Blue Oranges (2009) Movie Script

Shalini, slow down. Slow down.
- Kevin, it's no useto stop me.
Slow down. Slow down.
- Kevin, don't be boring.
Slow down.
- Wow! Oh, it's fun!
That's nice.
Shalini Chauhan.
Congratulations, Shalini.
Thank you so much. Thanks.
Thanks a lot. Thanks.
Thanks a lot. Thanks.
- Congratulations, Shalini.
Thank you. Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
Kevin, I'vebeen sitting
here forthelast hour.
It's hurting now.
Two minutes.
- Nothing.
What will you do after I go?
I will find someoneelse
who won't moveso much.
You won'tfind
anyonebetterthan me.
It's what you think.
Will you miss me?
- Will you marryme?
Why? Because I'm a Christian?
Or because you have
a wealthy father...
...ornow you haveofficially
become abetter painter than me.
Doesn't dad approveof you?
Religion is veryimportant for him.
And he will never allow me...
And you?
- I don't believein religion.
Then? - I am usedto a
certain lifestyle, Kevin.
I'vegot whatever I wanted
right from my childhood.
Andthebest ofit.
Perhaps it won't bepossible
for meto leavethatlifestyle...
...all ofa sudden now, Kevin.
Lfyou wanted this then why did
you makethose lofty promises?
What are you doing?
Washing my sins off.
- What sins?
I liedto you. I wash my
sins offwhen I lie. Always.
Kevin. What do you do, Kevin?
I am an artist.
Shalini is an artisttoo.
What do you do for aliving?
People buy my paintings too.
- Really?
Comewith me. I'll show
you something interesting.
Come. Follow me.
Do you seethesepaintings?
This is for Rs.75,000.
And this oneis for Rs.1.5 lakh.
Andthis painting is for Rs.3 lakh.
And noneofthese is amasterpiece.
The masterpieces are
hanging in my bedroom.
You know, the Thakurs, the Roys,
Shreshtas and Desais.
Tell meonething, Kevin.
How much do the people
pay for your paintings?
Kevin, let's elope.
- Wewill run away somewhereelse.
Karim, click aphoto ofthat spot.
Sir, barrister has come.
- Send him in.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Nilesh.
It's been a longtime.
Fiivemonths and 21 days.
- Thank you.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
Yes. It's my daughter's wedding.
- Oh! Congrats.
Thank you.
When is it? - Tomorrow.
Sorry fortheshortnotice.
I see. So, now tell methe
real reason for coming here.
Kevin Toraso case.
That's an open and shut case.
There arethefingerprints,
motive, hehas been...
...arrested from themurder spot.
It's all there. So, hang him.
That's the problem, it's too simple.
2006 Roy, 2007 Thakur,
...heis responsible forthose fakes.
Thereis no evidence, hegot free.
What are you thinking?
What do you exactly want, Dixit?
I told you, Nilesh.
Itis the duty ofthe
policeto arrestthesuspect.
It is work ofthecourt to release
him or accusehim as a criminal.
So, you have done your job.
They don't call you
for nothing, Nilesh.
You must haveread
thewitness statements.
Mr. Ramprasad, when
do you open your shop?
Sir, I run a dairybusiness.
It opens at 5am and shuts at 8-9pm.
Can you tell us who
would come to meet madam?
The customers did come
to purchase the paintings.
But Mr. Kevin had comethat night.
Around 9pm, I saw him
enteringthehousewith madam.
Then in theeveningwhen
hestartedto go home...
...that timetoo he
And in the morning?
I saw sir entering
thehouse at 7am again.
I too entered the house
fiveminutes later, sir.
'Murder! '
Did anyoneelse visit
madam's house often? - Mr. Aditya.
Hewould come often. And
he came that nighttoo.
But then heleft.
Ramprasad is right, sir.
I'veoften seen Aditya
visiting Shalini's house.
What did you hear a
nightbefore the murder?
I heard Shalini's screams too.
"I will kill you. I will kill you."
I heard her cries too.
Can you tell us who was
upstairs atthattime?
He was there.
And Aditya would visit her.
Okay, tell me, who else
visited madam's house?
Yes, sir. Theonewho drives
theplanewould also come.
You mean apilot?
Yes, sir. Oneman would
come wearing such a uniform.
On Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Around 7am in ablue Maruti car.
Butsir, that was a Friday,
but hedid come.
Hecameat 7am and left at 7:15am.
Do you rememberthat car number?
Car number?
7546? No.
6574. Itwas something
likethat, sir.
Can you tell us
which airlines is it?
What did you find
out about thatpilot?
He was my brother, Anurag.
How do you know?
- He told me himself.
His car numberis 4756.
It's ablue Maruti.
Have you toldthat to anyone yet?
Lfthis matter is revealed, his
familywill fall apart, Nilesh.
Hedid love Shalini
but he didn'tmurder her.
Hehad notgoneto
meet herthat day too.
Are you sure?
No. That's whyl'vecometo you.
It's evident from his words
that heis telling the truth.
I'vebeen in this
field sincelast 25 years.
I've seen so much that
I really don'tknow.
Thesearch forthe
pilotis still on.
You know, it's like looking
for a needle in ahaystack.
I know that, Nilesh.
But oneday, thesecret will
be revealed. I need your help.
Thank you so much, Nilesh.
- Anytime.
Thank you onceagain.
- You arewelcome.
No onecan win this gameexcept me.
Don't beover-confident.
Come on, stop the game. Comeon.
Buddy, are you weaving a
sari for sister-in-law?
Wherewere you sincethemorning?
Work, Buddy. I have to work.
Actually, whateverl've
earned byworking hard...
...I have to giveit to someone.
What do I want?
Kevin, someone has come to meet you.
