Blowback (2022) Movie Script

[tire rattling]
[rattling continues]
[grunts, sighs]
[tires screech]
[engine faltering]
[siren blares]
[siren wailing]
[wailing continues]
[tires screech]
[horn honking]
[siren stops]
[honking continues]
[officer] Sir.
Sir, can you hear me?
Control, 2-Adam-3,
we're gonna need medical
for a male who's been
shot to the left shoulder.
[heart rate monitor beeping]
Mmm. Mmm.
You sure about that?
Your move.
King. All right.
That's two out of three.
Okay, you are a winner.
Then why am I here?
Dad, I want to go home.
I know. I know. I'm sorry.
Look, everything's
going to be okay.
It's not gonna be okay.
Listen, right now this is...
This is where you
have to be, okay?
You have to be here
until you get better.
Dad, it's not gonna work.
Don't you get it?
I am working on it.
You can't stop things
from happening.
You can't save me.
I don't need you.
You weren't there for
Mom when she needed you.
Stop it, okay? Stop, please.
What exactly do
you want me to say?
That it's my fault
that she's gone?
But I am not gonna
lose my daughter.
It's just not gonna happen.
Dad, just leave.
No. No, I'm not giving up.
You can't help.
There are other
treatments, Emma.
Please leave.
I wanna be alone.
Emma, please do
not give up on me.
[sniffles] I'm just tired.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Mr. Gibson?
Mr. Gibson.
[sighs] Yeah.
I will have your
money, I promise.
If it were up to me, she could
stay as long as she wants.
I appreciate it.
[police siren
wailing in distance]
It's there. I saw a couple of
Valenti's guys in there this morning.
You sure?
Yeah, a guy named
Cameron, their lawyer.
They insured it
for a lot of money.
I was the one who
arranged the insurance.
Okay, so this is legit.
The seed phrase is in there
with the thumb drives.
You better hurry though.
And why is that?
Armored car is gonna
pick it up in a few days.
What about our buyer?
All set.
Ooh! Eh?
No, I'm good.
Suit yourself.
[sniffs, sighs]
So this guy, uh,
you're sure about him?
Yeah, you can come in and meet
him right now, if you want.
Been playing poker with him
once a week. He's a whale.
[Nick] No, no, no.
It's better if I don't.
He's not too happy with me now
anyways. I owe him a ton of money.
Wait, no tip?
You'll get it soon enough.
These guys really stuck it to
me. Can't believe I fell for it.
We're all set.
[sighs] It was supposed
to be for collateral.
These guys are still
holding on to my property.
Pricks. They want
me to keep paying.
[upbeat electronic music
playing on speakers]
Hey, Nick.
So you own this place?
More or less.
You can sign up for an
annual contract, or monthly.
It's cheaper to do the annual.
But that means you have
to make a commitment.
Ah, funny. Funny. But
that was a long time ago.
Still got that
sense of humor, huh?
do you think Jack would
be interested in this?
I mean, it's 500 grand for Jack.
And plus,
more for your guys...
His guys, I guess.
And for you.
I actually can't do
this without a crew.
It's good to see you too.
You doing this for Emma?
[sighs] Yeah.
There's an experimental
procedure in LA,
but insurance won't
cover it, so...
I'm sorry.
I'll see what I can do.
I'll talk to him.
All right.
Funny, huh?
Where did you find this?
Figured you'd want it back.
Keep it.
Thank you.
[door closes]
Business is slow, but I'm making
my payments. You'll get your money.
It's a hundred K. It'll
take ten years at this rate.
There is a way I could
get you a bigger payment.
I have a connection to a job,
but only if it means
I'm out of our deal.
Paid in full.
[phone ringing]
Hey, Jim.
Yeah, no, I got your messages.
Really? Um...
That can't be right. I'm...
I'm pretty sure I already
sent the check in.
Okay. Okay, fine.
Fine. Yeah, no, I will,
uh... I'll look into it.
And I'll get back to
you as soon as I can.
