Bloody Drama (2017) Movie Script

(heavy breathing)
(loud thudding)
- [Man] Fuck!
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
(loud thudding)
(breathing heavily)
I can't get a fucking break!
Nothing fucking
works out for me!
Fuck myself, fuck, fuck, fuck!
(wind blowing)
Oh you fucking little bitch.
(breathing heavily)
(deep, suspenseful music)
(leaves rustling)
(slow, eerie piano music)
- [Man] Rebecca!
Get out, it's late, now!
(eerie piano music)
(mellow electronic music)
- That's it?
Girl, seriously?
- Uh, I tried for
like 40 minutes.
Plus, last night
was like forever.
- Okay, I guess you're
just not really into it.
- Like you are?
Probably still
thinking about Nae-Nae.
You two should just make
up already, and quick.
- (sighing) No,
besides, screw her.
- Christ, you so love that ho.
Why don't you just talk
to her for god sakes?
- Come on, get back down there.
- Ah, fuck.
- So again, the
definition of feminism
is the advocacy
of women's rights
on the basis of the
equality of the sexes,
that's it, nothing more or less.
This idea has always been
conflated with other ideas.
But, as a sociologist,
it's about being clear
on what this term means
and what it stands for.
In closing, I do have a
quote for you all to chew on.
A feminist is anyone who
recognizes the equality
and full humanity
of women and men.
That's a quote by
Gloria Steinem, okay?
Uh, let me see, remember,
next week's our final so,
ready up.
- I know I turned in my
assignment late last week but
can I still get full
credit for that?
- Uh, most likely it's
gonna be a C, Emily.
- Okay.
- Okay, great, you're welcome.
- Hey.
- Hey, so how's it looking
with the surveys, Rene?
- It's coming along
pretty well, you know.
Just um, most of
'em are filled out,
I just have a few
more to hand out.
- Excellent, excellent,
thanks for all your help,
and I should have those
letters of recommendation
for you ready next week.
- Uh, that would be
amazing, you know I just,
(sighing) I'm so nervous
with this whole thing I've,
as far back as I can
remember all I wanted
was to have my PhD.
- Rene, you'll be fine.
You are made for grad
school, trust me.
After eight years of
it, I know it, okay.
You're gonna be
a great academic.
- Thank you, you know I just,
you have no idea how
much this means to me
and you've helped
me a lot so I just,
thank you so much, you--
- Brian, what can I do for you?
It's okay, okay.
- [Brian] Can I just
get the assignment
that I turned in to
you, I'm sorry, I--
- Let me check my
computer and then I'll,
I'll get back to you on that.
(funky electronic music)
(music increasing in intensity)
- Shut up, shut up.
You're fine, you're fine.
He's happy, he's
happy, and you're fine.
You're gonna have a good day,
you're gonna go over there,
you're gonna have a good day.
You're gonna go out,
you're gonna have fun,
you're gonna see him,
and he'll be fine.
(funky electronic music)
(sighing) Okay.
(funky electronic music)
(people chattering
in background)
(tense single drum music)
(eerie, supernatural music)
(labored breathing)
- Um, hey, where's the remote?
I always keep it in
the (growling) fuck!
(labored breathing) It's
ridiculous, that girl.
Oh, fuck, I have
that consultation,
shit, shit, shit, shit.
Okay, okay, okay, all right.
Hey Hector, Pam, it's Hector.
Yeah hi, hi, yeah, so, uh-huh.
Yeah, no, yeah you too, yeah.
(clearing throat) Um, uh-huh.
No, no, I'm calling
about the consultation.
Yes, yeah, I have your paperwork
and I'm gonna send
it right to you
and the house looks good.
Um-hm, yeah, okay, so
I'm gonna, uh-huh, yeah.
Um-hm, oh yeah, okay.
Oh, yeah, yes,
absolutely, okay, you too,
oh, bye-bye, okay.
(dramatic, scary tones)
(drawer sliding
and clicking shut)
(gurgling and ticking)
You can't even buy
groceries, thank you.
