Blue Giant (2023) Movie Script

I can't hear the sound in the snow.
I will...
become... a musician...
I'll become the greatest jazz musician
in the world.
What? You're alone too?
Do you have friends over there?
I'll make it... I'm sure.
"Sendai Station"
I'm going now.
Yeah. Ayaka, come on.
This is from Ayaka.
Rice balls?! Thanks.
What's this?
That's from me.
Eat something when you get there.
Bro... Thanks.
He might be back next week.
He's gone for good.
What's this?
"You're an idiot. Ayaka"
This is her message?
"Shinjuku bus terminal"
Where's Shinjuku 3-chome?
He's asleep?
Sorry. I'm sorry.
Not here.
Not here either.
Where can I go?
There are people everywhere.
You must be hungry too.
I'm finally in Tokyo.
Yes? Dai!
Hi, Tamada. I got your address from Taizo.
Long time no see! What are you doing here?
To play jazz, of course.
Yeah, of course. What's with the baggage?
Let me stay with you for a few days!
Huh? You should've called
and asked me first.
You might've said no if I called first.
Come on in.
Thanks, Tamada.
Yay! Am I a pro or what?!
I'm finally getting used to that stove.
Thank you for the food.
What do you think? Good, huh?
I knew it.
Are we married?! Huh?
If we're not married, are we a couple?!
You've been here for 2 weeks already!
You're getting good at the Tokyo accent.
What I seek in Tokyo is freedom! And girls!
A great time on campus!
That's why I studied hard to get into
the college of my choice.
But I'm spending all my time
with a bum like you.
I didn't leave Sendai to...
Okay, okay. I'll find my own place.
Are you sure? You better keep your word...
Stop practicing all day long
and look for a place, okay?!
I will.
Now eat before it gets cold.
What?! 80,000 yen for this tiny apartment?
I can rent a house in Sendai.
The prices are the same as the websites.
Hey! 25,000 yen?!
"Parking 25,000 yen/month"
Parking space...
How much does this weigh?
I'm jazzing...
Good job! Come work for us again.
Thank you!
Here it comes.
10,000 to Tamada... Enough, huh?
I'll go listen to Tokyo jazz tomorrow.
He's so loud.
Hey, Dai.
I'll let him off the hook today.
"Rent money. Thank you! I love you."
I'll try this place.
Good evening!
Um... Is there...
What would you like to drink?
Uh... Oolong tea.
Here you go.
Is there a performance today?
Today... Nope.
You like?
Excuse me?
You like jazz?
Yes. I like jazz.
Is a record okay?
I don't book live musicians these days.
Was it still raining outside?
Yes, a little.
Wow. She believes in jazz.
Whoa! Great sound.
He's so cool!
You know this music?
But it's Sonny...
Sonny Stitt,
not Rollins.
I love it. This song is
like today's weather.
You wanna hear live music, right?
Go to this place. They're still playing.
Thank you!
How did he know?
That I chose this album
because it suits the weather.
Is he for real?
Trading with the guitar.
They're awesome!
Sawabe! You were terrific!
Thank you.
You're still young but very good.
You were able to keep up with us.
You're flattering me. I was frantic.
You didn't even use both hands.
I hope you'll join our tour.
Let's make you famous.
I need some time.
There are amazing musicians in Tokyo.
Huge! What?!
It's huge!
Huh? Huh?!
Wait... Excuse me?
Is it that big?
Alto? Tenor?
What? That callus. Sax player, right?
Oh, this!
Do you have a minute?
I'm Dai Miyamoto from Sendai, Miyagi.
I'm 18.
A name befitting a big penis.
I'm Yukinori Sawabe.
So which do you play?
I work part-time and practice my sax.
How about you?
College student. But I never go to school.
College student?! With that skill?!
Ah... What kind of skill?
I only heard you play one song
but the crisp low keys.
Accurate tempo and rhythm.
A melody line I've never heard.
It was simply awesome.