We can't move in until
the bank manager leaves.
Fortunately for us,
every weekday at 2:30,
she leaves to pick up her
kid from school, okay?
So that'll be our
window right here.
Twenty minutes.
Once Jack gets everyone
inside, you'll need my contact.
This is Ryan.
He's the assistant
branch manager.
He'll have the keys to
the boxes and the vault.
you can push him
around a little,
but only a little.
Okay, it's just for show.
Why would we do that
if he's your contact?
[sighs] Because the idea here is to
make this look like a messy amateur job.
Thank you.
once you have his keys,
you can get the boxes open
despite not having the
customers' keys as well, correct?
I can get the boxes open.
I don't need the keys.
It won't be pretty, but
I can get them open.
That's good. That's good.
The uglier, the
better. All right?
You wanna focus on the
larger boxes, all right,
on the left side
of the wall, here.
Box 23.
That is our box.
And inside, you will
find this briefcase.
Feel free to hit as
many boxes as you can,
but Jack will handle box 23.
Whatever's in the
other boxes and...
And whatever cash is in the
vault, that's all yours.
So what's in that case?
None of your fucking business.
There'll be plenty of cash in the
vault and the other boxes. Got it?
Who's this mousy little freak?
[Nick] Shit. Right.
This is Xander.
He'll be remote.
He's gonna monitor
cameras, intercept alarms,
listen for cops.
No one gets hurt.
Are you running this
job, Jack? Or is he?
You listen to me.
I'm running this job.
It's the last time I'm gonna tell
you, 'cause I don't have time
to trade your ass out.
I'm running you.
You understand?
People will be
looking for that case.
And for you, okay?
We start really hurting people,
the cops are gonna take
a keen interest as well.
It's just heat we don't need.
[Jerry] That's one
way to look at it.
Sometimes things
happen in there.
Not this time.
We do the job, we leave.
Feds lose interest and think that some
amateur made a mess and got lucky.
Okay, they might be
looking, just not for us.
Listen, fellas,
we do this right,
there's a fat payday and
everyone gets their share.
Okay. We cool?
All right.
[door opens]
That's crap.
How much you think
Jack's getting?
I never done a job where we
didn't know how much the take is.
This shit don't feel right.
[Veronica sighs]
No, don't worry
about him. All right?
His dad looked
after me in prison,
and so I promised him that
I would look after his son
when I got out.
That's it.
Plus, he's got skills.
[typing on keyboard]
Did you get the buyer
info I sent you? Yeah.
Five days is a long
time to lay low
before we make the sale.
The exchange is
I already confirmed the date
and time with the buyer.
Changing it now, that
would just... Nah.
Leave it.
But I'm gonna need
some insurance
so things fly straight
after the bank.
No problem.
[typing on keyboard]
Standing by.
[Nick] Copy that.
[Nick] Bingo, there she is.
Right on time.
start the feed.
Copy that.
New feed starting
in three, two, one.
[Nick] Yeah, copy that. Feed
is live, clock is running.
[Nick] All right, let's dance.
Stick to the plan.
Everybody on the floor now!
Oh, God! Get back!
[screaming] Heads
down, right now!
[Sullivan] Shut your mouth.
[Jerry] Get down, get down!
Open the door. [Sullivan]
Keep your head down!
[Jack] Open the fucking
door! [Ryan] Open the door.
[Sullivan] You wanna die?
Head down, right now!
[Sullivan] Shut your mouth.
What are you looking at? Huh?
[Willis] Get the fuck back!
Hurry. Open the door. Come on.
[Willis] Stay the fuck down!
[Sullivan] Don't be a hero.
[whimpering, crying]
Shut up.
You do not look at me, okay?
Don't fucking look at me!
Where's the key to the boxes?
They won't work.
I'm not asking ya.
Give me the keys. Good boy.
[whimpering, crying]
Stay down!
[Jack] Back in the lobby
with the rest of them. Go.
Manager's coming out!
Get over here.
Get down! Stay right there!
