Bloodrunners (2017) Movie Script

Big Ben, old faithful,
and Jack Malone, 10 o'clock,
and a bottle
of cabernet: Like clockwork.
-Cut it Sam, I'm working here.
-Yeah, sure you are.
You're working
your way through that bottle.
That's fancy French stuff.
That costs a pretty penny.
You're not holding out
on me are you?
I'm not holding out,
you know I pull a bigger cut
so stop busting my hump.
-There's something going down
Ladies, lovers, and lushes,
looks like you're all enjoying
the hospitality
of our little club.
Now remember, don't tell anyone
about our secret.
Ain't no booze here!
Just good clean fun.
That's right.
Fucking amazing,
the stones on this guy.
Oh, come on,
not even the probies
give a cobbler's crap
about prohibition anymore.
It's going to be
repealed any day now.
Shut up.
And now, for all you good
god-fearing people out there,
I have the true queen
of the night.
Alexandra diamond.
Whoa! Now I know
why you were late.
Good god, I mean look at that.
That is a vision.
Good god in heaven,
lord, have mercy on us all.
I mean... Jesus.
Look at this--
just look at her skin.
It's like it's porcelain.
Like she must have just bathe
in milk like all day long.
She must just sit
in the bathtub.
In full milk,
all day long and eat nothing
but like lemon rinds
and raisin skins
and lord knows what else.
I mean--
you-you know
what I'm saying Jack?
Hey, sweetheart!
-Pack of lucky's.
-Oh, sure, mister.
Say, honey,
i want to open up a tab.
Can I talk to the boss?
Is he here?
Oh, yeah, he's always here.
Well, great!
Oh! Well, he just walked out.
Walked out where?
The front door?
Or that back room over there?
Hey, you ask a lot of questions.
Are you a cop?
Oh yeah.
Sargent Jack Malone.
This here's
my partner Sam varning.
We're south Hampton's finest,
We live but
to protect and serve.
Traffic tickets, cats in trees,
pretty ladies in need of rescue
from their virginity.
Oh, you're full of shit, silly.
Keep the change, little lady.
I'll look into opening
that tab another night.
Come on, Sam.
Let's go do some police work.
I didn't know you had
Chinese in your town.
I haven't had Chinese
in a while.
-I may have to come visit.
-Chester, darling.
That's quite enough.
I'm sure Mr. Baker here is
convinced of our resolve.
After all, Mr. Baker,
you only have nine more fingers.
Why did you want to be a cop?
Because I'm handy
with a gun and needed a job.
-Come on, Jack, seriously.
-Sam, we've had to brace
just about
everybody in our group.
I'm not in the mood.
See, that's kinda
what I'm talking about.
We do our thing behind closed
doors but you know...
Word gets around.
Well, that's a good thing, no?
Everybody in town knows the
score and word does travel,
not just here,
but Philly, New York.
Everybody knows
we handle our own business
and we're not up for grabs.
And how long
do you think it's going to take
for someone to figure out
that there's just
a handful of us.
Against all the rum runners
and racketeers.
Oh believe me, Sam.
I would love for somebody
to try a move like that.
That's what I'm afraid of.
I find this lack of respect
quite disconcerting.
To even think you can find
what we offer someplace else
I told you everything I know.
I swear.
You believe me, don't you?
Please tell me you believe me.
Believe you?
Believe? Believe!
I believe you're a lying blood
sucking double crosser
who's so fucking greedy
that you ruined
everything we built
just to make
a few extra bucks.
What did you do that for?
He was out of fingers.
You just killed
any chances we had
at salvaging our relationship
with his boss.
I'm tired of dealing with these
nickel and dime speakeasies.
The only reason
we came to this town
was so we could move up
to New York City.
Now, I've been around long
around enough to know
when it's time
to sever old ties.
And that cop was sniffing around
again tonight.
I don't want to draw
any more attention
than we already getting.
Don't worry about him.
He sticks his nose
where it doesn't belong,
I'll add it to my collection.
-You been waiting long?
-Not long, a half hour or so.
-Half hour?
You should've come inside,
i would have cut out early.
-I'm here, ain't I?
-Yes you are.
Come on,
i want to show you something.
Oh, Willie...
I made it myself from a stone
i found in the creek.
It's not much
but I thought it was pretty.
You don't have to wear it
if you don't want to.
No, no.
I love it.
Put it on.
You know with this new job here,
I'm starting to make
some good money.
Before you know it, I'll be able
to buy you real jewelry.
But this is real jewelry.
It's wonderful.
I love it.
And I love you.
Rich or poor.
Oh Anna, you know that ain't
going to fly with your mom.
I swear,
I'm going to marry you some day.
I'm going to build you
a ritzy house
with a car in the driveway,
a nursery for the kiddies,
Slow down there jitterbug.
How about a waltz?
That's not a waltz.
How about this?
That'll do.
Nothing to see here.
Nothing to see here either.
New meat.
I think he could be
a high roller.
Gotta be careful
with these rich fellas.
They're into all kinds of crazy.
Yeah, crazy rich.
You're such a whore, rosey!
The best in town.
-It's a small town.
-Just go inside.
Fuck off.
I love you too miss
Lily Margaret moon.
Welcome to rosey's thorns.
Why thank you.
Would you happen to be rosey?
Yes, I am.
This is my little paradise
where the girls are pretty
and the shoots are clean.
I haven't seen you before.
Are you new in town
or just passing through?
-Oh, a little of both.
May I come in?
Of course.
Be my guest.
Welcome, handsome.
All guests get
their first drink free.
My apologies miss,
i don't drink spirits.
