Bloody New Year (1987) Movie Script

Boy and girl going
nowhere special.
Boy and girl whose
hearts conspire,
To bring them hand
and hand together.
I'm a victor of love.
Twist and turning
hearts on fire.
Take one boy,
take one girl,
Add a little love and
shake it up, shake it up.
That's recipe for romance,
That's a recipe for romance.
Boy and girl
in a hall of mirrors,
Boy and girl
on a ghost train ride.
They cling so tight
as the screams get louder,
A shiver of fear.
They got a twist and
burning fear inside.
You take one boy,
you take one girl,
Add a little love and then you
shake it up, shake it up
That's recipe for romance,
That's a recipe for--
You take one boy,
you take one girl,
Add a little love and then you
shake it up, shake it up
That's recipe for romance,
That's a recipe for romance.
- Hey!
- Oi, Spud!
Find your own girl.
- Yeah, I think I'll do just that.
- Oh, Spud!
- If you want me,
I'll be in the fun fair.
- Fun fair?
Oh right, let's all go.
- That was great!
- What about terrible.
Can we do it again?
No thanks!
...twice is quite enough for me
without a break.
- That's what he says every night.
Wow, come on.
- Come on, Jan.
Let's go and see
the fortune teller.
She might find you a real man
at Harvester Hall.
- Thanks.
- I told you she is going
ride with us again.
You're staying on here.
- Please.
- One more time around.
Come on, love.
- Please!
- Round you go.
- Help!
Please help!
Please! Let me off!
- Hey, Spud.
- Hey look at that.
- Help! Help!
Leave her alone, man!
- Come on.
- Help!
- Hey! Leave her alone!
- Come on leave her alone.
Leave her alone.
Get off her!
Leave her alone!
You can't leave her alone, huh?
- Go away!
Leave her alone
Go away!
Get her!
Leave her alone!
- You alright?
I think, yes
- Come on!
Let's get out of here.
- Oi!
You won't get far without this.
Naa na na na na!
Na na na na na!
- Tom! Over here!
- I have a strong
feeling suddenly
that you should
be told these things.
Think about time
like a river running forever.
- Don't tell Leslie about rivers,
she hates water.
- Shh.
Please, go on.
- When you stand beside the river
you only see a very
small part of it
but if you go to a great height
then you can see more
of the river.
In my crystal, I can see there--
- Quick, let's get the wagon, we
got trouble, come on.
- You know what,
hand it over.
- Tom!
- Rick!
- Oh God! I forgot
about the trailer.
- You know, I never thought I'd be
scared in one of these places.
- Hi guys, meet Carol!
- Hi.
- Shh.
- Get off!
- Come on get off!
- Watch it!
- Get him off!
Be careful, Spud!
- It's okay.
- Glad you decided to
come along, Carol.
- Oh thanks, Leslie.
I'm really glad to be here,
my friends don't get
in until tomorrow.
- Well you've made Spud's day,
his friends never get here at all.
- I'm just very choosy.
I've been saving myself for a
gorgeous American girl
to come along
and look after her.
It's what I do best.
- Yeah well what you do worst is
steering Rick's boat.
You want me to take over?
- You never give up... do you, Tom?
Ever since I was four years old
and Rick gave me his old
bike to play with
you've been chasing around behind
me with a wrench and good advice.
- And ever since I was four,
I've been listening to
your rotten jokes and
they don't improve with age.
- Shit, what was that?
- Carol, come on.
- I'm taking over,
there's an island ahead,
could be we hit the rocks.
- Hey my feet are getting wet,
there's water coming in.
- Look Spud, you
get the tiller.
- Get outta my way.
- There's water all
over the floor.
- Tom!
You know I can't swim.
- Well don't worry.
We'll soon be close
enough to wade in.
I can't wedge it...
Start bailing, folks!
- Bailing?
Oh Rick, I'm scared.
So we're keeping the sail in?
We're going to sink aren't we?
- Maybe someone on the island.
- Sit down, Jan!
You'll tip us all out.
Help, we're sinking!
We really are sinking now.
- What do you want me to do?
- Oh Rick, it's terrible.
- It's too much water.
- Are you alright, Janet?