I never thoughtthat
I will meet you here.
Here? I never
expectedto meet you again.
I had read in thenewspapers.
I came to Mumbai
yesterday for someofficework.
You arelooking beautiful.
Did you do it, Kevin?
No, I did not. I didn't
meet Shalini that day.
Where were you that day?
I am telling you, I had a flight.
Try to understand, Anurag.
Onepilotwas spotted
visiting her house at 7am...
...and heleft from
thereafter 15 minutes.
That's impossible.
That's alie!
I was caught in
traffic at 7am on that day.
I had aflight. I am telling you.
No smoking, Anurag.
It's a government office.
Did you notice any changein
Shalini duringthelast few days?
Yes, she seemed
fearful due to somereason.
Shewas fearful? Any reason?
I don't know that.
She never told me.
And she had started
drinking a lot from last few days.
Does yourwifeknow about Shalini?
No, shedoesn't know that.
Sheshouldn't know this please.
How did you meet Shalini?
At one painting exhibition.
Uma was along with me.
And shepurchased
Shalini's paintingtoo.
What did you want from her, Anurag?
Aman visits theother
woman after marriage...
...only fortwo reasons.
Physical intimacy or love.
Which was it for you?
You didn't wantto betogether?
I couldn't leave Uma.
- Why?
They don't haveany children.
Shesuffers from acute depression.
And Shalini?
- What?
Didn'tshewant you
both to betogether...
Shenever spoke about it.
What do you know about her past?
Shewould stay in Delhi.
Shewas a painter.
She had come to Mumbai
two years ago. That's it.
Tell mesomething, Anurag.
Didn't you get any official
transport orcar from the airlines?
I preferto drive my own car
when I part from theairport.
'So, whatis it?
- What? '
'Abirthday, some anniversary? '
'Or any quarrel because
ofthese two reasons? '
'Whatis it? '
'But how do you know that? '
'Did you see anyoneelse
therein these clothes? '
'I was waiting for my husbandthere.'
'Lt's ourfirst anniversary today.'
'Wewill havedinner together.
But as usual.'
'As usual, Akshay called
up at the lastmoment...
...that he has some urgent work
and he has to go to Bangalore.'
'Kevin? Kevin? '
'Kevin? '
'Kevin? '
'Kevin? '
What do you think, Nilesh?
Strange. She was a
professional painter.
She was earningwell. Good clients.
But still thereis
no oneexcept Kevin...
...who knows moreabouther.
Nilesh Bhargav.
Kevin, I want to help you...
...if you areinnocent.
I'd like you to tell
metheentire truth.
You said in thecourt
that you know Shalini...
...from last eight years.
You loved her. You
weregoingto marry her.
But she didn't come, I
mean she didn't turn up.
'Kevin, let's elope.'
Am I correct? So you haveamotive.
Although not a very strong one
but still, you havea motive.
You came from Calcutta
to Mumbai on August 24th...
...and you met Shalini that night.
And shewas murdered
thenext morning.
I am not entirely convinced.
You wantto saythat
from last eight years... werenot in
terms with each other?
And suddenly after eight
years you clashed with her... an unknown city
on the first night.
And the nextmorning
shewas murdered. - Yes.
Tell me something,
Kevin. Where did you meet her?
Andwhat exactly
happened that night?
I havesaid this many
times in thecourt, sir.
Pleasesayit once
again for my sake.
'Kevin? '
'All thetrolleys drowned
in the storm that night.'
'Dad's business was finished.'
'Hewas devastated. He fell sick.'
'I couldn'thave left
him in that condition.'
'I visited your
houseon thenext day.'
'But you had alreadyleft.'
'I kept on waiting.
Then weshifted to Delhi.'
'Dadwanted to getme
married in arich family.'
'I had not reason to refuse too.'
'Myhusbandwas settled in Dubai.'
'Theonly thing he was interested
in was physical intimacy.'
'Dad passed away aftertwo years.'
'There was nothing left in Goa,
so, I stayed at Delhi... '
'... fortwo more years.'
'Then I shiftedto Mumbai.'
I didn't go. I waited for you.
Kevin, you havechanged a
lot in theseeight years.
You even look so different.
Total corporate types, right?
Oryou would'veown a
chain of saloons. Sorry.
Dadwould'veprobably approved
ifhewould've seen you now.
I never heard your
name till eight years.
Do you still paint?
- No.
Aditya, this is Kevin.
He is my old friend.
Can you imagine, we have
met after eight years!
Kevin, this is Aditya.
Well, heis studying Engineering.
Heis a bright young boy.
Aditya, why don't you join us?
You had an appointment
with Dr. Sushilatoday.
I know, Adi, actually I met
Kevin after so many years...
Yes. Right.
Why did you have an
appointment with thedoctor?
Traction. As old-agesymptom.
Didn't you getproneto it till now?
Where I'vekept the money?
Where is thejewellery?
I don't remember anything.
I wonderwhere I misplace
my earrings and bangles.
Then I neverfind them again.
I think I'm just losing it.
And Aditya? Why does
he visit thedoctor?
Hejust drives methere.
You loved to drive, didn't you?
There is no joy of
driving in Mumbai.
You arestuck
in traffic forhours.
I'll get it.
Kevin, he is just a
wealthy father's son...
...who just wants to
sleep with me, but I don't.
I haven't.
I think I'll make amove.
I'vean appointment.
You still hold it
against me, don't you, Kevin?
It was not easy for me.
I visited your house
but you were gone.
You didn't even givemethat chance.
It is an eight years old matter,
Shalini. Let's move on.
No, Kevin.
Itwas very difficult for
meto ignorethatperson...
...who had doneso much
for meafter mymother.
Itwas a very difficult
decision for meto make.
But that you didn't realise.