Do you have some wine,
Pussy and whiskey
is all we've got.
If you're looking
for a glass of wine,
you best get yourself to church.
-I don't do well in church.
-Don't mind her.
We got a half bottle
back in the pantry.
Is that alright with you,
miss rosey?
Why yes, miss Lily,
you go on ahead
and I'll introduce
-the girls to Mr...
George Washington.
Well, Mr. Lincoln,
Jackson, and Franklin
are customers also.
Well, these presidents
ought to get us started.
I can go all night.
Well, Mr. Washington,
I'd like to formally welcome you
to my little garden paradise.
I'm rosey, you've met Lily,
this is Jasmine,
Daisy, and Violet.
Such clever names.
A regular bouquet.
It's a lot more appealing
than Margaret or prudence.
Or Eleanor or Clare.
Well my mother's name way Clare.
Would you fuck her?
-Good point.
-Here you go.
I hope you like it.
It's from rosey's private stock.
It's okay.
He can afford it.
Why thank you,
that's much better.
So, Mr. president,
are you ready
for your initiation?
Don't you mean inauguration?
A president gets inaugurated.
initiate, intimidate.
I do it all.
She'll do.
Oh, look what the cat
dragged in.
I was wondering when you'd show.
All things come
to she who waits.
It's 2 A.M.
Then it's early, no?
What are you, a lawyer now?
Who's the rockefeller?
I don't recognize the car.
Now, don't go shaking down
my customers too.
Don't worry rosey,
we are off duty
and Jack here
is already half plastered.
Gonna have to do something
about that.
Hey, doll face.
You got time
for a public servant?
I don't know, copper.
I'm a busy gal.
My dance card's pretty full.
Aw, that's a shame.
Because Lily's are
my favorite flower.
I have an opening after all.
You know your boy Sam
is becoming a regular fixture
around here.
Is he any different
from me when I was young?
Oh, you remember!
I'm impressed.
Thought all that booze rotted
your memory.
Only the bad memories.
-I thought they were all bad.
-Oh no.
Not the old days.
I even remember when you used to
call me "dusk till dawn".
"Dusk till dawn".
You paid for half this place.
Who needs a mortgage
when you have a horny Irish boy.
Those were the days.
I sense notes of almond,
something fruity.
Apples, no, no, pear.
Shouldn't we just taste it?
The aroma is just as important
as the taste.
If not, more so.
It creates an anticipation
for what will follow.
So it's an art.
Just like music.
It's what keeps me going.
Tempting it is.
But this is just the beginning.
What's the worse
that can happen?
I end up in a whore house?
Don't make this about me,
this is about you running off
with that boy
in the middle of the night.
Willy's not some boy
and if you just listen to me
once in a while,
you'd know that.
You don't go running off
in the middle of the night
without telling me.
Don't walk out on me.
We are not finished here, Anna!
Get back in here right now!
So you can give me the whole
"boys are only
after one thing" speech?
Well, it's true!
Willie's not like that,
we love each other.
He's the one,
you just hate all men.
I just want what's best for you.
Like what? Joining a convent?
Is that it?
I'm 17.
I'm not as innocent
as you thing.
That's what worries me.
You have your whole
life ahead of you.
I don't want to see you make
the same mistake I made.
You mean me?
Just say it again.
Getting pregnant with me was the
biggest mistake of your life.
Well, I'm sorry
but I'm nothing like you.
Oh god, honey,
that is not what I meant at all.
You're my baby.
It's just that, well...
Willy is a good boy.
You're both just so young still.
But I love him, mama.
It's okay.
Look, I'm sorry.
Love is a good thing.
It's all we really have.
Come have some breakfast.
-Yes, please.
Here, take mine.
And winegard's delivery truck
was blocking the entrance
to the fire station, again.
That's the third time I've had
the fire chief up my ass.
That old fire chief don't bring
I mean, if that crowd keep
brining cold beer with his ice,
I don't have problems with his
parking habits. Right fellas?
Officer danoff,
alcohol is illegal.
-You know that.
-Yeah, well--
tell you what, why don't
you do the morning briefing.
How about I tell winegard to
stop blocking the fire station.
Too late.
Monday, we had a report
from the widow McFadden...
We had the Canadians
in town last night.
You finally get your way.
That new dress.
It wasn't for my wife.
To each his own.
I don't judge.
Leave morality to the fools
and martyrs.
Neither of which am I.
And no one could
ever accuse you of that, Jack.
Malone, keep it down back there.
What about Sam?
He was talking.
But you're the one
with a big mouth.
Both of you, in my office, now!
Should I stop or...
No, no! Great work, danoff.
So, I see it's payday
in beautiful south Hampton.
How are things
in the hinterlands?
Are the natives
getting restless?
Some always squeak,
but everybody's paying
the freight.
The haze boys
are starting to get hanky
but that's to be expected.
Anyway, they paid.
Well what's going
on at that new place?
-Ah, chesterfield's.
That's the one.
They got
a little sloppy last night
and I figured
out their game.
At least, I think so.
The front man running the place
is some Nancy boy named Victor.
But everything I saw points
to this band leader, Chester.
Everybody counts house to him.
-A band leader?
-And a colored on at that.
Shit, what's this world
coming to?
Hey, cap', it's 1933.
I mean this is Jersey.
We're not in Mississippi.
We got whites hanging out
with coloreds
all over the place now.
Plus, we've got pollocks,
we got spicks,
we got chinks,
we got mixed.
it's a regular melting pot.
We get it.
Chief, with all
the comings and goings,
I think this club
is a lot bigger than it looks.
