Bloodwood Cannibals (2010) Movie Script

The forests of Northern
California are a complex
ecosystem supporting thousands of
species. In most years there is
enough food for even the largest
predators. But drought and
wildfires have driven many
animals into new
territory. Even the forest's most
dangerous hunter must find
new sources of food. Come on Kevin. It's
time to go home. He finds a youngster that has
wandered away from its
mother. Patiently, he waits
for the right moment. I'm not telling you
again. Let's go! Kevin?
Kevin? Kevin! The mother calls for her
young but she is too late. Kevin! [MOTHER
CRYING] Tonight the hunter
and his family will
eat. [BIG PAPA
ROARS] We're in the Pacific
Northwest hunting one of the world's
most famous, yet elusive,
creatures. Sasquatch, Bigfoot,
Yeren... He goes by many names.
Could such a species
of large primates indeed
still live in these
forests? I'm Nigel Thorne,
hunter of the
unknown. Our guide is Roy
Henderson. Thanks for
joining us, Roy. Sure. -The Sasquatch is
believed to be a gentle
giant. Yet many people have
disappeared in this national
forest. Over twenty in the last ten
years. Could Bigfoot be
responsible? I doubt it. Most people
probably just got lost
and were never found. [NIGEL] Look! Over
here! Fresh
droppings! [snickers]
Roy! Here. Bear droppings usually
have a lot of seed pods, and small bones, and
particles. This couldn't be
bears', could it? No. Could a Sasquatch
leave droppings of
such size? No, I think your sound
guy was over here
earlier. [LAUGHING] Thanks Dave. Thanks a
lot. You can cut any time
now. [LAUGHING] Wow. We gotta use
that. Right. Very
funny. Just for that, you go fetch the
bloody feet. - Aw, man! Can't the newbie do
it? She's with Lindsey.
Go! Stupid limey wanker. I could
be at Havasu shooting "Girls
Gone Wild". So, we're using the feet
again. Yes, we're
using the
bloody feet. You're using fake
footprints? Well it's better than
poking through bear
shit... or Dave shit. We can still wrap up
today if we get some good
shots of me finding the
tracks. Did you fake all
the other
episodes? No, we really hunt for
monsters. And every time, we
come really close. I saw your Chupacabra
episode and it looked pretty
real. Are you
kidding? Lindsey paid a Puerto Rican
kid five dollars to run around
in a Halloween costume. Where the hell is
Lindsey, anyway? Come on, God damn
it. I just need a little
signal. [PHONE BEEPS] God damn it!
TJ! Here's your coffee. -
Take this to base and
get me a walkie. And then find out where
Nigel and the guys went. No problem. Anything
else? No. Just
WATER] Hi! Are you okay? Are you
lost? It's
okay. I'm not going to hurt
you. Are you
hungry? Thirsty? I've got some
coffee. Do you want
some? [SNIFFING] That's
right. You're okay. Nobody's
going to hurt you. Who the hell is
this? Don't scare
her! Easy there,
love. Nobody's going to hurt
you. No, no. Relax. We're
trying to help. Hold
this. Whoa. Hey
man. [LINDSEY] Don't hurt
bites! Whoa. Hey,
whatcha doin'
with that? [DAR SHOOTS] You fucking shot
her! It's a tranq
dart! Where's
TJ? Base camp. She went
back for a walkie. We need to get this woman to
a hospital. You go find TJ
and get the van loaded. How's her
breathing? -
Stable. Oh man, did you have to shoot
her? - She bit me really hard. Did you want her to get
away? - No. But you
Americans and your guns. Think you can help carry
her? You get her
feet. Damn. Talk about
your girls gone
wild. Authorities need
your help
tonight identifying this young
woman found yesterday here
in the Bloodwood National
Forest. Now she's currently being
treated at Pleasant Ridge
Hospital and will remain in State care until her family is
located. So far, doctor's
haven't been able to communicate with the
woman but it does appear
she'd been living here in
the forest for months and possible even
years. If you have any
information, you're encouraged
to call the Social Services
Department. To Jane Doe. Our
first real catch. And may we find more
crazy half-naked chicks. How about some hot
guys next time? I'll toast to that. - Whoa
whoa whoa. You can't toast
