Blue Gender: The Warrior (2002) Movie Script

This is salvage team one.
We've located a sleeper specimen.
We can't deal with the blue bugs.
We're too busy here.
Leave it to the armed robots.
Let's evacuate.
The sleeper's safety is our priority.
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I'm reading a lifeform at ten o'clock.
It's coming.
Get away!
Salvage team one, what's going on?
Give me a status report.
The sleeper woke up and ran away.
What? Are you sure?
I'll catch him.
What's happening?
I don't understand.
Get away.
Get away, get away from me!
Sleeper, how did you awaken?
Don't bring me any more trouble.
Do you want to waste your life?
Time over.
Don't move, I'm gonna destroy it!
You bug, I'll tear you apart!
Keith, it's ok.
Leave the rest to the bomb.
Clean up the rest.
What are you doing?
Get in the jeep, quickly.
How many years have I been asleep in that capsule?
I know it couldn't have been just one or two years.
It's the year 2031 now.
You sleepers have been asleep for thirty-two years.
And there were monsters that were killing everyone.
This can't be happening.
This must be a bad joke.
You guys are just playing a trick on me.
Who the hell are you people?!
Kaido Yuji.
Born in 1983, entered an artificial dormancy device in 2000.
He was put in because of an infection.
It was called the Prophecy Syndrome.
An infected person would start to talk nonsense.
That's why it recieved that name.
They were left on Earth.
Why do they ...
I don't know.
I don't think they are worth such a big sacrifice.
How does it feel?
Don't look at me like that, I used to look just like you.
At least in my teen years.
After the blue bugs appeared, all humans suffer from the same fear.
Blue bugs?
Those monsters you saw earlier.
They destroyed the human civilization on Earth, they just wouldn't give up.
The human race was defeated.
This is no longer the world that you are familiar with.
Blue bugs have ruined Earth.
Isn't the sky and the ocean the same as before?
This is Tokyo, thirty-two years later.
To me, it feels like only one night ago.
Am I still in a nightmare?
No, this is reality.
This is ...
A space port.
It was restored while you were asleep.
Are we going into space?
Yes, we are going to a place called "Second Earth", it's our command center.
A space station?
That's ...
They are sleepers from other medical centers.
They didn't wake up like you did.
Stop the car!
What are you doing?
I'm not alone, I'm not the only survivor!
Stop him.
What's that?
What's going on?
It can't be!
Blue bugs in zone sixteen.
Get rid off them.
This is not good.
Hurry, save him!
I have to wake them up quickly.
Somebody, help.
Everyone get to zone sixteen!
What is the defense team doing?!
Hold him still.
I'll attack his weak point.
I'll send you to hell.
Get up, get up!
If you don't get up you'll all die!
Idiot, do you want to die?
We have to wake them up, they're just like me!
Please, wake up.
You are the only exception.
These people will never wake up.
Get in.
Organic reaction!
Takeoff now!
Please, take one at least!
How could this happen.
Damn, damn it!
So I can at least take care of myself.
So I won't be any trouble to you.
I don't want to be a burden to you.
So please ...
We have lost the other sleepers, you are the only specimen left.
We have to transport you to "Second Earth" safely, that is our mission.
Keith and Marco were both killed.
Even the captain is wounded badly.
We only have two men, we can't use the other robots.
I'll control one of the robots.
You can teach him to use a gun.
He can be useful if something happens.
I don't wish to die for nothing.
I don't want to hear any complaints then.
That's why I need you.
I guess it's a deal.
How's that?
A robot's duty is to attack blue bugs with its body.
But they won't just stand there.
Let's go.
It's so fast.
Idiot, don't be afraid!
You're trying too hard.
Hold your right hand straight, then hold it steady with your left hand.
I'm behind the target.
Let's go.
I got it.
How was that? It's simple, right?
An organism is approaching.
Identify the number of enemies.
Three in the sky, one on the ground.
Okay, commence attacking, don't let them near the ship!
Try to finish at least one.
If you finish one of them, then go attack the one on the ground.
Keep trying to stall for time.
