Blue Desert (1990) Movie Script

[music playing]
Get away from me!
Shut up!
Go away!
Is there anything else youcan tell us about the assailant?
Did you make eye contact?
Was there any interactionbefore the attack?
Lisa, can you
tell me something?
Why do you think it is
he chose you to attack?
I have no idea.
Now, didn't you tell us youwere raped six months ago?
Yes, but I don't seewhat that has to do with--
Lisa, what does
that say to you?
What do you mean, what
does that say to me?
What does that say to you?
I'll tell you what
it says to me.
It says there's a pattern here.
A first time victim becomesa second time victim,
and a second time victim
often becomes a third.
We see it all the time.
Now, what do you think itis about you, Lisa, that
tells people you're fair game?
I don't know.
What is it about you,
Officer Carp, that tells
people you're such an asshole?
[music playing]
SINGER: Who gets
lost to find the way,
seeks the silences to say?
Keeps the love she gives away.
Costs not less than everything.
The road is long
from here to there.
She knows you're here,
but knows not where.
Four strong winds
that come what may.
Blow away the nights and days.
But don't worry about tomorrow.
For it fades to yesterday.
Don't worry about tomorrow.
It didn't matter, anyway.
Images of life requirecurtains drawn from holy fire.
A better life she's coming to.
No mere mirage of desert blue.
Don't worry about tomorrow.
For it fades to yesterday.
Don't worry about tomorrow.
It didn't matter, anyway.
- Lisa Roberts?
- Yeah.
Are you Walter?
That's me.
How about I ride
up there with you?
Show you where you're
going to be situated?
Oh, am I glad to see you.
You know, I don't mind lookingafter your aunt's place,
but those birds of hers--
I've got to tell you--
you know, I almost fed
'em to my dog, Ralph?
LISA: Believe me, after New Yorkthey're not going to bother me.
I'm just looking forward tosome real peace and quiet.
WALTER: Well, your
aunt and uncle really
liked their privacy, too.
So they put their place up here,and we decided to join them.
You see, my wife, Emily,she's a bit of a busybody.
She got me pulled into thislove triangle thing one night--
This is wonderful.
I just love it.
Wow, it's like-- so cute.
It's like this
little instant home.
Just plug it in, turn
it on, and it works.
Oh, they do a lot in asmall area, in these places.
Now, your garbagedisposal is on the blink,
but I promise to have it fixedfor you first chance I get.
Do these windows lock?
Oh, yeah, sure.
I'd leave 'em open.
Get more of a breeze that way.
What was I talking about?
If you need anything--
anything at all--
that's our place,
right over there.
Oh, yeah.
[birds chirping]
[police radio chatter]
There's other programs,and you get paid to do it.
If I could stand the
weater, I'd move--
That's really good.
He was-- he had a--
Thank you.
What is-- what is that?
I don't know yet.
But you-- mind if
I have a seat here?
No, go ahead.
Where'd you learn
to draw like that?
Years of practice.
Is it your job?
Yeah, actually.
I draw comic books.
Comic books?
My little girl used
to love comic books.
Her, um-- her name was Julie.
She's beautiful.
Thank you.
Hey, I don't--
I don't know how much younormally get for one of these,
but, um--
if you don't mind, I'd reallylike to buy it off of you.
This is just a doodle.
You don't have to pay for it.
If you really want
it, you can have it.
Go ahead.
You're just going
to give this to me?
Would I be pressing my luckif I asked you to sign it?
Not at all.
Who do you want
me to sign it to?
Uh, Randall Atkins.
[dog barking]
I hope I didn't scare ya.
What are you doing here?
I, uh-- I wanted to, uh,thank you for the drawing again.
I really loved it.
I, uh-- I got something
I want to give you.
Oh-- it's heavy.
You didn't have to do this.
Well-- you'd
better open it first.
You might not like it.
Thanks it's beautiful.
I-- I found it.
It's a-- I don't know.
I just thought it
was kind of pretty.
Sure is beautiful out here.
You know, I know a
place that's even nicer.
I can take you
there, if you want.
There's no time like
the present, is there?
I don't think so.
It's a good thing
I like motorcycles!
So you like it out here?
No, I hate it.
Well, I mean, I love theland, but the people are--
I don't know.
Anyway, I'm gonna
head up to Firsco as
soon as I save up enough money.
I'm gonna start a house
restoration business.
I had an accident a
couple of years ago.
I've been getting
some money from that.
