Bloody Slumber Party (2014) Movie Script

(soft chime music)
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
Thanks guys, for comin' over.
That's what we're here for.
We should've gone over to Rick's house
and bashed in his windshield.
Do you really think that's
what Kelly needs right now?
She needs to just move on.
That's why we're here.
You would suggest move on.
You're usually the other woman.
Oh, shut up.
Just 'cause I'm prettier than you
and men are more interested in me than you
does not mean you have to be jealous.
I'm not calling you the pretty one.
I'm calling you the slut.
And what are you?
Can you two stop?
We're here for Kelly.
Alice is right, I'm done.
Now you side with Alice?
Where were you when her
boyfriend was cheating on her?
Oh, that's right.
Under him.
Didn't you guys say
that tonight was about me
and getting over Rick?
And having a little fun?
So let's have a little fun.
All right, sorry.
Me, too.
Sorry, Alice.
We're all sorry.
Now what?
Now we get wasted.
I'll go make us drinks.
(liquor splashing)
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
To Kelly. (laughing)
Mmm, we should play Never Have I Ever.
Oh, that's a stupid game.
Besides, we pretty much know
everything about each other.
And you'd be drinking and
just about everything said.
Know what we should do?
Tell scary stories.
As long as Pam isn't telling any.
What's wrong with me
telling scary stories?
The scary stories you
tell are probably real.
Oh, what's the matter?
Afraid of hearing about
a bloody crack whore
in a dark alley?
I doubt there are too
many bloody crack whores
in dark alleys while Pam
is on traffic patrol.
Is it pick on Pam day?
How often do you get
to make fun of a cop?
Excuse me that my job
means I get to carry a gun
and have power.
Oh, carry a gun and have power?
More like a flashlight and a ticket book.
At least I have a job.
Well, don't look at me.
I have a job.
Havin' a sugar daddy
doesn't count as a job.
Oh, bite me.
I was referring to Isabel.
How long did you last at that restaurant?
It interfered with my class schedule.
You can't make fun of her for getting
her graduate degree.
Yes, we can.
Okay, I'm going to
tell a really scary story
about my former neighbor.
The neighbor that used to peek through
your window while you
were getting dressed?
This is about old Mr. Morton.
Mr. Morton was a mechanic
and everyone thought
he was very nice.
Little did they know he had a dark secret.
[Rose] Excuse me, Mr. Morton?
Oh, hi Rose.
How are you today?
I'm good.
So my car is making a weird noise.
Do you think you could take a look at it?
Sure, sure.
I'll make certain you don't
hear that noise anymore.
Thank you.
Hey, Maury.
It's Morton.
Yeah, whatever.
I got this package here for
you from this next vendor.
It was delivered to my
store instead of here.
You really need to make sure you put
the right address on your deliveries.
Could you bring 'em to
my back office for me?
Wouldn't you rather it here?
It's the snack foods.
I keep my storage in the back until
I'm ready to put it on the shelves.
Look, can't I just leave it with you
or leave it here?
If it's no great trouble,
bring it to my back office
would be of great help.
All right, fine.
Stupid, annoying, pain
in the freakin' a...
(dramatic music)
Hello, Mother.
Francis, what are you drinking?
I've told you you need to limit
your sugar intake.
Does that juice contain sugar?
No, Mother.
How do you know?
Did you read the ingredients thoroughly?
Um, no, Mother.
Then how do you know?
Where's the container?
It's in the back office, Mother.
Did you clean that off yet?
You always were such a bad child.
Never cleaning up after yourself.
Yes, Mother.
I did clean it.
That's why there's no blood on it.
Are you talking back to me?
(dramatic music)
If you use that fresh tongue with me,
I will remove it from your mouth.
I brought you into this world
and it is my right to take you out of it
if you get smart with me!
Yes, Mother.
I am sorry.
Ugh, this is very sugary.
That man ate way too much candy.