Of course, what else can you do?
Where are they hiding?
Come out.
Yuji, hey Yuji!
Calm down.
It's only the beginning.
What is that?
Yuji, up there!
Kill it!
Don't let it jump away!
A mouth inside of his head?
Stop that guy.
Yuji, did you hear me?
At this speed we should arrive at the coast of Korea in two hours.
Did you get in contact with the base?
I'm sorry, there is no answer.
I see.
By the looks of things, it seems Korea's military has been destroyed.
Joey, stop here.
We can't use the robots here.
Hold him.
Where did they go?
This is ...
Hey, didn't ...
Hold on!
Why are you running away?
I am a human just like you, I'm not a monster.
I see, so this is Maru.
Good boy.
You're a good boy.
Yoon, don't talk to them.
These men may be here to attack the monsters.
You have no idea what those people who ran away to space are up to.
You don't know them.
What are you doing here?
Did you come here to pity us?
Or to laugh at our misery?
Why are you staring at me like that?
Hold on.
I'm just ...
I should have reminded you to not wander off.
I met the survivors here.
What did they do to them?
Why do they stare at me like that?
We decided to escape from this planet and find shelter in space.
All people were classified.
Those with intelliegence or those who could be good soldiers were the first that were chosen.
The others were abandoned for being worthless.
I can't believe your telling me this with a straight face.
It's not the time you used to know.
The human race and blue bugs.
We're fighting for the fate of our species.
Those who can't fight were not allowed to live on.
What a joke.
I'm not like you, I'm not from "Second Earth."
I can move freely, even without your permission.
Not allowed to live on?
You're ...
This is for you.
You don't seem like the others.
You mean Marlene and the others?
Because I don't belong to this time.
I had a strange disease.
I slept for a very long time.
A long time ago, even before you were born.
I believe they'll be able to cure my disease in the future.
I wish I could sleep forever.
You can't be afraid of the monsters when you're asleep.
Don't worry.
If the monsters are here, I will defeat them.
The fact of the matter is, I can't do anything.
It's dangerous here.
Blue bugs might come at any moment.
You're right, the nearest space port is the Baikonur base of Russia.
The problem is that it's five-thousand kilometers from here.
When we arrive to Baikonur, the wounded soldiers here can be taken to "Second Earth."
Anyway, we have to go.
It's our mission to send the sleeper to "Second Earth."
What about these people?
Don't be so arrogant.
Better think what you're capable of before you make any promises.
Marlene is right.
Someday blue bugs will gather in that village.
We cannot fight them.
Can't we take that little girl?
You want to save only one person, that you chose?
Damn it.
Those damn bugs are here.
I'll fight it.
Don't fight too long.
Let's see how many I can kill.
Joey, break the arms.
Marlene ...
Big brother!
What a loser.
Be strong.
It seems we're the only two left.
In any case, I still have to complete my mission.
I have to bring you to Baikonur base.
When will you stop being angry?
If you don't like what he said, why don't you just say it?
How can you be so strong?
Joey, Roualt, and Yoon.
They were all killed.
We weren't able to help any of them!
Your saw your partners die in front of your eyes, don't you have any feelings?!
It happens everyday on Earth.
You bastard.
Are you a human?
Yes, I am a human.
That's enough.
You and your humanism have no point of living anymore.
The reality is that the weak can't survive.
It's reasonable that the weak must die?
How can you abandon them?
You've got to be joking.
If I have to go to space where it is full of people like you, then I'd rather die here.
Then maybe I should kill you here, like you said.
The sleepers are dead.
I only have to report them.
You can't be afraid of the monsters when you're asleep.
Blue bugs?
Why are the blue bugs here?
Damn it.
Rest some more.
What happened to me?
Humans without civilization are weak.
They have no time to pity others.
They only think of themselves.
Turn your hatred of blue bugs into your will for living.
That's the only thing you can do.
But you've saved me many times.
Even now.
Because I must complete my mission.
I knew you'd say that.
You are prepared to sacrifice yourself.
That's why you are so care-free.