(eerie growling)
(deep breathing)
(wind blowing eerily)
(dog barking)
(dog barking)
(eerie pulsating tones)
Okay so, Pam,
the house is well.
It's goo, it's nope the,
Pam, it's a good house.
It's a, it's a, the
house is well done, good.
In a, in a, in a well
good way, in a-ish.
Oh, no, no, no,
no, that's stupid.
Let's uh, how bout,
Pam, it's me, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
(dog barking)
Emoji, emoji, hello.
(dog barking)
Fuck, Emoji, quiet.
(breathing deeply)
(wind blowing eerily)
(haunting tones)
Oh, my god.
(scary, pulsating tones)
(wind howling)
(breathing deeply)
(sharp, scary pulsating tones)
(deep, scary tones)
- [Brittany] Dude, you
are set for grad school.
You're like the perfect
student on every level.
- [Rene] I know
dude, but you know,
grad school a whole
nother level, it's--
- [Brittany] So was high
school, so was undergrad.
- [Rene] I mean I
guess you're right.
- [Brittany] Yeah, I know.
- [Rene] Hey, are you
playing in that game?
- [Brittany] I don't know,
Patty was super pissy
at practice yesterday so,
I'm really just trying not
to think about it this week.
- [Rene] Hey so listen, now
that you bring the, that,
the weekend, is there anyway
I could use an excuse?
- [Brittany] No.
- Brittany I have a lot
of stuff going on and,
you know, it's just--
- Uh, we, you've
already committed
that we're doing
this for Meagan.
You're gonna have to suck it up.
- You know, to be
honest, I don't think
I'm friends with them
anymore, there's--
- [Brittany] What happened
between you and Kem?
- There's nothing, I'm just,
look, I'm just different now,
okay, I'm not into that
base crap that they are and,
she's so shallow.
- [Brittany] What,
so I'm shallow?
- [Rene] No, I'm
not, you're just--
- Bullshit, I'm friends with
them still and you used to be.
Look, this is not about
us, it's about Meagan.
She's been through
some shit lately.
We need to be there for
her, we're her sisters.
- [Rene] Yeah.
- I mean we've been friends
for such a long time,
I mean, we can do
one more weekend.
Can you handle that?
- Yeah, I can do one
more weekend, that's,
it's whatever, here.
- [Brittany] Okay.
- [Rene] Oh that's pretty good.
(funky, tense electronic music)
- [Kem] At that point you
have to just not talk.
- I know, and I'm like he's
the one who's arguing with me.
- Remember Barry, the guy
I dated sophomore year?
He was like that,
he would fight me on
anything and everything.
- Yeah, but that guy was an ass.
Kyle's sweet, he just feels a
moronic need to argue with me.
- Again, boys, they
are only trouble.
And we must
constantly remind them
that they are the inferior sex.
- Please, spare us
that feminism soapbox
you're about to stand on.
You're such a les,
have you had good dick?
You can't preach to the
choir if you haven't
sang in one--
- Twelve years, too hot.
- Can you just chill, everyone's
entitled to their opinion.
- Truthfully, no, I have not
sung in that particular choir,
but you know, I also have
priorities, doll face.
- Priorities my ass, but
whatever, I'll prove you wrong.
I'm gonna drop the kids
at the pool, girlies.
- [Meagan] Ugh.
- On that note girlies,
I think it's time for us
to get drunk and wet.
- Brittany, I didn't know
it was that kind of a party.
- Dude, damn Rene, I like
you when you're feisty, girl.
But, no ideas dear,
even though we are in
the experimental stages
of our sex lives.
- Cool, I'm gonna put
on my new swimsuit.
Don't get jealous if Rene
starts hitting on me, Meagan.
- Kelly I'm gay, not stupid.
Hey, do you think I
should just go home?
I mean, Kem is just--
- No, no, she's just
harmless, you know.
The others are cool, I
mean they'll miss you.
- She's just so annoying,
you know?
- I know.
- She rhymes with punt.
- I know but we've all agreed
that we're gonna hang out
one last time
before school ends.
