Bloodwork (2012) Movie Script

It's KUCS, 102.7 FM, College Radio Live.
Coming at you as another
semester winds down.
Good luck to all you
students on your finals,
and just be sure you finish hitting
those books before you hit the bars.
Hi, handsome.
A small isolation study measuring
all potential side effects.
There will be five doses of the drug given
at two-day intervals,
along with periodic blood draws,
monitoring of all bodily fluids,
physical exams...
Okay, you're not gonna stick
anything in my ass, right?
- Because I'm... I'm...
- No. I just... not happening.
Well, let's take a look.
Here we are.
No colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopies,
or endoscopies, no prostate exams,
tape tests,
or anal rinks, no probes, enemas,
or rectal tubes.
I don't know what an anal rink is,
but... I prefer not to have it.
Me either.
Feel free to review the
protocol yourselves.
Ravexin Pharmaceutical presents RXZ-19.
The promise of the future.
Okay. What's it for?
We're testing a new antihistamine.
As for compensation...
subjects will receive $225 a day,
room and board included,
over a two-week period.
- What, $225 a day? That's like, uh...
- It's 3,000.
To be precise, 3,150.
We'll do it.
So we miss a couple classes.
Big deal.
The first few back is overrated anyways.
Come on, man,
we're gonna miss Christmas break.
Oh, come on. Fuck Christmas break.
I mean, what do we do on Christmas break
but sit at home and twiddle our...
You... you're... you're gonna miss
the gift-giving, man, the gift-giving.
Come on. All right. What do you say
we just sign up for this thing now.
We make some easy, easy money.
And then come... come summertime,
we go on a real vacation.
And even you can get laid there.
Hey, hey. I can get laid
whenever and wherever I want.
- How many girls have you slept with?
- Many. One.
Yeah. We're doing it.
Oh, Our RXZ-19 is a beta class molecule
whose testing on animal subgroups show great promise
in the search for wide-grade antihistamine.
They've never tested
this on humans before, Greg.
All Phase I subjects must be prepared
to experience a variety of side effects.
Okay, here we go.
Including, uh, nausea,
dry mouth, arrhythmia,
oh, constipation and/or diarrhea.
Can... can you eve have
both at the same time?
I think I've stopped listening
to you at this point.
And why are you even reading that?
RXZ-19, allergies? Come on.
Are you kidding me?
Remember that psych test we signed up for last
semester because we were short on beer money?
They paid us, what?
Twenty dollars to play a game
with all the weird rules.
And it turned out the only thing
they were doing was testing to see
how long we could sit
in those uncomfortable chairs.
So, they're not gonna spell out
what they're really doing.
Greg, this isn't some dumb experiment
made by jackass grad students.
This is... this is Ravexin
Pharmaceutical, man.
They... they sold $14
billion in drugs last year.
Good. Good.
If you don't think she's being straight
with us, why are we even doing this?
Because she's paying us $3,150, and
they're not sticking anything in my ass.
I don't know. This is...
By the way, that doc...
Mm, she is a babe.
The best things in life are free
But you can take it to the birds and bees
I need money
- Right. That's what I want.
- That's what I want.
- That's what I want
- That's what I want
That's what I want
- That's what I want. Bom, bom, bom, bom.
- Okay. Okay.
Your love gives me such a thrill
But your love don't pay my bills
I need money
That's what I want
- Can't be any worse than our dorm.
- Right, right.
- And think about the money...
- Yeah?
And Europe.
Right this way, gentlemen.
If you please, put your
bags on the table here.
- Both of them.
- All right.
And those cells.
Let me have those cells. Here, yours, too.
No pictures allowed in the facility.
- What are you guys looking for?
- The usual.
Dope, junk food, cameras, cell phones.
And liquor.
Wait. Are you serious? I can't have that?
I... I didn't see that in the pamphlet.
Yeah, well, well hang onto this for you.
You can get it back when your trials over.
Okay. They're all yours.
Keep your pitchers
in the ice buckets under your beds.
Don't block the door with any belongings.
And, uh, mind the clock.
Light's out at 22.00 hours.
Ten p.m.?
I mean, what are we, in elementary school?
Okay. Mattress is shit.
View is shit.