with a soda. [SNAPS FINGERS] Somebody get
this girl a beer! Can't. She's only
nineteen. Well that's not
fair. I say if you're old enough to
vote, go to war, or star in a
porno, you're old enough for a
beer. Sounds good to
me. I don't make the rules. -
Here. I won't have you drink
that American swill. Nigel! That's okay I don't
drink. Thanks anyway. -
You don't drink? And you're in
college? Yeah, so? - Well
good for you. You don't want to end
up a lush like Lindsey. At least my clothes don't
smell like reefer. [DAVE SNIFFS] Ahh. Oh
yeah, Miss Northern
California local girl. You must be
smokin' lots of kind bud. Nope. I'm a good
girl. God, that's
sexy. Please tell me you're a
virgin. Dave! What? She's
legal! Legal, but not into
burn! [LINDSEY LAUGHING] You tell
him! - Okay, okay. I bet you'd see things a little
differently after a few
margaritas. That's why I don't
drink. [PHONE
RINGS] So, I understand Lindsey found
you at the local college? Hello? Hey Jenna, did
you get the files? I read Lindsey's blog and
she said you were filming
your next episode up
here. So I emailed her and asked
if you needed an
assistant. [LINDSEY] I know. Can
you believe it? [LINDSEY] I was going to send
you the video but our motel
doesn't have high speed. Excellent. It's that proactive
nature that's going to get you
ahead in this business. Yeah. She was just
on the local news. Proactive? Does that mean
knowing how to kiss ass? How'd you get your
job? They needed a guy who could
stand like this for a long
time and point a
microphone at people. It's a skill that takes years to
master. - A trained monkey could
do your job and probably have better
manners. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [LINDSEY] Well if it happens
again just call Raphael. Lindsey. Take it
outside. All
right. Yeah. But could a monkey
do this? [MONKEY
LAUGHING] That's why we keep him
around. A dozen monkeys
wouldn't be as entertaining as
him. [MONKEY
SOUNDS] Excuse
me. [footsteps]
Okay. but I don't know if we're still
doing the Bigfoot episode or
what. No, we can't see
her until tomorrow. Uh-huh. Mmm-hmm. Yeah, I'll let
you know. Okay. Bye. Hi Roy.
Ma'am. Lindsey, not
ma'am. - Lindsey. Is everything
okay? Yeah. I just came out here
for some fresh air. Plenty of that out
here. So you're gonna be
sticking with us for a
while? My contract says I'm
yours 'till the end of
the week. All mine? - Well, if
you want me to stick
around. I don't think that's how it's
worded in your contract, but... more than happy
to keep you
around. Sorry, I thought you were
involved with Nigel or one of
the crew. [LINDSEY
right. Well, Mark is
married, and Dave's
an idiot. And Nigel's... just
Nigel. Oh. Well, if you need help with
anything... - Anything? I mean, you know, if you need
help with like the show or
anything.... Damn. I'm not good at
this. What? Ma'am...
Lindsey. Sorry. I've been trying to get
used to the swing of civilian
life. How long have you been
home? Three months. I haven't talked
to many women since. [PHONE
RINGS] Shit. I shouldn't get
this. But you're going to
anyway. Hello? Uh-huh. Just tell him we'll find someone
else and I promise he'll be
there tomorrow. Just a
Forrest dial one eight two, please.
Doctor Forrest, please
dial one eight two. Are you the ones that
found our Jane Doe? Yes! How is she? - She's in
pretty good shape. Some minor infections and
parasites but nothing serious. I'm more concerned
about her mental state. Has she spoken
yet? No. We had to sedate her
before we could perform any
tests. She bit two nurses and
broke an orderly's
wrist. Ah yes, she can be a feisty
one. It must have been
terrible, iving out there
all alone. I'm not sure she was alone, at
least not the entire time she
was lost. What? Why
not? Well it looks like she gave
birth no more than six or seven
weeks ago. Jane has a
baby? She's not nursing, so it's
likely the child was stillborn or died soon after
birth. Darius! Are you here to pick
up our Jane Doe? [DARIUS] Yes indeed. Marshall
said she needed some special
attention? Just make sure she's
restrained when she comes
around. Violent
outbursts? And then some.
