Blue Room (2022) Movie Script

Are you ready?
Where are you exactly?
Sir, is it okay to park here?
Perhaps over there.
- Miss, can I have your milk tea?
- Perhaps over there.
I'm so thirsty.
Fine. Take it!
Is there any left?
Give me some!
Hey! It's barely enough.
You didn't have to grab it...
What the fuck is this?
It's all water, asshole!
Dumbass! This girl gave it to me!
It's almost out.
- This isn't bad.
- It's free, don't complain.
I should kick your ass.
Let's go.
Spot that guy in black.
- Can you do it?
- Yeah.
Just bug him.
Share some, okay?
We'll split it.
Hello, Mom?
- Mister!
- What?
- Some spare change, sir.
- Mister!
What did you tell that bastard?
- Come on, mister!
- Go home!
He really had the nerve, huh?
We should've sued him!
Come on, let's sue him!
Mom, I know how much you love him
but he really screwed us over!
I'll get him locked up
once I become rich.
Go get some rest.
Why did I say that?
Fuck this!
Okay, ma'am.
That's on the eighteenth right?
Alright, I'll discuss it with the band.
Okay, ma'am.
We are available on that date
Okay, ma'am Lara.
Bye. Take care.
Yeah! They want to include us
in their back to school campus tours.
Holy shit! That's good!
It's crazy!
We've not been on Musicarnival yet but
we're already getting this much hype!
You know if Machine Goonz
is still in the lineup...
But, so what?
Chigz, don't let Fritz get to you. Okay?
Sure, but do it in a constructive way.
I understand what you're saying.
That's it. Stop here, sir.
How much is it?
Up to you, sir.
How much do you usually pay?
I don't really know the going rate here.
Okay, sir. Just give me 250.
Here, sir.
Hey, sir! This is a 500!
Take it! You got me here
from Marikina in 20 minutes.
You've earned it.
- Thank you, sir.
- I thought I wasn't gonna make it.
- Thank you, sir, thank you!
- Thank you. You take care.
Okay, sir!
I'm good.
Where's Chigz and Rocky?
- What the fuck? I got here before you?
- Christian!
- Christian!
- You slow pokes.
Can you help?
- Check that we've got all the equipment.
- Sir, got spare change?
- No, I've got nothing.
- They've been at it.
- No, we don't have change.
- Caught in traffic?
- No, we don't have change.
- Yeah, a little...
- Yeah, looks like people are out.
- Speaking!
- Spoken to the organizer yet?
- Shit! My cellphone!
- Oh, fuck!
- His phone!
- Wait!
- Where?
Asshole! Hey!
They're fast!
Let's call the cops.
There's a station nearby.
- Fuck, it's gone.
- Christian.
- Fuck!
- It's gone.
- Don't expect the cops to help.
- Christian.
- Fuck.
- It's not paid in full yet.
Let's just get you a new one.
New phone?
Didn't you hear me?
- It's not yet fully paid!
- Enough.
Get your hands off!
- Let's go.
- It's okay. Focus.
Chigz is gonna treat you.
Fuck. Why me? Asshole!
We left our equipment.
We haven't unloaded yet.
Why did you go away?
What was my mistake?
Why did you go?
You didn't even let me know
You didn't even let me know
Yes, ma'am.
Rocky, look.
Oh, sorry. I didn't notice.
- Sorry, Rocky. I'll stop.
- You're fucked.
Oh, by the way, this is Chigz.
To all the ladies,
I just got broken up with.
- It's here.
- That's all of it?
- Our merch?
- This is it.
- Shoot!
- Hold up. Drum roll!
- Nice!
- Sick design!
Guys, we're officially a band.
We've got merch!
- Okay, it's official.
- I know! Sick right?
Hold on, guys.
Can we all agree on something?
How do we pronounce our name?
"Re-bel Re-bel" or "Rebel Rebel"?
Okay, so we are the Rebel Rebel.
But, but...
Before we start our set, we've got...
Which should we do first?
Good news!
Bad news it is!
Christian here. Got his phone snatched.
Got a speech? Here.
So, if someone texts you asking for money,
that's not me.
That's Troy.
Okay, alright.
Now for the good news.
And the one with the sickest pick up lines
wins two tickets to Musicarnival.
- You guys want that?
- Yeah!
Just look out for updates
on our social media pages.
Am I right?
I didn't!
Who's that?
Excuse me.
It's really, really expensive.
Your tickets are pricey.
Guys, look who's back from the dead.
Anton! Anton!
Anton! Anton!
- Hey, Christian!
- Anton! Anton!
Anton! Anton!
Alright, due to insistent public demand.
You down?
- I'm down.
- Anton! Anton!
Let's get a mic here.
Anton! Anton!
It's a reunion!
My whole world
Suddenly in darkness
The moment I lost you
Why did you go away?
You went away from me
Words that I
Always ask
Oh, I just need to know
The truth
Why did you go away?
What was my mistake?
Why did you go away?
You didn't even let me know
You didn't even let me know
Thank you!
Thank you!
Oh, I missed all of this!
Guys, I've missed this. I missed this.
- Thanks, Christian. Thank you.
- It's fine.
Man, just hang for a bit.
Why? You're leaving?
I'll catch up later.
Don't want to be called a slacker.
You're always slackin'.
That's why you're single.
Get back in there!
Noisy fuck.
What happened?
So that's why Lyka's not here.
Damn, I've just heard about you guys.
Now it's over.
But it's okay, man.
Fuck her!
Oh, shit! Sorry. Are you friends?
