Blue Bird, The (1976) Movie Script

A co-production of
Mother, Witch, Light, Motherly Love -
In a film by
based on Maurice Maeterlinck's play
Also starring:
Mytyl - PATSY KENSI Screenplay by Alexei KAPLER
Cinematography by
Freddie YOUNG, Ionas GRITSUS
Production design and graphics by
Art director - Valery YURKEVICH
Costumes by
Marina AZIZYAN and Edith HEAD
Songs and ballet music by
Music composed and conducted by
Lyrics by Tony HARRISON
Producer - Paul MASLANSKY
Choreography by
Director - George CUKOR
I'm scared!
Don't lag behind!
Come on, Tylo!
Mother! We're back!
Oh, my goodness...
Where have you been?
Go wash yourself!
Look at you, you're soaking wet!
You're covered in mud!
I see you were not in a hurry to get
But we ran all the way home!
Even across the bridge.
Oh, God!
- Go to bed now!
- I'm hungry!
You're having no supper tonight!
Go on, go to bed!
Hurry up!
Where are the children?
I sent them to bed.
To bed? So early?
- They misbehaved today.
- Misbehaved?
Yes. They went to the bridge.
And I have told them time and time
again never to cross that thing!
Little rascals!
They have gotten out of hand.
Children are all the same.
They keep forgetting.
Will you stop defending them!
Are you asleep?
Are you?
How can I be asleep
when I'm talking to you?
You mustn't get up!
Mommy will be angry again.
What's all that?
I'm going down to look.
They're going to punish us, Tyltyl.
They won't if they don't hear us.
- Why are they making such a noise?
- They're musicians.
- Are they angry?
- No, it's just their work.
What's all that on the tables?
Cakes, and fruit and tarts...
- Are they going to eat them?
- What else would they do with them?
Why don't they eat them at once?
They're not hungry.
Not hungry? Strange people.
They eat whenever they want to.
- Every day?
- So I'm told.
Will they eat them all?
Perhaps they'll give some to us?
They don't know us.
Look, Tyltyl, they're eating them.
The girls have got two cakes each.
- The boys have got three!
- I've got twelve.
- I've got two times twelve.
- Give me some.
What's the matter?
We better go home.
We don't belong here.
It's cold.
Tyltyl, I'm cold.
So am I.
They're asleep. Come on.
Where is the bird
that is blue?
I must have it.
Give me the bird that is blue!
- Tyltyl has a bird.
- Yes, but I can't give it away.
- What? Why not?
- Because it's mine.
Well, that's a good reason, I suppose.
Where is this bird?
In the cage.
No, no, no...
It's not blue enough.
You must find me the one I want.
- We don't know where it is.
- No more do I!
That's why you must find it for me.
I must have the bluebird.
It's for a little girl
who's very ill.
What's the matter with her?
Well, we're not quite sure.
She wants to be happy.
Don't lose time, go at once!
- At once?
- Yes, why not?
We're supposed to be in bed.
In bed? Then what were you
doing outside?
Playing at eating cakes.
Where are these cakes?
Tell me, where are you hiding them?
I want cakes very much.
Where are they?
In the rich children's house.
And they invited you
to try their cakes?
No, we were just looking.
It was so beautiful over there...
No more beautiful over there than
It's darker here and smaller.
And there aren't any cakes.
Of course, you just can't see!
I can even see the time
on the church clock from here.
But I tell you, you can't see!
Can you see me?
How do I look?
Well, answer me, young man.
Am I old or young?
Am I ugly or pretty?
Perhaps you can see so well that you
think I have a hump on my back?
It's a very small one.
You can hardly see it.
And my dress, do you see
how it glitters and shimmers?
Do you see all the precious
stones and jewels?
It's quite pretty, yes.
Quite pretty?
Is that all you can say?
There are some people who can't
see how beautiful it is.
But you're not like that, are you?
You're not blind and foolish.
Oh, no, I can see all that isn't
Luckily, I always
carry with me the one thing
that can give new light
to human eyes.
Look how that thing is shining!
It's a big diamond
that makes people see.
