Blue Caprice (2013) Movie Script

911 -- what is your emergency?
I'm at the gas station on Aspen Hill
and a man just fell.
parking lot -- a lady.
Where's the person at now?
She's laying
in the parking lot, sir.
What's going on there?
I think this guy's lawn mower
fell on him or something, man.
Like, they sliced him up maybe.
I don't know.
Oh, my god!
A man has been killed
in front of me! Oh, god!
Ma'am, calm down.
How did he die, ma'am?
I don't know! I don't know!
Reporting different news --
a bizarre shooting spree in Maryland
has lead to a statewide manhunt.
The police have no confirmation
whether the shooting
a violent rampage ravaging
the Washington, D.C. area,
bringing the total number
of victims to seven.
They all appear
to be random victims.
Don't appear to be anyone's enemy.
Don't appear to be involved
in anything coordinated,
just simply random targets --
innocent people.
Aspen Hill city police.
call. This line is recorded.
Good morning.
Don't say anything. Just listen.
We're the people that are
causing the killings in your area.
We've called you three times before
to try to set up negotiations.
We got no response.
People have died.
The search continues for
the man or men responsible
for the seemingly random
shootings across the D.C. area.
Authorities now suggest that
the killers may be traveling in a
You need to send an ambulance.
A woman was killed in a pond near
This woman is hurt!
She's bleeding from everywhere!
I can't do nothing for her!
now saying that
they believe the sniper
is likely to be working with
an accomplice who's acting
to look out for
a 1990 Chevy Caprice
with a New Jersey license plate.
state they have taken
two men into custody
in connection with the sniper case.
It appears that the men
were sound asleep
inside their car at a rest area.
Maryland residents
can rest easy tonight,
knowing that the killers
who terrorized the suburbs
of Washington, D.C.
are now behind bars.
You stop that now.
That's enough!
You know that's the way it go.
You want to eat,
I'm gonna have to work.
I'm gonna come for you
as soon as I can.
You want to be
a spoiled child, then?
Please, papa, can I have one?
One what? I didn't get anything.
Yes, you did!
- We saw you!
- Oh, did you?
- Yes!
- Hmm, let's see.
Thank you.
And one for my princess.
Come on.
Tomorrow when I wake up,
I'm just gonna look like
a little circle candy.
We'll catch a cat
and put it in a hat.
- I'm hungry.
- You're hungry?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Are you hungry, too?
- No.
Uh, I'm hungry, too.
How far is it? I'm tired of walking.
Is that boy following us?
You all right?
You okay?
Come on.
Is that boy gonna stay
with us, papa?
Maybe, baby.
Maybe. Hey, lay down.
When is mama coming?
Mama's not coming.
Why not?
You guys are on a special vacation
with papa, remember?
And if you saw mama,
then you wouldn't see papa anymore.
Don't worry about it.
Is that what you want?
You want papa to get in trouble?
- No.
- Hmm?
- No.
- Leave my papa alone!
Leave my papa alone.
That's right, baby.
Okay, lights out.
Oh, boy, sorry about that.
So, has your mother
done this before?
She always leave.
And you don't have anybody else?
What are we gonna do with you, huh?
Mama, I did write you one letter,
but I didn't know where to send it,
so me burned it up.
If you come home,
you're not gonna find me here.
I am somewhere else now.
The man up the road --
do you know him?
I met him in autumn.
He let me stay and work for him.
Me get a job now.
The other tourist, him gone.
But him still there.
He is American. He teaches
me to talk like an American.
He says I can be an American, too.
Him name John.
What state do you live in?
There are two.
Well, one's the capitol and,
the other one's just a place.
Which one's yours?
Just the place.
She not coming back, is she?
I don't know.
When I was your age,
I used to play a game called
"Life is not fair."
You know why they called it that?
'Cause life is not fair. It sucks.
But you got to play.
I don't know. Maybe
she wants to come back.
But she can't.
Maybe she's dead.
What'd you say?
Hope she is.
Hey, stranger. Welcome back.
- And who's this now?
- That's my son.
- That's not your son.
- That's my other son.
Are you okay?
Sure, sure, just busy, busy, busy.
Did I leave a shirt here?
A blue one?