I was working at
this glass factory.
It was no big deal.
Injured my hearing a
little bit, but as soon
as I save up enoughmoney, I'm gonna head out.
So what's wrong
with the people here?
I don't know.
Everybody just, you know,makes it their business to know
everybody else's business.
I can't get away from it.
You'll see.
It's a good thing
you're not ticklish!
Don't get any ideas!
Now, are you going to tryto tell me that you've never
ridden a motorcycle before?
Uh-- actually, yeah, I have.
A really long time ago.
You're a bad girl.
I had a really
nice time today.
Me, too.
Thanks a lot.
Well-- aren't you
gonna invite me in?
You know, I really--
I'd like to, but
it's just that--
Yeah, no, no, no.
I, uh-- it's OK.
You don't have to
worry about me.
I mean-- I was just joking, so--
No, you can come in.
You can.
It's just, my place
is a real mess.
You should see my place.
I mean, that is a mess.
And excuse my aunt's birds.
They're really noisy.
[birds chirping]
Randall, please
don't encourage them.
I'm never going to
get any sleep tonight.
That's amazing.
I mean, this whole
time, all I had to do
was put something over
it, and they'd be quiet?
Well, either
that, or shoot 'em.
One of the two.
What are you doing?
I was, uh--
trying to kiss you.
I think you should go now.
Uh, I-- I thought
you were enjoying it.
Well, I wasn't enjoying it!
Couldn't you tell I was upset?
I really couldn't.
I want you to go now.
But I just--
I don't understand
wahtt he big deal is.
I only tried to kiss--
Get out.
I don't believe this.
You're just--
Get out!
All right!
You know, I don't have
to take this shit.
You just tell me once,
and I'm out of here.
What is this?
I like you.
I-- I thought you liked me.
Well, now, come on.
Get out, or I'll
call the police!
The police?
Let me tell you something.
Nobody believes me, OK?
Now, that's not the way
you deal with me, OK?
Now-- I kissed you, all right?
And I'm sorry.
But that's all.
Yeah-- Hello, police?
Yeah, I think I might
just killed someone.
What did you hit him with?
That'll do it.
Give me a washcloth, would you?
Thank you.
Wake up, partner.
Let me take care of this guy.
I'll be back for your statement.
[police radio chatter]
Easy does it.
Come on, Joe.
Forget it.
I'm Officer Steve Smith.
I'll be handling your case.
The cards are a little somethingmy mother had printed up.
The photos-- her idea.
Is he going to be all right?
Yeah, he'll be fine.
Why don't you start
by telling me what--
what happened.
I don't know.
I-- I met this guy the
other day, and, um--
today we took a ride
on his motorcycle.
We came back here, and I was--
You invited him in?
And then what happened?
Then-- then he came on to me.
Did he touch you?
What do you mean?
In a sexual--
sexual way.
Did he-- did he touch you--
in that way?
Well, I felt them
pushing himself on me.
What did he do?
Well, this isn't easy, is it?
I gotta tell you, I don't runinto too many cases like this.
But the way it works
is if-- if you want
to press charges
against this guy,
I gotta write something down.
I don't know if I
want to press charges.
Just-- I'm not sure
that I didn't overreact.
You're probably having
second thoughts.
It's confusing.
But believe me, you
did the right thing.
Randall Atkins-- there's
a rap sheet on this guy.
Did he tell you
he was an ex con?
You can see he's got arecord for sexual offenses.
We've had our eye on this
guy for some time now.
Now, I know this must
be difficult for you,
but I want you to
tell me everything
that happened here tonight.
And I promise you,
whatever you say
will be held in the
strictest of confidence.
[phone ringing]
VOICEMAIL: Hi, it's Lisa.
I'm not here right
now, but if you'll
leave a message at thebeep, I'll call you back.
Thank you.
SID: Lisa, babe, it's Sid.
The latest stuff
you sent is primo.
One problem, no can use.
You're giving us country.
Comic books are about cities.
The colorist is
ready to go to work,
so we need the stuff,
like, yesterday.
Call me.
Call you what?
[birds chirping]
Either I'm losing it, or youguys are starting to sound
a whole lot better to me.
That's B for butt--
heh, heh-- lucky 13.
Let's see.
We have here I-16.
That's I for ice, sweet 16.
All right.
My next number is
O as in Oneida, 66.
Oh, come on, now.
Somebody's gotta win.
That was O-66.
Oh, well.
