Bloody Sunday (2002) Movie Script

...7-0, this is 5-4...
Positions 1-8-1-9, 2-0-2-1
and 2-2 and 2-3
are now complete.
The 2-4 is in the position...
is in the, uh, uh...
being complete in about
five minutes. Over.
Excuse me, folks.
Good to see you.
How are you?
Excuse me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Major General Ford.
We are marching because ever
since the partition of Ireland
Catholics here in the North
have suffered discrimination
in a Protestant dominated land.
That's why we're marching.
In view of the continuing
adverse security situation
in the Province, all parades,
processions and marches
will be banned
until further notice.
We're marching because
the British government
promised us reform
and all we've had are excuses
and curfews
and the single issue that cuts
to the very core of civil rights
mass internment without trial.
That's why we're marching.
Anyone either taking part in
or organizing such an event
is liable to immediate arrest.
The law is the law
and must be respected.
So we say this
to the British government.
We will march peacefully
this Sunday
and march, and march again
until Unionist rule
is ended in this Province
and a new system,
based on civil rights for all
is put in its place.
Thank you.
And I would say
to the leadership
of the civil rights organization
any responsibility for any
violence which may take place
must rest fairly and squarely
on your shoulders.
Thank you.
We shall overcome,
we shall overcome
Some day...
Yeah, thank you.
Yeah, see you later.
...Deep in my heart...
You must have jets on your feet.
My launching pad is only
three blocks away, remember?
Let's continue, to the Moon.
To the Moon.
Can't we spend a quiet evening,
like, alone?
Well, we're expecting
Professor Reaburn to notify us.
The fellas ought to all be
together in case he does.
He's grand.
What's wrong with him?
He's just tossing and turning.
I'll get him. I'll get him.
I'll settle him down.
Anyway, Mum's home.
Oh, God.
What a night, huh?
How'd you enjoy baby-sitting?
- All right.
- You been feeding him?
Hello, wee man. Hello.
Was he good for you?
Aye, he was good as gold,
so he was.
Oh, see him playing up now
for me.
That's always the way.
Where'd youse go?
Up the Stardust.
The usual, you know,
just for a few drinks.
That's all I need
on a Saturday night.
Look, I'm just taking Hester
back down to town.
Right, okay. You be careful.
Aye, I'll be grand.
No, I mean it.
I don't want you
getting lifted again.
I'll be all right.
See ya.
Are you going next week?
Aye, may as well.
Be a good crack.
Aye, I'll be all right.
Hopefully they'll
keep the boys out.
I'll keep them away from you.
Come around Jackie's...
No, he's not.
How're you doing?
Eddie wants you out?
Yeah, a right little turncoat.
- What?
- So he is.
What about the way he dogs me?
Keeps me young.
Oh, he's hardly gonna do that.
It's your sister's husband.
Come on! Get a move on!
Looks like they might
threaten us.
You better leave me here.
You'll be careful tomorrow?
I'll be fine.
It's only a march.
And what if trouble starts?
There'll be no trouble.
It's a peaceful march
for civil rights.
All right.
Look, I'll meet you here
tomorrow about 6:00, okay?
See you tomorrow.
Come in, One-Seven.
This is One Alpha.
Uh, one of your roadblocks
further out
has reported movements.
Three people in the green
Volkswagen Variant 1500.
Uh, the registered number
is G...
She was winking earlier
at that guy.
She knows.
One Alpha.
Registration number Golf,
Uniform, Lima, 2-1-5-5. Over.
Get some team commanders
on base soonest.
Come on, let's get moving.
Let's get some pace
till where we're secure.
He's going to get a brief
from Corporal.
Sigs on me.
Get HQ up on the net now.
Move the vehicles
out of that line of sight.
Tell me where the sentries
are fully posted.
Okay, if there is
a sniper threat today
it's coming from over there.
Make sure you've
got that covered.
Yes, Colonel, we're currently
putting a covert O.P.
Out on to the derelict site
down William Street.
I'll let you know
as soon as that's in place.
We've got the whole,
I've got the company in?
We're established.
Can you just confirm
we're gonna brief up
the troop commanders shortly?
Yeah, okay.
Is Gerry about, is he?
Ah, come on, Mary,
we have to go to Mass here.
Come on now, Mary,
open the door.
Keep it down, okay?
Ah, the wee man's asleep, is he?
What's the crack with you?
Hey, the Brits are here.
The Pigs are everywhere here.
The Bogside's crawling with 'em.
Geez. Holy shit.
Okay, I'm up, I'm up, I'm up.
Lads, I count a dozen
for APCs as well.
But there's more at the bottom
of Rossville Street.
At the corner
of the Craigavan Bridge as well.
...are everywhere, hey.
It was on the radio
this morning!
- Shh...
- Come on!
Get a move on, man.
Oh, fuck's sake,
are your trousers too tight
or your balls too big?
Ah, you're just jealous, man.
Oh, sorry.
Wee man, you all right?
Aye, we'll be all right, Mary.
One day, Mary, he'll grow up to
be a good stone thrower himself.
Go on, youse.
Where are you going now?
I'm going to Mass, Mary.
I'll be back later on.
Can you see any, aye?
Oh, yeah.
Look, look.
Look at this, hey.
Go on, Brits, out!
Get out!
Go on back home!
Go on, you British scum!
Get out!
Hey, we'll see you later
at the Guildhall!
Go back!
They better not try
and stop us today.
It'll take more than
rubber bullets and barbed wire.
Brits out!
Come on!
...troops, including members
of the parachute regiment...
Oh, shit.
The army... has warned
that time and place
to stop the march...
Which means that it could cover
a considerable distance...
Ma, can you get that?
The Nationalist Bogside
Brigadier is in the city...
This is... the no-go areas
for six months
the local residents
barricaded the streets...
Organizers of the march...
Morning. How are you all?
Yes, yeah.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Ma, Ma, Ma.
I can't see them now.
No, I will. I'll be there.
Can I get through here?
I just want to get
to the phone there.
Yeah, okay.
We're all getting ready
for the march here.
How many?
Any sign of the Paras?
What about the square?
Okay, I'll meet you
at Aggro Corner.
I'll be with you.
I understand.
Just getting ready
for the march here.
Yes, right,
I know I'm going to sort it.
I'm going to sort it.
They've been waiting
for over an hour, Ivan.
Well, tell them
I'm gonna see the Bishop.
- Hah!
- No, the Cardinal.
Oh, aye, the Pope.
They mightn't believe you,
but it's worth a try.
All right, Dad?
Take care of yourself.
I am. I'm grand, I'm grand.
Now, it's just
a Sunday afternoon stroll.
- Have you no...?
- Don't worry about it.
Have you no coat, darling?
No, no, I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
I'll see youse later, okay?
Take care of yourself, son.
I will, I will. It's fine.
Nothing to worry about.
Look after yourself, darling.
Sort them out,
would you please?
I'm sorry.
Mr. Cooper,
have you got a moment?
Uh, surgery's canceled today.
It's about my TV.
Well, it's civil rights
we're marching for
not TVs, Mr. O'Keefe.
Well, Mrs. Doherty,
sleep well last night?
Aye, I did that, Mr. Cooper.
Are you coming to Mass?
Mrs. Doherty,
a good Protestant like me?
March against internment.
Hello, folks. See you later.
March again internment.
There you are, son.
See you later.
There's the church,
and we're in this yard here.
Proposed route of the march
is along here and then
along the street.
Runs that way.
Yes, I see.
Our job is
to catch these hooligans
and pinch them
between ourselves and C Company.
Okay, so it's gonna be
through the wall
then down the street
and, hopefully, we'll catch them
coming straight into us.
William Street runs parallel
behind you guys
behind this wall.
Plan is machine-gun platoon
will make the breach
with their Pigs.
We'll follow through on foot.
It's about 150 yards
of waste ground
through the derelict buildings
and we'll be on William Street
and behind the marchers.
So, what about the, uh, stickies
and pyra presence
over in the Bogside?
Are we gonna...?
Well, they're there, and-and...
Do we reckon the players
are gonna be out today?
- They're bound to be.
- Okay.
They're absolutely bound to be
and we've got to be ready
for 'em.
Okay, well,
we got the guys from...
The primary...
the primary job is
picking up 200 or 300
of the Derry young hooligans,
all right?
Okay, and tell the lads
we want maximum aggression.
We want a lot of arrests today
and if the shooting starts
we're gonna shoot back
plenty of rounds.
How do? Morning, ladies.
There you are.
All right, ladies?
Okay, see you later.
All right, boys.
Here, hand some of these out
at Mass.
Walk away, lads.
Walk away. Don't worry.
Don't be intimidated.
It's all right.
Excuse us, it's all right.
It's okay, I know him.
Go on, this is a peaceful march.
Peaceful march
we're having today.
I hope you boys are the same.
Hey, lads, lads, lads.
I know him, I know him,
I know him, I know him.
It's all right.
He's full drunk.
I'll take him away.
Walk away, walk away.
Come on, walk away.
Thank you, thank you.
It's a peaceful march
we're having.
Hey, get ye away.
Go and get to bed, go home.
Sleep it off.
I'll see you later.
How are you, folks?
Don't worry. You're grand.
- It's a peaceful march.
- See you later.
No riots today.
Don't be intimidated.
Good to see youse.
I'll see youse later.
Thank you. There you are.
The Bogside is a fucking mess.
We've got to go in there,
get a grip of it.
We've got to teach these people
a lesson.
So make sure the guys know
who the leaders
of these fuckers are.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay?
And let's go and get 'em.
Everyone's got to have a handle
on these key players.