You have to put that pretty
green hat on your head
and turn the diamond.
And at once the world will look
different. Your eyes will open!
But isn't it scary?
Maybe, a little bit'
but it's very interesting.
After turning the diamond'
you can even see
into the inside of things.
Yes, yes, inside of
most simple things.
You can see the soul of bread'
and of milk, and of water.
Can you see the soul of sugar, too?
Of course! The soul of sugar's no more
important than the soul of water.
This enchanted diamond, in which
a magic power is hidden'
will help you to find the Bluebird.
Take it, Tyltyl.
You can rely on it.
It will save you if youre in trouble.
Thank you.
Come on, try it.
Put it on.
And now...
Turn the diamond, Tyltyl.
Who are you?
I am the light that makes men see.
The world's all lapis lazuli.
The simplest wooden cabin's made
Of jasper, emerald and jade.
A table of plain, humdrum pine
Suddenly seems crystalline.
And all the simple caken chairs
Sparkle like huge solitaires.
Lift the veil, shake off the mist'
Mere brick and mortar's amethyst.
I am the light that makes men see
The radiance in reality.
Fancy, just one sparkling flash'
And I'm freed from a life
of smoke and ash!
Mytyl-yl-yl. Tyltyl-yl-yl.
Water flowing
At her own sweet will.
You, sir, have a certain flare, But
keep your distance, stay right there.
Now watch!
With phewman form
And phewman sound
Finally finished
With loafing around!
Mytylk. Tytylk.
The silky soul
of spilt...
How do you do. Bread is the name.
Man's oldest friend.
Man's oldest friend and most
faithful companion.
Without me, he'd be just a lump of
Without me, he'd be just a bag of
I'm man's oldest friend.
Water's kind to human beings.
What about those you drown?
Don't be ridiculous!
Tut, tut, tut...
And now, my dear child, this one's
for you. Yup!
Now I'm here, I'll make you all
Sweet and kind and cordial.
You must be Sugar.
Indeed I am, sweet child.
Have a candy.
Here, Tylo, have some candy.
My dear little master!
At last we can talk'
at last!
I'd bark and wag my tail'
but you never really understood.
I felt so miserable.
You can't even imagine.
But now I'm so happy!
So very happy!
Do you want me to stand on my front
paws, or dance on my hind legs?
Do stop making such a fool
of yourself, Tylo.
Good evening, everybody!
It's the soul of Tylette.
Go and kiss her.
I want to kiss everyone!
Oh, what fun we're going to have!
I must kiss you again, Little Master.
What are you doing up at this time?
Why aren't you in bed?
- We're going to look for the Bluebird.
- You can't do that!
- Why not?
- Oh, it's very dangerous.
Stay here then, if youre afraid.
We're going, aren't we, Master?
And now we're off to seek and find
The precious secret for mankind!
Look, one of these avenues
Leads to the Blue Adventure. Choose.
Be determined, brace your heart'
Your journey is about to start.
Not that one.
This one.
- Go out that way.
- I'll carry the bird cage.
No, you must stay here. The children
alone will visit their grandparents.
Where are we going?
To the Land of Memory.
There's a possibility that
the Bluebird is hidden in the past'
in the mist of time.
Listen to me, consider our fate
and the destiny of our children.
All of us here'
animals, things, elements'
all of us possess a soul'
but man does not yet know it.
That's why we still have some kind
of independence.
But if he finds the Bluebird'
he will know all, he will see all'
and we will be completely at his
Dear me, how very alarming.
We've got to stop them'
so they never find the Bluebird!
- Don't say that!
- Why not?
We must obey Man. We must do what
he tells us.
Give us the reasons.
There are no reasons.
I love Man, that's enough!
Hooray for Man!
You do one thing against him'
I'll throttle you first
and go and tell him everything.
Hurry back.
I can't see anything, can you?
Perhaps you must turn the diamond?
- What?
- Still nothing.
Light said we'd see
grandma and grandpa.
Perhaps she was wrong.
Mytyl, look.
Don't you recognize it?
I don't know. I can't remember.
Yes, I can, Tyltyl!
It's grandpa's cottage.
