Blue Moon (1999) Movie Script

Back before the Revolution,
the land
that's now called Mount Hope
was a wedding present
for the daughter
of an English shipbuilder.
Back then it was
where warships were made.
But it became the place
where city families would come
for their summer vacations.
One of the main attractions
was the shore dinners,
the big platters
of fresh fish and boiled corn,
that according to tradition
have to be eaten
within sight of the ocean or
it isn't a real shore dinner.
And that's where
Lobsterville comes in.
My great-grandparents,
Eddie and Sheila Keating,
started the restaurant in 1933
with nothing more than a bushel
of clams and a case of whiskey.
Their son, my grandfather,
Jimmy Keating, took it over,
and today there is a restaurant
and a wholesale fish business,
Keating and Daughters,
that's run by my mom and dad
and my mom's sister, Nora.
Coming swimming or what?
Aunt Nora's waiting.
T.J., you just interrupted
our family history.
Shut that thing off.
Whoa, is that a zit?
You better erase that.
Stop it.
You coming or what?
Where's Josie?
I thought you were watching her.
Guess not. She wanted
to stay with Mom. Big surprise.
Wait up.
Careful, Josie.
Don't tell me
that I'm being tough on you.
No, that's
the price of scallops.
Well, you do remember
supply and demand, don't you?
Actually, Benny,
I'm doing you a favor.
No, not you.
Sorry. Josie just jumped on me.
Wait a minute, honey.
Wait. Okay, okay. Uh...
Let's just split the difference
and we'll call it 7.50 a pound?
Yeah, of course
I'm good at this, Benny.
That's why
you can't say no to me.
All right, so we have a deal?
Good, good.
So long.
Look, Mom, look.
Someone's coming home.
Josie. Josie, look at me.
Tell me who is coming home?
I home, Mom.
Morning, Cass.
Hey, Bill, Barbara.
Andy, hi.
Hey, John. Nice to see you.
Hey, welcome back.
How's the run?
We caught more of them
then they got of us.
Well, you are a glass-half-full
kind of guy, Bobby.
So where's my tall,
dark and handsome one?
Well, you finally came
to your senses.
I was talking about
the other one,
the one
that I'm married to.
Billy headed off that way
a few minutes ago.
Well, tell him that I...
I took the truck to the market,
and I'll be back in
a little while to pick him up.
Okay, Cass.
And you, John Bernard,
you stay out of trouble.
Where'd you come from?
Your dreams.
My dreams don't usually
give me goose bumps.
Yeah, that's probably
just the ice cream.
Maybe we should get out of here.
This has gotta be illegal.
No, this isn't.
But this is.
Oh, it's cold.
Oh. Oh!
Mrs. Urkel.
Mr. Madearos.
Did she see?
Oh, wait.
She just peeled out
to call the police.
How come
we never do this at home?
Because we're too old
and respectable.
Besides, the truck
wouldn't fit in the bedroom.
Well, I don't think
it's such a bad idea,
that North Point School.
No way, Mom.
I was talking to one of the
teachers in the restaurant--
I don't want her stuck
with the special-ed kids.
Well, she seemed really nice.
Too bad that hearing implant
didn't work.
Well, it didn't. And Josie
is going to first grade,
just like everyone else.
She does not need
to learn sign language.
You sold to Benny
for 7.50 a pound?
Since when have we become
the Salvation Army?
And a fine hello.
You wanna take back the
wholesale business? Be my guest.
It turns out we're getting
the best price on the wharf,
so anytime you wanna thank me...
Yeah, yeah, but 7.50 a pound?
Hardly pays to send
the boats out anymore.
Hey! Hello, my little angel.
I guess it pays
to be 5 and adorable.
Well, she's not trying to
run me out of my own business.
Oh, Jimmy,
stop being hysterical.
Besides, Lobsterville is not
a business, it's a tradition.
And you can't
be run out of a tradition.
Oh, your cockamamie idea
of tradition here
is based on sleepless nights
and hard work.
Mainly mine.
Mayday. This is the Aurora.
Come in, Coast Guard. Mayday.
That's Mike's boat.
This is the Coast Guard.
Come in, Aurora.
The captain's down.
He had a serious heart attack
Oh, my God, it's Mike.
What's your location?
Forty-three klicks out.
We need a medevac chopper.
We need paramedics.
If there's anything
we can do...
I'm so sorry.
I can't help thinking about
all the men we've lost
in the last few years, but...
Mike Speros.
Hell, he should have
retired years ago.
It's too much stress out there.
It's not the kind of work
for old coots like us.
I should retire.
Oh, yeah, right, Dad.
You got the constitution
of a bull.
Well, even bulls get old, Cass.