Well, they don't put guinea pigs in glided
cages, do they, for crying out loud?
Where the fuck do you think you are?
On your daddy's yacht?
No, no, no. Winding you up. Winding you up.
Winding you up. Winding you up.
- Name's Nigel.
- Greg.
- Rob.
- You guys look like first-timers.
Is it that obvious?
Well, let's just say
you don't sport the proper credentials.
Me, on the other hand,
resume speaks for itself.
- Shit!
- You name it, I've tested it.
I've been poked, prodded, and abused,
all in the name of science.
Right, that's enough about me.
What say I give my fellow guinea pigs
the grand tour?
Cameras. Note the cameras.
You see the powers that be have a very keen
interest in protecting their investment.
So quite simply,
we are monitored, 24/7, seriously.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
You'd think you'd be a bit faster.
So this is it. Next up, med wing.
This is it. This is it.
This is where you gotta be.
When it's time for a dose, give blood, get
a physical, do the skin scratchy bollocks.
Oh, and this corridor, this hallway,
take a look, take a look just down there.
That leads to the lab downstairs.
Now that's where they process
all our magnificent excretions.
Do all their dirty work.
There's more. There's more.
Come on! Come on!
Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na.
Check it out. Check it out. Check it out.
Come on. Come on. La da.
It's a run-over, you see?
They call it run-over.
From another experiment.
They'll clear out later today,
but the drug they were testing was supposed
to be, like, the next Viagra, right?
But the problem was after about a week,
everyone started getting the... the, uh,
the... the shakes the tw... the twitchies.
I mean, mate, that's a
hell of a side effect.
I mean, they come in here expecting to get
a bit of lead put back in their pencil,
but they leave shaking so bloody much,
they can't even zip up their own fly.
You've got to love it.
Oh, hey, hey. What's up with the...
What's up with that guy?
Must be the placebo.
You know, I mean, they...
They have him do it and everything,
but just dosed him with the, like,
uh, the, like, sugar water.
It's a fake. A fucking phony.
A ph... phony, phony, phony.
Not to be trusted. Let's go. Let's run on!
Anyway, there probably
won't be a placebo here.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Group is small, can't afford it.
Can't afford to waste one of us. Oop.
Then again, la, la, la, la, la, la.
With us now.
It's all a test, all a test.
See they don't usually put women
in Phase Ones, you see.
Well, looks like
I've got another tour to give, lads.
- All right, great.
- Pleasure meeting you.
Thanks a lot.
Well, he's kind of wacko.
- That was interesting.
- Yeah. To say the least.
Hello, ladies. Lovely day. Welcome.
Ah, the boys, the boys, the lads, the lads.
Rob and Greg, Greg and Rob.
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome.
Welcome to your last supper.
- Oh, Rob and Greg, meet, uh, Linnea.
- Hi. Hi.
Beautiful. Came up with Stacy, first-timers
like yourselves, don't you know?
Hey, Stacy. Greg.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- There is Martel.
That there is Ira.
Fine figure of a man.
- That there is, uh, Maggie.
- Hey. Greg.
- How do you do?
- This is Rob.
- Hey. How are you?
- And our, uh, resident, bloody, uh,
games masters, Huy and Binai.
What's up, guys?
Do you guys know if there's any forks?
- Forks?
- Yeah.
What do you need forks for? It's pizza.
Here let me get you.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
Is food really gonna be that bad in here?
Because I put on six pounds
when I did this up in Des Moines.
Well, the food here has to be better
than the last one we did, right?
If it wasn't for potato salad,
I would've starved to death.
- Are you a vegetarian?
- No, I'm vegan.
I'm green all the way.
Can you believe what's in these pepperonis?
It's revolting.
Oh, God. Not again.
Okay, just because I don't prefer eating hooves and
entralls makes me, what, less of a man, right?
- Respect the whole animal.
- Yeah, the whole animal. Okay.
- Well, here's the little piggy's eyes.
- No.
They're like an old married couple, huh?
Okay, great.
Hey, cool ink, man.
Where'd you get it? Army? Navy?
Martel, here, has been living in
the streets since he was paroled,
but he informed me he's a changed man
thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ.
- Amen.
- Yeah, amen, totally.
We do not belong here.