I hear anything out of
you, I won't think twice
about putting a bullet
through your skull!
Box 23.
[locks breaking]
Let's move.
Don't you fucking look at me!
[police sirens
wailing in distance]
Don't fucking look
at me! [whimpering]
[lock breaking continues]
Stay down! Stay down!
Four minutes. Let's go.
[person crying] No.
Let's go.
Faces down!
I said stay down! Head down!
Come on! Hey.
What are you doing?
[person] No! No.
Stop! Come on.
[Nick] Where the hell is he?
Hey, what the hell, man?
Hey, we're all set.
Yo, hey, what is this?
[person screams]
[Nick] What the hell were
you doing in there? Huh?
[tires screech]
Show me your hands!
Show me your hands!
Hands up! Hands up!
All clear.
HQ, we've got the
wrong location.
[laughing] Whoo!
That's why they
call me the Xan Man.
[singsongy] That's
the B-I-G X-A-N.
[singing continues]
[all cheering, screaming]
Yes! Yeah!
We did it, guys!
Yeah! Fuck yeah!
[Nick] Nobody following
us. We're free and clear.
Oh, my God. You
gotta see this thing.
[Veronica] Whoo! Hell yeah.
Hell yeah.
Hey, look at
that. You like it?
See what you can do.
I could've done that.
Hey, hey, hey. You
guys knew the deal.
You guys keep the cash and
whatever else you can find,
but not this.
There's 500 grand on that thing.
Don't lose it.
[Jack] All right, well,
stick with the plan.
Can't have you guys out
running around like idiots.
Wait a few days, and we
all get our cut. All right?
We cool?
Here's a little taste.
[chuckling, chattering]
[car door opens, closes]
[engine starts]
[car alarm chirps]
What the...
[grunting, gasping]
[horn honking] Let's go!
[horn honking] Fuck him.
Come on, guys. We gotta go!
[engine starts]
[horn honking]
Sir, can you hear me?
[sighs] You know, there was
cops already here, okay?
I told them everything
that I knew.
Mr. Thompson?
Look, like I said, right?
Well, I had...
I checked my tire, had a flat,
and then someone tapped
me on the shoulder.
That's it. That's
all I remember.
All right.
Well, feel free to call us
if any details come to mind.
[door closes]
He's hiding something.
Yeah, most ride-share drivers
are scammers anyway, you know?
Working with fake IDs, primarily for the
strip clubs, bringing them customers.
Maybe he just doesn't
want us to know about it.
[phone buzzes] Hold on.
Hey, Reed. It's Cooper.
Yeah, do me a favor.
[door opens]
Hey. Hey.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
I need to use the bathroom.
All right, here.
Hang on to this. Okay.
Yeah. All right, let's go.
Actually, I think I
can manage from here.
You got it? Yeah.
I might be a minute, if
you know what I mean.
[phone ringing]
That shit's gonna
make you stupid.
[ringing continues]
I told you not to call.
Every time we talk to each
other, it's a risk we don't need.
I haven't heard about Nick.
Well, if they found his
body, it'd be out by now.
You sure? You
don't sound sure.
Then what?
That wasn't part
of the agreement.
Like I said, 50K to do Nick.
You don't get paid till I
sell the case. That's it.
What are you saying, Jerry?
You're trying to hold
out? Is that a threat?
You better think
about how you answer.
Listen to me.
I have the leverage, Jack.
Either you get me the money
or I'm not showing up.
You're gonna screw
this whole deal.
The buyer is ready. There's
nothing I can do about that.
Guaranteed money.
I want Nick's share,
and that's it.
I'm not budging.
You figure it out.
I will text you when it's
time to get your cash.
I need you to do me a favor.
Thank you.
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah. I'm looking
for Emma Gibson's room.
Are you a relative?
No, a friend of the family.
Oh, I'm sorry,
sir. No visitors.
Only immediate family allowed.
Can I give those to her?
Could you? That'd be
great. Thanks so much.
Can we give these to
her after her MRI?
