Blue Monkey (1987) Movie Script

Some nice raindrops on you.
And some sunbeams.
Oh, you're going to be lovely.
My baby.
Oh, aren't you...
Now, who would like a little music?
Windows are all fixed.
If you want I'll have
a word with those kids next door.
- Oh, no.
- No?
I don't know
how you do it, Marwella.
This place gets more and more
beautiful every day.
- Well you help some, too, Fred.
- Yeah, but you make 'em happy.
Special deal on repairs
today, Marwella,
if you'll have dinner
with me on Friday.
Well, you drive a hard bargain, Fred.
But, um...
I accept your offer.
- About Seven?
- I'll be ready.
Hey, this one
doesn't look so happy.
That happened overnight.
I don't know what's wrong.
Are there thorns on that thing?
- No.
That's a new plant that was just
sent to me
from a newly formed volcanic island
just south of Micronesia.
And none of the species has thorns.
Oh, that looks terrible!
You should see a doctor right away.
Nah, just a pin-prick. I'll take care
of it when I get back to the shop.
Are you sure you're all right?
Never felt better in my life.
I have a date with the
prettiest girl in town.
Oh, Dear.
Is this the septic shock patient?
- Yeah, here's his blood sample.
At first he appeared to be in
anaphylactic shock
from an insect bite
on his left index finger.
But he didn't respond
to the epinephrine.
Pulse is 150.
We got to get his heart rate down.
Where'd you say that insect bite was?
- Left hand, index finger.
My God, that looks like
synergistic gangrene.
Is this man diabetic?
- There was no medical alert on him.
He's burning up, get some ice.
How is he, doctor?
It's undetermined,
but you can't be in this area.
Take this to the lab, please.
- OK.
One of my plants caused this.
I've got to talk to you about
that later, you'll have to wait outside.
You're gonna' make it, buddy.
Told ya I'd get you here on time.
Yeah, your drivin'
damn near killed me.
My partner's been shot
and he's bleeding to death.
He needs a God damn doctor not
some pissant RN.
I'm sorry, just get me a doctor, please.
- Security.
IV, stat. D5LR, wide open, four units
standard blood, type we'll cross match.
You a doctor?
Yes, you called for one,
didn't you?
Yeah, I'm sorry, look...
My partner and I were on a
police stakeout,
he got caught with a .357 close.
- You take care.
- Jim, Jim!
Everything's going to be fine.
Just take it easy, huh?
Take it easy.
Easy does it.
100 milligrams Pitressin,
600 milligrams Atracurium.
- What's the bottom line.
- It's hard to tell at this point.
We'll know more after X-rays.
I can tell you right now,
he's going to need surgery.
And I need some information
on your partner. - Sure.
I'll help you any way I can.
- Jim?
Call Jeanie for me.
- You just hang in there, Mr.
I'll take care of everything,
don't you worry, OK?
- We'll give you some medication
you'll be in surgery soon. - OK, doc.
What the hell is that?
- Get this to pathology right away.
- No way I'm going to touch that thing.
Touch it right now, take it there.
And get that man in to isolation.
We're all going to need examinations,
it could be contagious for all we know.
So what do you think
that thing is, doctor?
I don't know, we'll need
some time to examine it.
From its appearance I'd say it was
some sort of parasite.
But I've never known of any
to cause such rapid infection.
You don't appear
to be in any danger.
You can get dressed now,
detective Bishop.
So, who gets to examine you?
It won't be a police detective.
So, you say you were in a shootout?
Hill Valley seems
an unlikely place for that.
We were working the east side
of Williamsburg.
But they were tipped off, so...
Two hours and a car chase later
we got caught in a cross-fire here.
I never would've known this place
was a hospital.
We try to keep up
on all the modern conveniences here.
It's not often that we get a gunshot
victim at County Memorial, though.
They'll be talking about this day
for a long time.
Is he going to make it?
He's got our best surgeons
working on him.
We may look a little old fashioned
from the outside.