Chinks too? In our town?
Not exactly chinks,
i just use them as an example.
I was being literatival.
Hold your horses.
That's not a word.
Yes it is,
it's the plural form of literal.
Use it in a sentence.
I was just being "literatival"
with the captain.
You're an idiot.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
You the one who found the body?
Yep, I was tracking a 6-point
buck when I came across her.
-Her body.
-Where is she?
Just up there,
your men are almost at her.
Yep, they found her.
You sure this wasn't
a hunting accident?
You can save yourself a lot of
grief if you just 'fess up now.
No, I told you,
it was some kind of animal.
Or you had a little too much
moonshine hunting buck,
saw something through the trees,
took the wrong shot...
I'll swear on the holy Bible.
We'll see about that.
What the hell was a girl doing
in the woods in the first place?
There's trails all through
these woods.
If she ain't got a car,
it's the fastest way on food.
Like I said,
you sure there isn't something
you want to tell me?
You go take a look at her and
then call me a liar.
Hey, Jack!
What's the matter?
Did you get him?
Get down!
He was out last night,
cattin' around.
Seems like her family's farm was
just over that hill.
Her brother's just confirmed.
Aw crap.
-Is it true? Let me see her!
-No, no!
No, ned, it's not a good idea.
No, Lola! Oh god, no!
Shame with whom the king
had committed fornication.
And with whom
the inhabitants of the earth
have been made drunk
with the wine of fornication.
Oh, what the hell.
With a golden cup in her hand,
filled with abomination
and the filthiness of her sins,
and upon her...
Alright preacher, that's enough.
...lies the mother of harlots
and abominations of the earth!
-Hands in the air!
-...saying what you mean.
-Keep 'em up!
Watch him.
I will show unto you the
judgement of the great whore!
He did it! He killed her.
I'm going to kill him.
Whoa! Calm down.
Death to the whore who sleeps
with the devil.
Get that nutbag the hell out
of here.
Violet, I was wondering
where you were hiding.
Piss off, I'm not hiding.
Well, it's washday and you know
how grumpy mama gets
when she sees
you gals lazing around.
She made plenty of green off
my back last night.
She has no reason to be upset.
God dammit!
What did you do that for?
It's the middle of the afternoon
for Pete's sake.
Rise and shine.
Ugh! You little bitch.
No need to be sore, vi'.
Man, what's with
this place today?
Everybody's so tight.
You're mom's hounding me.
Now you and v.
-Give me your shirt.
You want me to wash it
or you want to go
to your new job
looking like a hobo?
Yes, ma'am.
But, uh, my hands are dirty so
you may have to help me.
Your mind is dirty.
No, ma'am, I wouldn't dare...
-Not until we're married.
You play all innocent,
but I know what's
on a man's mind.
I was raised
in a cathouse after all.
Why you gotta act
like such a nun?
Because I know
it drives you crazy.
You little minx.
The washtub's ready.
Hurry up with the rest
of the sheets!
Dang it, give me your shirt.
You should proclaim
your judgement,
so shall ye be judged.
Hot damn.
You're not kidding.
That's fascinating, really.
Now, you can go on all you want
about the beast
and what an expert you
are on the subject of hell.
But I got news for you.
Hey, stay with me.
I know all about it.
I spent 18 months there.
Now, help yourself and talk
to me because if you don't,
the only thing
i can guarantee you
is a one way trip
to the chair.
What were you doing
in the woods...
-Praying for what?
-Salvation, for the whore.
That she might
not be cast into perdition.
Jesus, Jack, can't you see he's
off his rocker?
That whore?
Lola Hayes?
She was just a party girl.
You sick little twitch.
She was an agent of beast
hunted down by wolves.
Jesus, what the hell is he
talking about, Jack?
Oh, but it was too late.
And he knew, he knows!
Enough Luther,
enough of your bullshit.
Jack, give it a rest.
Keep an eye on him.
I don't want him
killing himself.
I got it, chief.
I send you out as lambs
among the wolves.
Did he break?
Nothing but more hellfire
and a lofty sermon
on the evil that is
south Hampton, the prick.
Evil. He's the one
with blood on his hands.
No, we still
don't have any proof.
Believe me, chief.
By the time
I'm done with him,
he'll confess
to the lynburg kidnapping.
The haste family's trash,
always has been.
And that Lola?
But nobody deserves
to die like that.
Jack, I think you need
to calm down a bit.
I don't need a dead suspect.
That would be bad for everyone.
Hey, why don't we just grab
a beer at Ruben's?
I've got a better idea.
Why don't you clean up,
put on some civies,
and shake down that new
joint you've been chasing.
-Yeah, that's the one.
Shake the money tree.
My pleasure.
Hey guys, uh,
we haven't opened yet.
Say, aren't you that, uh...
Kid that does odd jobs
for rosey?
Willy, right?
-What gives?
-That's right!
A real hard worker, this one.
around rosey's daughter.
A regular Romeo!
Say no more.
Young love.
It's just such
a magical thing, isn't it?
What do you want?
Why don't we take it inside.
Can I help you guys
find a seat?
We're not here to sit.
Come on guys,
i just got this job.
-Don't make me--
-make you do what?
Good evening, officers.
Not every day
the cops come calling.
Willy, go help Harry out
by the stage.
It's a good kid.
Hard worker.
Much like myself
when I was younger.
But I'm sure you guys
didn't come here
to talk about Willie.
And I'm impressed.
Yeah, with your shake down.
I mean...
Most small time cops
will come up
in the joint with axes,
tear it up.
Ruin the product,
shake up my customers...