You know,
I was thinking...
now that the Aurora
has no captain,
if I sold it and laid off
the rest of the crew...
that could cut
insurance costs by--
Downsize the fleet?
No, Dad, no. We don't downsize.
Times are tough, Cass.
You do what you have to do.
Times have been tough before.
You know that.
It doesn't mean we go backwards.
You have a better plan?
How about John Bernard?
Better than you.
You stole my first mate?
Oh, I didn't steal him.
A promotion isn't stealing.
Besides, I only recommended
John for the Aurora.
You could have told me,
at least.
I find out a week later
through the grapevine.
Jeez, Cass.
Well, it isn't
"official" official.
Dad's gonna wait until
the Fisherman's Quarterly.
What's this "official" official?
Everybody knows except me.
And I'm his captain.
Oh, that's what this is about.
Competition, isn't it?
You and John.
Oh, for God's sake.
Hang on a second, T.J.
Ever since Pop Warner,
you've been one step ahead
of John Bernard...
in everything, until now.
Now you're both captains.
That's brilliant. That's ab--
When did K-Mart start handing
out degrees in psychiatry?
Sorry, T.J. This is beautiful.
Really, this is great.
Like I want it?
I made it for you.
Hey, you--
T.J., I said I liked it.
Will you put that thing down?
I know, are you okay?
It's okay.
Oh, don't look at me
like it's my fault.
It's all right.
How are you? Nice to see you.
Well, you made it
to the Quarterly.
He says that every time.
Will somebody please tell me
when this became
an optional deal?
Hey, hey, will you look at this?
Your other daughter
brought a date.
Oh, my.
He actually looks respectable.
Mm-hmm. Who is he?
I don't know.
He's not from here.
Well, obviously.
She's already been through
all the local guys.
Now, Cassie,
don't embarrass your sister.
All right.
Nora, well, look at you,
all decked out.
Willis, this is my sister, Cass,
and her husband, Billy.
Hello, nice to meet you.
And my mother, Mary Keating.
Nice to meet you.
This is Willis Randecker.
Check it out.
Your Aunt Nora dug up a hunk.
I bet you 10 bucks
he's already married.
She wouldn't do that.
Nora's explained to me
your Fisherman's Quarterly.
I understand I'm crashing
a time-honored tradition.
That's all right. You can't
scratch yourself around here
without it being some tradition.
What? Well, it's true.
Well, Willis is up here
looking at
some of our Yankee land.
Ah. You're not working
for the jerk who's developing
Blue Moon Point, are you?
No, ma'am. I am that jerk.
Nice work, Cass.
Can we all
take our seats, please?
Uh, nice to meet y'all.
Dinner and the Fisherman's
are about to begin.
Belinda. T.J. What?
Well, the fishing business
has taken a lot of hits
in the last few years.
I don't have to tell you that.
In fact, we're in a struggle
to survive
the likes of which this company
hasn't seen since my father,
God bless his soul,
and my mother, Sheila,
started up
the Keating fleet years ago.
Fisheries have closed,
our waters have been depleted
by over-fishing, grumbling
over international quotas.
By God, I'll tell you something,
this is a tough-ass business.
But tough times or not,
fishing is what we do.
Hear, hear!
And I-- I wanna thank you...
the men and the wives
of the Keating fleet,
for looking these tough times
straight in the eye.
You're the best in the world.
Thank you. Thank you. Now, uh...
I have one more bit of business.
There's always one.
That you old gossips
already know, I'm sure.
So give me a hand for
the new captain of the Aurora,
John Bernard!
Hey, Johnny! Congratulations.
Oh! Oh!
Well, she's serious
about this Willis guy.
Haven't you noticed?
She's even quit smoking.
I think Nora was born smoking.
He's a land developer.
How could she be serious
about a guy
who takes people's homes
and turns them into malls?
And makes everybody rich
in the process?
Gee, I don't know. Beats me.
Anyway, she is, and he
just might get serious back
if you keep
your big mouth out of it.
Nora's still furious with you.
Well, she can get in line.
What did you do to him?
He's still sulking
over John's promotion.
And he's mad
because I kissed him...
even though
he won't admit it.
When's he going out again?
Don't worry.
We'll make up before
he goes out. We always do.
Josie! Josie.
She's okay, isn't she?
Oh, Josie, are you okay?
Is she okay?
Oh, she's okay.
She's almost deaf.
I've been telling you
we ought to put up a road sign.
It's not another sign we need,
it's safer drivers.
Josie. Josie.
Oh! You're okay.
Don't go, Eddie.
Do I know you?
No. I mean, not yet.
I didn't think so.
Take this. It's for you.
How did you know?
The same way I know
you're gonna marry me one day.
I don't even know your name.
I'm Eddie Keating.