Plus, apparently every
group needs a punt.
- (laughing) You're good.
- I know, look, you just
might have some fun.
A couple of shots, a
couple cannon balls.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Go throw on somethin' that
shows off them curves.
- Oh, you know that's
not happening, right?
- Well, I'm about to,
so drool appropriately
once you see this
ultra-sexy body.
- Uh-huh, okay, go get it, girl.
(tense tones)
- Holy shit, what
the hell did you eat?
- Shit, seriously?
- [Kelly] You ate shit?
- Come on Kel, there's
such thing as privacy.
- Not right now, did you see
that bitch's post with Darren?
- Oh, ouch!
- That crazy skank.
- Look, I love you, but
it's been about a year,
he ain't coming back.
- [Kelly] I just can't
handle seeing him
with that crazy bitch. (sighing)
- [Kem] Hm, what would Kem do?
- What a tantalizing idea.
I knew you were
good for something
other than taking
horrendous dumps.
- Look, text him this,
can't wait to see you again.
You know she's a
crazy psycho bitch,
when she sees it on his
phone, she'll fuckin' flip.
- You brilliant, conniving
bitch, I so love you.
- Oh god, yeah, yeah,
can you please get out?
This is totally sick.
Man, what the fuck did I eat?
Close the fuckin' door!
(slow, haunting music)
- [Boy On Video Game] Run, run!
(guns firing on video game)
- [Woman On Video Game]
I'm calling in for support.
(guns firing rapidly
on video game)
(woman on video
muffled by gun fire)
- [Man On Video Game]
Here, calm down.
Take a breath, count 'em.
(guns firing rapidly)
(man on video game
muffled by gunfire)
(guns firing rapidly
on video game)
- Howdy.
(door clicking shut)
- Hey.
- I missed you.
- I missed you.
- What are you playing?
- Dead Time, and
I was killing it.
- [Nelly] Okay,
how was your day?
- [Darren] It was all right.
(guns firing rapidly
on video game)
- You want me to
leave you alone?
- [Darren] No, no, just
give me like five minutes.
- All right.
- [Woman On Video Game] Have
you had contact with survivors?
- [Man On Video Game] Negative,
there's been no contact.
(people yelling and
screaming on video game)
- [Woman On Video Game]
I'm calling in for support.
(guns firing on video game)
(people talking on video game)
- I'm serious, give
me like five minutes.
- I'm, I'm playin' Dead Time.
(guns firing rapidly
on video game)
(people screaming on video game)
All right, I'm gonna
go take a shower.
Feel free to join me.
(shower water spraying)
- [Kelly] Caught you, bitch.
- Oh lord, what now?
- Take that, bitch.
- [Meagan] Hey D,
last night was amazing
we should do it again soon.
- [Brittany] What the hell?
- Kel, you really need
to just let him go.
- Hell no, that
bitch needs to hurt
and he needs to suffer my wrath.
And do it for me on both counts.
- Brilliant Kel, I'm
gonna keep drinking but
you can strategize
on how to fuck up
people's lives on social media.
- Whatever, I'm
gonna go get high.
- Wait Kem, are you okay?
- [Kem] Don't I look great?
- [Brittany] You know what?
- What are you doin' Brit,
you wanna play mommy?
Give me my lecture.
- I just hope that you
and Rene can be okay.
You know we've been
through so much together,
we've been friends for so long
and this might be the
last time we hang out.
- Okay fine, I'll play nice
with the little lesbian.
Is that it?
- Just be cool, okay?
- You know what, it's not okay.
I don't like her, period.
I don't care that she's lesbian,
but that whole holier
than thou crap,
just because she's
going to grad school.
Truth is, she really does think
she's better than all of us.
And trust me honey, she's not.
Grad school doesn't mean shit.
I just don't like her, Brit.
She's a stuck up bitch.
(dog barking)
(groaning and gasping)
(dog barking)
(haunting tones)
(Hector groaning and struggling)
- You have the best parents.
- [Darren] I guess so.
- You don't have to deal
with my dad, disgusting pig.