I guess his mother didn't tell him
that too much candy could kill him.
(hood thudding)
There's little more
satisfying than what I do.
I'm so glad you come to dinner.
I hate eating alone.
I'm gonna take your gag off.
But you must promise me that
you're not gonna scream.
Can you do that?
'Cause if you scream,
well, let's, let's hope you don't scream.
Please, Mr. Morton, just let me go.
I won't tell anyone, I swear.
I know you won't, Sierra.
What would you tell them?
I couldn't tell them anything.
I just invited you for dinner.
You are the dinner.
(knife thudding)
Francis, it looks like you
made another good meal here.
Oh, thank you, Mother.
You thought my stories would be sick.
Yeah, but, it can't
be real though, right?
I mean, it's not actually real, right?
Is it real?
- [Pam] He's right behind you!
- Oh!
That's not funny!
It's not real though, right?
Are you scared?
Relax, it's just a story.
Well, I know it is, but
I've been to Alice's house.
If her neighbor is some
sort of twisted psycho,
I want to know about it.
Is it real?
Oh my God, no, you scaredy cat.
It isn't real.
Mr. Morton is the name of
my first grade teacher.
I think if my neighbor
were a serial killer,
it'd be in the newspapers or something.
And you know how to
read, right, Veronika?
Ha ha, laugh it up.
We'll see how funny it
is when you're having
nightmares about Mr. Morton cutting your
body up into soup.
All right.
That story wasn't anything
compared to the one I have.
This is a story about
a group of five friends
just like us.
As much fun as that story sounds,
I don't think I could stomach anymore
scary stories right now.
Sure you can.
Just stick your finger down your throat
and throw them up like you do your dinner.
Are you calling me bulimic?
Really? Seriously?
How is that even funny?
Right, I'm kidding.
You're not thin enough to be bulimic.
Well, if you wanna continue
to tell scary stories,
I'm gonna go downstairs and watch TV.
Kelly, do you wanna come?
Oh, Veronika wants to give
you the lesbian experience.
So says the dyke.
Just because you haven't slept with any
of my boyfriends yet.
If you want to go and
watch television, then go.
I want to hear Isabel's story
that's supposed to be scarier than mine.
I want to hear the scary story.
Fine, whatever, have fun.
Just let me know when cool time is over.
And yours.
I don't know why you guys
are friends with her.
Oh, please, you're
friends with her, too.
No, I just hang out with her because
the rest of you do.
I can't stand her.
Then why are there
sometimes when just the two
of you hang out together?
Like when?
Ah, two weeks ago when the two of you
went to the bar and she
almost slept with the busboy?
I had no one else to hang out with.
You are just as much friends with her
as everyone else in the room is.
I just hang out with her out of habit.
I mean, that's about it.
You are so full of shit right now.
Yeah, probably.
Come on, Isabel.
I want to hear your scary story.
I want to see if you can top mine.
Okay, you got it.
So there were a group of five friends
hiking in the woods.
I can't believe you made
us go hiking in the snow
and the rain just to see this thing.
How much longer until we get there?
You really love to complain, don't you?
I mean, just enjoy the hike.
Enjoy being in the woods.
It's way better than being in the city.
I wish I were in my bed.
God, I'm exhausted.
I'd enjoy being in
your bed right now, too.
Whatever, perv.
Get your grubby claws off of me.
You said there was a ridge?
I don't see a ridge.
About 10 or so more hours that way.
Did you just say 10 hours?
Oh, grow a pair.
10 hours?
I'm not walking 10 hours.
I'm just kidding.
I don't actually know how far it is.
Hey, watch it, you bum.
Leave him alone.
He's probably homeless.
Come on, guys.
It's just some smelly homeless loser.
Probably doesn't realize
he's back from the war yet.
(soft ominous music)
(steps creaking)
(dramatic music)
Oh, I don't know about you guys,
but I have to take a piss.
Thanks for the narrative.