Grandpa? Stop sleeping!
Wake up, Grandpa!
What? What is it? What's up?
- Don't you feel anything?
- Feel what? I am half asleep.
It's Mytyl and Tyltyl.
They're thinking of us.
So they are.
- Here we are, Grandma!
- Grandpa, here we are!
I'm not up to running much.
It's me rheumatics.
My dears!
Oh, how tall and strong you've grown.
- Little Mytyl!
- Come here, Mytyl.
And you come to me.
How sweet you smell.
Kiss me again.
And what about me?
Come kiss your old grandfather.
Are your mommy and daddy all right?
Well, they were asleep when we came
You haven't changed a bit, Grandpa.
Neither has Grandma.
- We stopped growing older.
- But you two have changed!
Come, let's take
a look at you.
Come along to the mark on the door
where we measured you last time.
Stand straight. That's right.
Oh, four fingers! My, how you've
enlarged! You come along here now.
Four and a half! Oh, you are enlarged!
My, how you've grown!
Oh, if youd only come see us more
We're always here, you know, waiting
for a visit from those who are alive.
Every time you think of us'
we wake up and see you again.
You mean it's enough just to think?
- Didn't you know that?
- No.
The living, they never learn anything.
Do you sleep all the time?
It's good to sleep
when life is done.
It's good to wake up sometimes, too.
Any holes in your stockings to darn?
Nothing here, either. What a shame.
I used to do all the sewing, you know.
Yes, I remember.
Remember my apple tarts?
And the cabbage soup?
- I always ate too much.
- He always made himself sick.
So he did, so he did.
- Would you like some now?
- Yes, sure.
Come along then.
There you are.
How good it smells.
Not as good as the soup I used to
make, though.
Nothing's as good as it used to be.
It's all too easy.
When you've been a mother
and a housewife'
Paradise is too like Sunday
To be true.
It's not bad at all, this Heaven'
But it's not quite life.
How can it be
With nothing to do?
When you've been a woodsman
and a father'
Working hard to keep your children
And a wife'
It's all right awhile this resting.
But I'd rather spend, well'
Some of the time
Back in life.
Honestly, I'd sooner I was spending
At least some of my
Eternity in mending...
- In raking...
- Patching...
- Thatching...
- Baking...
Absolutely any old chore.
But they won't let us
Work here any more.
Oh, this is good! I want some more.
Oh, look what you've done.
There! Behave yourself!
Didn't I tell you?
That's just like the slaps you used
to give me when you were alive.
But you're right, nothing has changed.
Not even your manners.
Does the blackbird still sing?
As soon as you think of him'
there he is.
But he's blue.
Grandpa, he's blue!
Grandma, that's the Bluebird!
The Bluebird!
Oh, can we have him, please?
Will you give him to us?
- What do you think, Grandpa?
- Sure. He does nothing but sleep.
Oh, I'm so glad we've found him here.
I'm afraid he'll come flying back
with the first wind that blows.
We'll take great care of him.
Was anyone thinking of the time?
That clock never works.
- Yes, I was.
- I see. We never think of the time.
We promised we wouldn't stay long.
- The living never stay still.
- They'll have to go if they promised.
Always rushing here and there.
- Come back and see us soon.
- We will, Grandma. We will.
Goodbye. Thank you for the bird.
Come back again.
It's such a treat
when your thoughts visit us.
Goodbye! Goodbye!
Tyltyl, that bird is no longer blue.
She's turned black.
Better let her go.
Grandpa said she'd fly home.
Goodbye, little blackbird.
I'm sorry
you weren't blue.
When you think
You've seen a flash of blue'
Let the world
That waits and listens hear
Your blue halloo.
Halloo! The blue halloo! Halloo!
The world needs children just like you
To follow after every clue
To happiness's truest hue'
The bird of most elusive blue.
Happiness is given to so few...
There must be something you can do
To bring to earth
That restless blue
That suddenly cuts clouds in two...
- Look, the Bluebird!
- Where is she flying?
There, look'
to the Palace of Night.
How strange it looks.
All the secrets of life are to be
found there. Night is their guardian.