- Quick, come with me now.
I'm gonna drown!
- Don't drown.
Calm down.
Help, Rick!
- Get your hands off.
You're one useful island.
Ruddy small.
Forget it, Janet.
- Well,
that was fun.
What do we do for the
rest of the day?
- Thanks a lot, Spud,
that's all we need.
- Wait for me.
- Come on.
- Tom.
- Here.
- It's a...
horse or a cow.
...long time ago.
- Come on.
- This way.
Ah Shit.
Barbed wire.
Careful, it's rusty.
- It's all over the place.
- Careful, Jan,
some of it's half buried.
- Dead horses and barbed wire...
I don't like this place.
- Hey look at this.
- I don't believe it.
Do you think anyone ever
made it here without crashing?
Well they had a rough time, yeah.
- Oh careful.
Wonder what sort of plane this is.
- Got no idea.
It's all very interesting, Tom,
but I'm freezing.
- That's the first bit of luck
we've had all day.
We don't have to ask
for any favors,
we can just check in and
get cleaned up.
- Oh, hot baths!
- If we phoned the mainland
maybe someone could
winch the boat out.
- No, it's in pieces by now.
It's an insurance job.
- It seems like a nice place.
maybe we should stay the night.
What's going on?
It's only July.
- A merry Christmas!
- And a happy
new year to you.
- Yes, and the same to you!
- So where's my present?
- It must be some kind of gag.
This stuff's all fresh.
- I think it's lovely.
- Hello!
Anyone home?
- Hey! I wonder where they
keep the mistletoe...
- Look you guys can stand around
soaking wet if you want to
but I wanna get
warm and dry... now.
Is anybody in here?
- I'll light the fire.
- Carol's right.
We should all get dry.
I'll check up here for someone.
- I'll come with you, might
find some shoes.
- Do you two wanna
hang on down here
in case someone comes in?
- Anything.
Come on, let's find someone.
- Oh useless.
- They've gone crazy.
Look at this.
- They've been watching to many
late night movies.
Well I suppose we might as
well have a drink.
What can I get for you, madam?
- What have you got?
- Let's see.
See if we can
get some lights on.
Doesn't seem to be any power.
- It's an island maybe the
supply is weird.
- What's the matter?
- There was a face
at the window...
and then it was gone.
- I'll go and look.
I couldn't see anything.
Must've been one of the
ground staff.
- Probably.
Look at this...
I thought my Aunty Linda
was the only one
who kept this kind of stuff.
"Answer three simple questions,
and win
Michael Landiss sweatshirt
from 'I Was a Teenage Werewolf'."
- Well where were we?
- Oh...
Something warming.
- Lesley.
Well these'll have to do.
- No, I don't want a glass like that,
put it in a proper glass.
- Alright... brandy glasses.
- Sorry I snapped at you before.
It's just suddenly
everything seems so stupid.
I don't even know what
I'm doing here
I just went to the fun fair to
kill a little time.
- Yeah, we've all had a
hell of a time.
You're still shivering.
I'll go and try and find
you a blanket.
- Thanks.
- Hello!
We rang the bell
when we came in.
I hope you don't mind about the fire,
I was so cold.
- Oh that's alright my dear,
You rest here,
and make yourself comfortable.
- Have you seen any of
my friends yet?
- Just slip out of your wet things
and put this around you.
Don't worry about the others.
They're all being take care of...
- Thank you very much.
- Rick?
Rick, are you there?
Oh, you...
Love is not enough
When love is not enough
- Hello?
Lost a lonely friend
Hearts do break but
hearts can mend
And I know too well
just what it's like to feel,
how you do today
So come and take my hand
Brush those tears away
It takes you,
shakes you,
burns and breaks you.
You don't know where you're going,
But the going gets rough.
Yes, you hurt.
But it's true
There is nothing you can do
When love is not enough
When love is not enough
Takes you,
shakes you
Burns and breaks you.
You don't know where you're going,
But the going gets rough
Yes, it hurts,
but it's true--
I've gotta get out of this place.
- Are you sure this is okay?
All this stuff must
belong to someone.
- Don't worry, I'll settle that
when we find them.
Zip it.