Now you know.
Don't go, Eddie.
She didn't hear us, honey.
Look who's come to visit. Mmm!
We were at the speech therapist.
We thought we'd stop by,
see what you were up to.
Well, it was
the jitterbug all morning.
The usual.
And how's Josie?
Mm, the same.
The therapist said
her speech would improve
if we would
just talk to her more,
but I can't seem
to get Billy to do it.
He thinks
that I baby her too much.
Maybe you do.
He acts like he's afraid of her.
Oh, Billy's not afraid of Josie.
No, not "afraid" afraid.
It's just...
Anyway, we end up
in the same fight.
How come no one tells you
that marriage
is just one endless dj vu?
I read in one of those magazines
that a marriage today
is 90 percent work.
The only thing is, the other
10 percent, you're asleep.
I don't remember it being
that way when Eddie was alive.
Oh, Gram, that's what I want.
A life with no second thoughts.
I want a marriage like yours.
Mm, you better be careful
what you wish for, Cass.
Another Fourth of July,
looking forward to it.
Where are the clams?
No scrimping on the clams.
That's the secret.
Besides, what's the worst
that could happen?
Dad sells out
and we all make money.
You and Billy
could buy your own boat.
I don't want a boat.
And I don't want us
to start our own operation.
Oh, Cass, you've wanted that
since high school,
a big rig named after you.
Well, yeah,
but that's a kid's dream.
And besides, she built
this place up from nothing.
We can't just sell out.
All right, all right.
Don't get all nuts on me, okay?
People talk.
Maybe Dad's just
being polite to Willis.
It wouldn't kill you
to be a little nicer to him.
Dad doesn't talk
just to be polite.
Willis is a land developer.
He's just gonna swoop in here...
Doesn't mean he's trying
to convince Dad
to develop our wharf.
Yeah, right.
That's like saying sharks
don't wanna eat little fish.
Willis is not a shark.
And besides, just maybe
he's swooping in here
for some other reason.
Like maybe me?
Did that ever occur to you?
All right,
a couple pounds of butter.
It's all iced down.
Right on.
Hey, George.
Here for the festivities?
Wouldn't miss her.
Got that rig
you were asking after.
Just up from Florida.
She's got a good price on her.
Are you sure
you're ready for this?
Florida, huh?
She ready for our winters?
She'll eat up our Nor'easters.
I outfitted her myself.
We're hanging on with spit
and duct tape down there.
When are you gonna talk to Jimmy
about the repairs
these boats need?
You talk to him.
You're a captain now.
Besides, as soon as
your boat's ready,
this won't be
your problem anymore.
I'm sorry.
I got a lot on my mind.
Trouble at home?
No, home is fine.
Thinking about
getting my own rig.
Going out on my own.
Oh, boy, I don't know.
You stop fishing for Jimmy,
his daughter's gonna
kick your ass out of bed.
Anyway, she wants a boat,
same as me.
Always has.
Your own boat.
Uh, sorry. I just thought...
Thought maybe
I could get you something.
Or, uh...
No, I'm okay.
Don't you ever like
to just be bummed?
I don't know, I guess.
It's just all that...
life's a bitch and then you die.
Blah, blah, blah.
So, um...
what are you doing here?
Some kind of fireworks fan?
Uh, no, it's just...
sort of, uh...
They own the restaurant,
my family.
So that your little sister?
The little--
Deaf girl?
I think she's cute.
Look, if you want,
I know a place we could
watch the fireworks from.
I mean, I know it's...
It's sort of lame...
but it's sort of a secret spot.
You too.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, Bernard,
any special fireworks this year?
I have a favorite.
But you have to wait and see
like everyone else.
Oh, come on.
How am I gonna know?
You'll know.
Oh, they're fabulous.
Oh, I love this, Billy.
I love it the same way
every year, I love it.
Oh, look.
Price check, aisle four.
Check okay on three.
Hey, you're the deaf girl,
aren't you?
There you are.
I was wondering where... Oh!
Whoa, excuse me.
Oh. John Bernard.
I hope that you can steer
your boat better than this.
Not much.
But I got
a lot more room out there.
Ice cream, Mom.
Oh. Uh, you happen to have
our favorite ice cream there.
Hey, Josie,
is this your favorite ice cream?
Better than chocolate?
Can I give it to her?
Do you want this one?
I'll give it to you.
Open up another
checkout counter, please.
Okay. Come on.
That's got it.
Leave it for tomorrow, guys.
Will do.
I wanna go home so bad it hurts.
Don't have to say that twice.
Saw the sign?
What's the deal?
The town.
They said it's safer.
You all right?
Did Josie see it?
I told her
it says she's special.
Come home early tonight, okay?