I want them lifted
off the street today.
We're gonna have these guys.
That's why we're out there.
Make sure the guys know.
I wanna see all of them
in the bag.
Quite clear?
It's the end of our tour.
Let's teach 'em
a fucking lesson.
Let's do the business.
Let's make the CO proud of us.
I wanna show the Brigade
what One Para are made of.
Is that all clear?
Yeah, no problem.
Any questions?
Do we just go in on our own?
We're not taking anybody else
with us?
Support Company,
Charlie Company, that's it.
All right, boys? Stewards!
What we've got here is
a pressure cooker situation.
Just a minute.
Just bear with me one minute.
So, uh, whole city's shut down.
No one's getting in or out.
You've got Normandy landings
down there.
That's gonna be the flash point
so I'm bringing everybody
down here.
The march is coming down here.
These guys are gonna be
right here.
So, nobody's getting
through here.
William Street is the key thing.
- Do we have enough stewards?
- We have enough.
Michael, will you go
and ask the other fellas
to come down
as quickly as possible, please?
- Is that the Provos?
- The Provos are down there.
What the hell
are they doing here?
Well, they're
just sniffing about.
I think they must think
that the Brits have invaded
the place.
Oh, Jesus, I've been
down William Street.
- Really?
- Have you spoken to them yet?
I'm-I'm gonna have a quick word
with the Commanding Officer
in just a moment.
I will, I will.
- Well, I'll see you down there.
- Right.
Stress to those boys that we're
in control up here, will ya?
Yep. Yep. How do?
My name is Ivan Cooper.
I'm a Member of Parliament
for this area.
- Come on, sir, back off.
- Uh, sorry.
You couldn't do us a favor
and move this back a bit?
It's just the march is coming...
No, you're not, mate.
You're participating
in an illegal march, sir.
Now back off from the barricade.
Back off
from the barricade, sir.
What gives you the right
to stop us marching in our city?
You're participating
in an illegal march.
Who says that?
The sooner we can march
in our own city...
We're just doing our job.
Back off. the Guildhall, the sooner
we'll have civil rights.
We're just doing our job.
Back off.
Well, it's a basic principle
of democracy.
Northern Ireland Government
has barred this march.
Right, thank you.
No, I can't get
through to them.
Oh, hold on.
Mrs. Hegarty, I hope
you're joining us today.
Now, no excuses.
I can't. It's me Uncle John.
He's been on bucket all night.
Uh-huh, that's right.
Was it the beer, aye?
No, it wasn't.
He's sick, Mr. Cooper.
All right, Mrs. Hegarty.
Listen up. What are we gonna do?
We're gonna march.
Are you sure about this?
We've gotta march,
we've gotta march, Kevin.
I'll tell you, listen,
if we don't march
civil rights is dead
in this city.
The movement's dead.
We have got to march.
Sort the stewards out.
I'm gonna talk to the Provos.
- Okay. All right.
- Keep it up.
Right, gentlemen.
Be very careful.
Just go straight home.
There's a huge military buildup,
and they've got us surrounded.
Father, I'm going to miss you.
Yeah. Keep your eye on the...
on the young people, okay?
Mind yourself. Hiya, lads.
Listen, there's a lot
of Army around, okay?
Ah, don't worry, Father.
So be very careful, lads, okay.
- Listen, thanks very much.
- Okay.
Hiya, Gerry,
I wanna have a chat with you.
Listen, lads, I'll see youse,
yeah, okay?
Ah, youse boys wait for me,
right. I'll be up nigh.
How long have you been out now?
I'm out three weeks now, Father,
so I am.
So, what's the plans?
Well, I'm trying to get a job
but, uh, it's hard work trying
to get one with a record.
Things will pick up, you know
but the one thing, Gerry,
you gotta be careful
you don't get nabbed
rioting again.
I am, I'll be rioting again,
But, uh, there's an awful lot
of young lads down there rioting
on Saturdays and so on, so...
Aye, but it's just stones,
You know, it's not that bad.
Yeah, but Gerry,
you can't afford to be caught.
Okay, take care, Martin.
Aye, I know what you're saying.
Yeah, so how do you feel
having given yourself up?
I feel it's better
for the long run.
Sorry, Father.
Pray for us, Father
because it's gonna be
a terrible day.
We will indeed. Yeah, yeah.
Now, keep an eye on the young
people going home, okay?
- I will.
- Get them to go home.
You know, it's better
for the long run.
At least I've no... not worrying
about getting caught.
I don't know how I can go on
with me life.
I think you've done
the right thing
and you just can't afford
to be back down there again.
Aye, I don't want to go back,
Father, so I don't.
No, I'll not be rioting.
So, are you going
to the big march today?
Aye, I'm going on the march,
so I am.
Me and all the boys are going,
you know.
Yeah, well, you'd better
be very careful, all right?
Right, Father.
So, listen, I'll probably
see you down there.
All right, Father.
Watch yourself.
I'll see you later on,
all right, Father?
Okay. Yeah, you mind yourself,
and God bless. Take care.
What did he say, Gerry?
He just asked me
how I was getting on.
Up the Rah!
Here, boys, here, boys,
here, listen, here.
Don't want no trouble today,
now, I mean it.
There's women and children gonna
be in this march, all right?
Get out of the...
Yeah. No, listen, come on.
You're gonna make it worse
if you start
antagonizing these boys.
Just leave them alone;
join us.
It's a big day for us.
Women and children are
gonna be safe now, I mean it.
No acting the idiot.
Keep it calmed down.
You bastards!
Go home, you scum!
You bastard.
Get the fuck out, trash!
Just checking
you're keeping the guns away.
That's no concern of yours,
You gave me your word.
Then take it.
We just want a peaceful march.
This is our day.
People are fed up
with the shootings
and the...
Convoy has just
come over Craigavan Bridge
and they've set up barricades
on William Street.
Right. Any sign of the Paras?
No, not yet.
Right, okay.
Any sign of anything,
let me know, all right?
Right? Go on.
Ivan, it's all very well for you
sitting pretty
with your wee Westminster
paycheck every week.
Marching's not gonna solve
this thing.
Watch us.
Welcome to the Eighth Brigade,
Thank you very much.
Good trip.
Where's Maurice?
Lieutenant Colonel Steele, sir.
How are you, Pat?
I'm very well. Thank you, sir.
It's good to see you.
And you, sir.
I've had a briefing come through
from Downing Street
and the Prime Minister
really has had enough
of this Londonderry rebellion.
All right? Shall we go through?
Stand up.
Good man.
- Sergeant Major!
- Hello, sir.
How are you?
- I'm fine, sir.
- Good to see you again.
And you, sir.
Okay, carry on.
Cup of tea, cup of coffee, sir?
Yes, please.
Yes, thank you, Michael.
The briefing's ready
when you are.
- Excellent.
- Good.
Well, I just, uh, wanted to say,
that the men were rather bucked
when they heard
that we were going
to be coming across.
Oh, good.
I'm very pleased to hear it.
Yes, sir.
Everything's set for today?
- I think so, sir, yes.
- Good.
Their intention, at present
is to move along William Street
all the way along...
- Past Aggro Corner?
- Well, that's right, sir.
...into the city center
and on to the Guildhall
where they'll be having
their rally.
As it is, we're gonna stop them
here at barrier 14
with the Raw Green Jackets.
Very good.
Uh, Coldstreams?
Coldstreams are up
on the city walls
and King's Own are the north
side of William Street.
One Para are in the Presbyterian
churchyard just here.
Very good.
And Three Company are
behind barrier 14.
If there's any trouble
Support Company
will break through...
I don't think there's any doubt
about that. There will be.
Okay, Support Company then
will break through the wall
for the Presbyterian
through this dead ground,
break through this wall
and they, in turn...
they're gonna come round
and sweep round behind
all the hooligans
round about Aggro Corner
sweeping them
towards barrier 14.
At the same time
Three Company will be breaking
through barrier 14
and the hooligans will be caught
in a pincer movement.
Thank you, Charles.
I should just say, sir,
of course
One Para only go in
if there is violence
and then only
if there is a clear separation
between the march proper
and the hooligan element.
Uh, do we know
who we're looking for?
Yeah, we've got OPs
at strategic points
all along the route.
Um, and they all...
They've all been briefed
on all the local known players.
They've seen pictures,
have they?
- Yes. Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Good, very good.
- We-We have a cordon
of snipers here, sir,
should the IRA wish
to make a contribution
this afternoon.
Yes, I'm sure they will.
Do you know
where they're going to be?
- Michael?
- Yes, sir.
We are concentrating on the top
of these block of flats
which is where we imagine
they'll be.
And possibly Glenfada Park
across the road, sir.
Very good. Rubber bullets...
have the men all been issued?
- Uh, yes, sir.
- Good.
Anything I haven't thought of?
Uh, I suspect press placement
would be quite important
today, sir.
Yes, winning the propaganda war.
Absolutely vital.
Who's in charge of that?
Lieutenant Hector, sir, is
our Press Liaison Officer, sir.
There are a few points
which will, um, please you.
As per your request,
both local and national coverage
will be occurring on the day
and this will be
in the main three formats
of press
from the leading tabloids
additionally from the major
television companies
and radio stations.
Talk to Colonel Tugwell
about where that's going to be
and knock that out for me,
please, Maurice.
Good. Thank you. Well done.
Thank you, Michael.
Right, you can just carry on.
So, maybe, um...
the press will congregate
around barrier 12 itself.
Then once there...
Yes, I suspect that's probably
the best location for them.
Um, they've got a clear view
down Rossville Street.
Especially Generals.
That should give us quite a bit
of press coverage
as well as showing, uh...