Because for you, everything
had to bein black orwhite.
Do or die. Everything had to
beat the press of abutton.
You must be feeling veryhappy... seeme in this condition,
don't you?
An alcoholic. No life. And
still holding on to my past as if...
Look, Shalini.
- Don'tlook Shalini me, Kevin.
Your ego was hurt
becausel was unable... takea decision right then.
Becausehow can
anyonebut your lordship...
...ever useany decision, right?
Good night, Shalini. - Yes, Of
course. Ofcourse, good night.
You will saythis because you
must be feeling that you are...
...standing in front of a whore,
to whom young boys...
...comelatein thenight
for abang.
Enough, Shalini!
I wasn't feeling well.
I returned to myhotel,
and afterthat...
...I was at the bar thewholenight.
That's true. Thebar
manager had given this statement.
And you cameto meet Shalini
in themorning again, right?
'Shalini! Shalini? '
'Shalini? '
'Shalini? Shalini? '
'Shalini? '
'Shalini? '
'Shalini? '
'Murder! Murder! Murder! '
'Shalini! '
- 'Murder! '
Two head injuries were
detected in Shalini.
Accordingto the post
mortem report...
...onewas an old wound and
otherwas a fresh injury.
Can you tell us anything
about this old injury? - No.
Did Shalini evertell you
anything abouther fear?
She was completely changed.
I wouldn't haveknown
even if she had any fear.
Why did you come to Mumbai?
Why, Kevin? Why?
For a painting assignment.
Andwho is Rati Bose?
Sheis my friend.
What did you do after you left Goa?
I wouldwork for a
clearing and furbearing company.
- Trizona. Delhi.
- It was not afixed job, sir.
Andwhy... abroad or Paris?
Scholarship. A painter
was selected every year...
...and Shalini was
selectedthat year.
According to the
post-mortem report...
...Shalini was murdered
between 7-8am in themorning.
Kevin was presentat
the barthewhole night.
It's possible that he returned
and killed her in the morning.
But I am justnot convinced,
you know.
Adityahas aticket for Kochi.
And it is notused so...
And Rati Bose. Wedon't
know anything about her.
And Anurag? Anurag has no LMI.
Theinjury which
Shalini gotat night...
...itwas possible only
in Kevin's presence.
And Kevin is lying, Nilesh.
Heis lying.
Theblood was fresh, Dixit.
Yeah, I know. I know.
But itis possible that Kevin had
comethere in themorningto check...
...and he foundthatShalini
is aliveandthattimehe...
It's possible. Deception in love.
An old wound. Wine. Revenge.
It's possible. Hecan do it.
Aditya can do it too
out ofjealousy.
And Anurag...
- Blackmail?
Yes, sir.
Guru, what are you thinking?
I'm thinkingwhy do they
both want to save me... all of a sudden?
Remember my advice.
Nevertrust a woman.
How long has it been
sincesomeonehas comehere?
I guess amonth. Right?
- Yes, aboutthat time.
Do you have anyone from
the forensic department...
...who can work offtherecord?
Yes, I have.
Get this grill scanned.
And match it.
I will.
"Cometo my place for
sometime, my darling."
"Comehere forsome time."
He is Mr. Bhargav.
He wants to makeenquiries.
I'm always at your service.
Legally yours, sir.
Mr. Ramprasad, how many such
packets do you prepare everyday?
Sir, this is a wholeday's work.
It goes on.
The day Shalini was murdered here...
...had you seen thepilot
and Kevin coming here?
Yes, sir.
And you had also told about a
blue Maruti carin the court?
Yes, sir.
Where was itparked?
Overthere, sir.
Actually, that parking
place is Mrs. Malkani's.
She leaves in themorning to
drop her children to school.
Mr. Ramprasad, there
are thousands of... Maruti cars in this city.
- Yes, sir.
So, perhaps it might
besomebody else's car?
It might not beofthatpilot?
Sir, I had seen them
going inside the house.
And while going back?
Theblue Maruti?
Sir, I didn't seeit. I
did notpay attention.
- Yes.
Mrs. Dixit has come to meet you.
Mrs. Dixit?
Mrs. Anurag Dixit.
What can I do for you?
Mrs. Dixit?
Anurag did notkill Shalini,
Mr. Bhargav.
Did you know about both ofthem?
I'm his wife.
How can you say
confidentlythat Anurag...
I'vetold you that I'm his wife.
Anurag can do anything but...
Hecannot kill somebody.
Please don't cry.
He is innocent.
Pleasedon't cry. I
become very uncomfortable.
I just becomenervous
when women cry.
- Heis innocent.
Yes, I'm sure, he is, but...
How can you know this?
Look, Mrs. Dixit. A
girl has been murdered.
Your husband Anurag is
justa suspectas ofnow.
Nobodyknows aboutit.
Nothing has been proved yet.
You know!
Mr. Bhargav, justa
small request. Please.
Nobody should know that I
had cometo meet you today.
Sure. I promise you.
Thank you.
Pleaseallow me.
Thank you.
Good night, Mrs. Dixit.
Good night.
Mrs. Dixit, I know that
you areAnurag's wife.
But how did you think
of comingto me?
I heard him talking
to commissioner.
Forthefirsttimein his life, your
papais slightly confused, dear.
Papais smart, right?
Blue Oranges.
The very quest for
happiness leads us away from it.
Ittakes us to many a shoreto
getaway from thereal goal.
A real happiness lies within
theconfines ofour own selves.
Seek not in theworldwhat lies...
What not...
"To the conflicting thoughts."
"To wayward paths."
"Whatis yourpromiseto them?"
"What is your promise?"
"Oh, life, tell me."
"Whatis yourintention?"
"Whatis yourintention?"