Here we go again.
We have G-53.
That G for gas--
[belches] excuse me.
Just read the numbers.
Wait a second.
Did he say O-66 or O-67?
Listen up, that's N-45.
That's N for nuts--
We have a winner here.
Oh, my goodness.
It's the first time forthis pretty little thing.
Why-- why don't we give a bigOneida applause for our newest
resident, Miss Lisa Roberts?
All right, little darling.
Won't you please stand upand read 'em off for me?
Uh, B-13, G-53, O-67, N-45--
Whoa, whoa, wait a second.
Uh, read off the
number before last.
Um-- O-67?
Well, that's all right.
We all make those mistakesaround here, don't we, folks?
But the next time you makeone, little sweetheart,
we're gonna run you out of town.
Am I losing my
mind, guys, or did I
forget to lock the front door?
It's back here.
OK, Miss Roberts.
I'll take it from here.
I think I've come up with someevidence on that Randall Atkins
I need you to run a test on it.
He masturbated into awoman's underwear drawer.
Yeah, why don't you put a manoutside her house tonight?
Come on.
There's gotta be somebody.
We're a little
shorthanded tonight,
but I don't want you to worry.
I'm going to stop by
every hour or so to make
sure everything's all right.
I appreciate it.
About what happened tonight--
I don't know what to say.
We're a small, quiet down.
I've never seen
anything like it before.
I'm so sorry.
[dog barking]
[car horn]
Get outta there!
It's just little old coyote.
Oh, no.
What did you do?
I couldn't sleep, so
I made you a sandwich.
That is so sweet.
Well, I'm off duty
now, but I thought
I'd stick around and keepan eye out a little longer.
I was so embarrassed.
I swear they said 67.
The two girls in front of me,they had 67 on their cards.
I know they did.
You should have seen
the look on your face.
Now, I know Oneida's
crazy for their bingo,
but they're not about
to kill you for it.
You got a little--
Thank you.
So, you gonna give
me the grand tour?
I've never been in
a police car before.
All right, well,
not much to it.
Uh-- this is your, uh, basicmulti-band police radio.
It allows me to stay intouch with the town, county,
and the state, if I need them.
This is a semi-automatic
modified riot shotgun.
And thank god I've
never had to use it.
This is, uh-- this is
what we call the cage.
It's made out of six differentmetals, and some kind alloy.
And it's supposed towithstand the force of a 300
pound man kicking like a mule.
And I believe 'em.
I-- You know something?
You look like her.
Like who?
The Iron Medusa.
Let me tell you
a little secret--
I am the Iron Medusa.
Well, check on you later.
I know.
Well, that's so
amazing, Aunt Carol.
Yeah, but when you told
me to meet people, who
would have thought that
me, out of all people,
would fall over a cop?
I know.
I can't believe it, myself.
Oh, the birds?
Um-- we had those for
dinner last night.
No, actually, I'm
starting to get
along with the little buzzards.
I found a way I can
use them in my work.
Hello, Lisa.
Randall, you scared me.
What are you doing here?
I came to apologize
for the other night.
I picked 'em myself.
Thank you, they're--
they're lovely.
I'm just going to go put
'em in-- in some water.
Can I get you
something to drink?
It's Lisa Roberts.
Yeah, he's here.
Right outside.
All right, well, hurry.
RANDALL: Can I help
you with something?
No, I got it.
So how you been doing?
How about you?
I've been OK.
I got some work with
the highway department.
It's to hold me until the lastdisability check comes in.
Then I'm out of here.
Do you, uh-- do you thinkwe should talk about
what happened the other night?
I think I'd be better if
we just forgot about it.
Here's your soda.
You don't drink beer, right?
No, I don't.
My, uh-- little girl gotkilled by a drunk driver.
My wife-- she came out ofit without a scratch, and--
you know, I, uh--
I really loved my wife,
but I just couldn't
bring myself to forgive her.
That's OK.
He said something to
you about me, didn't he?
He told you that I was
an ex-con, didn't he?
I'm sorry.
No, it's OK.
Don't worry about it.
You know, it's just
that that cop has been
telling so many lies about me.
It's driving me fucking insane!
Look, I'm just going torun inside and change this.
I'll be out in just a second.
I'll just, uh-- clean
this up for you here.
All right?
It's OK.
Don't worry about it.
No, I just--
I'm gonna help you
clean up, all right?
[garbage disposal running]
Bills are in the mail.