I'll go get
her. Hi. Nigel
Thorne. I'm the one who found
Jane. May I ask where
you're taking her? To an inpatient mental health
facility. She's had quite an
ordeal, and Social Services wants
to make sure she gets the
best possible treatment. What about her
family? Until she can be
identified, Miss Doe will
remain in the custody of
the state. I'd really like to perform more
tests before she's transferred. Preliminary blood work
shows a strain of viral
meningitis I've never seen. How
serious? Well, bacterial meningitis
can be fatal if untreated. But viral cases are
usually mild in
comparison, and easiily
treated. However, it's possible that this
strain has seriously affected
parts of Miss Doe's cerebrum. Is that why she's gone
feral? Uh, it's hard to
say. The infection could be the
cause of her violent behavior.
Like I said, we'll have to perform some
more tests before we're
sure exactly what it is and how it's affected
her mental capacity.
- Perhaps another
day. [DARIUS] Right now she
needs a safe, restful
environment. Can we visit her? You
see, we're working on a
television program... Excuse me. Darius,
just sign here and
she's all yours. [NIGEL] - and it's important
that we see her again soon. I'm sorry, Mr.
Thorne. We'll let you
know if and when Miss Doe is
up to seeing
visitors. All I want is an interview with
her. Just ten minutes, once
she's talking again. I don't think that will
be anytime soon. Excuse
me. Surely we have rights. I mean,
we're the ones who rescued
her. And I'm sure she'll thank
you once she's feeling
better. [BONES
SCREAMS] It's not
over. Jane's dead. And it's our
fault. If we'd just left her alone
- To freeze or starve out
there in the forest? No, we did the right
thing. It's those damn
bureaucrats who got her
killed. So what do we do now? Finish
up the Bigfoot episode? No. No more chasing
bogey-men. Jane was the real
deal. We leave for the
forest tomorrow. To find
what? Even if her baby was alive
when we took her, it's
certainly dead now. An infant can't survive
alone in the forest. You're missing a
piece of the puzzle. If Jane had a
baby... who's the
papa? If we went back to the creek
where we found Jane, could you
follow her tracks? If she left
any. Good. Everyone get
packed. Wait! We came here to shoot an
episode of Bigfoot and we
barely have half the footage we need.
We can't just go off and
- Who gives a prancing
fuck about Bigfoot? Our budget. Our
script. Our insurance. We have a show to
finish and we can't
just - It's my show. I call the
shots. If you don't like it, go
home. I can get another
producer. Now, if anyone else has a
problem with this course of
action... Hey
Nigel... What? Your jacket's got
some blood on it. You know some club
soda would... Never mind. I'm
gone. Damn, I feel like I'm gonna
puke. Anyone else want some
chicken before I toss it? Ew, no. - Last
chance, dude. No thanks. I'm
vegetarian. No way.
You? Hey man, this is
California. Even the rednecks are
hippies. No offense. Fair enough. [NIGEL] Listen
up, everyone. We're not coming back
to the van for
another twenty four
hours, so grab
everything you
need. Double check. Triple
check. Got it? Yeah, we've got
it. Oh boy. Livin' it up in
old mother nature. Nothing like the call of the
wild. God, I miss TV already. Hey
Dave? -
Yeah? You shouldn't leave food out
like this. It attracts bears. Sorry man. You
mind trashing it
for me? Sure. [chicken bones
crunching] It looks as if she was
using this game trail here. You guys follow me.
Quietly. We're following Jane
Doe's tracks into - [ROY] I said
"Quietly"! Right. Sorry. [whispers]
We're following Jane
Doe's tracks into the forest looking to find
- I'll be right
back. You guys
stay here. Okay
then. So our guide is scouting
ahead, trying to find a - [CAMERA BEEPS] Hold a
sec. I need a fresh
battery. So, you want me to break
out the sound gear? Not until we find
something worth recording. IF we find
something. Hey, we might still run
into Bigfoot. Or, not. At least the weather's
nice. The forest is so pretty
this time of year. You guys aren't getting paid
to appreciate the scenery.
We're going to stay
here until I say we're
done. Relax, man. We'll get the
footage we need. If not, we'll
fake it like the other episodes.