I hate him.
- It's okay.
Soon we'll move out of here
and we won't have
to worry about him.
- I'm just glad he can
never hurt me again.
- He can't, and if
he did, I'd end him.
- You'll never leave, right?
- Never.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- You hungry, I'll
make you something.
- Yes, uh your french
toast, they are the best.
- Got it.
Okay, second thought,
how bout we go out to eat
because you don't
have any bread.
- Yeah, why don't we do that.
- Do you wanna
make a date of it?
We'll go see a movie.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Do you wanna
check movie times?
- Yeah.
You know, better yet, why
don't we just go out to eat--
- [Nelly] What was that?
- What was what?
- I saw Kelly's
name, what was that?
- It was nothing, honestly.
- Then show me.
- No, you don't need to see
it, it's not a big deal.
- [Nelly] If it's not a
big deal, then show me.
- Let's just go to the,
let's go out to eat,
it's not a big--
- Let me see.
- You're gonna make a big deal
out of nothin'.
I don't know what
she's talkin' about.
- You slept with her.
- I didn't sleep with her.
- You slept with her.
- I didn't sleep with her, no.
- Then why did she say this?
- [Darren] I don't
know why she said that.
- So she's lying?
- [Darren] Yeah, she's lying.
- Really?
- She's ly, I have no idea
what she's talking about.
She's crazy now, I don't know
what she's talking about.
- Wow, okay, so she's crazy.
I'm crazy--
- She's crazy.
- We're all just fucking crazy.
Really, really.
- I'm telling you,
I don't know why she sent this.
- Really, what do you mean?
- I don't know--
- What, she's just lying?
- [Darren] She's lying,
I'm telling you--
- Why would she
say that though?
- Just calm down okay, she's--
- [Nelly] Don't tell
me to calm down.
- She's lying.
You gotta believe me.
- No, she's not,
you slept with her.
You slept with that
fucking whore, Darren!
- I didn't sleep with
her Nel, I don't know--
- No, you slept with her.
That fucking whore,
you slept with her!
- Nel, just calm down.
I didn't sleep with her, Nel.
- [Nelly] Yes, you did.
- Look, just calm down.
- [Nelly] Then why would you say
that you slept with her then?
- I don't know.
I don't know what's goin' on.
- I just got my dad
out of my life and now
you're doing this to me.
- [Darren] I didn't do anything.
- You slept with
that fucking whore,
that's what you did,
that's what you did!
- [Darren] Nel, you
gotta calm down.
- I can't believe
you did this to me.
No, I'm, I'm done,
I'm fucking done.
(door slamming)
- Goddammit.
Nel, Nel please, come on.
(car engine starting)
Nelly, come on. (sighing)
(funky electronic music)
(funky electronic music)
(tense, funky electronic music)
- [Girl] Okay ready, here we go.
- [Girls] Go.
(girls laughing)
- [Girl] Looks a little hot.
- [Girl] But!
- [Girl] Ooh, nice.
(water splashing)
(ball thudding)
(girls laughing)
(girl muffled)
- Kem, go get it.
- [Kem] No, you go get it.
- No, you go get it.
- [Brittany] Come on,
you guys are such dicks.
- I'll just go get it.
- [Kem] Exactly, do
what you're told.
- Fuck you.
(low, haunting music)
(scary, pulsating music)
(dramatic tone)
- Fuck!
- Jesus, scaredy
cat, it's just me.
- Well don't just sneak
up on people, you know.
It's just fucking rude.
- Listen, don't
back down to them.
- I didn't, I flipped 'em off.
- I know but, you
know what I mean.
I think if you stand up for
yourself, they'll back off.
- Look, honestly Brit, I'm just,
I'm just trying to get
through today, okay.
I know it's important to you,
and you're important to me, so,
I guess the less waves
at the pool party--
- I know, and I
appreciate it, but,
just don't let them
push you around, okay.
I know what a tough
bitch you can be.
You didn't get into grad
school without all the
blood, sweat, and tears.
- Come on let's go,
stop freaking out.