But inside we're pretty up-to-date.
Could've fooled me.
Used to be an insane asylum.
That's ancient history.
How'd you like
to take a look at the future?
Our new laser research lab.
We've just installed the Excimer laser
In a couple of days
we'll have the Nd: YAG operational.
We'll be involved in molecular
breakdown experiments, DNA and RAN...
Oh, great. Come on,
I want you to take a look at this.
Take it up.
Going up 2.3.
Take it slow.
- Going up.
- Good.
Let's go to full capacity.
- Hey the coordinates aren't holding.
- What do you mean?
They're not holding.
What's happened, why not.
We still have a few bugs
to iron out.
I have to check-in at the desk.
- OK.
Is that a real gun?
- You bet.
- Can I see it?
- Not right now, son.
- Are you a private eye, like Magnum?
No, I'm a detective, kinda like Kojak.
- Who?
- Before your time, kid.
Why are you in the hospital?
My partners been shot.
What are you in for?
- Are you kids out again?
- Uh-Oh. - You'd better run.
If I catch you
out in the halls again...
A little though on them, aren't you?
There's no telling
what they'd get into if I wasn't.
Last week I found them crawling
through an air duct.
- Even that little guy with Leukemia?
- He's their leader.
Bravest kid I ever met.
Parents pretty much dumped him here
so we're his family now.
- That's tough on a kid.
- Yeah.
If you'll excuse me, I have to
meet with Dr. Glass at the lab.
I'll get back to you later, Detective.
You think they might have some
information on Oscar down there?
- Possibly his test results.
- I'm coming with you.
You'll be all right. Now just rest,
I'll be back later.
If you have any news of Fred.
I'm going to go see him now.
One of the nurses told me
that you were in here.
Answer me!
If you shut your mouth for a minute,
Dede, I will.
I'll be damned.
How are you?
I've been better.
You just came in
through an emergency exit.
This is an isolation area, Dede.
You are not supposed to be here.
Isolation area?
I must have missed the sign.
Marwella has been exposed
to an infection
that we're afraid
might be contagious, Dede.
You think I'm in here for a facelift?
Listen, If Marwella's in isolation
she's going to need company.
Strict rules are in effect
until we are sure
that Marwella is not contagious.
Marwella some doctors
have no imagination.
They don't know that
good company heals.
I will be back.
So this one exterior
is really just a shell,
there's actually
something else inside.
Incredible. It's totally opaque.
I don't understand why the insides
don't photograph.
- Do we have the results of
the blood test yet? - Yes, I do.
There's a radical increase
in the patient's calcium level.
Nothing seems to be adding up.
Judith, what the hell's
going on here?
- We're not exactly sure, Roger.
- Not sure?
At this time the hospital can't afford
to be not sure.
Well there's a differential diagnosis
a mile long.
Anywhere from infectious bacteria,
to viruses, to a parasite.
I think we should alert the LIDC.
- The LIDC?
Is that really necessary?
- The LIDC?
Lincoln Institute for
Disease Control, in New York.
Don't you think we're over-reacting?
An old man develops a high fever
from an insect bite.
Seems a little drastic to
bring them into it.
What you're really saying is
you don't want any negative publicity,
Not with the new laser wing
opening in a week.
I resent that, Judith.
The safety and care of our patients
has and always will be
the first concern of our
County Memorial hospital.
Good, then we'll contact
the institute immediately.
Alice, would you gather all your
important data
and get it over to
the clinic immediately, please.
But I still want this matter cleaned up
as quickly and as quietly as possible.
Who are you?
James Bishop, Detective,
3rd Precinct, Williamsburg.
Oh, that's right, they told me
all about you.
So this is the little sucker, huh?
- Came out of a patient's mouth
35 minutes ago. - Incredible.
Since the X-rays won't tell us
what's inside,
I guess we'll have to
find out for ourselves.
Get something to cover it with!
What the hell's coming out of it?
Looks like an insect.
What it must have done
to that poor man's system.