Right? Her tracks stay
on the game
trail. I should be able
to follow her
path. Any sign of a
male? No, the only tracks I was able
to find were the girl's and the
deer. Wow. Where'd you learn
all that tracking
stuff? I've lived here most of my
life but I was trained as a
Ranger. Cool, like in "Lord
of the Rings"? Like in the US Army. A
hundred and first Airborne. Oh. I guess that's cool
too. You guys follow me
quietly... if you want to see any
wildlife. [LARRY] So did you hear about
McCutchin? Bought himself a
new four-wheeler. A rice burning piece of
shit, the retard don't even
know how to drive it. Was it a Yamaha? - I don't
know. Don't interrupt! Anyway, he's fallen off
the son of a bitch twice. Holy shit. Would you look at
that freakazoid over there. What are you shooting,
hippy? Uhh, wildflowers. What are
you guys shooting? Anything we can
mount. [LAUGHS] Hey you be
careful out there, huh
buddy. All
right. What's the good
word? Sorry? - How's it
hangin'? as you Americans
would say. All right.
You? - Good. Ready for a bowl
load? Yeah, sounds good to
me. Curious,
actually. Did you serve in
Iraq? - Four years. Plus two in
Afghanistan. Is that where you got the
knife? [ROY] It's from
northern Pakistan. Gotta hear about
this. I thought U.S. forces
weren't operating in
Pakistan. Of course
not. So what was it like in
Iraq? Hot.
Sandy. My place is here, in the
forest. Not me,
man. I grew up in Phoenix. It's hot
as hell but wide open. Forests are too dark and
spooky for me. Luckily, I'm
smarter than the average bear. By about half an IQ
point. Hey, that's plenty
smart enough,
Boo-Boo. So why do
they call this forest "Bloodwood"?
Was there like a
massacre here or
something? It's the manzanita
trees. The first white
men to come through here
called it
"Bloodwood" because of the red
bark. So this forest
isn't that
dangerous? Not if you respect
ECHOES] Now I told that son of a
bitch that if I had to tow
him out one more time, that
was it. You know it took me
five hours last
time. [BOB LAUGHS] Yeah, I remember
that. Hey, them kids ever
come back? Aw, not for a few weeks
now. Shhh. What's that? [UNSEEN
that? It's a
bear? I don't know and I don't
care. What if it's some tree
hugger out for a hike? Well, then that hippy's head
is gonna be mounted on the
wall right next to that ten point
buck I got last year.
[GUNSHOT] Did ya get
it? I don't think
so. Why don't you go
'round and take a
look. In all them prickers
there? Hell no. Well fine you little chicken
shit. I'll go 'round and take a
look. You stay here and if he just happens to come
out... - Shoot him? Well, either that or kiss
SCREAM] Larry? Larry are you
okay? Larry! Larry? [BLOOD
GURGLES] Oh... sweet
Jesus. Come out, ya bastards! I'll
kill every last one of ya! [PUNCH] [BOB
WHIMPERS] [CRUNCH] Take that! Yeah, you
better run. If you left the ants
alone they wouldn't
bother you. Yes they would. I hate
ants. Hey TJ! You got a
minute? Sure. What's
up? I need another
shooter. Think you can handle
this? Yeah, no problem. What do
you want me to tape? Anything. Everything. We've got
lots of tape and plenty of
batteries. I'll be shooting a lot of
Nigel, so I'd like you to be
taking footage of everything
else. Thanks. Really. I've been
hoping someone would let me do something more
important than go out for
coffee. Well that's important
too. But this is a big
responsibility. You break my camera,
I kick your ass.
Cool? - Cool. Great. Why don't
you go film Nigel? He loves being on
camera. - Come on. You can tell the audience
what we're doing out
here. Well... We're looking
for the guy who knocked
up Jane Doe. Any idea who "Big
Papa" might be? Not a clue. You
know, if she was only out
here a couple months, she could have been
pregnant before she even
got lost. Don't bother telling Nigel
that. So... What do you think of the
forest? Pretty beautiful,
right? Not a bad place to
live. Yeah... Until you want a hot
bath or a cappuchino. You don't like
being out in
nature? No, I... I do. Worked in
Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil... But the best part of the day
is getting back to the hotel. Enough lolly-gagging,
people. It's time to get
moving. Let's go! Yeah, you heard the man.
