Blowtorch (2017) Movie Script

I did it last bacon. Eat you. -Schyst.
It feels strange to drive
you to your first day.
That's different from the first
day of school. Get off now, mom.
What? I just wish it were otherwise.
I want to do this. I have been
lucky to work stock. It pays well.
I might be working more shifts?
- Oh, You work too much as it is.
- Colleen And Bernard needs you.
- When Did you get so smart?
I hate this place.
- Mother.
I am grateful for your help. I know,
you've said it a hundred times.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Hey, what happens? You will love this job.
Get up. Mr Green is on the way.
The dinner is in the oven,
heat it in four minutes.
I am with my sister. Girl Night.
I feel so unsuccessful. -It's
Not you, you do your best.
He wanted to go to cooking school,
now he is settled at the factory.
He is not fixed and it
will not last forever.
I'm afraid he'll grow into. -Gaska Up now.
Now we serve.
Can I be clearer? Ten Chinese
delegates are on the road
- to inspect the 20 stocks for 750,000
dollars each, and the lack of tools.
Someone has to take responsibility.
The boss. This is Dave
Willis, I told you about.
- Follow. Vardi says you work well.
Yes, sir.
If someone asks to get lrlingsln.
I am on good terms with the union.
We like each other. Do not screw it.
Louie, two roast beef. An end piece.
A shrimp cocktail, onion soup and
green salad with dressing separately.
- Inbakade Shrimp, chicken rolls
with mushrooms. I await my orders.
Then you wait some more.
- Skynda On, Louie!
And the end pieces are final.
- What is this? I ordered an end piece.
That was all they had left.
Why did not you come back. You were
in a hurry and it was the one I got.
Honey, I usually get what I order.
I order an end piece, I get
it, or offered anything else.
- I Do not like that others choose for me.
Come on, Ed. She's just a waitress.
- Not Bad, huh?
- Schyst Leather.
You can be as good if you belong to,
clench jaws and lets me do everything.
- Yeah, I do not want to get stuck here for 30 years.
- There You damn right. Come on.
- Hi mom.
- What have you bought?
We can not afford mobile phones.
Keep your, I end my subscription.
No, Mom. Do not turn off the phone. Now
that I have a job, you can keep it.
How sweet of you. Do not cook food
tonight, go out with your friends.
- No, I begin six tomorrow. Quiet.
- "Serenity" is not in my vocabulary.
It was Dad's fault who smoked so much.
I will fill his coffin with bills.
Including those from the
cemetery and funeral home.
Come on, Mom. I love you.
It will be alright.
I love you too.
It's no big deal. Bring me. -I will
think about it. There is no game.
I know. Mother plaguing itself. I
must do something to make money.
Be glad I fixed the job for you.
If I did I'd fix something more.
- God, What nags. Okay.
You know what? Give me a few days, so
I'll do my best. Shut up now. Oh my God.
What's up?
On dad's old place. Put aside those.
I am master of the house now, Dez. -Just
What your father would have wanted.
I miss him. Nothing is the same. Not
this place, not the neighborhood.
-That You're right.
I? I have mom to take care of. She is worried,
even when I was doing the right thing.
She's tough, as always. She
wants me to work, not work.
I need to earn more money. -Your
Father's death broke her heart.
No, I'm handling it.
She saw your father where you sit.
- I know.
I wish he had not been sitting still.
He loved you.
They had your dopfest here,
you slept in a boot.
Life is over. Continue to do the
right thing in your life. Okay, kid?
Drink up now. Celebrate.
You! It's time for your
job interview. Okay?
You can start with badsaltet.
Do you remember those
crazy kids in the park?
They kept the house in
that messy little room.
You do not talk to anyone but me.
Is that clear?
How is it going with our
friend in that bar?
- Not good. -Snackar He was
about to clean up the area?
Bullshit that remove the drugs?
People are not happy.
I know, me neither.
Maybe you should do something about it.
Yes, he called the cops twice last week.
It's bad for business.
You know you are here because of him?
We run a business. We do not bargain.
We sell at good prices. I have provided
the streets with good stuff for years.
If you have large volumes,
they will come back.
Tack, Luigi.
Hi. Great to see you out there
as a family again. How are you?
- Hungriga. We've missed
you, but we have it hard.
But it will change it. I work in the steel
mill. We are going back on their feet.