Hurry up, we mustn't lose her!
Stop, Tyltyl, stop!
I can't go any further.
- What is it?
- What's the matter?
It's night. I'm losing my strength.
Go on without me.
Without you?
I must stay here.
I must wait until dawn.
Why can't we stay, too?
Don't be afraid.
Night cannot prevent Man from
opening the doors to her secrets.
You must find the Bluebird.
Don't let Night frighten you.
Open every door.
Search the whole palace.
Who goes there?
Who is it?
It's me, Madame Night. Tylette.
What's the matter?
Our secret is at stake!
I fear there's nothing to be done!
Why, what's happened?!
Tyltyl, that boy is coming here to
demand the Bluebird of you.
Well, he hasn't got her yet.
He'll have her soon
unless we perform miracles.
Oh, what times we live in. I don't
understand Man these last few years.
What are they trying to do?
Must they know everything?
Yes, I know, times are hard
and we're almost alone in our
struggle against Man.
I hear them coming.
There's only one thing we can do.
Since they're children'
we must give them such a fright that
they won't dare open all the doors.
What a good idea.
Scare them, Madame Night. Terrify
them! Use all the powers of darkness!
- This way, Little Master.
- What have you been doing here?
I told Madame Night you're coming.
She'll be delighted to see you.
How gracious, how charming.
Good day, Mrs. Night.
Good day?
Oh. I'm not used to that.
You might say good night.
Or at the very least, good evening.
Are those your two children?
Yes. This one's name is Sleep.
Who's that other one? Hiding her face.
- Let me snatch the keys from her!
- Stop it, Tylo!
Keep quiet and behave yourself!
Give me the keys, please.
Have you the sign?
Behold the diamond.
Here is the key.
But if anything should happen'
you have only yourselves to blame.
I will not be answerable.
Follow me.
Madame Night, my great age'
my experience and my devotion'
make me the natural protector of
these two children.
- So permit me to ask you a question.
- Certainly.
In case of danger'
which is the quickest way out?
There is no way out!
No escape. Come.
All of the evils and all the terrors
are locked up within these caves!
The plagues and sickness'
all of the catastrophes'
and all the mysteries that afflicted
life since the beginning of the world.
Many of them are giants.
Ruthless and cruel!
Creatures without eyes unafraid
of Man.
All of my secrets lie before you!
Open the doors if you dare.
I must not be afraid.
How cold it is.
It'll get worse presently, if you
go on.
What's behind this door?
That one?
Let me see... Those are the ghosts.
I'm going to curdle.
The lock's rusted.
It's been a long time
since they've come out.
I'm not frightened, but wouldn't it
be better to peep through the keyhole?
Get ready with the cage, Tylo.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Everything's all right.
- Bread, where are you?
- Here, my dear, by the stairs.
- What were you doing there?
- Making sure they don't escape.
They're all frightened!
They're scared of us.
Hello, old lady.
They felt so foolish since Man
stopped taking them seriously.
Drive them back!
Go on, git! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!
Back there! Get inside!
You know you're only allowed out
on Halloween!
What about this one?
That's the most dangerous
place in my palace.
- Who lives there?
- Terrible blood-thirsty monsters.
The Wars!
Man knows them well.
- Let's not go there, please!
- No, no, certainly not!
I told Light I'd look everywhere.
- But it is dangerous.
- Let him go if he wants to.
I cannot refuse him'
no matter how stupid it may be.
But beware, Tyltyl.
You know what will happen
if one of them should escape.
Please, be careful.
All together now!
Press on!
Please, let's go home!
- We can't!
- Please, Tyltyl.
No, Tyltyl!
- You must not open this door.
- Listen to Madame Night!
You are young and innocent.
I like you.
You've seen some of the dreadful
things that Man can imagine.
Behind this door are
the unimaginable horrors.
No one who has ever opened this door
has lived to see the light of day.
What's it called?
- It's called "The Pit"!
- The bottomless pit!
I must.
Don't do it! I beg you on my knees!
Night's trying to save you.
No, Tyltyl, don't, please, don't.
I must!
Very well, open it then!