Stop gagging your
lollies. Whatever that
means. It means it's time to
continue our wild goose
chase. [BUZZING
FLIES] This is
unusual. Who could have done
this? Somebody with a lot of
time on their hands. -
Why? I worked on a documentary about
chimpanzees. And they very
often marked their territory
- There are no bloody chimps
here. I know. I'm just saying... that
Jane's behavior was very similar
to - Could Jane have done
this? Not without a
ladder. Our male. I knew
it! No. I haven't
found his tracks
yet. Then keep
looking. Look, it's going to be
dark soon, alright? We
need to set up camp. Yes, of course. We'll
find a good place to
stop for tonight and get a fresh start
tomorrow. [BUZZING
FLIES] [TJ] And here's
producer Lindsey Amos! What do you
think of the hunt so far? I don't think I should
answer that on camera. Do you think we're on the right
track? - Honestly... I don't know. But this
is starting to remind me of that shoot in
Tanzania. The documentary
about chimpanzees? [LINDSEY] Yeah. - How
fun. I love chimps. They're so cute and
peaceful. Yeah, I thought so too
but... For weeks, we documented
nothing but ordinary behavior. Then the troop we were
following found a rival family
in their territory and... Well what happened?
They chase them
away? - Mostly. But the ones they
found... They ripped them
apart and ate the
pieces. Chimps are
cannibals? No, not
usually. You'd be surprised how
many animals eat their own
kind. I guess it goes with being so high up
on the food
chain. Holy shit. I don't think I'd
want to work near animals
again. Not even Nigel's fake
monsters. I'd rather be out here than
stuck behind a desk all
day. But nature
definitely has its
dark side. So what's the plan for
tonight? A few s'mores, a
little "Kumbaya"? You'll have to ask Nigel.
Personally, I think we
should take more shots of
Bigfoot just in case this whole "Big
Papa" idea doesn't work out. Yeah. Like fearless leader has a
clue. - It's his show. I just sign the
checks. How did Nigel get a his own
show anyway? Is he some sort
of expert on monsters? No, he's rich. Plus he
got famous after
surviving a plane
crash. So? Big deal. Lots of
people have survived
plane crashes. You're
right. Surviving the plane
crash was the easy
part. But the next six
weeks... Ten of us survived the
crash. Only one of us got off
that island alive. I've also seen the dark
side of nature. It's got
nothing on the dark side of
man. [DAVE BELCHES] Ah, yeah. Well
I've seen the dark side of too much beef jerky and trail
mix. Not a good combination. That was trail
mix? It smells
like you ate a
dead skunk. Uh, sorry. I also cut one
when I burped. Aw, come on. It's
not THAT bad! [SNIFFS] Ew,
whoa! [TWIG
think you could have woke up the whole state with
that one! [DAVE LAUGHING] Dave! Mark! You
assholes! Are they always like
this? Boys... Some of them never
grow up. [SNIFFING] Dave! Knock it off! It wasn't
funny the first time. [MARK IN
Seriously, man. [MARK IN DISTANCE] You're
sleeping outside if you do
that again. It reeks! [DAVE IN DISTANCE] Just
enjoy it, you wuss. [BIRDS
SINGING] Roy? Could you come
take a look at
this? That's a footprint,
right? It was Dave or
Mark. They were screwing around
outside our tent last
night. No way. It must have been a
Sasquatch. A very short
and gassy
Sasquatch. Were either of you
barefoot? No.
Why? Here are your
footprints. And these are
from Dave's
sneakers. Over here we
have a partial
toe... and a heel over
here. Maybe it WAS
Bigfoot! No... this is human. At
least a size sixteen. Two hundred and fifty
pounds if I'm not mistaken. Are you kidding
me? You got me. [LAUGHING] I
was just messing with you. So it's not a real footprint?
