Blow the Man Down (2019) Movie Script

(waves lapping gently)
(buoy bell clanging softly)
Come all ye young fellows
That follow the sea
To me, weigh hey
- Blow the man down
- (wood creaking)
Put a vent on your ears
And listen to me
Give me some time
to blow the man down
On a New England isle
- In a good seaport town
- FISHERMAN 2: To me!
To me, weigh hey
Blow the man down
The fishin pays nicely
If you dont drown
Give me some time
to blow the man down
FISHERMAN: Where boys
become greenhorns
And greens become mates
To me, weigh hey
Blow the man down
And if you aint
into fishin
Hell, youre in
the wrong place
- Give me some time
- (bell clangs)
To blow the man down
- To me!
- To me, weigh hey
Blow the man down
Give me some time
To blow the man down.
PRISCILLA: One of the greatest
gifts our mother gave us
was her strong moral compass.
There was a lot to love
about Mary Margaret.
Her booming laugh, her smile.
(paper rustles)
Sister sippers. To Mom.
- (tires squeal)
- (indistinct arguing)
(brakes squeal and grind)
Fuck you!
Come on. What the fuck?
Come on.
Im not going in there.
Get away from me!
- Get off!
- (man grunts)
MAN: Goddamn motherfucker,
goddamn it!
- WOMAN: Fuck off!
- (man grunts)
WOMAN: Youre never getting
this fucking money back!
(man yelling)
(indistinct chatter)
- Here you go.
- Ah.
- You good?
- Thank you.
- Yeah? Need anything?
- I dont think so.
Okay, okay.
Been a long fight.
Girls, there you are.
Its the blind
leading the blind over here.
Do you have
any soda water, hon?
- Oh, yeah.
- SUSIE: Soda?
What you doing, Gail?
Have a real drink,
- or youll make me look bad.
- I am.
You girls did a real nice job.
Mary Margaret would be proud.
- That means a lot, Mrs. Burke.
- GAIL: So, Mary Beth,
UMaine next fall?
Oh. (chuckles)
Well, yeah, God, I hope so.
I mean, Im already
a year behind.
UMaine has the hottest boys.
- (laughs)
- GAIL: Oh, Lord.
Remember Mary Margaret
wore these to Kates wedding?
And her nice dress.
SUSIE: And when we asked,
she looked down and said,
- "Theyre from Paris." (laughs)
- GAIL: Didnt miss a beat.
- Aw.
- Yeah, I remember 89.
Yeah, three feet of water
in the basement.
Mary Margaret showed up
in those boots
at 1:00 a.m. with a sump pump.
She saved my tush, too.
More than a few times.
Oh, my.
Hell or high water,
your mother showed up
for all of us.
God rest her soul.
Now, I know youre feeling bad
about missing college
and losing the house,
but Ill tell you--
later in life, youll be glad
you put family first.
(quiet chatter)
Hey. Im in the weeds here.
Can you help me out
a little bit?
When were you
planning on telling me
were losing the house?
I have to find out
after Doreen goddamn Burke?
(chatter stops)
(quiet whispering)
(Priscilla sighs heavily)
Ma leveraged it, okay,
against a loan for the shop.
She was behind on payments.
I was gonna tell you.
- Okay? I was.
- Bullshit.
- We can make it work. We can...
- I just...
- I... I cant.
- We can take shifts.
- Its...
- No, its not my problem.
I... Im done.
Im out of here.
(clicks tongue)
Typical Mary Beth.
I stayed, Pris.
Ive stayed here
in this shitty town
in this shitty house
for a whole freaking year.
Well, Moms dead now,
so you can leave.
- (footsteps departing)
- (door opens)
(door closes)
(quiet chatter)
(birds screeching)
(thunder rumbling)
- (scrubbing frantically)
- (shuddering breaths)
(exhales sharply)
(rain pattering)
(music playing in distance)
They dont write em
like that anymore...
- Hiya, Paulie.
- Get the hell out of here.
- Get out of here.
- Shut up.
Hows work?
Hey, Im off for a whole day,
so drink to that.
Oh, well,
you still reek of fish.
Oh, thank you.
Ah, ah. No, no.
Connolly, Connolly.
- What?
- Connolly, no, you owe me
from last time,
you cheap ass. No way.
Youre gonna ride my ass
the day of my mothers funeral?
Oh, kid, relax.
Just trying to cheer you up.
And now Im staring
at the bodies
As theyre dancing so slow
Oh, oh, oh, oh
They dont write em
like that anymore
They dont write em
like that anymore...
Now I wind up staring
At an empty glass
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Cause its so easy...
Go ahead and take two
while youre at it.
Live a little.
GORSKI: Youre not from
around here, are you?
Easter Cove, born and raised.
Howd you end up
in this shithole?
(exhales sharply)
Bad fucking luck, man.
You know what, though?