What did you think about the other guys?
From an amateur's viewpoint,
I thought they were excellent.
Especially the guitarist.
They're no good. Huh?
Jazz is dying. It's on the brink of death.
If old guys like them
use the same old techniques
and gloat like it's real jazz,
it'll keep on dying.
But isn't it people like them
who are carrying on jazz?
They're not helping.
Not many people listen to jazz.
That's why I want to
win with the real sound.
Lead the music industry in Tokyo.
Is your goal to be an
obscure jazz musician?
I'm gonna be the greatest in the world.
Greatest in the world?
Greatest? Specifically how?
Feelings... Express
every emotion with sound.
You shouldn't say that so lightly.
You'll rub people the wrong way.
I didn't say it lightly.
Um... Will you team up with me?
You mean form a band together?
I've never even heard you play.
Then please do. You can decide later.
I'll say no if you suck.
You won't be disappointed.
You either have talent or you don't.
Without talent, no matter
how much you practice
it's a waste of time.
What if I have talent?
I'll use you as a steppingstone.
Steppingstone, huh?
Unlike rock, jazz bands
don't stay together forever.
We use each other as steppingstones.
Isn't that what it means to team up?
And stop using formal language with me.
I'm also 18. We're the same age.
What?! You're 18 with all that skill?!
"Where are you?" "Here!"
Take Two
So hard to find.
Yukinori, thanks for coming.
What's this place?
Akiko-san's shop.
She's letting us use it today.
Hello. I'm Sawabe.
Let's do it!
Hold on. Let me at least drink some water.
How long have you been playing?
A little over 3 years.
What? Just 3 years?
3 years of dedicated practice.
I get it. Brass band in high school?
No. Basketball.
I practiced alone by the river.
Until I started taking lessons.
Are you serious?
How about you?
4 years? Since I was four.
Oh my gosh! So you've been
playing for 14 years. Wow.
Dai, if you suck...
I know. That's fine.
I'm gonna use that piano.
Go ahead.
Don't bother.
I'll play alone.
I'm sure you can judge
me playing by myself.
We can play together once we're a team.
What do you say? Are we a team or not?
I see... Go home, Dai.
Huh? Why?
Just go home. I'll call you.
I need some time.
Thank you, Akiko-san.
Yukinori, call me.
I'd never heard him play either but...
He's amazing.
Damn it... Talent?
No... Just 3 years...
How much did he practice?
Yes, when he was a senior in high school.
I taught him for about 6 months.
He taught himself before he came to me.
He was awful at first but...
His sound was fearless.
It only takes 30 minutes to learn
how to play do-re-mi on the sax.
But it takes years and
years to make really good sound.
It's a lonely process.
There are no exceptions.
One winter night, I saw
him practicing alone
by the river in the freezing cold.
I thought this guy is crazy.
He's out of his mind.
He's amazing.
What was that?
Was it cool?
No. You totally ignored the chord!
I was on a roll.
Huh?! You're not playing alone anymore.
I know. But can't you comp?
Everything outside the frame is noise!
Let's say this is our framework.
If you stay within this framework,
go as crazy as you want,
and it won't be noise!
We need to find the rhythm section soon.
Do we need it?
Of course. The drums are like a car.
As passengers on the car,
we have to match its speed.
A jazz drummer can transform into
all kinds of cars.
We need someone to rein you in.
You think?
Come on! Let's try it again!
The economy temporarily improved
when they took Keynes's advice
and increased public investments.
But the New Deal was
an unsuccessful policy.
Pass the ball! Stop him!
Hey! Over here!
My super long shot!
Should we take a break?
Not yet!
I'm tired.
I need a drink.
About that shot you took...
Your high school was
top 8 in the prefecture, right?
Let's just enjoy the game.
Yeah but...
The objective of this club
is to foster a healthy body and
spirit before we join the work force.
Dai! Practicing hard, huh?
I thought you were gonna bring
a girl home tonight.
You idiot.
I brought leftovers.