Does toothpaste expire?
Cause this shit is fucking terrible.
Dude, I am fucking serous, Greg.
Okay? We don't belong here.
Look, it's just for 14 days.
It'll be over before you know it.
Plus, that... that blond chick,
she was eye-fucking me the whole time.
- But the brunette...
- Come on.
That brunette, she was
looking at you, man. I saw.
Dude, is sex all you think about?
Yeah, don't you?
Yeah, all the time, man.
All the time.
Dude, what the fuck was that?
Sounded like two animals,
like, going at it.
- No! Ah! Back off!
- Backing off!
- Black swan I will fucking use it.
- Please, don't.
- Stop.
- What is going on here?
This guy attacked me.
I was just trying to get
a blood draw, I swear.
Aaron is our lab technician.
On dose days,
he takes a morning blood sample
so that we can monitor the progression of
the drug through your bloodstream.
- May he continue?
- Hey, Rob, it's just a needle.
Don't be such a pussy.
All right, just... just...
warn me next time you do that, okay?
I'll help you.
Not good. Oh, here we go.
Man up, dude.
You're next.
What's up, mate?
- She's watching.
- What's up with all the bran?
Oh, it keeps everything moving.
In case the drug clogs you up.
And, uh, another thing, you, um, you better,
uh, clean your plate, otherwise they dock ya.
They're watching.
Those eyes, they're watching.
Ah, what the hell? There's
a hair in my food.
Well, it's probably yours.
You're always shedding in the sink.
Yeah, at least I don't use my socks to rub
one out while my roommate's trying to sleep.
Oh, God. That is gross.
Gross? What are you talking about?
It's natural. Even girls do it.
I don't.
- She does.
- Hello.
What we got going on here?
Do tell. Do tell. Do tell.
Oh, it's just chemistry.
It's the, um, the last prereq I have for...
For my nursing school,
but I'm really bad at science.
Driving me crazy.
You know, Rob... Rob could help you.
He's a - a whiz at chemistry.
He could tutor you.
Are you really?
Oh, my God, yes.
No, a total prodigy, this kid.
He actually just got accepted to,
um, to MiT, for grad school.
- Hey, it, you know, it was kind of...
- Oh, he's a whiz at it.
But, it's really not like that.
- You got into MiT?
- Yeah.
You do know that that's
for geniuses, right?
Boy wonder right here.
Okay. Well, can you really help me, then?
Hey, it's kind of been a while.
- So I really don't know if I could...
- Course he could.
He actually would love to.
He's the most helpful person that I know.
Okay, fine.
So maybe after lunch, we can study?
Oh, su... yeah, sure. I...
i could try. So...
Oh, my God!
Hey, hey. I got it. Got it.
Got it. It's good.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
That's not okay.
Buddy, good, with the helping guy.
- Dude, it worked, didn't it?
- Yeah, but I'm not a fucking genius, okay?
- It's... it's impossible for me...
- Okay, you gotta roll with it. Done.
Gentlemen, dosing room, fifteen minutes.
Remember to dress accordingly.
- This isn't so bad.
- Stop it.
- I mean, this really isn't so b...
- Just stop it.
I... what? I don't think it's that bad.
We're just wearing...
Just... just sh... shut up.
- We're just wearing dresses.
- Just clam up, all right?
Don't cry, sweetheart.
Dad asked to do this.
Mommy goes to work this...
And now... now Daddy's at work.
I'll be home soon, sweetie.
- Rob.
- Yeah. That's me.
All right. Go get em.
RXZ insertion at 10:21.
Run the IV rate at 150 ccs per hour.
- Be aware, the drug may feel...
- cold. Up and down my arm.
That's the temperature of
the drug mingling with your body.
- You'll warm up shortly.
- Okay.
Blood draws every ten minutes.
All right.
- Oh, hey, doc. Long time no see.
- Gregory.
You know I had a dream
about you the other night.
You were a mermaid.
You were singing to me.
You had the... the voice of an angel.
RXZ-19 insertion at 11:21.
Run the IV rate at 150 ccs per hour.
No, that's not my point. What I'm saying
is she makes me feel like a naughty boy.
- But she's... she's 60.
- She's... she's awesome.