Risk your own lives if you will!
Wait for me!
Run quickly! Run for your lives!
I'm not afraid, Little Master.
I'll stay with you. I'll stay.
Good boy, Tylo. Brave boy!
I'll come, too, Tyltyl.
I'll come with you.
Wings like children's voices sighing'
Asking people why
Children's hopes must die...
I want to cry'
We've lost our dream-come-true-birds'
Eager children's wishes flying'
Flying far too high...
They disappear out of sight and die.
I hear their ghostly wings
Fade away in the sky.
Shadows of children
Starting to cry'
Starting to cry...
I'm cold!
- I'm thirsty.
- So am I.
Are you chilly? Don't feel cold.
Here are my two warm hands to hold.
Follow me, children, drink your fill.
Here I am.
Hello. You must be so tired.
Come with me.
There'll be food to refresh you.
All the things you like best.
Everything you like.
Come with me.
Who is she?
We'll ride together. Don't be afraid.
What about Light?
Come with me and you'll have
a white stallion of your very own.
What a fine horseman you'll make.
- I was looking for the Bluebird.
- That can wait.
Light, Light!
Tyltyl's gone off with a lady.
Gone where?
On a horse. She promised him
all sorts of wonderful things.
- Food?
- Anything he wants.
She just took him away.
- Why didn't you go?
- I don't know.
She didn't ask me.
Food, everyone, food! Wait for me.
How wonderful! Food!
Shouldn't we stop them?
Let them go.
Oh. This is my handsome young friend.
And his name is Tyltyl.
How do you do.
He's been searching for the Bluebird.
These are all my friends.
The greatest
luxuries on earth.
You see how many of them there are?
Tyltyl, do you see that man?
- Who is he?
- That's the Luxury of Being Rich.
Oh, Tyltyl.
That's the Luxury of Loving Oneself.
The most enduring pleasure is
to be satisfied with oneself.
Oh, Tyltyl, look at there.
The most highly respected couple.
- The Luxury of Knowing Nothing.
- Nothing.
- The Luxury of Understanding Nothing.
- Nothing.
Marvellous, aren't they?
The Luxury of Eating
When You're Not Hungry.
The Luxury of Drinking
When You're Not Thirsty.
Look, Tyltyl!
Look... The Luxury
of Doing Nothing.
What does everyone do all day?
We occupy ourselves
incessantly doing nothing.
We must eat, we must drink, we must
sleep. It's all most engrossing.
Aren't you bored?
Not at all. What else is there
to do on this earth?
- There're many things.
- Such as?
My mother is always busy with
Everyone does what he wants.
Let's dance.
There's Tyltyl.
Perhaps we ought to wait here.
And I thought you were
such a brave little girl.
I'm not afraid, but...
What then?
I don't want to do anything wrong.
Tyltyl, we didn't know where you'd
Welcome, everyone'
to the twelfth morning banquet!
Look, partridge! Goose!
Partridge's the best thing
in the whole world!
And I've never seen anything
like this French Bread!
The whipped cream is so young and
But there's nothing like sweets!
Look at those cakes!
Tylo, behave yourself!
I do what I like.
- You're drunk.
- Absolutely not!
The diamond, Tyltyl.
Turn the diamond!
Well, don't you recognize your
mother's love when you see it?
You're like Mommy, yes'
but much prettier.
At home, perhaps'
sometimes it doesn't show.
But here you see everything'
and it is the truth.
Your dress.
How rich it is.
All mothers are rich
when they love their children.
Yes, it's you! Now I see!
And there's the wedding ring you
always wear.
And there's the burn you got
lighting the fire.
- How soft your hands are.
- And white.
And your voice is so gentle.
Yes, at home I may be different.
There's too much to do and no time.
I wonder if youll know me in my old
dress, when you come back.
But we don't want to go back.
Why can't we stay here with you?
But I'm with you wherever you are.
You came here only to realize...
and to know how to see me
when you see me at home.
But it's so beautiful here.
Please let us stay.
Who speaks? Who speaks?
The dog? Of course, he's coming.
There's no keeping him away.
Bribe him? That's impossible.