Mainly deep-fried food.
You are one impressive dude.
I quit the club.
What happened?
Nothing serious.
I'm surprised by your dedication.
You came all the way to Tokyo,
but all you do is practice here every day.
My mind's made up.
To be the greatest jazz musician
in the world.
Hey, I have favor...
"Aoba High School"
This is jazz?
Thanks, Tamada. Great rhythm.
It's not what I thought. Huh?
I don't know how to put it but...
It's so intense.
I love jazz because
it's passionate and intense.
Especially the solos.
You don't think with your brain.
It's free and deep...
In any case, soloing by
top musicians is so amazing.
Jazz is kind of cool.
I'm happy to hear you say that.
Most people don't understand jazz.
But if it moves you
I'm sure it'll move other people too.
Do you think I can be a drummer?
Wow! Cool!
So many.
Which is the main drum?
The snare.
Dai... Whoa!
Who's that?
Tamada. My landlord.
Tamada... Do you know who Art Blakey is?
Axel Brake?
Oh, this.
You know this is
a critical time for us, right?
We have to find an amazing drummer
that can rein you in, right?
So why did you bring this idiot?!
Don't call me an idiot.
If he kicks me out,
I'll have to move in with you.
Okay, okay. Yes. Step on the hi-hat pedal.
It's closed now. Try this rhythm.
Ah... Like this?
Maintain that rhythm. Let's try it.
Just today, okay?
They're not even sweating.
Damn it! I have to focus.
That's it, Tamada.
We're done.
You can go now. I need to talk to Dai.
Thanks, Dai.
Why did you bring such an amateur?
Everybody's an amateur at first.
Are you denying his desire to play music?
I don't want to bother the neighbors.
I think it's great that he wants to play.
Tamada-san, loosen your grip.
Yes, sir.
Hanon, you're just like Kendrick Scott.
I wanna be like Keith Moon.
A 36-payment loan to polish my manhood.
I can't back out now.
I'm not going to.
Hey, Sawabe!
Long time no see.
Will you join our next performance?
You, me, and Yamaguchi as a trio.
I'm looking for a drummer.
Why not Yamaguchi?
He's all we have, huh?
He's not good enough?
Do you know of any good drummers
in other universities?
Someone at my level.
You think 4 days make a difference?
I took lessons.
Right. And?
There was an elementary schooler there.
But I was the worst.
But... when we played jazz together,
it felt really good.
Tamada, how about this tempo?
I think I can do it.
Yukinori, what do you think?
We can comp to him.
Whatever you say.
You're a softie who adapts
your music to a beginner.
Tamada, you were awesome!
I tried...
I can't accept you in the band.
Jazz isn't just technique
and all that difficult stuff.
It's about being moved by the music.
I wasn't finished.
I can't accept you now
but you can practice with us.
Mom? Yeah, I'm fine.
Can you talk now? Are your students gone?
After the 8 beat and the 16 beat on
the drum, what do you teach next?
Okay. Yeah. Right. The fill. Then?
The cool complicated groove?!
It needs to be brushed up.
Let's perform live!
Huh? No way. Absolutely not.
He's been practicing for 3 months already.
Listen. He's not an official member yet.
Plus, he'll be too nervous to
perform on a stage.
That's true...
We don't have time.
We're not even a band yet. What's the use?
We'll just embarrass ourselves.
And who'd come listen to
us nameless musicians?
You never know.
I want to see what happens to
us the way we are now.
Just once!
Please let us perform just once.
I'm running a business here.
I need a crowd-puller.
We have 2 college students.
They have lots of friends in
their clubs who have other friends.
I do want more young customers...
Any day of the week!
Jazz music! Jazz music!
Come and enjoy! Lots of jazz!
Thank you!
May I ask what the chances
are of you coming to see us?
Huh? It's tomorrow?
I've never listened to jazz before...
Like 10%?
Thank you!
We'll give it our 100%.
No, 120%! I hope to see you there!