Uh-- I thought you weregoing to change hat shirt?
Oh, I just decided
to wipe it off.
Well-- I am the
handyman's handyman.
Why don't you give it a try?
Well, go on.
Give it a try.
[garbage disposal running]
Thanks for--
Know what?
Why don't you go wait
for me in the bedroom?
Go ahead.
Come on.
Come on.
Jesus Christ.
What do you want from me?
Put on your shirt.
You know, she invited me in.
Would you step in here
for a moment, please?
Lisa, tell this, uh, gentlemanthat you invited me in.
I couldn't think of
anything else to do.
I had to think of somethingso he wouldn't get suspicious.
Oh, that is a load of shit.
Will you sign a
statement to the effect
that he was trying to rape you?
Well, thank you
very much, Lisa.
I appreciate--
You shut up.
I'm not going to tell you again.
Lisa, I don't think
you understand
what we're dealing with here.
Why don't you tell
me exactly what we
are dealing with here, Steve?
Because I'd really
like to know, myself.
I can get him on harassmentif you press charges.
I fixed her garbage disposal!
Put your hands on the dresser.
Put your hands on the dresser.
Spread your legs.
Spread your legs.
Lisa-- can't you see whathe's trying to do here?
Left hand.
Shut up.
Coffee, please?
I don't know--
I wish I didn't have to tellyou this, but Atkins made bail.
He's out.
I tell you if we'd have
charged him with rape,
he'd still be in jail.
No, he wouldn't.
I'm sorry.
It's just that I've been
down this road before,
and I've learned thati
t's a no win situation.
Six months ago, I was raped.
I reported it, and
everyone assured
me that I had an ironclad case.
I went through thehumiliation of a jury trial,
and the guy still walked.
So you can see where
I'd have my doubts.
I understand.
I'm-- I'm almost sorry I toldyou about Atkins getting out.
Now you're going to worry.
Thanks for worrying about me.
It's just-- it's so crazyhow this whole thing
has gotten so out of hand.
What's crazy is thatsomebody would do a thing
like this to somebody like you.
You know what?
I really like you.
I'm just not ready.
So, um-- well, you get out ofhere before I change my mind.
But I want you to
change your mind.
Goodnight, Miss Roberts.
Leave a light on.
Hey, thanks.
[birds chirping]
Yeah, um, I need some help.
There's somebody
outside of my house.
STEVE: Lisa, it's Steve!
Open up!
Steve, there was
somebody at my window.
I know.
It was Randall Atkins.
I saw him on the highway,and followed him back here.
You OK?
Show me where you saw him.
Back here.
He was right at this window.
Turn off that light.
Show me exactly where
you were standing.
It was right over here.
Get down!
Get down!
Stay down.
Stay here.
Walter, what the
hell are you doing?
We heard screams.
Call the police!
Don't try to handle
these things yourself.
What happened?
We heard screams.
OK, folks.
Thanks for being so considerate,but everything's all right now.
Sorry, Steve.
We didn't realize.
But what about the screams?
It's not that I don'tappreciate what you tried
to do, Emily, but
one of these days
Walter is going to get hurt.
You wouldn't want Walter
to get hurt, would you?
No, she wouldn't.
Let's go, Emily.
But Walter, we
both heard screams.
Shut up, Emily.
I was this close to
having him in the act.
It's just that I've got
nothing on this guy,
so I can't do a goddamn thing.
Lisa, you've got to help me.
To help you.
If we don't pin the
rape charge on this guy,
he could make bail again.
I told you, I'm not goingto sign a rape charge.
We both know the justice
system doesn't work.
But let's get this guy
before he gets you.
Sign the statement.
Sign a lesser statement.
Assault. It's the only
way I can protect you.
Put out an all points
bulletin on Randall
Atkins for assault. Right.
OK, thanks, Jack.
And I want, uh,
the results on that
test as soon as
you get them back.
All right.
I'm going to to be
outside in my car.
I don't think he's going tobother you anymore tonight,
but I just want to
play it safe, OK?
You gonna be all right?
I'm sorry.
This is just really
tough for me.
It's all right.
It's all right, Lisa.
VOICEMAIL: Hi, it's Lisa.
I'm not here right
now, but if you'll
leave a message at thebeep, I'll call you back.
Thank you.
Uh-- Lisa, if you'rethere, pick up the phone.
I gotta talk to you.
He's going to, uh, come
after you, that cop.