Oh, Little Master!
I'm so happy to see you.
What are you doing here?
I ran ahead to announce your arrival.
We'll get the Bluebird this time'
I'm sure.
Have you seen her?
No, but I...
have asked the trees to help us.
They agreed, but first
you have to revive them.
Turn the diamond, Tyltyl.
Turn the diamond.
At last we're able
to talk to Man.
We've done with silence!
We'll tell everything!
Quiet! The Oak wants
to talk to Man.
The Bluebird, Mytyl!
- Stand back!
- But it's the Bluebird!
I will speak! We know
why you want this bird, Tyltyl.
We know that you've been searching
for the great secret of things.
That won't happen! So that Man may
make our servitude still harder.
No, sir, it's for the little girl
who's ill.
Don't talk to him like that'
you gouty old cripple!
Stop it, Tylo!
Behave yourself!
What are you doing?
I must kiss you
now that you've beaten me.
That'll do.
You better tie him up.
- Tie him up? What with?
- Ivy should be strong enough.
What am I to do?
Obey the Ivy. Let her bind you.
What are you plotting?
Silence, Tylo! Behave yourself!
Danger, Little Master, danger!
They mean to harm you.
Our bird!
Stay where you are!
This is the first time that we have
been able to judge Man
and make him feel our power.
Look at us!
We're the victims of the most
monstrous crimes
that have for centuries
been unavenged.
Look in the souls of those
you have so cruelly tormented.
But I've never been cruel to anyone!
- Not you, perhaps, but Man!
- Your father!
Death! Death!
Death! Death!
- Look out, he's got a knife!
- Knife or axe, they're both the same!
Stand firm, be brave!
Run, Little Master, run!
I'll hold them off!
Let's run!
I'm coming! I'll save you!
Somebody, help!
The diamond, Tyltyl!
- Look! Live children!
- Live children!
You know where we are?
In the Kingdom of the Future.
These children are not born yet'
they wait for the hour of their birth.
When Time himself comes
to take them to their
mothers and fathers.
There're many more halls like this'
all full of different
kinds of children.
Enough to last
until the end of the world.
May I talk to them?
Of course. I'll let you alone for
awhile, for you to be more at ease.
Look at my invention.
And look at my invention.
- What is it?
- Something to give happiness.
- How does it work?
- I'm not too sure.
- But I'll know it when I'm born.
- When'll that be?
In eighty-three years, two months and
six days.
Have you invented something, too?
Yes. We're not allowed
to leave here empty-handed.
Here, you see, one hundred remedies
from all kinds of pains and ailments.
You must be very clever.
Yes. I shall be extremely important'
and invent all sorts of things.
- For the King of the Nine Planets.
- The King of the Nine Planets?
Then Rabbit will ask'
don't come near me.
And he says...
He says that one day he'll found
the General Confederation of Planets'
from Mercury to Pluto.
It will be the most grandiose
confederation of the Solar Planets.
You mean, that'll be one great empire?
Not an empire. An independent
union. Harmonious and free.
You see that boy'
who's fast asleep?
One day Brother Fox met
Brother Rabbit...
And he said, "Hello, brother..."
He says he wants to be born
as soon as possible.
That will bring pure joy
to all Mankind.
He'll have ideas
that no one's had yet.
Is he blind?
Not yet. But he will become so.
It seems he is to conquer death.
- Is it at all possible?
- I think so.
Mytyl! Tyltyl! Hello. How are you?
- You know our names?
- I'll be your brother.
Next year. On the thirteenth of June.
They just told me you were here.
You won't tease me too much
when I'm little, will you?
- We'll have to mend the cradle.
- Where's your invention?
I haven't got one. I'm bringing
three illnesses instead.
Scarlet fever, whooping
cough and measles!
- Three? What then?
- Then I shall leave you.
It's hardly worthwhile coming.
We can't pick and choose.
Time is coming!
Time is coming!
The hour has struck! Are you ready?
Yes! We're ready!
One at a time. Only those of you
who are to be born today.
There are far too many of you.
One at a time.
Show me what you've got. Run along.
