Bloodsport 2 (1996) Movie Script

What are you doing?
He is evil.
Okay... Quiet.
Please feel.
I'll tell you a little story.
This is good.
And this one...
But there was a time that even the good...
Was evil.
Give me ten minutes.
Do you like?
Ming, fourteenth century...
...a piece of junk twentieth century.
I do not think I know you.
'm Spill Killeman,
by your business partner.
I am David Leung, the master of this house.
I do not recognize his name.
I was invited here by Mr. Chien.
You should remember.
Oh, yes. Please, feel free.
I hope you have fun.
You can be sure, Mr. Luen.
By the way, where is the original?
Saved in a safe.
A safe place.
Fits in any corner.
I see a drink.
Do you speak English very well.
When I have to talk...
Oh, you have...
The only language I know.
Too bad, I think the most beautiful French.
A man of the world.
Just one of the things I like.
And what is the other?
Especially the Chinese.
And I am very good with my hands.
Could you give me license by
one second, please?
're Leaving?
No, I'll be right back.
Okay ya.
You are leaving?
What is this?
Only a sword old.
Look, it may seem kind of silly
I do not even know your name.
You like to get out of here...
And something to eat?
We could have lunch tomorrow
morning at the hotel?
No, I can not.
I do not awake so early.
Like a rose.
My name is Janine Elson.
And yours?
Alex Cardo.
See you later.
She said earlier, Alex.
She can say what you want.
We are here for the money.
This is too big for him.
He will not hold a curl.
Who cares?
Steal it is suicide.
He has friends, has power.
Fuck friends. Fuck power.
Do not want to teach me
how to make my business...
After sell the sword,
enter holiday.
You will pro inside with their relatives
and I'll do my contacts in Europe.
E disappear for a while.
No contact.
I know I broke the combined...
...but wanted to do the
right thing, then popped...
Ok Could be.
Put?? your hands up.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Listen to me, the thing will thicken
if you come after me.
You like this This is not your country.
He was caught and treated like an animal.
It was played in a very dark place.
But master, you know a person so, so bad?
Yes, he was my friend.
How did you meet?
In prison.
Do not you afraid of jail?
But the worst prison is one that
construct for ourselves.
Walk. Come on.
You... Come... Come...
Get away from him.
I'll keep an eye on you.
They will kill you.
I can take care of myself.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep.
Want confusion?
As I said, I can take care of me.
That man is
Chien and these people are protected by it.
Well look at these faces.
Oh, sorry.
You're the boss, you are superior.
He is back in prison.
Oh, forgive me, please.
See? Afora is not the answer.
They can break you.
The spirit is within you.
This they can never break.
The lock you gave yesterday...
I have never seen anything like it.
There is a lock.
What would be a coup?
There is a coup.
...The iron hand.
A way of being.
I do not understand.
Do not need to touch.
To develop the iron hand
should stick to peace and focus.
Why do you have a particular cell?
I'm here long.
The guards respect me.
Until that big guy.
The Demon.
He does not like me much, but I respect.
Why stopped the fight yesterday?
The man who infuriated...
Chien, he's the boss of the cells.
The guards allow solve their own problems.
You are in a big trouble.
What kind of problems I got myself into?
Why are you in prison?
I stole a sword old.
What kind of sword?
A espadajaponesa, spiked jewelry.
Akatana? Alex?
How do you know my name?
That old man who tried to save?
No one here would give a damn.
But you gave.
If you want to learn how to iron fist...
I'll show you.
How often should I do this?
Until my feet are tired.
Why are you here? What did you do?
Killed a student?
I came here from China,
to teach some soldiers iron hand.
One of my students,
a soldier tried to rape a girl.
Her brother tried to save her, and
soldier killed him using the iron hand.
They sent me to kick him
but I had to kill him.
His father was a politician put me here.
That was '15 years ago.
When going out?
My parents were missionaries lived a
place to another. China, India, Philippines.
You say that sword and I to theft.
You do not seem to like this very
life of a missionary kid.
I was forced to go from
one place to another.
No friends, no roots.
We came to Thailand when I was
'16 years... I stayed.
And why do you think is in prison?
I'm here to steal... why.
You are in prison for
that you never forgave his parents.
And you're a shameless thief.
Why are you helping me?
Tell me.
25 years ago, I competed the Kumite.
Have you heard?
The palavrajaponesa to fight.
The most prestigious championship
throughout the world...
Won or lost?
That league has no weapons or
awards or belts.
Nothing but a ceremonial sword.
A sword that someone stole...
A sword, big deal.
That tournament was...
...a chance to compete with
the best in the world.
It was a spiritual event.
Then I'll tell you: I'm not spiritual.
Why do you keep repeating this to yourself
You denies this and is doomed
to live with his empty...
.... An eternal loser.
Okay Look.
Assuming even arrested,
I can prepare myself.
How do I get invited to this?
Make earned.
The superintendent wants to see you.
...Better go to him.
Open this cell.