We're gonna have to be tough
today, Pat.
Really tough.
If there's any trouble at all,
the Paras are to counterattack.
Is that clearly understood?
Of course, Robert.
And, um...
you have my full support,
of course.
Thank you, sir.
Hello, John, Jimmy.
Should be coming round for tea.
- Ivan, how's it going?
- How do, folks.
Good to see you.
So, they have blocked
the Belfast Road
which means we've got
about ten coaches stock.
All right there, boys, all set?
get those pencils sharpened.
So, it means we've got
about ten coaches
stockpiled at the border.
Just give me
just a wee minute, Declan.
How are you going
to get them in?
I've sent Jimmy up there.
He's sorting it out.
Yeah, that's fine.
It's no bother.
We can't have ten coach loads
sitting there
with marchers on them,
doing nothing.
Relax, relax, it's fine.
We've got them coming down
for about 1:00.
And what about the stewards?
Stewards are fine;
that's sorted.
And we got Fenner Brockway,
which is great news
but, obviously, he's not going
to march, for the legal reasons.
You'll have to give me
a couple of minutes here.
I need to see Frances.
I'll be in in two ticks,
all right?
Okay, I'm all for you, man
but we need
to kick this thing along, okay?
Listen, I was supposed
to see her last night.
- Please, help me.
- Right, just a minute.
- Right, okay.
- Very quickly, please.
Mr. Cooper,
have you got a moment?
One second.
...or voting
for Simon as well.
Right, well, you go...
I'll follow you up.
Go on you on up
and sort out through six.
- Through six?
- Yes.
Right, right.
Where-Where were you?
What happened to you?
I had meetings.
I'm sorry.
We're having a nightmare
with this charge.
Of course you do.
Kevin's not entirely sure
what's going on.
I have to sort it out;
I'm sorry.
Change the record, Ivan.
I'm sick of it.
Hey, wait, hey, wait, Frances.
Listen, give me
a couple of minutes now.
I'm up to me eyes, Ivan.
I have no time for this.
I know that, I know that, but...
I have no time for it, Ivan.
Look, I'll be finished tonight
about 8:00
We'll do something then, okay?
That's just balls, Ivan
'cause you'll still be sitting
in the bar at 12:00 tonight
listening to the sound
of your own voice.
You know it and I know it.
Wrong. Hold on, hold on.
Have you any expectation
anybody's going to turn out
for you this afternoon?
I would have thought so.
I think they've always
turned out for us in the past
and this is our big push today.
This is a march about peace
and a march about civil rights.
What sort of numbers
were you expecting?
Sorry, will you excuse me?
An hour to be safe.
Come on, that is not fair.
Just one second, please.
That is not fair to say that.
Don't you talk to me about fair.
Please, Cecilia, would you
take that for me, love?
Don't you talk to me about fair.
I'm a Catholic girl, Ivan.
You look me straight in the face
and say that again.
I know you're a Catholic girl.
That's the whole point
about this, for heaven's sake.
Come on, darling.
Let me tell you something.
I am up to my eyes, Ivan.
You're not the only one.
I have the world's press in here
wanting things done
not now but yesterday.
It's about the two of us.
Cecilia, for me, love, please.
Come on, Frances, darling
I know it's hard, but please...
one last big push, eh? Come on.
Yes, just one wee second,
Will you just take care of that
for me, please?
You're getting very late.
One second.
The British Army's surrounded
the entire city.
Well, I think that shows you
that they are very threatened
by the voice that we are trying
to get across here.
But is this not...?
That's about them;
that's not about us.
We're trying to have a peaceful
march against internment
and a peaceful march
for civil rights.
They're alleging that you're
creating a confrontation.
Well, what do you think
they would say?
What we need to do is
split each...
All right, sorry, folks.
This is Fort George.
This is... RUC station.
That's in Rosemont.
So, what we do is we come in
from different routes in turn.
They come in from the south,
and come in near Rosemont.
Excellent idea, Eamonn.
No, that won't work.
It will work, Ivan.
We confuse them, we get them
to spread their troops.
No, I'm saying it won't work.
Have you something to say here?
I'm saying,
"Forget about the Guildhall. "
I've just come from there
this morning.
I've walked through there.
They're building up
a massive military presence.
If we take the lorry down there
with thousands behind it
we're not going to get through,
This is completely wrong.
I don't think,
I don't think it's actually...
I don't think it's responsible
for us to say
it's going to be fine
just because
we want it to be fine.
We do have to look
at the realities
that there is a very severe
dispersal problem there.
I am not taking a reroute.
I am not taking a reroute,
and I'm not selling out.
- You're not what?
- It's not a sellout.
Oh, no, here, wait, Kevin.
Wait, excuse me,
say that again, please.
You're not, what,
you're not selling out?
Bernadette, I have been marching
in this city
just as long as you
and your college friends
and I have never
sold anyone out, not ever.
But there are 3,000
British soldiers out there
and I am not going to use
our people like cannon fodder.
Now, either we reroute...
turn right up Rossville Street
hold the meeting
at Free Derry Corner...
or I walk away,
and I will tell my constituents
- to walk away as well.
- You'll do what?
All the work
these people have done...
that's it, up in smoke?
Listen, we delegate two people...
Bridget, you can be one,
John, Eamonn can be another...
to walk down to the Guildhall
That's a good solution.
I just hope everybody knows
in time.
They will, they will.
All right.
Get that sorted out.
Right, um...
Is Lagan there?
It's Cooper.
On the one hand
you've got the Catholics pushing
for all sorts of reforms
with the IRA behind most of it,
and on the other
the Protestants, who, of course,
don't want to give an inch.
Morning, sir.
We can't afford to offend
the Protestant majority,
of course
'cause, uh, they've got
all the guns, for one thing.
Excuse me, sir. Tea's here.
Hello, sir.
I'll take you in
to see the Brigadier now.
Chief Superintendent Lagan, Sir.
Hello, Frank.
Morning, Patrick.
I don't think you've met
Major General Ford
Commander of Land Forces.
Sir, this is
Chief Superintendent Lagan
Londonderry Division.
Superintendent, I've heard
a great deal about you
from your Chief Constable.
It's time for us to go.
We're going to shake some hands.
I, um, heard from the march
organizers earlier today.
Sir, um, I heard from the civil
rights leaders earlier today
and spoke to them
early this morning.
Oh, really?
Yes, they're anxious
to avoid a confrontation.
They're not going to march
to the Guildhall.
They're going to stay
within the Bogside, they say.
Oh. So useful to have contacts
in the community.
Unless he's a Roman Catholic,
of course.
What's that all about, Patrick?
What's that all about?
Lt'll be low-key.
The Paras low-key?
Yes, I know, I know.
Excuse me, sir.
All call signs are now in place
and the Paras have confirmed
the cha cha.
Thank you, Charles.
The Paras aren't
a low-key regiment.
Listen, they're the best
for the kind
of mass arrest operation
that we've got
to carry out today.
You listen to me.
I know the people of Derry.
And you know that I've spent
the last three years of my life
trying to keep a lid
on the trouble in this city.
Frank, you don't need
to tell me this.
Look, why do we need to ban
this march in the first place?
Why? To keep a crowd
of Protestant politicians
in Stormont
hanging onto power
by their fingertips, that's why.
I mean, they're the reason
why we're in this mess
in the first place.
Look, why not
just let the march go ahead?
Look, if you want prosecutions
why not take photographs
of the ringleaders?
Sir, the General's leaving
and would like a word
before you go.
Thank you, Sergeant Major.
Frank, I'm sorry.
It's out of my hands.
It's a war, Frank.
We're taking casualties
every week.
We've lost 43 British soldiers.
I know. I know.
I'm having to write
too many letters, Frank.
I'm sorry,
we have to draw the line.
Sir, the General is getting
quite excited.
Yes. Thank you, Sergeant Major.
I'm sick of being shot at,
spat on
and all the other shit
that goes with this place.
It's about time we go out there
and show these fuckers
what it's all about.
The reason is
'cause they get away with it
and this time they ain't going
to get away with it.
You got to get in,
you got to hit them hard
and get in there first.
Get the first one straight in.
Same as we did in Belfast.
Take no shit.
This one's just a civil rights,
though, ain't it?
They're all troublemakers
anyway, mate.
The lot of 'em.
They're all mixed in together.
Well, that's just like kids,
and that, ain't it?
Yeah, well,
they're mixed in with the kids.
What about that major
that died today?
Where was his civil rights?
And the two lads last week...
where's their civil rights?
I'm just saying,
they're just kids
throwing stones, that's all.
You're-You're either with us
on this or you're not.
I'm with you, man.
Yeah, you better be.
I'm all right, man.
I'm-I'm up for it.
Everyone on the other side
of this wall
is enemy,
as far as I'm concerned.
Can't see a kid
being an enemy, though.
If they're in the way,
they're in the way.
You got to stick with us
on this.
I am.
Whatever happens
we'll sort it all out
between us, right?
When we bang through that wall,
they see that wall come down
they'll shit themselves,
they really will.
We'll just get out there
and just kick some arse
out there.
Show the hats how to do it.
So, did you go to Mass today?
Aye, love.
Aye, whose is it?
Father Bally.
Ach, he's a nice man.
Aye, he is.
He was talking to me after it
seeing how I was getting on
after getting out of jail.
Wondering if you'd
got a job yet, I suppose?
No, I wasn't.
You're going to get that wee
girl into trouble, you know.
What are you on about?
You know what I mean.
Look, you're not me ma.
Aye, but I'm all you've got.
Sounds like she has horns
on her head.