We're in the middle
of a game here,
and I'm sure we don't have
to remind you that the--
- Huh.
- Don't pay attention to her.
- Vodka, you forgot the vodka.
- Okay, let's go.
- Dammit.
Nel, pick up the
goddamn phone, Nel.
Nel, pick up the phone, Nel.
Nel, please pick up the phone.
I don't know what's goin' on.
(mysterious, bouncy music)
- [Meagan] You think
it was true right,
that she was killed here?
- [Kelly] Seriously,
you're freaking me out.
I'm not sleeping here tonight.
- I don't believe
the whole story.
I mean why would a girl
kill herself in this pool?
I think she was
probably murdered.
- When my parents moved in,
they were told about
the whole story.
- [Kelly] Again, can we please
talk about something else.
- Okay baby, have you heard
anything more from your boy?
- [Meagan] Yeah, how'd your
brilliant plan work out?
- I'm telling you, that nut
job's gonna stalk you now.
- [Kelly] Let her,
I'll call the cops.
Send that crazy bitch to jail.
- Why don't you just
go and kick her ass?
- [Kelly] I should.
- Another great plan.
- [Brittany] Or maybe just
let it go, and move on.
- Or be celibate, like Rene.
Oh look, she's alive.
- [Brittany] Kem, chill.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Or how bout these girls
get stupid slushy drunk
and get date raped by
the cutest frat boy.
- What the fuck?
What's your problem, Rene?
- No, stop.
- Meagan.
- [Brittany] Okay, she was
just joking, let it go.
- Joking, no fuck that.
You can all make fun of
me and throw lesbian jokes
and as soon as I say something,
everybody's butt hurt.
- Just fuckin' around, huh?
Well little girl,
if you wanna play,
you best be prepared
for what comes next.
- [Rene] Wow, okay,
and what would that be?
- Here's the deal, you
stupid pussy eating whore.
Try me again, and
I'll kick your ass
until no one wants
you, understand?
- Yes Kem, you know you've
made it crystal clear.
And thank you for the
vivid explanation.
- [Brittany] Look, you guys
both just need to chill, okay.
- Yes, exactly, drinks?
- [Kelly] Drinks.
- Renee, you need to apologize.
- What?
- Do it now.
- Huh.
- [Kelly] Thank you.
- It's good shit.
Here girl.
- Look Kem, I'm sorry okay,
that was a very
shitty thing to say.
I shouldn't have
made light of it.
- Whatever, let's just
get fucking wasted.
- Um-hm.
- What kind of girly ass
drink bullshit is this?
- Damn, I didn't mean
back down that much.
- Look Brittany, I'm
just over it, okay?
Fucking tired, she's
gonna have her opinions,
and I have mine.
- Good, good.
(bouncy electronic music)
- Mr. Ryan.
Mr. Ryan.
(sighing) Fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck.
(wind howling)
(groaning and panting)
(upbeat music)
(girls laughing)
- I left my change at home
ladies, y'all take singles?
- Get off your ass and join
us, you know you want to.
(upbeat music)
- Come on.
- Oh shit, Kem, I gotta
go do it, come follow me?
- [Kem] No, I'm not your mama.
- [Meagan] Yeah,
what are you, five?
- Whatever, bitches.
(upbeat music)
Poor baby.
(upbeat music)
(scary tones)
(Kelly talking
quietly and crying)
No plunger in this
huge-ass house.
(deep, scary tones)
Where's the stupid plunger?
Whatever, have shit
in your toilet.
Ew, I'm dead.
Split ends, whatever.
Bathing suit,
style like Beyonce.
Whatever, I'm
gonna go get drunk.
(scary tones)
No, stop, stop!
(scary, pulsating tones)
(upbeat music)
(deep, scary tones)
(deep, pulsating tones)
- (sighing) Come
on babe, come on.
(bouncy electronic music)
(sighing) Goddammit, Nelly.
Where the fuck are you?
(bouncy electronic music)
Nelly baby, where are you?
I've been lookin'
everywhere for you.
I can't find ya.