I like your spirit...
What was that guy with the fliers?
Trying to pick up girls.
How embarrassing...
Zero talent.
Here, huh?
Look at all these fliers.
Ours not included. We're
being shrugged off.
Sorry. I couldn't get out of work.
How many people are here?
3 regular customers plus the manager.
I told you. People don't waste
time on nameless musicians.
Yukinori, we're so cool.
Tamada, we're gonna play jazz.
We are so totally cool.
Let's go.
They're so young.
Didn't you see their flier?
It said "jazz by 18-year-olds."
Here's your drink.
Thank you.
I'll never forget this
for as long as I live.
The drummer is off. He's in over his head.
Yeah. But the other two...
The sax and the piano. They're 18?
Incredible solos...
This is jazz?!
Huh? Oh...
Our first wrap-up party is
at a vending machine.
Only 3 customers, so no pay.
Distributing fliers was
the wrong way to advertise.
This is Tokyo, remember?
Yeah but...
I'm a crappy drummer. It's my fault.
I don't deserve to be in this band.
135 times. Huh?
The number of mistakes
in the first 3 songs.
I stopped counting after that.
I'll be honest.
You weren't as bad as I thought.
Right, Dai?
No matter what anyone says,
it was a great performance.
Uh-oh. I'm late for work.
Me too. See ya, Tamada!
I told you he wasn't ready.
It's out of our hands.
Tamada just needs more practice.
We shouldn't make him feel so bad.
He was smiling.
A cold fake smile.
We practice for ourselves,
not for anyone else.
Tamada was smiling.
I have faith in him. He'll practice hard.
Drop dead, will you?
What just happened?
I'm not being forced into this.
I want to do it!
"JASS's profile"
I cringe whenever I think
about our first performance.
It was also Dai's first stage
as a professional musician.
He played the sax
with every fiber of his being.
He was all in.
Yukinori and I latched on to his energy.
That's how we arrived
at our final performance.
Yes... Those 18 months were
the best time of our lives.
I still brag about it to
my business associates.
I made music with the great Dai Miyamoto!
Okay. JASS, huh?
How many mistakes did I make today?
All right. Again.
"JASS onstage!"
Um... Good evening.
We're JASS!
We're JASS!
Guess how many people came today.
Uh... A lot?
So many?!
That's amazing!
And so...
Wow! Is it...?
Yes. We got paid.
Our first real pay...
How many mistakes did I make today?
38 big ones. Twice as many small ones.
Why did you start playing jazz?
I started as a kid since
my family runs a piano school.
A Tokyo boy with a good upbringing.
Huh? No.
I'm the coolest Nagano native in Japan.
So what about you? Why jazz?
is so hot and intense.
Other music isn't?
How should I explain it?
Jazz is about emotions.
You use the melody to express
how you feel at that moment.
It's different every day.
So it's infinite.
That soloing you were talking about?
I think it's time we set
a goal for the three of us.
Goal? The three of us?
You mean Tamada is...
Did you hear that?!
Here. It's ready.
You're good at grilling meat.
I knew it.
To stand on this stage in our teens.
What's this place? So Blue?
The best jazz club in Japan.
The best in Japan?
Tamada, how much was today's music charge?
2,000 yen.
It's 10,000 at So Blue.
What?! Wow.
And it seats 250 people.
Are you serious? In our teens?
We only have a year left.
We have to go all out.
I'll knock your socks off.
Let's see you try.
Are you interested in a music festival?
I just got a call
with an offer to play in a music festival!
Which one?
The Katsushika Jazz Festival
a month from now.
A small event to revitalize
the neighborhood.
The main feature is Act
with a pianist called Amanuma.
He's really famous.
Kousei Amanuma makes critiques
and appears frequently on the media.
Oh, this guy.
Okay... Act is the last band to play.
They're putting us right before
them to warm the audience.
So it's a big venue...
A win-or-lose situation.
Win or lose?
A lot of people from
the jazz industry will be there.
