Blue Again (2022) Movie Script

Indigo is like a person.
She is alive.
She needs care.
Otherwise, she will fade away and die.
It's December 15th, 2014.
It's 18 degrees Celsius today.
Perfect weather to welcome December.
Many people are heading home
for the holidays.
Preparations are underway
for Christmas and New Year's.
Have a safe trip home.
Selfie photos are popular
right now. Give it a try.
Keep memories of your loved ones.
Best wishes for a memorable holiday!
Sweet dreams!
Can I borrow your socks?
- Socks?
- Just for a bit.
- Just for a bit.
- Sorry, I'm in a rush.
Can I borrow your socks?
I'll buy them for 50 baht.
Sure. But will they fit you?
Hey, you speak Thai.
I think they'll fit.
We're the same major.
Aren't you going to First Meet?
They're checking uniforms.
You'll be punished.
I don't care.
You'll meet a lot of friends.
You want these?
You're really not going?
Thanks a lot.
I'll return them next time.
All right.
Hold on.
See you later. Bye.
What's your name?
I'm Pair.
So we've met. Don't forget me.
Okay, tell us your name
and your high school.
Kwang from Saint John's.
Okay, Kwang from Saint John's.
One more. We need three.
You'll be fashion ambassadors.
From the girl in the back.
In the back there.
Does anyone have a friend
who is pretty and charming?
Let us know.
- Hi, Yok. I'm Kwang.
- Hi.
I really like your Facebook page.
I chose a fashion major because of you.
Which post did you like on my page?
I wrote so many.
I like all of them.
All of them?
And the last one I wrote?
What did you think?
Um, I liked it. I like it all.
Please let me know if you need help.
I'd love to be a part of your projects.
- All right?
- Yes.
- Can I take a picture with you?
- Sure.
Thank you.
Richie, take a photo?
One, two...
Hi, Ay.
One moment.
- Hey, how are you?
- Hi.
You're prettier in person.
Of course. Glad to see you here.
Glad that my tutoring paid off.
- Now you can tutor others.
- Okay.
- Let me help you with that.
- Thanks.
- Great.
- Where are you going?
To the fashion common room. Wanna come?
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Using freshman labor?
Yok always uses freshmen labor.
Don't fall for her charms.
She's my junior.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You can help me too.
Get in line.
Ay, come to freshman training
with me on Friday?
You went alone last time.
Because we didn't know each other yet.
Let's go together this time.
- Hey.
- Please.
Everyone's going to the party tonight.
What party?
Drinks, fun, everyone's going.
But I'm helping my senior.
Who? Yok?
Invite her along.
She might want to have fun.
A lot of third-years will be there.
You ask her then.
Thanks for inviting me.
If you're not going with her,
come with me.
Please. I'm getting dizzy here.
You people sitting here.
Do you know that right now,
there's an imposter hidden among you?
Do you know why?
Look straight ahead.
Your belt's wrong.
Your earring's wrong.
Your shirt's too tight.
Rule-breakers must first learn the rules.
You think you're hip?
Here is an example of wrong.
You are wrong.
What are you looking at? Got a problem?
Stop chatting.
- Do you know...
- Look straight ahead.
...who this campus belongs to?
Stand up.
We seniors paved the way.
Look straight ahead.
What have you all done?
Look around.
What color is your friend's hair?
Any answers?
What's your problem?
Trying to be different?
You may answer.
- This is my natural hair color.
- We are all equal here.
I don't care where you're from.
This isn't a beauty contest.
Make your hair black.
No answers?
Anyone have anything to say?
You think you're good enough to be here?
I've allowed it. Speak!
Why are you all rule-breakers?
Anyone going to bring her back?
Raise your hands.
Whose friend is she?
Or does she have no friends?
Any friends?
The girl that walked out.
She only has one friend?
Okay, everyone partner up.
I said partner up.
Remember, we suffer together.
We are responsible for each other.
Thirty squat jumps.
- Repeat after me!
- Thirty squat jumps.
One, two, three, four, five...
- Six, seven, eight, nine.
- Louder!
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,
seventeen, eighteen,
nineteen, twenty, twenty-one,
twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four,
twenty-five, twenty-six,
twenty-seven, twenty-eight...
Hey, you.
You see that black spray?
Go get it.
Hurry up. You want trouble?
Go get it.
Get up, get up.
Bow down.
I didn't think they would be so strict.
It started with just dancing.
Dancing is fine. But that?
That was stupid.
It's tradition.
Fuck tradition.
Hey, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
- Sorry.
- No need to bow.
I'm not blaming you.
I'm blaming whoever came up
with these traditions.
Come help me wash it.
My hair is fucked.
You can't remove it like that.
You have to use thinner.
Or shampoo like ten times.
I'm sorry, they forced me to do it.
It's okay.
Next time, use black hair spray.
That's what I do.
Wash it out after training.
I'm not going to join anymore.
You have to.
Hi, Yok.
You from yesterday.
Ay, I thought you didn't
care about training.
See you at the same place, okay?
- You ever take a loan?
- No.
First time. University tuition is
more than high school.
You're Tawan Satthapon.
Sounds very Thai.
Thai citizen, Thai race.
Are you being truthful?
You can apply for a loan regardless.
The government is understanding.
