Blue Movie (1971) Movie Script

The main thing to know Michael,
is that you're not really free.
You're free, but within limits.
I'm on parole.
We've found an apartment for you
and you get pocket money.
That you pay back when you get a job.
I've got to help myself.
- That's the idea.
What can I not do. . . now I'm on parole?
Think about what you can do, Michael.
Get a job, meet a nice girl.
Now step in, the meter is running.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
We live in the real world.
Keep a sense of perspective.
I'll do my best.
You've been gone for a while,
and things have changed a lot.
One step at a time Michael, huh?
You understand?
- Yes.
I'm not sure which floor.
It was dark when I picked the place.
I don't like these new developments.
Know what I mean?
They're too far out of town for a start.
It's noisy.
And the rents are too high.
They take anybody.
Even criminals?
Michael, you're not a criminal.
Yours was a social offence.
Something people think about differently now.
I like it here.
- Very good.
It's not all bad.
Do you know who lives here?
- No
- Cohn?
Professor Cohn. The zoologist.
Just back from Africa.
Better than coming back from jail.
He's married. Nice wife.
Of course they're transients.
Six months here, six months there.
I want something more steady for you.
I couldn't go back to my family.
No. No.
But there are rules Michael.
For you and for me.
But every offense I'll have to
report to the justice office.
I know that.
I'll be looking out for you.
Can you manage?
No. You're the new neighbor?
You're German?
Yes, but I can understand Dutch.
Need help?
- If you want.
My husband.
Professor Cohn.
A famous zoologist,
but not good with boxes.
That all there was?
There's a few more downstairs.
I'll do it.
- Thanks.
You can forget about her.
There are plenty of women here.
Do you live here?
No, I visit here.
But living here has its benefits.
Hold on.
- Hold on?
These buildings are like ships on sea.
Did you ever go on a boat trip?
- No.
That is just like living in a flat here.
If you know what I mean.
I only just moved in today.
Take my advice. Take it easy.
Otherwise you'll go under.
Hello. Don't I know you from somewhere. . .
Yes. From the lift.
My name is Michael. . .
I just moved here. . .
and my neighbors are not there. . .
so I thought. . .
Can I borrow some sugar?
Sorry to bother you,
but I've run out of sugar.
My neighbors are not home.
Yes, we met on the lift.
That's very kind,
but I can only stay a moment.
Sugar is it?
Just wait.
There you are.
I've asked him to join us for a drink.
Good idea.
- Thanks.
You earned it.
You look strange, somehow nervous.
Give the boy a drink.
You've been in Africa?
That's where we met.
I worked for him.
And how do you like it here?
Bernard misses Africa.
He's very fond of monkeys.
What's a man?
A monkey with a protruding chin.
See what I mean?
That's why we know each other
by our faces. . . and not our arses.
There's Bernard for you. . .
He cannot recognize us. He also thinks
monkeys can teach us about sex.
Some monkeys never have sex.
It does not interest them.
Put them in a zoo and
they are sex maniacs.
Like people in these apartments.
Well, now we know everything about Bernard.
What about you?
I'm going to bed.
You seem more relaxed.
- Goodnight.
Not suppose to do that.
You won't tell the manager on me?
Are you busy right now?
- No.
Come in for a coffee.
We can get to know each other.
So, you never lived alone
in an apartment before?
Did you live at home?
I had a room.
With some other guys.
Want more coffee?
I must get dressed.
I'd better go.
Finish your coffee.
You don't have to go, if you don't want to.
Where do you work?
I'm looking for work.
That shouldn't be a problem.
What's the matter?
Help me fix this catch.
Where did you work before?
I have to tell you something.
I saw you and your husband.
From the balcony.
Last night.
From out here?
How long did you look?
As long as it took.
You think I am angry?
Are you angry?
Of course I'm angry. . .
peeping through windows.
We must have looked terrible.
Good. . . I think it looked great.
So you like to see it again?
I don't know a lot about women.
Calm down.
My husband is on his way home.
I'm sorry.
It must have been a long time
since you had a girl.
Well in that case. . .
A quick one.
Your husband?
No! He's got his key.
I have a message for your neighbor. . .
but he's not at home.
Oh, there you are.
Can I speak to you?
Michael, trust me.
Yours was a sexual offence.
Now, I know nobody would care
about it today. . .
But five years ago sleeping with a fifteen
year old girl was a serious matter.
So I found out.
All that time in prison,
you did not seem to have learned anything.
