Blossom Valley (2018) Movie Script

Which words do make sense
in the following list ?
Demembrance, ebanescence,
moistend, poison,
None of those make sense.
- Are you sure ?
- Yes.
Thank you !
What do you do for a living, Laci ?
Furniture... loading.
Great. Relax, don't worry !
I am gonna tell you about
the next test. Ok ?
What do you mean not good ?
What is not good ?
What was wrong ?
What is wrong ?
I don't know.
I wanted to get a better score.
You wanted to get a better...
Do you understand that better
doesn't work for us right now ?
We don't need good.
We talked about this, right ?
And you understood.
Look ! If this is good...
I mean good for us
that makes our life easier
so many ways.
For example commuting
and accommodation
and in fact it does make
a difference for me as well.
It makes everything
Like work wise, we work
together, right ?
Look !
You are like my son to me.
I think...
I think your mom would be
proud of us.
Laszlo ?
- Hello !
- Are you his legal guardian ?
- Yes, I am his uncle.
- All right.
The doctor has analyzed
the test results.
Lszl's score is 53%
which means he is unable
to make decisions for himself.
- Okay.
- Could you please sign it ?
- Can I do the test again ?
- Unfortunately, no.
I wanted to get 70%.
Sure but don't you worry.
Your results are good.
- Everyone wants to do better.
- Sign it please !
Miss ? Miss ?
Hello !
Miss, what are you doing
in our pool ?
Hello !
Nothing. I just wanted to play.
Put some clothes on
and get out of the pool !
Do you know her ?
- No.
- Okay, coming.
Don't look at her !
You neither !
Game over !
Hi, Gyula !
Hi, Bianka !
- Do you have some music ?
- Put on some dance music !
I love this.
- Yeah ?
- Hi, this is Bianka !
- Hi !
- Can I come up ?
- No, you can't. Why... ?
- I need a few things.
Honey, I'm coming, wait please !
My phone died.
I couldn't call you
but I will be traveling to Italy
and would need clothes.
- Can you come back later ?
- No, the bus is waiting for me.
- I drop it down.
- I am just gonna come up for a second.
Fighter, Fighter, don't...
So delicious.
- Are you sure it is good for him ?
- Let her have it. She is so skinny.
- Can I get a cigarette ?
- Sure.
- No worries.
- Thank you !
How is it going ?
How is the tanning salon ?
I watch movies and make phone calls.
- Do your friends visit you ?
- Sometimes.
I would come. Do you work alone
or who is here ? Is it fun ?
- We have a manicurist as well.
- Really ?
Did she do your nails ?
Shit, I want those rhinestones too.
Thanks !
Someone painted my nails
when I was asleep, it is awful.
I would like to remove it.
Is the manicurist here ?
Yes, you can come in.
She will do your nails
and there is a discount.
- Cool, I am in.
- All right, come on !
- Let me finish my cigarette.
- Sure.
Bandika, shut up !
Why can't you stay put for a minute ?
Calm down !
Bandika, come back !
Why don't you obey me ?
Come back right now !
Hi !
Hi !
Would you like some more ?
What is it ?
Ok ! You are good.
- Get a paternity test done !
- Look at her !
She looks a lot like you.
Zsolt, I know you have a car, please
take us home ! I need to feed her.
We have been waiting here for
30 minutes. She is a baby.
I can't, I am working.
Just give me a ride and
you can come back !
I am not leaving !
- Hello !
- Hi !
- Good afternoon !
- Hi ! Where is Marko ?
Back there !
Marko !
Is there a room where
I can change her diaper ?
How much should we pull it up ?
I'm not good at this.
Nobody helps me.
What happened ?
I have no place to go.
I live on the streets.
- Are you serious ?
- Yes.
So what are you going to do ?
I don't know. To live on streets.
Can you help us ?
- Can we stay for a while ?
- If she is your child... you can.
This is our room.
Just leave the stroller there !
She is my girlfriend.
- Hello !
- Bianka.
- Gyuri.
- Nice to meet you !
Oh, Laci !
- You have a common baby ?
- Yeah.
- Can I see the baby ?
- Sure.
Wow, so beautiful.
- Boy or girl ?
- Girl.
Look at her !
She is a beauty !
Congratulations !
You have a beautiful baby.
Do your parents know about this ?
Look, if you bring a baby here,
that means you have
nowhere to go.