And you? Run along, run along.
- What are you going to be?
- A farmer.
Very good, very useful.
Run along.
- What are you?
- A financier.
So many financiers these days.
What is needed on earth
is more honest people.
- What are you?
- An honest man, sir.
You're the one I meant.
You're just in time. Run along.
Why are you standing? What's
the matter?
I've forgotten the box
with my crimes.
With the crimes you're going
to commit?
Go and fetch them, but don't be
in a hurry. Goodbye!
Your mothers are waiting for you.
You'll be seeing them soon.
Oh, no, you don't!
That's the third time you tried
to be born before your time.
If I catch you again, you'll have to
wait forever with my sister Eternity.
And you know how boring it is there.
Come along.
Come along.
I don't want to go.
I don't want to be born.
I'm happy here.
Let me go in her place, sir. My
parents have been waiting so long.
Certainly not! And you get along!
There's no point refusing'
No picking, no choosing.
You're in the hands of fate.
No stopping, no starting'
It's instant departing'
And all stations
Through to your fate.
No after-beforing
And no use imploring.
You're in the hands of fate.
You'll have to take it or leave it'
You'll have to believe it.
You're all in the hands of fate.
There's no point refusing'
No picking, no choosing.
You're in the hands of fate.
No sooner, no later'
I'm not your Creator'
I'm just on the payroll of fate.
Whatever life's got hidden'
You must go when you're bidden
And fit in your plans with fate.
And if it's laughing or crying'
There's no argufying.
We're all in the hands of fate.
Get a move on, or you'll all be late!
Come along, come along! All right!
Hurry up! Yes, yes, yes...
I'm one missing.
I'm one short.
Say goodbye to your little
sweetheart and come along.
- Please let me stay behind with her.
- Or let me go with him.
- I'll come there too late.
- I'll be gone before she comes down.
That's not my concern. Come along.
- No, no, please.
- Leave him with me.
He's going to live, not to die!
- I shall always love you.
- So shall I.
Do not forget me.
I won't be able to, even if I want to.
Don't forget me either.
That's enough. Get along.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
I brought them here.
- You had no right.
- We're looking for the Bluebird.
Arguments increase your crime.
No power on earth can conquer time.
You'll never guess where we are.
Don't you recognize it?
Of course we do. It's our home.
Aren't you glad?
- But we can't go home yet.
- Why not?
We haven't got the Bluebird.
One in the land of memory
turned black.
Those in Night's palace are dead, and
I didn't catch the one in the forest.
Why did they die? Or change colour?
Or escape?
Perhaps you were wrong to try
and keep her in a cage.
But we'll never catch her now.
You will. You might.
Have you ever caught a Bluebird?
Only when we give it wings'
the freedom of the skies.
True happiness. Our Bluebird'
Life teaches Man to know'
Painful though it may be'
Has to be let go.
The Bluebird's not for caging'
But for the world to share.
She has to have horizons
And the freedom of the air.
But once, and, oh, so briefly'
she settled and sang and sang, here.
What is it, Milk?
You look so sad.
It's a sad time
for all of us.
The minutes have passed and the hour
is at hand'
when we must all go back into silence.
Let me, in the name of all...
No, no, I have a tongue of my own!
In the name of all, allow me to take
leave of the distinguished children'
whose exalted mission must now end.
In bidding them farewell'
with all the grief and fondness
with a mutual esteem...
- You mean you're leaving us?
- Alas, needs must.
But I shall always be there
in the bread pan'
on the shelf, on the table.
And me in the milk jug'
loving and gentle.
Remember sometimes that
my presence was sweet to you.
Is everybody going?
Goodbye, Tyltyl, and Mytyl!
Goodbye, my darlings!
Think of me when you sit by me
to get warm.
Quiet, Tylette!
Behave yourselves!
Stop it, Tylo!
Shame on you!
Don't cry. Did he hurt you?
I did nothing at all.
I've done nothing at all...
Stop it now, Tylo!
This is no time to start fighting.
Don't you realize that you have
to leave these poor children?
Leave them?
We all have
to return to silence.
No! I don't want to go back!
I refuse!