You're on parole and I find you with
a married woman.
You'd send me back to jail for that?
It's a lapse, but it's your first.
But you have to understand, it will take
a while before you're a free man.
Just stay away from her. Ok.
We have to visit some people
about your job.
What are you waiting for?
My jacket.
I left it next door.
Has he gone?
No, I came back for my jacket.
Who is he?
He's my parole officer.
I've been in prison.
How long has it been since you've been
with a woman?
Years. At least four years.
Four years.
Not now, come tonight, after ten.
Meanwhile, hand on your cock
and God for eyes.
Haven't you got them with more pain
on their faces?
Certainly. Japanese.
Highly recommended.
Really your kind of thing.
Oh yes. Lots of blood there.
And - eh-some con-condoms.
A pack of six or a dozen?
A dozen.
Hello Michael. . .
I've run out of sugar.
Yes, come in.
I'm sure I've got some.
Give me a minute.
How do they get themselves
photographed into these positions?
I don't understand either.
These magazines are not very good.
They take away all the mystery.
Read that.
Pleasant couple, she bisexual, he 51,
seek similar for sex games.
One evening a week or all day Wednesday.
Also partner exchange.
She uses the pill. Rotterdam area.
Hello, Michael. Help me out.
I got a great buy.
Let's put it in the bedroom.
It's a bookcase for next to your bed.
Not the bedroom.
I don't read in bed.
Let's put it in the living room.
You're flustered, Michael. . .
I insist on putting it in your bedroom.
I think we were wrong to put you
in this flat.
I'll introduce you to professor Cohn.
Nice people, they can help you.
Why're you so flustered.
Surely you haven't been. . .
Wait, I must tell you something.
I've met a girl. . .
Nice girl of my own age. . .
from a good family.
This is great news.
That is what I always wanted for you.
You're not annoyed?
Of course not.
A regular life with a nice girl. . .
When can I meet her?
Give me a chance to get to know her,
and I'll introduce her.
She lives in this building?
You want to know everything. . .
Yes, I was just going to see her.
Well, then let's not keep the lady waiting.
You're going up, Michael?
Then I'll walk down.
A nice girl of your own age. . .
from a good family.
I had to tell him something.
Let's go.
Let's go where?
Next door to my place.
Don't worry about Bernard.
I do the worrying.
Sorry to keep you waiting darling, but Michael. . .
has these unbelievable magazines.
We never had anything like them in Africa.
Advertisements for people wanting sex. . .
Nude photographs. . . you see everything.
And such ugly bodies.
Why should they be beautiful?
I never saw a beautiful ape.
Be serious for once.
I'm very serious.
Beauty does not exist, it is an ideal.
It is time people believe in holy things. . . Kings.
We're also not different.
We are different, we are all equal, so who
has the right to be beautiful in a democracy.
That's nonsense.
No it isn't. Beauty is not allowed anymore.
You used to say I was beautiful.
Can we talk about something else than sex.
You don't think its important, sex?
Power, aggression is more fundamental.
I'd rather make love than war.
My generation was maybe prudish.
This one is hypocritical, if it's about war.
Hit someone on the face if that gives
you a relieve. . . That is very human.
Every monkey will fight to hold what he has.
That is fascism.
I am only trying to say,
we should accept ourselves as we are.
Heaven doesn't lay between your legs.
I'm off.
Why so soon?
It's better.
I'll see you out.
I thought you'd decided to remain chaste?
Chaste? Me?
How do you feel?
Pour yourself a drink.
A bit of atmosphere.
Hey, what have you got there?
What's that?
I'm not taking any risks.
I say, you've been out of circulation for
some time. Ever heard of the pill?
Is that safe?
Well if it's not. . . it's just too bad.
Is it so long since you had a woman?
Yes, in prison there were only men.
Why were you put inside?
Well I. . . went to bed with a girl.
Went to bed with a girl?
They punished you for that?
She was only fifteen.
I lived in this small village and
she was the notary's daughter.
No miniskirts in those days.
That was 5 years ago.
Five years!
Not for that, I got a second sentence
when I was inside.
There was a bloke and he wanted
to go to bed with me.
But I did not want to. There was a fight.
You can't tell that to a judge. . .
they don't like informers in prison.
So first they put you in because you
slept with a girl. . .
and later because you
wouldn't sleep with a man.
Even now I'm on parole. The least thing
I do, they lock me up again.
I'm not supposed to visit you.