But you fellas,
use a smooth approach,
that's clever.
I've got an axe in the car
if you want to go that way.
That won't be necessary.
Follow me.
I've got a couple
of buttons here to see you.
What a pleasant surprise!
Do come in.
Do you care for a glass?
No, thank you.
How about you?
Chester tells me
you're a regular.
That you've taken
a keen interest
in our little club,
coming in every night
for the past two weeks,
keeping a close eye
on everyone and everything.
Is that it?
Oh, and that you have
a pension for fine wine.
Not something I would expect
from a ruffian such as yourself.
And I wouldn't expect
the colored band leader
to be ordering the muscles
around by you
boot-licking Nancy boys
huddle in this office.
-Excuse me?
-Shut up.
So what do you want, exactly?
For you to lay your cards
on the table.
I really don't care who runs
this little bohemian lovefest.
Okay, let's be honest.
It's 1933.
People still get tight
when they see a nigger
running things.
You just figured
that it's better for me
to keep a low profile,
the less black the more green.
Fair enough.
You wanna pose
this clown as the boss
when we know you're the one
-in charge...
-Badge or no badge,
I would advise you
to show some respect!
I think this pig needs a lesson
in some manners.
Don't interrupt, boy!
Men are speaking.
Now, look at what you did.
You got Sam all upset
and that almost never happens.
Everything okay in here, boss?
I still got the axe in the car.
Okay, everybody.
Everybody, cool down.
There's more
than enough to go around.
This is still a business
transaction, am I right?
That's right!
I'm sorry, fellas.
We just got off
from the wrong foot.
Listen, big shot.
There's only one rule
in south Hampton,
everybody pays.
How would you pull in here
a night, a couple of g's?
I'm sorry,
did I say something funny?
No, not at all.
Don't mind me.
Do you want your money or not?
But do it slowly.
Take it easy, officer.
Victor's harmless.
You know what?
What are they
just gonna call this?
Back taxes.
We square?
From now.
I'll run it up the flagpole.
See what the chief says.
Come on, Sam.
Welcome to south Hampton.
How rude.
That was too easy.
That was too easy.
I was thinking the same thing.
Hello, again.
You guys gotta do
this right here?
I'll lose my job.
We've just got some more
What about?
-No, he was very helpful.
-Too helpful.
They just paid.
No guff.
I didn't throw a single punch.
I only threw one.
Isn't that a good thing?
You see, when a fella's willing
to show you
all the cards in his hand,
it usually means he has a few
up his sleeve.
What's up your sleeve, Willie?
I'm not important enough.
I'm taking out the trash,
for Pete's sake.
we're not stupid.
We know there's something going
on here that's a lot bigger
than some gin joint
selling hootch.
And even if
you are just a busboy,
you've still got eyes.
I bus the tables,
i take out the trash.
What the hell?
You're here every day.
Where are they getting
the booze?
Who have you seen?
I don't know,
lots of people.
I'm not your spy,
keep me out of it.
That's alright,
have a seat, have a seat.
Alright, get up.
Nah, hit him again.
Now you're coming
to your senses.
Are they running hooch
or making it?
I don't know!
I've seen them loading their
truck before.
But I keep out of it.
-Hit him again.
I saw it.
I saw it once on the road.
After I brought Anna home.
They were coming back
from a delivery.
From the south.
I think.
Rosey's is south of town.
Is there a shipment tonight?
How the hell would I know?
Come on guys!
I really like this job.
Don't blow it for me.
Alright, relax.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Look how good you did.
Just remember,
you keep your eyes open.
You keep your mouth shut.
Like I said,
I keep out of it.
Well, partner,
if they're headed south,
that means that they got
to take the millroad
in order to get to the highway.
I was thinking the same thing.
But let's get the fellas
in on this.
Full setup.
You got it, boss.
Badges and blues.
I only see apples in here.
Are we out of biscuits?
It's not a goddammed picnic.
Just eat whatever's left.
Well, I'm still hungry.
-Then have an apple.
-I don't want an apple.
Then you're not hungry.
You know, I don't think
these goons are gonna show.
I mean, are you sure they're
supposed to pass this way?
No, I'm not sure.
They are bootleggers running
illegal hooch at night.
Alright? They're either
being really careful
or there's a possibility
that maybe--
-oh, Sam.
Jack's got us covered
but under no circumstances
give away his position, okay?
-You got it?
-Got it.
You got it?
You got it, genius?
Got it, got it.
Alright, come on.
Try and stay sharp here.
What gives, flat foot?
I'm going to need you to ask
the driver to kill that engine
and step out of the truck,
What the hell is this?
We just paid you parasites.
I thought we were square.
Oh is that...
You thought that did you, yeah?
Well, then you should know
that bootlegging
wasn't part of the deal.
Kill the engine and step out
of the truck, please.
keep your paws
where I can see them.
That's better.
Oh shit.
Now, listen, fellas,
class is in session.
Have you two ever heard
about this thing
called the volstead act?
This is horse shit.
You have no idea
who you're dealing with.
Oh, hey buddy.
How's the jaw?
Sorry about that.
My knuckle still tastes good.
-In the truck!
There's somebody in the back.
I saw him!
Go check it out.
Good job, fellas.
Now stop fucking around
and just cuff 'em.
See Sam, I told you.
I saw that little twerp sneaking
around back there.
Hey, bring him around.
Yeah, nice try buddy.
Don't even think about it.
Or you'll do what?
Don't try me.
Hey, how about we throw down
to see who's the better man.
I'm not going to warn you again!
Just calm down.
It doesn't need to be this way.