Parents-in-law, relatives,
brother, sister, brother-in-law ?
We don't have anywhere to go
right now but won't stay long.
Just until we figure out something.
Listen, we will make it work. Just
need a screen to separate the room.
Like a curtain or
something and you can be together.
But let me know if you guys
need privacy then
I will just take a walk.
Oh, Laci !
Unfortunately the company policy
forbids to have a minor
in this work dormitory.
All I can do to let
you stay one night.
Only one night.
And only because
I understand your problem.
I have children and know how it is
and I really want to help you
but can't do more.
I believe your legal
guardian is your uncle
and it is a huge responsibility.
Have you thought
this situation through ?
In that case
I will give you the phone number
of a shelter for young mothers.
Hi, baby !
It's Bianka.
Yes I know but
I was busy doing stuff,
and wasn't around but I am back.
Are you working
where you normally do ?
Don't hang up !
Can I come see you ?
I just wanna see you,
maybe stay for a couple of days.
At least today.
Who is your girlfriend ?
Hello ?
Hey !
Come on !
Laura !
Do you like it ?
There is a problem.
What ?
Someone told me that
you should go to a shelter.
What is a shelter ?
She recommended.
Didn't she tell what it is about ?
Gyuri !
Gyuri !
Tell me !
Gyuri, what is a place for children
or shelter for mothers look like ?
What is it, Laci ?
- Shelter for mothers.
- What is that ? A hospital ?
Why do I need to go there ?
He wants to send me away.
Where did you get this ?
A lady recommended.
What is wrong with this place ?
Do you want to send her to a shelter ?
Do you have any idea
how bad that place it is ?
You go to a shelter like that...
You will be surrounded
by coyotes.
Why do you think am I here ?
Because my family
is separated as well.
We had been to those shelters too.
Once my woman was walking on the
hallway all night long with her baby,
our daughter, Rebeka.
She couldn't sleep
because other kids were screaming.
Other mothers did not care
about their babies.
The mothers went out.
They didn't care.
Those women will convince you
to go out and get a rich guy.
Do you understand ?
I don't want to say it.
Good looking
mothers are popular.
Well, Laci ?
Such is life.
No way I go a place like this.
Figure something out !
I will find out something.
Your tiny feet...
Come on !
Hi !
Relax !
Almost there.
- Laci, I am gonna take a shower, ok ?
- Sure.
Forga, mix,
sward, loght.
- Can we talk ?
- What's wrong ?
I have a child.
Don't joke with me !
Why didn't you tell me ?
Did you let her keep the baby ?
- Just found out.
- Who is the girl ?
Fucking good.
What are you gonna do now ?
Can I borrow money for rent ?
I can't believe it this story.
Ok, come here with
the girl this afternoon
and I will tell her what happens.
Hi, Laci !
So she is the lady
you were talking about.
- I am Robi.
- Bianka.
Come on in !
Close it please !
Okay, well.
Did you put him to sleep ?
Let's not go in the house because the
baby is sleeping but we can stay here.
I am gonna leave her here to sleep.
The dog won't bother her.
Come on !
- May I ?
- This is your home, isn't it ?
We use this trailer for vacation.
Explain the situation !
Where did you guys meet ?
Tell me something !
We were at a party and then
some of us went to Laci's place.
- To the work dormitory ?
- Yes.
Did you take Bianka to the dormitory ?
Congrats ! What were you thinking ?
Is this child yours at all ?
Do we know ?
Okay, so what is the plan ?
What is your plan ?
- What do you do ?
- I am looking for a job.
- I am sorry, what ?
- I am looking for a job.
Does that pay good ?
Did you look around and see
what is going on here ?
Do you know how we got this ?
We worked for it, honey.
Work that we have been
doing with Laci for a long time.
Laci is a big part of it
and I really need him.
He is one of my best workers.
Am I right ? I am, believe me.
This is a job that you
have to do immediately
when it is requested,
not later. 24/7.
They call and off we go.
I don't understand what your plan is
and what I could do to help.
Kitty, come in !
That's me.
So Laci won't be
doing this with you.
There is cola in the fridge,
take some !
He is a prick.
Cool place.
Laci, what's the matter ?
You look so anxious.
You have not danced
with your woman.
You are stressed.
Are you jealous ?
You are jealous, right ?
Hi, Karesz !
Oh, Gyuri, hello ! What's up ?