This is getting way
overboard, you got,
you gotta call me
back, please Nelly.
I love you.
(bouncy electronic music)
(cell phone ringing)
- Hey, what's up?
Yeah, I have 'em.
Could I give 'em
to you tomorrow?
With the girls, and
I'm feelin' a little,
Yeah, yeah I can meet you.
Okay, bye.
(sighing) So annoying, I
have Matt's freaking keys.
- What, what, where?
- [Brittany] In my stupid car.
- [Meagan] Tell him to
pick 'em up here then.
- No, I have to meet
him with them 'cause
you know he has to
get ready for work,
he'll be late, blah, blah, blah.
I'll be back.
- Hey let me go with you then.
Um, you've, you've had
a lot to drink anyways.
- Oh I'll be fine,
you stay here.
I'll be back quickly,
lickity split.
- [Kem] You are super drunk.
- I'm fine girls, really.
- [Meagan] You are going to
have a quickie, I can tell.
- Uh, no, Matt
doesn't do quickies.
See ya.
- [Kem] See ya.
- Really?
- Kel, I'm leaving,
I'll be back soon.
- That girl is so whipped.
Seriously, he can't just call in
and say he's going to be late?
Hey, where the hell is Kelly?
You think she passed
out on the toilet again?
- She's probably masturbating
to pictures of Darren
with your vibrator.
- Gross, she better
not be in my room then.
(scary, haunting music)
- Shit.
(water spraying)
Kel, close the door, Jesus.
I'll be back, I'm leaving,
I need to take
whiny boy his keys.
Is someone in there with you?
(cell phone ringing)
Hey, I know, I'm on my way.
Chill out, chill out.
(scary tones)
I know, I'm sorry babe.
I'm sorry.
I forgot my phone, I
had to turn around.
I know.
Okay, I'll be, okay,
I'll see you soon.
Love you too.
(tense tones)
(dramatic banging)
(tense, scary music)
Help me!
(scary music)
(gasping and coughing)
(groaning and panting)
- Ah!
(groaning and panting)
- [911 Operator] This is
9-1-1 what is the address
of your emergency?
Okay, what's wrong?
I need your address--
- (gasping) Help me.
- [911 Operator]
Hello, are you there?
Can you tell me what--
- Help me.
Help me.
- Oh man.
Babe, please, please,
please, please, please
pick up the phone.
Where the hell are you?
I've been lookin'
everywhere for you.
Babe, please, please,
please, please, please,
pick up the phone.
Where the hell are you?
I've been lookin' everywhere.
Call me back, call me back.
(sirens blaring)
- [Meagan] Did you hear that?
- Hm?
Ah it's just probably
some old man fell.
- Oh, hey prude, you want
some, it's great shit.
- Course you don't,
smoking just doesn't
go with grad school.
- [Meagan] Relax, mamacita.
(sirens blaring)
- Bye, pretty prude.
Feel free to leave, no
one's gonna stop you.
- Yeah, you can
go away any time.
- Why girls, why
would I do that?
I am an invited guest.
It would so rude of me to leave
when Brittany isn't even back.
Why don't you two
keep playing suck face
with that little bong, huh?
Oh and girls, please,
don't drown in the pool.
- Wow, that was cleaver.
But remember, bitch Brit
ain't here to help you.
- Huh, and what makes you
think I need her help, Kem?
You're shit-faced, and
you're high as fuck.
And baby come on, we both
know that's the easiest way
to get you on your back.
(Rene sighing)
(tense tones)
(piano key jingling)
(tense, scary tones)
(piano music)
(dramatic banging)
- (laughing) Holy shit, you
should've seen your face.
You must've shit yourself.
- Okay, what's up?
- [Meagan] Nothing
man, just your face.
- Jesus Christ.
- Girl, girl, you need
to relax, seriously.
Look, it is true,
we don't like you.
But maybe, just maybe, if you
chill the fuck out for once,
and remove that stick
that's so far up your ass,
we could all come
to an agreement.
Lighten up, Rene, it's a party.
Now come out to the pool
and take a couple hits,
come on girl.