I'm done playing games.
What the hell?
I checked the truck.
The truck?
For more men!
Are we clear?
Ah, pay day!
What is it?
It-it's blood.
What are you talking about?
Was there somebody
in the truck?
No, it's just bottles.
That's ridiculous.
It's probably just a rotten
batch of moonshine.
It's blood, I tell you!
Why would they be
bootlegging blood?
Isn't it obvious?
Take it slow.
Savor every note running down
your throat.
Enjoy every drop
from the cup, my pet.
how did I get here?
The haze brothers,
they found you.
I gotta tell the chief.
I know all about it.
Ah, chief.
I was providing cover
from the hill
but my rifle jammed.
I ran in with my 45s.
Easy, Jack.
-You've been out a while.
-How long?
I've been at the crime scene
all morning.
What a goddammed mess!
What about the guys?
Sam, Adam, and bill are dead.
Killed the same way
as Lola Hayes.
Her brothers are out for blood.
They're convinced it's
the same guys who did in Lola.
Like I said,
it's a goddammed mess.
It's chesterfield's,
that new club.
We got a tip last night
that they were running booze.
Sam and I thought
it was a good--
goddammit, Sam.
Focus, Jack!
Did you say
they were from chesterfield's?
Three men.
But there was a gunfight.
Sam got one of them.
I took out the other one.
Three? There was
enough blood for 10 men.
Ten? No.
Well, they're gone now.
Just tire tracks.
They must have taken
their dead with them.
They must have gone back there.
We shook down that kid.
Willie cranston.
Out back of the club.
He was the one who tipped us off
to the shipment.
That little shit,
he sold us out!
That's not true.
You're a liar!
Anna, now's not the time!
You're gonna believe him
of all people?
I say we go find
that Willie kid,
beat the truth out of him.
Calm down!
We already have
a suspect in custody
for your sister's murder.
Well, it's all connected,
I'm telling you!
Just stick to running 'shine
and leave the police work to me.
We got to get to chesterfield's.
You're not going anywhere!
Don't worry, Jack.
We got this.
You and your brother
want some payback?
Will you stop
that infernal caterwauling?
Aw, come on, Mr. renfield.
You said I could practice
after we closed the joint.
Yes, but at the moment,
your assault on my ears
is more than I can bear.
Where did you find that crate?
Behind the stage
under some drapes.
I thought you wanted me
to bring out the booze.
It's not booze, it...
Never mind what it is.
Just put it back
where you found it.
I'll deal with the blood-sucking
thieves myself.
-Mr. renfield?
-Yes, Rita?
Can I sing now?
No, you cannot sing.
And when I say you cannot sing,
I do not mean you cannot sing
now or later.
I mean you cannot sing at all.
You tone-deaf little strumpet.
Your talents
would better serve you
laying on your back
in a cat house.
Not prancing about on my stage.
Rita, darling,
suck it up.
Or I'll find myself
another cigarette girl.
Little trollop.
This is a raid.
Rita? Get the hell out of here
before I tell your mother who
you've really been working for.
Was it really necessary
to smash the front door in?
Shut up.
Then I demand
to see a search warrant.
I said, "shut up!"
You pissed in my sandbox,
pinky ring.
And now you're going to pay.
What do we do?
Smash it all.
Stupid Jack.
He doesn't know
what he's talking about.
What are you doing here?
The police are looking for you.
I know, they busted up the club.
I thought they were
paying off the cops.
Jack said that men
from your club
came by last night
and ambushed them.
They're blaming you.
They think you set them up.
Oh, shit.
Did you?
What? No!
Were you there?
Did you see?
Jack and Sam came to the club
last night and they squeezed me.
So, I told them what they
wanted. That's it.
I didn't tell anyone else.
I'd lose my job if I did,
i swear.
Ok, it's okay. I believe you
but it doesn't matter.
They think you were in on it.
You got to get out of here
before anyone sees you.
Anna, baby, I've been thinking.
Running around like a fugitive
all day made me think,
a lot,
about everything,
about us, our future.
What are you saying?
I want to marry you.
Always have.
But times have turned
and we got to do it now.
I want you to come away with me,
away from this town,
a new life just for us.
I can't.
My mama...
It's not forever.
We run away now,
get married,
and come back
when thing cool down.
I promise.
But how, how can we live?
I got that figured out.
The club.
Victor keeps his secret stash
of money in his office.
I spied him hiding it once.
But now the club is empty.
It's easy peasy.
There's got to be 1000 dollars
in that box.
The police are looking for you.
By now, everyone in town
knows what happened.
How can we even get
there without getting caught.
We just stay off the roads.
We got to go right now.
Willie, like this?
I need my things.
Don't worry about that.
We'll buy you all new things.
Trust me.
I do.
You know Victor?
We smash down your door,
bust up all your booze,
drag you in here
and you haven't even asked me
what this is all about.
I can only assume
you're not satisfied
with our current arrangement.
I send three of my men
to collect a little luxury tax
and the next thing I know,
they're all dead.
I wouldn't know the first thing
about killing anyone, Mr. ...
Chief of police farley.
You murdered three cops,
you foppy little weasel.
I'm going to have
a front row seat
when they strap you
to the chair.
Oh, I know this game.
And then I say,
"i can assure you, chief farley,
I murdered no one.
I was at the club all night
and there are
scores of witnesses
who will attest to just that."
You really think that matters?
You silk-suited smart guys
really crack me up.
You got the master plan all
figured out, huh?
Your men killed three cops
and skipped the scene
but you left a living witness,
A cop.
He saw the whole thing.
Now, start talking!