[heart rate monitor beeping]
[bear squeaks] [recording] Hi,
Emma. Uncle Willis says hello.
I'm gonna get you
outta here soon.
Where have you been
these days anyway?
Don't worry. Why are
you dressed like that?
Don't tell me. I
don't wanna know.
Don't worry about it.
I'm gonna be back, okay?
You call for a ride?
I got you.
Let's get the hell outta here.
I never trusted those guys.
Got you some clothes.
You think Jack and
Veronica are in on it?
Is there something we
can do in the blockchain?
Or, I don't know, uh...
Get the transaction
reversed or get it back?
We can't do anything
without the drives.
Without the seed phrase, it's
impossible to access them.
I'm gonna get it
back. All of it.
What? What's that? Got
a great deal on Amazon.
[crackles] You're gonna need it.
Looks pretty bad.
Look, I need you to go back to
the hospital. To keep an eye out.
Okay, yeah. I'll
take care of Emma.
Okay, here's the footage from
before the robbery, on the cloud.
The on-site hard
drives were destroyed.
What time is this?
This is 2:29.
Who's that? [Reed]
Bank manager.
And the robbery starts...
Just after 2:30,
right around here.
It's a fake feed. [Reed] Yep.
Now, quick, go back.
That's the cut point.
And that's where
the robbery starts.
And they switched the feed
as it uploaded to the cloud.
This ain't no smash
and grab. They're pros.
You have any other footage
from outside the business?
There it is.
Any plates?
They knew where
the cameras were.
Only a partial.
We're running it now.
Okay. Call us when
something comes in.
Let's go see what's up with
those safety deposit boxes.
Thanks, Reed.
No. [lighter clicks]
[engine starts]
[heavy metal playing on radio]
[groans, sighs]
[crackling] [groans]
Where is it, huh?
Hey, asshole, where
is my goddamn case?
It wasn't me.
Jack! It was Jack.
All right, where is he? Hmm?
Screw you.
Where the hell is he, huh?
[both grunting]
Where is he?
Where is he?
[grunting, screaming]
I don't know! I don't know!
He said he was gonna
cut us a deal, okay?
He said we were gonna get a cut.
I don't know where
he is, I swear!
[choking] All I know is he's hanging
out with that coked-up whore.
[heavy metal continues playing]
You know what?
Never go near my daughter
again! You hear me?
[grunts] Do you fucking hear me?
[recording] Uncle Willis says
hello. Do you hear me, asshole? Huh?
Uncle Willis... Uncle... Uncle...
Uncle... Uncle... Uncle...
Uncle Willis...
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey. [bear squeaks]
Willis. Hey, hey, hey!
Goddamn it, man.
Piece of shit.
Goddamn it, man.
How you doing?
[sighs] You know.
Oh, shit. That
doesn't look good.
I'm... I'm not doing that
sort of stuff anymore.
My... My eyes are...
I just can't...
I see that.
Oh, shit. Let me get
this out of your way.
I'm gonna have you
sit right there.
There you go.
All right, I got,
uh... Let's see.
Let me get this bag over here.
I got a clean sheet.
I think this will work.
Oh, man. Yep, it's clean.
There you go.
All right, let's see.
Okay, good.
All right, looks like
you got two wounds.
Yep. All right.
Looks like you had a
collision with some lead.
Yeah, you could
say that. Yeah.
I got bad news for you. The
sutures have come undone.
You're losing a lot
of blood back here.
Any problems with
your breathing?
No, no. Okay.
I'm gonna have to...
I'm gonna have to clean this up.
This is gonna
sting a little bit.
But I gotta see what I'm
doing back here, all right?
[groans] Fuck, yeah.
All right, let me see if I
have a clean needle here.
No, I'm just
kidding. [chuckles]
Despite what the
state of Nevada says,
I am a very capable physician.
This is gonna help. I don't
have anything really for pain.
I got this... I got
this numbing gel.
Works on the gums
pretty good. [chuckles]
You ready? This is gonna... This is gonna
hurt, 'cause this is the first poke.