Well, let me go wash up quick.
You guys can say hello.
So, uh, visiting your dad?
Hey. Is it okay if we stay tonight?
Why didn't you tell me about him?
I'm not gonna catch
him going through my
underwear drawers
or something, am I?
Can I get you to go out
for a little bit?
Don't get lost.
May I take your order?
Do you have cheap burgers?
Change your whole life
if you're ready, sir.
The United States army is hiring.
Yes, you sir.
Hell yeah!
Make way!
You got a minut
for your future, son?
How old are you?
you're a little bit too young,
but you come back in a year,
you understand?
You come back.
We'll be ready for you.
Have yourself a good day.
It'll change your whole life
if you're ready, sir.
Hop on.
This used to be my neighborhood,
you know? I used to live here.
People used to live here.
Real people, I thought.
Everybody turned into ghosts.
It was like I didn't exist anymore.
Well, not everybody.
Some of them turned out
to be vampires. Suck me dry.
People I would've never expected.
My wife. Just one day I woke up,
and I don't know
how I didn't see it before.
It's evil. Real evil.
There are some evil
people in this world.
Like here.
The lady who lives here,
that's a real piece of shit.
Testified against me in court.
That's what they do.
They take your kids away
and say that I kidnapped them.
How can I kidnap my own kids?
They're my kids.
And then she just gets to live
here like nothing ever happened.
That fucking vampire.
I hope she dies.
Vampires can't die.
They're already dead.
That's right.
'Cause they aren't people.
What kind of person would mess
with a family like that anyway?
Just like the army.
They promise all these things,
then take them away.
It doesn't matter if you have
skills, something to offer.
They just chew you up, expect you
to keep your head down and march
right into the slaughterhouse.
Once you see what is happening
you've got to fight it.
It's insane not to fight it.
Hit back.
You give them the slaughterhouse.
Well, what do we have here?
Hey, man, we don't want any trouble.
Well, that's tough.
'Cause you are the fucking trouble.
No trouble.
Just a good-looking black man
running on a hot day.
Like I said.
When did you get back?
That's confidential.
Hi. I'm Ray.
Nice kid -- a little too talkative.
So, I was about to go blow
off some steam.
Care to join?
Hop in. You, in the back.
I can't take her to court
'cause I don't know where she is,
not that the court
would do any good.
They never give custody
to the father.
So, what am I supposed to do?
I don't know.
Pray for an earthquake.
A fucking bolt of lightning,
act of God, some shit.
It's all you. Let's go.
Kid's a fucking natural.
How does that feel?
Pretty good, huh?
Fucking letting her go?
But if you really want to
make a difference in the world
You're gonna want to go
with my old friend
the widow-maker.
Fuck a duck!
It helps if you actually
tried to hit the damn thing.
Maybe I ought to
shoot at some birds.
One of them will fly into
the bullet by accident.
Want to try it?
Easy now. Lady's got some kick.
All right, press it more
into your shoulder.
All right, but with a light touch.
Go slow.
I told you the kid was a natural.
You okay?
Oh, come on, now. Please?
I'm sorry. I can't.
Why not? I mean, how does a voice
this sweet go so sour on me?
I'll get in trouble.
Oh, please. Come on, please.
There's a note in the file.
That says what?
That says I can't give out
any information.
Are you married? Do you have kids?
I don't think --
Oh, come on.
Is it an emergency?
It might be.
Something terrible might happen.
Hold on.
Here you go.
Yes, hello. I'm here.
They're not enrolled anymore.
Yeah, I know that.
My wife took them.
Look, I am just trying to
find out where they went.
I don't have that information here.
Um, well, maybe there's
a record of, uh, the
Uh, I-I don't know, um
- Is that him?
- Yes, this is him.
Hello. This is the vice principal.
Who am I speaking to?
Uh, look, I'm
just a concerned parent
just trying to make sure
that my children are safe.
Sir, are you aware
there's a restraining order
prohibiting you from
contact with your children?
And that includes telephone calls.
I didn't call them. I called you.
Looking for their
contact information.
I'm sorry, sir. We can't help you.
Oh, yeah?
How about I come
to your house tonight
and you tell me to my face then,
you chickenshit?