She has s... it's like a snuggly bosom.
You know, you snuggle up to.
So you like the older women?
I'm just saying she's...
She's like a snuggly bosom.
Hey, how'd it go?
- Rob.
- Rob.
Oh, no. Do I detect a little lovers tiff?
Has it all gone wrong?
Within these walls? Has
it pulled you apart?
No, it's all right. He'll come on up.
- Nope.
- It won't be a problem.
Where are you off to?
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
I think that fiber just hit my system.
Oh, mate, you never had a
make like this before.
Good luck.
- Greg. Hi.
- Hey.
Did you just have a bowel movement?
- Yeah. I did.
- Great.
On a scale of one to ten,
how would you rate your bowel evacuation?
Uh, one being the easiest,
and ten being the most difficult.
Okay. Um, yeah, uh, let's say, uh, four.
- Write down a four.
- Four.
Kay. Um, in your own words, how would
you describe the quality of the movement?
Quality? Well, there wasn't much quantity.
Um, but the quality was good.
I've never had to, uh,
um, articulate this before.
- Just try.
- Well formed.
Uh, stringy.
You're shitting me, right?
Wrong choice of words.
No. No pain upon release.
So... thumbs up.
Oh, I just wiped and wiped.
- Um... how long...?
- I'm not gonna answer this.
Feel free to use a metaphor.
Like a thick oil.
- Thick oil.
- Like a dirty oil.
- Dirty oil.
- Like, hard.
- Cloudy.
- Not talking about it.
What about sound?
I am not gonna begin to
answer that question.
I just appreciate you helping me so much.
Well, hey, no problem.
I mean, it's just one of those... i...
I'm sor... I'm sorry. I just...
Look, would you just look over my practice
essay and just tell me what you think,
and then that's the last
thing I'll ask you. I swear.
That's totally cool.
I mean, I love that stuff. That's great.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Piece of cake. That's what I do.
- All right, see ya.
- Okay. Talk to you later.
- All right, see ya.
- Okay, bye.
- So?
- What?
Come on. You're not gonna tell me
how your little study session went?
Greg, all right, it's...
it's not like that.
It was like a... a...
A beautiful melding of intellect.
You're telling me that you didn't...
You didn't take a peek at her breasts.
It wasn't like... i don't just put
my penis on a table and expect a girl...
You gotta save me! You gotta save me!
How you think, everything,
they get inside your head.
Save yourself! Save yourself!
No! No!
Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go!
You can't do this to me!
Doctor's room!
Let me go!
- No! Let me go!
- Aaron, what happened?
We found PCP in his blood.
He's a drug addict.
Ha, ha, ha, yes.
You see? You see? You see?
You live and learn. You live and learn.
They figure all the needles will help them
forget their problems.
Except, of course, night before,
they do that one last hit,
just to say goodbye, and then..
Hey, Stacy. Racy Stacy.
- Rob. You're bleeding.
- What?
I'll finish up here, Patty.
Uh, everything okay?
Everything's fine.
Just be sure not to itch it,
and you'll be good as new.
Well, you know, well, what about me, Doc?
Cause I have a... i have a little cut here.
Stings a little bit.
I think it needs some... some TLC from ya.
- You know, it's, uh, it's a little...
- Here's some antiseptic.
Hey, Dr. Wilcox,
um, what's gonna happen to Ira?
We sent him down the road to the ER.
The doctor's there will
take good care of him.
this happens a lot in this type of work.
Well, yeah, but that was kind of
a strange reaction though. Don't you think?
Strange reaction from a
very delusional man.
You guys have had a long night.
Get some sleep.
God damn it.
- Hello, Doctor.
- Hello.
Today we're going to be performing
scratch tests on your skin
to determine your baseline
allergic response.
Next, we take all our allergen samples
from core source material.
Of course,
food isn't the only human allergen source.
Oh, shit.
Fucking allergy medicine, my ass.
Okay, kay, that better not end up online.
I was kidding.
Okay, so you were attacked
in the shower by a rat?
Yes, by a giant fucking rat.
This thing was, like, on steroids and shit.
Something's not right here.
Something is fucked up.
What's up with all the tests? Huh?
And Aaron follows us around everywhere.