I just won the lottery.
Well, personally,
Im on my way out of town.
Well, how about
a going-away party?
- (knocking)
- (gasps softly)
Mrs. Devlin?
- Oh, hi, Connolly.
- Hi.
Uh, thank you for the...
the flowers.
Theyre-theyre lovely.
Uh, yeah, they werent cheap.
(car door opens)
("Underground" by Epicycle
- (tires squealing)
- (song blaring over stereo)
(Gorski and Mary Beth laughing)
You scared me
for a second there.
Dont fuck with me like that,
you know.
Yeah, we might get some, uh,
troopers up here.
- We got some staties up here.
- Oh, man.
I got to be all responsible.
(both laughing)
MARY BETH: Its cold,
but it feels good out there!
(glove compartment opens)
(song ends)
("Teenage Suicide" by Epicycle
You know,
it feels pretty, uh...
it feels late.
I probably should be
getting home.
Youre so fucking cute.
(tires squeal)
Watch it. Watch it!
(Mary Beth gasping)
Oh, Im sorry.
(Gorski chuckles)
(Gorski coughs, laughs)
Lets go.
What are you waiting for?
Lets go before the cops come.
Lets go.
Look out, look out,
look out, look out
Look out for
teenage suicide.
(brakes squeal and grind)
(engine shuts off)
We got some souvenirs.
Nice fucking driving.
Its just, you know,
my fishing knickknacks.
- There was blood.
- Hey.
Get off of me.
Stop. Lets-lets just stop
for a second.
No, will you get off of me?
Get off!
- Get off! Get...
- (grunting) Hey, hey.
- Let go!
- (shushing)
Get... the fuck off of me!
H-Hey, hey, hey.
Whats the plan?
I want to go home.
GORSKI: Oh, what did you
think that you saw?
Come here.
Youre gonna wake up
all my neighbors, you know?
Well, stay the fuck
away from me.
(long sigh)
Where are you?
(singsongy): Where are you,
you fucking cunt?
Motherfucking cunt.
(Mary Beth yells)
(grunts, gasps)
- (Mary Beth shuddering)
- (Gorski whimpers)
(Gorski groans)
(Mary Beth yelps)
(Mary Beth gasping, whimpering)
- (footsteps approaching)
- (floorboards creaking)
(Priscilla shuddering)
(shower running)
Can you start over?
Im confused.
It was confusing.
But you had to do it, right?
You... Mary Beth,
you had to do it, right?
I dont know.
(shower continues running)
What do you mean,
you dont know?
I lost control with...
the brick.
You said it was a harpoon.
Oh, shit, Im so screwed.
Mary Beth, you said
it was a harpoon.
Are you gonna call the police?
(shower continues running)
(rapid beeping)
(line ringing)
MAN (over phone):
Easter Cove PD.
- (knob creaks)
- (shower stops)
Get dressed.
(engine starts)
(tires squeal)
(grunting, panting)
You ready?
We got to lift him together.
One, two, three.
(Mary Beth gasps)
(gags, pants)
Pris, I cant. Fuck.
Mrs. Egans coleslaw.
The whitest,
goopiest shit ever.
I hate coleslaw.
Yeah, but when
Adam whats-his-name
called you a pussy,
you ate the whole thing.
And you licked the spoon even.
It was disgusting.
But you got it down,
didnt you?
(inhales deeply)
(exhales slowly)
- One, two, three.
- Two, three.
(both panting)
(both grunting)
- I dont know if hes gonna fit.
Itll fit.
MARY BETH: The knees, though--
cant bend enough.
Should we take his shoes off?
- No, push the top down.
- Oops.
Just push it in.
- (screams)
- (grunts)
(both grunting)
- Oh, my God.
- Damn it!
(both panting)
We should have just
called the police.
I mean, what are we
supposed to do, Pris?
Just chop his arms off?
(joint creaking)
Fucking coleslaw.
(waves crashing)
(waves continue crashing)
(both panting)
On the count of three.
- One, two, three.
- Two, three.
Our boots and clothes
Are all in pawn
Go down, you blood red roses
Go down
We fought the storm
From dusk till dawn
Go down, you blood red roses
Go down
Oh, you pinks and posies
Go down,
you blood red roses
Go down
My dear old mother
She wrote to me
Go down, you blood red roses
Go down
My dearest son
Come home from sea
Go down, you blood red roses
Go down
Oh, you pinks and posies
Go down, you blood red roses
Go down.
Morning, Coletti.
Morning, Justin.
Or should I say
Officer Brennan?
- (laughing)
- JUSTIN: Morning, ladies.
Hows the day looking?
Not good for Capn Dick.
Better get to work.
COLETTI: Hey, take it easy
on my protg.
Ill have to take you in.
- (scoffs)
- (Susie laughs)
What a flirt.
Lord help us.