But she's from Irish Street
and you're from the Bogside.
You know, at the end of the day
she's like, you know,
a Protestant.
I'm not saying I've got anything
against her, like
'cause she's a nice girl
but I just don't want you
and her to get into trouble.
Are you thinking
about getting married here?
Aye, I will be.
Well, what do you think your mam
and daddy would say?
Look, leave my mam and daddy
out of it.
Your sister's just looking out
for you.
Look, you stay out of it.
Look, I'm just worried,
that's all.
You know, I worry about you
every time you go
outside the door.
I don't want anything
to happen to you.
Everybody in these flats here...
they worry about their children
whenever they go out at night.
Look, I'll be all right.
All I want to do is
to look after you
and look after Dennis
and defend this area
from the likes
of them boys there.
What do you mean,
the likes of me?
You know,
with working for the Brits.
You'd think you would have got
a decent job.
It's working for the Brits
putting that food on the table
so don't be complaining.
Can we not have
this conversation
at the table, please?
I suppose you think throwing
a couple of stones
is going to solve it, son,
do you?
Aye, well,
it's kept them out of here
for a while now, hasn't it?
If it wasn't for us, you still
wouldn't be living here.
Just remember that.
Aye, you really believe that,
do you, eh?
Aye, I do, actually.
Right, okay.
Look, Mary, I'm going to go out.
I'll see you later on.
I'll be all right. Don't worry.
Look after yourself, okay?
Are you listening to me?
I don't want you to end up
back in prison
'cause you can't marry her
from in there.
I'll be all right. Don't worry.
I'll chat to you after.
Oh, yes. Hi.
Oh, now, Meg, I dunno.
Somewhere between ten
and a million. How's that?
Okay, talk to you later. Bye.
All right?
- Here's your tea.
- Thanks.
Yeah. What time are you going?
I don't know, an hour.
Jesus. How about you?
I'm on duty till half two.
Derry Journal
and Irish News want
to talk to you.
What, now?
No, they'll... they can wait.
They're all right for a bit,
so they are.
Listen, I know...
I know it's hard.
That's just why I pissed off
at you last night.
I know, I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
- That's okay.
It's all right.
Frank, yes.
Is it the Paras?
Well, Jesus, Frank
who the hell's running
this thing?
It was Lagan.
He says the army are
very hard-line
and we should think
about canceling.
No way, Ivan. You can't.
You can't cancel.
Geez, do you know how many times
I think we should
just give this up?
There isn't a day goes by
I don't think
"Oh, wish I could take her
to the pictures
or take her to see Charlie Magee
at the Stardust," you know
and then I think, "What if
someone sees us?" you know.
What if someone decides
to have a go at you
because you're
this Catholic girl...
Ivan, when are the stewards
coming in?
Uh, we need to talk about that.
I need to talk to Kevin
about that.
I need to make sure
they are more disciplined
and know
exactly what's happening.
Who's going
in front of the lorry
who's going behind, okay?
- All right.
- Lf you talk to Kevin now...
I'll give him a ring and then
you can have a word with him.
I'm just gonna talk to Kevin,
all right?
It's all right.
Kevin, yeah...
yeah, I've spoken to Lagan.
He says the Paras are in town.
Listen, the stewards must know
what they're doing
when they form the line.
No, seriously, Kevin,
get on that now.
Okay, bye.
I mean, I don't know
what I would do, you know?
Catholic girl, Protestant
civil rights, Fenian lover?
So that's why I'm doing it,
you know?
That's why I go to the meetings
that's why I go to the marches,
because, you know...
I think
we're worth marching for.
Yeah, I'll be down
in about an hour
something like that.
Get Bridget on to them.
All right, yeah, give them a cup
of tea or something, Jesus.
No, give them a drink,
even better.
My father was in the EVA for
Christ's sake, you know that.
I know, Ivan.
I marched in flute bands.
Your brother was shot
by the RUC.
So, I don't take you out.
We don't go to the pictures.
I go to the meetings,
I go to the marches
and all the time I'm thinking,
if I could just sort this
you know, if just one day,
maybe soon...
we can be normal...
and we won't have to worry.
I know.
Stewards, please ensure
that all people
joining the demonstration
from the rear
are channeled in safely
keeping clear
of that fenced area, please.
Thank you.
We want everybody safe here
today. Thank you.
Come on, folks,
sort that area out, please.
Folks, there is a start
to a demonstration
and there is an end
to a demonstration.
If you think this is
the start to a demonstration
catch yourselves on.
Stewards, I need you
down the back there, please.
All right, folks?
God, eh, what about this, eh?
Willie, make sure
you've got that, okay?
I will, surely.
All right, folks, how goes it?
Lvan, will you sign this for me?
Oh, certainly, missus.
With love and kisses, eh?
How are you feeling, Ivan?
Oh, right at this moment...
like Martin Luther King.
Is he a Catholic boy then, eh?
All civil rights people
are Catholic, missus, except me.
And I've got special
dispensation from the Pope.
Eh, boys?
Barney, glad you could make it.
Aye, I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
Sure, I know that.
Jim, ready for another march,
Oh, aye, of course.
Oh, Ivan, it's great, great!
All set?
Well, absolutely.
Would you have pulled out, Ivan?
What, and disappointed
all these people?
You're a bastard, you.
Oh, no, no, Eamonn,
just a politician.
Oh, no, no, Eamonn,
just a politician.
Jesus Christ, look at that.
What an atmosphere, boys.
Look at the amount of people.
I think I see...
Youse marching down
with us and that?
No, we're gonna hang about here
in case the Brits try anything.
We'll be down later.
We'll have sent them home
by then.
Aye, right.
Boys, they should be doing
a bit more
- do you not think?
- Aye.
We do all the work, Jimmy.
Frigging sure, after what
happened to McGilligan.
Are you up for it, Jimmy?
Up for it?
I'll be up on the front line.
I'll be up on the front line.
That's a promise.
Brits out, Brits out.
What do you think, Gerry?
- Brits out?
- Aye.
We'll all get the Brits out
- Aye.
- Are you up for it?
We're gonna move forward
to give you a wee bit
of leeway, right.
Make sure you get
all that there.
Sweep all the way right down...
look at that.
We shall overcome,
we shall overcome
We shall overcome
My God, they'll never
stop us now, boys.
...Deep in our hearts...
The whole of Bogside is here.
...I do believe
That we shall overcome someday.
...moving now. Over.
Six-One Yankee,
the crowd are on the move.
We have a go.
All right, gentlemen.
Sergeant Major, pass it on,
the crowd's on the move.
Pass it out to the O.P.,
the crowd's on the move.
...that they are ready.
Here we go.
Sigs, Sigs, make sure
all call signs know
the march is on the move now.
- What do we want?
- Rights!
- When do we want them?
- Now!
- What do we want?
- Rights!
- When do we want them?
- Now!
Who'd have thought it, eh?
Okay, stewards, keep the front
of the lorry clear, please.
Willie, Willie,
come here, please.
Yeah, get the whole stream,
the whole way up.
Oh, I can see 'em.
I can't see the end of it.
Bear in mind we are going
down a hill here...
Come on, boys.
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
This is a great day for Ireland.
that we retain our dignity.
We must keep this safe,
...Zero, this is Six-One Yankee.
No information...
The crowd is now halfway down
William Street. Over.
Sir they're just about here now,
Crowd is waving, chanting
but, uh, causing
no particular aggro. Over.
See what I mean?
Tell the people of Derry
they can't march
and they'll come out in droves.
Right, folks,
keep that corner area clear.
We're approaching
some of the British.
Hold your positions.
Keep your calm.
Hello, Six-Five,
this is Six-One Yankee.
- Crowd approaching...
- Yeah, Five-Six Bravo
this is, uh, Five-Niner Sunray.
So, in your opinion
we will not get a Pig
through the wall? Over.
Oh, shit.
It's from the O.P.
They've just checked the front
of the wall.
The wall
directly in front of here
- there is a three-foot drop.
- Fuck.
In their opinion, when we try
and get the Pig through
we just ain't gonna get through.
We're gonna...
it's gonna go tits up.
We still need to cut them off
from either side.
I think we're gonna have to go
over the top.
We'll have to.
Okay, let's get ready
and be ready
to cut through this wire
and go over this wall.
Let's get ready now.
Okay, I'm on it. Sergeant Major!
- What do we want?
- Rights!
- When do we want them?
- Now!
Hey, do you think we'll have
much bother today, Jim?
So, you think we'll
have much bother today?
Oh, no.
Hey, we'll get a riot going,
that's for sure, like.
There's plenty of troops
about and stuff, so.
You're not worried
about getting caught, are you?
Aye, I don't wanna go back
inside again, you know.
Hey, you shouldn't have given
yourself up over Hester, man.
Oh, leave it out, okay?
- You've to watch yourself, mate.
- Just enjoy the day.
We're here for our civil rights
today, right, boys?
Aye, that's right, mate.
Somebody help
with these ladders!
Jesus, there's a lot of them,
isn't there?
Come on, move it! Move it!
We're just going right
at the corner here.
Give me that thing now.
- I need it.
- Right, right.
- Stewards, stewards.
- Here, keep them steady.
Stewards, stewards.
Keep them there, Barney.
Keep 'em going.
See that there, up there,
how provocative is that?
Brits go home!
Stewards, keep this...
Don't touch it.
What the hell is that, lads?
Brits out! Brits out!
We don't want youse here!
Recon is passing
my forward locations
and there's a small amount
of stoning going on there.
- Over.
- Six-Five.
That's the Paras getting stoned
from up here, sir.
So, the head of...
the head of...