He was, uh, bragging
about all the things
that he was going to do toyou while he was torturing me.
He's gonna-- he's
gonna try to kill you.
Thank Jesus you're still alive.
What are you talking about?
RANDALL: That, uh, cop--
he, uh, took me into thedesert and tried to kill me.
You're lying.
RANDALL: I crawled
to this phone book.
Look, he, uh-- he's playingsome sort of game with you.
He's, uh-- he's gonna
try to kill you.
Look, I'm hanging up.
Don't call me anymore.
RANDALL: Listen to me!
He told me about your
rape in New York.
RANDALL: He's going to,uh, play some sort of game
with your mind,
and then he's gonna
make you try and re-live it.
Wait a minute.
He couldn't have
known about the rape.
I just told him
about it last night.
RANDALL: He's a cop, remember?
He knows everything about you.
You gotta help me.
I'm out on the
north access road.
About 15 miles out of town.
[phone ringing]
MAN ON PHONE: Oneida police.
Yes, um, this is LisaRoberts on El Tiello Lane.
Are there any leads
yet on Randall Atkins?
OFFICER: Randall Atkins?
Who's that?
The man that Officer SteveSmith bought in yesterday,
and had to be let go.
OFFICER: Deputy Smith didn'tbring anyone in here yesterday.
What about the man who wasaccused of assaulting me?
OFFICER: Look, I'm real sorry,but, uh, this is the first
I'm hearing about any of this.
Officer Smith
brought in some--
some evidence to be tested.
Have you got the results in yet?
OFFICER: Well, now,
I'm just afraid you're
going to have to wait
some time, since we
don't do any testing here.
Are you still there?
I'm sorry to
have bothered you.
Oh, my god.
Come on.
You OK?
Come on.
We gotta get you
to the hospital.
[nurse over intercom]
She been here the whole time?
There's nothing more
for you to do here.
Let me take you home, so
you can get some rest.
Get away from me.
Calm down.
Don't touch me!
He's the one who beat upthe guy that I brought in.
You gotta believe me!
What's wrong with you people?
What was that all about?
Beats me.
You know as much about thesehysterical New York women
as I do.
Come on, you idiot!
[car engine]
Delilah, you OK?
You hungry?
[bird chirping]
Pull over!
Right now!
Pull over!
Pull over!
Pull over!
[tires squealing]
Where are you going, Lisa?
And who are you going to
call when you get there?
The police?
I am the police!
Let's get you out of here.
Before you roast to death.
Where is she going?
Didn't you used to
have two birds, Lisa?
I hope you're through
running from me now.
[screaming] Why did you do that?
I'm trying to help you.
You know, I just don't
understand people.
They pay taxes for the
police to protect them,
and then they get in the way.
I was trying to help you.
I was trying to protectyou from a known criminal.
Yet I get the feeling
that you wanted
him to protect you from me.
What did he tell you?
That he wasn't an ex con?
Do you think anybody's going toadmit that they've done time?
Let me tell you something--
when that test comes back fromthe County Sheriff's Office,
you're going to be thankingme for protecting you
from that guy.
Did you say County
Sheriff's Office?
You don't do the tests locally?
We don't have the facilities.
We do all that kind of
testing at the county.
That's where I took Randall.
That's where his
parole officer is.
Did he tell you about
his parole officer?
Then why did you try
to run me off the road?
You saw my flashing lights,and you deliberately sped away.
Now I'm going to
have somebody look
at this, if you don't mind.
I had to report
that you stabbed me,
but you'll be happy to knowthat I'm not pressing charges.
Oh, and on Atkins--
don't worry.
I've posted a guard
outside his door.
Where are you taking me?
To your trailer.
Isn't that what you wanted?
We may be needing you as awitness against Randall Atkins.
It seems he may havekilled his parole officer
and dumped his
body in the desert.
That's where you
found him, right?
In the desert?
You should always leave alight on when you go out.
Look, Lisa, I'm as shaken upby what's happened as you are.
And whether you like itor not, I had a job to do.
But my job was to bring you backas a possible material witness.
Now, I know you didn't haveanything to do with this Atkins
character, but when you
started to run away,
what did you expect me to do?
Now, hopefully your life willbe a lot less complicated now
that we've got him
in custody, but we're
going to have to ask you tostay in town for a little while
I hope we can get past this.
You know, because yourfriendship means a lot to me.
I'll have somebody
pick up your car.
Now, you're sure you don'twant me to wait for you?