Chief farley,
in the...
Breast pocket of my silk vest
you'll find a business card
and on it
you'll be able
to read quite clearly
the name and number
to my attorney.
Would you be so kind
as to phone him for me?
You little shit.
That's okay.
I got everything I need to burn
your sorry ass.
You just sit in here
and think about that.
On the gate!
Thank you so much,
chief farley!
What are you complaining
about now?
I'm out of cigarettes.
Give me your keys,
I'm going to go get some more.
You're not taking
my car anywhere.
This is bullshit.
What am I supposed to do?
Loaf around here
for days on end?
I should be off at the station
with the guys.
The guys can't use you
in the condition
you're in right now.
You need to relax.
Give me your fucking keys.
You need to rest.
The chief will call you
when he wants your help.
I'll take you home.
You relax there.
When he needs you,
he'll come get you, alright?
I think I'm losing my mind.
You lost that years ago.
No, I'm serious.
What I saw, who I saw,
forget it.
It's okay.
You can talk to me.
Last night, I saw a man.
I don't know
how I missed it before
but I got a good look
at him through my scope
just before shit hit the fan.
What about him?
I know him.
I knew him from the war.
You knew I was a snipper, right?
Yes, it was a rotten war,
you did rotten things.
We talked about all this before.
Yes, but there was one thing
i did that I never told you.
Something awful.
Sometimes they'd negotiate
a truce
for the purpose
of retrieving the casualties.
We'd send our medics and
stretcher bearers
into no man's land
to treat the wounded.
But I never trusted the jerries.
I watched
their medics like a hawk,
making sure their stretchers
weren't hiding guns
or any other surprises.
But there was this one medic.
He was alone.
Just him with the wounded,
it didn't make sense.
Then suddenly
he looked at me
through the scope.
I mean right at me.
So I shot him straight
through the head.
I don't know why I did it.
It didn't make any sense.
He was a medic.
Then all hell broke loose and
everybody started shooting.
It was a disaster.
A lot of good men died
because of me.
Thinking back, I...
Can't get my head around it.
I don't know what came over me.
Last night,
this guy in my scope...
It was that medic.
-That's impossible.
-I know!
But it certainly looked
like him.
It reminded me
of memories long buried.
Or rather drowned.
This has been
my best friend ever since.
You know what's funny?
Today is the longest stretch
that I've been sober
for a while.
Well, it's been a sobering day
for all of us.
And I've been thinking a bit,
I don't want to add
to your condition.
Take this,
i want you to have it.
It's always given me strength.
Your rosary.
I'm not what you'd call
a model catholic anymore.
-I can't take this.
-It's-- I'm loaning it to you.
Maybe instead of reaching
for the booze, try your faith.
We've been together a long time,
Jack, and I just...
I can't stand to see you
like this.
Rosey, come on now.
That's not the girl I know.
The rosey I know would beat
the shit out of four sailors
with a frying pan.
They were marines.
Marines, sailors.
The frying pan part was right,
though, right?
Yeah, your brain
isn't complete mush.
After today, I'm not so sure.
For what?
Something's not right.
Of course it's not right,
everything's busted to shit.
No, that's not what I meant.
Come on,
we'll get the money
and we'll be out
of here lickety-split.
Be careful.
Keep an eye out.
Hurry back.
Hello, William.
Mr. Chester.
Mr. Chester...
Hold your tongue.
It may be the only thing
that saves you.
She's a pure one.
Well that is unexpected.
It's okay.
I got this, baby.
Nice. Where's Victor?
I'm not sure.
Willie, you know
what I value more than anything?
-Mr. Chester--
-loyalty, William, loyalty.
It has been the key
to my survival
for all these years.
I'm loyal, Mr. Chester.
I swear. I'm just--
I am not going to make
the same mistake
that my master did.
See these scars?
My master told me I was special.
He trusted me.
He confided in me.
He made me what I am today.
Then one day
at the crack of dawn,
I drove a steak
through his motherfucking heart.
That was 137 years ago.
March to be exact.
So if you're thinking about
double crossing me,
I will split your wrists
and turn your little Anna
into my concubine.
Loyalty, William.
You're going
to do exactly as I say.
What's that all about?
Are you open for business?
Oh, George?
He's one of the regulars.
Three cops just died.
I would've thought you could've
stopped whoring for one night.
Well, I haven't thought
about it that way
but I wonder
if three whores died,
if you'd stop being a cop.
I'm sorry.
It's just been a long day.
Well, you ain't kidding.
This is a goddammed disaster.
I let all the other girls
go home early.
Lily's a wreck.
Violet's been
so out of sorts lately.
We all have our ways of coping.
How about a drink for you
and the fellas?
On the house.
Aw, thanks but...
Too much going on to be getting
Where's Jack?
I drove him home.
-You what?
-Oh, just calm down.
All of you were so hot
under the collar,
both you and Jack.
Jack's got his own demons
he's dealing with.
He doesn't need you
riding him.
What's done is done.
The dead are gone.
No matter how much you run
around, you can't change that.
Focus on the living.
Free drinks, huh?
It's the least I could do.
He ate them.
Who is it?
It's me, Jack.
Willie cranston.
The fuck are you doing here?
I need your help.
Sure, I'll help you.
You set us up.
You got Sam killed.
Where the fuck do you get
the balls to come here, huh?
Ask for my help?
-I'm in trouble, Jack.
-Whoa, easy, Tex.
Graduating, huh?
Well, you sure don't get
any smarter.
What can I do for you, Willie?
-What about him?
I need you to come with me
and get him out of the jail.
Victor the murder suspect?