Why are One Para
showing themselves?
It's the chaps on the wall, sir.
OPs and wire cutters
for when they have
to go through.
If the crowd sees the Paras
that'll inflame the situation,
Thank you, Frank.
- What?
- You have to go through.
Head of the column
approaching Aggro Corner. Out.
Sir, this is where we hope
they're going to turn.
Well, that's what they said.
People, we're just going right
at the corner here!
Follow me! Let's go.
Keep back there, folks.
Keep moving here.
People, we're turning right
Turning right. Thank you.
The march is proceeding
to the right.
If you go that way, you'll have
no part in this demonstration.
They're turning the wrong way,
They're going right.
We going to get
to the Guildhall.
We're going to the Guildhall.
Come on. Push through them.
Come on, Gerry.
Gerry, good man, good man.
Let's give them hell!
A small number
from the middle of the crowd
are breaking away,
I repeat, breaking away.
Running down towards
serial One-Four. Over.
Lvan, I told you
this would happen.
Keep them coming this way!
Follow peacefully to the right,
thank you.
Keep coming this way!
Just relax, man.
Listen, we have got
to keep the crowd going.
If the truck keeps going
to Free Derry Corner
that will be the beacon.
They will follow it.
Right, you stay here.
I'm going down to the barrier.
Okay, everyone, come on.
Everyone behind the lorry.
Follow the lorry.
We must stick together.
Stick together, folks.
We're not splitting up.
No trouble today.
We're not going
to the Guildhall.
Stay behind the lorry.
We are sticking together.
Come on.
Sorry, no, folks, wrong way.
We're supposed to go back
to Free Derry Corner.
Let me through there, folks.
They're past barrier 12
and are actually, in fact,
heading directly for us.
Yeah, that's
just what we predicted.
Yes, indeed.
Well, you'd better
stand the men by.
Just coming down there now, sir.
This isn't the march, this is...
This is the breakaway group.
They're coming down
to barrier 14.
They're trying to get
to the Guildhall.
Yobbos, obviously trying
to cause some trouble.
Get out!
Get out to fuck,
you British bastards.
Boys, get back, get back!
Get out to fuck.
That's Cooper, boys.
Out! Out! Brits out!
Have you got your stones?
I've got stones.
For God's sake,
get all of these boys back.
Excuse me. I'm Ivan Cooper.
I'm a member of Parliament.
Will you give me some time...
This is an illegal gathering.
You must disperse!
Hey! Hey! Cut that out.
You must disperse!
Cut that out.
Take a shot.
Take a shot, you said?
I'll take a shot.
This is Nine-Zero Alpha.
I have reports
of the crowd becoming hostile
at Zero-14, um,
throwing bricks at center. Over.
I want to know
how many yobbos are that...
are that way
up towards the barrier from us.
Sigs, I want to find out
from the O.P.
How many we're going
to scoop up, if we go now.
Contact the barriers
at 12 and 14
and tell them to be ready
to move those barriers fast
if we need them.
Boys, round me, please.
It's kicked off
at barrier 14, right?
This is it, we're going
to start going in pretty soon.
We've got to stop
with the stones there...
Under Section Six
of the Civil Authorities
Special Powers Act
Northern Ireland
processions and parades are
banned until further notice.
We will enforce this ban
and anyone organizing
or taking part in any such event
is liable
to immediate arrest.
Do we still have stoning at 14?
We do, sir.
RUC man's addressing the crowd
and he's...
Send in Neptune, please,
Ah, shit, boys, stay back.
Stay back, boys!
Get back. Forget the Guildhall.
The water's coming.
Come on, Jim! Jim, watch!
Run, boys!
No, Gerry.
Gerry, come on, aye?
We need stones.
You're making matters worse.
Will you get back?
Fuck off!
Go on, go on, go on.
Go on, we're all going.
Deep in my heart...
Nice and slow.
...I still believe...
That's... That's much better.
...That we shall overcome
Give yourselves a hand there.
That's it, folks.
Free Derry Corner,
that's where the meeting is.
Going to Free Derry Corner.
Get away from there, come on.
Come on, this way.
Neptune seems to have cleared
William Street.
The main body have disappeared
down towards Rossville Street
leaving behind a hard-core
element of hooligans
who have now gone up to 12,
up to 13
and again,
a large element at 14.
This is getting bigger.
It's escalating.
Rubber bullets at discretion.
Come on, Gerry.
I can't get caught.
I can't get caught.
You're not going
to get caught.
Holy fuck. Keep going.
They're firing at us, boys.
You want to run for it?
Yes, roger that.
I'll give you a sitrep
when we get there.
It seems like the, uh,
riots are developing
back towards barrier 12
and back up William Street
towards Rossville Street.
Let's go round there,
see how it's going.
- We are under heavy bombardment.
- And it's now kicking off at 13.
CS gas at discretion.
I repeat: Hostiles
within our location...
What are you doing?
I'm trying to use minimum force.
I need to know as soon
as you got separation.
This is no good.
They're not moving.
Back up...
- No, we'll go round this way.
- No! No!
We'll go round
the other way to the Guildhall.
We're near the Guildhall.
Come this way.
How many yobbos?
- 300 to 400 yobbos.
- 300 to 400 yobbos.
Okay, perfect.
We're getting close.
Right, Sigs, can you
give me the radio?
Sergeant Major.
Get the Sergeants in,
get the Troop Commanders in.
Hello, Zero, this
is Six-Five Sunray speaking.
We're ready.
We want a "go" on the scoop up.
We want to go now
on the scoop up.
You all right, man?
You all right?
I'm choking, man.
You all right, man?
Stay here, all right?
I'm dying here.
Hey, they're taking photographs.
They're taking photos.
Why are they taking photographs?
Hey, Dennis...
We have about 400
to 500 guys rioting.
Hello, Zero.
So, they're in there.
This is Six-Five Sunray
We're getting close
to our scoop-up time, okay?
The yobbos are in there.
I want to see these
bastards lifted, okay?
We are ready to move now
with three call signs.
Can we go? Over.
Six-Five are to go nowhere.
Six-Five, stay where they are.
...split across
to Zero-One-Five
and they are being stoned
by around the 15 left area.
If we don't go in hard,
we're going to have tears.
Do you understand?
You get the guys
psyched up.
Rebrief them
on the update.
They're not letting us go yet.
Oh, for Christ's sake!
Out! Out! Out! Out!
Frances, Frances... here.
Oh, good Lord...
Oh... a shambles.
They broke
through the steward's line
and kids everywhere.
The Brits then start up...
I mean, why do they...
why do they have to overreact?
You know, it's a peaceful
march, for God's sake.
'Cause they're scared.
They're scared.
Can you imagine
if people started to march
in Manchester or London?
It's just so provoking.
Anyway, I think we're...
- I think we're all right.
- It's okay.
Come on!
Let's get our wires cut!
Come on!
- Cut these wires.
- Cut the barbed wire!
- Come on!
- Fucking mick.
Fucking contact!
What the fuck was that?
O.P.'s returning fire, sir.
That wasn't rubber bullets.
That wasn't rubber bullets.
That was something different.
It's John, he's been shot!
He's dead. Come on!
He says someone's shot.
What happened?
What happened?
He's been shot.
The Army shot him.
Jesus, get him up. Help him up.
Go on, help him up.
- Help him.
- Get him up!
You all right, Damien?
Oh, Jesus.
Damien, are you all right?
Who done it?
The Army shot him.
They shot an old man...
Damien, are you all right?
Can you hear me, Damien?
The bastards.
Jesus Christ, a man's been shot.
Bastards shot my cousin.
I can't believe
they shot me cousin.
The boys are going in!
I can't believe
they shot me cousin.
The boys are going in.
They shot the old man!
Five-Six Bravo,
confirm your situation.
What were the rounds
we just heard? Over.
Okay, sir, the O.P. Has
just fired five rounds.
I think it was nail bombs
or shooting.
They're getting a lot of aggro.
They got a lot of crowd.
They're firing baton rounds,
That's one incoming!
Get down off the wall.
We've just had one round
across the guards
at the wall, sir.
What the hell are you doing?!
They shot the old man!
It's unauthorized,
for Christ's sake.
Get the car here!
Get your hands off me!
Get your hands off me!
They've shot the old man!
They shot the old man.
You fucking bastard.
There's women and children
out there!
Get your hands off my weapons.
You bastards!
Fucking bastards!
Fucking shot me cousin!
Die, you bastards!
Go on, you bastards!
Fucking shot me cousin.
Go on, bastards!
Brits out! Brits out! Brits out!
I think it's time
for the Paras to go in.
They've got a lot of aggro
just the other side of the wall.
They've got some kids
over there.
We should get them
down off that wall.
We're not going
to get across there
if they've got
that wall covered.
- We've got to get out of here.
- Okay...
I don't think we'll get
the Company across safely.
We'll do it with the vehicles.
So, we're gonna ax this totally?
We're not going over the wall?
No, we'll do it in the vehicles.
Support Company in the vehicles,
"A" and "C" on foot.
Change of plan...
we're not going over the wall.
We're gonna go up James Street
through barrier 12
where the Light Air
Defense Regiment is
download at James Street
and do a scoop up with Charlie
Company at Aggro Corner.
We're moving in two minutes.
Inform the O.P. Now
that there's a change of plan.
We're taking the Company
through barrier 12.
Yes, sir.
We're taking the whole Company.
Hello, Zero. This is
Six-Five Sunray speaking.
We've got to go now
on the scoop up
or we're gonna miss them. Over.
Colonel, the lads want to go.
We're ready to go.
Hold on, hold on.
- Who's this?