There are plenty of other women.
If you don't want to meet Arthur,
you better go now.
Good god darling. You look marvelous.
Not now darling. I'm so tired.
Just like a gym club.
Mind if I walk along with you?
No problem.
I kind of like you.
I'd rather listen, than to talk.
Can I ask you out some night?
Michael, this is Anna.
She lives in a flat downstairs.
Come here darling, time for bed.
Say goodnight.
Sit down, Michael.
I don't want to be intrusive.
But are you a boyfriend of Julia's?
Well, eh. . . it's not like that.
We're just neighbors.
Get Michael a drink, Julia.
So, we're neighbors too.
I'll see if Julia needs help.
Nice boy. You like him?
I'm not competing with you.
I won't steal him from you.
Have you come to help?
No darling, you do it much better
than me.
You do not think that I am
imagining things?
I shouldn't have left you alone.
No problem.
Don't get up. Julia can manage.
I have to go.
You have enough problems with your child.
Even without visitors.
It's Julia's child. I have no problems.
You're right. What can I say?
Say something. I find this wonderful job
for you and you don't even turn up.
I was upset.
You were upset. I am upset!
What's wrong with you. . .
Doesn't your girl want you to have a job?
She broke it off.
- I'm sorry.
My fault. I told her too soon I'd been in prison.
Not the end of the world. I've made a list
of the girls in these flats who are still free.
How many are there?
Mind. I've got pretty high standards.
How many?
- Only three?
Well. . . two. As one of them
must have been your girl. . .
It's not much, but it's a start.
And the other women here?
Michael, please. . . they are married.
One scandal and you're done for.
I was hoping you could help me.
I have to go out for an hour,
could I leave her with you?
Hello! My name is Eddie.
Say, what was her name?
- Julia.
She's on the list.
- Yes.
I mean the good list.
- Yes.
She's not the one who broke it off?
Hello Julia. Michael told me a lot about you.
Oh, has he?
We're old friends. I hope you like him.
Some of his friends think he rushes things.
Don't you think he rushes things?
No, but I think you do.
I'm so sorry. I don't want to make trouble.
Thanks. I leave you with your old friend.
I did it wrong. I've messed it all up.
How are things?
- Okay.
Say, if you want to see something again.
Knock on the door.
I've brought you something.
How's Bernard?
He's giving a lecture tonight.
I told you he wouldn't be here.
I know.
What's the matter then?
It's Bernard.
When I look at you, I think about him.
I find it terrible. I like him.
So do I.
So, why am I kissing his wife?
Don't think about it.
We're not exactly man and wife. . .
You and Bernard don't. . .
Not often.
In Africa, he's happy among his monkeys.
Let's not talk about Bernard anymore.
I don't know if I can.
I'll make you.
- Yes.
You remind me a lot of my brother.
Your brother?
You're surprised?
- Yes.
Funny. How where you brought up then?
You mean that you and your brother. . .
Don't you know about kids having sex?
I know you can go to jail for it.
Who's to tell.
I always enjoyed it. As a little girl
with my friends at school. . .
And when I was four, I slept like this.
I didn't know the word, but I loved it.
Come on.
- You're joking.
Why not?
- Bernard knows me. He'll guess.
Nonsense. You'll have to face him anyway.
Why now?
You're too modest.
- I know.
My father never noticed anything either.
Meeting go alright?
Fine. And you?
Been enjoying yourself?
What about a nice cup of cacao?
- I'd like cacao.
Let's toss for it?
- For what?
Someone's got to make it.
It's you.
I feel talkative tonight.
But I can also shut up.
I like to listen.
Someone really got angry at my lecture tonight.
Always a sign of a good lecture.
What happened?
I told them about behavior of apes.
The females go for the males
of high social position.
As soon as they lose that position
they lose the females too.
And the females take on the new boss.
Exactly. I could not help comparing it
to our society.
Nurses like doctors, starlets like stars.
Secretary likes the boss.
Yes. Women like status.
So, that's your opinion of women's love?
Men are no better. It's not women we like,
Its the prestige they give us.
If I take a girl out, it is to impress my friends?
- Yes
You don't really believe that, Michael?
I don't know.
Of course he thinks that.
He needs a woman to give him some status.
I hear monkey talk again. We'd have to be
swinging from trees to make sense to you.
I understand you well
and you're not a monkey.
Often, you'd prefer if I was one.
Yeah, you would like that,
eh, being a monkey.
I'm happy being a woman.