SUSIE: Think shes
on her way to church?
- (rhythmic thumping)
- (box springs squeaking)
(woman grunting, moaning
(fire crackling)
Oh, yeah!
(rhythmic thumping continues)
- (door opens)
- ALEXIS: Oh, fuck.
Holy shit.
Holy shit, its freezing.
Youre gonna catch a cold.
Didnt I buy you stockings?
Fucking waited for Gorski.
And called his cell.
You walk home
looking like that?
Anyone see you?
I mean, just some old ladies.
Oh, great.
(blows, chuckles)
Geez, Enid.
Ever think about redecorating?
Youre, like, way overdue
for a makeover.
None of your business,
Martha Stewart.
(mock babbling)
Im just saying, like,
treat yourself.
(bell jingles)
(washing machine running)
(door opens, bell jingles)
I took out the trash.
I did the laundry.
I bleached the tub.
Were gonna get caught.
I cant find the knife.
It says "Connolly Fish" on it.
Did you see me pick it up?
Mm, no, but, I mean,
we were really careful.
Yeah, well, not careful enough.
If Mom knew about this...
Okay, Pris,
just calm down, damn it.
- What are we gonna do?
- Uh...
- (door opens, bell jingles)
- JUSTIN: Hello?
- Ill go... Ill go get it.
- Anyone here?
- Okay. Y-You stay. - Okay.
(door closes, bell jingles)
- Ill go. - Okay.
- JUSTIN: Hello?
Mm, uh...
Priscilla Connolly?
Officer Coletti sent me here.
You-you have a...
a small skiff, right?
Think we could borrow it?
Sorry, were just...
were in a real squeeze.
Were just looking
for a Good Samaritan.
You guys had this boat
in the family for a while?
- Sorry, Officer.
- Oh.
Please, uh, call me Justin.
Um, Justin Brennan.
We went to County High
Your sister, she used to
prank-call my buddy Paulie
all-all the time.
It drove him nuts.
J-Just so you know,
it-it could get a little grody.
H-How do you mean?
A body washed up on the rocks.
(voice muffled, fading):
Um, we cant get it from shore,
and we cant get it
with the big boats, so, uh,
this little guy
is the best tool for the job.
(Priscilla breathing shakily)
Oh, you-you ran the food drive
at Thanksgiving, yeah?
Uh, your-your posters worked,
so you know.
I-I brought ten cans
of Chef Boyardee.
Filled up the... grocery bags.
Our chariot arrives!
- JUSTIN: Watch your step.
- (Priscilla grunts)
All right. Come on, Brennan.
I know shes cute.
- JUSTIN: Youre not coming?
- COLETTI: Oh, no.
Not with my knees.
Ill stay here
with your girlfriend.
All right.
(birds screeching)
(boat engine revving)
(boat approaching)
(shuddering breaths)
police radio chatter)
GAIL: Enids business is
bringing shame to the town.
Its bringing shame to us.
SUSIE: Well, Mary Margaret
assured us that all we...
Mary Margarets not here, Suze.
Its now between us and Enid.
I cant turn
a blind eye anymore.
- Can you?
- (Bob clears throat)
I dropped my fork.
Oh, sure, hon.
- How the Pats doing, Bob?
- (Bob groans)
Theyre not giving Brady
any protection.
Theyre playing like
a bunch of nuns. Thank you.
(Susie laughing)
Enids crossed a line,
and something needs to change.
Mary Margaret was a loyal friend,
God rest her soul,
but shes not here
to defend Enid anymore.
And even if she was,
Id like to think
Mary Margaret would agree.
Oceanview has run its course.
(door slides open)
- (chatter outside)
- (Mary Beth gasps)
- (vehicle door closes)
- (engine starts)
(vehicle departing)
(gasps softly)
(door opens, bell jingles)
Hello, Rayleen.
Hows Kimmie? (chuckles)
I want to see
those prom pictures.
Four more minutes, hon.
Hi, Julie.
Hi, Enid.
Gail, Doreen, Suze, hello.
Paul Mitchell. Huh.
- Fancy.
- ENID: I get it. I get it.
You saw one of my girls
walking home
looking like
a lady of the night.
My guys M.I.A.
Wont happen again.
No, Enid, no.
A young woman was found dead
in the harbor.
Bullet wound, track marks.
And we know she worked
at Oceanview.
Weve been asking ourselves,
who could have done this?
What is this, the Inquisition?
SUSIE: Enid, do you ever
think about retiring?
We were just thinking about
some sort of travel club
Go to Boca Raton,
drink mai tais,
get an Irish tan.
Not ready to go
full vegetable yet, Suze.
Maybe its time for a change.
You want to shut down
my business?
No, just adjust.
I can help you spruce up
the B and B,
clean things up, you know.
Boy, you didnt waste any time.
Mary Margarets been in the
grave what, not even a day?