Mom, special delivery for you.
Hey, what are you guilty about?
Belinda, would you go
tell T.J. dinner's almost ready?
Who says I'm guilty?
Maybe it's a celebration.
Could you go check,
see what's wrong?
Yeah. Hey.
What is it, sweetie?
Hey, what's the matter?
T.J., dinner's ready.
So I saw George Knickle today.
Belinda, don't yell. Go get him.
Sweetheart, what's the matter?
Tell Daddy.
Talk slower.
Let her read your lips.
Well, I'm trying, but she won't.
Sweetheart, let me see.
Then check her hearing aid.
Maybe the batteries are dead.
Sweetie, wait, hold still.
I can...
Just let...
No, it's...
Let... Here, let me.
Would you go stir that?
Josie, let me.
Let me. Let me.
Earth to T.J.
Calling T.J.
Mom, he's not here!
T.J., dinner!
Isn't that better, Josie?
He was in the basement.
What's in the basement?
Just playing darts.
Get any bull's-eyes?
How's your friend Alison?
Have you seen her?
Just give me a break.
Go figure.
It's love.
Can't you see that?
I was the same way once.
We should get
those flowers in water. Oh, oh!
Oh! Oh, I got it.
Hey, did you hear that John
caught 10 tons of haddock?
First time out.
Well, they're running now.
It's no big deal.
But that sounds like a lot.
I'm just trying
to make conversation.
Since when do we need
to make conversation?
What? Is it me?
Grandpa Eddie
and Grandma Sheila.
When was this taken?
Right before he died.
Uh, 1939.
And his boat sank
when he was only 40?
That's Dad's age.
Boats are built
much better these days.
Look at this one.
Sheila at Lobsterville
when it was only a little shack.
I hope you guys
are all sitting down.
Miss Punctuality
makes her entrance.
Well, start practicing this:
Mrs. Willis Randecker.
I'm getting married.
Oh, my good God, Nora.
Oh, look, Mom, look.
Let me see.
Oh! Are you pregnant?
For your information,
we haven't even done it yet.
Says he won't
unless we're legal.
Must be
some kind of Southern thing.
Oh, congratulations.
Thank you.
That's not what you say.
You say "good luck."
Oh, whatever.
Cassie, you wanna see it?
You're gonna marry him.
He's the one who put
this whole idea into Dad's head.
He wants us to sell out.
Cass, don't spoil this.
Me spoil it?
All I'm trying to do
is to hold on to our tradition.
Running this business!
It's what our family does.
It's what holds us together!
I am just trying to keep things
the way they're supposed to be!
Look around you, Cass.
A lot of things aren't
the way they're supposed to be.
I know that.
Everybody doesn't marry
their childhood sweethearts.
Husbands drop dead
of heart attacks.
That is not
what I'm talking about.
Little girls get sick
and lose their hearing.
And, you know, no matter
how hard you hold on to some...
notion of tradition, life isn't
gonna be the way you want it.
So why don't you just let go
and let me live my own life!
And try for once, Cass, to be
happy with what you've got.
Stand a little bit closer,
Grandma Sheila.
You're not gonna cry on us when
you give us your toast, are you?
Oh, stop picking on me, girl.
A man has every right
to get a little emotional
when he's announcing
his last daughter's engagement.
Oh, oh!
It probably took
a act of Congress,
but I don't care.
I'm just happy you made it.
She's floating.
Look at her.
Thank you!
She's never floated before.
I think she's happy being here,
surrounded by y'all,
celebrating in your restaurant.
Of course, you'd like to see
the place torn down for condos.
Because that's what
land developer sharks do.
Ah, Nora's got a big mouth.
Look, I'm not
gonna waltz in here
and start something
that'll upset Nora's family.
Being Southern
doesn't mean being stupid.
Come on, Willis, I heard
you were looking at the books.
If he wants my advice,
I'll give it to him.
Advice, or just
some pie-in-the-sky talk
about how rich
we're all gonna be.
And how selling out is better
than hanging on to something
we've worked for all our lives.
Cass, you're as stubborn
as your old man.
Oh, hi!
I roped T.J. into looking
after Josie for a minute
so you can help me
with the lobsters.
Excuse us.
Now, Josie,
you're gonna stay with T.J.
And I'll be back.
I will be back.
I'll be back.
Josie, I'll be back.
Josie! Josie!
Let's go see
what Dad's up to, okay? Come on.
So, what happened with the boat?
Did you buy it?
I bought it.
How'd Cass like the surprise?
Don't tell me
you haven't told her yet.
Ah, yeah, that probably wasn't
one of my better ideas.
Josie, come on!
Josie! Why won't she--?
I'm sorry,
you have to stay there.
No, I need to be with her.