Excuse me?
America strikes back.
Afghanistan is
Can I have a scarsdale?
Fucking country, man.
U.S. And British forces
have initiated air strikes
on terrorist training camps
and other alleged military
installations of Afghanistan.
Upward of 50 cruise missiles
have launched.
Pentagon officials insist
that most, if not all,
have been swept into
our precision-guided
Getting out of here.
Can't believe you're
fucking accusing me
like I'm some kind
of fucking criminal.
I'm not accusing you of anything.
I'm just telling you what I saw.
Yeah, well
Guess it wasn't
what it looked like, then.
I checked my tank before I left.
Why would you do that?
No reason.
This is some bullshit.
What are you so pissed about?
Look, I'm pissed because
you don't believe me.
I don't believe you
because you're lying.
You know, all you had
to do was refill the tank,
and I would've never known.
Yeah, well, maybe someone's
stealing your gas.
Maybe you could've just
asked me in the first --
Look, I did not take your
little fucking motorbike!
Then what -- did he do it?!
Did he do it?!
Because if it's not him,
then it's you!
Leave him out of it. You are
starting to sound like my wife.
I'm starting to understand
why she left you.
What I am saying is, I want to
know who got to you, hmm?
Got to me?
- Who got to you?
- Got to me?
Man and child, I think it's time
for you to leave now.
Wait outside just for a minute.
No, no, no, it's time for you
to both get out of my house.
Like those guns?
Pretty fun, huh?
I had a rifle like Ray's.
I loved that fucking gun.
Broke my heart to sell it.
Bitch want to call me a liar.
She's a liar!
They're all liars!
Hey, look. Look, I helped you.
I brought you here.
I gave you all this.
It is not enough just to say
the words. You need to prove it.
Do you love me?
Then I need you to do
something for me.
Hey, you looking for Ray?
Yeah, Ray said that, uh,
we could stay here for a while.
Ray ain't home right now.
Oh, we'll come back later
if you want.
Y'all can do what you like.
Thank you. Say thank you.
Thank you, ma'am.
He's polite.
Actually, um Are you in a rush?
You need something?
Just one quick thing.
And what's that?
I just need you to come
inside and look at something.
Okay. Just a quick look.
They think all this is permanent.
They don't realize
how supplies are limited.
All it would take is a little push.
A few bodies.
Well, more than a few bodies.
Maybe five, six a day.
For 30 days.
Random targets.
No, not random targets.
When they think it's men
We kill a woman.
When they think it's women
Kill a kid.
Think it's kids
Kill a pregnant woman
A grandma Cop.
Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing, son?
Can I see the bag?
Can I see the bag?
Do you see these kids?
They think they can do anything.
He's not like the other kids.
He's just confused.
And this is what he took --
veggie burgers.
Veggie burgers?
Not the kind of thing
they take usually.
What do they take?
Candy. Cold drinks.
Girls take pregnancy tests.
He likes veggie burgers.
I'm supposed to call the cops.
I wouldn't blame you if you did.
- You'll talk to him?
- Sure will.
Does he listen to you?
He listens to me.
Now, you listen to your father now.
He's all yours.
Let's go.
It's all right.
Put your hands together, son.
Dad, tell me what I do.
Put your hands together.
Yeah, just the wrists.
Keep them together, son.
There you go. It's fine.
Sit. Sit.
Dad, dad, wait.
Sit down.
- There you go.
- Dad, I'm sorry.
Feet together, son.
I just want to let you know
I'm not doing this
because I'm mad at you.
You know that, right?
Dad, I'm so-- I'm sorry!
This is bigger than we thought.
I can't tell you why.
But I can lead you.
No! Dad!
I gave you all this.
It's not enough to say the words.
You need to prove it.
Do you love me?
Then I need you to do
something for me.
What kind of person breaks up
a family like that, anyway?
They just chew you up,
and they expect you
to keep your head down and march
right into the slaughterhouse.
And once you've seen what is
happening, you've got to fight it.
It's insane not to fight it.
Hit back.
Give them the slaughterhouse.
as the most corrupt nation
on Earth.
When you have spilled the blood
of so many human beings.
How'd that happen?
They dropped the bomb,
an atomic bomb
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
And they killed off millions
of Native Americans.