If they think we suck,
we'll never be invited to perform again.
But we'll be playing to a large crowd.
It's our chance to increase our audience.
A win-or-lose situation,
one way or another.
"Shibamata Station"
Good luck at the festival.
Let's start the party.
Does everybody have a glass? Cheers!
Someone recommended us
to the committee. Thank you.
It wasn't me.
Can I sit here?
I'm the one who recommended you guys.
Are you serious?
Thank you!
Where did you see us perform?
I've never heard or watched you guys.
But I wanted a young, energetic band
and your name came up.
The audience at music
festivals loves the youth.
Flopping is part of the charm.
Whose music do you play?
Mostly our own.
Modal? Cool? Bebop?
Just everything jazz.
That's so ambiguous.
We're giving serious thought
to satisfy the diminishing jazz fans.
"We play jazz" is like admitting
you're just greenhorns.
Teen stuff. You'll never make it big.
You think so?
We're participating in this
event to spread our music.
When you hear it, you'll know.
So what? You think you
can steal our fans from us?
I like that spirit.
Typical ignorant teenagers.
Please listen to our music.
I have to go practice. Goodbye.
Huh?! What a jerk.
I told him we're turning
Act's fans into our fans.
That's so you.
Now we really have to win.
Let's start out by studying Act's music.
The sound the customers like?
Forget it.
If we cater to their taste,
we'll lose our own music.
What do you suggest?
Get stronger.
Each of us will empower our sound.
That's too vague.
We'll get stronger un-vaguely!
Yukinori? Dai went out.
Without his phone?
He went jogging. What?
He's been running 3 hours every day
for the past 2 weeks.
To strengthen his heart and lungs.
Are you serious?
His sound is gonna be more powerful.
What are you doing?
I'm not that big of a geek.
I stay cool and practice at home.
Good music is good music
no matter how old or new,
no matter the genre.
"Katsushika Jazz Festival"
Wow! This place is so big!
Yeah. Our biggest venue so far.
Yikes... I'm getting nervous.
Don't worry.
I played in a bigger place than
this in high school.
You're not helping.
You were running.
The only pair of shoes I own.
Good luck today.
Where's your stage outfit?
You're looking at it.
Oh... Sure. Like the
young band that you are.
Just go out there and do your thing.
We'll cover for you.
Miyamoto, we got off on the wrong foot,
but don't get so worked up. Relax.
We'll warm up the audience for you so...
Good luck to you too.
Around 150 people in the audience.
There'll be more for Act.
Tamada, focus. Yeah.
The audience is pretty excited.
They're waiting for Act.
I want a strong sound straight off the bat.
You want to change the lineup?
It'll complicate things.
That's fine.
We're just delivering our music.
I'll go first.
Let's kick off with "N.E.W."
Tamada, comp the intro to Dai.
Thank you! We're Domino Five!
I'll give it all I got.
I'm sure they'll get our music.
You're from 21 Music...
Isogai. I'm surprised to see you here.
Did you come to watch Act?
No. Someone wanted me to come.
What's the matter?
Are they nervous?
Yes! We did it!
I need water!
They loved us!
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm Isogai from 21 Music.
Do you have a minute?
"Masaru Isogai, 21 Music"
We did it.
I'm sure the audience will remember us.
They loved us! And that guy
from a record company...
He just said we might have a chance.
New bands rise and fall just as quickly.
I see...
We have a long way to go.
If releasing an album is like a trip to
the moon, we're still in Atami.
No, Shinagawa.
Still, he invited us to go to the moon.
I have to get better.
Yeah. You can't buy a
ticket on your own yet.
Tamada has to improve but we do too.
We can be even better.
Huh? Me?
Like today... Your improv
always sounds the same.
The same?
Improv is ad lib.
Without any variation,
the audience will get bored of it.
We need to play high-quality music.
Good solos would do the job.
We're already taking a risk with Tamada.
What matters is a winning performance.
That was our goal today.