No, thanks.
They told me they'd
probably be ready.
All right.
Bye, Walter.
Is anybody there?
What do you want?
I came to pick up my car.
I was told it was ready.
I thought you said it was ready?
It runs.
What do I owe you?
Just leave here.
Keep going.
Don't turn back.
Don't ever come
back to this town.
Now, there's no reason for alady to use language like that.
Hello, Lisa.
Hi, Steve.
Just wanted to
let you know you
don't have to worry anymore.
We've had an eyewitness comeforward and place Randall
Atkins with his paroleofficer less than an hour
before he was killed.
Which means you're free to go.
Let me take care
of that for you.
Can I ask you a question?
Just what are the
parking regulations
around here, anyway?
I mean, there's no sign.
There's no painted curb,
and yet I get a ticket
every time I park here.
Would you step over here?
Now, what does that say?
No parking.
Tuesday through Friday.
Well, it'd be
really nice if you
could read it from the street.
I'll let you in
on a little secret.
Everybody falls for this one.
It's Oneida's way
of paying my salary.
So I'm-- I'm reallysorry about the other day.
Oh, don't worry.
I figured you were just scared.
Besides, now I got a
new pair of shorts.
I try to be serious,
and this is what I get.
I can give you theticket back, if you prefer?
No, no, no.
From a legal standpoint, howcould I thank you without it
coming off as a bribe?
Well, I don't
think a little dinner
would be construed as
a violation of the law.
How about I pick you up at 6:30?
See you later.
STEVE: Open up!
Lisa, open up!
- Steve?
- Lock the door.
It's Atkins.
He's escaped from the hospital.
And my guess is he's
going to come here.
Because you filed thatassault charge against him.
Yeah, but you told me to.
Look, Lisa, we're not
dealing with somebody
who's 100% all there.
Well-- just exactly what arewe dealing with here, Steve?
I'd still like to know.
Get your fucking hands up.
Lisa, get out from behind him.
He's not going to help you.
He's your worst enemy.
Come on, get out there.
Get out there!
Don't you understand?
Don't you get it yet?
Hey, you move an inch, I'm gonnablow your fucking head off.
All right, all right.
Calm down.
He is trying to kill you!
Randall, we can help you.
Why don't you start by
putting the gun down,
and tell us what you want.
Well-- First thing
I want is your gun.
You can get it out.
And drop it there.
All right.
Now-- Say, what else do I want?
I want you to show Lisa what'sin the glove compartment.
Randall, we can help you.
You're a sick man.
You need help.
Boy, Steve, I thinkwe're gonna find out who's
sick here real quick, ain't we?
All right.
Let's move.
Come on.
Get out there.
Go on.
Go on!
Go, Lisa.
Come on!
Let's go.
Let's go down the stairs.
All right, get over there.
By the car.
On the other side.
On the other side!
Come on, Lisa!
Oh, boy.
All right, get out your keys.
Give 'em to her.
Give 'em to her!
Pick 'em up, Lisa.
Lisa, pick up the damn keys.
All right, now, Lisa,there's a little surprise
in the glove box for you.
Ain't there, Steve?
Put your hands up
against the fucking car!
Lisa, open the
glove compartment.
What do you think of
the justice system now?
Recognize those, Lisa?
Thank you, Walter.
I'm so glad you
don't take my advice.
Geez, you hit him pretty hard.
Yeah, well, I saw you werein trouble there, Steve.
Not anymore.
Thanks, Walter.I've got this all under control.
Now go on back.
Go away.
Thank you.
- I'll hang around.
No, that's OK.
Go inside.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Put your hands on the car.
Put your hands on the car.
Walter, please!
He's going to kill me!
He's not going to kill you.He's unconscious.
Put your hands--
fucking kill you.
She's in shock, Walter.
Don't worry.
She's fine.- Walter, don't leave me!
Stay here.
Thank you, Walter.
Let's go, honey.
Sorry, this number
has been disconnected.
YouYou want a beer?
Now, what am I going
to do with you?
This has gotten awfully messy.
Lisa, I'm not the kind of guywho sits around on my butt
and does nothing.
I guess that's why
I became a cop.
For the excitement.
The trouble is sometimes thingsget a little slow around here.
And that's why I have to
make my own excitement.
Tell you something--
I knew everything
about you from the minuteyou drove into town.
I knew where you were from,and I know all about your rape.
The New York City
police were very helpful
in that department.
What are you gonna do with me?