"Even in crowd
everybody is walking lonely."
burning in their own fire."
"Whatis the fault?
Whatkind ofpunishment?"
"Why do welose even afterwinning?"
"Oh, life, tell me."
"Whatis yourintention?"
Can I drop you somewhere?
Yes, sure.
How much?
How much?
You are giving a wrong
person a ride, sweetheart.
I'm not a strumpet.
First left and straight.
"Tell me, O life...
...what's your intention?"
How longwas Shalini
stayingwith you?
Around one and a half years.
Can you tell something about her?
She was agood girl. She
would paytherent on time.
She was apleasure seeking girl.
Drinks, manymen.
Even on that night, therewas a
sound of a drink bottlebreaking.
Sir, we are ordinary people.
Rent is very important for us.
With this court and policematters,
I'll be finished.
Mr. Goel, can you tell me
something aboutthatnight?
Therewas sound offighting.
Two orthree?
- Four.
The fourth scream was heard
15 minutes afterthe third.
You'vetold in thecourt
that you heard Shalini saying...
"I'll kill you."
Fourth scream. There
was a male voice too.
I'll kill you.
Therewas a man's voice
afterthethird scream too.
But 'I'll kill you' was
after the fourth scream.
Who was upstairs?
Must be Kevin. We
didn'tsee him going out.
Mr. Goel, you didn't
see him while coming in?
Ramprasadtoldthatin the court.
When you heard Shalini
saying 'I'll kill you... '
Didn't you go up and check?
Sir, Shalini would
scream even when alone.
Therewas sound of
her crying many times.
On that night wehad
dinner and wereon bedto sleep.
Who else stays with you?
Our son Hari. He is studying inside.
Graduation. B. Com.
Thirdtime. He has failed twice.
Hari also heard thesound offights.
Would you like to meet him?
Why not?
Hari! Dear Hari!
Open thedoor, Hari.
Hari, pleaseopen the door.
Hari, what happened?
Hello, Hari.
Son, he is Mr. Bhargav.
Hewants to talk about Shalini.
I won't takemuch of yourtime.
What were you doing?
I dosed offwhilel was reading.
You were sleeping?
- Yes.
- What do you mean?
I mean, on the bed or on
thetable while reading.
Did you hear anything
on thatnight, Hari?
Yes. Thesound offighting.
How many hours do
you studyin a day?
12 to 15 hours.
On this table?
You werereading here
on that night.
Did you see somebody
coming and going?
No. Thatside is blocked.
Do you know Shalini?
Afterwaking up from sleep,
firstly, you comb your hair.
Because your hair are
not dishevelled at all.
Let's go. Thank you.
My pleasure.
Such mistakes should
not berepeated again.
Your casecan get
weakenedwith such reports.
Why do you both want to help me?
Just alack of occupation.
When you left
Shalini's house on that night...
...had you closed thedoor?
Perhaps, I did.
Tell me something, Kevin.
Did you reallynot know
anything about that old injury?
Nilesh, someinformation has
been obtained from Rati Bose.
In thelast oneand a halfmonths...
...she had come to Mumbai twice.
She had comeon 25th too.
The day Shalini was murdered.
Shehad come for just one day.
Sheis coming again today.
I wantto know why
I'vebeen brought here.
Is this a way?
Madam, why do you get angry at me?
You talk to the boss.
Call yoursuperiors now. I
want an explanation now.
Boss has arrived.
Rati Bose?
- Yes.
Weare talking about Kevin Toraso.
You know him. Heis in
our custody right now.
We want to getsome
matters clarified. That's all.
So to getsome matters clarified,
you bring...
...peopleherein this manner?
I'm sorry. We apologise forthat.
When this incident occurred, madam...
On Friday 25th lastmonth.
You werein Mumbai?
You cameto Mumbai
Yes. I had a meeting
with SCM bank chairman.
This incident occurred
earlyin the morning.
I don't think bankers have
their meeting early in themorning.
Even theones that don'tsleep.
What time was your meeting?
At 11 o'clock.
Yourflight had landed at 6 o'clock.
I had aroom booked
in hotel Continental.
You can check theirrecords.
And office always
books a room for methere.
How did you find out
about themurder?
I read in newspapers.
Right. Thank you.
Thank you. Can I leavenow?
Of course, you mayleave.
When we need you, I'll call.
And when you need to be summoned,
you should come.
Ofcourse, I understand
your anxiety.
But you should have told
oncewhat you areup to?
We'll call ourwitness.
Dear, papa is abit confused.
Can you help?
You think this will help?
Shewas suffering from sciatica.
That's whyl had
advised traction to her.
Was it very painful?
Sometimes, yes. And to
add her alcohol problems.
That only added to them.
Did someoneusually accompanyher?
Aditya Mehra.
On that day, you had goneto
Kochi by a flight, Aditya.
Am I right?
- Our branch officer...
Aditya will reply, Mr. Mehra.
Tell me, Aditya. The
nightbeforewhen Kevin...
...left from Shalini's
houseat about 11:30 at night.
You werestanding outside then.
Near your red Mercedes. Right?
I know that you havesaid
something else in thecourt.
But I think this is thetruth.
Mr. Bhargav, Aditya was at home.
Aditya! Did you know Shalini?
Thank you forbeing honest.
Mr. Bhargav, weare
honourableand responsible citizens.
Aditya, anight beforemurder
you had goneto meet Shalini.
Shehad an appointment with doctor.
How did you both
meet forthe first time?
Shecould not get an auto or a taxi.
I was passing from there.
I offered her lift.
Your son is respectable,
responsible and helpful person.
Tell meAditya, was
Kevin thereon thatnight...
...when you had goneto
Had you met him beforethat?
Did Kevin know you?