I've never seen an insect
like that before.
I've got a friend
who's an entomologist...
He might know
what that thing is.
- Great.
- Mr. Levering.
They told me you were here.
What is it, Tony?
One of the paramedics who brought in
that old man,
he's come down
with the same symptoms.
I'll see you in my office
in half an hour.
He can come but he doesn't have a car.
Tony, could you go pick up
Dr. Jacobs for me immediately?
- Thanks.
- Right away.
- Everything is off to the LIDC.
- Great.
Alice, do not let that thing
out of your sight.
What are you kids up to?
You're not supposed to be out here,
are you?
No, sir.
You won't tell Dr. Carson, will you?
We didn't do anything bad.
Well, I don't know.
You disobeyed orders.
I may just have to
put you all under arrest.
Can he do that?
- I don't know,
and I don't want to find out.
- Me neither, come on.
Hey, wait for me, Jimmy.
Anything new on Oscar Willett?
One moment, please.
Willett, Oscar. In surgery
for a bullet wound 45 minutes ago.
Yeah, I know that,
but how's he doing?
Too early, sorry. If you'd like to
take a seat in the waiting room,
I'll give you a call
when I hear something.
George will you listen to me
for just a minute?
Sandra, I know...
Sandra, I know what I'm doing.
Now every step of your pregnancy
has been properly charted out,
Now is the time.
Good afternoon. We're the Bakers,
George and Sandra.
- Hello.
- I phoned earlier.
We're going to have a baby.
- Congratulations - Thank you.
- When did the labor pains start?
- They haven't yet.
- Then why did you come in?
- Ask Mr. Database.
Using all of the most recent scientific
and medical information on a subject,
I have been able to chart
out all of the significant
develops of Sandra's pregnancy from:
The day of conception up until...
Exactly 18 minutes ago, when we
left for the hospital. The time is now.
That's very admirable, Mr. Baker.
But did anyone tell the baby
that it's time for an appearance?
- There's no need for sarcasm.
- I'm sorry.
Why don't we let your Doctor examine
Mrs. Baker just to be certain.
- Oh, Alright.
- Dr. Mathew Steinberg.
I'll let him know you're here.
- Honey, you should be resting, come on.
- George, I'm fine, really.
- No, you should rest. - I'm fine.
- You're not fine,
- I'm fine.
- You're in the throes of having a child
There, now just take it easy.
Mr. Baker? Dr. Steinberg
will see your wife in 15 minutes.
You can wait in room 415.
- Good.
No, you wait here, relax.
I'll see if they have all the necessary
equipment for the delivery, alright?
George, this is a hospital.
Yeah, good... Good.
Is he always like this?
Shoulda seen him on our honeymoon.
Paramedics temperature has leveled
at 102, pulse at 140.
Not nearly as bad as poor old Fred here.
His bones are dissolving and flooding
his circulatory system.
I wish some of this made sense.
At least Marwella and the paramedic
are stabilizing, I guess.
Damn it!
Well, Dr. Dede recommends this.
Dede, do they know you have that?
Of course not. But if anyone
needed a shot of this...
Oh, no, no, no... I don't...
- Here.
- Oh, Dede...
Here's to a speedy recovery!
I don't think this'll help.
Listen, at our age
it can't hurt, either.
Oh, Ted.
Everybody's nerves
are on edge tonight.
Yeah, yours would be too
if you had to babysit that thing.
So this is what the whole hospital
is talking about, eh?
Oh, it's adorable.
Hey, what do you say we sneak out
for a quick smoke
and calm those nerves of yours?
I'm can't leave
Jiminy Cricket alone.
Come on, we'll just take 5.
Well, I guess I could use a break.
Hey! Stay out of trouble
until we get back, OK Jiminy?
Come on.
Fred's dead, isn't he?
A few minutes ago, I'm sorry.
Things have gotten a lot worse
than we originally expected.
One of the paramedics who brought you in
he's come down with it now.
- Do they know what it is yet?