- I'm okay.
- [Meagan] You need it.
- I'm okay.
- You need it, you need
it badly, man. (laughing)
Hm, Kelly?
Bitch, where are you?
Stop playing with
yourself already, you ho.
Get your ass down here,
we're smokin' that kick
ass shit I got. (laughing)
Kelly (laughing) where
the fuck are you?
And Meagan does not stick
the landing. (laughing)
I'm not sure what
the deal is Kel but
I'm not playing hide
and go seek though.
Oh shit. (laughing)
- What's so funny?
- I just remembered
your face, boo!
(gasping and laughing)
Chill out, Rene, come
on out to the pool,
let's get stoned, you
need to get stoned, ho.
Come on, prudy, it's
not gonna kill you
to take a fuckin' break.
- You know, you're
probably right.
- [Meagan] Come on.
(bouncy electronic music)
- Nel.
(tense, scary tones)
(tense, scary tones)
(scary tones increasing
in intensity)
- Darren, what are
you doing here?
- Have you seen Nelly?
- [Monica] Not today, why?
- Oh, fuck.
- [Monica] Hey, everything okay?
- Yeah.
- You gonna tell
me what's goin' on?
Are you okay?
- Yeah, it's just we,
we got into a fight
and she's really upset.
I just wanna make
sure she's okay.
- [Monica] Okay.
Hey, Darren, I haven't seen her
since she got out
of the hospital.
- [Darren] Hospital?
- Yeah, where she
went after her,
oh, you didn't know.
- [Darren] What happened?
- [Monica] Shit, I'm sorry, I
thought she would've told you.
- Tell me what?
- [Monica] Well I thought
for sure that she would--
- [Darren] Tell me what?
- Darren, come on, come inside.
- Monica, I can't, I need to--
- [Monica] You need a drink.
- Fuck.
- So a few months ago, Nelly
decides to take her own life.
She attacks her father.
That part I didn't
mind so much but,
then she took a bunch of pills.
Oh, she's better since that
time, she's getting help.
She spent a freakin'
month in the hospital.
Don't you remember?
- I mean, she told me
she was out with family.
- Yeah, sounds like Nelly.
That's probably just what
she told you, that's Nelly.
Have you uh, have you
checked down by the river?
- No, not yet.
- [Monica] She's been goin'
there lately for peace whatever.
- [Darren] Well then
let me check it out.
- All right.
- [Darren] Call me if you
hear anything from Nelly.
- I will, hey you
do the same, okay?
Hey Darren.
- Yeah?
- I'm glad you care about her.
She sure as shit needs
it, no one else does.
- Yeah.
(tense, scary tones)
(cell phone buzzing)
- Detective Martinez.
Ye, ye, yes sir, of course.
Yes um, I, I'll, I'll be on it.
Of course.
Yes, yes, no, no,
no, no, no, no,
I completely understand.
Of course, no sir, I
will definitely be on it.
Yes, of course.
Sure, absolutely I will.
I'll make sure that's
taken care of too, yes sir.
Yes, of course, thank you so
much for this opportunity, sir.
Yes, thank you so
much, all right.
I'm on it.
(deep, suspenseful music)
(scary music)
Now it's confirmed,
this is the location.
- You know, if you actually
look at it, all of it,
you realize it's all
bullshit sexist crap.
We're always told
to stand behind men.
Don't be overly proud
of your accomplishments.
And to always,
always, fucking smile.
- Okay, and what
accomplishments do you have?
- Lots, or as much as my
colleagues in the department.
- Humble, aren't we?
A bit high and mighty,
don't you think?
- Hell no, being humble is crap
when you're a woman
in a man's world.
Nobody's gonna
give you anything,
nobody's gonna pump you up.
Can't expect it from
anybody but yourself.
- This is boring me.
- Ha, yeah, because you just
don't pay attention to it.
You're so comfortable
in your little world
of being second to man.
You know the Shedov study
shows you crazy stuff.
All the oppression we
face, all the damn time.
- [Meagan] I'm not
oppressed, I have a pool.