You haveared Mercedes, Aditya?
Then how did Kevin Toraso find
out that you've ared Mercedes?
Tell me, Shalini's bedroom
window opens towards the factory.
How did Kevin see you
near thecar, Aditya?
Let me tell you...
- How? Please.
I was not there at that time.
I had gone homestraight.
I got embarrassed
todaybecause of you.
Onlybecause you got
involved with a woman, who...
Aditya, I just hope
you are not telling lies.
No, dad. I swear.
He is lying.
How do you know?
Wherewas Anurag on thatnight?
I didn't ask.
Perhaps Adityahad returned.
Buthesaid hewas in Kochi.
That's what his manager says.
And he was the only
one at thebranch.
But how did Kevin find out
that Aditya has a red Mercedes?
Shalini's bedroom window
doesn't open towards the road.
Nilesh, is it possiblethat
Kevin knew beforehandthat...
...Adityahas such a car.
It's possible. I
didn't think about it.
When is thenext hearing?
I think perhaps he'll get abail.
Your magic is great.
Good morning, sir.
Sir! That woman!
She used to come to Shalini.
Today sheis in veil.
I had not seen her in a veil before.
Who killed her, Kevin?
I don't know.
You still loveher, don't you?
8 years before... yes.
Nothing elsemattered.
And after 8 years?
I just feel sad.
So? What is your plan now?
I'll hirea good lawyerwho
will keep me away from that place.
I don'tunderstandwhy
theywantto help me.
First they had put
me in jail and then...
...thesamepeoplewant to saveme.
But why are you getting
involved in this along with me?
Meeting with you just on one
nighthas changed mylife, Kevin.
Andwhatever has
happened between us...
...l'vetold Akshay
everything about it.
It is anew life for me.
So, yes, I owethatto you.
Good. I could beof
use to you for something.
When are you going back?
I'm not going back.
I'vetaken 15 days leave.
Hey! What do you want?
I want a packet.
Who has sent you?
Dixit. Commissioner Dixit.
- Why?
I'm apoorman, sir.
I had sent it last month
to the police station.
Mr. Promod and Kini
had cometogether.
Both took it, sir.
What do you sell? What?
Narcotics? Drugs? Brown sugar?
What do you sell?
Follow the bluecar.
Hurry up. Quick.
It is notpossible for me
for less than 1 million.
Whatare you saying?
Mr. Qasim had told me...
...that you'll
co-operatewith us fully.
I had agreed to come to
Mumbai at Qasim's instance.
I understand. Mr. Kevin, you've
asked for 1 million. I agree.
But when?
Ltis verylateat night,
Mr. Mehta.
Now you should leave.
Yes, it is very lateat night.
Beforel go, here
are 100,000 as advance.
And this is the reference.
I'll phone you.
When, Mr. Kevin?
One month.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
What do you do, Kevin?
Art agent. I had told you before.
I had come to Mumbai
forthis assignment.
You get 1 million
for oneassignment?
If you are an art agent,
Why do you get involvedwith
somethingwhich you don't know?
I'm sorry.
You make fakes. Don't you?
You make fakes, right?
This is the last one.
I promise.
Trust me.
Wherewere you thenight
beforethemurder, Anurag?
I was at home. Uma was with me.
I'll haveto ask Uma aboutthis.
What timewas yourflight?
I had enquired. Yourflight had got
delayed on that night. Am I correct?
I'veto repeat thesame
thing again and again.
Haven't you seen the
airport crossing signal?
Lts anightmare. I
was stuck in thetraffic.
I'vealreadytold you.
Did Umaknow about you and Shalini?
- No.
Anurag, let's stop playing
this cat and mouse game.
I wantto know thetruth.
I'm not playing any games.
When something happens a
familymember tries to save.
I'venot done anything,
but you areso mean?
Shut up! That's enough.
This is not home.
This is office. That's enough.
What's thematter?
What's your problem?
What's my problem? You
have theanswerto it.
You've caused it.
What do you want to say?
Don'ttry to act innocent.
What do you think? Am I a fool?
Lfl stay athome, it
means I don't know...
...what you aredoing outside home?
Whatam I doing?
Come on, stop it,
Anurag. I know everything.
About Shalini and you.
Don't talk nonsense.
What was it? Was she pregnant?
Enough! Not a word more, otherwise...
Otherwise what will you do?
You'll kill me, right?
Shut up.
Liar. How did heget themoney!
Stealing! It is possible.
Stealing from the dead?
Only onewindow in Shalini's room.
Mrs. Goel heard screams fourtimes...
Hariprasad Goel.
We havegot yourfingerprints.
You had entered Shalini's house.
No. I don't know.
You had given a statement
that you had not gone to...
...Shalini's room since
last one and a half year.
So how is it possiblethat
yourfingerprints arethere?
You'vemurdered Shalini,
darn it. You did.
I didn't.
- You did! - No.
Shutup. You'vemurdered Shalini.
How these
fingerprints were found there?
You've broken thelock ofher house.
Heis lying, Nilesh. He is
lying through his teeth.
You usedto go out from yourwindow.
You used to climb up and you
used to enter Shalini's house.
begun losing her things.
Shewas not losing them.
You used to steal.
You used to steal.
If you tell the
truth and help us then...
...perhaps I'll be ableto help you.
Otherwise... thedecision is yours.
Tell them, son. Tell them.
Hewill help you in some way.
Tell him.
Yes, I had cut thegrill.
You used to steal. You still steal.
Money, jewellery, etc.
You had goneto
Shalini's room to steal.
I'venot murdered anybody.
What elsedid you
notice on that night?
I don't know.
You used to watch thestreet
from yourbathroom window.
You've watched the
street manytimes from there.
When Shalini usedto
comeand leave...