But only temporarily. He should
go to college. That's all I want.
Listen to your mother. Eat it there,
everything will be fine. The warm.
You. Check out the King.
What's up? -Good, Bro. How is it?
- Two Packets ivorywave, please.
- Two? One two.
To you.
This is my buddy Dave, he's schyst.
Have a nice day.
First they sell amphetamines,
then ivorywave. As you earn cash.
You will earn good.
You may start to sell some stuff.
This is a high quality. The highest.
I called Blackie.
-No Mistake. No, sir.
-What is this? -Use Them to what you want.
- Is This your salary? -It's Table money.
Use them. Buy something.
It will be changing here now.
We should not live like dogs anymore.
- Try Them. What cruel.
Look what Dave has bought.
What is this, Dave? I've
been working overtime.
Your subscription is paid.
The bills are paid.
- Be Happy, mom. Smile. -Look, Mom.
They are brand new.
Mom, they can not get to be happy?
Have we not been through enough?
You know what? Throw that shit, then.
We may be depressed for life, if you want.
- Do You have something to sell?
- Do You Jack?
Hell. I thought I had gotten
rid of the damn drug dealers.
That's enough. I'm tired of this. Now
I'm fucking tired of being nice.
Fuck off! You are destroying the area!
- It Was for your father's
sake, Davey! -Hell!
Dave, was it good?
-I Do not understand, how did it happen? -
It is so swollen. He
probably should be X-rayed.
Should you stop after a small stroke in
the back? It will not do. I took you in.
It was not such a brilliant idea I thought.
I do not want to sell that shit anymore.
We have a delivery to make.
Mom asks about the money.
You know how she snoops.
I may not be with you then she understood
that I stole fifth from her wallet.
You begged me, remember?
We do the damn delivery.
- What are you doing here? -Kollar
How tough he is without his stick.
No, we have to make peace. It
is one of our best places.
I do not know, his back still hurts.
- Okay. Let me handle this.
You, Dezzy. We just wanted
to say that you were right.
What we did was wrong. Sorry.
You did not have to beat us, you
could have talked to us. Okay?
But that is history now.
We forget everything.
- Have a beer.
- Look at that.
I told you that my way was best, Davey.
We do not want trouble.
'Now I want you to pull.
- When I'm done.
Do as you want.
- I Forgot my cigarette lighter in a car.
We have cigarettes here.
No, I have a new package in the car.
Thanks anyway. I will shortly.
Davey, why do you work not instead?
There you will destroy the area.
I have a job, Dezy. -To Sell
shit in the park is not a job.
What do you sell shit here? Dad sat here for
20 years and pissed away everything he earned.
He was a good man. He took care of you,
your mother, your brother and your sister.
You did not live with him every day.
No, I did not, but...
Dave Willis. Ja, sir.
Yes, sir. I stay here. I'll wait here. Bye.
- Mike Went out and fetched cigarettes.
- Cigaretter?
How many times must I explain?
I told you in there.
I want to hear it again.
I went out to the car. I had forgotten
my cigarettes there. I smoked one.
It must have been one hell of a cigarette.
Then I saw the guy come
springandes out of the bar.
Can you identify the guy? No,
he had a ski mask on him.
-And you? Do you know who the guy is? -No.
Do you think your friend here?
- Yes.
So no one knows the mysterious masked man?
How do we know? It's probably a guy
that he has diluted the booze for.
You know what?
If you were not involved so does
anyone wonder if you can identify him.
And if you were involved...
So I have kept on longer than you two.
Fucking cops. They left my car at the
park, someone learns to break into it.
Adds you never? You just
killed someone, Mike.
Do you say it again, you will regret it.
I was not even there.
That's enough for me. I quit.
Do not touch me, dammit!
Come on, Davey. I have
clean stuff at my house.
We go there and forget this. How about it?
- Where are you going?
- I am going home!
Damn it.
- You Have a download today.
- Today, Then it's over.
- And Ache again.
- I do.
- Dave, You go up? She is half past one.
Yeah, right.
Should I make breakfast for you?
- No it is good.
Do you follow at Bernard's football game?
I can not today, I'm busy.
- What Are you so busy? -Start Not now.
I gotta go.
I got $ 53 and 40 cents.
- 57.90.