I mean, how dare you put yourself
in the position of a moral judge.
How dare you.
So, we got one more stop.
You gonna come in with me
or wait in the vehicle?
Speak up, my friend.
I don't know.
Well, some people do know
what they want.
Some people don't.
As soon as you do know
what you want
you can start making some decisions.
Well, what do you want?
Stay in the car?
There you go.
Man knows what he wants.
Good morning.
See my son anywhere?
He's not really your son, is he?
He's a chess prodigy. I'm his tutor.
And I'm George Washington.
Want a beer or something?
You live around here? You got a job?
I go to school.
You go to Lincoln or Covenant?
Which one?
Oh, me too. I never see you there.
I just moved here with my dad.
So I guess I'll see you at school.
Yeah. S-see you around.
There you are.
Besides, nobody saw you, right, hmm?
I-I don't remember.
If nobody saw you, nobody knows.
- I ran.
- You did great!
I think it was the wrong lady!
It doesn't matter.
It could be anybody.
Anybody could've done it.
And if it could be anybody,
then we're invisible.
Do you understand?
We can do it again.
Whenever, wherever we want.
They took my gun.
They took my kids,
and now I have you.
I don't want to do it again!
Okay. I'll tell you what.
Get up. That didn't hurt.
Get up!
So, what would you rather, hmm?
Go back home and wait on mama?
That's good.
- What a nice surprise.
- Thank you.
- Do you want ice in it?
- Yeah.
- What do you need?
- Here, beer.
You know, you know it's not
crazy to kill people.
They do it every day.
Are you guys gonna order anything?
I even know who the next one
should be.
Hey, Bonnie, you set up?
Or do you want a burger?
Bonnie, get your burger.
Hey, dude.
You got it.
Jamie, Jamie, where's the baby?
Um, Peggy -- Peggy took her.
Go check. See, her car's gone.
I saw her leave 10 minutes ago.
The baby's out front.
Why do I have to know where
the baby is? Find the baby.
- She's out front!
- Fuck you.
Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
Mm, there's my baby.
Is everything okay?
Yes, ma'am.
There's plenty of food outside.
Why don't you go get something?
I got this.
Yes, ma'am.
Come here. Come to mama.
Aww, there, there.
Oh, do you want to go to the party?
Come on.
Oh, no.
- Need help with that?
- Yeah, sure. You want to take over?
I got it, baby. I got it.
I thought you were bringing me
a plate, little dude?
Coming through.
I think it's in the
left-hand drawer.
Do you know where
they keep the aluminum foil?
Fuck a duck!
Hey, dude. You want to come
give us a hand here?
Lift that puppy up.
I knew we were bulking
you up for some reason.
All right, drop it.
All right, there we go. Bingo!
I knew you were hiding somewhere.
I'm gonna cruise over
to the heavy artillery.
It's not real.
He just thinks it's real
'cause he's got the fucking job,
wears a suit every day.
But then this black dude
comes and wakes him up.
And the black dude says,
"Everybody's asleep.
You've been asleep.
And the machines have
fucking taken over the world.
And the machines
are using the people
as fucking batteries."
So, he's got to fight the
machine and the people.
It's fucking whack.
Here, give me.
There's a way you can set it
so they can't kill you.
Check this out.
Firing. Firing.
How many people have you killed?
Look at me, man. I'm a fucking
killing machine. I don't count 'em.
In the army, I mean.
Fucking army?
I was in the motor pool.
Like your dad.
I didn't kill anybody.
What do you think it feels like?
I don't know, dude.
Maybe it doesn't feel like anything.
I mean, it's mostly been burnt.
I got it, I got it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
So, this guy comes, and he's
trying to sell me these steaks,
right, which he clearly stole.
I said, um, "Where'd you
get the steaks from?"
"Hey, come on, man, just buy
the steaks. I have kids to feed."
I look at him for a minute.
I'm looking around.
He got to be jerking my chain.
I said, "Well, feed 'em steak!"
Let's button this up.
I want you to relax.
It's gonna be okay, all right?
Just take a deep breath.
You have a full clip.
It's cocked and ready to go.
When it's time to pull the trigger,
you don't stop pulling
until he's down.