Dont try and pull
the Mary Margaret card here.
- Now, she was a real friend.
- Too bad you were too busy
to visit her in the hospital
or attend the funeral.
But it must be hard
for you to step foot
- in a church.
- Careful, Gail.
Youre making
your frown lines worse.
- DOREEN: Enid.
- ENID: No, Dor.
You come in here telling me
one of my dearest girls
is dead, and Im a little upset.
Oh, you know which girl?
I pay Rayleen good money
for a cut and color
and some much needed
peace and quiet.
So kindly get on
with your afternoon
of casseroles and crochet,
cause when I leave here,
I-I have a goddamn
business to run.
(bell dings)
I saw your car.
Geez, youre making me
look bad!
(door slides open)
(flies buzzing)
(objects clinking)
Fuck it.
("White Lines" by T Jarrod Bonta playing)
White lines
(door opens)
Counting every mile of road...
Ill take a whiskey, please--
top shelf.
(Mary Beth sighs)
Connolly girl.
I used to pal around
with your mother.
I-I know, Mrs. Devlin.
One of the only gals had
her head screwed on straight.
You girls holding down
the shop all right?
Well, yeah.
I mean, me?
Im onto bigger and better things.
You know,
I want to travel or...
at least get the hell out
of Easter Cove.
Think shell send us a postcard?
Keep the change, Mary.
Ill see you later, Ms. Devlin.
Im speeding
down the highway
- (bell clangs)
- Racing down the byway
Chasing down my mind...
(bird cawing)
(sniffs, grunts)
(exhales, sniffs)
Come on in!
Are you looking for Raymond?
Sorry, I think I got
the wrong place.
Hold on. Well pay you.
W-We just want to talk is all.
SUSIE: Have you been
working the docks for long?
They call it "The Desert."
Oh, youre just so hip, Gail.
You still dont know
how to text.
Couple years.
DOREEN: Its such a shame
about that poor girl.
Do you know how this
couldve happened?
Yeah, its pretty fucked-up.
Like, who drowns?
Dear, your friend was killed
before she made it
into the water.
She didnt drown.
She was shot.
Dee was shot?
Do you think Enid was involved?
What the fucks
that supposed to mean?
I mean... (sighs)
she has you working today
after what happened?
Were worried about you girls.
Why dont you mind
your own fucking business?
- Honey, we just want to help.
- We want justice for Dee.
- (Susie gasps)
- ALEXIS: As far as all youse
are concerned,
Im only good for a screw.
You dont want a screw,
eat my fucking ass.
(door closes)
Um... hmm.
(door creaks open)
Anybody home?
Where is everybody?
Its usually more festive,
Ill tell you.
The atmosphere
of this place alone.
I dare you not to love it.
- Of course, under the circumstances...
- Yeah.
Hey, daddy.
- I missed you.
- (Coletti chuckles)
They talk to everybody
like that.
You thirsty?
Its cocktail oclock.
- Come on in and wet your cock.
- (Coletti chuckles)
The usual? Jack and Coke?
You want a two-for-one?
(chatter continues indistinctly)
- (man grunting upstairs)
- (rhythmic thumping)
(footsteps nearby)
- The funs in here.
- (laughter in other room)
Dont be weird.
Oh, my God.
- (Coletti laughing)
- TANYA: Come on.
I know you got some guns
under there.
- All cops like to work out.
- Okay.
Enid, tell your girls
to take it easy on him.
- Hes a good Catholic boy.
- TANYA: Aw.
Um, Ms. Devlin, can you tell us
about the last time
you saw Dee McAnniff?
Tanya, uh, go watch TV.
I TiVod some Buffy.
All right.
(Enid sighs)
Tragic thing.
I try to protect these girls,
but I cant do everything.
I think she may have been
too wrapped up with the drugs.
Its a shame.
would you mind telling us
how long she was using?
Not in my department, honey.
But its not the worst lead.
Enid, what about this fella
that manages for you?
Weirdo, not from Easter Cove.
ENID: Gorski.
Well, hes a harmless sap.
Do you know where he lives?
Afraid not.
But if Gorski had anything
to do with this,
Id never forgive myself for
bringing him into this house.
Oh... (sighs)
Thank you for looking
into this, Coletti.
Youre a good man.
Ooh, boy, what a woman.
Enid Nora Devlin.
She was hot shit
back in the day. (chuckles)
Yeah, well... she didnt seem
too upset, though.
You know,
and she didnt give us
a whole lot to work on, either.
You have eyes, my child,
but you cannot see.
She didnt say his name,
but she was definitely
pointing me
toward Declan Crawley.
Declan Crawley, thats the...
thats the guy
that runs The Desert?
Yeah, a lot of stuff
goes in and out of there,
if you know what I mean.
(bell jingling)
Hiya, Pris.
I just fixed this.