That's really attractive.
You're more than welcome
to come hold it for me.
Hey, Lucy.
Did you bring tweezers
to hold it for Pete?
Oh, ha ha.
Make your jokes, Janine.
That's why you're always single.
I'm gonna have to use the bathroom also.
It's called a piss.
We're in the woods.
There are no bathrooms.
Yes, there are.
Any tree I squat behind is the bathroom.
Come on, let's go with her.
Make sure this guy doesn't
try to peep a show.
Oh yeah, 'cause I'm known
for watching girls pee, right?
I don't know what floats your boat.
Well, you caught me.
That's my fetish.
Women peeing on feet.
I'm startin' to think that
this foot fetish is real.
No one said anything about feet.
Come on, let's go.
I gotta pee.
(whimpering and crying)
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
What the?
That looks like a good spot.
(dramatic music)
No! No!
(whimpering and crying)
(ominous music)
What happened to Tom?
Has he been mauled by a bear?
(ominous music)
Lucy, don't.
Oh my God.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(whimpering and crying)
(breathing heavily)
Tom's dead.
That guy killed him.
Tom's dead!
What are we gonna do?
Pete's probably dead too, right?
No, don't say that.
I'm sure he's fine.
I'm sure he's fine.
Tom's dead.
Pete's probably dead.
Shut up, Mary, please!
I'm sure he's fine.
He probably saw the drifter
attack Tom and then ran.
I'm sure he's fine.
He's probably looking for us right now.
No, he's probably dead right now.
[Janine] Don't say that!
(whimpering and crying)
Holy shit, this can't be happening.
Janine, keep it together.
We gotta figure out what we're gonna do.
We're gonna die.
We gotta get out of here.
We gotta get help.
First Tom, Pete.
Then Lucy.
We're next.
We're not next.
We need to get out of these woods.
Let's go.
If you don't get up and
go with me right now,
I'm going to leave you.
Do you hear me?
I'm gonna leave you here!
That's your call.
(crying softly)
(snow crunching)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
(breathing heavily)
(ominous music)
Come on, Mary.
Get up.
You can do it.
Just get up.
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
Okay, start walking.
Just start walking.
You need to get help.
Just start walking.
(ominous music)
(snow crunching)
(dramatic music)
That wasn't scary.
It scared me.
Don't worry.
Pam has her gun to protect us.
Do you actually have your gun with you?
Yeah, I've got it hidden in my bra.
Wanna see?
Are you trying to show
us your gun or your boobs?
Ah, okay, enough with show and tell.
Pam, do you have a scary story?
Nah, you can go.
I'm still trying to
think of one, so you go.
I bet this isn't gonna be scary.
I'll bet you 20 bucks
my story is so scary,
you'll wet yourself.
You're on.
So it was a quiet, rainy night
and a group of girls were
telling scary stories
when all of a sudden toxic water shot out.
What the hell?
I smell like alcohol now!
I'm going to the bathroom and clean off.
There are towels up in the
cabinet if you need them.
That wasn't even funny!
Do you have a story that doesn't include
throwing anything on anyone?
Or should I go?
Kelly, maybe you should go.
I don't want anything thrown on me.
Good one. (laughing)
All right, not too long ago in a place
you both may have been,
there was a seemingly happy couple.
Hey, Rick, we should go out tonight.
Oh yeah, sweetheart?
Where do you wanna go?
I was thinking we could go
to that new Thai restaurant
or that lounge that just opened up.
So you either want to go
to an expensive restaurant
so you can make me feel broke
and that I can't afford the prices,
or go to a bar so you can get
hit on by a bunch of guys?
Oh, come on.
No one's gonna hit on me if I'm with you.
I just, I thought it would be
nice to go out for a change.
Oh, so staying in with
me isn't good enough
for you now?
Am I not good enough for you?
I wasn't saying that.
No, no, no, no.