For a minute there I thought
- Nothing to worry about,
love. Would you three mind
starting breakfast? Sure. No
problem. Oh! Can we have scrambled
eggs? I want four. No, no,
five... and bacon! Man, you're starting to sound
like my daughter. If you
don't shut up you'll be eating a pine
cone. The print IS
real. I didn't want to scare
TJ. She's not a
child. She's going to find out the
print is real as soon as we
find the man who did this. Permission to speak
freely, Mr. Thorne? - Of
course. I think this hunt is a very bad
idea. This guy is excellent at
hiding and he knows we're out
here. He doesn't want to be
found. And seeing how he came into
our camp last night without
saying "How do you do?" I don't think
he's in a social
mood. You still have
your bloody
rifle. We can shoot him with
one of those darts and
haul him out of here like we did
Jane. Jane was as small as
me. If your mystery man's
real, he's big and
probably just as crazy as
she was. He's nothing we can't
handle. We're going to
continue this hunt until I find something
more than half a
footprint. If there's a modern day
Tarzan living in this forest,
I'm going to be the one who finds him
and that's the end of
it. As you
wish. [BUZZING
the hell? [GROWLING] [GROWLING] Oh no... no... not like
this! [ECHOING
SCREAM] Just like
chimps. - What? Alpha males trying
to assert dominance. You mean Nigel? I think
he's just excited. No, his leadership's
been challenged by Roy
so now he's trying to reaffirm
his position as top
male. Hey, as long as he keeps
signing my paychecks,
Nigel's top dog in my
book. Well Roy's got the gun and a
big knife. All Nigel has is
an attitude. And a prissy
accent. [MARK
TJ! Holy shit. You scared
me. Don't wander away like
that. Sorry. I just... never
mind. [ROY
SNIFFS] Are you
satisfied? Can we
go now? We're staying another
night. We might not find
our mystery man stomping around in the
forest but he doesn't seem
too shy about coming around our
camp. I brought two camera
traps. We're going to set them up
outside your tent. He seems to
be attracted to you and TJ. You're using us as
bait? Relax,
love. Roy and I are going to be
waiting nearby in case he shows. We're going to
be doing what
now? Standing guard with me
tonight. We're going to try
and lure the male. Uh-huh. -He's
serious. Damn serious. This may be
our last chance to trap him, or at least photograph
him. He didn't come
back while we were
away. He may be long gone by
now. Let's hope
so. I'm Nigel Thorne, hunter of the
unknown. And I'm completely off
my medication. We're hunting
for crazy people
in - So, I guess we're
staying another night? -
How'd you know? You've got that "I wanna kill
Nigel" look again. The obsessive bastard
actually wants to use me and
TJ as bait to lure Big Papa
into camp. You're kidding. - How
does he expect you to
do that? Beats me. Maybe
we'll dance seductively around the
fire in our underwear. Excellent idea! You
should try that!
Seriously, it might
work. She was joking.
You were,
right? Not about
Nigel. He's "damn serious"
about finding this guy. So, you're not going to be
dancing around in your
undies? How about topless? Whatever. Excuse me
ladies, I gotta
take a wizz. Geez. I bet you're glad to
have another woman around
here. That's for sure. It was
a total cock fest
before you got here. I'm glad we hired
you. Thanks. So you really think we're going
to find anyone else out here? Honestly? I hope
not. [DAVE
ba ba... da
da da da... [DAVE SINGING]
Wizz wizz
wizz... shake
shake. [GROWLING]
YELL] Holy
shit! Shit shit holy
shit! What's
wrong? There's a guy out there!
Scared the living shit out
of me! Are you sure? - I know
what I saw, man! Look! What was
that? I told you, some scary
snaggletoothed caveman
dude! Oh my God, there's
more of them. It's people all
right. How many? -
GIGGLING] What are they
doing? They're trying to scare
us. They're doing a pretty good
job. Relax, everyone.
We can't show
fear. Nigel, don't! - Where
are you going? [TARZAN
MUSIC] Hello. You must be the alpha
ROARS] What does he
want? I think he wants
Jane. Oh, I'm sorry, mate. Jane
had a little bit of an
accident. She won't be
coming back, I'm afraid. [GRUNTS] What? No.
Sorry... They're with
us. Oh God. Please don't let him
take me. It's okay,
TJ. Nobody's taking you
anywhere. [HYENA
GIGGLES] Get your
there, lads. We can be
friends. I respect you, you respect
me. [SNIFFING] What are they
smelling? [GIGGLES] Jane's
blood. Nigel, your
jacket! Oh bloody
hell. [ROARS] [TJ
SCREAMS] Careful with that,
buddy. Put it down and I'll
give you more food. [GROWLING AND GIGGLING]
No, please no!
No! [GROWLING] They're everywhere, man!
Get the hell out of
here! [FERALS
Duncan? [BIG PAPA
Wait! TJ? God damn it, where are
SCREAM] It's okay. It's
okay. It's me.