There you go.
I'm sure this is all fancy
dress for parties.
That would explain the
Christmas stuff too.
A special "Christmas 50's" weeks.
They probably all go
down to the beach
and act out those beach
party movies.
The guys taking it in turns to
be Frankie Avalon.
I'd rather be here.
All I need now is a caddy.
Are you alright?
You look as if you've
seen a ghost.
- I'll be alright in a second.
- Hmm, you look great,
you know that.
- These are dead too.
I wonder what it's like...
...doing it on a snooker table.
- Doing what?
I mean we've gotta sort out
the power business first.
It'll be dark soon, it'll be
silly stumbling around
if it's just the fuse that's gone.
- As you seem to be
king of the fuses
I'll see if I can find you a few
more to play with.
I wonder where you find
all this stuff.
- We gonna look for
the fuse box?
- Fine.
The fuses might be down here.
First bit of organization
I've seen in this place.
- Found one.
- Didn't you see the sweet
little housemaid?
There are people here.
- Oh yeah, there are people here,
they just don't wanna know us.
If you ask me, this whole
place is crazy.
Everyone just wants to play games.
Let's just find the others and...
...get the hell out of here.
- We can't go anywhere
without a boat.
- It wouldn't really matter if
we didn't find the power, Tom.
- Eh?
- We could be very cozy
- Oh no.
- In the dark.
- No, no.
- Are my seams straight?
- Oh.
- Oh hey.
You don't have to
feel seams to check.
And I don't have seams up there.
- Lesley!
Lesley, please.
We must help Rick and the others
and get these lights turned on.
- Anything for Rick.
He calls, you jump.
- Yeah well...
You would jump fast enough
if he called you.
Come on, Lesley.
Help me light the candle.
Besides, all the fuse boxes
are always in the darkest corner
- Come on.
What the hell is going on?
- I can't believe this place,
it's completely weird.
- What do you look like?
I think this place is
definitely a mad house.
- Do you think this place really is
a mad house, Rick?
- Don't be stupid, Jan.
- What's happening, Tom?
- We just switched the power on.
Oh Rick!
Oh, all that fun.
Are you alright?
Yeah, it's too bad what I had to see.
Got the lights on.
- Indeed
- Come on, we'll show you
where to change.
There's loads of stuff upstairs.
- Don't tell me, Jan, you're
wearing stockings.
- Why not?
- It was a joke.
- ...provide ground,
answer broadcast unit.
Showing the B29 support plane,
which is monitoring the
experimental aircraft.
We should at any time
be getting air-to-air pictures
from this monitoring plane.
In the meantime, back
to the studio.
- Professor Kaplan,
You were describing for us
your experimental
anti-radar device
which you launched
to the opening hours of 1960.
- Bending light!
- Making the plane invisible.
It's interfering with light,
with time itself.
Playing God.
Very, very dangerous.
- Please gentlemen,
I must ask you
to control your outcries.
- If I could get a chance to
say anything at all.
- Gentlemen, we're all
scientists here,
and we don't enhance the image
of our profession
if we keep making outbursts.
The public expects
a balanced discussion--
- The public expects protection from us,
not danger.
- Hey Lesley, how about this?
- Oh!
very you...
Are there any small
jeans in this pile?
- I might wear it myself.
- You, keep your clothes on!
I had enough trouble getting
you into that lot.
- Well, well, well...
Old age is creeping
up on you, Rick.
Janet offers to strip
and you complain?
- Where's Carol?
- I think she's in the other room.
-- Yes?
- Yes, we'll...
We would appreciate pictures
as soon as you have them.
Well, there has
been a slight delay
in getting pictures from
the monitoring plane.
A small technical hitch that is being
dealt with as quickly as possible.
- You see, in an experiment as
ambitious as this one,
- But this was just
one of my points--
- Look, why don't we all
go downstairs and have a drink?
- Yeah what a good idea eh?
-- By monitoring an
aircraft in the air,
we hope to demonstrate
our invention safely
by causing that aircraft
to become invisible
for one full second.
- Hi honey.
- Hi!
- That's nice.
Anyway, I'll tell you all about it later.
- You look really nice.
- Thanks.
You know...