- Unfortunately, no.
- How do you feel?
- Just the same, I think.
Your fever is still high.
But it's not as high as it was
when I checked it before.
You going to need anything?
A sedative or anything?
No, thank you, Dr. Glass,
I'm all right.
I'm sorry, Marwella.
- I thought she'd never leave.
- Poor Fred.
I heard smoking was
bad for your health.
Since I have a partner in surgery.
Fred Adams just died.
- The old guy?
- Yep.
We have four more patients
with similar symptoms.
Some of the staff are refusing
to go near them.
This is the sample
from County Memorial?
Yes, sir, it is.
I've never seen any strain of bacteria
with a configuration like this.
It's extraordinarily complex.
Arthur, I've just seen
the County Memorial sample.
You're not going to believe this
but four more patients are stricken
all within forty minutes of exposure.
We need to initiate
a class 4 immediately.
- That's impossible.
- Of course it is.
You call the health department.
We'd better take the necessary
precautions at the point of origin also.
I'll keep you posted.
Wow, this is great!
Remember, we've got to be careful
if anybody finds us in here,
especially that cop...
- Don't be such a wimp, Tyrone.
Wow, this place looks like fun.
- But we're going to get into trouble.
- Oh, shut up, Ellen.
Come here, Ellen.
Look in there.
I can't see anything.
See how big it makes everything?
Now I do.
Did you see the wiggly things?
Ew, gross!
Whoa, you guys gotta see this.
- Wow!
- What do you think it is?
Some kind of a bug.
- It looks sad in there.
- Maybe it's hungry.
Yeah, its got no food.
- I want to feed it.
- Ah!
- Uh-oh.
- Now look what you did, buzz head.
Me? You were the one
that grabbed at it!
- I'm getting out of here.
- Me, too.
You're going to get it now.
Wait for me!
- Dr. Jacobs?
- Yes.
- Tony Rivers from County Memorial.
- Good.
- Rachel Carson sent me to get you.
- I'm sorry, I forgot.
Come on in, please. - OK.
I just have to finish one thing
and I'll be right with you.
Working on a shipment of caterpillars
for the university when Rachel called.
Please, come on in,
have a seat... somewhere.
Nice place you got here.
- Thanks very much.
Have to keep these
little fellas in a cold place,
or they'll climb out of the box
and I'll find them in my cereal.
Oh, boy.
Running out of room.
I'm busy collecting a whole lot
of earth worms for an elementary school.
Oh, my goodness. I'm sorry,
would you like something to drink?
Maybe some
fresh lemonade, perhaps?
Uh... No, thanks.
We really must be going.
Oh, sure, yeah.
Well, look, why don't you tell me...
I was wondering where those were.
Why don't you tell me everything
you know so far.
Rachel said
something about a worm.
What's going on in town tonight?
- I don't know, must be something big.
My favorite kind of car!
- Beetle, right?
- Yeah.
It's a pretty color.
Guess you'd have to order something
like this far in advance,
wouldn't you? You couldn't just
go into a lot and get an orange one.
I wanted to get a blue one once.
Oh my God, Ted,
we've been gone over 30 minutes.
I don't remember turning
out these lights.
Would you stop worrying?
If anybody says anything you were
helping me with an emergency case.
OK, I'm just going to lock the door.
Throw away the key.
- I do like you.
- Well I should certainly hope so.
I hear something.
Just me doing
a bit of heavy breathing, baby.
George, don't be disappointed,
not even doctors
can tell the exact time of delivery.
I don't understand it,
I couldn't have made an error.
Oh, George.
That's it! I forgot to allow
for daylight savings time.
Cut the crap, George, and get
the doctor.
Relax, honey, I'll be right back,
stay there!
Dr. Steinberg!
Dr. Steinberg!
- Elliot.
- Hi.
- Thanks for coming.
- Oh, sure.
Considering you went through the
trouble of finding a new species for me.
I wish it could have been under
better circumstances.