That's the truth.
I've taken a loan before.
Oh, you're renewing the contract?
- Yes.
- You should have said so.
So you're repeating freshman year?
- I was in environmental science.
- You didn't like it?
I want my niece to study there.
You want to borrow my pen?
No, thank you.
Does your pen work?
It's out of ink.
It's dead.
You need a pen?
Borrow from your friend.
I know you're poor.
Okay, I want you to introduce yourself.
Your mother is a business owner.
She earns 15,000 baht a month.
This faculty is expensive you know.
Materials, cloth... It's not cheap.
Let's do this.
Take a loan for tuition and expenses.
I'll do that.
Why are you taking a loan?
Aren't Caucasians rich?
You watch too many movies.
White people always look rich.
There are poor ones too.
So is your family poor then?
- We're okay. But I want an iPhone.
- Huh?
You can't. They'll check!
I won't let them.
You're crazy.
If only the government was understanding.
Shouldn't education be free?
If you want free education,
get the top GPA.
Then it's free.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I read your interview.
You said each year you aim
to win one competition.
Isn't that too stressful?
Who enters a competition
and doesn't want to win?
And each year, I enter three competitions.
So I should win one.
Wow, I get it now.
That's why they call you
a fashion rockstar.
And I also take on small jobs.
Why do you do that?
Your family is rich, right?
I wouldn't say rich.
I'd say we've recovered.
We went bankrupt once.
Ever since,
I've feared having nothing again.
What about you?
Haven't you ever been motivated by fear?
Thank you.
It's hot.
- You're a regular here?
- I used to come after school.
With friends?
By myself.
I didn't have many friends in high school.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
How about you? Any close friends?
I have one.
- Only one?
- One is enough.
That's true.
You come all the way here.
- To eat somtam?
- I like somtam.
But this is a jok stall.
It's famous. Here, try.
Somtam doesn't go with jok.
Only sticky rice.
- Try.
- No.
- What are you doing?
- I'll show you jok plus somtam.
Wow, that's really spicy.
How can you eat it?
You're gonna get a stomach ache.
It all comes out your butt anyway.
- All right, enough.
- There's some left.
Don't even.
It's good, try it.
- No.
- Try.
Just one bite.
A little.
- No.
- Just a little.
- It's good.
- Stop!
- No.
- It's spilling.
- Put it down.
- Spilling!
What are you doing?
I want you to try something good.
- Come on, try some.
- I'll order it myself.
But I want you to try mine.
You eat it.
Are you taking revenge?
- I don't want it.
- Eat it.
- Auntie, she's spilling all the jok.
- Eat.
Come, I'll give you a ride.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
I live in China Town,
but you can drop me off nearby.
- Bye.
- See you.
Come sit in front.
Just climb over.
How tall are you?
175 cm, sometimes 176 cm.
I'm jealous. You can do the catwalk.
I wouldn't even if I could.
Really? I'd like to.
You don't think I can? Too short right?
I didn't say that.
I bet people always notice you.
Notice in a good or bad way?
I don't know.
Me and you are the only
Caucasian-looking freshmen,
but everyone seems to know you more.
I don't think we're that white-looking.
Do people think that?
The other day,
I went to a party with the seniors.
Everyone was talking about you.
But I only know Yok's group.
That's enough already. The cool crowd.
You've got guts.
You're not scared of the seniors.
Where'd that get me?
Got my hair sprayed anyway.
If you don't want to conform,
why go to training?
I just went with Pair.
So she'd have a friend.
You know her from high school?
She's my first friend here.
What about your twin?
She's my friend from tutoring school.
We did a drawing class together.
Kwang had the top score
entering fashion this year.
- That's cool.
- Yeah.
When I'm with her I feel proud too.
We kind of have the same taste.
But you don't seem to like her.
Hey, I have a question.
Why did you choose fashion?
I liked dressing up when I was a kid.
My mom bought me clothes from magazines,
so I got into fashion early.
Trendy like my mom, I guess.
So you want to be a stylist?
Actually, I want to be a model.
But you'd better not tell anyone.
Yeah, seriously.
Although, a stylist is more realistic.
But I want to make use of
my Caucasian looks.
I don't mean catwalk modeling.
Look books, beauty shots,
and stuff like that.
And you? Why did you study fashion?
- Me?
- Yeah.
I want to develop a brand.
My family has an indigo-dyeing business.
Wow, like a big factory?
No, just a home business.
If you're half-white,
why are you so short?
My mom's Thai. My dad's Canadian.
I got my mom's height.
She barely made it as an air stewardess.
With a Canadian dad,
your English must be good.
It's all right.
I can get by.
What's that up ahead?
When did you come to Bangkok?
This is only my second week.
You'll get used to it.
Your family has an indigo-dyeing business.
So your home must be in the provinces?
My home is in the northeast.
My mom is from Sakon Nakhon.
Oh. So she's Laotian.
People from my area hail from Vietnam.
They're called Vietnamese.
Some even speak French.
Just so you know, for next time.
You're really serious, you know that?
What about your dad?
I mean, you're half-white too, right?
You said you can only get by in English.
Why is that?
- You're a starfish?
- And you're space clam?
Star in outer space.
Give it here.
- Amateur.
- It's stuck.
- Watch.