(exhales sharply)
We cant afford to deal with
this made-in-China
piece of garbage.
- Uh, Pris?
- Did you find it?
Uh... the knife?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yes, I found it.
I threw it off Kernwood Bridge.
(Priscilla takes a deep breath)
Are you okay?
I, uh...
I thought it was gonna
be him in the water.
- (birds screeching)
- (door opens)
- COLETTI: Hey, Declan.
I come bearing gifts.
How the hell are...
You make a better door
than a window.
We wont take up
much of your time.
Just need to ask you
about this Gorski fella.
No jelly.
Well, there should be.
Mr. Crawley.
Youre Tim Crawleys dad,
arent you?
Uh, I tell you,
I-Ill never forget
that Thanksgiving game
my senior year.
(chuckling): You want to talk
about a Hail Mary.
(scoffs) Nobody thought
he would catch that one.
Yeah, unbelievable play.
You played with Timbo?
I ran the scoreboard.
Uh, listen, Mr. Crawley,
if you got any information
about Gorski, wed be happy
to get out of your hair,
- let you watch your game here.
- Well, did you go by his place?
You got an address?
Yeah, Enid had me open up
an old shack.
Far end of Marsh Lane.
DECLAN: Hey, give me a call
when you find him.
Hell, hes up and vanished
like a fart in the wind.
How are you?
Im on break, Officer.
Talk to Tanya.
Hey, sorry to bother you.
You seemed upset
at the Oceanview.
Were you close with Dee?
You happen to know
where she was from
or how she ended up there?
Hey, look, Im just trying
to find whoever did this
before they can do it
to someone else, all right?
Yeah, her familys
in Lowell, Mass.
But she was living in Lynn
when Gorski picked her up.
And, uh, Gorski--
did he pick you up, too?
Did Dee owe anyone money?
People owed her
fucking money, guy.
What people?
- Your fucking mother.
- Okay.
Please, was there anyone
who was upset with her?
Any-Any-Anyone who wanted
to cause her harm?
PAULIE (laughing):
You bastard.
I love that sexy cop outfit.
Wheres your stripper pole?
Jesus, Paulie, Im trying
to fucking work here.
Okay. Okay. Rough day?
Yeah, just...
a little cold is all.
- (buoy bells clanging)
- (distant thunder rumbling)
(horn honks)
Its just me, honey.
Im just returning your jacket.
Were here if you want to talk.
(paper rustling)
(chuckles, sniffles)
- (rain pattering outside)
(phone beeps)
DEE (recorded):
Hey. (chuckles)
What are you doing?
(sighs) Lexie.
I love you so much.
You know that?
Wish youd pick up your phone.
(phone beeps)
Chowder from Gurnets.
Better than anything
you can cook.
Thank you.
Here we go.
- I can help.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Ill get that.
- Are you sure?
I remember these.
Your mother used to slip
a flask in the side
and sneak booze out of
your granddads cabinet.
That doesnt sound like Ma.
Ah, she was the worst,
your mother.
But we never got caught.
For anything.
A lot of people
underestimate young women.
Thats why they can get away
with a lot.
We had a good run,
your mother and I.
Made a lot of money, too.
She was a natural
You worked at the fish shop?
(chuckling): Do these look like
fishmonger hands to you, dear?
Uh, given that your mother
and I go way back,
I want you girls to know that...
...if anything ever happened,
you can come to me.
Ive seen it all,
and I wont judge.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
Um, can we have a minute?
Enid said she and our mother
made a lot of money together.
What did she mean by that?
What you girls
need to understand
is that it used to be
real bad around here.
Its a small town,
but its also a port.
A lot of men came through.
Not all of them were nice.
So, when Enid said
she wanted to start Oceanview,
we all, including your mother,
supported her.
By starting a whorehouse?
By managing the situation.
In those days, we said,
"Boys will be boys.
If its not Enids girls,
then its our own daughters."
We wanted something better
for you kids.
Awful nerve of Enid,
stirring things up with you two.
Enids dangerous.
Stay away from her.
(bird cawing)
Ah, shit.
I forgot were out of milk.
I just bought some.
No, it was bad.
I-I threw it out.
What do you mean,
you threw it out?
What, Pris?
It had lumps in it.
- Thats gross.
- Wheres the carton?
They cant just sell us
bad milk, Mary Beth.
I took it out
this morning, Priscilla.
Goddamn it!
I mean, were broke.
Who does
this to their own daughters?
I mean, this is so wrong.
That-that we dont have milk?
That she ran a whorehouse.
We did everything for her.
Made sure she was comfortable,
walked her around the house
with that fucking pillow,
made her goddamn soup.
Oh, took her to church
for her holiness.
And how does she thank us, huh?
She leaves us with no savings...
- Pris.
- ...a shitty business,
funeral bills, hospital bills
- and a house we cant afford.
- Pris.