Tony, we need you to get a cutting
of the plant that infected Mr. Adams,
it's at the greenhouse.
Be careful, OK?
- I'm halfway there.
- Good.
Eliot, it is the weirdest thing
I've ever seen.
I just don't understand it.
Detective Bishop,
your partner's still in surgery.
I'm afraid there are complications.
- How serious?
- I don't know, sir, that's all
I could find out. - Shit!
I've never seen anything
like it in my life.
Doctor, my partner's in trouble.
Can you help me find out about him?
I'll do what I can.
Detective Bishop this is Dr. Jacobs.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I have to take Dr. Jacobs to G-Lab
right away, then we'll check into Oscar.
Do you want to drop that off at
my office first? - Oh, yes, please.
- I owe you one.
- I'll remember that.
It's me, Rachelle.
Oh, my God.
It appears your insect has gone
through some sort of metamorphosis.
Don't tell me that little thing
made this mess?
What is this?
A nucleic acid clarifier,
it's a genetic growth promoter.
It stimulates the operant gene, which
in turn accelerates... hormone activity.
Dr. Helmut Kittering's findings
on the DNA factor in accelerated growth,
uses NAC-5 as the catalyst.
I think we better all stop talking,
and start looking for
that thing right now.
This is not the time
for a power failure.
The axillary generator
should go on any moment now.
If the power goes again
this guy's had it.
Somebody get a portable generator!
Now what's going on?
Yeah? I know they're out, OK.
Right away.
Stand back! Stay back, please.
Keep clear of the hoses.
Move back behind the police barriers...
Hey, where do you think
you're going?
Rivers, security chief,
County Memorial. What's going on here?
We ordered to spray the place
and then burn it.
Health Department seems to think
there's some weird,
new bacteria in there.
I've got an emergency, I've got
to get a plant from out the green house.
- County Memorial?
- Yeah.
They just put that
under full quarantine.
- That's impossible, I was just there.
- Maybe so, but from what I've been told
there's nothing getting
in or out of that place.
Or that green house.
I got to get back.
I'm sorry, Dr. Glass, but
we can't expose ourselves
to the infection any longer.
It would be suicide.
- I understand, Jackie.
I don't like it.
But I understand.
What are you doing?
We have two more cases and the staff
refuses to go in the isolation ward.
You're not going in there.
Oh, no? Who else is?
But you mustn't, you can't,
what if you became...
Judith, please.
what choice do I have, huh?
Mr. Levering, you've got to
come with me right away.
What is it now?
You've got to come, sir.
Clear the area!
Move that vehicle.
Come on, let's hustle.
Get in to position.
Roger Levering, County Memorial.
What are you doing here?
Mr. Levering, Edward Clemmens,
Department of public health.
Please, stay right where you are, sir.
What are you doing here?
Sir, the Lincoln Institute of Disease
Control has alerted us
that County Memorial has been exposed to
a highly dangerous and extremely
contagious bacteria unlike anything
we've ever encountered.
Until we can find the strain and
formulate a plan to combat it,
this entire hospital is under complete
A Class 4 is in effect.
This is our authorization
from the governor.
Please, don't panic.
Please, don't panic.
This hospital is under
official quarantine.
The entrances are completely sealed.
No one is permitted in or out until
further notice.
My husband, he's not going to believe
this. He thinks I'm cheating.
Get your own receiver.
Come along, ladies, come along.
What the hell?
My God...
Who's there?
Nobody there?
Who's in charge here?
- Sir.
Excuse me, I'm Tony Rivers
I'm the head of hospital security.
I got to get inside.
- Sorry, nobody goes in or out.
Look, they're expecting some
vital information from me.
Well you'll have to phone it in, pal.
Tango Squad, secure the west door.
Tango Squad, secure the west door.
Please go back immediately. We will be
forced to open fire if you don't comply.
Do you hear me?
I said fire!
Alright, no one touches him
but the quarantine unit.
This is insane!
Hey, we'll have a full-scale riot
if I don't maintain control.