- It's really stuck.
Total pro.
- Thanks.
- A gift from the seniors.
It's bitter.
If you hadn't lent me
your socks that time,
we might not have become friends.
Why? Because I'm pretty?
Bitch, watch yourself.
Why? What's wrong with me?
How bad is it that
you convinced me to wear this?
Look at this dumb costume.
- I didn't want to be the only one.
- You're crazy.
Well, since we already look stupid,
let's take a picture to remember this.
I was a mosquito
and you were a bug spray can.
I didn't bring my phone though.
My phone doesn't have a camera.
Shit, I don't have photos of anyone.
Not even you.
When you get your iPhone, we'll take it.
I'll remember that.
Okay, you do that.
Hey, since we're together until now,
can you come to Last Cheer with me?
Can you name one good thing
about Last Cheer?
I heard that those who attend together
will be best friends until graduation.
That's a myth, it's not even true.
But seriously, why must you
be a part of everything?
Because I missed it all in high school.
I never got to know anyone.
Shit, that's pretty sad.
I'm fine with it now.
today's my birthday too.
But I think my parents forgot.
They have bigger worries, I guess.
- That's all?
- Blow it out, my hand is burning.
- My hand is burned.
- Sweet of you.
No cake this year. Wait for next year.
This is enough for me.
Thank you.
What's that move?
It's either thank you or I'm sorry.
But in this case, thank you.
You're the first friend who ever
sang me happy birthday.
Whatever, we're friends right?
Don't ever leave me.
I won't.
I wish you all the best.
And I to you too.
May your dreams come true.
What is your dream anyway?
I want to have my own indigo cloth brand
and open a nice shop for my mom.
Like this one.
can I be your designer?
I'll do my best for you.
Better than this costume?
What are you supposed to be?
Look at yourself first.
You look like a penis.
- I'm bug spray.
- You wanna go?
I'm a bug spray can. You can't bite me.
I'm not biting a can, I'm biting a penis.
Bitch, don't be crazy.
At first, I took you for a prissy person.
- Nope.
- Prissy and proper.
- Bitch, it's too much.
- Come on!
That's way too long!
- Raise your arms.
- Is it straight?
Okay, down then.
- Don't turn around.
- I wanna see you!
What do you wanna see? My pretty face?
You miss me? Haven't seen you for one day.
We're arriving in Sakon Nakhon.
Who is it?
It's me.
It's 5:30. DJ Kamphu-Ratchanee is on.
Turn it on.
...arrive safely home, back to
the warmth and love of your family.
Okay, let's continue.
We've reached the highlight of
your news duo, Kamphu-Ratchanee.
I'm very proud to present this.
This Christmas, don't miss
the Star Parade Festival of Sakon Nakhon.
Celebrate the end of 2014!
This year, the Star Parade,
a highlight of Thailand's largest
Catholic community,
promises to be more spectacular than ever.
Christian communities
from nearby provinces are joining in.
This year, there's even...
Where's Mom?
They've been doing this for years.
You're so out of touch!
Wow, really? Well, there you go!
If you missed this year's
Church Star Parade...
Why is she hanging indigo yarn in the fog?
She forgot to take them down last night.
...catch it near St. Joseph School,
Sakon Nakhon.
Adorable little angels, fairies, and lambs
will make it a sight to behold.
I'm excited. Goal's set!
What now?
A selfie with Santa on the float!
Know what a selfie is, Ratchanee?
And do you know
the right camera for a selfie?
- Your camera.
- No! The front camera or the back one?
Use the front camera, okay?
don't miss this vibrant spectacle.
Besides the Star Parade,
we have a Star Float contest too...
5TH MAY 1932 - 25TH DECEMBER 2014
Sumeth, what's wrong with Grandma?
She's not breathing.
Mom. Do something.
- Mom, wake up.
- Grandma, breathe.
I'll take her to the hospital.
The car's dead.
I'll call the hospital.
- Hurry up.
- An ambulance.
Sumeth, bring her medicine.
Sakon Nakhon Hospital?
Grandma's ill. She's not breathing.
Come now. Please, hurry.
Thank you.
- What did they say?
- Ten minutes.
- That's too slow.
- What should we do?
Go get Uncle Dang's car. Get her things.
- Okay, get her stuff.
- Hurry up.
- Uncle Dang.
- Her ID card too.
Grandma, stand up.
Hospital card.
Sumeth, Uncle Dang's car is here.
Carry Grandma down.
The patient has come to.
Thank you for coming.
I was dying. On my way to heaven.
You're still here, Grandma.
You're here with me.
I dreamed of a monk. He saved me.
You mean a priest?
A monk in yellow robes.
Strange dream.
A monk?
Sumeth, can you be ordained for me?
How can he be ordained as a monk?
That would be sinful.
It was only a dream, Mom.
You really want me to be ordained?
Mom, what are you doing?
Why did you get off Facebook?
Broken heart?
I wish that was it.
So why did you get off?
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Father, please bless me
and the food on our table. Amen.
When are you returning to Khon Kaen?
You have days off?
I left my job already.
Since when? You're jobless now?
What a waste of your good grades.
I have a plan.
What plan?
I'm going to be ordained as a monk.