Someones gonna miss this.
But hes dead.
Well, I think we found out
who plowed into old Capn Dick.
- Theres guns in here.
- Okay. You sure about that?
All right. Yeah, thanks.
All right, I got to run.
Ill bet you a Caramel
Frappuccino the bullet matches.
Yeah, but why would he leave
the tarps in the trunk?
And-and if youre gonna
skip town,
wouldnt you take
the gun with you?
Or y-you dump it off somewhere?
Either way,
all roads lead to Gorski.
Yeah, but Enid lied to us
about knowing his address.
So says Declan.
Hey, you know what?
I-I dont understand--
why are you always
giving her a free pass?
Hey, Agatha Christie,
how about you stop telling me
how to do my job, huh?
(inhales deeply)
Come in.
You can keep me company.
Have some if you like.
- Ow, its hot.
- Blow on it first.
Theyre saying bad things
about you.
Whos saying bad things?
I dont know. Some old ladies.
What kind of bad things?
That Dee...
That, um...
that maybe you hurt Dee.
And do you believe them?
I mean, I dont think so.
Let me ask you something.
Who... who helped you out
when you had nothing?
No, you did.
No, I know, I know.
- You did.
- (Enid sighs)
I feel like such a fool.
I had no idea
Gorski was such a monster.
What... Gorski killed Dee?
Hes a sick man.
What can I say?
I gave him a little bit
of authority,
and he seemed to take it
as a free ticket
to do what he wanted.
Oh, my God.
But Dee, honey...
she begged me to give her
the queens treatment.
Im sorry to break it to you,
but that girl was ready
to sell you down the river
at the drop of a hat
if it meant she could have
- a bigger slice of pie.
- No, but Dee and I...
- Dee and I were like sisters.
- (Enid bangs table)
- Come on.
- Wake up, cupcake.
She was only ever
looking out for herself.
It was a sad realization
for me, too,
after all Id done for her.
Enid, you fucking
owed her money.
Dee was a selfish,
ungrateful junkie
who was always skimming
off the top.
Not an ounce of loyalty
in that girl.
And you know what?
Im still here for you,
arent I?
Come here.
(floorboard creaks)
What are you
doing here, anyway?
Why arent you at The Desert?
Declan kicked us out.
He said you didnt pay
this month.
(birds screeching)
(loud bang on hood)
Gail and Doreen
put you up to this?!
Whoa, Enid, calm down.
Youre not so pretty
when youre mad.
30 years of business,
and I dont get
the benefit of the doubt?!
Just pay me what you owe me,
and your girls go back to work.
(gasps, pants)
You scared me.
Your mom still hide whiskey
around here?
Uh, I doubt it.
Uh, is there something I could
help you with, Mrs. Devlin?
Ms. Devlin.
- (bell jingles)
- Hi, Pris.
Dont hate me, but I splurged.
Aged to perfection.
(clicks tongue)
ENID: I was about your age
when I inherited the B and B.
When some fishermen started
bringing this girl
to Oceanview
for hourly services,
I was furious.
But your mother had the idea
to actually talk to the girl.
See if we could all find a way
to capitalize.
And we did.
Go on, drink up.
Drink up.
You know why Im here?
The sad truth is
Im disappointed in you girls.
You thought you could hustle me.
Mrs. Devlin, we...
- (Enid bangs table)
- But because of your mother,
Im giving you a second chance
to make this right.
Youre going to bring me back
what you stole.
And Ill return...
that fancy knife of yours.
And if you dont,
there are two things I can do.
And the nice one
is to turn you in.
See you tonight.
Okay, Priscilla, just...
wait one minute.
Priscilla, just slow down.
How does she have the knife
if you dropped it
off Kernwood Bridge?
Well, you were freaking out.
You lied to me.
I needed to calm you down.
- Im going to the police.
- Look.
Why dont we just bring
that bitch back her money?
You heard Gail.
She said stay the hell away.
- That girl was killed.
- I know.
- She worked for Enid, Mary Beth.
- I know, but-but...
No, if you saw what I saw...
Yeah, but that doesnt
mean that...
Wheres the money?
Im not a criminal.
I cant live like this.
So then lets just leave.
We could take this money.
Its $50,000.
We could get out
of this dump, Pris.
This town, this house--
its all pathetic.
If you leave with that money,
Im done.
I mean, really,
youre on your own.
No one to clean up your mess.
Do you get that if we-we go
and we turn ourselves in,
then-then our lives are over?
Mary Beth, grow up.
(footsteps departing)
(door opens, slams shut)
Our boots and clothes
Are all in pawn
Go down, you blood red roses
Go down
We fought the storm
From dusk till dawn
Go down, you blood red roses
Go down
Oh, you pinks
And posies
Go down, you blood red roses
Go down.
Ill go tomorrow.
Go to the police...
and Ill tell them everything.