I've never seen so many guns.
When are they going
to bring in a tank?
What do you think's going on?
Something big.
- I want to find out.
- How?
We're going exploring.
Come on.
Somethings going on
out there, Dede.
All those lights and sirens.
It's Friday night,
it's always like this.
Drink up!
All these places make an ideal
environment for it.
It could be anywhere.
If we can get to the other side
of the hospital
we can see what's
going on there.
It's really happening this time,
isn't it dear? - Yes.
The sensation must be
No, George, it hurts like hell.
Be right with you, honey.
Sweetie... Honey!
the little bastard's on his way!
At least we know why the
power's out.
What the hell could have
done something like that?
Oh, God...
This is the same stuff
we found in the lab.
Shh, cut the light.
Holy shit!
Get down, get down.
That's... that's incredible.
...never in my wildest dreams...
You agreed.
- I didn't agree to nothin'.
- Don't be crazy, you can't
kill that thing. - Shut up.
It's one of a kind!
At least let me get a picture of it.
Take your God damn pictures,
you got two minutes.
- Alright.
- I got to get closer.
- Hey, where are you going?
- It's OK, it's OK.
Oh, my... God.
Oh my God.
It's giving birth.
My bag, my bag...
The creature is a hermaphrodite, having
both male and female sexual organs.
An ingenious method of survival.
It's able to protect the
female creature
until it's ready.
Ready for what?
Reproduction of the species.
Isn't it?
All insects are so superior to man,
in many aspects.
Judging from the size
of the abdomen
the female creature should start
laying eggs within the hour.
How many?
The only species which even vaguely
resembles this insect...
is capable of reproducing 500-600 eggs.
At one time?
Amazing, isn't it?
Shit. We could be dealing
with 500 of these things?
At a minimum.
Let's get out of here, come on.
Come on, will you, damn it.
- Elliot!
- Shit.
What's he doing,
he's going to get us all killed.
Damn it.
Oh, my god.
It's OK, c'mon.
It moved off
through the shadows.
How about Elliot?
I don't know. When I came to
I couldn't see him.
Come on, we got to go find him.
Shit, he's gone.
Come on, we got to find him.
Damn it.
Oh, my god.
Don't you ever take off
like that again.
I had to follow it,
I had to. It's down there.
You mean they've gone
into the old tunnels?
Damn it.
Where do they lead to?
It's the maze of tunnels and rooms
where they used to keep the more
dangerous patients locked up.
It's been closed for years.
They won't go far.
She's in no condition to move.
They'll settle for the first dry,
warm area they find.
Let's get the hell out of here
and get some help, come on.
Please, this is the most efficient
insect I've ever seen in my life.
- Just come with me.
- This is fascinating.
I've got everything here on tape,
I can't believe it.
I wonder if we'll find anything
down here.
I bet we're going to find a big
blue monkey.
What's in there?
Nothing much.
It's pretty dark in there.
Think we should go back?
- I have to go to the bathroom.
- Me, too.
OK, we'll go back.
Oh, you guys are
a bunch of wimps.
- Well I'm not afraid.
- Me neither.
I am.
We have been unable to identify
or control the bacteria.
And have put a Class 4 code
in effect.
What's a class 4?
It's highly classified, used only in
extreme circumstances.
Washington feels there is the potential
for a global disaster
unless the infection is contained.
Evacuation is out of the question.
One man has already been shot
attempting to leave.
We're on our own.
How long before
those eggs hatch?
The eggs will be full grown
and reproducing within days.
The potential for a fertile pair
of insects could
theoretically reach 100 million
within a year.
We have to kill the female
and destroy the eggs.
What about the male?
It's not that simple, insects aren't
like humans or animals,
they're 80% liquids and muscles,
they have very few organs.
You can cut off a leg, even destroy
the brain and they'll
just grow a new one back.
Their sense of smell is so strong
they can detect something miles away.
That thing's outer shell is like
armored plating.