Though it might be a little different, I also feel that way.
How should I say?
Maybe before I died, I wanted to show people that I am cool.
No matter how boring my life is, it must have some meaning.
To find the meaning of death is too tragic and tiring.
You might not die.
Stay away from the city.
Then you won't be attacked by the blue bugs.
If you don't want to come, it's okay for you to stay on Earth.
Why do you say that?
I just think it might make you live more like a human.
Are you all right?
If we go on like this, both of us might die.
Leave me behind.
I don't know what it will be like to live in this place.
So I don't know what the right or wrong thing to do is.
Anyway, I live on my own will.
Come on, let's go.
If we are slow, they will abandon us.
It's okay.
I cut the power line, it's only a machine.
Is it out of order?
Yes, that's it, I'm not sure why, but something is wrong with the A.I.
Human or blue bugs, they consider them both enemies.
They are protecting the center of the space ship base.
And they go on fighting with the blue bugs.
The war is at a stalemate.
It's so great that our power is now increased.
And we've got a sleeper.
Space, the "Second Earth."
What will happen to me when I arrive there?
What are you doing?
I can't sleep.
You'll have a tough day tomorrow, have a nice rest.
Is the meeting over?
Can you explain it to me?
First the front troops will occupy the blue bugs attention.
The machines will continue to fight them.
While they are fighting, the main force will enter the base and fix the problem of the system.
That's the plan.
That's the plan? Are you sure you want to go through with this?
It doesn't matter if it works or not, I must follow orders.
It's my duty as a soldier.
I must follow all my orders.
We'll have time to talk when it's all over.
I want to go with you, can I?
Is there anything I can do to help?
We finally reached here, what if something happens to you, what will I do?
No matter what, I will send you to space.
All ships, ready to attack.
I want you to have this.
A friend gave it to me before I entered the capsule.
It's an earring that can bring you luck.
Maybe it will help you.
You saved me and I can live well now.
Then you should keep it.
I'll be fine.
Marlene, don't die.
Decoy one, get the attention of the blue bugs.
Decoy two, set the alarm on.
And support us from the back.
Decoy two, roger.
Decoy one will arrive soon.
Commence attacking.
That's the end of the warm up.
Bring it.
Blue bugs are engaging the troops.
They are returning fire.
They will be in the machine's range of fire in ninety seconds.
Decoy two, cover decoy one.
Pull them toward the machines.
The machines are approaching.
They will soon be in range.
The main entrance is clear.
Dash in!
Thanks to machine's help, the inside of the base is safe.
We should be able to launch the shuttle now.
Be on alert.
Even though it's a machine, it's a good killing weapon against humans.
You are not registered within my database.
Please leave now.
If you don't comply, we will drive you out.
Boot up the system and check the program.
Readjust the machines.
How much more time do we need?
It's almost done.
Outsider, don't intrude.
I might get distracted.
What did you say?
Hung is an expert.
Shut your mouth.
If you wanna rescue the woman who brought you here, then you'd better shut up and watch.
All the machines are back to normal.
Get the assisting device ready for the launch of the shuttle.
I'm so glad.
We have to finish up.
Let's go.
It's almost done.
Let the front troops get to the shuttle.
Be fast.
What's wrong?
What happened?
How can this happen?
I checked everything.
Power remaining is sixty percent.
Please stop the launch of the shuttle.
How can it be?
There's an organic reaction underground.
It's approaching fast.
It's very big.
We've identified the calling code of the blue bugs.
All crew, maintain the attacking state while moving near the ship.
Why did these guys ...
Is it broken again?
This is not good.
Big blue bugs are on the ground.
Nine hundred meters from the battlefield.
Let the frontline troops handle it.
It's impossible.
The number of blue bugs are increasing.
I can't get them out of this.
Many blue bugs are going to enter the battlefield.
We're helpless.
Are these things really creatures?
They don't care about their lives.
All crew, move to the shuttle.
Turn to manual operation.
Start the final countdown.
Wait, what about the frontline troops?
Forget about them.
What did you say?
We have to launch before the blue bugs arrive.