I've got a... I've just got
a bad feeling in my guy.
I'm just... i don't know. So...
oh, my God. Uh, there's a worm in my food.
There... there's a worm in my food.
I've got... got a... I've
got a worm in my food!
Does anyone else have a problem?
Please check carefully.
I found one.
Me, too.
Mine's good.
What the fuck is wrong with this place?
Everyone needs to empty
their trays into the trashcan.
I will report this to Dr. Wilcox.
Empty your trays, please.
No, don't... i think
What are you guys doing?
Looks like we found your rat.
Check out it's scars. They are so cool.
Uh, hey, I don't know if that's the
most hygienic thing to be touching.
Wonder where he came from.
Must've called through a vent,
couldn't find his way out.
To everything there is a season.
Yeah, I think someone should tell Aaron.
Time for your next doses, not recreation.
Come on.
I am thinking that it is B. B.
You are incorrect.
- Why?
- It was close. It's close. Not right, but, um...
- What was it?
- It's actually C, synthesis.
Oh, God, why is this so hard for me?
Why is this so easy for you?
Uh, I wouldn't say easy.
- No?
- It's more like, um, practiced.
Yeah, practiced.
Yeah, that whole Mi thing, that wasn't, um...
- What?
- I'm s... i... i don't really go to MiT.
It's... it... the point is, um,
I... I've done all the prep courses.
I've done private tutors.
I've done internships.
You know, not to mention all the studying
I've done on my own. So...
Okay. Okay. Well, at least
all your hard work is coming into good use.
Well, yeah, I guess.
Hey, don't kill me
with your enthusiasm or anything.
It's not like that.
No. It's just, um, I don't know. It's...
Sometimes I feel like my lifes
been planned out for me, you know?
I've had all these expectations that I've had
to meet, and... and I've been okay with that.
You know, I've...
I've never really... questioned it.
I don't know. It's... it's weird.
For some reason, it...
now it's like I feel...
Like what?
I feel free.
Completely free.
Me, too.
Oh, my God.
Let me.
What's that smell?
Who's been eating this?
Who has been eating this animal?
This is very dangerous.
A dead animal is full of bacteria.
You need to tell me right now.
Someone help me!
Take him to the med lab.
Pull him down. pull him down.
Get the stomach pump, Aaron.
I need his mouth open.
Okay. Right, right, right.
My... he's got my hand!
Get him off. Get him off!
Get him off me! Give me my fucking hand.
Dr. Wilcox.
Have all the subjects return
to their room, Aaron.
Dr. Wilcox says you should get to sleep.
She'll explain everything
to you in the morning.
In the morning? Are you kidding me?
Hey, can you believe this shit?
We can't just sit around
here and wait for her.
Greg. You heard her.
Go to sleep.
- Hello, Gregory.
- Hey.
I need you in my office immediately.
We need to stay calm. Okay?
What's going on here?
What... what are you...
What are you doing to me?
We're not doing anything to you.
I saw... I saw what happened to Nigel.
Greg. You're tired.
You're under a lot of stress.
In these circumstances,
the mind plays tricks on you.
Oh, don't you fucking mind fuck me,
all right? I wasn't hallucinating.
I don't know what you think you saw.
But whatever it was, we can talk it over.
- Just stay calm.
- Stay back, all right?
Okay. You don't know.
You have no idea what's happening.
You know what? Fine.
Hold on! Fine! Then I'm gonna show you!
- Greg, don't.
- You see this?
Fuck! You see that?
Nothing's gonna happen to me.
- Catch him. He's gonna faint.
- See, i..
- No.
- Stop, stop.
You're still woozy from the anesthetic.
Hey. I'm the placebo.
Tell me, Greg.
What do you know about the liver?
The liver is the most powerful
regenerative organ in the human body.
Like starfish in the ocean, we can
literally dissect into a thousand pieces,
and under the right conditions,
regrow each piece to a perfect whole.
This is a sample of normal blood cells.
Take a look.
With ammonia hydroxide
I'm going to erode the cell walls.
That sample was from your body, Greg.
And this... is from Nigel,
whose cells are already
infused with RXZ-19.
Extraordinary, isn't it?
In all our testing, I've never
seen cells regenerate so quickly.