Hey, guys,
This has got to be one of
the craziest days of my life.
I mean, we just met
in the fun fair,
We crashed up a perfectly
innocent ghost train,
and now we're stuck
in a time warp.
- Oh Rick! Do you think
we are in a time warp?
- No we're not.
- Shh.
-- We are facing a new from of...
- I can hear something.
Voices... definitely voices.
- Yeah, I can hear something.
- Well, come on!
Let's go and check it out.
Come on, Tom, it's probably that
guy at the window,
- You know we saw
some people around before.
- Definitely.
- Come on, where are we going?
- Oh, it's been so
long since Jeff left...
- It's one thing we
didn't think of -
the staff are all
in here watching movies.
I'll bet the boss is away...
-- Colonel,
We're almost out of ammunition.
- This is crazy, showing films
to an empty cinema.
- Maybe we
should watch it?
- There must be a
real joker about.
Let's see if he's still up
in the projection room,
and stop him from setting
up his next trick.
- Is this seat free?
-- We owe it to you, Major.
- And it strikes me you...
are setting a very good example.
- I don't believe this.
Come on, Rick.
Where's the film?
- Come on!
- Rick, come on.
That's better.
Ah! I recognize that place,
the Grand Island Hotel.
She's very nice.
I bet you like her, Tom.
Hello there.
I think she likes me.
Oh, and another one as well.
Very nice...
- Oh!
Hula hoop, is it?
I can do that as well.
Can you see me do it?
Right... here I go.
- Look at that, eh!
- It's the Sheikh of Arabic.
Here we go.
I can do just as good as this.
- Spud!
- What's happening to him?
- Spud.
- What happened?
- There was this thing...
It came out from the film,
It killed Spud!
And then it flew up into the light.
- He's really dead.
What's Jan on about?
- I know it sounds crazy...
but it happened just
like she said.
- I saw it happen
and I still don't believe it.
- Jan...
Calm down.
Come on, it's alright.
Spud must have had some
sort of massive electric shock.
That would explain the burns.
- You weren't there,
you didn't see!
It was horrible.
- Well I had a hell of a belt
from that projector.
- There have to be other
places on the island.
A look-out station or something.
They'd be in touch with
the mainland.
- Janet, come here.
- Carol?
- Oh, you guys go.
I'll wait here
for Janet and Rick.
- Come on, Lesley.
- God!
Poor Spud...
- You saw it, Tom.
There really was a creature,
...whatever Rick says.
- Look, there's more to what
Rick says than meets the eye.
It was dark,
We've all had a jumpy day...
Hey, look.
- I don't care if there's
anyone at home or not.
If there's a phone in here,
I want to use it.
- Tom!
- Help!
Get it off me!
Get it off me!
My face!
- Stay still!
- My face!
- My face, Tom!
Just get it off my face!
- My face, Tom!
- Stay still!
- Oh, get it off me, please!
- Hold still!
- Oh, no!
- I can't help you
if you don't hold still.
- Oh!
There's something under my leg!
There's something un--
Now it's around my leg.
- There's something around my leg!
Help me!
- Hold still!
Lesley, hold still!
I can't help you
if you don't hold still.
Don't move.
I'll get it.
- Alright.
Stay still.
You're hurt,
let me see.
- Leave me alone!
I'm fine.
Just some stupid cuts.
Find something to
wipe them with.
Blast this place!
- There's some stuff on the table.
Let me...
- I'll do it myself.
- Happier now?
- I hope we're not wearing
their clothes.
- Don't be silly.
- Look.
Why can't we see them?
- Come on.
- Rick.
They've gone but...
But why couldn't we see them?
- Shit, what was that?
- Rick?
You gave me the blanket remember?
- Hey!
I need your help,
come with me.
- Rick! Lesley!
- Quick, Carol!
Something's happened to Tom.
You first.
- There's no sign of Tom.
You did say he was here?
Help me!
Get my legs!
- I've got a longer reach.
- Here, pull!
- Janet, hold on to me.
- Grab hold!
- Lesley, hold on to Janet!
- OK?
- Yes.
- I got him.
- Bring him in!
- I've got you,
I've got you.
Come on, behind you.
