes.
- Where is Seth?
- Where is Greg?
Where is Seth?
He/she died.
All died.
It is fastened,
we go.
i tonight, our expedition
directed for my it was attacked.
For a new, quick and
intelligent species, so quick...
... that it killed at five of
our members.
We were pursued.
i Hunted as a result.
i Tomorrow we will begin
The three that we are.
- And the three will continue...
- Do wait, what?
Not you can speak seriously.
If, clear, we are so close.
It is our dream.
Our dream.
We have to leave
of here now.
i No, you won't record
The three will continue
our search.
i to Find this new one
and express to be.
And we will take evidence
to the world of out.
Of the existence of this
incredible creature.
It should be
Your friend Sdney.
What do I pass him/her?
Inside the bushes.
What bushes?
Seriously, somebody knows
that we are here.
Be not moved, alone
we are raking.
We are close now.
Why don't you record this?
For what reason is the camera?
It records, we are close,
very close.
You found some
of them?
One of them.
They are alone.
Not I can believe it.
You had Sdney here.
And you left it,
how were you able to?
I silence, the best thing was
that made.
She should be
Be clever.
If, your you can.
They made this.
They made this.
This is an intelligence
This is imagination.
And it is my discovery,
Well, vmonos.
He/she was taking something.
It was the arm of Sdney.
I force us to go with him.
Well, vmonos.
It is about to come.
From now on.
Three hours we have left it
before the sun leaves.
- Are they with me?
- If.
- Take out me of here, please.
- Here.
Do they know where it is?
Not it is here.
It is well,
let us continue.
Let us continue, we go.
I put a here.
A here, I remember it.
- Are you sure?
- If, he am.
If you remember it, then
we are in the correct road.
What it happens if them us
do they find?
Let us continue, okey.
I believe that this it is
another place.
Where is Amy?
The camera.
He/she runs, he/she runs.
He/she runs.
No, he/she waits.
He/she runs, he/she runs.
We go.
- We go, move.
- Okey.
We go.
There is a light there.
It should be alive,
we go.
Not I want to go somewhere around.
- We can be attacked.
- Not we have option, we go.
You have the lolled light.
If, ahead.
It turns to the left.
You go right.
Where is it?
I don't see it.
Josh, do you see it?
He is not here.
Okey, we have that
to leave.
Seth, is something there.
Give me the camera.
Somewhere around.
They know.
They are here.
Not there is anything.
Not there is anything.