Cass, it's all right.
Don't yell, Mom!
I never should've
left her with you!
Stop that!
In case you haven't noticed,
you got more than one kid.
T.J., this is not--
We're closing the ward
for the night.
Mrs. Madearos?
Are you okay?
When she was a baby,
she got sick.
After three kids,
you get used to it...
so I didn't panic. I...
I just treated her
like I treated the others
when they got colds.
Only it wasn't a cold.
The doctor called it rubella.
I think because it sounds nicer
than German measles.
Maybe if I'd been
more careful then...
maybe she could have
a normal life now.
She tries so...
So hard, this little girl.
Nobody knows...
how hard she tries.
Feel better?
You know Mom didn't mean
what she said.
I... I...
I think sometimes
she doesn't hear her own words.
She's deafer than Josie.
Oh, now, come on, Teej.
How's she doing?
She's asleep.
The doctor says she may have
to stay in for a few days.
And that she may lose
more of her hearing.
They won't know until...
I feel like
I can't protect her enough.
Mm, you can't protect
any of them enough.
Is T.J. still mad at me?
Yeah, he'll get over it.
That's what families do.
There's something
I gotta tell you.
Probably not
the best time, but, um...
I bought George Knickle's boat.
You signed the papers,
I wanted to surprise you.
You spent our whole life savings
without telling me.
You surprised me.
Cass, I did this for us.
This has been
our dream forever!
Forever ago
we didn't have three kids.
Jeez, Billy, it's one thing
to dream when you're young,
but what kind of time is this
for you to go off on your own?
You know, you could
just try believing in me.
Even Dad is thinking about
selling out,
after three generations.
Right. Right. And if he does,
what happens to me, huh?
Become a condo manager?
Crew for some other...
No, don't walk away from me!
Look, just...
Just think about this.
We don't know what's gonna
happen with your dad, so now,
we got our own future.
You guys ready? Visiting hours
are in 20 minutes.
I'm ready.
Aren't you coming?
I got stuff to do.
Please? For Josie?
T.J., I'm sorry.
I was panicked
and I didn't mean to...
You were brave
to try and stop her.
A lot of good it did.
Come on, T.J.
She wants to see you.
Just because you're mad at me,
don't take it out on Josie.
Josie? Josie?
You know, maybe I got
other things on my mind!
I can't say the right thing.
I just...
Well, I'm off.
Not even gonna say goodbye?
I'm counting to 10.
Look, I'm going out for a week.
You can't be mad at me.
You know those old wives' tales.
Yeah, poof, it's all better.
All right, well...
That's for Josie.
Sorry I won't be here
to help her home.
I know as soon as you leave,
they'll be a hundred things
I wished I'd said to you.
That's good, right?
Well, then, I love you too.
"How are you?"
"I love you, Mama."
Good, good.
This is "bad, bad."
Excuse me. Who are you?
Look, Ma.
You must be Mrs. Madearos.
I'm Zach. Zach Butler.
What are you doing?
Ask Josie.
She's saying,
"I love you, Mama."
Can I talk to you
for a minute, please?
Hey, Josie,
look what we brought.
Josie, look at you.
So who are you
and who gave you permission?
I'm a speech therapist.
The hospital asked me to come
in and take a look at Josie.
No one asked me.
Well, that's bureaucracy.
Mrs. Madearos, your daughter,
she's an amazing little girl.
She's picking it up
just like this.
My daughter's not going to learn
sign language.
She's not deaf.
Not completely.
But with her level
of hearing impairment,
signing could really make
a difference in her life.
No. Sign language will just
set her apart from other kids.
I'm not gonna allow that.
It's gonna help her,
on her terms.
Now, if she were a candidate
for aural implants,
it might be a different story,
but she isn't.
The sooner she learns to sign,
the more fluent she'll be.
Fluent? With who?
We don't know sign language.
Fluent in a world where she's
not the outsider who can't hear.
All I'm saying, Mrs. Madearos,
is maybe you ought
to let Josie decide.
Now, you don't wanna harm
your kids with good intentions.
My kids are fine. Thank you.
Mmm! You're gonna pass it!
This is where you live?
It's like some kind of museum.
Beautiful on the front,
hell inside.
Like me.
Mister-- Mistress of Agony.
Mistress of Agony.
C'est moi.
Say what?
I hope you'll reconsider,
Mrs. Madearos.
I'd really like
to keep working with her.
Josie? Get in the car now.
Thanks, but I doubt we'll--
Mr. Madearos.
Oh, no, he's not my husband.
Daddy's working, honey.
John is gonna take us.
Ice cream.
Ice cream, that's right.
Anything you want, Josie.
Bye, Josie.
She'll go to sleep now.
Yeah, she seems good.