Prior to the consecration ceremony
on December 23rd,
HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
will preside over the opening ceremony
for Thailand's tallest standing
bronze Buddha statue, which stands at...
Grandma, the contractors
didn't come today?
They're off for Christmas.
They're slow and expensive.
I'll get someone else.
Will you be finished
in time for my graduation?
I want to come back
and help out the business.
So nobody steals your dye recipe.
You can't do it when you have your period.
I have to, it's my thesis.
In the old days,
Grandma always made me do this.
If I was tired, I would always
blame it on my period.
Grandma always let me off.
Now, no days off anymore.
I get it...
You still get your period, is that it?
I'm forever young!
When do you graduate anyway?
In a few more months.
I was doing synthetic dye in Bangkok,
but it's not working.
Vat dyeing here is much better.
Mom, can you help me?
You make the best patterns.
- Please?
- Do it yourself!
I always do it myself.
But it never looks as good as yours.
It's getting cooler now.
The indigo is dying.
Didn't we feed her nutrients?
She was okay last time.
Or did you not let her sit?
I did.
We all need rest.
With luck, the indigo will be ready
in three months.
The pigment should be nice and dark.
Little whitie, you're back home?
- Hello.
- She arrived this morning.
Our girl came back too.
She's having fun decorating the house.
The street decorations are up.
How about your house?
Not yet.
Our main street looks nice.
Stars and lights.
Thanks for selling me
the nice indigo seeds.
- See you later.
- Good luck.
Sumeth, let's go to church.
Why haven't you changed?
I prepared clothes
so you'd look nice today.
You go first.
- I'll follow.
- Okay, hurry up.
Hurry up. It's almost noon.
Don't forget to close the front door.
- Where'd you come from?
- I walked.
Where'd you walk from?
I was just buying stuff. What about you?
Just taking a stroll.
A stroll in front of the cathedral?
Yeah. Just strolling.
What are you buying?
None of your business.
- Have you eaten?
- Not yet.
Let's go to Add Jok.
- Add Jok?
- Auntie Add's Jok.
Enunciate your words. Auntie Add.
All right, let's go.
- Which way?
- You don't remember the way?
No more strolling?
You just asked me to eat.
- Let's go.
- All right.
- You forget your hometown or something?
- Why?
What's the rush?
Just hurry up.
Wait for me.
Are your balls heavy?
It's much easier to climb now.
Walk softly but fast.
Shit, the door is locked.
- Now what?
- It's not locked.
Don't be an idiot.
- They make them this big now?
- Yeah.
Turn on your phone light.
In high school,
you always read Buddhist books.
You kept them underneath your desk.
Can you keep them at home now?
Sure, I have a good hiding place.
Oh, yeah? Your parents aren't that dumb.
Not as dumb as you.
Hey, look at this.
What is it?
The same picture from ten years ago.
They're still using the same one?
Thank God I only came here
for high school.
This is all crap.
Chill out.
Are you dissing my teachers?
Yeah. They suck.
Are you serious?
You're really something.
Holy shit. This stupid board still?
Why is it always
the Solar System every year?
Like it's the only thing in the universe.
What are you complaining about?
You used to hog the telescope.
Remember? I had to get you
out of detention.
- Hey.
- Shit.
There's going to be
a shooting star at 9:00 p.m.
- It's already 9:20 p.m.
- Oh.
- Wait.
- I'm here, I gotta see the shooting star.
Wait for me.
- That's a long tail.
- Where?
- Wait for me.
- Hurry up.
It's falling.
Ay, slow down.
The janitor will hear us.
- Don't be so loud.
- Don't worry. He's probably drunk by now.
When we were students, you were so lost.
I'm still lost now.
You know,
if I hadn't had you in high school,
I'd have been screwed up by now.
Is this a confession moment?
We should still be together now.
I get pretty lonely there.
Well, you couldn't get into my university.
I can't help it, I'm dumb.
Anyway, I'm happy to see you.
- I'm not so down anymore.
- Hey, wait.
Let's let loose.
You can't let loose in engineering?
Go for it.
This Christmas,
let's go to the Star Parade Festival.
When did we last go?
Five years ago.
The last year of high school.
But you go to Mass every year.
Yeah, but...
I'm so bored with it.
If you don't go, I won't go.
It won't be fun.
All right.
I'll go with you this year.
How's that?
Okay, enough.
Don't be a slut.
I've always been a slut.
I should have been a slut back then.
This is why people don't like you.
It's only a thought.
Red drum major? Think you're so hot?
- Why?
- You're fat.
Fat ass.
You're a fat cow. Think you're hot?
You think you're special?
Grab her.
Nice hair?
Red hairpin freak!
Slap her already!
Rip off her fake lashes!
Hey, what are you doing?
Ay, get up.
You jerk! You dare hit a girl?!
Come help me pack our new order.
A lot of online orders came in.
This is the last batch
of the old collection.
When you're free, come and help me.
Sure, of course.
Just give me a big tip.
The bigger the tip, the faster I work.
I'll buy you jok.
- What?
- Double.
I do so much for you.
Packing, shipping, buying the material...
I'm even designing your brand logo.
That deserves a double.
- Stop whining.
- That's unfair.
You live next to
the Pahurat textile market.
Not fair.
It is fair.
You're an employee, I'm the CEO.
Okay, then can I have my salary?