Not even in our animal subjects.
Follow me.
This is Alexandra.
She won't win any beauty prizes,
but she's special in her own right.
Alexandra was our first animal subject
top achieve 100% regeneration.
At first, we were only able
to regenerate skin tissue.
Nothing beyond the most
superficial incision.
But with time, we began to regrow muscle,
blood vessels, even nerve tissue.
Soon, we're gonna be able
to regenerate organs.
The heart, lungs, even the brain.
It's only a matter of time.
What'd you do to her neck?
Our most recent success.
I personally severed her carotid artery.
Quite the resilient one, aren't you?
With Alexandra's regenerative
abilities came other changes.
She began to have more tolerance for filth and
grew far less picky over her food choices.
Have a seat.
It took us a great deal of time
to figure out what was happening
because it was a side effect
we hadn't seen before.
Disgust had disappeared.
What do you mean, disgust?
Few of us stop to consider
where disgust comes from,
or, more importantly,
what purpose it serves.
The answer is rooted in our survival, Greg.
Disgust at physical substances like vomit
or fecal matter protects us from bacteria.
Disgust at certain behaviors like incest or
cannibalism keeps us from performing acts that,
likewise, threaten the life of our species.
But the more regenerative Alexandra became,
the more hormones flooded into her system,
telling her she had no more need for disgust,
was too powerful for it's protections.
We only knew we had a problem with RXZ-19
when Alexandra gave birth to a healthy
litter of kittens, and then ate them.
First, we must understand RXZ-19,
and then we must control it.
Just imagine the potential
for a drug of this magnitude.
It would be nothing short of staggering.
Don't you agree?
Yeah. Oh, I do. I do.
But first of all, I just have to say on
thing, that this is not what I signed up for.
Greg, I can assure you,
you're completely safe.
Uh, uh, and how about the others?
Huh? How are they gonna react?
That's what I thought. You have no idea.
You know,
I'm not gonna let you find out either.
You have no right to fuck with
people with... With lies!
Who the fuck do you think you are?
You know what?
I'm telling everyone what's going on.
That's very noble of you, Greg,
but they already know.
I'm sorry we couldn't tell you
the true purpose of RXZ-19.
Protocol dictated that
we mask the nature of the side effects
so we could chart your
behavioral progressions.
I hope you understand our motivation for doing
so and how significant our work here is.
Bullshit. This... this is...
This is a bunch of crap, Rob.
Let's... let's go.
I'm prepared right now to continue the study
and to double your salaries to $8,000.
Of course, if you choose to leave now,
you will not receive payment of any kind,
as the terms of your contract made clear.
There are conditions.
All of you will have to remain,
and in a study this sensitive,
I will insist that contact with the
outside world cease until we conclude.
You fucking kidding me?
You guys are actually considering this?
- I'll do it.
- Rob!
- Huy and I are in.
- Me, too.
Fine. You know what?
I'm done playing guinea pig.
I don't think so.
- Greg...
- I don't care.
Don't... What the fuck do you
think you're playing at?
- Get off me.
- Get your ass in there.
What the fuck?! This is Bullshit!
And I'm just stuck in here?
What the hell is wrong with you, man?
Don't you see how dangerous this is?
You have no idea what
this feels like, Greg.
Um, Greg, Dr. Wilcox wasn't sure
whether you handed your key's in or not?
I don't know.
Thanks, Rob.
Oh, and she thinks it would be a good idea
if one of you were to move
into your own room for the duration.
I'll do it.
New Message.
We're running out of time, Lauren.
Haven't heard from you.
And I don't like the sound of it. Call me.
Any bran left?
- You gonna eat that?
- No.
Hey, guys, look what I can do.
Oh, my gosh. Did that hurt?
A little. I bet Binai can top that.
Top what? What are you doing?
You do it, you God damn pussies!
May I have that, please?
I caution all of you not
to do anything reckless.
Nigel's little incident
not with standing,
were still a long way from predicting
how effectively your bodies can regenerate.
It's time for your next dose.
Who wants to go first?
What are you doing?
I have nothing to say to you.
What are you doing here?
It's just sex.
Everybody does it.
You're right.
What the hell? I'm not into that.
Shut up!
What the fuck is wrong...?