[Nick exhales] Okay.
You all right? Yeah.
[groans] Just about done.
All right.
Whew. Uh...
You want some, uh... I might have
some pills for some pain, right here.
Use only as directed.
These look old and expired.
They still work?
Well, they work
pretty good for me.
I just wanna finish
that beer. Mmm.
You want one?
Sure. Take mine.
Hey, boss, that van that
we found, it was stolen.
The partial license
plate matches.
Any prints? So far nothing.
[phone buzzes]
Is that right?
Okay. Yeah, you got it.
A lawyer named
Cameron just called.
Owner of one of the
safety deposit boxes.
Filed for a missing item. It's insured for
a lot of money. This guy's making a claim.
Can I help you?
Yes. Mr. Gibson
for Mr. Cameron.
I have some information
for him. Regarding?
Something of his that
was recently stolen.
[whispers] Yeah, we have a
guy that's waiting for him.
Follow me.
Mr. Gibson, how
can I help you?
All right, well, um...
kinda hoping that we can...
We can help each other.
I, uh...
I have information
about that item
that was stolen from
one of your clients.
Yeah, but it needs to be
presented directly to Mr. Valenti.
My client list is strictly
confidential, Mr. Gibson.
Even if I had a client with that
name, I wouldn't discuss it with you.
Okay. Never mind then.
Appreciate your time.
You know, I really hope
that what I have to say
does not reach Mr. Valenti
from someone else, you know?
All right, wait.
Close the door.
I don't know who you think you are
or what game you're playing at,
but be at this address.
Call this number in one hour.
You'll receive further instructions.
But be careful, Mr. Gibson.
Be very, very careful.
[door closes]
[line ringing]
[elevator bell dings]
I hope you're here to report
progress in recovering our property.
The investigation's developing.
How are you related to the item?
My firm represents the
holding company that owns it.
They operate outside the US, and we're
registered to act as their agent here,
so when we learned of the loss,
we reported it as their agent.
And what's the
holding company again?
Argenti International.
Have you heard of it? Yes.
Probably read our write-up in The
Wall Street Journal. Actually, no.
I saw Interpol reports on front
companies for mob families.
You must have confused Argenti with
some other less-reputable company.
I assure you, we're a perfectly
legitimate holding company.
We specialize in global
real estate ventures.
So, would you mind telling us what
the item was that you insured?
Not at all, Mr...
Agent Cooper. Owens.
And how much was it insured for?
An amount equal to its current market
value, around two million dollars.
[phone chimes]
If there's nothing else I can
assist you gentlemen with,
I have an important
conference call to attend to.
We'll be in touch. Thank you.
So what do you think?
Two million? Yeah.
No wonder these guys don't wanna scan the
neighborhood to find out what happened.
They wanna claim insurance.
[Afrobeat playing on radio]
Thanks, man.
[line ringing]
Yeah, no. I was told to
call this number in an hour.
Lamp store?
Okay, thanks.
Seems our ride-share driver
wasn't as bad off as we thought.
Hospital called. This guy
checked himself out early.
That's not a normal thing to do.
Apparently, right after we left.
We'll look a little deeper.
Have Reed run his name again.
Have her really run it, see what
she comes up with. Copy that.
[Cooper] Hi, guys.
So, Mr. Gibson, you have
something you wanna tell us?
[Nick] Where is
Mr. Valenti? Hmm?
Do you believe this guy?
Let me tell you
something, wiseass.
The only reason you're not
spitting out your teeth right now
is I was told to listen
to what you had to say.
You don't talk to Mr. Valenti.
So you better start telling
me something I wanna hear.
I want Mr. Valenti to know who robbed
him and that I can get it back for him.
Don't mess with me, jackass.
[Valenti] It's all right,
Joey. [Nick] Son of a...
I wanna hear it for myself.
Mr. Valenti, I can get you your
case that was stolen from the bank.
I was in on the robbery.
Tell me why I shouldn't
drop you here right now.