- Tom must be down there.
- No, I--
- There must be a path
down to the cliff.
He could still be alive,
let's hurry.
- His bracelet wrist--
- Ow!
Hey, kick him!
- Ow!
- Watch out, Rick!
- He's gonna hit him again.
- Get her out of here!
- Ahh!!
Let's get back to the hotel,
we can lock ourselves in.
- I'm not going back there again.
I'm getting away from here.
Even if I have to
swim all the way.
- Help, Rick!
Please, help!
Oh, I even got caught
through the bottom.
- Don't panic, Jan.
- I can't.
- Take my hands.
- I can't let go,
I'll fall!
- Grab her arms.
- It's alright, Janet.
- Pull.
It's alright.
It's alright.
It's alright, Jan.
It's okay, Jan.
- Come on, let's go.
- This is a nightmare,
just awful.
- I can't believe
what's happening.
I see things
and I just can't believe them.
- Maybe if we stay here
and be very quiet, then,
then they'll leave us alone.
- You must be crazy to
think that'll happen.
Whatever's out there
won't let anyone go.
- You can't swim that far,
you'd drown for sure.
We've got to hang on together.
It's our only chance.
At least we've got a better
chance than the others,
We know there's
something wrong.
- Those guys at the fun fair.
There were three of them.
- Shit, you're right!
We've gotta get
back to the hotel.
We're ahead of anyone
in the woods.
Run for it.
- Rick, the back door!
- Okay, I'll get it.
- We'll all go.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- You're being really kind.
I feel as though I'm going crazy.
- I know, I know.
- Do you think we'll ever get
away from this island?
- Of course we will.
- Shh.
- Hey! Let me in!
I'm scared out here.
Open the door.
Janet, are you there?
- No.
- Oh, come on.
Don't leave me outside.
- Upstairs...
I'll check the windows.
- I'll check downstairs.
- Don't leave me here on my own.
- What's the matter,
can you see something?
- No.
No, it's alright.
- What do we do next, Carol?
What do we do next?
- I don't know...
but I'll think of something.
Do the caveman rock!
Oh baby.
Rock! Rock!
Rock with your caveman!
Do the caveman rock!
- Oh, baby.
- Rock! Rock! Rock with your caveman!
Do the cave--
Rock! Rock!
- Rick! Help!
Where are you?
- Rick!
- Lesley!
- Don't, Rick! Don't!
Come away from it.
What about the gun?
- There's no more cartridges.
Come here.
- Rick, not in there.
- God, I don't know what
I'm doing anymore.
- Rick, promise me something.
If anything happens,
if they get us...
- They won't get us.
Don't worry.
- No listen, Rick.
If we become like Lesley...
- We won't.
- We don't know that anymore.
If we do,
Please, promise not to attack me...
I'd never attack you.
- Those guys at the fun fair...
They must've had a boat.
- Oh, why didn't we think
of that before?
Come on.
- Oh, Tom.
We thought you'd
gone over the cliffs.
- Lesley.
It's Lesley...
She's, she's...
It's her head...
- Let's go.
- It's Lesley.
She... she's...
- Tom, can you hear me?
- Careful... be careful.
- Those fun fair guys are here.
We're gonna try and
find their boat.
Can you make it down
to the beach if we help you?
- Must warn the others.
Warn Janet.
- Tom, do you understand?
- Warn Janet.
- I'll stay here with Tom.
Just find the boat and
come back to us.
- The quicker we go,
the quicker we'll be back for them.
- Okay.
- Rick, you will come back?
- As soon as we find it.
Just rest, both of you.
- What is it?
- I don't like leaving them.
- They couldn't go any
further right now.
- We should find a different
stretch of coast this way.
Come on.
- They won't get through
this door in a hurry.
- What's the matter?
- I'm not sure.
Someone's been watching us.
- Hey!
Hey, you!
This one's different.
He's running away.
- Rick, be careful!
- Listen.
- Mayday! Mayday!-
- A radio?
- Mayday! Mayday!
Operation Mirror.
Instrument failure.
Our position is six north,
three west, altitude unknown.
Mayday! Mayday!-
Mayday! Mayday!
Operation Mirror.