It's a pity, but we have to do so.
Mee, what's wrong?
It's very dangerous to launch the spaceship.
We should make sure the defense line against the blue bugs is steady first.
Do we still have time?
Get everything ready, quickly.
Where are you going?
To kill the blue bugs.
What did you say?
If I kill the blue bugs, will you wait for the frontline troops to return?
Don't be silly!
You are a sleeper.
I don't care if you've fought before, If the specimen is hurt it will be my responsibility.
I know you want to save them.
As a soldier, I have prepared to die in a war.
Stay here if you understand what's right, kid!
What do you know?!
Old man!
I am not going to "Second Earth" to let you have your credits.
I am going for Marlene, who always fights aside me!
There is one more empty robot in the trunk.
Can you use it?
Okay, now it's your show.
Finish them in five minutes.
Hung, you bastard.
It's a serious crime to disobey an order!
It's also a serious crime to obey orders that don't make sense.
The most important thing now is to get the blue bugs away from the ship.
If the frontline troops return we can launch safely.
You'll be courtmarshalled when we get back to "Second Earth."
If we survive.
I won't let you live.
You damn stinky bugs.
Decoy 2, are you alive?
I will finish these roaches.
Get to the spaceship while I fight them.
The spaceship ...
Don't let me die in vain.
Could it be?
Where is it?
Where is it from?
It's so fast.
I've never seen anything like it before.
It's so big!
How can it be?
Take this!
Come on, I'm over here!
Is it really okay?
It's better to launch soon.
Idiot, I still have my dignity.
Now we can only rely on that kid.
You saved me again.
I told you, no matter what, I will bring you to space.
Well done, kid.
After we are in space, I will buy you a drink.
This is the European investigation team.
We've just launched from Baikonur base, with a sleeper onboard.
We will arrive to the base in ten minutes.
Prepare for our landing.
That is the Earth.
Full of trash and monsters.
We will never go back, right?
Oh yeah.
I want you to have this.
I don't know what will happen after we arrive.
But I don't want to fight anymore.
I want you to have it.
Marlene ...
Are you all right?
It went by so fast.
It's been two months after we came to "Second Earth."
During this time, I was always watched.
I let the sleeper Yuji join the war, and he was hurt.
I didn't see Yuji after that.
No, I can't see him.
I was sent to court and was restricted of action.
To prove my use, I had to be trained again.
However, the result of the simulation battle with the enemy as blue bugs was enough to take away my qualification as a driver.
Marlene Angel, your reaction time is slow.
Why do you hesitate to shoot?
If you didn't lose your concentration then you should be aiming at the blue bugs.
Damn it.
War or the humans on Earth, which one is more important?
You can survive on the hellish Earth.
Where is Yuji? What is he doing?
I'd like to talk to him again.
Even when the signal reaches above sixty-one, the cells still do not dissolve.
It's still the same.
Dr. Miyagi.
The sleeper from the central medical room is here now.
The specimen that woke up on his own?
Get the data from the robot and send him to the adjustment room.
Sleeper, don't disappoint me.
The blue bug's star, Earth.
If I go there again, will I be able to fight normally?
There's no other way for me.
I want to see you again.
I just wanted to see the Earth.
I'm returning to my room.
This room has so many of them.
Let me out, let me out!
Bugs, there are so many bugs! Help me!
Dr. Miyagi, I'd like to report.
The sleeper that was biting his wrist to commit suicide has been taken care of.
Do you wish to go to his room?
Miyagi, what do you wish to say?
Is it about your proposal about the new sleeper battalion?
Our opponents have now evolved, what can we do now?
So the mobile troops are no longer reliable.
The only means left now is to attack regionally.
Sorry to make you worry.
Only the sleepers with the Prophecy Syndrome can change the war.
The machine developed for the sleepers is designed to deepen the consciousness of its driver, it can then sense attack patterns.
This means revitalizing the virus that erodes them, so their neuron reactions can become sharper.
We don't know how this can perform on the battlefield.