Hey. Will you do this for me? Hmm?
Come on, let's go.
I did it. I did it.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- You hurt?
- No.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Where's the money?
The money -- get the money.
Get the money!
A little banged up on the front end,
but that's just body damage.
I'm not afraid to put in some work.
There's nothing wrong with it,
not on the inside, anyway.
Just, you know, wear and tear.
Life bangs you up.
Knew the cop that drove it --
real dirtbag.
What, do you -- you run
a business or something?
Nah, this is for my son.
Hey, buddy.
Okay, I'll leave you to it.
What's with the face?
You don't like the color?
Okay, we'll take it.
What's the first thing that you do?
What's the first thing you do?
You don't want cops messing with you
because of a little thing like that.
Okay. Roll forward 10 feet.
You know what you did wrong?
Yes, sir.
All right.
Okay! Put the car in drive
and roll forward 10 feet!
Stop. Reverse.
Left turn -- hard left.
Keep it left. Hit the gas.
Keep it left.
The primary mission
of a sniper in combat
is to support combat
operations by delivering
precise long-range fire
on selected targets.
By this, the sniper creates
casualties among enemy troops,
slows enemy movement,
frightens enemy soldiers,
lowers morale,
and adds confusion
to their operations.
A well-trained sniper,
combined with the inherent accuracy
of his rifle and ammunition,
is a versatile supporting arm
available to the infantry commander.
The sniper must be able to calmly
and deliberately kill targets
that may not pose
an immediate threat to him.
It is much easier to kill
in self-defense
or in the defense of others
than to kill without
apparent reason.
A sniper must not be susceptible
to emotions such as anxiety
or remorse.
Oh, shit.
So, you're the guy.
Well, I pictured you
a little different,
but it's cool.
Yeah, yeah, man,
it's cool, you know?
I don't give a shit.
So, you boys ain't
from around here, huh?
That's cool.
I like your guys, uh --
I like your style, bro.
Well, check it out.
You're gonna want to make a right
here, all right? A nice hard right.
What do you have? Grenades?
Say what now?
- Plastic? - Whoa, look, I ain't
Fort-fucking-Bragg, friend.
What do you have, then?
I got land mines.
Land mines.
Land mines.
Yeah, they're German --
great craftsmanship.
I mean, they're a little old,
but a mine's a mine, right?
Come on, man, w-what's going on?
Look, what the fuck you doing, man?
We can't use land mines.
All right, look, I-I'm down
for your fucking cause,
you know, your black panther shit.
All right, you want to blow some
shit up, blow some shit up.
I don't give a fucking shit,
all right?
Please get out of the car.
And remember, my dad has your
address and your telephone number.
I've created a monster.
Go back up!
You've got to brake quick.
If you're gonna get that much speed,
you got to get off the gas
and brake quicker. Let's go!
Brake! Get up to speed.
Come as close as you can, spin.
Get in there, now! Go back up!
One more time!
Hey, dude.
How long are they staying?
He's my friend, babe.
Says who?
What the fuck do you know?
What do you know?
"Frightens enemy soldiers,
lowers morale."
He's a good kid.
He isn't ours. He isn't even his.
They got nothing to do with us.
What are you doing, dude?
I'm just thinking.
"Realization of the sniper's
presence instills fear
in enemy troops."
"Influences their
decisions and actions."
"The sniper's role is unique
in that it is the sole role
- that becomes more significant"
- That's for me!
"when the target is entrenched
or positioned among civilians."
Yes, hello.
This is Principal Winters
here at John F. Kennedy High
School in Camden, New Jersey.
We have three sets of records
for some students of yours --
two brothers and a sister.
Looks like they were
transferring schools,
and their paperwork
got sent to us by mistake.
Yeah, well, you know how it is.
If you could tell me where
those records should have gone,
I can send them out today.
No harm, no foul.
Maryland, huh?
Oh, that's a long way off.
Oh, no, don't you worry.
I'll take care of it. Easy as pie.
What an awful car.
That's them.
Still up.
Always hated bedtime.
She liked to let them
tire themselves out, so
As if she knew better than me.
I'd have to chase them around
and pick them up one by one.
"Come on, babies. Time to sleep.