At my family's piano school
there was a girl a bit older than me.
She had so much fun playing the piano.
I started the piano because
I wanted to play like her.
But one day, her family left
town to evade their debt.
When she came to say
goodbye, my mom said...
Aoi, keep playing the piano.
I will.
Bye, Yuki.
I'm sure she quit.
We have to win in order
to keep playing music.
She's still playing.
It's not about winning.
I'm sure she's still playing the piano.
Thank you for coming to
Katsushika last month.
What did you think of JASS?
I was surprised. That tenor was powerful.
He drew you in and empowered you.
Thank you.
So why did you want me to be there?
Will you introduce us to So Blue?
It's like the superdome for jazz musicians.
I know.
But I want to perform there in my teens.
You're being too cocky.
I can help you take a step forward,
but you're trying to take 100 steps here.
When I was in middle school
my mom took me to So Blue.
Since then, I've dreamed
of performing there.
My friends wanted to be soccer
and basketball stars
but my only goal was So Blue.
I know it's a huge challenge.
But I've never taken music lightly.
Nor about performing at So Blue.
Uchiyama, what do you think?
He got my address
from Kawakita-san the guitarist.
He's sent 5 emails already.
He's still a student.
Student? He's either super confident
or simply stupid.
But he might be the kind of gifted
youth you're always talking about.
Whoa! Yes!
What, Yukinori?
I got a response after my 5th email.
Coming to our next performance.
Which girl did you woo this time?
Yeah, which?
I bet a hottie with big tits.
But the sax is the band's star.
All right. Let's go all out as usual.
The crowd loved us again.
I thought I nailed that fill.
What do you think?
Sorry. I have to go.
A girl, for sure.
There you are! Yukinori!
Can I have your autograph?
Can I have your autograph?
Of course.
Thank you.
You're getting better. What?
You've improved in the 8 months
since your first performance.
I come to listen to your
growing drum skills.
Um... I'm Sawabe.
I'm Taira. Nice to meet you. Take a seat.
Thank you.
Thanks for waiting.
What would you like to drink?
Anything's fine.
So... what did you think?
Did you like our music?
The drummer is a beginner.
No soloing. He got by
with the bare minimum.
But he was trying so hard.
It was actually endearing.
I see... Tamada...
The tenor was intriguing.
He has the power to deliver his music,
and his sound is also unique.
Intriguing indeed. I think he has a future.
Yes. He's one in a million.
But you...
were no good.
You rely on finger techniques.
Corny melodies.
A boring performance all around.
We believe we're the best club in Japan.
Are you dissing us?
Of course not. I'm...
Are you scared?
Improvisation is where you can
express yourself inside and out
and bare your soul.
You're not only dissing music,
but you're also dissing people.
Your flippant attitude
toward the bartender.
You didn't properly
introduce yourself to me.
You used Kawakita-san to
try to get an offer from us.
No humility whatsoever in
your demeanor and attitude.
I'm sorry, but my answer is no.
Put his drink on my check.
Wow... He was so blunt...
He told me what I needed to hear...
This place lives up to its name.
The piano? Go ahead, but I'm going home.
The shop's closed tomorrow.
Can I play for as long as I want?
Bare my soul, huh?
You practiced for 2 whole days?
I'm still lost.
I have to talk to them.
It's not what I expected.
What did you expect?
Something more stylish than this.
This is me.
So what did you wanna talk about?
You see... Someone from So Blue
was watching us the other night.
Are you serious?
I asked him to come.
You did? And?
You guys impressed him.
But me... He said my solo was crappy.
Is something wrong with his hearing?
He said I rely on finger techniques.
I tried to do something about it
these last 3 days, but I couldn't.
I burned down our bridge to So Blue.
I'm so sorry.
Do you agree with him?
Me too.
Let's get out of here.
There's nothing we can do right now.
What do you mean?
Yukinori's so depressed.
He has to get over it.
I play as if I'm the best in
the world when I'm soloing.