But you have to find some models
for my new indigo collection.
Get lost.
Last I checked,
top models don't work for free.
Tell them it's for their portfolio.
Nice clothes, hip brand, good profile.
Models aren't stupid, you know.
If you want to be paid,
find me the models.
You're annoying.
You two almost done?
The guard's closing up.
Yeah, just about.
I'll come back in 20 minutes.
I have the keys.
Okay, we'll rush.
If it's your personal work, do it at home.
You shouldn't use the common room.
What a hard-ass.
A little dictator.
Hey, I've tried another logo.
I think this version looks better.
Your first one was too plain.
Looks good.
Yeah, I like this one. It's our brand.
Send it to me. I'll check it later.
The merit scholarship results are out.
Kwang got it for fashion.
She has a higher GPA than you?
What did she get?
3,75, same as you.
Then why did she get it?
The scholarship is determined
by major scores only.
She beat you there.
But don't be sad.
If you keep it up,
you'll get it next year.
Watering cans ready.
Hand shovels too.
Are you wearing a Gundam outfit?
It's Gundam.
It's a cosplay outfit. Super trendy.
It's very Siam Square, don't you know?
- I'm not into cartoons.
- What the fuck's so funny?
Why don't they mind
their own damn business?
At least they think of him.
Why are you dressed so nice?
- Fake eyelashes too?
- Beautiful.
Those two look good in anything.
I wanna look rich too.
You will when you have money.
Ay. It's 2,500 baht.
Pair and I aren't going. We have to pay?
It's a class trip. Can't you read?
They booked room and board for everyone.
Do we have to buy the shirt?
We're not going anyway.
Yes. We got a volume discount
from the shirt shop.
Just wear it around the house.
You really don't want to go?
It's a bullshit trip.
They don't really care about nature.
You want to go?
If you don't go, I won't go.
I'll stay here and work with you.
Do I have to wear it?
I'm allergic to nickel.
Just for a moment.
Take it off when we've had
the shoot. It looks nice.
One more. Look here.
Keep still.
Okay, again.
I'll go and help.
Richie told you she was allergic,
and you still made her wear it.
I didn't think it was serious.
Let's continue.
Is it better?
What are you looking at?
My new brand logo.
Which one do you like?
This one.
It's more simple.
It's more feminine.
It represents your brand better.
You don't like the other one?
I like the first one better.
- I agree with Yok.
- Really?
Did you like the shirt hem I sent you?
I tried to work with the story you gave.
I wrote the thesis and I can't stomach it.
I just winged it.
My thesis is experimental anyway.
Also, you're good with textiles.
I think it's pretty simple.
It's exotic.
What are you talking about?
Sounds intellectual.
- Let's see the shirt.
- Okay, rockstar.
- This it?
- Is it okay?
This seam isn't perfect.
- Oh.
- Please fix it.
- I was being careful.
- Not careful enough.
Ay has been helping me with competitions
since her freshman year.
Talent isn't passed down so easily.
I wouldn't be able to finish this project
without you two.
But you have so many friends.
Not everyone you see me with is a friend.
But it's better than being alone.
Do you get angry
when people bring up the protest?
I used to. But now I just let it go.
I really didn't want to be there.
I was just passing through.
It's been two years.
I can still smell
the blood in the streets.
What's up?
Did you upload the wrong logo?
No, it's the correct one.
You chose the first one?
You didn't like the one I made?
This is the one you designed.
I mean the second one.
I thought you liked it. Didn't you?
I like all the ones my friends did.
Why didn't you choose mine?
It's my brand, isn't it?
What time are you coming in tomorrow?
Can you ship this batch for me?
I'm super busy doing everything myself.
I'll let you know. I'm going to sleep.
I'll transfer your salary, okay?
What are you doing?
Why don't you do it at home?
My electricity bill is crazy.
Twelve baht a unit.
Is this Gundam?
No, this is Yoh.
Asakura Yoh. Heard of it?
It looks nice.
What will it look like?
Black sleeveless top with orange trim.
An orange between ripe apricot
and a sunset sky.
PU leather arm guards and headphones.
It even has a short
and a long Harusame sword.
80 centimeters.
Where can you wear it?
I'm wearing it to the MBK cosplay event.
It's held every second Saturday
of the month.
All the cosplayers gather there.
You're a veteran then?
Since Grade 7.
I've been in competitions too.
Some of them became famous.
They were in TV commercials.
You go often?
Every month.
Nobody makes fun of each other.
Did you pay for the class trip?
No go, no pay.
Aren't you worried
the others will get mad?
Why would I worry?
Do you have a group
for the textile final project?
Wanna join me?
I prefer to do it alone.
Really? It's a big project though.
You never join any groups.
I'm the first to submit every time.
I get at least a B+.
Can I help?
Use this one?
So, who is Mr. Yoh?
An anime character I like.
Does he have another costume?
- What power does he have?
- Shaman power.
What the hell is that?
Go read the manga.
Just tell me.
It's hard to explain.
- You know shamans?
- No.
I don't know anything.
This table is all new to me.
Shamans use spiritual power.
- What for?
- Like a witch doctor.
What is all this?
This sword kills spirits?
It's for claiming spirits.
Why claim spirits? Will it help us fight?
I'm using samurai power.