- Six-Five Para, sir.
Six-Five. No. No, wait.
Yeah, he reckons he can pick up
some of the hooligans
from there. Over.
No, we wait.
Six-Five, tell your Sunray
to wait, hold his position.
Fucking people at Brigade!
All right, tell One and Three
to move forward
to the barriers now, on foot.
We'll go to 12 in the vehicle.
We'll move now.
All right, Sergeant Major,
let's move now, let's go!
Hello, Zero, this is
Six-Five Sunray speaking.
We are moving forward
to the barriers now.
We've got to go. Out.
Right. Let's go.
Move! Move it!
Go on!
Move! Get in! Get in!
- Hoods on!
- Yes!
Canisters load!
Check your gear.
Come on!
Let's go!
Hello, Zero, this is Six-Five.
My Sunray has deployed his units
On whose authority? preparation for any orders
you might have. Over.
Why have One Para moved?
Six-Five, this is Zero.
Hold your position. Out.
I want to... I want to know
where this has come from, Mike.
It'll be coming
from their Sunray, sir.
Can we tell them
to wait at the barriers
until we give the word?
...some more gas put down
to about a hundred yards
beyond the flats...
- I'll push my way through here.
- Go on, Ivan.
- See you in a bit, okay?
- Ivan, I'll go up, too.
You come up.
I'll see you up there.
- Aye, okay.
- All right, folks.
Let us through there.
Let's hear it,
ladies and gentlemen
a nice round of applause,
please, for, uh...
God Almighty.
Let's go, Sigs.
Mike, go up to the barrier
and tell the gunners
to move it now.
Hello, Zero, this is Six-Five.
We're ready to go now. Over.
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
Oh, fucking hell.
Come on, let's move.
What are we waiting for?
What are we waiting for?
Come on!
Put your hands together and
give a big warm Derry welcome
to Eamonn McCann...
Bridget Bond...
...have started to thin out.
We need to get over there...
...Bernadette Devlin...
...and a man who really needs
no introduction
so I won't give him one:
Lvan Cooper!
Well, we've marched a long way
together here, folks.
So, I think
I'll get this started.
Look at this fucking lot.
Just waiting for the off, boys.
It's been a difficult day
but a glorious one
here in Derry.
All of us wending our way
down the hill together.
Men, women and children
Mrs. Hammer, I haven't seen you
march like that since '68.
But, uh...
let's not forget,
in all this confusion
that we face a choice
as a society.
Not about what we want.
We all know what we want:
Radical change.
The dismantling of Stormont
and an end
to Unionist domination.
Yeah, find out
if call signs One and Three are
in position and ready to move.
Hold in your position.
We are not clear, okay?
Barrier all right?
The choice is
about how we achieve it.
Between violence
and nonviolence.
At where, barrier 12, barrier 14
or at Aggro Corner?
If we are going to give a future
to the children of this city
the young lads up there...
there they are
we all know
they're rioting away there.
They do it every day...
if we are gonna give
those boys there a future
we have to show them
that nonviolence works.
Go on, you scumbags!
Let's get out!
If we don't, it won't be
just stones they're throwing.
Because civil rights
isn't the soft option...
not when the bricks fly
and the police
and the Army batons charge down.
It's not easy keeping
to the nonviolent road
when other people say,
"This isn't working.
Let's get the guns out
and take revenge. "
Fucking shot my cousin!
But if you believe
in the civil rights movement
with all your heart
and your soul, as I do...
Why on earth aren't they
going in?
Hello, Zero, this is Six-Five.
If we don't go now,
we're gonna miss them.
If you believe
in what Gandhi and Martin
Luther King believed in
with a passion, as I do,
then in the end
with one single united march,
we shall overcome.
Thank you.
We're gonna have to go,
aren't we?
Sir, you have as much separation
as you're gonna get.
Yeah. Thank you, Charles.
Thank you.
You cannot send them now.
You've got thousands
of marchers out there
and you've no idea
where they are.
Let me handle this.
Look, you've won,
for God's sake.
You've stopped the march.
You've won.
Don't do it, Patrick.
Don't do it.
Load that battle gun, mate!
Stick one of them rubber bullets
straight into 'em
when we get out there.
Come on, come on.
Six-Five wishing to move now,
Yes, thank you.
...will be seen today,
disbursed with the crowd.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Bernadette Devlin.
We are a part of a worldwide
movement for civil freedoms.
We are protesting
against internment of people.
Tell Wilford it's
just one company
to pick up the yobbos
and no running battle
up Rossville Street.
Coming through
to barrier 14, sir?
Yes. Did you log that?
I'll do it on the secure link.
Thank you.
Six-Five, this is Zero. Come in.
Six-Five, Wilco. Out.
Okay, you're on, let's go. Move!
All call signs,
this is Five Niner.
Prepare to move.
Move, move, move, move!
We're going in, boys!
Let's go, let's go, come on!
Hey, guys, don't fuck about.
Don't fuck about.
Straight in there.
We're gonna hit 'em hard.
We know who we're picking up.
Go on, One Para.
Go and get them, and good luck.
Here they are, here they are!
Fucking hell, Gerry.
Get out of here.
There they are.
...against these people.
What's going on down there?
Christ, Ivan, they're coming in.
Stand your ground, people.
Stand your ground, people.
We have a right to be here.
Fuck's sake.
Ah, fucking hell!
Fucking bastards!
Look at 'em.
There's thousands of them.
Free Derry?
Stand by.
Fucking Free Derry.
Go! Go!
Let's get a search team!
Let's go in there.
Sergeant Major, let's get
a search team in there.
Jesus Christ, it's the Paras!
Help! Help!
Get those fucking bastards!
We have to stop here!
They're covering the whole wall.
Up in those blocks of flats.
Jesus, get down, get down!
Watch yourselves, boys.
Get down.
Let's move in!
The shit's hitting the fan now.
Get back on our side
of the barricade.
Stand your ground.
It's only rubber bullets, and
they're firing above your heads.
We will not be moved.
Ivan, I don't like the look
of this.
Get the fuck out! Get out!
Get out, you lazy bastards!
They're firing live rounds!
This is not a hoax!
Get down! Get under cover!
Get under cover!
Keep going, behind the lorry!
Come on!
Get under cover!
Get under cover!
Go on, you Protestant fuckers!
Ah, don't tell me mammy.
Shoot me, you bastards!
Shoot me!
Get down, people.
Get down! Get down! Get in!
Tell them to stop shooting.
In the flats, there's a contact
by the left flank!
- Left, where? Where?
- By the flats!
That's all I can hear!
Fucking hell,
get your head down, will you?
What the fuck are you doing?!
Somebody move that way!
Back, back, back. Go on.
In between the lines!
Move back!
Go, go, go, go, go, folks, go!
We need to get the kids
off the barricade!
Jesus Christ, someone
tell those folks to get down!
Lads, get down!
Behind the barricade!
He's got a weapon!
Jesus, they've shot a man!
Can you help him?
Get down! They're shooting
live bullets! Get down!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
They've got a weapon!
There's no gunman
on the barricade!
There's nothing there!
I can't see any fucking targets!
No, sir, there's...
There's no targets!
My God, they're shooting
children on the barricades!
Jesus Christ,
what are they doing?
Christ, stop it!
They're shooting them
in the back!
They're just picking them off!
Only aimed shots.
What are we firing at?
I can't see any fucking targets!
Oh... oh, they've just shot
that young lad down!
You fucking bastards!
Come on, you're going
to have to get him out.
Get him out! Keep going!
Come on, Gerry!
Get off the barricade!
Get off the barricade!
They're shooting
at the barricade!
They're shooting at youse!
What's his name?
What's his name?
Michael Kelly.
Michael, you're okay.
We're going to have to get
out of here.
They're gonna come for me,
They're moving
off the barricade!
They're going round
to the courtyard.
Let's go! Come on!
- Cease-fire.
- Cease-fire.
Let's get out!
Let's get out!
They've just called
a cease-fire.
We have to get away.
They're coming for me, Hamish.
They're coming for me, Hamish.
They're going to come for me,
They just called a cease-fire!
They're shooting people!
I have to go. I can't stay!
I have to go!
I have to go. I can't stay!
They're shooting at peop...
- Wait!
- Please, let me go!
Young fella!
Jesus, don't shoot!
I'm not armed!
Don't shoot! We're...
Fuck! Let's get out of here!
Dave, I'm going...
I've been shot!
I've been shot!
Oh! I've been shot!
Call an ambulance!
Jesus Christ, come on!
Oh, look at that steward there.
No! What is he doing?!
They've hit him!
They've hit him!
He's got an armband on!
No, get back, Barney!
Barney, no!
Oh, no, no, no!
Barney, no!
No, I've got to go to him.
Please, Ivan, no!
Stay. Stay back!
Jesus! Lvan, come back!
Get down!
Get back, get back!
Get back! No!
Stay back, back,
Barney, for God's sake!
God... Jesus Christ!
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Barney?! Barney?! Barney?!
Zero, this is Nine-Four.
A sitrep at 16-15,
uh, on William Street.
Uh, seven people caught
by Six-Five
are in the area
of Rossville Street...
They've gone in.
The Pigs are in this area, sir.
...two shots.
I repeat: Two shots
at one of our patrols
on the city wall,
at 16:14 hours. Over.
They've gone all the way in.
Six-Five, this is Zero.
Repeat: Request immediate
sitrep. Over.
Zero, this is Six-Five.
The, uh, two sub-units moved in
got involved in a firefight.
Uh, shots appeared to come
from the Rossville flats.
The two sub-units have
now gone secure in that area.