Okay, okay.
The assistant bank
manager, he was in on it.
That's how they
knew it was there.
Now he's dead, but
I know who has it.
Really? Yeah.
'Cause they tried
to kill me too.
So I see. You need protection.
Yeah, but...
[sighs] Mr. Valenti,
I imagine that you have
this property well insured.
And if so,
you're positioned right
now to collect on that.
But what if you could get the
insurance money and the case?
Hmm? I mean,
that... [chuckles]
That's win-win.
And I'm the only one who
can get it back for you.
And if you don't succeed?
You still collect
the insurance money.
So I'm sitting here, wondering,
why don't I have Pete here
just break your fingers one by
one until you tell me who has it?
Because I can get it
back for you a lot easier
with all my fingers.
You got some balls on you.
But you screw with us, and I will feed
them to you. Do you understand me?
Look, I need your guys' help.
Let me see if I
got this straight.
You steal from me,
they steal from you,
and now you wanna steal back from
them so you can give it to me?
What's in it for you?
Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
A procedure for my daughter.
She's very sick.
So I get it.
You want what's coming to you.
Fifteen percent of
about four million.
500 grand?
I'm not gonna let her die.
At ease, boys. Jesus.
[Owens] That's a lot of Eric
Thompsons. Twenty-six in Nevada State.
Any of them have a record? One.
Breaking, entering and forgery.
Well, that's good.
Does he have an ID?
[typing on keyboard]
Erica Thompson.
None of us could get
a match either. No.
And Ride said he's
squeaky clean.
Been driving there six
months, just like he said.
Okay, square one.
This ain't working. Let's
get everyone together.
We gotta try
something different.
Okay, listen up.
We need to cast a wider
net here. All right?
I wanna pull every assault
with a deadly weapon record,
every robbery within
the last six months,
every Snickers bar shoplifted in
the state of Nevada. You with me?
Then we need to pull the vacation
or sick days of every employee
working for the hotels, local
unions, construction companies
or whatever
companies we can get.
And we need to cross-reference those
together for the date of the robbery.
And if anyone gets a hit, or
anything remotely resembling a hit,
you contact me or
you contact Owens.
You got it? [all] Got it.
Let's go.
[phone buzzing]
[Jack sighs]
What's with you guys not
following simple instructions?
Jack, Willis is dead.
How'd it happen?
You talk to any cops?
Where's the case?
Jerry has it at his place.
Go get it now.
Get the hell out of
there and don't go back.
They will tie Willis to you.
Dump this phone and get
a new number and call me.
I'll text you, got it?
Hey, who gets his share?
[phone beeps]
What's going on?
Willis is dead.
What? How?
These guys are getting greedy.
Willis was a stupid
junkie, always has been.
One less dumbass to deal with.
Where you going?
I gotta go to work.
[electronic music
playing on radio]
How long you been in
this line of work, Pete?
You are going to need this.
[phone rings]
Hey, Xander. What's going on?
Yeah, okay.
Get my hot sauce? Yeah.
How's she doing?
She's hungry.
That's a good sign.
I appreciate you doing this.
Of course, man. I got you.
Oh, hey.
Might need that.
[Nick] This is how you
do it... like this.
And then you go like
that. Dad, that's boring.
And then you do this.
Let's eat. You do the twist.
Twist? I'm gonna
get everything.
I'm gonna get a big
bite. Oh, my God.
What? [nurse] She's
not allowed visitors.
I'm sorry. Immediate
family only.
Uh, it's okay. She's okay.
How are you, Emma?
You know, great.
You dating my dad
again, or what?
I'm sorry. I need to take
Emma for a scheduled MRI.
I'll see you in a
little bit, okay?
She's not gonna be that long.
Are you ready, dear? Mm-hmm.
I bet you're here a lot.
Any news on Emma's progress?
Why are you here?
Look, I didn't know.
I'm glad you're okay.
Does your boyfriend
know that you're here?
[sighs] Nick. Where
are my drives?