I heard attacking a guard.
It was a trap.
They set me to fight Chen.
What will they do to me?
I do not know.
Attacking a guard is serious.
No, no.
Remember: Inner Strength...
I will be with you.
Hear my heart beating.
Then Alex came across his great
challenge was: Accept your fate.
How did this to him?
Would use the iron hand, break
the tables and run away from prison.
We can not always run
away from our problems...
We can not always fight.
Need courage to face our problems.
And be patient.
When we start accepting
is starting solutions.
Let's see what happens.
You will still train me?
Calm down.
Is useless while angry.
In the cell... I could hear
his voice all the time.
Do not departed.
I promised.
I used to promise things for
people, but they were all lies.
The Kumite...
I wanted to win it for you.
It's not about winning.
About find.
I give you my word.
I'll compete the Kumite.
Let's not talk about the Kumite.
Rest first.
How's it going?
In great shape.
The superintendent wants to see you.
What is happening?
I want to know.
But it does not seem too harsh.
Okay Finish my game, I'll be right back.
Now you'll lose,
my friends.
The super entendente?
What did?
He said I'm free.
Someone out there must have helped you.
I do not know.
I can not leave him alone. You should.
The Kumite is to begin soon.
Demon was summoned to the competition.
And you know he is capable of anything.
He is gone.
You must stop it.
Not by brute force, but with technical
and inner strength you possess.
Very important that you
know what that means.
Look at you.
You look different today.
Go back to the world clean.
Do not forget that ever.
Do the spirit of Kumite reign again.
I will.
promise you I will find a way to get you out.
Be careful, now that we know what
means a promise.
I promise.
Want to join?
In his new freedom, Mr. Cardo.
Mr.. Any idea why you're here?
At least the least profitable.
If you take a look around you...
'll Understand better what
kind of profit I prefer...
That item in particular that was
My Lord and appropriated.
Has a value beyond riches.
A value in itself, a spirit
life which was a symbol.
The highest award that the
greatest fighter in the world...
...might deserve.
The Kumite?
Is to start and not no prize to be given.
You should find his former partner
and make it up to you to bring a sword.
This is the price for your freedom.
Alex had the chance to fix what was wrong
Could be wrong again.
Not afraid to trust him?
Fear and trust are two very different things.
Within us there is good and evil.
If I were afraid of what he might do
, maybe I only see evil.
But if I trust him, then
I would consider good.
And that would allow him to help himself.
What is your name?
Alex Cardo.
His invitation, please.
I do not have one.
So can not compete.
Next, please.
What is your name?
Next, please.
Call that a punch?
What the hell, you can
not fight in the Kumite.
What are you talking about?
I have an invitation, buddy.
I do not really care.
I can decide and say you can not.
Who will stop me? You rascal?
Bring me your invitation and
I make you swallow it.
So, what's your story?
I have no invitation.
Too bad, bro, you will lose
the biggest fight of his life.
Look, I have to compete.
I promised someone I would.
See that big guy? He's the guy.
If anyone can help you, it is.
Thank you.
I made a promise to someone,
and hope you can help me.
Hey, come on, buddy.
What do you want?
Can we make a deal.
Want an invite?
Only detonate Mr. Cardo here.
Are you ready?
Come on.
Thank you. I owe you one.
No, should not. Remember that if
fight against one another, will not help.
Come on.
Next, please.
How to get this?
I've earned.
Welcome to Kumite. Good luck.
Next, please.
Next, please.
Oh, my God. Kidding. Check it out.
There is no...
the first woman to be invited to the Kumite.
It is one thing.
It eats you alive.
At breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Hello, how are you?
Querjantar me tonight?
Let's get one thing clear:
Now I dine when and with whom I want.
I know you understand.
If not, I can help you understand.
I drew. Are you busy tonight.
Alex, as he thinks he is going to cost me
I see this sword back?
Will bring me this sword in old times' sake?
I think we can talk about
a large sum of money.
But it would not be his.
And from whom?
What matters?
As long as the job gets done.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to Kumite.
We are pleased to see fighters
every continent presenting here.
And we want to see each competing with
strength, determination and honesty.
Do you know the guy?
We were presented.
The guy is kicking ass.
Wait and you will see.
He set to break. Yes.
Sergio, Sergio da Silva.
Alex Cardo.
What is your style?
...My style. Street fighting.
Da license?
What you think you're doing?
What's the problem?
I do not want to talk to these guys here.
For 'll have to detonate it there.
Do you understand what I said?
Alright, no problem.
's Been a long time, Janine
What are you doing here?
La ask you the same thing.
I work for his former partner now.
A week after they took you,
John called me and made me an offer.
Before I knew who he worked for.
It was enough for him and me.
What are you thinking now?
Look, this is one of my businesses.
He has something I want.
And I'm sure I can help you.
Just give me the right reason.
A million dollars.
I believe that it will accept, but
I need to talk to him before...
How I meet you?
Will come here.