And two civilians are lying
wounded or dead...
we're not sure yet...
in the area
of Chamberlain Street.
Who shot them, we don't know.
Right, get him up.
Come on! Get down!
This man is dying!
Go on, get him in.
Get him in!
Steady on so, here.
He's fucking bleeding.
Shot badly.
Put him down.
Is there a doctor around?
Somebody call a doctor!
Stand still!
Stand still!
Keep your hands up!
Keep your hands up!
Stop it!
Put your hands on your heads!
Brian, Phil, we'll take these!
Right, put your hands
on your heads!
Okay, does anyone
know this man's name?
Oh, it's Willy. I know Willy.
Willy, this is your doctor here.
How are you?
You're okay, Willy.
Just relax there for me.
Tell me mammy I'm sorry.
Tell me mammy I'm sorry.
Does anyone know
this man in the corner?
His name is Jim.
Can you hear me, Jim?
Mammy, I'm sorry.
He's not breathing.
Is he all right?
Tell me mam...
Mammy, I'm so sorry.
They shot my son.
They shot my son.
They shot my son.
Let's get these bodies moved!
Right, men!
Let's go!
And move! Fucking move!
Move. Why don't you
bloody move it?
Sergeant Major!
All fucking mad.
How many rounds you get down?
Oh, fuck me...
I had to change magazines.
I took a guy out
by the phone box
and there was one crawling away
and I got him.
Lovely, sorted, mate...
I just went in
with the first two rounds.
Well, I reckon I had four
or five rounds, actually...
How many rounds have you used?
I reckon I've done a mag.
...shed loads.
I had to change me mag.
What the fuck did you do?
...adrenalin was pumping
our nerves.
I saw it.
I saw you shoot civvies.
You was there, Lom...
you see what we done.
All civvies are terrorists,
I never even saw a gunman!
Keep an eye out on the flats.
They were shooting.
They were there.
You know what happened;
you were there with us.
Aye, I saw what happened.
Listen here, listen here,
be quiet.
We went round there,
we see loads...
there was
about a hundred people.
- We see a gunman.
- At least, at least.
We see a gunman,
we went left and right flanks
and we took 'em out.
You know what happened, right?
Get the story right
'cause this is bound
to come over.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm happy with that.
Get O.C. Mortars over here now.
Okay, give me a sitrep,
and then I'll come down.
why have you got no comms?
Why is there no radio operator?
They both want an interview
with you, right now.
Okay. I'll be down there
in 15 minutes.
I've got, uh, bodies on the
barricade... three at least dead.
Um, there was a revolver man
there, fired some shots at us.
Good. Have we got the weapon?
- No, sir.
- We have no weap...
I want to get a clearing patrol
down there now.
We need to secure that area.
We need to get the weapons
off the shooters
on the barricade.
Right, sir.
Company Sergeant Major.
I've got to go and see
the general and the TV cameras.
We've just fired a fucking
horrendous amount of ammunition.
We've got to know why
and we've got
to have some weapons.
Right, sir.
What's the situation
on the barrier?
Picked up three, uh... three...
Looked, looked fucked, sir.
Gray as hell. Uh...
So we have three dead confirmed?
Three dead, three confirmed.
Let's get them back
to the RMP to confirm
Did you find any,
anything on them? Any weapons?
Nothing. No, no weapons there
at all, sir.
Have you searched the barricade?
You've searched the barricade?
As quick as we could, sir, yeah.
The pockets.
- There's no hidden weapons?
- Nothing.
- Empty cases?
- Nothing.
- Fuck's sake.
- Okay.
We fired three rounds... um...
Okay, who were you engaging?
No one, sir. I was firing at...
What do you mean, "No one"?
There was...
The crowd was advancing, sir.
I had... I had no backup.
I had to move the crowd.
"C" squadron were... arresting,
uh, guys further back.
They-They were all
just coming at us.
I had to move them back, sir.
So you put down rounds
to warn the crowd?
A warning shot?
To move the crowd.
Okay, we will talk
about that later.
People are alleging
on the Bogside
that the Army went in today,
firing indiscriminately.
Let's get this absolutely clear.
One Para went in
and came under fire.
They did not fire back
until they were fired at.
I believe we fired three rounds
after receiving something
between ten and 20.
Three rounds? It seems,
that seems a very low figure.
I mean, I've personally seen
three dead bodies here today.
Well, of course,
they may very well not
have been killed
by our soldiers.
We have three dead bodies.
There were another
three casualties
inflicted by mortars...
All right, that's all right.
That's all right.
Colonel, General Ford is saying
it's absolutely urgent
that you speak to him now
down at barrier 12.
You must go.
I think most of the gunmen are
up there.
I'm gonna go back to the general
and the press
with the three dead.
You've got to find
some justification.
- We're working on it now.
- All right.
I'm securing here.
I'll report
back to you as soon as.
Seven-Six. I can see
some photographers
at the Rossville flats.
They're taking photographs
of a civil rights banner
covered in blood. Over.
Just get them
out of the Bogside.
Uh, Six-Five, Roger.
I'm doing that now. Over.
Just get them out now.
Uh, Six-Five, this is Zero
requesting immediate pullback.
Repeat, requesting immediate
pullback, please. Over.
Very good, sir.
Six-Five out.
this is Six-One Delta.
Uh, the ambulance has just gone
across the diamond
and is now moving
along Ferry Quay Street. Over.
...there is still a body
lying just south
of the Rossville flats.
Zero, this is Six-One Yankee.
One ambulance just now crossing
the Great Albion Bridge
from west to east.
And you call that minimum force?
Another ambulance has
just crossed the bridge
the other way. Over.
You've solved the situation
before with regular troops.
Why the Paras today?
Because I think the situation
in Londonderry
has got completely
out of control...
two policemen shot
last Thursday
81 incidents in
the last few weeks.
Something had to be done
to reinforce law and order.
But why was it considered
necessary to use, uh
live ammunition
instead of rubber bullets?
Who made that decision?
I'm sorry, but the aggression
was brought to us.
It was quite clear that our men
were attacked on the barriers
by the hooligans who got
out of control in the parade...
And yet no soldiers were hit.
...throwing bricks and stones.
Sir, was there a need
to kill innocent civilians?
My understanding is
absolutely clear
that the Paras were fired on
and returned fire.
- Were any...?
- Both high-velocity
and low-velocity bullets
were used.
Were-Were-Were any soldiers hit?
- Uh, not to my knowledge.
- Not to your knowledge.
When can we have a statement by?
We will give you a statement
as soon as we can.
Colonel Tugwell.
Uh, Five Niner, Roger.
That's it, Sergeant Major.
They're pulling us
out of the Bogside.
Guys, they're pulling us out.
Lead on.
Move out!
There seemed to be
a very large number
of casualties today,
Colonel Wilford.
You must understand that, uh
we've only just finished
this operation.
We do not know exactly, uh,
what happened, at this stage
but there are certainly
three people killed.
Don't you think
you might have used
excessive force today?
Well, what is force
in a situation like this?
If they fire on us,
we're gonna fire back
and they know that
perfectly well.
But you think
the operation was justified?
Of course.
Do you have no regrets at all
about the operation today?
Absolutely none.
- None whatsoever?
- None whatsoever.
- Please...
- He's all right.
...tell them I'm sorry.
- We're bringing him out now.
They've done that. Get him out.
We're going now.
Going out, you know.
Go, go, go, go,
get the fuck out of here.
Come on, get him in.
Come on, lads.
Come on! Get him in.
All right, come on, lads.
Hang on, hang on,
you're all right, hang on.
- Gentlemen.
- Steady, steady.
- Gerry?
- You're all right.
Go, go, go.
Go on, boy. Go with him.
You go. Go on.
Hang on there, son.
You're gonna be all right.
Can you hear me?
Just try to keep easy there,
You're gonna be all right now.
Look at me.
Oh, fuck, a roadblock!
Okay, just stay calm, stay calm.
You stay calm.
Oh, Jesus Christ, the Brits
are fucking everywhere today.
Come on, get out the car!
Get out now!
We've got an injured man!
We've got to get this man
to hospital!
We just wanna get him
to hospital.
He's been shot.
You're fucking up!
Go up against the wall!
Move on!
This one's dying, mate.
Scratch one player.
Ah, he's not carrying, Sarge.
By the fucking wall!
I won't tell you again!
Stop looking around!
Wait there by the wall!
Do it!
Come on, get through,
get through!
Come on!
All right.
Yeah, Ivan Cooper, MP.
Member of Parliament
for this area.
Ivan Cooper.
Please, I just need
to get through.
I'm calling on the families now.
Where are you going, mate?
Lvan Cooper, Member of
Parliament for this area.
Please, I need to get through.
I've already spoken
to some of your superiors.
You can't go through there,
I've spoken to your superiors
Please, can you let me through?
Thank you.
I've spoken to your superiors.
I'm a member of Parliament.
Do we have no list...?
You-You have no idea
of casualties yet?
Jesus Christ.
Excuse me.
Excuse me...
Are youse... are you just...
Listen, are you...
How many are in there, Father?
Six here, there's six here.
God Almighty.
There's six here.
Listen, you can't
just leave them
lying like bits of meat here!
There's no room!
Frances, there's
six bodies down there.
I don't know who they are.
None of them are Barney.
- They're not Barney.
- Paddy Doherty?
Excuse me,
I've been in here already.
- I'm a member of Parliament.
- We've been through it already.
There are six down there.
- None of them are Paddy Doherty.
- Not Paddy Doherty?
They're not Barney McGuigan.
That's eight.
Don't know how many there are.
Have you any word
about Michael Kelly?
Michael Kelly?