So conventional weapons are
useless against it.
But the fact that the male
protected the female
during its metamorphosis
indicates that she's
very vulnerable.
What's the best way to do it?
An incendiary attack
would be the most practical.
Do you have any butane tanks
in this hospital?
This building is over 100 years old.
You start a fire in here,
the whole place could go up in minutes.
It's out of the question.
I don't really think
we have a choice.
When those eggs hatch, you're going
to have a lot of hungry larvae.
They're mineral devourers, the male
paralyzes the victim by stinging it.
Like a spider.
The female deposits the eggs in a
manner that the hatch larvae
can feed on the food until its
metamorphosis is complete.
The victim would be alive
for several days.
It'd be an
extremely painful death.
There are some butane tanks
in storage.
OK, that's a start.
Now I just have to find some way
to lure the male away from the female.
It couldn't get into the morgue.
We could lure it in there then render
it unconscious
by leaking SL15 into the room.
That way we can keep it alive
and study it at the same time.
God almighty.
We got a killer loose,
he wants to study it.
You don't understand, detective,
it may have the only available antidote.
You kill it and we may not be able to
stop that disease from spreading.
Is that true?
With certain infections,
such as rabies,
the host or the carrier is the only
source of the vaccine.
Until we know more about this,
anything is possible.
We can't take any chances.
OK look, we don't have much time,
we've got to move fast.
You two approach the tunnels
from the area where we first saw them.
I'll make my move
from another direction.
What other entrances are there?
Those tunnels haven't
been used in years.
I don't think there's anyone
who knows their way.
I think I know someone
who might.
I've just been ordered
to destroy this place in 2 hours
if I don't hear from Washington.
God help them.
Sure, I can take you down there,
no problem.
I know that, Joey, but can you tell us
how to get down there on our own?
I can't tell you,
I can just show you.
Just think, OK?
How do you
and your friends do it?
Do you have some kind of
special passage way?
I don't know.
We just do it.
But I can show you.
Sure you can lure
it to the morgue?
Well, that's my problem.
You just take care of the female.
You sure you can do this?
Yes, sir, you need my help.
Now, Joey...
You remembered to take your medicine
like you were supposed to, didn't you?
Yes ma'am.
And you will do exactly what detective
Bishop tells you, right?
You bet!
Good boy.
Since we probably won't be able
to see each other,
we'll make our move
in 15 minutes.
Let's go, Joey.
Lead the way.
Yes, sir.
Hi, Dr. Glass, we thought that
you could use some help.
And have some cheering up.
You two are a fine pair.
The whole hospitals going nuts and you
managed to get yourselves shitfaced.
Aint it the truth!
Yes, yes.
Go to bed, Marwella, please.
No, no, I feel fine.
You're the one that's dead tired
and needs to get some re...
Is there something' wrong?
How come you're so damn healthy
when everybody else is half dead?
I don't know.
I haven't the foggiest idea.
Excuse me.
There we are, that's it.
You know you're doing wonderfully,
honey, just wonderfully.
- George, I'm not having any fun.
- No, you're not.
But I want to get a picture of it,
We have shots of you having fun.
This'll be of you not having
any fun.
And it'll be priceless.
- I want this over with!
That's a good sign, Mr. Baker,
a good sign.
You could have fooled me.
You drank this, didn't you?
Just about half.
Dede likes company.
It stopped the toxins from
spreading through your body.
Come on.
We gotta go down this ladder.
Come on, this way Detective Bishop.
The insect will have an acute
sense of smell.
Probably know we're coming.
Your not wearing
perfume, are you?
It's OK, Joey, you did good.
That tunnel leads to a place
with lots of rooms.
OK, now, Joey, I want you
to go back.
- But you need my help.
- You're right, I do need your help.
I need you to do something
very important.
I need you to go back to the hospital
and keep an eye on Oscar.
Can you do that for me?
Yes, sir.
OK then, Go on.
Go on.
Rachel, you never told me...
What was this place years ago?