What you were saying
is that you'd rather go
to a bar and get hit
on by a bunch of guys.
Are you trying to replace me, is that it?
No, that's crazy!
So now I'm crazy!
I can't take this shit with you.
I'm goin' home, all right?
Rick, please stay.
Now you want me.
Too late.
I'm goin' home.
Oh, that fucking bitch spilled her drink
all over my shirt.
Hey, uh.
You're not holding my hand
the way you normally do.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize.
Do you want me to adjust it?
Were you holding another guy's hand?
Is that why you're holding
my hand all differently?
What are you talkin' about?
No, I wasn't holding another guy's hand.
So you were holdin'
something else on another guy.
Baby, I would never do that.
Yeah, I believe that.
Rick, I love you.
I would never cheat on you.
You better not.
Because if you ever did,
I'd kill the both of you.
And then myself.
How can you say you don't
want to be with me anymore?
Look, I love you.
I just, this isn't the first
time you cheated on me.
I can't do this anymore.
I said I was sorry.
Don't you love me enough to forgive me?
Come on, baby.
Give me another chance.
No, I've given you multiple chances.
I'm done, that's it.
You know what?
You're gonna regret this.
Trust me.
You're gonna regret it.
You're gonna regret this.
(soft piano music)
That wasn't a scary story.
Well, it was a little scary,
but not the type of scary we meant.
True stories are
usually the scariest ones.
We'll finish it for you.
The crazy boyfriend snuck into the house
where the girl and her friends were.
And killed them all!
What was that?
See, I told a scary story.
Yeah, not very funny ones, though.
It's probably just Veronika watching TV.
We should go check on her.
Why? She's fine.
I don't think it was Veronika I heard.
Come on, let's just go downstairs
and see what she's doing.
How about another story?
I think I'm storied out for now.
Yeah, me too.
Let's go check on Veronika.
Veronika, where are you?
Could she be watching
TV in a different room?
Like in the bedroom with the high school
boy who lives next door.
Unless she went upstairs,
I don't know where
she could be watching TV.
Kelly, how are you holding up?
I'm okay, I guess.
We're here.
Talk to us.
I know Rick wasn't perfect.
Our relationship sure wasn't perfect.
But he meant well.
He loved me.
He just couldn't keep it in his pants.
Well, yeah.
But he was there for me.
He would do anything for me.
He didn't treat you well.
I know.
He was an asshole.
You told me some of the shit he did.
I guess I was just so
used to having him around.
It's kind of weird being broken up.
I almost forget he isn't with me.
You are better off without him.
Unless you enjoy having a boyfriend
who sleeps with everyone else.
See, you are better off without him.
He was just so sweet sometimes,
and then at other times he
was insanely possessive.
He didn't even like me having friends.
It was jealousy and fear.
He didn't want anyone to help you realize
what a dick he was.
I think it was pretty
easy to figure that one out
without anyone else's help.
I don't know how I
could get through this
without you guys.
That's what we're here for.
That, and to drink your liquor.
Oh, well at least you're honest.
You know I'm just messing with you.
Yeah, I know.
And besides, Alice brought the liquor.
She should've kept it
away from Pam, though.
Ha ha.
Actually since you don't
have a drink in your hand
to throw at us, I am
kind of curious to hear
that scary story you had in mind.
It's a story about two
co-workers on a first date.
Roland had finally worked up the nerve
to ask out Charlie, who
he'd been obsessing over
for quite some time.
(soft piano music)
I'm glad you could make it.
Me, too.
Come in.
Thank you.
Have a seat.
I'm just gonna throw this inside.
All right. (chuckles)
(whimpering and screaming)
Shut up!
I got company!
Everything all right?
Oh, are you expecting someone?
No thank you.
You are a beautiful woman.
You know that?
Everyday I pass by your cubicle
three or four times.
The attention hasn't gone unnoticed.
So you wanted to talk
to me about something?
My daughter.