Five dollars was to disks,
we share the rest. 41 was.
That's unfair, you pull out less.
- We share the tips.
It's not schyst against us. You're an
old lady, what are you doing here?
Here, take them. I have
enough problems as it is.
Here are all the problems.
Hey, Bobby.
- Jobbigt Shift?
- You Do not look to hit back often enough.
- I am too tired.
It looks like you let people take
advantage of you. Just a thought.
Not me. No using me. Would anyone
have anything they receive it or not.
The point is that it's me who decides.
You should try it sometime.
Why, look.
Davey, Mickey wants filling.
You may well leave a bag?
- Or No, leave two.
- Okay.
- By The way, you locked
the gate well? -Hell.
Come on, y'all.
What a fucking amateur.
What John Hancock. I have things to do.
See you.
Central Locking System gate.
Yeah, I always check the gate.
In four years we have been here.
Now 40 bags disappeared.
I signed on... We see it.
So where is the money?
Do you think this is cool?
It is acceptable to steal?
I have not stolen from you.
That's unacceptable.
200 bags for $ 10 each to
get 2000 dollars in cash.
We take no returns. We accept cash.
He shows me the records.
They might have miscalculated.
How much are you back?
-I do not know. 1 500.
I can give you five, six
hundred, but that's all.
We go to the park and work.
- No.
No, I'll get the money.
Hello! Mr Willis, how is it?
Have you got a minute?
-Yes. We may well talk to you outside?
Yes, take a cigarette.
This will cheer me up.
I stole it from the landlord's garage
to have anything to cook with.
I can only earn money in the park.
I just do it until I have them.
A little unexpected intelligence.
Let me talk to Canarsie. I'm working
tonight if you have something to sell.
No, I take care of Canarsie.
He knows me better.
But yes, you can work for me tonight.
It will help you with the mortgage.
It feels like...
As the lungs expand and to
breathe the mountain air.
- That's right. Yes. Not at all.
- Dave Is schyst.
What is your problem? He just came.
I will call you.
- What did you say?
- Dave Is schyst.
- So? Why was he in the bar?
- It was a mistake.
There have been many mistakes.
He was talking to a cop.
- Not Dave.
- I was there.
Canarsie said you had said he
was very nervous at the bar.
Who said you were interrogated by the cops?
- I fixed it.
It is not fixed! There I decide, not you.
Where is my money? I want to know.
Where are my 2000?
He's working on it. -How The hell either.
I'll handle it. Out.
Come on. Fucking idiot.
Can not you borrow them? What the hell!
You say that all earn fortunes.
Why are you bitching over 2000?
Shall I tell you?
They think you might be
doing it on purpose. What?
They think you know too
much and can exploit them.
Yes. Davey, you have to fix
the cash fast. You must.
I had helped you if I was not broke.
Meet me in the park for a
few hours, we'll fix this.
You need to stop talking to the cops.
- I did not say anything.
Hi. Good to have you home. Help here.
That was the only thing your father did.
- When He was not drunk.
- Start Not now. He just sat drunk
on the couch with a cigarette.
- Let Me, so he shouted. He was
your father, you must respect him.
Respect him? All the street jokes
that he still owes them money.
I have never had a quiet day.
People still pounding on
the door and threaten us.
I had to give them my
mother's wedding ring.
It was all I had.
Pick it up there. Picking it up, I said.
We're leaving.
Are you a snitch?
I asked if you're a snitch.
I've never squealed on anybody.
Mike knows. -Mike, Say
that I've never squealed.
Mike, what the hell? I have not said shit.
Tell me, Mike.
I have not talked to the police.
I did not say a word.
Say something, Mike. Say something, dammit.
Do not just sit there, damn it!
- Canarsie, I said nothing.
Tell me, Mike. Mike, tell me
that I have not said anything!
I did not say anything! Please!
Run biljveln here.
Die, you fucking golare.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Where he went in? We fished
him up at the fence.
This is the guy from the
bar the other night.
I tried to talk to him. He could
well not stick to the skin.
Even a corpse in the channel.
Are you Mrs. Willis? Detective Hogan
from the New York Police Department.
He has unfortunately been killed.
- Oh my God!
It feels like something on the news.
You can get through this.
I am here for you.
Thank you for is this to me.
- You Had done the same for me.
You must be strong for the children.