Women are second rate citizens.
That's the price you pay for our intelligence.
I only mean that women have to give up
the best years of their lives bringing up children.
It's a second rate life.
And you know that damn well.
Before you may have been right.
But times have changed.
Why. Women remain women.
Even tossing, who makes the cacao
doesn't make us equal.
Nice, this chocolate.
That's quick. I'm all alone in the house.
I've got to move this bed.
Would you like to earn a bit of money?
Tired love?
- No.
Could you come a minute, love?
What are you doing darling?
Watching the time.
You said your husband would come home.
I was kidding.
Sorry, I'm late darling.
That looks good.
A little help from my friends. . .
We still have the issue with your job.
The parole board decides this week on letting
you free. We have to tell them something.
Don't worry.
- I'm paid to worry.
What about the girls I suggested?
It was no success.
Well, the first one was a lesbian.
And the second belonged to a Maoist movement.
I thought I better keep clear of politics.
And the third one you met.
It taught me a lesson.
That's why I have not interfered with
your private life since.
What about Professor Cohn?
I'm having dinner there tonight.
- That's good news.
I wish we had more good news like that.
Look Michael, you needed a family background.
Not all these young people here.
That gives you a one-sided view of things.
I feel responsible, and also for that girl.
So, I'm going to recommend you
to the Parole Board.
How does it feel, being free?
Thanks Eddie.
Fourth floor too?
I bet you can't.
You still haven't done what you promised.
I never thought you could.
Look, I saw it last week in Munich
and the week before that in Paris.
They'll have it in the cinemas next.
Our clients need something new.
It doesn't matter how much it cost. . .
What's all this?
I've gone into business.
What kind of business?
Do I have to explain my business
problems with you?
It is tough already to stand up against
the big monopolies.
You have to be flexible.
Bring something new.
We didn't set you up here to be flexible.
We spent time and money. . .
I'm grateful.
Eline, bring the checkbook.
And the Parole Board stuff too.
I don't think I understand.
You understand all right.
You deserve a little extra and it is coming.
Yes. That looks okay.
It is okay. Just this little fellow here.
That little fellow. Sure it is okay?
Thank God for penicillin.
You're from the Parole Board. . .
I must be off. Got this appointment.
- Just sign this first.
Come with me Eddie.
I have to show you something.
This is Holland today.
When you got me out of prison,
you told me morals had changed.
You didn't know half of it.
I mean, you buy a ticket,
you sit down in the dark. . .
and if you feel like it,
you can go in the lights yourself.
Will you put that in your report?
Time you learn living in the present.
Of course, I know that things like this go on.
You should have asked Professor Cohn.
He sure understands.
I can be sure that Bernard won't
wander in here tonight.
I told you he's at a conference.
I'm kidding.
Just one moment sir. . . your pulse.
- What's this?
What's going on?
You cannot join us tonight.
Call this a democracy? Now, thanks very much.
- Piss off!
What is going on?
- He refuses to take a medical examination.
Do you refuse?
- Yes. There is no need.
Okay then. I'm sorry. Out you go.
- What the bloody hell for?
Fuck off.
Why are you laughing?
Hmm. I would have enjoyed examining him.
Always talking about his sexual adventures.
But four women assured me he's impotent.
- Impotent?
Come with me.
I wouldn't ask you if there was no need.
There you are. Money troubles.
I'm going for a moment. Keep an eye, please?
- Okay.
Where is the doctor?
- There.
So you thought he was impotent?
- I'm pretty sure.
You might be right. He just committed suicide.
Jumped off.
Why don't you keep your mouth shut.
Where is Marianne?
- In the next room.
I should have spoken sooner.
I knew about this all along. I saw it coming.
When you spend your life watching monkeys,
you learn about people.
I find it terrible.
- No need to be.
Maybe I married too young of a wife
and that's the price I must pay.
I don't know.
Anyway, what could I do?
Accept invitations, invent lectures to attend.
Otherwise life with Marianne would
have been unbearable.
But, when people jump from my balcony. . .
Is that what bothers you?
Who cares what bothers me.
The point is what can I do about it?
Go back to Africa. That makes sense.
That Parole man asked me
to have a chat with you.
- Why nonsense?
How could I advise you?
That's what he asked.
What could I say?
Tell you to find a wife?
And not to be too critical?
As no one can stand real scrutiny?
Maybe you're a born bachelor.
And then such value is nonsense.
Feeling better?
- Yes.
Let's go.