- Oh, so it's a samurai ghost?
- Yes. Because we use a samurai sword.
That's cool.
Write your name on the bag tag.
- Aren't you taking the other one?
- No, I'll carry on.
Mine will be Big Pair.
You write down Little Pair.
So they don't mix us up.
- Here.
- Okay.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
Just put them there.
I was going to call you this morning.
I'm sorry.
Hey, it's fine.
When I get back,
I'll work my butt off for you.
Sure, if that's okay with you.
Bangkok is cold today, isn't it?
Don't forget a sweater.
And don't forget to wear it.
You're staying here.
It's you who should wear one.
Hey, me first!
- Sumeth!
- Me first!
- Let me in too.
- Too late.
I'm scared!
- Let me in. I won't look.
- No!
You're home late.
Why aren't you asleep?
Go to sleep. It's late.
May the angels...
Take care of me
and watch over me
through this long night. Amen.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
My friend is doing the cathedral
renovations. You interested?
Let's discuss it later, Dad.
I dreamt I was drowning.
That means domestic troubles.
Suffering, sadness, and heartbreak too.
You may encounter stress
and responsibilities.
New colleagues at work will be younger.
What's that, Grandma?
Here are the lucky numbers.
Go buy lotto ticket number 3-6-5 for me.
Here, I wrote them down.
No problem, boss! I'll buy it next month.
- Underground lotto?
- Right.
- How much?
- Fifty thousand.
Where is it? The fifty-thousand.
Go get it on credit.
- On credit?
- Deduct it from the winnings.
As easy as that, huh?
Last night, I dreamt of a cemetery again.
I'm scared to interpret it.
I might end up there.
Nobody's going anywhere, Grandma.
You're here with me.
Calm down. Don't think so much.
Come, I'll give you a massage.
Have you made a donation yet?
If not, support the reconstruction of
St. Michael's Cathedral, Sakon Nakhon.
Are you going to dye those?
The calico fabric is no good.
It's used for testing.
I'm just testing, Grandma.
I will vat dye the real piece
and then weave it.
We had some really nice pieces.
Should have kept some for you.
Your mom sold them all.
What are you doing?
Harvesting the indigo. Why?
Mom hired you?
Nobody hired me. It's my own field.
You want to buy it back?
Okay, we've all agreed.
The theme will be Blue Ocean Night.
I want the models
to walk barefoot over a pool.
So it feels like walking
on the beach at night.
We'll use white resin to make the pool.
Make it portable so we can move it.
The stage will be 10 by 15 meters.
Everything will be rented.
As for the catwalk,
we'll have sixteen models
and two collections of clothes,
so each model will wear a few pieces.
I'll put the plans on the projector
so we can all see it.
This is the model lineup.
Just a moment.
So are the pieces almost finished?
The clothes?
My collection is light blue.
The patterns are almost complete.
And Ay's...
Is being done right now too.
Being done? Can you be more specific?
I'm doing the patterns
and waiting for the indigo fabric.
She doesn't have enough material.
But I have enough to keep working.
Ay is waiting for the indigo fabric
from her home.
This HDMI head is loose. Anyone have one?
Yeah, I have one.
An Apple superfan.
Explain to them. I'll be back.
I know the indigo is unstable,
but I can't have delays.
Can you hurry, Mom? I only need 20 meters.
It's not possible?
Can't dye it in time?
Then keep the difficult pieces for last.
Use the indigo fabric you have in stock.
Can't you just buy some?
I know a shop in Ayudhya.
If you really need it, I can talk to them.
Even if you order from another shop,
you still need to wait for them
to dye and weave it.
It takes time anyway.
What about ready-made bolt fabric?
I can find it for you.
Kwang, does your dad's company have any?
You know, uncut bolt fabric?
Can your dad help?
I'm not sure. I'll ask him tomorrow.
It's not going to work.
It might be a different color shade.
And I need a certain texture too.
I'm the designer. Let me choose.
Let's change plans.
Pair's collection should be the finale.
That's more realistic.
Hey, that's not helping the situation.
- How can you just switch the lineup?
- You want to wait for your own material.
But that's not fair for everyone else.
We already agreed on this.
Both collections are like twins.
Just different shades of blue
for the opening and finale.
How can you just switch them?
Pair's is light blue. Mine is dark blue.
You all wanted something deep
for the finale. Right?
This is an important show
for all of us to shine.
I just want the one that's ready
to close the show.
You don't want it to be me.
So just say it.
That's not it at all.
I want the models to practice
two weeks ahead of time.
That's important.
It's true that
mine is going to be delayed.
You switching the lineup
is not going to make it quicker.
So switching the lineup
is not the solution.
Whatever you want to do,
you should have done it sooner.
So we could all make plans.
We can't deal with last-minute changes.
And I want to practice
with the real pieces.
You can practice with another piece first.
I can prepare similar pieces for that.
And the lighting depends on the model,
not the clothes.
Don't be so irresponsible.
Our major doesn't do shit shows.
Big industry names will be there too.
I used my connections.
We have to be flexible,
not just change everything.
You're the inflexible one.
Flexible means change, doesn't it?
Professional models
are hard to reschedule.
It's cold back home.
Our indigo is unstable.
It's not that cold.
It's not cold here,
but it's cold back home, bitch.