They are strong. They can do this.
Mrs. Willis, thank you for coming here.
Again, I'm very sorry.
- Klarar You really believe
this today? -Yes.
This came from the coroner.
Born 17 May 1992 Death November 8th...
-It Is well all you get.
I am concerned about the
circuits your son's moved in.
Which circuits are you talking about?
My son was murdered.
- Did You think we interrogated him?
No, for what?
He witnessed a murder. We think
he was protecting his friend.
- Who? Why would he do that?
How he felt Michael J Vardi?
Michael? They have known each
other since they were small.
I liked him. He brought with it problems.
We think he was in a drug gang.
Do you know anything about that?
Obviously not. What does
this have to do with Dave?
We're trying to figure it out.
The assistant, my son was a good kid.
That you have to believe.
And. Already...
I know it's hard, but if you remember
anything, even a small retail
-so call me.
Come on, sweetheart. Have you nothing
better to do? Where is your brother?
He's still asleep. -At 24:01 Saturday?
He misses football.
Bernard does not want to go there.
He does not want to meet anybody.
- Ungarna School says nasty things. They
are wrong. Dave was not a criminal.
Bernard, get up now! Bernard, you
have to get up and go to training!
- Vardi, They want to talk to you.
I've already talked to them, boss.
How are you, Michael? How are you?
You do not look healthy.
Thank you, Assistant.
I ask you again: Are you saying that
you did not see Dave that night?
I did not meet him.
- After The job, then?
I went home to bed. He did
not say what he would do.
- Was that all? -What should I say?
I was in bed.
We found a gun in the sewer at the back.
He ran directly after the shot
did not run out to the front.
- What do you think about that?
I've told you what I saw.
Are you sure you went out and smoked?
I'll let you know.
Okay, Vardi, then? Have you examined him?
Yes, but he says nothing.
Calm, it brings with it. It always does it.
They do not stand in line to talk to me.
Hey, Mrs. Willis. How is it?
It's okay, thanks.
We have to leave for Berryville.
- Berryville?
We'll chase. -Hunt? Is
there something there?
Yes, deer. No, with the case.
Who's in Berryville?
- We. We have to leave Friday at 16.
- Ledigt? Why?
- Because We have available. Come now.
I'll call you when we're back on Friday.
- Can I use your bathroom?
- Other Door to the left.
- This Is that kid, Vardi.
- Put It there for a while now.
- I can not. The police does not help me.
But you're not a cop.
Oh. What luck I have.
- Look at that. It is because you are so sexy.
- Certainly. Thanks.
Spend them.
You, Rita. We do not share our drinking
with you anymore. You're on your own.
Whatever, subbor.
What good you are doing homework.
- Are You also go out? -Just A while.
Keep the door locked.
-Middag, Then? I buy me pizza.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
What's the fucking cash?
- Michael!
I'll take care of that bitch
a little fast. -Fix it.
Do you need a ride?
- No it is good.
Are you sure? Come on, get in.
It's raining of course.
Yes, okay. Why not?
Hey. Ten of the 90th
I never sleep.
I hear Dave.
I hear Dave screaming at night.
He begs for his life.
He tries to say who killed him. I'm
trying to hear, but you can not.
You were so close to him.
You must hear him.
Do you? You hear him screaming at night?
- I Have to go. -Why? Why
are you in such a hurry?
I... I did not...
It's a pity I was not there. Yeah,
why did not you come to the funeral?
You were his friend. Yes, I did, but...
I was too upset.
Are you sure you were not...
I do not know, scared?
- Good Night, Michael.
Well, by the way. Can I get your phone
number if I need to call you sometime?
My cell phone number? Certainly.
Good night.
Yes, I did, but... I was too upset.
Are you sure you were not...
I do not know, scared?
Next time you buy ten packages, huh? Stick.
It is cruel gadgets.
What are you doing here, lady?
I want to buy salt.
- There Is a pharmacy there.
I want to buy salt.
- Are You a cop? -Is Mike here?
He had sold me.
- Mike Knows no old ladies like you.
I was friends with Dave too.
I did not like Dave. Do you know that I
was the last person to see him alive?
-So? That's what is said.
But Mike was the last person who saw
him alive. I have other things to do.
Good luck.
Take a seat.
Yes. How has the day been?
Well thanks.
May I offer you a glass?