Um, I'm so sorry, I heard.
Is there anything I can do?
It depends.
The last time that anybody saw her,
she was near our office and I know that,
I know that you usually work pretty late.
So I was wondering if you
were there on Monday night
and perhaps you might've seen her
or you might've seen something suspicious.
Excuse me for a minute.
(soft suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
Someone help me!
(ominous music)
I asked you politely
to please keep it down.
(punch thumping)
You're being extremely rude.
I'm tryin' to have a good evening!
(paper crinkling)
(soft piano music)
You be a good girl
and nothin's gonna happen to you.
She loves me.
We're gonna have a good time.
Keep it down!
Don't be rude!
I hate rude people!
So sorry about that.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know how it is.
They kick once, you
kick back twice as hard
to shut 'em up.
So what'd you ask me?
My daughter is my heart and soul
and since she's been missing it's like
my heart and my soul
have been taken from me,
ripped from my body.
It is an unbearable heartache
that no one should have to bear.
And I would do absolutely anything
to get her back safe.
To have her in my arms one more time
to tell her that mommy loves you.
I understand.
I'll do anything to help you.
'Cause I care about you.
What's this?
A locket.
Look at it.
I want you to see how much love
I have for my daughter.
When she was 12, God, she was so excited.
That was the first birthday
present she ever got me
with her own money.
And when I opened it up,
the smile on her face,
it just, I almost melted.
It's beautiful, just like you.
It's not just a locket.
She always wanted us to be together, so...
She bought a matching set.
And she wore it all the time.
That's, Charlie.
I don't know what you're thinking.
Has it?
Whoa, but I can explain!
Stop! Don't!
(gun firing)
I swore I would never let
anyone hurt my little girl.
Baby, mommy loves you!
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God, baby.
Oh, Carrie.
Oh, baby.
[Charlie] It's okay.
I got, right.
It's okay.
And then she untied her.
Oh my God, that was crazy.
I knew your story
was gonna be some crazy
story from the job.
I'm gonna have nightmares about it.
Is that a case you worked?
No, it's just something
I saw on TV last week.
You had me thinking that that whole thing
actually happened.
No, I just said it was a story.
I never said it was true.
Hey, it's your fault for not realizing
it's just a story.
Okay, well you got me on that one.
Anyone else have a scary story?
I have a story about a friend
whose name I won't mention,
and her 21st birthday.
Okay, you're done.
Isabel, you have one?
No, no, no, no, no.
I want to hear about this 21st birthday.
Come on, please let me tell her.
This is the problem with being friends
with someone for too long.
No, this is the problem
with drinking too much
on your 21st birthday.
I want to hear about this one already.
No, it's too embarrassing!
Oh, come on.
Tell her.
But all your embarrassing
stories are fair game then.
So it's Pam's 21st
birthday and a bunch of us
decide to go to a bar to celebrate.
So it's Pam's 21st birthday and she has
never drank before.
Yes, I had.
No, you didn't even know
what the drinks were called.
Just because I didn't know
what the drinks were called
doesn't mean I never drank before.
Oh, okay.
Regardless, so she's
ordering drink after drink
just because she likes their names.
She gets so drunk, I
don't even think she knew
what she was drinking. (laughing)
I'm waiting to hear where this is going!
I'll cut to the chase.
I had a Veronika moment at the bar.
No, no, like at the bar.
Not in the bathroom, not anywhere else.
At the end of the night we were trying to
figure out where her shirt was.
And the guy was a complete creeper.
I can't even picture you doing that.
And she can't, she can't
even remember doing it.
I still think you guys
made the whole thing up.
Oh, yeah.
We all thought it would
be funny to make up
that you got out of control drunk.
Well, I learned my lesson.
I never got like that again.
Yes, this is true.
What was that?
What was what?
I thought I heard something.
Are you really trying
to scare us right now?
I'm being serious.
I really thought I heard something.