I want to be able to talk to you!
Please, let me stay.
I'll always talk to you, Tylo.
I want to talk to you, too.
I'll be very good, I promise!
I'll always behave myself. I'll even
kiss the cat, if you want me to.
Oh, Tylo...
Please. Please'
I beg you.
I want to talk to you.
I want to tell you everything.
You've always talked to me, Tylo.
It's just that I've never listened.
And now, I'll be able
to understand.
Now go and lie down.
There's a good dog.
Goodbye, Tylo.
Goodbye, Little Master.
I love you.
Do you love me, Tylette?
I love you both as much
as you deserve.
You should have been in bed long ago'
children. Come on.
And now it's my turn to say goodbye.
No, Light, please'
you mustn't leave us.
I must. I have no choice.
Stay with us for awhile!
Please, Light!
Oh, don't cry'
my dear little ones.
I shan't go far away, ever.
And remember'
I'm always in every spreading
sunbeam, always.
I'm there when the dawn rises'
always when every lamp is lit'
even in your own thoughts'
when they're good and bright.
No, Light, please, stay for at least
a minute!
Don't leave us, Light!
Please, Light! Light!
But of course it's light!
It's gone eight o'clock.
Your father's already having breakfast.
Come on, lazy bones, get up.
Mommy? Mommy, it's you?
Of course it's me.
I'm so happy to see you.
Oh! You silly! Put your socks on.
Come, wake up, sleepy head.
Mommy, is it really you?
Well, of course, it's me! Have I
changed that much since last night?
Have I got my nose on upside down
or something?
Oh, I'm so glad to be back!
Oh, honestly, you children. Put your
clothes on.
We had such wonderful adventures.
We went everywhere.
We went to see Grandpa and Grandma.
She's still got her rheumatics.
And he's still got his wooden leg.
Then we went into a big dark palace.
Looking for the Bluebird.
- And then we went to the forest.
- Oh? Last night all by yourselves?
No, Tylo came, too.
- And Tylette.
- And Bread and Milk.
- And Sugar.
- And Fire and Water.
We saw you, too.
You were different there'
but I like you better as you are.
- We had the diamond.
- The magic diamond.
Hold still, Mytyl, will you?
Quit squirming around.
Where is it?
What's happened to you today?
Now will you get ready!
Breakfast is waiting for you. Come on!
Perhaps Light took it with her.
How beautiful everything is.
How clean. How pretty.
Good morning, Fire.
Good morning, Water.
She still talks but I don't
understand her as well as I did.
Good morning, Bread.
Does it hurt him?
Good morning, Sugar.
Good morning, Milk.
Are you still asleep?
Wake up, lad.
You're the one who's still asleep.
Isn't it wonderful? We're going
to have another baby.
- What?!
- Yes, in June.
Tylo! Come here!
Sit, Tylo!
Talk to me. Talk to me!
What did you say?
Wasn't that a marvellous fight we had
in the forest last night?
Let me see your tongue.
- Shall we call a doctor?
- What's the matter with you, Tyltyl?
I'm not sick, I'm just happy.
Tyltyl, come here.
Look at the dove.
It's blue.
Much bluer
than it was last night.
It's the Bluebird.
We went so far away
and he was here all the time.
We have to take him to the sick girl.
He's not quite blue yet'
but that'll come.
We must be quick because
some of them change colour.
You mean you're going to give her
your turtle dove?
She's ill. She needs him.
Hurry up.
It's the Bluebird
to make you happy.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Don't be shy.
- Is he blue enough?
- Oh, yes.
I've seen bluer ones'
but you can never catch them.
Oh, Tyltyl, he's gone!
Never mind, don't cry.
I'll catch him for you.
If any of you find him'
would you please give him back?
We need him for our happiness
later on.
Will GEER as Grandfather
Mona WASHBOURNE as Grandmother
Robert MORLEY as Time
Harry ANDREWS as Oak
George COLE as Dog
Richard PEARSON as Bread
Valentina GANIBALOVA as Water
Yevgeny SCHERBAKOV as Fire
Leonid NEVEDOMSKY as The Father