When thehouse was empty...
Had you seen
somebody coming or going...
...after Kevin had left?
I don't know anything. I
havenot seen anything. - Sir!
Thecar has been identified.
It belongs to Mr. Anurag Dixit.
Airline Pilot.
Hey! Hari!
Catch him.
Hari, don't run away!
Hari, listen to me!
Don'trun away.
Catch him.
He's running! Hey, stop! Catch him.
Where are you running away?
Dixit! Dixit!
- Yes.
Hari has not killed Shalini.
What do you mean, he didn't? - Just
tell you guys notto frighten him.
Heis justa drug addict.
What do you mean?
Dixit, ifhehad done it, it
would havebeen an impulsiveact.
Nilesh, heis...
Otherwise his
fingerprints would havebeen found...
...on themurderweapon also.
Hehas admittedthe crime, Nilesh.
This murderwas planned, Dixit.
Don't lethim escape!
- Catch him.
Sir, I swear, my son is innocent.
Pleasesavehim, sir.
Stop! Whereare you running away?
Catch him. He's running. Stop him!
Stop. Don't run.
Nab him!
Catch him. Catch him.
Stop. Don'trun. Stop!
Excuse me.
Push them back.
- Comeon.
Take him to thehospital.
Pleasetake him to
thehospital right now.
Nilesh, I need to meet Anurag.
Now! Beforethe policeget to him.
Comeon. Comeon.
Shinde! Takehim to hospital.
She is alive.
I cameten minutes earlier, sir.
Andwhen I came...
Whereis Anurag?
- Sir has already gone.
You takeherto thehospital.
Dr. Chopra. His number is written
in a dairykept in that drawer.
Uma knew about
Shalini and Anurag, Nilesh.
Patil. Dixithere. Yes.
Intercept Anurag Dixit's car.
Lay a curfew. All exit
points to besealed.
Whatis this? What's going on?
Why am I stopped? Why arethey...
- Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
Uma is atthehospital.
Why? What's wrongwith her?
Don't tryto pretend, Anurag.
What do you mean?
- Arrest him!
Hey? But whathas happened?
- Arrest him I say!
But why?
- Shut up!
- Comeon, take him.
Butwhat have I done?
- Shutup! Get in.
You will haveto tell me
what I'vedone, Brother.
I say go and sit in the van.
But why?
- Go!
Because your car has
been identified.
Go in, I said. Anurag, I don't
wantto listen to anything.
Mr. Goel, I wantto see
Hari's room onceagain.
Uma, whathappened? Did Anurag...
No. Anurag is innocent.
I had extrapills bymistake.
- Why, Uma? Why?
Thenight beforethemurder...
was Anurag at home? - Yes.
Did you ever go to meet Shalini?
Yes. Once ortwice.
To buythepaintings.
Why did you come to thecourt?
Becausel was concerned
about Anurag.
Tell mesomething, Uma.
Did you know about
Anurag and Shalini?
Yes. After her death.
Takecare, Uma.
I know which difficulties
you areundergoing, Kevin.
But that's over now.
Nothing is over yet.
Our Mumbai news-reporter
ShishirJoshi has just reported...
Our Mumbai news-reporter
ShishirJoshi has just reported...
...that thepolicehave
...which theywerehunting
fortheShalini murder case.
This pilot is Anurag Dixit,
the younger brother of...
...thepolicecommissioner of Mumbai.
Afterthis breaking news,
it is possiblethatnow...
...the major suspicion
will beshifted from...
...the main suspect Kevin
Toraso to Anurag Dixit.
Kevin Toraso was released on bail.
Please pay attention,
Anurag Dixit's wife... admitted to thelCU
ward of City Carehospital.
So, thepoliceareunableto
takeany statement from her yet.
And Anurag Dixittoo has
not given any statement yet.
Thesources haveinformed that...
...Commissioner Dixit
alreadyknew about it.
I love you, Kevin.
We tried to ask him, but
herefusedto speak to us.
We'll beback again with the
news relatedto this case.
Hello? Yes?
Yes. Okay. Bye.
Sir, thereis a fax for you.
Dixit, what is the
date on theday wecame... know about that
fake Roy painting?
Okay. Thank you.
Hail Lord Ganesh! Hail Lord Ganesh!
Hello. Her Majesty, Ms.
Rudra Bhargav...
...wishes you a very good evening.
She is not in a moodto
havea drink right now... sheshall join
us in a cool fizz.
Hi, sweetheart. How are you?
To which school do you go to?
Sheis addicted to
this junk, here you are.
She can'ttalk. Please come.
Here weare, Your Majesty.
I'veneverseen such a wheel chair.
I havepersonally designed it.
How did it happen?
It was a car accident.
Mywife, you can seeher photograph.
Shewas killed, myin-laws
were killed, Rudra was paralysed.
And I managedto escape
with justa broken arm.
That's why you stopped practicing?
What option did I have? Who
would havetaken careofher?
Her studies. Schooling.
But that was nottheonlyreason.
So? - I loved being a
detective in my childhood.
I was themonitor ofmy class.
So, when the
interclass plays wereheld...
...I would always
choose detective stories.
And I would playthe
detective's role.
But when I went up to the
stage forthefirsttime...
...I becameso nervous that
I accused the wrong person.
My father almost
disowned me forthat.
Kevin, somewhiskey.
- Yes. Thank you.
- Yes.
Rati, a drink for you?
- No, thanks.
Some juice?
- Yeah, sure.
Okay. Orangejuice. Coming up.
This is Rudra's favourite book.
It says thatifwebelieve
in something, it happens.
Lfwe want to do something
wholeheartedly, wedo it.
Ultimatelywhatwe want to see,
what wethink happens.
So, Rudra and I are
convinced thatshewill...