State insane asylum.
It's built just after the
civil war.
Can you imagine?
They used to keep most of the patients
locked up here for life.
Cages just like that.
It's the same stuff.
It's gone this way.
What's that there?
Turn your light off.
Come on.
It's unbelievable!
Never seen anything like
this in my life!
It's unbelievable.
It's unbelievable.
It's horrible.
Elliot, how the hell are we
going to get it out of there?
I don't know...
Just give me a second.
Elliot, we don't have that much time.
Bishop is going to be here any moment.
I know.
- Elliot.
- It's OK.
All the eggs are starting
to hatch already.
Damn it.
Look, they're starting to feed.
You shouldn't look.
Oh my god, they're still alive.
- No!
No, Elliot, no!
In here.
Hey, Come on.
It mus be Bishop.
Come on.
Damn it, Joey,
what are you doing here?
I was worried.
Listen, Joey, find your friends.
Tell them to...
Tell Director, the first floor... to get
in their rooms and lock the doors,
you understand?
- Yes sir!
- Get going then, hurry!
Please do not attempt to use
the elevator until power is restored.
Lock your door!
Hide, protect yourselves!
Joey, have you seen Detective Bishop?
- He went that way.
But the bug is coming.
You better hide!
Oh my God.
You better warn everyone.
The laser room.
Let's get all these doors
and hallways clear now.
Bishop, what's going on?
It's trying to break
into the hospital from below.
Just get everybody under control.
Go on move, get out of here!
Kids, you all know what to do,
now get going!
Elliot, if we could get it in there,
the walls are 3 feet thick.
Let's do it,
we got to try something.
It's upstairs.
Must have picked up his scent
when he burned the nest.
Won't stop 'til it's gone,
come on, let's go!
Dr. Glass!
Come on, you son of a bitch,
come and get me.
Mr. Oscar!
Marcy, get the IV.
Pull it in.
Get in your rooms!
- We're almost there, honey.
- Keep on pushing, Sandra. Push!
Oh, shit.
It's coming. It's coming.
I can feel it coming.
Damn it.
He's got Bishop.
It recognizes its mates voice.
It's working, it's working.
Let's go, come on.
Here it comes.
Here it comes.
OK, we got him.
Anybody still in here?
Come on!
Oh, my eye.
You're fine. Look,
come on, Elliot.
We've got to get out of here.
Ah, my leg!
Give me your weight.
We don't need... get up!
Ow, my leg.
Put your weight on this one,
and move back on me.
He hurt his leg.
- Come on.
Look out, Bishop!
Behind you!
In the eyes!
Hit it in the eyes!
Now if I calculate correctly, she should
be crawling in approximately...
twenty seven weeks
and three days.
No matter what, baby,
don't take after your father.
Marwella, you're famous.
Your cure was a complete success.
Oh, thank you. You know, I hadn't
had a drink for twenty years.
Oh, come on.
Oh, Doc...
We got to find a cure
for the hangover.
Oh, Marwella.
You promise to take
good care of him, hm?
Doctors orders.
There he is!
You going home?
Going back to work.
Will I ever see you again?
What do you mean, will you
ever see me again?
You bet on it.
I'm your new best friend,
aren't I?
Best friends spend a lot of time
together, don't they?
You got my word on it, OK?
- Bye bye.
- Bye. - Bye.
Thought for sure it was broken,
but I can put my weight on it,
kinda, cane and that...
Yeah, this'll help.
Thanks a lot. It's great.
Thanks, Elliot.
For everything.
I should be thanking you.
My paper on this experience is going
to make me a legend in my field.
- Just make sure you
spell my name right? - OK.
- I want a footnote.
- Alright, you got one.
Bye bye, see ya.
- Take care.
We'll see you, then.
- Where to?
- I'd like to go home, please.
How would you like to have a nice
quiet breakfast somewhere soon?
- I'd like that.
- Good.
I make an incredible
western omelet.
You bet.
Hurry, the little
bastard's on his way!