What the...?
Get the fuck off of me!
Get the fuck out of here.
We're at a critical point.
We've made so much progress.
I just need a little bit more time.
Yes, I understand.
We've never administered
more than five doses.
It's not in the protocols.
Protocols have changed.
This may sting a little.
Five-point-five seconds.
Three seconds.
One second.
That's enough.
Do you trust me?
Dr. Wilcox?
Dr. Wilcox, what are you doing?
Aaron, get the suture.
Stop! Stop!
What are you doing? You're killing him!
Give me another dose.
Do it!
I was wondering when you'd wake up.
You should be very proud of yourself.
Remarkable how many times throughout history
success is attained at the precipice of disaster.
You've secured the future of this project.
Is everything okay?
No! Stop!
Help me!
- Stop!
- Stop!
You know I believe in this, Doctor.
But without more security,
it's just not safe.
I know some guys that need work.
- I could make a couple phone calls.
- No.
- Dr. Wilcox, please.
- We can't.
This experiment is sensitive.
- If any of this became public...
- Then I'm sorry. I quit.
This is not worth it.
You tell Ravexin to kiss my ass.
Technically, this isn't
just a Revaxin study.
It's more of a partnership, and our employers
are very eager now to see it through.
- How much is she paying you?
- Same as I'm willing to pay you.
All of you.
Consider that an early bonus.
But I need you to finish this with me.
Patty, please, if not for the money,
then do it for science.
With all due respect, Dr. Wilcox.
Fuck science.
I need a new car.
Hi, Rob.
I have something for you.
It's gonna help you reiax.
You can do whatever you want to me.
It doesn't matter.
Nothing you can do to me matters.
You'll never know what it feels like.
Why would I lie to you?
- I don't know. Why would you lie?
- I wouldn't.
So Taylor didn't tell you.
Well, I hope it's not gone.
You gotta be shitting me.
- Right here? In the facility?
- That's right.
Taylor took it from me when I checked in.
I... it's probably sitting
in that locker right now.
Come on, dawg. What do you have to lose?
Come on.
I'm telling you it's up here.
What'd I tell you, dawg?
There you go.
You college kids always
drink the cheap shit.
That's right liquors liquor.
Oh, yeah. Feel the burn.
Feel the burn.
Come on. Can i... can i...
Can I get a drag of my own bottle?
- All right.
- Cool.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
Oh, shit. You hear something?
What? Put that away.
No, man. You...
- Damn! What the fuck?
- Shit!
I need everyone to listen to me.
Greg is trying to escape.
He can ruin everything
that we've worked for.
I need you all to help
me find him immediately.
I'll give you more RXZ-19.
Greg! Come here!
Hey! Stop!
Look here. Hey!
Enough! I said, that's enough!
Fucking fuck off!
Stop it!
Jesus Christ, Binai. You fucking shot me!
My bad.
You asshole! You fucking asshole!
I'm gonna kill you!
Wait! Wait!
Is everyone else okay?
Um... um, I'm okay. Look.
Um, I'm okay. I'm okay. Look.
- Oh, she was shot?
- Shot her!
Keep the subjects outside.
No one gets in here, understand?
Look what you've done.
This is all your fault.
What is going on?
- No exit wounds.
- What?
The bullets, they're lodged inside her.
We're gonna have to extract them.
Her vitals are crashing.
Here. Right here.
- I can't get inside!
- We're losing her.
I can't get inside!
- Do something!
- I can't get inside!
Oh, God.
We were unable...
There was nothing that could be done.
I'm sorry.
Uh, Stacy, I know you two were close.
If there's anything you need, just ask.
There is one thing.
Of course, anything.
You could give us our dose now...
like you promised.
For finding Greg.
Girl's right. Deals a deal.
Deals a deal. So...
Okay. Yes, yes, uh, of course.
Yes. It's coming.
I'll just have Aaron prepare it now.
Wait in the lounge,
and we'll call you when it's ready.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- It's coming.
Good. Jolly good, jolly good, jolly good.
I want the entire facility locked down.
No one leaves.
Get the detox solution. All of it.
What are you gonna do now, Doc?
Run some more tests?
Kill some more subjects
for your fucking experiment?