An instrument failure.
Our position is...
Mayday! Mayday!
Operation Mirror.
Instrument failure.
Our position is six north, three
west, altitude unknown.
Mayday! Mayday!-
- Come on.
We must find the boat.
There it is...
- Try to rest.
The others will find
that boat and come back.
We'll be away before
it gets dark.
- You're so nice, Jan.
So kind...
So soothing.
I've always liked you, Jan.
I always liked you the best.
But you were Rick's girl.
Rick's the leader...
Rich boy...
So he gets the best girls.
- Oh, no.
- The prettier girl.
- No, not you too!
- Please, not you too.
- Come on, Jan,
I have some nice dirty
games you'll enjoy.
Rick doesn't know them.
- Get away, you bloody bastard!
- I guess he wouldn't play 'em.
You and me, Jan.
You and me.
Hey, Jan!
What are you playing at?
Give me a hand here.
I'll show you.
Come on, Janet!
Come on, Janet.
Just you and me.
- Oh, my God.
- Jan...
Jan, are you alright?
Come on!
Come on.
- Come on.
- Don't touch me!
- Please, he's coming!
Please, wait.
Come on.
- Let's get out of here.
- Rick.
- Please, don't listen.
- Please, help me.
- It's only a trap!
- Don't leave me.
- Rick!
- Rick.
- Janet!
- Rick, I need you.
Don't leave.
-- And now, ladies and gentlemen...
We have our
two final contestants
in the Grand Island
Hotel Elimination Waltz.
Let's have a big hand
for Rick and Carol!
Let me remind you, ladies and
gentlemen, why we are here.
We are here to let in the new year
in the good old traditional way.
Goodbye, 1959!
Hello, 1960!
I hope you're all
enjoying yourselves,
because we're here
for a long time.
In fact, ladies and gentlemen...
I'll let you in to
a little secret.
We're here forever...
- What do you want us for?
What have you done with
Lesley and the others?
- Now, dancers...
No interruptions from the floor.
There was an experiment...
An experiment that went
terribly wrong.
The government, in their wisdom,
sent up a plane on New Year's Eve.
A plane,
carrying a device,
that could change the structure
of time and matter.
This device could
shatter time itself.
And the pilot crashed the plane...
Here, on Grand Island,
and locked us in time forever...
Or alive...
We are all caught in this awful,
angry half world.
And we can't escape...
- I don't know if I can take
much more of this.
- Come on.
Try not to think of anything
but that boat waiting for us.
- ls there any point in locking
the doors against them?
- I have to do something!
- Hello, gorgeous.
Did you miss me?
- I've got you now,
I've got you!
- Come and join us.
- You're tired, so tired.
- Stop fighting.
- So tired.
- Come join us.
- You're tired.
- So tired...
- Stop fighting.
- Stop fighting now...
You must.
- Come on, we can still
make the boat.
We've made it!
- Rick!
Don't leave me!
Oh, Rick, please!
- Jan!
- Rick! Don't!
- Jan!
- Rick!
- Rick!
- Jan!
- Rick!
- Please. Don't leave.
- Rick!
- Oh, please!
Don't leave me!
- No!
- Help.
Help me.
Boy and girl going
nowhere special.
Boy and girl whose
hearts conspire,
To bring them hand
and hand together.
A victor of love.
Twist and burning hearts on fire.
Take one boy,
Take one girl,
Add a little love,
and you shake it up, shake it up.
That's recipe for romance.
That's a recipe for romance.
Boy and girl
in a hall of mirrors.
Boy and girl
on a ghost train ride.
They cling so tight
as the screams get louder.
A shiver of fear.
And a twist and burning
scream inside.
You take one boy,
You take one girl,
Add a little love,
and you shake it up, shake it up.
That's recipe for romance,
That's... recipe for--
You take one boy,
you take one girl,
Add a little love, and you
shake it up, shake it up.
That's recipe for romance,
That's recipe for romance.
Take one boy, take one girl,
Add a little...
Love and you've got...
You got...
Recipe for romance.
Take one boy, take one girl,
add a little love.
Well, you've got...
You got a recipe for romance.
That's what you've got.
Recipe for romance.