I'm gonna... I'm trying
to find out all that now.
Michael Kelly.
Ivan, help me find
me brother Jacky.
Who? What's his name?
Jacky who?
Jacky Duddy.
Okay, Jacky Duddy,
Michael Kelly...
Michael McDaid, if you can do
anything about Michael McDaid.
Michael McDaid. I'm trying
to find out, okay?
Dirty bastards!
If you can,
get the numbers down.
Do we have a list yet?
Do we have it?
Kelly, Kelly,
is there an Andy Kelly?
I'm trying to find out, okay.
There's 13 dead...
13 dead.
...14 wounded.
How many?
Are they male or female?
I've the list. I have the list.
Are they male or female?
We're gonna have to start
letting people know.
Everyone take a family
and let them know.
Where are those Duddy girls?
Murdering bastards!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Look after the Duddy girls.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no! Oh, no!
Where's that man?
Excuse me, please!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Michael Kelly's away.
Michael Kelly's gone.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Please, please, please,
please, stay back, stay back.
Show some respect
for the dead, please.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Jesus, Ivan.
What are we gonna do?
My wife...
Those bastards...!
Oh, no...!
They shot my da!
Miss Fuller! Fuller...
Give him a seat, Fuller.
This is a nightmare...
Where the fuck are ya?
Where the fuck are they?
They don't know.
Fuck off, would you?
And, uh, uh...
so, I took my brig right
uh, through to Glenfada Park,
uh, to cut off the crowd
and when we got round there,
there was... there was masses.
There was about 100 people
round there.
Uh, straight away,
I saw one guy who looked...
who was about to throw a bomb
in my direction.
Are you sure of that?
Definitely, sir.
Uh, I took immediate action.
I dropped to one knee
and took, uh, a well-aimed shot
to the shoulder
and the-the shot hit the nail...
the guy with the nail bomb,
in the shoulder.
As I came round the corner,
two gunmen shot across me
and I identified, I think
it was a-a short M-1 carbine.
I dropped to one knee,
took three aimed shots.
Petrol bomb was thrown...
landed about ten,
15 yards away from us.
Uh, no one was hurt.
Then there was
a second one already lit.
I shouted to him to stop,
stop, put it down...
fired a couple of shots.
He went down.
Can't say if it...
Fired a couple of shots?
How many shots?
Four, sir.
Four? And you hit him?
Best of my knowledge, sir, yes.
How many rounds did you fire
at him?
Uh, 22, sir.
22 rounds?
How did you fire 22 rounds?
That's more rounds
than they issue you with.
Quick, come on...
Move, come on.
Get round this other...
Get round the other side
and tape it.
Quick, before anybody sees us.
Get down there.
Go on, move.
Can we get some explosives
experts over here, please?
Hello, Zero,
this is Four-One Alpha.
We've got suspected nail bombs
at my location.
Send Felix now.
Zero, this is Five-Four Arthur.
Um, one dead person, who was
returned to this location
has a nail bomb in his pocket.
We request Felix to come down
and sort it out. Over.
One round returned
as the gun was spotted there
but no hits claimed. Over.
Where did they come from?
We should go fucking home.
No problem, no problem.
You're okay, guv.
Lomas, come.
Shut the door behind you.
At ease, Private.
Sit down.
I'm W2 Norton.
This is Sergeant Bridge.
We'll be taking your statement.
CSM is here for your benefit.
In your own words
could you please tell me
exactly what happened?
I could see through
the front of the Pig
that there was a, um,
a rubble barricade
somewhere in front,
at the end of Rossville Street
with about thousands
of people behind it
all screaming and shouting.
We, um, stopped and debussed
just outside the barrier.
I went on to the right-hand side
of the road
opposite the, um, Rossville
flats, which was to our left.
As we were going up
the right-hand side
there was, um, some sort
of commotion on the left
where-where we assumed
a contact had taken place.
Then my, uh,
section commander shouted
that there was a sniper
on the barricade
and, um, he-he-he returned fire.
Private Lomas, did you,
at any time, see the target?
I did, um, swing my rifle
to bear around the corner
of the wall
and that's when we saw
what I believed to be
a- a gunman firing...
holding a firearm
towards our direction.
My platoon commander shouted
that he saw 50
possibly more of the rioters
on the barricade
break right towards
the Glenfada Park area
and ordered my section
to go towards that area
and cut them off.
When we, um, entered the park,
there was a lot of confusion.
We saw a lot of people
and, um, I-I didn't witness
the beginning of the firefight.
At what point was the cease-fire
order given, please?
Before or after the shootings?
The cease-fire was given
after the last shots were fired
in Glenfada Park.
Private Lomas, in your opinion,
were all the rounds fired
in accordance
with the yellow card?
Yes, sir.
Well, of course, the, uh,
the loss of life is, um
is greatly to be regretted,
but I cannot help but think
that we responded to a-a-a
very difficult situation...
and, at least,
Londonderry tonight, uh
would seem to be quiet,
which suggests
that we've moved one step
in the right direction
of the recreation
of law and order.
Now, the main point
I want to make is
that have I seen nothing today
that reflects in any way
with discredit on our forces
who have behaved, as ever,
with restraint
and, I believe,
great professionalism.
So, please, uh, convey my thanks
to the men, Pat.
Uh, you, of course, will be
in charge of the inquiry...
um, issues of timing,
when the Paras went in,
things of that nature.
Uh, my role on the day,
of course
was purely as an observer.
Have you anything to add?
No, sir. No.
The war against the IRA
will go on.
Thank you, gentlemen.
If you want me, sir,
I'll be out here.
Thank you, Michael.
If you just give us a moment.
People... people, please.
People, please, could you
just give us a moment?
If you just have a seat quietly
for a moment
we'll issue you
with a full statement presently.
And we will take
some questions afterwards
if you'll just please bear
with us.
Just have a seat there
for a moment.
Thank you.
Uh, this afternoon, 27 people
were shot in this city.
13 of them lie dead tonight.
They were innocent.
We were there.
This is our Sharpeville.
This is our Amritsa Massacre.
A moment of truth
and a moment of shame.
And, uh, I just want to say this
to the British government:
You know what you've just done,
don't you?
You've destroyed
the Civil Rights Movement.
And you've given the IRA
the biggest victory
it will ever have.
All over this city tonight
young men, boys...
will be joining the IRA
and you will reap a whirlwind.
Mr. Cooper, what do you say
to those people
that might be joining
and what message do you want
to give to them?
I feel very ill-equipped
to do any preaching to them
after today.
The names of the dead are
as follows:
Patrick Joseph Doherty,
age 31...
Gerard Vincent Donaghy,
age 17...
...John Francis Duddy, age 17...
Hugh Pius Gilmore, age 17...
...James Gerard McKinney, 35...
William Anthony McKinney, 26...
Kevin Gerard McElhinney,
age 17...
...Bernard McGuigan, 41...
Michael Martin McDaid, 20...
Michael Gerald Kelly, 17...
...William Noel Nash, 19...
James Patrick Wray, 22...
John Pius Young, 17.
Have the families of the dead
been informed?
They have... they have been,
uh, notified at this point, yes
and, uh...
Actually, gentlemen
I think that probably
the best thing is
we adjourn just for a moment.
We have some distressed people.
So if we can have a little
sensitivity just until we...
I think we can, uh...
Wait until you get outside.
She was saying, "Where's Jack?"
Wait till you get outside.
Don't say anything
till you get outside.
I'm sorry,
can you just step aside
for one minute, please?
What am I going to say
to Barney's family?
There is nothing you can say.
What am I going to say
to Barney's kids?
There's nothing
any of us could say.
You all saw it.
You saw it, you saw it.
And I would say...
I would say to yourselves
to British journalists
go home to your people,
to your government
and tell your people
what was done in their name
on the streets of Derry today.
The paratroopers
moved in last night
and waited in the streets
of Derry to mow us down.
And I would just like
to say this on behalf of us
the families of the victims
and the victims
that we will not rest
until justice is done.
A song I hope one day
never to have to sing again.
Oh... oh...
I can't believe the news today
I can't close my eyes,
make it go away
How long?
How long must we sing this song?
How long? How long?
Tonight we can be as one
Broken bottles
under children's feet
And bodies strewn across
a dead-end street
But I won't heed the battle call
It puts my back up
My back up against the wall
Sunday, bloody Sunday,
Sunday, bloody Sunday
And this battle's yet begun
There's many lost,
but tell me who has won?
The trenches dug
within our hearts
And mothers, children,
brothers, sisters torn apart
Sunday, bloody Sunday,
Sunday, bloody Sunday
One, two, three, four!
How long?
How long must we sing this song?
How long? How long?
Tonight we can be as one
Tonight, tonight,
tonight, tonight
Edge, go!
How are you?
How are you?
You heard of
Amnesty International?
Well, they've heard of you.
And they know.
They know all about you.
Sing this...
for Belfast, for Derry...
for Beirut, for Nicaragua.
After me, sing.
No more! Sing!
No more!
No more!
No more!
No more!
No more!
No one
No one
No more
No more
No one, no more!
Wipe your tears away,
wipe your tears away
Wipe your bloodshot eyes
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Wipe your tears away
Sunday, bloody Sunday,
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday
We are so stinkin' mad!
And it's true we are immune
When fact is fiction,
TV reality
And today the millions cry
We eat and drink
while tomorrow they die
The real battle just begun
We'll claim the victory,
for Jesus' sons, yeah
Sunday, bloody Sunday,
Sunday, bloody Sunday...
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Sunday, bloody Sunday
Sunday, bloody Sunday,
Sunday, bloody Sunday