No, Greg. Experiment's over.
Are we ready?
Who do you want first?
- My turn. My turn. My turn, my turn!
- Real soon, hon. Real soon.
Patty, run the IV wide open.
I'm doubling the concentration.
We can't waste any time.
Oh, no.
Don't worry. Storm overloaded a
circuit, tripped the breaker.
- Curtis, breaker's down.
- Yeah, yeah. I'm on it.
Ah, see?
Told you. Nothing to worry about.
Oh, come on!
Someone let me out!
This is gonna hurt.
Curtis. Curtis.
Is the detox working?
It's too early to tell.
Get the next subject ready.
We don't have much time.
Honey, what's wrong?
The others. They... they attacked me.
Are you okay? Come on.
I tried to stop them, but...
What'd you say, honey?
Not so fast, darling.
Where is it? Where is it?
Where the fuck is it?
I need more.
Any more, Doctor?
Any more?
Doctor, don't be shy.
Doctor. I need more drug.
Don't be shy. Don't be shy.
Hey. How do we get out of here?
My Jeep! It's this way! Come on!
Go! Go! Open the door!
Come on!
Oh, go. Start your car!
- Come on! Start the fucking car!
- It's turning.
Where you going, piggies?
Who's fucking dead?
Turn it!
Where you going, piggies?
So fucking...
Did you get my transmission?
I repeat, did you get my last transmission?
That's affirmative. What's your status?
Status is
it's fucking out of control in there, okay?
People are dying.
There's been a total breakdown.
Retain your composure.
The team has been dispatched.
Move to the perimeter and await
for rendezvous. Over and out.
Who are you working for, Aaron?
Who do you think paid for XZ-19?
They're gonna bury it, all of it.
What's gonna happen to Rob, Aaron?
What's gonna happen to Rob?
- Answer me, Aaron!
- Okay!
- Answer me!
- Okay!
They're gonna cover it up and make it
look like the study never happened, okay?
Don't be so fucking naive.
Turn around. Turn around!
Whatever you're thinking, don't, okay?
- These are not good people. They don't fuck...
- Do it!
You have ten,
fifteen minutes max before they arrive.
- If you're not back by then...
- Give me the keys, Aaron.
God damn!
- Hold on..
- Nothing you can do.
Hold on.
They... used it all.
Maybe I deserved this.
I didn't want it to come to this.
Tell them that if you get out.
You look like
you're God damn lucky to be alive.
Is everyone still inside the building?
Yes, sir, as far as I know.
Has any outside contact been made?
No, sir. I'm certain of it.
What's your name?
It's, uh, Aaron, sir.
Good work, Aaron.
Have your men ready to go in five.
I've been waiting for you.
Thank God.
Hey, listen. We gotta get outta here.
I thought it was all a dream.
- But... it's real, isn't it? It's real, isn't it?
- Listen. Listen.
That wasn't you.
It was the fucking drug
that made you do that.
All right? Now we gotta go.
We have no time. We gotta move.
Hey, all right? Me and you, we're gonna get
out of here, leave all this shit behind.
Look at me.
You and me. Here we go.
Linnea. We gotta get Linnea.
- Where's Linea, Greggy? Greg, where's...?
- Come on. Come on.
Is that you, my little guinea pig?
Is that my little piggy?
Come here, piggy.
Piggy. Piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy,
piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy.
Piggy, piggy, piggy!
I hear the boots of Lucifer.
You shouldn't have done that, mate.
Let's go.
- Over here!
- No!
Check those charge
and get the fuck out of here!
Nothing but ashes in there now.
Ah, these buildings,
with their faulty eiectrical wiring.
Such a tragedy.
Oh, yeah.
Don't leave me.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Holy shit.
Oh, my God.
Aaron! Aaron! Aaron.
Take us to the police, okay?
They tr... they killed everybody.
Everybody's fucking dead, man.
Can you take us, please?
Hey, do you have a... do you have, like, a
blanket or a... or something in your trunk?
Hold on.
Thank you so much!
They can't get away with this shit, Aaron.
Somebody has to know.
Nobody can know, Greg.
You can't stop them.
Yes. I can.
Good work.
Isn't the town back that way?
We're gonna take a small detour.
It's complicated.