Thats what Mom wouldve wanted.
(footsteps departing)
(knocking at door)
Hey there, Priscilla.
Mary Beth.
Officer Brennan.
"Officer Brennan" still, eh?
Well, better than "sir."
Ill take it.
Smells delish in there.
Is that haddock?
Geez. Smells good.
Sorry, um, stomachs talking.
Oh, uh, did you...
(chuckles softly)
Would you...
Do you want to join us?
Uh, yeah.
I wont say no to a good meal.
Sure. Thanks.
JUSTIN: Bless us, O Lord,
and these thy gifts,
which we are about to receive
from thy bounty
through Christ our Lord. Amen.
All right.
I, um...
Sorry to hear about your mom.
Um, just wanted to say that.
Um, funeral was Saturday, yeah?
And was everything okay
with you two, um...
here alone that night?
- Uh, well...
- PRISCILLA: Everything was fine.
We, uh... we went to bed early.
Its just, uh... (sighs)
Sorry. The reason I ask is, uh,
the station actually got a call
from this residence,
um, pretty late
on Saturday night, so...
Did you girls see
anything unusual?
Oh. (chuckles)
You know, that was me.
I-I remember now.
I-I pressed the wrong preset.
(chuckles softly)
Howd you do that?
Oh, um...
our Uncle Henry got
really drunk,
and, uh... (chuckles)
I just was trying to call
to see if he got home okay,
and, um, I was trying
to press the, uh,
assisted living, um, preset.
(all chuckle)
- Fumbling fingers.
- PRISCILLA (laughing): Yeah.
- And, uh, w-was he okay?
- Oh, yeah. He, uh...
I think he got
a new girlfriend that night.
(all chuckling)
Quite the scoundrel, then, huh?
Um, well, so, uh...
so, if I had to note it
for the, um, official record,
you guys were here
all Saturday night
after the reception?
Yeah. We were here together.
All night.
Oh, uh...
St. Joans soup kitchen.
On volunteer day.
I do remember you.
Well, bye, Justin.
Yeah, bye.
I changed my mind.
Well, so what are we
gonna do now?
We give the bitch back
her money.
- (phone beeps)
- DEE (recorded): Hey.
What are you doing?
(sighs) Lexie.
I love you so much.
You know that?
Wish youd pick up your phone.
I did something, Lexie.
I cracked it.
It was Enids birthday.
(Dee laughing)
We are done taking shit.
October 17...
- 1951.
- (lock clicks)
Happy birthday, Enid.
Come in, sweetheart.
Come in.
I know Enids lying to me.
She hurt my friend.
Id like another one
for the road.
BARTENDER: Enid, I think
youve had enough for tonight.
Why dont you
get yourself home?
(laughing, slurring):
Isnt that...
isnt-isnt that cute?
Cut the shit and get to pouring.
Unlucky at love and life...
The older one, Priscilla?
- PAULIE: Mm-hmm?
- Her hair is different,
but its... yeah, shes just...
shes still really pretty.
Work that uniform.
The Catholic girls
love that shit.
You know her younger sister.
What about her?
Oh, shes a hot shit,
but a waste of time.
She likes the creeps.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I dont get that.
Why do girls like dicks?
Oh, not even just a dick;
like, a dirtbag.
She was all over that Oceanview
creeper in here the other night.
I cant stop
hurtin myself...
Paulie, what, uh...
what night was that?
It was, uh, Saturday.
- Saturday, huh?
- Yeah.
Well, shit.
(tires squealing)
(wind whistling)
(car door opens, closes)
I need this
like a hole in the head.
DOREEN: We know you killed
that girl, Enid.
You need to turn yourself in.
We want to help you.
Y-Youre like family.
Cut the bullshit, Suze.
You hens decided to hate me
years ago.
You didnt play
by the rules, Enid.
Thats right. I didnt have
a kid to parade around
or a cake at
the goddamn bake sale.
Not those kind of rules, Enid.
What, this?
This place we all
decided on together,
that we all said yes to?
- You convinced us then.
- Bullshit.
We all remember how bad it was.
We all have stories, so...
dont treat me like
I was asking for trouble.
It changed, Enid.
- The whole operation.
- Admit it, Gail.
You never had a problem
with this place
until you caught Bruce
coming by.
But you, Enid...
you need to take
a good look in the mirror.
The devil herself.
It-its not right, Enid.
Theyre not our girls, but
theyre somebodys daughters.
GAIL: That poor thing
didnt deserve to die.
You all used her.
You all benefited from her
and so many others.
And God knows how we can
ever forgive ourselves.
But were trying
to do right now.
Its over, Enid.
If you cant see that,
we cant help you.
(wind whistling)
Catty bitches.
(door creaks open)
(door closes)
(footsteps approaching)
Well take the back door.
And the boat.