Veronika, if you think
you're gonna scare us,
you're dead wrong.
Let's just go back upstairs.
No, I want to figure out where she is.
I don't know what she
could be doing in my house.
If there were any guys here,
we'd know who she'd be doing.
Okay, be nice.
So why don't you check the attic
and you go check the bedrooms.
Why do I have to check the attic?
Because you're the cop.
You're not supposed to
be afraid of anything.
I'm not afraid, I'm just asking.
Sure you're not afraid
of anything, super cop.
Bite me, bitch.
Come on.
If Veronika came into the attic,
she's dumber than I thought she was.
Then again, I guess I'm up here.
Maybe I'm the stupid one.
What was that?
(eerie suspenseful music)
Get a grip, Izzy.
You're gonna make yourself crazy.
(dramatic music)
Are you in here?
(panicked breathing)
Oh, thank God it's you.
What are you screaming about?
Something bad's happened!
Why, what happened?
Did you find Veronika?
I found Alice.
Over there.
Are you sure that's hers?
It's the shirt she was wearing.
Then where is she?
I don't know.
But that's a lot of blood.
Could it be...
God, don't even say it!
I was gonna say could it
be that she cut herself?
If that were the case, then where is she?
Well, I don't see her body.
But that is a lot of blood.
Oh God, I think we're in trouble.
I think Rick's here and he's pissed.
Why would Rick kill Alice?
So you agree Alice is dead?
I don't see her body.
But that is a lot of blood.
He's gonna, he's gonna kill all of us.
He's gonna kill all of us. (crying)
Okay, let's just think about this
logically for a minute.
We don't know if this is Rick
and we don't know if Alice is dead.
How many other crazy
psychos do you know?
Kelly broke up with Rick
because he was abusive,
and not just verbally.
I know, but do you
really think he'd kill
all of us because of it?
So you think it's possible he's gonna
kill all of us?
Oh, oh my God, what do we do?
Calm down.
Okay, I never said it was Rick
and I never said he was
gonna kill all of us.
Then who is it?
You're a sick fuck, you know that?
Please, you can just let me go.
I won't say anything, I promise.
Just, you can let me go
and no one will know.
Just please let me go. (crying)
(panicked breathing)
(dramatic music)
(screaming and crying)
(ominous music)
(knife scraping)
(whimpering and screaming)
(ominous music)
(muffled whimpering)
(staple gun clicking)
(ominous music)
(staple gun clicking)
(ominous music)
All right, this conversation's
getting us nowhere.
Then what do you suggest we do?
Let's try to find Kelly and Veronika.
We'll show them what we found
and then try to figure out
what happened to Alice.
Rick's gonna kill us.
Come on.
(ominous music)
(crying and whimpering)
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
Our cellphones.
Let's go downstairs and get them.
Then we can call for help!
(ominous music)
Where the heck are our phones?
I know I left mine sitting out.
So did I.
Someone must've taken them.
What are we gonna do? (crying)
Stay calm.
Did you bring your gun with you?
No, I left it at home.
Aren't you supposed to have
it with you all the time?
I didn't think I would need it tonight!
Well, you do!
All right, there's
gotta be something else
in the house we can use just in case.
The kitchen!
A knife, we can get a knife!
Come on.
Quick! Run!
(ominous music)
(punches smacking)
Pull off his mask.
Okay, Rick, the jig is up!
Who's that?
I don't know.
Help me get him to the
room so we can tie him up
before he regains consciousness.
What should we do with him?
Should just kill him.
We should find out why he's doing this
or at least who he is.
We should figure out
where everyone else is
and see if they know who he is.
Or we can just ask him.
Who are you?
Who are you?
And did you kill our friends?
You're so concerned about who I am,
but do you really know
who your friends are?
This is bullshit!
We should just kill him.
Why are you doing this?
Maybe I'm not the one
with the motivation.
He's screwing with your head.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing.
I'm screwing with your head.