Time to sleep."
it's not about them anymore.
Let's go.
And a very good Friday
morning to you all.
It's 6:47 now. It's time for
your local weather on the 7s.
We have a high-pressure system
moving through
All right, do you have
everything filled out for me?
The search continues for the man
or men responsible
for the seemingly random shootings
across the D.C. area.
Authorities now suggest that
the killers may be traveling
in a white van or truck, putting
suburban Washington on alert.
The death toll now
stands at five confirmed.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
Other incidents
also possibly related.
Oh, sorry.
It's all right.
911. What is your emergency?
I think someone's been
hurt in our parking lot.
There's a woman there standing by,
and someone else is running over.
Ma'am, where is the person now?
She's in the parking lot.
It looks like the girl
just went and shot herself.
She killed herself
sitting on the bench here.
What's going on there?
I think this guy's lawn mower
fell on him or something, man.
It's like it sliced him up, maybe.
I don't know.
He's bleeding real bad. He's a mess.
Ma'am, I need you to stay
inside your vehicle.
911. What's your emergency?
Um, we have a lady shot
in our parking lot.
I'm at the gas station on
Aspen Hill, and a man just fell.
- Is he bleeding?
- He's laying there.
Get away from the
This woman was just bleeding
when I got there
There had been a gunshot.
They think all this is permanent.
They don't realize the house
of cards they're living in.
All it will take is a little push.
A few bodies.
Well more than a few bodies.
Maybe five.
6 a day for 30 days.
Really get their attention.
Random targets.
Well, not random targets.
We want to keep them scared.
We want them to stay scared.
It has to get worse.
When they think it's men,
kill a woman.
But when they think it's women,
kill a kid.
And when they think it's kids,
kill a pregnant woman,
a Grandma, a cop.
At the cop's funeral plant a bomb.
Lots of bombs.
Blow up a whole bus full of cops.
They'd have to call in
the National Guard then.
Total chaos.
The system comes down.
Oh god! Oh, my god!
Ma'am! Listen to me. What is wrong?
A man has been killed in
front of me! Oh, god!
Ma'am, calm down.
How did he die, ma'am?
I don't know! I don't know.
We'll pick a spot in the woods,
up into Canada,
start a training camp.
We'll find other kids like you
and teach them,
send them to other cities
to do what we did.
Philadelphia Saint Louis
Atlanta Detroit New York
Until there's hysteria
The beauty is
even if we lose,
we still wake people up.
We still win. We still win.
Watch your head.
All clear.
Got one.
Lost him.
Guy with the beige suit?
The satchel?
Got him.
Your watch.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, morning.
Anyone else in the vehicle with you?
Oh, it's my son. Uh, I just picked
him up from camp late last night.
There's no overnight parking
in the rest area.
Did you see the signs?
No. No, I didn't, sir.
No, it was dark when we got here.
I'll let you go with
a warning this time.
I see you here again,
I'll write you a ticket.
Oh, absolutely, absolutely.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Dispatch, about that 1038,
I think I've got something here.
Copy that. Stay where you are.
Aspen Hill city police.
This line is recorded.
Good morning.
Don't say anything, just listen.
We're the people that are causing
the killings in your area.
We've called you three times
before to set up negotiations.
We got no response.
People have died.
Is that your voice?
'Cause it, um, doesn't sound
like your voice.
Did he tell you to say those things?
Can I ask you that?
Okay, let's talk about
your victims then, hmm?
The people that you killed.
How do you feel about them?
So, what about this one, hmm?
He was, um
I think he was pumping gas, right?
Just pumping gas
with his back to you.
It was more of a diagonal.
Like this.
You know? Twisted his body.
Couldn't get a body shot.
You couldn't get a body shot,
so you shot him in the head?
You must be a pretty good shot.
Now, everybody's saying --
the media -- they're saying that
these killings are senseless,
that they're meaningless.
But there's got to be a meaning.
There's got to be a reason.
Was it for money?
Was it for revenge?
Was it some kind of belief?
If you're not gonna answer me,
how are leading me?
Since you're asking me
so many questions
Can I ask you a question now?
Sure. Ask me anything you want.
Where's my father?
Open two cell. Come on out.