They're pretty resilient,
aren't they?
Most of the time.
This Zach guy,
oh, he's got some nerve.
I don't know.
Look, it's none
of my business, but...
maybe it does open up a whole
range of possibilities for her.
I mean, we hear okay.
So how do we know?
Do you see her face
when she makes a word?
I just...
You are...
It means "you're welcome,"
I think.
I was reading.
You're tired.
I should be going.
Thank you.
John Bernard.
Anything, Cass.
Dad. What are you doing here
so late?
I might ask you
the same question.
I was restless,
so I came up here
to see what was going on.
Everybody's already packed up
and gone already.
Thanks. What does
that make me, furniture?
That makes you
just what the doctor ordered.
How's Josie?
She'll be fine.
Belinda's babysitting,
and I don't know
what's going on with T.J.
You know, Cass,
I've been thinking
about this
sign-language business...
and I hear that speech guy
has been working with Josie.
I just hope you stick
to your guns about this thing.
You know, every once in a while
these people come in
to the restaurant,
and they're--
They're with the fingers
going a mile a minute.
And, you know, there's something
freakish about it, I--
Dad, people with handicaps
aren't freakish.
I know. But I just, you know,
there's no reason for Josie
to get mixed up in that.
Because then she'll be freakish?
No. Don't get all in a tangle.
You and I used to agree
about this.
And, well, maybe I've been
thinking about it too.
And maybe it isn't normal
for her to try to...
To speak on our terms.
Dad, you should see her face
when she signs a word.
And maybe Mama's right, maybe...
if she went to
the North Point School, then--
Then she wouldn't
stand out at all.
She wouldn't be
freakish to anybody.
You sure picked a fine time
to change your mind
about that special school
What with Billy defecting
and all.
How are you gonna afford this?
Billy defecting?
Dad, you're the one
who's in cahoots with Willis
to sell off this place.
Did you barge in here
just to yell at me or what?
No. No, I came up here
to find some peace and quiet,
and obviously I made a mistake.
What are you doing down here?
Don't ask.
Could things get any worse?
I could give you
some pretty lousy whiskey.
I can promise you
I'll be lousy company.
It's a big boat.
I'll just ignore you.
Sounds perfect.
Someone should just hang
a sign on me "Grouch alert.
Proceed with caution." Oh!
I'll take my chances.
John Bernard.
Oh, my--
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
I want you, Cass.
John, that's not--
It is.
I can't.
Oh, God.
All right, guys,
I'll see you later on.
Dry it off, come on.
Dry it off.
You got it.
This is a surprise.
What's going on?
Is Josie all right?
No, Josie's fine.
She's at home. She's fine.
Well, then what did I do
to deserve limo service?
I'm sorry.
For what?
For fighting.
For everything.
Oh, you.
So, what did I miss?
Nothing. The usual.
A whole week, no excitement?
Nora doesn't wanna get married
in Lobsterville.
I suspect she'll elope.
Mom and Dad are really upset,
and suddenly she...
She says that she just doesn't
wanna make a big deal out of it.
A big break in tradition.
I never see T.J. anymore.
The new girlfriend.
Ah, hey, it must be serious.
All right, close your eyes.
Am I supposed to pretend
to be surprised?
Cass. Cass, come on.
This is, this is the big moment.
All right.
What? Oh!
Remember what you said
the first time
we wished on stars?
My name on your boat.
Our boat.
I'm gonna make
this work for us, Cass.
I promise.
Hang on.
We gotta christen her.
Has T.J. been taking the truck?
But you can't be going
with some other guy.
Don't be so immature.
What, because he's a senior,
that makes me immature?
The point is, you don't own me.
I don't wanna own you.
I love you.
Stop saying that.
It's sick
to love somebody that much.
You just scare them.
I gotta go.
There he is.
Get in the truck.
Drinking and driving.
Are you out of your mind?
You are grounded, pal.
How you gonna know?
You're never around.
Just get in the truck. Let's--
She's trying to talk to you.
That's nice, honey.
Billy, she's trying
to talk to you.
Don't treat her like a puppy.
I'm not. I just don't know
what this means.
Instead of making fun of her,
you could learn.
Learn what?
It's okay, it's okay.
I made an appointment
for us at...
At North Point.
North Point?
She's crying.
That's right, kids cry.
You want her to be normal,
treat her like a normal kid
and let her work it out.
She's not normal.
Look, she can't hear right,
but she's as smart as a whip.
Smart enough to know
she can act like this
and you'll run to her.
You taught her that.
There's such a thing
as protecting her too much.
I thought we agreed she wasn't
gonna learn sign language.
Why are you--?
It's better for her.
Says who?
How am I gonna talk to her?
We will learn to sign.