Shhh. Shhh. They're still
close. Holy shit, man. What are
we doing in here? If they find us
here, we're trapped. Relax, all right? We're safer
here than out in the open. Relax? In case you didn't
notice, those psychos just
went "Dawn of the Dead" on
Nigel! You want to be
dessert? Quiet,
Dave! If we run, we can make it
to the van by dark. [ROY] I wouldn't. It's going
to be dark in half an hour and I have no idea where we
are. So what are we
supposed to do now? We stay in here. Set
traps. At least if they find us, they
won't be able to sneak up on us. You're nuts. If we make
a run for it - They'll hunt us down and kill
us! If you try to run in the
dark you're probably going
to break an ankle or
worse. If they find us here
they're going to kill
us! Aw, man. I don't want to die
out here. I want to be old, in a hospital bed,
with lots of tubes
sticking out of
me. Nobody else has to die, all
right? Not if we stick together. What did you have in
mind? [BATS] I don't
understand. Who are these people?
Why are they doing
this? The doctor said that Jane Doe
had a virus that affected her
brain. Whatever she
had, they have
it too. But why are they after
us? They were eating
Nigel. They're not hunting us for
food. What they did to Nigel...
it wasn't an act of
hunger. They think we killed
Jane, and they want
revenge. That's just great. If
these guys kill us, I'm
gonna kick Nigel's ass when I see him in
hell. Hey Ranger Rick.
- Roy. Whatever. You got a plan
to get us out of here or
what? We move out at dawn. Go
downhill until we find a creek.
Follow the creek to the river, then we follow the river
until we find a road. And if we run into Big
Papa and his gang? [ROY] Then we fight. Kill
them before they kill us. You've killed people
before. In the Army, right? That's
right. - We
haven't. We're not like you. You
can't just expect us - They won't show
mercy and neither
can we! I'm
sorry. What's
wrong? I... ever since
that girl bit
me, I feel like I can't
control my
emotions. Jane had a virus.
Do you think that
- Oh you've gotta be kidding
me! He's turning into one of
them? That's just fucking
perfect! I'm still
me. It's just that I recognized one
of those men who killed Nigel. His name was Harry Duncan. He
disappeared a few months ago. You're sure it's the same
guy? - Yeah, pretty sure. My brother and I went out
searching for him. Everyone
said that he was a kind, honest, loving man. Now he's
just barely an animal. Hey man, if you start
growling or sniffing at my
crotch, I am out of here! Don't worry. If I
feel like I'm
losing control, I'll
go. Good. Can I have your
knife? No. - Well how about
if - Shhh.
YELPS] Hell yeah! Take that,
fuckers! Hey, you wanna chew
on a piece of this? Come and get it
baby! Dave! What? Don't taunt the
cannibals. Okay. Yeah. Probably not
a good idea. Do you really think the traps
will keep them away? Maybe. Maybe
not. Oh that's
reassuring. We're gonna need a better
plan than this. Hi
sweetie. If you're watching
this, it means...
well... I'm not going to see
you and Nikki again. I'm sorry. These
last few years I thought my job was so
important, so exciting. All this time I've been
missing everything that's
really mattered to me. I missed my baby's first
words, her first steps. I love you, Jean. No matter
how stupid I've been, I've always loved
you. And I always
will. Tell Nikki... I don't
know. Tell her something about
me that would make her
proud. Hey Linds, do me a
favor. If I don't make
it out - If you don't make it,
what makes you think I
will? You're a
producer. You're
tough. You'll survive. - Okay, but
we're all going to get out of
here - [BUDDY
MOANS] Oh God, we have to help
him. He's one of
them. It doesn't
matter! What are they
doing? - Trying to
help? [BUDDY
out of here. I can't take this any
more. - It's okay. Come
on. [SNARLS] Come and get me,
you son of a
bitch. What are you
doing? Yeah, that's right.
You know you want
CAW] [SNORING] I don't see
them. Now may be our best chance
to get out of here. [LINDSEY] What if it's a
trap? We're gonna have
to take that
chance. [DAVE
GROANS] Wake up. We're
going. Just a few more
minutes... Dave!