How do you think
that's going to fly?
You're still on our hotlist.
You're a cop, just do it!
Ok, kid.
Just ease your finger off
that trigger.
It's liable to go off.
I don't want to hurt you.
Well, you sure got a funny way
of showing it.
I had nothing to do
with that ambush.
I'm just a bus boy.
Well, I'll be sure
to keep that in mind.
Let's just go.
A hand like a foot.
What the hell
are we waiting for?
Let's burn the house down
and kill them all.
Haven't you learned
anything from Chester?
Why use a sword
when you can use a needle.
You look beautiful tonight,
baby doll.
As usual.
Yeah, that's good.
That's it.
You're a little frisky tonight.
What's wrong with you?
Little tomcat.
That's my cue.
Hold it, fella.
We've got a situation upstairs.
-It ain't safe for you here.
Why? Do you have holy water
and a wooden steak?
God almighty!
What did you do?
I sure hope you know
what you're doing, kid.
Just doing what I got to do.
It's nothing personal.
You do know there's
a guard in there.
I'll take care of him.
What are you going to do?
Knock him out?
Shoot him?
Whatever you've got planned,
I'm a witness.
Did you think of that,
Shut up.
So, Chester gets Victor back
and what?
He just lets you ride off
into the sunset?
I said, "shut up!"
You know, kid,
payback is a bitch.
Hey, Jack!
Who's the Nancy boy?
All right, that's enough.
Give me the keys.
I can't do that.
Nancy boy?
Kiss my ass!
Jesus, kid,
i didn't know you had it in you.
Best keep that in mind.
Now get the goddam key.
Okay, kid, you're the boss.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I was beginning to think
the wheels of justice
had ground to a halt.
Don't push your luck, asshole.
Just you and your boy get
the fuck out of here.
No need to be rude, officer.
Be gracious in defeat
and move on.
Now, get in.
Fuck you!
We have no time to quibble,
William. Just shoot him.
Yeah, Willie, shot me.
I will.
Stay put.
Don't follow us,
or you're a dead man.
Pretty bold move for a busboy.
You'll make Chester proud.
That son-of-a-bitch
has got my girl
and I have got to deliver you
to get her back.
So that's your angle.
And here I was thinking you were
going to join our little clan.
Is that what you call it?
Chester and that singer lady
were all over Anna like animals.
Vampires, actually.
Immortals who rule the night.
And Chester is the master.
I thought he was just
a rumrunner from down south.
I know.
It's such a perfect disguise.
Rumrunners, bootleggers,
every tom, dick, and Harry
has a double life
of some sort these days.
And vampires thrive
in this world.
The blood business is booming.
Is that what was
in those bottles?
And you just turned a blind eye
like everyone else.
We were operating
in plain sight.
Look but don't see.
Don't think.
Just have another drink
and pretend the night
will never end.
Just get in the car before
Chester changes his mind.
Yes, sir.
Quite a conundrum, officer...
I never did quite get your name.
I never told you.
Seems the fortunes have changed
but not for the better
at least not for you.
You're out of your league.
This is the devil at work.
Vampires walk among us.
I've seen this before.
Yes, yes!
I knew that about you.
You bear a cross.
I can see it in your eyes.
Forget it.
They will stop at nothing!
These demons will suck
this town dry.
Do you know
how to kill a vampire?
I can stop them.
I can!
Gun or knife or steak.
I prepared. You'll need me!
Anna, I got him!
Oh, Annabelle!
Sir Camelot is here to save you.
Where is she?
Where is she? I did my part.
Now, let us go.
And you did it so well,
thank you.
I will kill you.
You should have probably
let me drive the car.
You place way too much focus
on the road
and I have very nimble fingers.
Now look what you did,
you stupid, stupid, boy.
Where's Anna?
By now,
probably in several places.
The next on will be
between the eyes.
sit there and bleed quietly
while I collect my things.
Tell me where Anna is.
You know, the great thing about
working for the devil is
you can always hit shit
in a Bible.
Where's Anna?
I want you to know something.
The only reason you're alive
is because Chester likes you.
Mortals can be very valuable
to vampires.
And it pays very well.
Trust me, I know.
If you keep pressure
on that leg,
you may actually live.
You don't get it kid.
She belongs to him now.
Everything is now his.
I have some advice for you.
Cut your losses, as they say,
and skip town.
The feast has begun and once
they get a taste for blood,
no one is safe.
Not even me.
Please, I'm begging you.
Sorry, kid.
I don't do charity.
Forget about them.
They're just servants
to the master.
It's chesterfield,
he's the Alpha!
What's that for?
We're going to need some heat
to take these bastards down.
Where's the chief?
Those guns won't kill them.
We'll see about that.
Satan's army is at the door!
We must act now
before it's too late.
If you don't shut the hell up,
I'm going to come over there
and rip your goddamn tongue out.
Amen to that!
Where's the chief and crew?
They went to go see you.
Someone's coming.
Where's Anna?
You've got some fucking nerve.
What happened to your leg?
that son-of-a-bitch shot me.
Geez, stupid shit,
what were you thinking?
I'm sorry!
Anna and I...
We went to the club we were
going to steal...
I did something stupid.
Oh my god, Anna?
Where is she?
They took her!
Magnificent, isn't it?
What is this place?
This, my dear,
is the evolution
of our species
where we rise above the savagery
of our ancestors.
Oh my god!
-Please don't upset them.
Fear and pain have
an adverse effect
on the quality
and value of the livestock.
You're insane.
It would seem that way.
But for our discriminating
it is no longer enough
to simply exist.