You accept it when people call you crappy.
You're hopeless.
There's nothing a wimp can do.
No! There must be something we can do!
It's Yukinori's problem.
We're a team, aren't we?
A jazz band doesn't stay together forever.
The members change.
It's how it is.
Dai, you want to be the best in the world.
Yukinori wants to win in jazz. That's fine.
But I...
I just want to play music with you guys.
Friends help each other
in time of need, right?
Being kind won't improve his solos.
Then why are you so soft on me?!
I'm a lousy drummer!
Tell me how crappy I am!
This is ridiculous! Are you belittling me?!
How can we play jazz
when we're so disconnected?!
Shunji, did you really flunk?
Oh... Yeah...
What happened?
I'm worried. Are you in
some kind of trouble?
No, Mom... Nothing like that.
Then why?
I'll explain later. Sorry.
I have to go to class.
You're all scratched up.
But you still sound great.
You're good to go.
The small red car is the last one.
Sawabe! Let the cars pass!
"Kaneda Tofu Shop"
Kaneda Tofu Shop...
"Kaneda Tofu Shop"
It's him.
Oh... You're...
I'm sorry about the other day.
You said you wanted my autograph so...
Really? Thank you.
Do you live around here?
Just happened to pass by?
I wanted to apologize.
Please come to our performance again.
I'll be better. I promise.
All right.
I'll be in touch soon.
Is it bad?
They want us to look
for a pianist to replace him.
What?! They're playing in 2 days!
Mita is in Tokyo...
Wada too. Who else is there?
Are we being fair? What?
Top musicians can stand on this stage.
But to those behind them...
Are we being fair?
That's a difficult question.
Are you the tenor sax of JASS?
I've watched you guys once.
Thank you for recognizing me!
I feel like a celebrity.
How did you like our music?
It was intriguing.
Wow. What a compliment.
Yes. You guys were intriguing.
Strong and intense.
How's your pianist?
Yukinori? He's hit a wall.
A really big fat one.
I see...
But he'll be fine.
He'll overcome it. We'll be fine.
It's time.
I have to go.
We'll perform here one day.
Please come and watch us.
Who was that?
tomorrow's jazz.
Taira here.
Oh... I'm...
Sorry for calling out of the blue.
The day after tomorrow,
Fred Silver is performing at The Cotton's,
our sister store,
but his pianist got sick and
can't come to Japan.
We're looking for someone
to take his place.
Will you do it?
I need your answer now.
We're running out of time.
Incredible, huh? He's not even
playing to an audience.
This is jazz.
I don't care if we're disconnected.
I want to keep playing with him.
Me too.
Yukinori! Tamada!
Hi, Dai.
So what happened?
I got an offer from So Blue
to replace a sick member of
a band playing at The Cotton's.
I'm not deserting you guys.
But will you let me step out
on JASS just once?
Get go 'em, Yukinori.
Blow them away!
Yes! This is amazing, Yukinori!
Can we still get tickets?
Mom? Hi, it's me.
I've been playing the drums lately.
If I quit now, I'll regret it
for the rest of my life.
So, let me continue for now.
I hope he'll be okay.
Look at this place.
And the band is super famous, right?
He's been playing with us.
Of course he'll be fine.
There he is!
He's awesome.
Yeah but... I can't keep
my eyes off Yukinori.
We have a monster pianist in our band.
He's amazing.
The sax is so good!
Yukinori's solo is coming up.
Another round.
"Dai: Play 'til you drop."
I'll bare my soul!
If Yukinori's photo is this big
I'll be on the front cover!
Huh? You wish!
Akiko-san, we have some news.
Yeah? What is it?
4 months from now,
we're performing at So Blue.
That's great.
Huh? What?
I got a call from Taira-san yesterday.
I wanted to announce it to Akiko-san first
since she's been letting us practice
here for a year now.
Yes! Wow!
One of your dreams came true!
Congratulations, you guys.
Unbelievable! Stop laughing.