If you ask my phone number, address,
will be asking too much.
He wants to do business?
We will here.
Maybe tomorrow, here in this hour.
To close the deal?
Not to hear the interest of John.
Patience, Alex. It was because of her that
you got in trouble last time.
Alex? Mind if I join?
Sit down, please.
Can I tell you something?
Know I should fight with you
the semi-finals...
I want to know...
It's nothing personal.
Is always personal.
We should only make it honorable.
Come back, come back.
'll Face?
Finished for you.
I do not think so.
You should go now.
Go over there.
I bet some money on you.
What is this?
Go, baby.
And that our dinner?
At 7am or 7:30 a.m.?
How about... Never?
He is locked up forever.
Not what I saw.
He wants the sword back?
'1 He wants to pay a million dollars for it.
Let's see.
After Tomorrow, 9:30 am.
Alex is a bastard, too dangerous.
And he knows that I went back.
No problem.
If I have to kill someone,
the time is now.
You will pay for it.
Shall I go after him?
John No.
is very interested and wants to
close the deal tomorrow morning.
Morning?... Dificil.
If it is so important to you.
How can you be so dificil?
Okay The 9:30 a.m..
That's it?
He asked for something to eat?
I think so.
But not here. Come on.
Okay okay.
I do not know what, but Master Sun
changed my mind about things.
More about myself.
When it will come out of prison?
He will not be released.
I think that if I join a good
money I can change things.
You look so different than John told me.
How so?
He?? says that you only think
of you, never the other...
Actually, I used to be.
Now, I hope not.
I am trying to find out.
Honoring the promise I
made to the master Sun.
What promise?
A secret.
You are not who John thinks.
That's not a good thing?
I do not know.
Alex, when you see John...
He wants to finish what I started.
How do you know?
And he thinks I'm still dangerous?
Take care. Do not be there tomorrow.
I'll meet you later... Logo.
We have issues to resolve.
Come on.
Demon. Demon. Demon.
Do not return, Cliff.
No favors, Alex.
Can I sit?
Bela fight.
And now, Kim Campbell against Demon.
Take care.
You're right, I will not give soft.
Go girl.
Go there.
Grab it, girl.
With You.
Come, come...
Are you okay?
I am.
You did this for me?
Yes, I think so.
What is your name?
Ok Here we are in the light of day.
Refused to hope for any kind of assistance.
I really can not understand.
Just have one question.
I'm not that Alex stole the sword from you.
That was Alex.
I understand that, but that
does not answer my question...
I know what the sword means.
And that's just understood.
Do you understand the Kumite.
only that explains why to refuse my help?
Enough justifies.
Even if you die trying?
Still do not understand, but I
trust and respect your wishes.
See you in Kumite.
Good luck, son.
And then, as escape from the hospital?
Do not give me that.
We could not miss the final.
Want something to drink?
No, sweetie, thank you.
So where is Alex?
Have not seen it.
Hey, Sergio...
Hey, guys?.
Any idea where Alex might be?
Should be there.
I'll see if the encounter.
Let me go with you.
Hey, Cliff, Sergio and I'll take a look
and see if we find it, ok?
Alex, Alex, Alex.
So you still upset?
Just a little.
If you're in the same position...
We are in the same boat.
I do not know me very well.
Look, I'm here to apologize.
Well, where is the sword?
Okay Now...
Do you have money?
Look there.
We are certain?
I think so.
So I take the sword.
Cardo, what's going on?
What is happening?
Police, John.
You gave me?
We're even, huh?
Goodbye, John.
Goodbye, Alex.
Good job, Mr. Cardo.
Oh, my God.
Janine, I told you to stay away.
I could not, I thought he
was going to kill you.
You knew he would want?
I tried to call the police, but I
said they were already here.
I was devastated.
I thought he was going to kill you.
He?? had no chance.
You okay, man?
He'll be fine, the bullet went right.
Fight the good fight, Alex.
Come on, come on.
Take care of him, okay?.
He will stay cool.
Do your best, I'll meet you, brah.
You can not fight well, is bleeding.
Watch me.
Time to win.
Can you do something for me?
Want to win this fight?
Make at Master Sun.
Demon against Tino.
I and you, soon. Just for me.
Alex, Alex, Alex.
Mr. Leung?
Where did you get this?
Alex said that Mr.
Was waiting for this.
He is a man of honor, my friend.
It is not something I would tell
a few years ago.
There was a reward for her.
The recompensaj was paid.
I used my influence to bring its reward
here tonight.
Alex, Alex, Alex.
Alex, are you okay?
It is made of what?
Stay there, stay there.
I do not remember how long
has it been since we saw...
Demonstration of this
technique, endurance and...
So it gives me great satisfaction
gifting him with the sword of honor.
The great champion of the Kumite.
You earned it.
And then, Alex won the Kumite
and gave me a sword.
So you can see that all of us...
Terms good and evil within us.
But before we go...
What? I forgot something?
He did not have to kiss the girl?