Our indigo is dying, don't you get it?
Like completely dead?
Calm down.
She's Yok's girl. Give her a break.
Do they all behave like barbarians?
Okay, let me use
my chairman's prerogative.
Let's take a break for now.
What's wrong with you all?
We're all friends.
Be more understanding.
You too. Calm down.
No problem is too big for us.
Please do as I suggested.
You can be the finale as you wanted.
Why didn't you answer the phone?
Can we cancel the customer?
It'll make us look bad. Instead...
Don't cancel, just postpone it.
If we postpone, they won't want it.
Only the really loyal ones will.
But don't think of that now.
Try to fix the problem first.
For your friends' sake, just take
this last indigo fabric for the show.
I'm thinking of myself a bit.
But I do want mine
to be the finale collection.
Do the others know that?
I just presented until they chose me.
I won the vote.
I even snuck in three pieces
from my own brand's next collection.
That's cold.
Does Pair know?
I think so.
If my closing piece in the finale is good,
my career could take off.
Aren't light blue and dark blue
the same thing?
There will be big-time designers there.
And Pair is building her portfolio.
Okay, sure.
Hey, let's go.
We're leaving now.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- See you.
Should we leave too?
It's late.
I want to finish this.
I'm hungry. You wanna grab a bite?
I don't think so. I'm tired.
You haven't finished
weaving your material.
Why didn't you admit it in the meeting?
I don't think it's a big problem.
I'm doing chemical dye anyway. It's easy.
I might just be a little late.
A little late is still late.
But you let me take all the blame.
I told everyone when you weren't here
that I would also be late.
But nobody said anything.
To be honest...
I've never had a decent portfolio.
I got turned down for all my internships.
Kwang told me
that if this show goes well,
she'll recommend me to her dad's company.
I still want to go to our jok stall.
Let's do it another day.
- I'm leaving then.
- Okay.
Get home safe.
Fucking bitches.
All the best!
Is that the garage?
It's done? How much do I owe you?
3,000 baht for service.
14,000 baht for parts.
I can pay in installments.
Yes, I can pick it up.
Thank you, bye.
Can you pick up my car?
The first installment is 5,000.
Do you have it?
I don't have any income this month.
Can you pick it up yourself?
I'm not a good driver.
I don't want to risk it.
You can't even drive?
How can you get a job?
That's not the issue, Mom.
I just want to be in a peaceful place.
Peaceful in yellow robes?
Jobless and stubborn.
And you want to be ordained as a monk too.
When are you going to grow up?
Mom, it's too loud.
Breaking in with a traffic alert
on Ratchadaphisek Road.
Outbound near Huai Khwang Market junction,
an accident happened 700 meters away.
The collision involves three vehicles,
which are blocking the rightmost lane.
Stay tuned for further updates...
Princess Ubonratana inspected the
"To Be Number One" project
and inaugurated its club
at Suratthani University.
Is the confession room usable?
It's still under renovation.
You have to use the temporary cathedral.
Okay, thank you.
Aren't you worried?
That's why I'm out here.
I thought things would be different.
But now I feel unwelcome in my own home.
It's like I'm somewhere else again.
I thought with an engineering degree,
I'd be able to find a good job.
But in the end,
all the money goes to my parents anyway.
I do everything and end up with nothing.
It makes no sense.
Your parents are supposed
to shave your head.
So am I your mom?
I'm not your flesh and blood.
Then why are you shaving my head?
You've always helped me,
so I'm returning the favor.
You're a good friend.
Nobody else thinks so.
Ten more minutes until
the thesis presentation.
Little Pair, let's go to the bathroom.
You guys go ahead.
Watch my bag.
You use a Mac now?
For a while now.
I'm still not used to your new nickname.
What's wrong with your computer?
I'm using Photoshop.
The color fades
when I import it into Illustrator.
I'm not sure what's wrong.
Let me see.
Oh. Here.
The file hasn't been converted to RGB yet,
so the colors are off.
See? It's still CMYK.
I'll help. Where did you save it?
In Documents.
Oh, wait...
It's on the Desktop.
Next time you need help, just ask me.
What do I do next?
It's saved in the same place.
Are you dreaming?
Has everyone gone?
During Freshie Night,
who were you partnered with?
You. I was a starfish
and you were a space clam.
- Wasn't I the starfish?
- No.
- I was.
- Oh yeah, I was the space clam.
Look, the new Freshie's photos.
She's cute.
I feel old. Real old.
Next time, I'll bring seven mockups.
Thank you.
Okay, last one, let's go.
Set up your computer.
Hurry, it's getting late.
Trend? What trend?
It's a Vogue trend.
I'm kinda worried.
I doubt it's minimal.
You can use mine.
It works now.
If you're going to present like this,
don't say it's indigo.
It's just ordinary blue.
Like she said.
You said yourself vat dyeing is special.
Vat dye is authentic.
It requires patience.
But then you bring in synthetic dye.
It's a shame.
If the texture isn't good,
don't bother doing a mockup.
Let me ask you honestly.
Why didn't you use a vat dye?
I want to eat somtam.
Larb, namtok, anything spicy.
Yeah, let's go with Little Pair.
I don't want anything spicy.
- She's a lightweight.
- Lightweight.