(engine starts)
(door creaks)
(door closes)
Mrs. Devlin?
(indistinct whispering)
Um, Mrs. Devlin?
- (TV playing indistinctly)
- (floorboards creaking)
WOMAN (over TV): ...saying,
um, "Danielles mom sold me
an effin fake ticket,"
and shes, like,
going on and on
with all these
inappropriate texts.
Let-let me ask you something.
(TV chatter continues
Heres the money.
We had to use some,
but, uh, well pay you back.
We swear.
WOMAN (over TV):
And I was like, "My moms here.
She can go get your ticket..."
God, I miss your mother.
I never said goodbye.
Im sure she hated me.
She wasnt angry.
I think she understood.
She was a good egg, your mother.
Did everything for you girls.
Left the business
cause of you.
I dont hold it
against you, though.
MARY BETH: Well, we wont be
bothering you from now on.
Tell that to Gorski.
Wed like our knife back.
Oh, yeah.
The knife.
(drops knife, closes drawer)
On second thought,
I think you should keep
some of this money.
I know you need it.
Buy a f-few nice things.
Wouldnt hurt.
And when that moneys gone,
you can come to work for me.
On the business side, of course.
We cant accept this.
Dont be stupid.
Pris is right.
We dont want your money.
- (smack)
- (gasps)
I dont like your tone.
You brats have no idea
how easy you have it.
We were on our own.
No one was looking out for us.
But you girls, you grew up
spoiled fucking rotten!
And now you want to act
all high and mighty?
Look down on me? Judge me?
Judge my life?
- Mrs. Devlin...
- Ms. Devlin!
You should be on your knees
thanking me!
- (groaning)
- (Priscilla gasps)
(Enid sobbing quietly)
- (exhales sharply)
- Here.
I cant. Stop it.
Were taking our knife back,
Ms. Devlin.
You seamen bold
Who plow the ocean
See dangers
Landsmen could never know
Its not for honor
Or promotion
No tongue can tell
What they undergo
In the blusterous wind
And the great dark waters
Our ship went drifting
On the sea
Her headgear gone
And her rudder broken
Which brought us to
(muffled gasping, coughing)
For 14 days
Heartsore and hungry
Seeing but wild waters
And bitter sky
Poor fellows
- (knocking)
- They fell in a totter
A-casting lots as to
Which should die
- Morning.
- Morning, Coletti.
Im here to talk to you
about Oceanview.
The lot it fell
Upon Robert Jackson
Whose family was
so very great
(object clunking against pier)
Oh, Im free to die
But, oh, my comrades
Let me keep lookout
Till the break of day
(gasps softly)
A full-dressed ship
Like the sun a-glittering
Came bearing down
To all their relief
And as soon as this
Glad news was shouted
It banished all
Their cares and grief
The ship brought to
No longer drifting
Safe in Saint Vincent,
Cape Verde
She gained
Oh, you seamen bold
Who hear my story
Pray youll never suffer
The like again.
JUSTIN: Nan, what do you, uh...
what do you know
about the Connolly sisters?
You knew their mother, right?
Real nice girls.
Sure about that?
Yeah, Mary Margaret and I
go way back.
Well, theyre acting strange.
(Susie laughs)
Oh, honey.
I think someone has a crush.
(Justin chuckles)
Have you seen how cute
you look in your uniform?
- Okay. Sure, Nan.
- (Susie laughing)
Im proud of you, Justy.
- Working so hard.
- Mm.
Well, and Colettis
a great teacher.
That guy confounds me.
Just overnight,
out of the blue,
pulls a 180
on this murder case.
I thought she drowned.
And hes demanding
that I go with him
to make an arrest
at the crack of dawn.
I dont know.
Whoever changed his mind
must be pretty convincing, Nan.
Yeah, Ill bet hes got
reliable sources.
Still dredging the bay
for Gorskis body, right?
After we bust the Oceanview?
Whats the point?
Hey, theres your girl.
Lets do a drive-by.
I dont like her anymore.
(birds screeching)
MARY BETH: I guess now its time
we got to get back to work.
Pris, I figure,
if we bust our asses,
we could probably
keep the house.
The house is just a house.
We got to get you
to college next fall.
What about you?
I like it here.
Ill come visit you, though.
Hello, Connollys.
Hey, Mrs. Maguire.
Livin and sinnin
go hand-into-hand
To me, weigh hey
Blow the man down
Priscilla, Mary Beth.
Morning, Mrs. Burke.
Weigh hey
Blow the man down
If you aint into sinnin
Go live off the land
Give me some time
To blow the man down
(hose spraying nearby)
(hose stops)
Give me some time
To blow the man down.
(music fades)
(waves lapping gently)
(buoy bell clanging softly)
(wood creaking)
(buoy bell clanging softly)
(waves continue lapping gently)
(buoy bell clanging softly)
(wood creaking)