I'm so happy for you.
JASS is the best!
Yes. I let them practice here
but I never let them perform live.
I was afraid that it'd be meaningless,
that nothing would happen.
But when they were booked at So Blue...
I thought I believed in jazz,
but maybe I was believing in them.
It's in 2 days.
I have to go to work.
You've improved.
Huh? What did you say?
Your drumming improved.
What was that about? Huh?
You never give compliments.
Yes, I do.
Do you?
always wanted to improvise.
But I also like writing music.
I like to play a piece
after ruminating about it.
I like the songs you write.
I admit you have talent.
My talent scares me and
keeps me up all night.
You're an idiot.
But you're different.
You shouldn't think.
You should keep barging forward
and die thousands of times
in front of the audience.
Either way, you're not
smart enough to think.
Damn you, Yukinori.
See ya. I have to go to work.
Yeah. See ya!
I'm playing in So Blue in 2 days.
To think about it, we met in the bathroom.
I didn't trust Tamada.
We made it this far together.
We would've been helpless
without each other.
I'm so glad I teamed up with them.
Hey! Can you hear me?!
Sawabe! Sawabe!
He's conscious! Ambulance!
The truck driver's fine!
What did you say?!
Right... pocket... My phone...
Dai... Sorry...
I can't perform...
How's Yukinori?
In surgery right now.
What's his condition?
He'll live.
But what?!
They said his right arm was messed up...
Why did this happen?
The driver was asleep at the wheel.
His mom is on her way from Nagano.
Tamada, let's go.
Let's go.
Dai, Akiko-san left already.
Are we gonna practice?
Yeah. Until something works.
But Yukinori is...
I have a feeling we
shouldn't stop right now.
We should keep barging forward.
Okay. I see.
But Miyamoto, I don't know if
the audience would accept that.
Please let us perform as a duo.
I'm begging you.
Get everyone here for an urgent meeting.
Hi there.
You're finally awake.
They said it might heal.
Maybe it might heal.
Uchiyama, let's do everything we can.
What happened to Yukinori?
A sax and drums duo? Never heard of it.
Would it even work?
"Onstage soon"
"Ayaka: Awesome! You can do it, right?"
Good evening. Welcome to So Blue.
I apologize for this change in
our program without prior notice.
I welcome any complaints
about the performance.
The group's pianist was critically
injured in a traffic accident
last night.
It'll be an unprecedented performance
by a sax player and a drummer,
but I've been looking forward to this day
ever since I booked them.
Even now with only the two of them.
Here they are!
Dai Miyamoto on tenor sax!
Shunji Tamada on the drums!
JASS! Dai!
"Band name JASS!"
Thank you.
Here's our next song.
Yay! Awesome!
JASS! Miyamoto!
Good evening. We're JASS.
I'm sorry it's just the two of us tonight.
You guys were stunning!
Shunji Tamada on drums!
I'm Dai Miyamoto on tenor sax!
Dai! Awesome!
The songs we played tonight
were written by our pianist.
Yukinori Sawabe on the piano!
Yukinori! Yes!
JASS is the best!
Thank you for coming tonight!
Hey. Did you know that
you can leave the hospital
whenever you want?
We did it, Yukinori.
I can't believe you guys
performed without me.
I'm gonna join you in the encore.
Don't be stupid. You almost died. Plus...
My left hand is unharmed.
Can you play?
You know, don't you?
Our last performance together.
JASS is disbanded.
He's climbing to the top of the world.
Dai... Don't stop.
I won't.
Tamada, Yukinori,
we were awesome.
Sawabe? Yukinori!
In my youth, my friends and
I called a great jazz musician
A star in space that burns so hot that
it goes from red to blue.
That performance was very blue.
Directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa
Hey. Are you at the airport?
Yukinori, I love your piano.
I think I'm your number one fan.
Get well soon.
I will, stupid.
I'm going now.
Dai... Go get 'em.
All right! Let's jazz.