What's this?
It's what you want.
And how do I know
that's not a setup?
You have to believe me. I didn't
mean for any of this to happen.
How can I trust you?
What is wrong with you?
What... What is wrong with me?
Your boyfriend tried to kill me.
I had nothing to do with it.
Wow. Wait, wait.
Goodbye, Nick. Veronica, wait.
No, no, that's okay. I have the
file. I can send it right now.
What do you got? Do you remember
the dead guy we found in the car?
Mm-hmm. Bobby Willis.
The medical examiner just
finished with this guy.
Check it out. Heart attack,
asphyxiation, overdose.
They found large amounts of
cocaine in this guy's system.
Mostly likely,
fentanyl. Is that right?
And he called in sick
the day of the robbery.
Bobby Willis. I
know that name.
Two armed robberies. One of
them was an armored truck.
Mm-hmm, that's right.
So listen, toxicology report's
gonna take a few days,
but they found he had
a crushed trachea.
Now what?
Now we see if Willis was
involved in the robbery
and who his associates were.
I did a last-known-associates
and I came up with
one name only.
Jerry Foster.
Jerry Foster.
Parole officer says he and
Willis did a stint together.
Got released about
the same time.
And the PO officer also says that
Foster has been seeing a dancer
that goes by the name of
Monica Smith, aka Monique.
Monique. You got an address?
Sure do. Kenwood 1519.
1519. Let's go.
[engine starts]
Well, I mean, if this is what I think
it is, two guys should live here.
[doorknob rattles]
[cartoon music,
sounds playing on TV]
What the hell is this?
[cartoon music,
sounds continue on TV]
Jerry, is that you?
Are you kidding me?
I don't know.
[door creaks, closes]
Shh. [Ms. Foster]
Jerry, is that you?
It's okay, Ms. Foster.
It's just me, Sully.
You son of a...
Go around, go around.
[gun cocks]
Stay where you are.
[Nick groans]
You need somewhere to take him?
Yeah, I have...
I have some questions.
I know a place.
What can I do for you?
Hi. We're wondering if
a Jerry Foster's here.
What'd he do now?
He ain't been around
for a few days.
Okay. Does he live here?
Comes and goes.
Can you tell us anything
about any of his friends?
Can we come in and
take a look around?
You got a warrant?
[Owens] Hey.
[Cooper] No, what we do
have is probable cause,
and you are on probation,
so maybe you should work
with us a little bit.
Only guy I know of is
someone named Sullivan.
Sometimes he crashes at
Jerry's mother's house
somewhere on Durango Terrace.
We don't talk much
when he's here.
Okay. Thank you.
We appreciate it.
[Owens] Thank you.
Okay, call Reed. Have her check
on that Durango Terrace address.
Already on it.
[grunts] What the hell?
Hey, hey, hey.
Where you meeting Jack?
Hmm? What are you
talking about?
Where's my goddamn
briefcase, hmm?
Screw you.
Can I try?
Who's this, your boyfriend?
[chuckles] You'll find out.
He ask you a question.
Oh, I am looking at
a dead man right now.
[Sullivan] No. No.
No. [grunts]
No. No. Mm-mmm.
No. [groaning]
No. No. No.
No. [screams]
Okay, okay, okay.
I don't know where he is.
Really. [sighs]
Really, I don't.
I don't know where he is.
What the hell is this?
[motor whirring]
Shit just got real.
[electricity crackles]
What the hell is this?
I won't stop until I know
where I can find Jack.
And how far we go is up to you.
[current humming]
Okay! Okay!
Free... Freeport Casino.
Tomorrow night.
Good work.
How's my gym?
My gym is fine.
Where were you?
You know where I was.
No, I don't. You
weren't at the gym.
I don't care.
I know you have
feelings for him.
You don't care about me or you
don't care that he's alive?
What the hell, Jack?
Calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
You went behind my back,
tried to take out my friend.
You wanna take me out too, huh?
[gasps] I saw an opportunity.
So I took it. So what?