Relax, I will not bite.
I'll take the same as you. -Schyst.
Two glass of tequila, please.
What's your name?
Store Tommy. Store, store Tommy.
- What's your name?
- Mary.
I love that name.
Look here, Mary.
Thanks, honey. Here you are.
- Botten Up, Mary. Zest
for you, Store, Tommy.
Who is he the guy? How so?
I'm not good enough for you?
I clean the dynamo.
- Who is he?
- Blackie, A mafioso.
He hangs in the club house on President
Street. You do not want to talk to them.
- Now We discuss our future.
Thanks for the drink.
Wait, what? I need to
get the kid in school.
- The Next time I bid, Store Tommy.
- Hey sweetie!
Hello! What are you doing? What?
What are you doing here?
You certainly want to see your son again.
- Do I make you nervous?
No, you're bothering me. Get out
of here, you do not belong here.
I only drink my coffee.
Take your mobile and stings
of life you hold dear.
Assistant Hogan, how's it going?
- A Cop in our district died at the weekend.
- I heard that. I'm sorry.
I thought there was a connection.
- To What, your son?
No clue. I attaches priority
to arrest a cop killer.
-I understand. -I do not think so.
You come here to find out
who killed your son dealer.
How dare you call my son for drug dealers?
We have other priorities.
Understood? We have had a rough few days.
It was boring.
What has that Blackie clutch?
Where did you get that from?
-On the town. -Listen To now, stay away.
Especially from Blackie.
Has he the murder of Dave doing?
- Stop Playing cop.
You took over your head. Go home
and take care of the children.
They need you.
Excuse. Are you Mrs. Gracie?
- Didn't You assistant Hogan's message?
- Are You a policeman?
- I Investigating the case. I
fell asleep in front of the TV.
I went up to take medicine. I heard
screeching tires and looked out.
I record it here for the record. -A
Large pickup ran on the lamp post.
- -Tell You what he looked like?
A little guy with the cap. One
of those hats that kids have.
Then came two other men from the canal.
- Minns You what the car looked like?
It was a great car.
It was too dark to see the color, and then I did
not know about the terrible things that happened.
Okay. Thank you very much, Mrs. Gracie. We
will contact you if we ask anything more.
Michael? Michael!
- Is Assistant Hogan there? I
need your help, we have guests.
Oh, he's still in court. Can you
tell him that Ann Willis called?
Thanks. What am I to him?
Ann, can I talk to you? There were some
guys here last night and asked about you.
They would probably not ask you out.
- Forget it.
It was shady types, mafiosos.
Do you need help with anything?
- No it is OK. I can handle it.
- Ann...
- Michael. I was just greet you.
I'm on my way out.
Can I come in? I'm so upset, I
do not know who to turn to.
I must find out what happened to Dave.
You were his best friend.
The cops are useless, you know.
We may well go in for a while?
- I can not. -Michael, I've
known you for so long.
Come on now. Please. We may
well go in for a while?
Okay. But only for a moment.
What a nice place you have.
You miss him for sure. I do.
Will not you give me something to drink?
- So?
- What is it about?
Talk to me, Michael.
About what?
If it happened to Dave.
Mrs. Willis, I've said...
I do not know anything about it.
Tell me something.
Have you got the car repaired?
What's the color of the car?
-It is red. -RED? It is a nice color.
I like black cars.
As the black car, you sat in the
night when Dave was murdered.
- You... You guys are crazy.
- No.
No I am not. You and Dave were picked
up by a big, black car in the park.
And then someone killed him.
I told you I was not there.
- I Did not kill Dave, if you believe it.
No, I know that.
I just want to know who did it.
I had nothing to do with it.
Dave screwed up. He owed a lot
of money and could not pay.
Who could not he pay? -Listen To now.
Dave had lost the gear. There
are things that happen.
Then he got a beating. He got beat.
See these? They are from
lampposts as the car drove on.
What... what are you talking about?
You know, when the front light broke.
When the car drove on the lamppost,
the car you drove. Whose car was it?
I know you were in it. I saw the cap.
I do not know what you're talking about.
You texting me all the time. You must stop.
You must stop.
It's okay, Michael. You have told
me everything I need to know.
Do it right this time, Louie.
Pink, not red.
Hello? Hello?
Who is it? What do you want?