Where's your friend?
Are you okay?
"Good indigo can survive in any season."
"If you can't handle it,
the thesis and your brand will fail."
I'm not an expert in indigo.
But Kwang's Tweet is right, isn't it?
But it's not just the seasons though.
Indigo is like a person.
She is alive.
She needs care.
Otherwise, she will fade away and die.
Your indigo is dying?
Why didn't you go back earlier?
It's still cold at home.
If the weather warms up,
she will revive.
When will it get warm?
Soon, I think.
I hope so.
Last batch of the year.
- Can you ship it to the customer?
- Okay.
What will you do next?
I might close shop for a while.
For a long while, maybe.
But anyway,
I'll always come back for my brand.
I didn't ask you to ship it.
It's my duty. I should do it.
What's the point anyway?
Don't you think this is stupid?
That we can't be friends in public?
I'm your friend,
not your mistress.
Everyone is my friend. Don't you get it?
I have a lot of people I care about.
But I only have you.
Then this is
the last batch I'll ship for you.
Brother, how are you?
Any lotto numbers for me?
Let me ask you instead.
Good fortune will come to you
if you are good, and true, and wise.
Teach your children that no good
comes from gambling.
Give alms every day, live humbly,
and share with the needy.
You will have much merit.
Fortune will follow.
Brother, how are you?
Any lotto numbers for me?
Have you had dreams or visions?
I'm leaving in three months.
I'm going abroad. I might be awhile.
We're preparing a new dye vat.
Who will watch it?
You've always loved it.
Why don't you do it?
Why don't you stay and help me?
Everyone here looks down on me.
I want to have money and move away
to a better life elsewhere.
Will elsewhere be better than here?
If I stay here, nothing will ever change.
People call me a cheap foreigner's wife.
I can never change that.
Can't we stay together?
No, I have to go.
Mom, shall we go to Mass?
Mom, can I go now?
So the pope and all preachers
put their trust in God
in every action they take.
May we remain steadfast
in the greatest love of God
in times of doubt, sorrow, and suffering.
Let us pray.
O Lord, hear our prayer.
May we leave arrogance
by accepting our sins
and accept Jesus as our savior.
Let us pray.
O Lord, hear our prayer.
May we bring your word to people on Earth
by the power of Lord Jesus Christ.
Let's go. It will be fun tonight.
Come with me.
Is this appropriate?
Shit, you've only been a monk a few days.
- Come on.
- Please.
I'm Christian anyway.
Let's go, come on.
I really can't go.
I don't wanna go alone.
You promised me.
You can't break a promise.
Please? Please, come.
If you don't come, I'll scream right now.
- Come on, let's go.
- Quiet.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Put it on. It's cold.
Don't push my head.
Let's go.
How am I going to go?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Okay, let's go.
When was the last time we were here?
Santa threw a candy at your head.
We were kids. How do you remember that?
Can I have a candy?
Let's take a picture.
Show me.
Hurry up.
Hey, wait up.
Sumeth, hurry up.
If we were all destined to be alone...
would it be okay?
To be alone?
We might be okay.
Where should I go from here?
Just stay with me.
Why do I feel like I've sinned?
Shit, what do you care?
You dragged me out here, didn't you?
But you promised you'd come.
You know what? You only think of yourself.
That's why nobody can be with you.
What do I care? I'll just be by myself.
- Just you is enough.
- Really?
I'm not touched.
Don't say that.
Once in a while, I say something nice.
How long have we been
sitting in the dew here?
My head is cold.
You're wearing a hat.
Look at my head. Do you see any hair?
You don't get it, do you?
Oh, sorry.
This is hard to put on.
Cover your eyebrows. It's cold.
- Where are we going?
- Just keep going.
- Keep going?
- There's always more to see.
You have to go with me.
I brought you out here. I won't leave you.
- I'll take care of you.
- Okay.
Take me to eat too. I'm starving.
Can I have this star?
What for?
For our gate.
This on the left, and this on the right.
- You want it?
- Yeah.
Come again next year then.
- How about this year?
- No.
If you come next year, I'll buy you two.
But this one you can't have.
- What are you going to do with it?
- Keep it.
The bell is sounding.
Where are you going next?
Good question.
Will I see you again?
If you want to see me, I'm around.
Actually, I always want to see you.
Can we just be together?
I gotta go.
All right.
see you around.
This piece is the hardest.
We should do it first.
250? Please? Can we settle on 250?
250? It's a nice round number.
Are you okay?
There's one star called Asterope.
It was the inspiration
for the finale piece.
This is for the finale dress?
Take it in more.
Hey, everyone come downstairs
for a group photo.
It's all right.
Let's change you back now.
I thought you weren't gonna make it.
But I knew you'd pull through in the end.
You think I'll get at least a B+?
I think so.
Hey, sorry I didn't join your group
sophomore year.
No problem.
Thanks for including the odd one out.
I'm also the odd one out.
Let's take a picture.
Erase it. I look awful.
No, you're always fine.
I'm leaving then.
Send me the photo.
I'll watch your thesis show.
Is everyone ready?
Okay, count to three.
- Count.
- Okay.
Make space.
Ready? One, two, three.
One more. One, two, three.
One more. One, two, three.
Okay, see you all at
the Thesis Fashion Show!