That's the difference between
people like you and people like me.
I make things happen.
I'm a winner. [spits]
Ran out of coke, huh?
I got you a little
refill there. [shouts]
You going through withdrawals
here? Is that what's going on here?
[shouting, grunts]
You need a little snort?
How about you stay here? I'll go do
this deal, and you just stay grateful.
No! We had a deal.
I do this, and I'm paid off.
You want him? You
wanna be a lowlife?
There's the door.
You better get
your shit straight.
[breathing heavily]
[cartoon music,
sounds playing on TV]
[Owens] Gun!
Come on, Jerry. We got
the place surrounded.
Jerry, is that you?
[glass shatters, clattering]
[door slams open]
Call it in. Copy that.
[radio beeps]
[lock turns, clicks]
[phone rings]
[sighs] You get my
text about the drop?
Yeah, I'll be there.
Good. Don't screw this up.
Easy exchange, and
we all get a cut.
We'll see.
[alarm chirps]
[vehicle approaching]
[police radio chatter]
Where you taking that stuff?
That's my stuff. Don't...
Bring that back here. I'm
gonna call the police.
It's okay, sweetheart.
We are the police.
You're okay. Listen. I'm
gonna call the police.
We... We are the police, love.
It's okay.
Look after her. Sir, got 'em.
Good. Catalog that.
Take a look at this.
Found it on the fridge.
Before you ask, it's a cell phone
number. It belongs to a Jerry Foster.
Call us when you get
a ping. You got it.
That's for you.
Pull over here.
Yep, what do you got?
Yeah, of course I know where
that is. We're on our way.
Send for backup.
We may need it.
Reed got a ping on
that number. Let's go.
What the hell?
Somebody must've paid the bill.
Still a pulse.
What the hell did
you do to him, Jack?
Just taking us out one by one?
What are you talking
about, Jerry?
You and that stupid
whore do this?
You guys are the ones that
got greedy. This wasn't us.
What are you talking
about? Then who did?
Where's the money?
Okay, easy. It's close by.
Here's the deal.
You give me the case,
and you get your money.
Set it down.
Tell you what. You want more?
Easy now. Easy.
Jerry, don't be stupid.
[exhales] [gunshot]
Drop the gun, Jack.
Oh, we make a nice threesome.
Do you love her?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no. Oh, shit.
No, no, no, hang on, hang on.
You're gonna be okay. I'm
gonna get you out of here.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Hang on, hang on.
You stay with me.
Okay? You'll be fine.
What took you so long?
Shh. It's fine, it's fine.
Mr. Valenti wanted
me to give you this,
for your daughter.
Shh. Hang on, hang
on. Nick, I'm sorry.
You need my help?
Looks like we're a little
late for this party.
Yeah, I guess so.
You remember this guy?
[Owens] Jerry Foster.
[Cooper] That's right.
What are we
missing, Owens? Hmm?
What are we missing here?
What are you thinking?
Trajectory. It
doesn't make sense.
Look at his feet.
Dust 'em up.
Anything? No, sir.
Okay, keep looking.
I'm gonna be outside.
I mean, who knows?
I'm sure these guys all probably
had side deals with each other.
That's why they met here, right?
Split the proceeds from the robbery.
Where's the money?
Give me that.
Okay, the getaway van and all
the crew have been accounted for,
so, you think...
What about the cryptocurrency?
Unaccounted for.
All accounted for,
but no Eric Thompson.
What, you were expecting
to find him here?
Now do me a favor.
See if any of these
folks worked or rode
for any of these
ride-share companies, okay?
[Pete] Monsieur Charpentier?
Right on time. [speaks French]
[speaks French]
What happened?
Where's the seed phrase?
Seeds? It was in the
case. Now it's not.
Mr. Valenti told us to
drop it off. That's all.
Other than that, we know
nothing about seeds.
Payment's due in 30 days.
They're worthless
without the seed phrase.
It's out of our hands, okay?
What can I say? Pete.
Merde! [grunts]