...definitely walk on
her legs some day.
Of course, you will.
Whyhave you called mehere?
To playthegame of detective.
Mahadevis just not a cook,
he is a chef, you know.
What's wrong, Kevin?
Didn't you like the food?
Oh! It was great.
But you didn't tell me yet, sir,
why have you called me?
If you remember,
Kevin, you wereimplicated... the case of a fake
paintingtwo years ago?
Myinnocencewas proved.
Yes, I know that.
Butl also know that you did it.
You escaped because
technically you were...
...not present where
you should havebeen.
Because you had a strong alibi.
Mohammed Kasim in Delhi.
He said in the courtthat you
were in Delhi and not in Mumbai.
There was arailway strikethat day.
And every passenger
travelling by flightwas scanned.
So? - So? So, I want to
saythat day you were...
...notin Delhi but Mumbai, Kevin.
And you reached Mumbai very fast.
Not bytrain, not by
planebut byroad.
You said you worked for
some Truzor company at Delhi...
A clearing and
forwarding company. Am I right?
Thedaythat painting
was delivered in Mumbai...
...Truzor company of Delhi
had madeone moredelivery.
Mr. Sunil Mehra had
made the delivery.
Theitem ofthe
deliverywas ared Mercedes.
You knew, Kevin. You knew
that Adityahas ared Mercedes.
Neither did I know
Adityanor his father.
Someoneelse had taken
that delivery.
Because you had
a strong alibi. Right?
Mohammed Kasim.
And Mohammed Kasim was theowner...
...ofthe Truzor company, Kevin.
Shalini had apainting
of Krishna and Sita.
Does it mean anything to you?
Did you know Aditya, Kevin?
Did you know Aditya or not?
What's wrongwith you,
Rati? I didn't know him.
Then what's the mystery
of your car and Kasim?
I want to know!
I want to know!
I was here. I was in Mumbai.
I was involved in thatracket.
Butl didn't know that
Shalini is here in Mumbai.
I don't even rememberthatthe
car belonged to Sunil Mehra.
I don't even remember
thatShalini was in Mumbai.
Oh, no! I can't kill,
Rati. I can't ditch Shalini.
'Washing my sins off.'
'You lovedto drive, didn't you? '
'Thereis no joy of
driving in Mumbai.'
'You are stuck in
traffic for hours.'
'I lied to you.'
'I always wash my
sins offwhen I lie.'
'I always wash my
sins offwhen I lie.'
'Shalini, slow down. Slow down.
- Kevin, it's no useto stop menow."
'No! Slow down.
- Kevin, don't beboring.'
'Slow down.
- Wow! What fun! '
'There's no joy
in driving in Mumbai.'
'You are stuck
in traffic for hours.'
Yes, Kevin?
- Why did Anurag kill Shalini?
Anurag didn'tkill anyone.
Thatphotograph is of Delhi, right?
Right. My wife and my
in-laws were from Delhi.
When did this accident takeplace?
Four years ago.
Shalini was also in
Delhi fouryears ago.
Shealways washed her
sins offwhen shelied.
Andthatnight she liedto me.
Who was driving the othercar?
Who was driving the other car,
Nilesh? - Shalini Chauhan.
Very smart, Kevin.
Itwas justan accident.
Just an accident!
Just an accident? You
call itan accident?
Thataccident killed my wife.
Shewas pregnant.
And shedied. My child
also along with her.
Do you see Rudra? Do
you see her condition?
Shecan't talk at all.
Sheis restricted from
thebedto the wheelchair.
That's it. Dayin and day out.
You don'thave any dear
one who is handicapped...
...with whom you have
to spend your life.
That's why you won't realiseit.
Yes. Alas, if only
you had somedear one.
Theyhad suppressed this case.
Just sweptit underthe carpet.
Brake fail? Brake fail, my foot!
She was drunk. Shewas irritated.
Theywere wealthy. Theyhad a
contactwith the higher authorities.
Someone took theblame
upon himself formoney.
That's it. Finished.
Thecase was closed.
And I was unableto do anything.
I was helpless.
Barrister Nilesh Bhargav
was madeto look like a fool.
And you call itan accident?
An accident?
It was not an accident,
itwas a crime. A murder.
Whatis the real reason of
calling me thattime, Nilesh?
To introduce you to Rudra.
How did Shalini get
her firstinjury?
Didn't you hearthesound
ofthe breaking of glass?
- Never mind, it happens.
'Enough, Shalini.'
Why were you inquiring
about Shalini's painting?
Shalini's father's
namewas Janakraj Chauhan.
Think. Think, Kevin. Think.
Shehad to be for it,
Kevin. Shehadto be for it.
Hari's death was not
justa mereaccident.
'Hello! Excuse me.'
'Hi. I'venever seen
you here before.'
'There is a strange feeling
in my stomach. - Excuse me.'
'Lt seems I'm hungry
or I am in love.'
'And the onlyway I can find out
is by taking you out fordinner.'
'Arethose your lines? '
'No. Actually from some film.'
'You must be feeling very happy... seeme in this condition,
don't you? '
'An alcoholic. No life.'
- Yes, sir?
Sendthis to the commissioner.
- Okay.
And send this other oneto
that boy Kevin. Kevin Toraso.
- Yes.
'Papa? '
'Oh my God.'
'Rudra? '
'Call Kevin. - Pleasecalm down.'
- 'Call Kevin.
Okay, we'll call him.
We'll call him.'
'Whereis Kevin? - Doctor,
you will have to do something.'
'Doctor, don't worry about money.'
'Sheis bleeding profusely.'
'What are you doing?
It's paining badly.'
'Yes, dear. I am here. I am here.'
'Doctor, pleasedo something.'
'I can't do anything, Mr. Chauhan.'