Eternity is a very long time.
We need to find pleasure
where we can.
Human blood should
be enjoyed like fine wine.
Let me out of here.
You'll ruin the batch.
You have
a very bright future here.
From your smell,
i can tell you're a virgin.
And that's
the sweetest blood of all.
We don't know if Chester's men
are on a rampage
or still at the club.
So just get
on that highway and drive
-and do not stop until sunrise.
-Got it.
These are all I could find.
-I'll bring her back.
I swear to god.
I love her more than anything.
I know you do.
Shouldn't Owens come with us?
It's his job
to protect the ladies.
For all we know, those vampires
are on their way here right now.
Besides, I have a plan.
-Jack, I need to talk to you.
In private.
-Yes, now!
Jesus Christ.
Rosey, I know it's been a rough
but now is not the time
for one of your heart to hearts.
Anna's your daughter.
I was going to tell you one day.
Her wedding, maybe,
but you need to know now.
Your little Anna is our...
My daughter?
I got pregnant before
you went away to war
and I kept her because...
Because she's ours!
Why didn't you tell me?
Because when you got back
from the war you were different.
You were angry, violent, lost.
You couldn't handle being
a father and I couldn't risk it.
Yeah, well...
That's news.
I still would have saved her.
You know that, right?
I do know that.
One other thing, though.
What? Willie's my son?
They're vampires.
Chief and Ramsey
fired their guns
right a Violet, point blank,
right at her and it did nothing.
What are you going to do?
Call in reinforcements.
All great knights are born
from the forge of hell.
Salvation will soon be yours.
You sure this is a good idea?
He's bat-shit crazy.
My dear boy, we are
the last defense of darkness
shadowing the earth.
But I told you,
there's nobody in there.
That's what
they want you to believe.
This club is just a front
to hide their true residence.
Maybe they left.
Anna could be miles from here.
Daylight is coming soon.
They wouldn't travel that far
without planning in advanced.
I can feel it in my soul,
they are here!
This is horseshit.
They're blood sucking vampires.
They killed my entire squad.
Right now, this crazy fuck
is the only one
who had it right from the start.
-Thank you, sir.
-Shut up.
Right now, I'm out of my league.
So I need all the help
i can get.
What about silver bullets?
That's werewolves.
I don't want to know.
Let's just get Anna
and get the fuck out of here.
I'm in.
She's my everything.
How about you, preacher?
-You in?
-This is my calling.
A sign from god above that I am
here to serve in his mighty--
I got it. You're in.
But if we're going to go up
against the supernatural,
you had better tell me
everything you know
about killing these things.
It would be my pleasure.
there's broken glass everywhere.
Broken glass. I'm a little
more worried about vampires.
What the hell did you do
that for.
Never mind.
I knew it.
Oh, my brothers.
All great crusaders
have forged
in the crucible of blood.
Luther, shut the fuck up.
I'm not in the mood.
-You've got something on your--
-shut up.
Care to open a tab boys?
Nice try, preacher.
I haven't killed a holy man
in a century.
As I walk through
the shadow of death.
It's through "the valley
of the shadow of death."
Holy water.
Remember to use all the weapons
i gave you.
What is it Luther?
I'm trying to think
of a scripture to quote...
I got nothing.
Where the hell
that vamp bitch come from?
-What about that door?
Goes to a loading dock.
Luther said they'd be
in the building,
their den!
I know scofflaws.
Do you have any idea
how many hidden doors
and cash boxes
I've scored in my time, huh!
Okay, "Houdini" , surprise me.
It's prohibition
for Christ's sake!
All we need to do,
is find the secret panel,
we find the den.
This is horse shit!
I'm gonna call someone!
Who you gonna call genius?
I don't know,
the mayor, the feds, the army.
The army, really?
The fucking army!
You first, pretty boy.
Not the first time I've dealt
with locals.
Just give it up chesterfield.
-The word is out.
-I disagree.
We chose this town
just because it's small enough
that no one will notice or care.
My only problem is you.
Bullshit, if I can't stop you
the mayor's just gonna
call in the feds.
Either way, you're finished.
it's all about power.
Your mayor is on my payroll
and a-shoe-in for re-election.
I only needed
to purge the police.
This town
and all the people in it
are mine.
Where's Ana?
You son of a bitch!
Give her to me!
I don't think so.
I was hoping you'd be here.
Looking for a little pay back
are we?
Go find Ana.
That's right, boy.
Go find her.
I'm getting thirsty.
I'm over here.
What did they do to you.
Alright. I'll free you.
Okay, okay.
I got you, alright.
Wait, my arm.
Oh, shit.
Okay, it's alright.
Brace yourself alright.
Arggh ! You're mine!
Let go of me.
Get out of the way!
It was you in the war.
In my scope,
but you're the same.
You're the sniper.
For years, I thought I was crazy
watching you eating those men.
The years
have not been kind to you.
You ruined my life.
You're welcome.
Holy water!
Yeah that's a nice trick,
it stings a little.
But it won't kill me.
I drive a stake
through your fucking heart
it will.
Now look what you've done.
That's a full week
of harvesting.
You're gonna pay
for that blood...
Well, you get the idea.
How dare you!
Go, get out of here.
-Jack's in there.
-Let's go, maybe he got out.
Chester, run!
What am I supposed to do
with you two!
So much promise.
So young,
I always need new blood.
Not to drink.
For my organization.
Now you did it!
You got me angry!
Oh shit!
We can talk about this.
I don't think he wants to talk.
I will trine
in the dust of your corpses
long after your names
are forgotten.
I am immortal.
Not all of you is immortal.