Kill you.
As soon as I finish
with my beer.
Or he wakes up.
Whichever comes first.
You've been fucking
up pretty bad, Lisa.
It's all in my report.
The paperwork is all done.
What, resisting arrest?
Assaulting a police officer?
With a deadly weapon?
Three parking tickets.
Doesn't look good, Lisa.
Now, let's see--
I was called out to yourplace on several occasions
to investigate alleged
sexual assaults.
Nothing was ever substantiated--
until today.
I did note in my report,however, that you came on to me
more than once.
I'm afraid this will
be the one time there
really is a sexual assault--
and the one time I won't
be there to help you.
Randall kills you.
I kill Randall.
Neat, clean, and for me, a smalltown cop, very, very exciting.
I'm almost finished.
Get up.
I said get up!
Now, that's something
Randall would have done.
You want him?
He's yours.
Wake up, lover boy.
Time to wake up.
I said, wake up!
Face each other.
Face each other!
Now fuck her.
Fuck you.
How's your shoulder?
How's your mother?
How's it feel now?
Come here, Lisa.
Isn't this fun?
Lay down.
Lt's see how it feels.
I'll go get help!
I need help!
You OK, Steve?
She's got a gun!
She's got a gun!
Hey, stop!
Get her!
She's got a gun!
She's going this way!
Get down!
MAN: Over here!
After her!
MAN: Hurry!
This way!
You don't want to shoot me.
Come on.
Why are you helping me?
Because I know what
he's doing to you.
He knew my daughter.
Started to harass her.
Tried to make her look
like some kind of a nut.
I was too stupid
to realize what was
going on until it was too late.
By then, she was too ashamedto live in this town anymore.
I was like everybody else.
I thought Steve Smith
could do no wrong.
All right, now,
there's a staircase
in the next building over.
It'll take you
down to the alley.
I'll try to hold
him from down here.
Now, go!
Hold it right there.
I thought I'd
straightened you out?
Time for somebody
to stand up to you.
Bad move, coming
on the roof, Lisa.
But all in all, you've givenme a very exciting afternoon.
And I want to
thank you for that.
You don't give up, do you?
Put the gun down, so I
don't have to shoot you
in front of all these people.
Come on.
You're not going to shoot me.
Think about it.
Who are they going to believe?
You or me?
They're all watching.
They're all witnesses.
Give me the goddamn gun.
I guess this
just about does it.
Don't do it!
[gun cocking]
Stupid bitch.
Well, this is a first.
First what?
There's, um-- two
buses on the same day.
Same time.
I don't even know
where to begin, but I--
I really want to thank you.
I don't even know
why you did it,
but I'll always be
very grateful to you.
I was, uh--
I was getting my stufftogether, and I found this.
She really loved
the Iron Medusa.
I could never get her
to take the costume off.
She'd leave it on
for weeks at a time.
That's sweet.
I want you to keep it.
Guess this is it.
[music playing]
SINGER: What do
you want me to say?
You with your wide eyes.
No one stands in your way.
Still, you look for advice.
Maybe we're all just pages--
pieces of time spent.
It doesn't matter
what it really meant.
That's what I make
myself believe.
That's what I make
myself believe.
When all the answers
look like questions,
that's what I make
myself believe,
until it all goes away.
So you found on the wall, andhope for redemption there.
Don't you know
that you're nowhere
at all, except the
place where you stand?
But you look at me as if Iwere some kind of genius,
but man, that's ridiculous.
I'm just the baby I always was.
That's what I make
myself believe.
That's what I make
myself believe.
When all the answers
look like questions,
that's what I make
myself believe.
That's what I make
myself believe.
That's what I make
myself believe.
When all the answers
look like questions,
that's what I make
myself believe.
Somehow it all goes away.
Now you walk out the doorto live on the dark side.
That's not the only way to go.
It's up to you to decide.
You can let sadness
be your magnet,
or hope be your masterpiece.
To drag yourself
up off your knees.
That's what I make
myself believe.
That's what I make
myself believe.
When all the answers
look like questions,
that's what I make
myself believe.
That's what I make
myself believe.
That's what I make
myself believe.
When all the answers
look like questions,
that's what I make
myself believe.
I hope it all goes away.
That's what I make myself--
until the roads of the
world are clear for me.
That's what I make
myself believe.
Until I do all the
things I planned to.
That's what I make
myself believe.
Till I'm no longer a
victim of circumstance.