How many children do you have left?
You want one to disappear?
Do not threaten my children,
when it's me you want.
- Mike. I want stuff for tonight.
- There We can probably fix.
What's up? I just hang.
- Listen Here, Michael. You know what
it is. What the hell, go to hell.
- Listen To your own stuff. -Listen
And tell me who killed my son!
I do not know who killed Dave.
- Your Son was a loser like you!
Listen to this and tell
me who killed my son!
-What the hell? -Your Little shit! Tell!
I know you know who killed my son!
What the hell are you doing, bitch?
What the hell?
Fuck off!
She has made me nervous. She is
on me night and day. She knows.
You little maniac. You did it perfectly.
You took your cowardly little buddy and now
you you away. You should sell this shit!
Do not use it.
- It is quiet. It's no problem.
- Well, As I see it.
- Pratade You with that lady Willis?
- No I...
Look at me!
I did not say anything. I swear. Nothing.
It is best for you, there.
Hello? Dave, are you?
Dave! Dave! Dave!
Fuck you, you fucking bitch!
Fuck off!
Fuck off!
- I Told you to help Vardi.
I'm finished with him.
You may find a new witness for me.
- What are you talking about?
He has overdosed. He was our best chance.
You have made a fool of you.
I had to talk to him. -As You
have to talk to Mrs. Gracie?
It was fun to get there after you.
Why I had to go there first?
Continue you. You fit in this profession.
Listen, I need three things.
The car, the people in it, and your son
in the car with them. As simple as that.
One two Three. Without those things, I have
no case and we can not find the killer.
- Do you understand?
- Okay.
You must stop playing detective.
It's dangerous.
Watch your hands. You must
serve the people with them.
- Stop now. We go and get manicures.
- I Can not afford manicure.
My stupid boyfriend has given me a
million vouchers. You can get one.
Come on.
Hey, can I help you? I have a
gift certificate to a manicure.
It will be good.
Excuse me, are not you wife Canarsie?
- Yes. Why?
My son worked for your husband. I
saw you once outside the store.
Oh, so nice.
My name is Ann Willis. It's
the best day to go here.
What does your son now? He called Dave.
- He is dead.
- Oh my God.
I did not know. Was that boy...
God, so horrible.
First, your son, and then Mike Vardi.
It was a good boy. He worked for
my husband for almost two years.
He did not seem crazy,
but when he was there...
My husband was so upset
about what happened.
My neighbor, Mrs. fornito, rang
when she heard what happened, Mike.
He rented her garage.
I can not take it up. I can not
talk to my husband anymore.
-boron You nearby? No, in Bay Ridge.
I have a cousin on 80th Street near Shore.
I live on 60th between Shore and Marrows.
I just realized that I have to
pick up the kids at school.
- It was nice meeting you. -The same.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Excuse me, do you know where Mrs.
Fornito live? Yes, three doors away.
Excuse me, Mrs. fornito? Mr Canarsie
said that the car is in the garage.
I forgot something in it. Thanks so much.
Have a look. You must have passed
you without purse for a while.
The car has been here for months. I
forgot that I lost the contents.
Then I looked for the insurance card.
- Well It?
- No.
- Now I remember, I was sitting in the back
seat. I remember when I had kidney problems.
Doctors refuse to look at one
without the insurance certificate.
How is it going?
- Finds You?
- No.
What a shame.
Thank you for your time.
- It was nothing.
What was your name again? Damn it.
I have found the car. I found
it in a garage in Bay Ridge.
A piece of David's sweater is in the car.
I go to the store. I want to see
my son's killer in the eye.
Have you squealed on me? Have you
squealed on me, you little bitch?
Do you have it? I'll
send you to your son is.
The police! Put down the gun!
- Do not move!
Down! Down!
I should lock you up, you know?
Do you think this is a game?
They killed my son.
Trusting you not trust me?
Give me the phone.
Go away.
Dave, my beautiful boy.
You gave so much joy, love
and light to our lives.
We are grateful for the
time we had with you-
-and we hold you in our hearts forever.
Now, my beloved son, I entrust to the Lord.
I pray that you will have
peace and I love you forever.
You are in our hearts forever.
- I Love you, Dave.
- I miss you so much.
- Ann.
- Hej.
I wanted to give this back to you.
We might be seen. It sure would be nice?