- Oh my god girls, I forgot.
Having a pool, that's success.
- [Meagan] It's better
than what you have.
I need another hit.
- Oh, where the
hell is everybody?
This woman hear me roar
crap is killing me.
- (laughing) I mean, whatever,
look who I'm talking to anyway.
- [Kem] What does that mean?
Who are you talking to?
- [Meagan] Who
cares, we're stoned.
- I do, this bitch is
getting on my last nerve.
- Look Kem, I didn't mean
anything by it, okay.
I was just messing around.
- [Meagan] Yeah,
let's just all chill.
- Hell no.
You are so fuckin'
stuck up, Rene.
Look who I'm talkin' to.
As if your shit doesn't
stink because you're goin' on
some feminist power trip,
or goin' to grad school.
Fuck you, bitch.
You're a fuckin'
stuck up pussy licker,
you always have been.
God, the truth is,
nobody likes you here.
I never did,
I put up with you
back in that house.
Shit, that dorky ass
girlfriend you had
wanted me to go down
on her so many times.
I had to push her off of me.
You're an ugly dike, that's
gonna die alone, with a cat.
Who may, or may
not actually lick
that disgusting pussy you have.
- (laughing) Oh Kem, that's
so funny that you say that.
Disgusting pussy.
You know, you sure
didn't think so
when you were going down on me.
Oh Nae-Nae, I love the
taste of your pussy.
Go on, Kemmy, tell
Meagan the truth.
Well go on baby, tell
her that you really are
and uber dike, who loves
the taste of my pussy.
- Guys what are you doing?
Stop, what are you doing?
Get off her.
- Fuckin' stop then, already.
- Guys, stop.
Stop it!
- Then fuckin' stop it!
- Stop, stop Rene,
she can't breathe.
Stop, Rene.
- Just stop already.
- Oh my god, oh my
god, get off her.
You're killing her Rene, stop.
(tense, pulsating tones)
(sharp, scary tones)
You killed her.
Okay, come on Kem, come
on, come on, come on.
Come on.
(Meagan groaning)
Rene, help me.
Come on, come on.
Kem, Kem, wake up, Kem.
Kem, wake up, come on, wake up!
Come on, come on.
I have to call the
cops, I have to.
(breathing heavily)
(sharp, scary tones)
Kel, Kel there you are.
I need your help, Kem just
died and Rene just killed her.
What are you doing?
I'm freaking out, this is not
time for fucking bullshit.
I don't have time for this.
(scary, pulsating tones)
(suspenseful, scary tones)
- Who would do this?
- Nelly?
Jesus, fuck, fuck.
Nelly baby, Nelly, Nelly!
(suspenseful, scary tones)
- Is this her?
- Nelly!
Nelly, you gotta wake
up for me baby, come on.
Nelly, Nelly if you can
hear me you gotta wake up.
Wake up goddammit!
(suspenseful, scary tones)
(loud banging,
frightening tones)
- [Rene] What the fuck?
(Rene whimpering)
- So I got a picture
of the white female,
age I believe, 20 to
25, she's the suspect.
(loud banging,
frightening tones)
(Rene gasping)
(haunting tones)
- [Rene] Rebecca?
(pulsating, scary tones)
- On your knees and
drop the weapon.
- Wait a minute,
stay right there.
- [Martinez] I said don't move!
I said don't move, drop
the fucking weapon!
- She's getting away, man.
- [Martinez] Don't
move or I'll shoot!
- She's getting away, man.
You're letting her
get further away.
- [Martinez] You're
under arrest.
- I swear to you,
I don't know what the
fuck's going on right here.
(deep, suspenseful music)
- [News Announcer]
In local news,
a scene that has been
described as a horrific display
of violence by police took
place in suburban San Antonio.
It appears multiple people
were killed inside a home
in the Estates area.
We are still awaiting
more information
as the details come out.
What we know again is
multiple confirmed fatalities
and a suspect is in custody.
Stay tuned as we
get more information
on this developing story.
(sirens blaring)
(deep, frightening tones)