It makes sense that I
would screw with your head.
But ask yourself,
why would I pick you?
What do you mean?
He's just screwing with you!
I don't think she wants me to talk.
I wonder why that is.
[Pam] Shut up!
(punch smacking)
Come here.
I have a secret to tell you.
What is it?
I have an accomplice.
There are two of you?
And the second person
is someone you thought
was your friend.
Someone you think is your friend.
Who is it?
He's messing with your head.
Stop talking to him!
Think about it.
This is bullshit!
Don't listen to anything he says.
Go to the kitchen and get a knife.
We're gonna get some answers from him.
(ominous music)
(panicked breathing)
[Pam] Ah!
Alice, there you are.
Are you okay?
I'm not sure.
[Pam] Isabel and I were worried.
We found your shirt with blood on it.
Yeah, I cut myself when he attacked me.
I managed to escape and I've been hiding.
We were looking for you and Veronika.
Veronika's hiding with me.
She twisted her ankle, so she can't walk.
Come on, I'll take you to her.
(ominous music)
She's in here.
We've been hiding in the bathroom.
(ominous music)
Oh, shit.
Welcome back, princess.
Aw, don't look so shocked.
I could only take so much of all your shit
for so long.
Let me think.
Oh, I know.
When Veronika was fucking my boyfriend
and all of you knew!
What were we supposed to do?
You must not know what friendship is.
Not letting your friend know
when her boyfriend is sleeping with a slut
behind her back.
That isn't a friend.
We should've told you, but
we didn't want to hurt you.
You didn't want to hurt me.
That is so sweet.
It did hurt me.
More than just being cheated on.
More than just being betrayed by Veronika.
Because all of my friends betrayed me.
And now I'm going to hurt you all.
Oops, I already killed
Veronika, Isabel and Kelly.
Now it's just you I want to hurt.
And where does Mr. Charming
here fit into the picture?
Someone wants me to do all
of the detective work for her.
Maybe I should bring
her to the other room
and work her over a little.
What do you mean?
You know.
Just have a little bit of fun.
Hey, Alice, when he
was tied up, we kissed.
Shut up.
He told me I'm a better kisser than you.
I said shut up!
He even copped a feel, too.
More than a feel.
I said shut up!
(slap smacking)
(ominous music)
Find her!
(dramatic music)
Where is she?
I can't find her.
If she gets away, we're finished.
Do you understand me?
We will find her.
We better.
Now find her!
(suspenseful music)
(elbow smacking)
You're crazy, you know that?
I wouldn't say crazy.
Just really pissed off.
Why can't you make my life easier
and just die like you're supposed to?
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
It hurts.
It hurts badly.
Everyone is going to think
you and Pam killed everyone.
I was just the lone
survivor of this nightmare,
terrified and traumatized.
They'll all have sympathies for me.
Uh, I need a doctor.
You don't need a doctor.
(ominous music)
[Woman] Are you just
gonna let her keep laughing
at you like everyone else does?
What are you gonna do about it?
Hello, hello.
What beautiful, beautiful
brown eyes you have.
The better to watch
yourself die with, huh?
You know, they'd make a
nice, little keepsake,
wouldn't they?
Would I be able to keep them?
Do you mind?
Of course you don't mind.
And who cares, because
I can pluck them out.
I'll pluck them out of your
pretty, little head, won't I?
Could I ask you a question?
Now that I have your undivided attention.
What is it?
Why is it that girls like you always
ignore men like me?
Why is it?
Why do you have a club?
You have a club and
you hate us, don't you?
- You hate us.
- No!
You do, you do.
It doesn't matter, doesn't matter because
you're gonna die anyway.
In fact, I'd like to
see what you're made of.
Let's see what you're made of, huh?
Let's see exactly what's inside you.
Yeah, let's see what's inside you.
Yes, exactly! (laughing)
(bat thumping)
That's enough out of you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Roy.
(soft piano music)