If she can learn, we will learn.
How am I gonna know
what she's saying? My...
My own kid. I mean,
don't I get a say in all this?
And what kind of say
do you expect to have
when you're never even home?
Let's not fight, Billy.
Let's just try it.
We'll meet the teachers
this afternoon...
and see how it feels.
I can't.
Not today.
I didn't tell you,
I'm taking the new boat out.
Today? You just got back.
Well, the crew's all lined up.
I can't back out.
I don't believe this.
You think she's gonna make money
just sitting there in dry dock?
Cass, come on, this is--
This is our life's dream.
Yeah, and this is our life too!
And what's happening
with the restaurant,
it's all our life, Billy.
While you're not looking,
it's just slipping
right through our fingers.
It's called change, Cass.
It's not slipping.
It's all just out of control.
Well, that's change.
Nora can get married
anywhere she wants.
Your dad can sell the business,
we can go out on our own.
This is what life's about.
You might fall on your butt...
but you gotta
follow your instincts.
Cass, it's okay.
Yeah, yeah, maybe for you.
No, for us.
Why do you think
I bought the boat?
I don't know.
Maybe so you could stay
one step ahead of John.
Who knows?
How did he get into this?
While you're out trying to prove
you're the king of the hill,
he's talking better with Josie
than you are.
And you're supposed to be
her father.
I'm gonna pretend
I didn't hear that.
The crew's waiting.
I'll be back in a couple days.
When I get married,
this is how I want it to be.
Rainy and gray
and eloping with my true love.
Oh, my hair is soaked!
We're crashing
Nora's wedding!
I doubt your hair is gonna be
the first thing she notices.
Excuse me.
You okay?
Oh, yes.
Not getting cold feet, are you?
No, no.
I'm-- I'm just...
Well, it just seems a bit funny.
Oh, gosh!
We're here
whether you like it or not.
You're all wet.
Well, that is the last time
I ever tell you guys a secret.
Oh, come in, come in, come in.
Y'all don't even elope like
normal people up here.
We're gonna see
what she's made of tonight.
That we are.
Let this love
protect you and guide you.
And now by the power vested
in me by the state of Maine,
I pronounce you
husband and wife.
Why are you crying?
I hate the part when he said,
"As long as you both
shall live."
It made me think of...
Eddie, I couldn't bear it if--
My sweet bride,
weren't you listening?
I just vowed
I'd love you forever.
And forever is forever.
What happened?
We had a fight...
and he left, he went out...
before we had a chance
to make up.
He went-- He went out there.
And I let him go
when he was mad.
It was so stupid.
No. Shh.
It's just an old wives' tale.
Shh, it's okay.
It's the aft bilge alarm.
Go check the hold.
I can't get through.
Well, keep trying.
Calling the Coast Guard.
We're taking on water!
It's the Cassandra!
Mayday! Coast Guard!
This is the Cassandra.
Come in, please.
Mayday, Coast Guard,
this is the Cassandra.
This is a mayday!
Mayday, Coast Guard.
This is the Coast Guard, over.
Mayday, this is the Cassandra.
Come in, please.
Could we have
an extra pump up there?
Let's see how deep she is.
Mayday, this is the Cassandra.
Come in, please.
We're gonna die out here!
Belinda, I've gotta hurry.
If the restaurant calls,
tell them I'm running an errand
and I'll be late.
Oh, and make sure T.J. remembers
that he's grounded.
He's not even to call Alison.
Okay. See you later.
Are you gonna lecture me?
No. I, um...
I'm sorry.
I had a talk with Billy.
And I'm... I'm sorry.
I think that I've been looking
at things all wrong here, and...
You're apologizing, huh?
Yeah, believe it or not.
Oh, Cassie. Oh!
Thank you.
Married lady, married lady.
Yes, finally.
And you...
Welcome to our family.
Well, actually,
we'll grow on you.
I believe that.
It's all right. No!
Josie, Josie.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
T.J.! It's Daddy's boat!
Well, I'll help you with Mom.
She's not gonna let you
get away without a party.
You think Dad's gonna pass up
his chance to cry?
Dad? Hi.
We were just talking about you.
What is it?
We got a mayday.
The storm hit 'em hard, it...
And Billy?
We don't know.
They're lost out there.
That can't be. They said that
the storm kept to the coast.
That's what they...
No! No, no!
It's all right.
It's all right, darling.
It's all right.
It's all right.
You got the extra flare?
I got it.
All right.
Come on, let's move out.
I'm sorry, Cass.
Everybody's headed out
to look for him.
You're going out now?
I'm going!
I'm gonna find him.
No! No, T.J., no!
He's out there. I'm going!
No, T.J., no!