They can detect incoming blue bugs and predict their attack pattern, it is the combined force of human and machine, it is truely a Bio-Weapon.
The sleeper batallion in the campaign of South America should be able to prove this.
We must not forget the miserable days when we were driven out to space.
Those bugs are increasing on Earth. They are from hell.
Is it the final judgment for humans?
No, it's not!
They are only ugly bugs!
In this battle, we have to show them that we are the owners of this planet.
In this battle, we have to show them that we are the owners of this planet.
Alpha one, launch.
In this battle, we have to show them that we are the owners of this planet.
Alpha two, launch.
You are the chosen ones! May honor be with you.
Zoru, Ganzia, Gandia.
All the troops are ready to land.
This is the bug nest killing troop.
We're eight-hundred meters away from the entrance, we were attacked by something we've never seen before.
Please send help!
Damn it, it's like a maze.
Where is the exit?
What's wrong?
An organic reaction in the front.
But ...
They all stopped.
No action is detected anymore.
Okay, move slowly.
Are those blue bug eggs?
Wait, if this is the place they bear eggs, the mother should be around here.
Where is its weak point?
You win, kill me.
This is Ben Rick Fox, can anyone answer me?
This is Rick, can you hear me?
This is Rick, can you hear me?
This is Marlene Angel.
I want to help you, but I can't reach you, are you okay?
We placed bombs at the bug's home, I'll be there soon.
It's like nothing has happened.
I'm Rick, the person who was in the bug's home.
Rick, did you see a robot with a blade on its back?
I didn't know a type like that existed.
You don't know anything about it?
It might be remade by an idiot who likes to show off.
Forget that, are you free tonight?
That was not a normal way of fighting.
The rest of the blue bugs are hiding in the jungle, destroy them all.
It's so quiet.
Everything is so silent.
Is it there?
A child? In this place?
Don't put your weapon down, we're still in a war.
I am on your side.
I am your friend.
Are you alone here?
Is there anyone else?
I see.
Get your weapon, quickly!
Wait, it's too dangerous to leave now!
Hold your fire!
There are kids here!
Step aside.
Do you wanna kill the children?
Do you want to kill them along with the blue bugs?
Aren't you Yuji?
Did you forget me?
It's Marlene.
Marlene ...
That's right, answer me, Yuji!
We'll be landing soon.
All pilots, change your robots to urban mode.
Our landing in America will bring victory to "Second Earth." This is the last stand!
Collect all your power to destroy the bugs' home in North America.
Prepare to attack!
He's amazing.
Is that the legendary sleeper batallion?
You said once the sleepers enter the war, the situation would be different.
Yes, it's true.
We can return to the Earth soon.
Is the long war going to end?
You can be happy now.
Even if we grab the Earth from the blue bugs, you are more suitable for a coffin.
Blue bugs' gas generates a deterrence to the electric waves.
We can't go toward the right location.
Wait, I'll rescue you now.
Can it be ...
You're ...
You're Kaido Yuji, right?
Answer me.
It's me, Marlene Angel.
Marlene ...
The Earth ...
The Earth is crying.
Humans are just like bugs.
They destroyed the planet.
Yuji, what has happened to you?
Why do you fight with such malice?
Try to remember!
We used to survive on this planet.
You're all enemies.
Whether it's the bugs or humans.
Damn it.
We're saved.
Kill them now.
I don't want to, help me! They're all here to kill me!
That's ...
Come on.
Just come to me.
You damn bugs.
I will save with the luck that you gave me.
Just wait, I'll kill you soon.
Try to remember.
Sleeper, how did you wake up?
Don't bring me any trouble.
Do you want to waste your life?
Then you'd better carry it.
Are you all right?
Don't go!
Come back.
Yuji, do you know who I am?
It's Marlene.
Yuji, be strong!
Am I left alone again?
Yuji, answer me.
Answer me.
The Prophecy Syndromes that stimulates the fighting nature has turned against us.
Did it make the pilot break down?
We're like orphans abandoned by their mother.
Blue bugs.
I ...
I can't save you anymore.
Forgive me.
What happened?
Thank you.