Listen ! As we have discussed...
Meet the guy.
Can you drive ?
- Not really.
- That's not good.
I guess you don't have
a driver's license.
Fuck ! You have no money.
All right.
Are you sure he is able to do this ?
Sure he can do it.
Look, Laci, you have to
understand something.
I am only doing this
because of the kid.
Three hundred thousand, ok ?
I don't have that much.
That's fine. You will get a loan.
We will do the paperwork.
Give me your phone
so they can't track you down.
This is it.
Come on !
What the hell is going on ?
Watch out, Laci !
Fuck, it is standing on pedestals.
- What's up, Laci ?
- Look !
What ?
Did you seriously get it ?
Really ?
Oh my god ! Awesome !
All right.
Laci, are you happy ?
- Yes.
- All good ? Is it ok like this ?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Don't forget,
dress up nicely tomorrow !
Okay, bye !
Bye, have a good night !
- It only has rubber bullets.
- Wow, so heavy.
You cock the gun,
and pull the trigger.
What are you doing ?
What are you doing tomorrow ?
We have some business to do.
We will be waiting for you
to come home.
I will cook something.
I will do laundry,
raise the kid.
You will work
and when we have money
we can go to places
with the trailer.
Let's catch it, go behind me !
Wait for me there. Be quiet !
Wring her neck !
Come on ! Are you not able
to do that or scared ?
Take it and wring her neck !
Let's name her !
Hello !
Cute !
Hi !
Now you are free.
Give me a wiper !
Nice load !
- Can you take it out ?
- Sure.
- She has pushed one more.
- What had she eaten ?
- Wait !
- Done.
You can put it up.
Calm down. You are clean now.
Hello !
Let me see !
Wait I'll do it.
We will be here.
Come home soon !
Mr. Reti, could you please
give me your ID
for a second ?
Thank you !
- What do you do for a living ?
- Furniture loading.
Mr. Rti, kindly please
provide the missing
required documents
for your loan application.
Thank you ! Good bye !
What's up, Laci ?
They said there
are missing documents.
What is missing ?
I don't know what is missing.
Okay, give it to me !
Let me take a look !
What is missing ?
Look, are you currently
under legal guardianship ?
Do you have
a legal guardian, Laca ?
He has a legal guardian.
I can't believe this.
Can you fucking believe this, Zoli ?
He has a legal guardian.
Why didn't you tell me this ?
Are you kidding me ?
We are fucked. Big time.
You understand that you owe me
300,000 forint ?
Should I force him to
work off his debts ?
- Yes.
- What ?
Laura. Relax !
The boss sent this to you,
your new phone.
Hello !
You will continue working on that
part like yesterday.
Hi there ! Come with me, please !
I show your work site.
We are going down here.
This is it.
I'll show you what to do.
Take a brush, dip it in this shit
and paint the window.
Then use this tool to get rid of
the painting. Understood ?
Yes, sure.
Outgoing calls are not allowed.
- Have you had breakfast yet ?
- No.
Would you like some ?
Have some, please !
Do you know what
you will be doing ?
Lay the fundation.
You will work with me.
We can speak with the boss.
You can work with me.
It is a good place.
The boss is nice. He is reasonable.
All you have to do is finish
the job and you will be fine.
Come on !
- Where is your stuff ?
- I didn't bring anything.
What ?
Anyway, come on !
I'll show your place.
You will be staying
here for a few weeks.
- Here ?
- Do you have a problem ?
That's your bed.
Can I call someone ?
- Who do you want to call ?
- They are expecting me home.
So ?
- Where were you ?
- Working.
Who are those people ?
I owe them money.
Hi, Laci !
It is me, Karesz.
All right, Laci.
You know, what ?
Grab your shit and get the
fuck out of my trailer !
Laci, open the door !
You owe me 300,000 forint.
We got dropped off.
Coming from countryside.
- Yes ?
- Yes.
With a trailer ?
We are circus artists.
He is my brother.
- Your brother ?
- Yes, Laci.
He is in bad shape.
- Yeah, he fell.
- From where ?
We climb a lot and do tricks
in the air and he fell off the trapeze.
- Is the baby yours ?
- No, he is my brother.
The baby belongs
to another pair in the circus.
They hooked up and ended up
having a baby.
How did you get her ?
I'm taking care of her until the
rest of the team needs to perform.