'Her alcohol level is very high.
It is apolicecase.'
'Call Kevin.
- Yes. Yes, dear.'
'Call Kevin! - Yes, I'll call him.
I'll call him, dear.'
'I'll call him.'
'Doctor, you will
have to do something.'
'Don't worry about money
at all. Savemy daughter... '
'lt is notthematter
ofmoney, Mr. Chauhan.'
'Look at thegameof destiny,
'You had to cometo me for
this casein this entire Mumbai.'
'The system before
which I had found myself... '
'... so weak and
helpless four years ago...
'... today it has cometo meto
becomethepuppet ofmy hands.'
'Police. Law. Criminal. Evidence.'
'Perhaps I can't express
this feeling in words.'
'Ltwas a sensational game for me.'
'I could change
its rules as I liked.'
'I could control anything.'
'I could convict anyone.'
'I could acquit anyone.'
'I was thecriminal.
I was thejudge.'
'I felt liketheAlmighty.'
'Butthis was a
chance for meas well.'
'To know that person more
personally whom I'vekilled.'
'You know and God is thewitness...
...that I didn't know Anurag.'
'At that time, I could
seeonly one face... '
'... in thepassion of
hatred and revenge.'
'I was so confident ofmy plan.'
'I didn't know that Kevin will
also getinvolved in this case.'
'All theevidences
wereagainst him.'
'To prove Kevin and
Anurag innocent... '
'... it becamemoreimportant for
meto getinvolved in this case.'
'As forthat pilot, I had
purposely chosen a Friday... '
'... with the hopethat the
pilot must havesome alibi.'
'But unfortunately, Anurag
didn't haveany foolproof alibi.'
'My opinion regardingthis case
completely changedwith thesetwo.'
'Now myintention was
to provethem innocent.'
'Morecharacters were
involved duringthis period.'
'Hari's reality, Aditya's lie.'
'This casebecamemore
interesting formewith them.'
'Theyraised so many
questions for me... '
'... that I was unable to
control myself...
...from finding answers to them.'
'Lt was morethan
just agame for me now.'
'I gotinvolved in my
investigation with them.'
'Thethrills of
unanswered questions... '
'... momentarily took me
away from mymain objective.'
'During this, onemoreaccident... '
'... changed the
direction ofthis case.'
'Hari's death.'
'Perhaps, Mr. Goel has paid
thebiggest price in this case.'
'Hehas lost his son.'
'There is a cheque for
him in this envelop.'
'I know this amount can never
compensatehim for his loss... '
'... butrightnow, I can't do
anything for him except this.'
'Dixit, pleasetell him to
changethelock ofhis house.'
'That lock is theroot
causeofall theproblems.'
'I still don't trust that Aditya.'
'I'm surethathewas standing
out of Shalini's housethatnight.'
'Lt doesn't seem strangeto me
now that the circle oflife... '
'... is always completed.'
'The verytheory with
which I would convince... '
'... so many people
during my days ofpractice...
'... was finally
applicableto metoo.'
'A criminal always
returns to thesceneof crime.'
Kevin, why did Nilesh
mention aboutthatpainting?
Shalini's father's name
was Janakraj Chauhan. - So?
The name ofSita's fatherin
Ramayan (Hindu epic) was Janak too.
Shalini was fearful.
Sita was going to her mother.
To her motherland.
Shalini had the fear ofdeath.
Since shehad
spotted Nilesh in Mumbai...
...shecould seedeath in her eyes.
She had started begging for pity.
And Lord Krishna?
Lord Krishnahas manynames.
Nilesh is oneofthem.
You needn'thave donethis, Nilesh.
No onewould havecome to know.
How is Rudra?
- Good. She is happy.
Kevin has returned to Goa again.
He had ameeting with
some alternative therapist...
...who is doing Rudra's
treatment now.
Kevin thinks she will walk again.
- Oh, that's wonderful.
Can I do anything for you?
There are somecases which
needs agood lawyer. So...
All right, Nilesh.
- Thank you.
You arealways welcome.
'Shalini? '
'Shalini, whathappened? '
'Aditya, didn't you leave yet? '
'Shalini, blood?
- It's nothing.'
'You havegotan injury, Shalini.'
'No. I slipped and
theglass pierced me.'
'Nonsense! That Kevin
has done this, right? '
'Kevin has done this to you.'
'That's it! I'm going to kill him.'
'I'll kill him forwhat he
has doneto you. - What? '
'I will kill that idiot! '
'Go away from here.'
'How did you dareto saythis? '
'I will kill you.
Go away from here.'
'Getlost! Never comehere again.
I will kill you.'
'Seek not miracles in theworld,
as they only existwithin oneself.'
miracles aremanifested... '
'... every second of our lives.'
'Ln each bud blooming
into a flower.'
'Ln the first steps of a child.'
'Ln the sun rising everymorning.'
'Ln nursing an ailing
person back to health.'
'Ln drawing unrestrained
love to thelost heart.'
'Miracles are likeblue oranges.'
'They exist onlyin the
realms of one's mind.'
"Whereis the heart
searching for signs ofhappiness?"
"The entireworld
dwells within you."
"If you look through your heart..."
"...the happiness is
therewhere you are."
"The signs ofhappiness."
"How didthatinnocent
"Where did the flowers
get its colour from?"
"Have you ever stopped
for amoment to ponder?"
"All such miracles
dwell within you too."
"Theheaven resides
wherever you see."
"Whereis the heartsearching
for signs ofhappiness?"
"The entireworld
dwells within you."
"The signs ofhappiness."
"Whereis the heart
searching for signs ofhappiness?"
"The entireworld
dwells within you."
"If you look through
your heart..."
"...the happiness is
therewhere you are."