It's not a good idea. It can
get pretty hairy out there.
We'll do the best we can.
But you can't.
He's not your dad!
Let him go.
You mean it?
You bring your father home.
Come on,
we can't waste any time.
Secure the line. Gavin! Tom.
We'll find him, Cass.
Oh, baby. Baby...
Something's wrong, isn't it?
It's Billy.
The Coast Guard found
parts of his boat,
but none of the crew.
They wanna call off the search.
They've been searching
for two days, just two days.
Our own boats...
Our fleet is coming in.
Our fleet called it off.
They're coming in too, Cass.
No, they can't
call the search off.
Billy is out there.
He is. He's alive. Yes!
He can't be. Now, face this.
No. No, no, I know it.
You have to face this.
I know he's alive,
because I feel him!
He's alive! I-- I feel him.
I feel him!
Please, Cassie.
No, don't you look at me
like I'm a widow.
I am not a widow!
Billy is alive!
Hey, T.J.,
why don't you come down?
You gotta get some rest.
Where is everyone?
I don't even see the other guys.
You didn't tell him everyone
else went back last night?
We're crazy to stay out here.
The only thing you can do
for Billy now is...
Is to look after Cass.
Put him on south-southeast.
What did he say?
Oh, well, as a favor to us,
Governor Hastings is gonna send
a Coast Guard plane out again.
But only for today.
If they don't see any flares...
then that's it.
We're in the Gulf Stream.
If he's alive, he'll be here.
How do you know?
The current he would've called
when he lost control.
I fished with the guy
my whole life.
Look for flares, T.J.
It's the only way he can signal.
Where's he going?
It's past time, T.J.
No flares.
It's over.
You can't leave my dad out here.
He's not out there, T.J.
We would have seen something.
He's still alive!
He's my dad!
Christ, T.J.,
you're gonna set us all on fire.
There's the flare.
He's seen it!
He's coming back.
Let's get back to work.
Won't you take me?
Take me, Eddie.
Something's wrong, isn't it?
What could possibly be wrong?
Eddie, what is it?
I'm sorry.
No, this isn't right.
Take me.
Don't take Billy.
Take me.
Take me...
Roger, out.
Let's go. Due south.
The Coast Guard spotted a raft!
There! There they are!
I can see two of them!
Bear left!
Dad! Dad!
Hey! Can you hear me?
Gavin, get the line!
I think one of them is Bobby.
Come on, ease it forward.
That's it.
Come on.
Get him out of here.
What's wrong with my dad?
Take him away!
Don't look so surprised.
You said you wanted
to go dancing, didn't you?
You're taking me?
It's time?
He's alive.
Oh, God. T.J., he's alive!
He's alive!
Is he alive?
Give us some room, please.
Is he alive?
Oh, Billy.
Oh, baby.
I love you.
I'm okay.
It's okay.
Come on, kids.
I'll be okay.
I love you.
Thank you.
Now, I don't know
what retirement's gonna be like.
Mary promises
it'll be like eating oysters.
An acquired taste we'll learn
to love after a while.
One thing that's easy
to get used to is...
the daughter side of Keating
and Daughters is now in charge,
along with Billy and Willis.
I-- I never thought
I'd live to see the day
when we'd have a Southerner
minding our Yankee business.
But-- But as I said,
things change,
you gotta go with the flow.
There is one thing
that won't change, though.
Every now and then,
all our rigs are docked
at the same time out here.
I walk the wharf
on those nights...
just to look at them,
all lined up.
It means our men
have come home safe.
It means all our families
are whole again.
It means that by the grace
of God, we've been given...
an honest day's work...
and the chance at it
again in the morning.
No, I don't know
what retirement's gonna be like,
but I can tell you this.
On those nights,
I'll be walking this wharf...
filling up on the idea
that life is crazy, but...
every now and then,
right in the middle of it,
things can be...
just right.
Oh, well, did somebody say
something about dancing?
If I don't hear
some music pretty soon,
I'm liable to jabber on until...
Okay, don't be
so blunt about it.
Come on, old coot, let's dance.
All right, come on.
How long are you gonna
keep staring at me
like I might disappear?
About 30 or 40 years.
You might get sick
of the scenery.
That's not gonna happen, Billy.
This looks good on you.
You think she'd approve?
I miss her.
Well, something tells me
she hasn't gone far.
It's that old Keating spirit,
you can feel it.
You're still staring.
Get used to it.
In the old days, Mount Hope
was a very important city.
It was where a lot of the ships
were built
for the English Navy.
Today, of course,
it's not the world capital
of anything, really.
Except it's where
my family lives.
And my family's family,
and their family too.
It's where we all live.
And so you could say
that Mount Hope
is kind of
the center of the universe.
And that would be true.