What? Get up, dumb ass. We're
getting out of here. Shit. Ow! What the
hell? What's
wrong? Ants! Shit! They're all over
me! Damn, I hate ants! Get 'em off of me! Get 'em
off. Get 'em off! [TJ]
Dave! [TJ
GIGGLES] TJ! - I'll find
her. Go get to the
river. - Wait! [ROY] Go! Get to the
river! - You heard the
man. Let's go! [HYENA
GROWLS] You okay? - Yeah, I think I
almost broke my camera. Just leave it. It's
slowing you down. No way. I plan on giving
this to my daughter for
Christmas. You're giving an HD
camera to a six year old? Yeah. Me and this baby have
been through a lot
together. I'll buy you a new
one. Top of the line. Sure. But I still plan
on keeping this one. [HYENA
YELLS] That was
bad. I need
water. And a power bar. - How
about an ice mocha? You're not
helping. Wait a minute. Do
you hear water? Yeah. The river can't be very
far. Roy said to keep going
downhill. Anything's better than
uphill. Do you think he's
okay? Roy? I... I don't
know. We should have
gone after TJ with
him. He's infected. He could
be as bad as they are by
now. Let's hope not. Do
you still have that
tape I gave you? You want it
back? Not until we get
back to
civilization. We're not out
of the woods
yet. Maybe I should... never
mind. - What? If something
happens... Maybe you have the right
idea. Leave a message. I'm
rolling. Um, I guess this message is
for my sister Jenna. I didn't really want to
say goodbye like this, but some things don't work
out the way you planned. Nigel and Dave are
dead. Mark and I are
lost, separated from
TJ. Jane Doe wasn't
alone. There's a whole family
of violent savages out
here. If anyone comes looking for
us, please be
careful. There's no
telling how many
of them - [LINDSEY
GASPS] Son of a
MOANS] [LINDSEY] How you doing? - It
hurts like a mother. You? Same
here. [shirt
rips] This looks really
deep. I don't know if
I can stop the
bleeding. Do your best. I can make
it. You better. Your wife will kill
me if all I bring back is a
tape. Yeah, she would
be a little
pissed. You ready to
go? Yeah, but I just wanna
rest... just a little bit... Mark! Wake
up! What? I said I just wanted
to rest. No! There's no
sleeping on the job. Come on. We've got to
keep moving. You're the
SNAPS] This isn't the
river. [LINDSEY] It's a
flume. They bring water down from the
mountains. It must lead to a
reservoir. Careful, I don't know
how sturdy this thing
is. [METAL
WHINING] Linds? Yeah? I think we need to
move a little bit
faster. Shit! [HOWLS] What are you doing?
Hurry! I don't know if I can go much
farther. - Stop that. You're
coming with me! No. I've lost too much
blood. I'm slowing you down. Damn it, I will drag
you if I have to! You can still make
it if I slow them
down. Here... Take this and give it
to my daughter. And
tell her [MOANS] Tell her her
daddy did something
brave. Forget the
camera, you need
to - Go, damn
it! [MARK
sweetie. If you're
watching this, it
means... well... I'm not going to
see you and Nikki again. I'm sorry. These last few
years I thought my job was so
important, so exciting. Welcome to the twenty
first century, bitch. [BIG PAPA
Jean. No matter how stupid I've
been - Thanks,
SCREAMS] [CRUNCH] [ROARS] [SOBBING] [CRYING] [ROARS] For thousands of years,
mankind has been the world's
deadliest predator. He has dominated his
environment with cunning
intellect and tools of
destruction. But does his intelligence set
him apart from the beasts? Or does it simply
reinforce his place at the
top of the animal kingdom? One thing is for
certain. Homo Sapiens are the most
dangerous animal on Earth. [RADIO
NOISE] We have breaking news to report
out of Bloodwood National
Forest. That's where Lindsey Amos was
found alive yesterday
afternoon near Silver Creek.
The body of a second woman was also found
nearby, but her identity has
not yet been released. Meantime, friends and
family of local student TJ
Lane are not giving up
hope. She's among four others who
disappeared while filming an
episode of the internet
series "Hunting the
Unknown". [RADIO
NOISE] Can I get you
anything to drink,
Lindsey? Water?
Coffee? Get her some
water. Can you tell us what
happened out there in the
forest? Anything? Where are
the others? It's all right if you're
not ready to talk. Just
take your time. I just want you to know
that you're safe here. Okay?
Lindsey? [SNARLS] No! Help! Help! Oh God