She is with us now.
We are having our resting session.
Is it okay that we are going kinda
slow with the trailer ?
- I can't go faster.
- Sure. Let them sleep.
Let them sleep... Okay.
- I will take you to a camp.
- That's great.
Do you have money for the camp ?
- Yes.
- Okay and I keep going.
- Where ?
- Where ?
I will go home
and take care of my bees.
- What bees ?
- I am a beekeeper.
- What kind of bees do you have ?
- The pretty kind.
So many pretty girls.
- How many bees do you have ?
- How many ? A lot.
I don't know how many exactly.
800 die every day
and 800 born.
It's like real life.
Born, die but with them
it happens every day.
Laci, look !
I think there is someone.
- Can you see it ?
- Yes, I see.
Do you think he is looking for us ?
I don't know.
She is asleep.
Look how nice she is sleeping.
Look, Laci ! Go to sleep !
- Maybe they are looking for us.
- No we are coming from a long way.
We should have given
him the money.
You don't need
to give money to those idiots !
You don't owe them.
We will get money and
get the hell out of here.
- We figure it out.
- Ok.
We figure it out.
Laci ? What's up ?
I just woke up.
What are you looking at ?
Is it good ?
- Does it look nice ?
- Yes it does.
I think it was Robi's.
This is what we have.
Not much.
Cool place.
Who are you ?
Can you lift me to the town ?
I have no time.
No time for that.
Why not ?
I have no time.
I should go to the town,
and I would bring my chicken as well.
I can't bring you today.
Let's go boating at least.
We are here...
at the camp.
It is nice today.
The birds are singing,
a little breeze
and sunshine.
Yes it is a very nice day.
Those people there are guests too.
Like us.
They are in a boat
in the middle of the lake.
Ladies and Gentlemen !
I would like to introduce
you two singers, Bianka and Laci.
Laci and Bianka. The next song
they will perform is a beautiful
but sad song.
-Are you ready ?
- Yes.
Let's do it.
They will sing this song to Laura.
In the morning,
when I looked out and saw
But unfortunately
I was blinded by the sun.
In the morning,
when I looked out and saw
But unfortunately
I was blinded by the sun.
I saw the birds flying in the sky
Unfortunately blinded by the sun
I saw the people
walking on the field
Unfortunately blinded by the sun
The old afro teaches
"Everything's alright"
The old afro teaches
"Everything's alright"
The old afro teaches
"Everything's alright"
I'm only humming that it's good good
good good good good so good for me
That it's good good
good good for me
Good for me.
They say that
I should live positively
But there's nothing vibrating in me
They say that
I should live positively
But there's nothing vibrating in me
I missed my plane, I'm not going
I'm not going home now
I missed my plane, I'm not going
I'm only humming that it's good good
good good good good so good for me
That it's good good
good good for me
It's ok, I am here.
I am here.
It is okay.
Laci ! She won't stop.
I don't know what is wrong.
You can calm her. Please !
Calm her.
Sorry !
Good evening !
Do you have documentations
of her vaccinations ?
- I don't have it with me.
- Where did she get this shot ?
In Budapest.
But where ?
It looks very red that
is why I am asking.
Somewhere in the 6th district
but I don't remember exactly.
There is nothing wrong with her.
Kids cry when their tummy hurts.
Give her this tea. Fennel.
Lukewarm, not hot.
- Did you give birth by C-section ?
- No.
No ?
- Which hospital did you give birth ?
- In Budapest.
Okay, but which one ?
- Thank you ! Goodnight !
- Okay, bye !
- Bye !
- Bye !
Turn it off !
Wait here !
They are inside !
I'm here.
Police ?
What the fuck did you do ?
He is alive.
They are coming.
They are gone.
Let's take him somewhere.
Bring out the baby !
Just go ! My shoes got stuck.
I'm coming !
Hello !
She has grown a lot.
She eats so much.
By the way she is not mine.
I took her.
They didn't take good care of her.
She had a terrible mother.
I just wanted to help.
I wanted her to be in
a better place and she is.
Can you promise me something ?
You will take a good care of her.
You are a good father.
You will be a good father.
It's very nice.
The fire is beautiful.
No rain.
The stream is floating.
Lovely green nature.
We are in a cave.
A deep cave.
The fire is pretty.
You are sleeping.
Could you please watch
the baby for a while ?
Sure, no problem.