No, but I'm a woman too.
No, but if she did,
is it my fault I'm hot?
My point exactly.
Cheating boys are hot,
but a cheating girl is a slut?
Well, I mean... as they say,
old habits die hard.
- Let's welcome Anton back, shall we?
- Right. Agree to that.
Dude, why are you back all of a sudden?
- You here for good?
- Well, I mean...
For now.
So, you've been to a lot of places.
For now my ass.
Alright. Let's see.
- Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia...
- Nice.
Laos. It's beautiful.
- Tibet.
- Tibet!
So you climbed Mt. Everest?
Climb? Do I look like some tourist?
I've seen your Insta stories
and here I thought
you'd finally reached enlightenment.
- But Tibet's a waste. You're still a dick.
- It's nirvana!
It's not on the tip of Everest, asshole.
- It was hard.
- You okay?
Yeah, no.
Is that the work of a decent cop?
You're not ashamed for your family?
By the way, man.
I've made some new music lately.
- That's deep! Southeast Asia?
- Of course!
I'll play it for you.
There. Go.
- That groove.
- Gravy! Great!
This is good. It's good.
Only problem is,
I still don't have lyrics for it.
Oh, dude, if you want we can collab.
- Let's go!
- Right!
Let's do that.
You better be sure.
Don't you dare ditch me.
- Yeah?
- Oh, wait sorry.
You're the richest man but...
Just gonna take this. Sorry.
Leave it.
But what? But you got dick on your head.
Hey, sis?
You're sleeping over at Armi's?
Okay. Alright.
- Hold on.
- What is it?
- One sec, I just gotta do something.
- You okay?
- Yeah I'm okay.
- Where?
- I'll just be here.
- I need you over there.
I don't need you!
Let's chill here.
I've been calling you
but your phone's unavailable.
My phone got snatched earlier.
sorry to hear that, bro.
It's okay.
The thief ran off fast.
Try it,
see if it's effective with your dad.
I'm kidding.
I can get you a refund.
Just have to check with doc.
Yeah 'cause Grammy's
expecting us tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Okay, sis. Alright.
Shit. Low battery.
It's okay.
- Hey, Rocky.
- Can I charge my phone?
Oh, yes, sure.
My phone died.
You okay?
Thank you!
I'm just gonna go to the toilet.
Hold on. Stay.
- I got it.
- Okay.
Get the receipt too.
I really love your song "Went Away."
Oh, thank you.
Have you moved on from your ex?
No... it's about...
"Went Away" is actually about my mom.
Why don't you take a seat?
Okay, I'm just gonna take a piss.
Look. You want some?
- Want some?
- What is it?
I'll have it.
That's not mint.
Alright then.
Yes! Now I can pay for my phone.
- Woah.
- It's not paid yet?
It's fine.
What matters is,
we're alive. Okay?
Christian, I'm really grateful for this.
Hope it works for my dad.
Let's pray for it, bro.
But hide it in your bag, okay?
Who knows?
Even if that's medicine,
"Operation Peace" might tag you.
Got it, bro.
Damn, baby you look so good.
- Why?
- Lyka's here.
- Lyka?
- Yes, your Lyka.
Don't be obvious.
Don't be stupid.
You're being obvious.
Bro, don't...
I can't do this. I can't.
Here of all places. In public?
In front of all these people?
While you're with him?
While you're with him?
Please talk to me.
What else is there to talk about?
Both of you.
- Don't you touch me, okay?
- Okay.
- Don't come near me.
- Chill. You okay?
- Let's just go.
- Hold this for me, baby. It's okay.
Let's just chill.
Is that okay?
Nice tattoo. Let me see!
Hey, stop it!
Patrick! Hey!
That's enough!
- Hey!
- That's enough!
- Chigz!
- The fuck!
Chigz! Chigz, enough!
The fuck? Goddamnit!
You fucking asshole!
That's enough!
Don't you dare come here!
- Fuck you!
- Sir, let go.
You arrogant jerk! Fuck you!
Fuck you!
- You're a loser!
- Enough! Sir, let go.
- You've got some nerve!
- Chigz, Chigz it's over.
- Come on, dude.
- Come on.
Bring him in. Bring him inside, please.
Acting like some big shot.
- Get inside, sir.
- What happened?
Oh, we're all set? Double check it, okay?
- That's it?
- No, we got it. It's okay.
- Going home?
- No, we got it. It's okay.
You guys don't want to...
grab some porridge?
For real? Chigz just got beat up.
The first punch was mine.
Oh, come on!
It's Chigz' coming of age.
- Fuckin' hurts. The fuck!
- Hey!
What if something happened to Chigz?
Even our Musicarnival would be a bust.
That hurts.
- But you guys, Rocky is right.
- Excuse me.
Who the fuck are you?
Who are you? Get out of Anton!
Come on, let's go. Come on.
Wait, we're going now?
- Yeah!
- Well, Rocky. Wait, wait.
I want... I want some porridge.
- Seriously?
- Right?
- Chigz.
- No. Look, Rocky.
You need to understand
that I just got beat up.
My body hurts. I need comfort food.
- Right?
- To feel it, guys.
- Comfort me.
- Yeah, yeah.
Well, how are you going home like that?
- That's the thing.
- I'll do it.
I'll just...
You'll drive?
- Boys, get in.
- Porridge!
Just drop me off at McKinley after.
I knew you had a hidden agenda.
You guys good?
Just slowly. Troy!
- Fuck. Can you even drive?
- Sorry.
- I almost spilled my...
- For real?
- Your brakes are too sensitive...
- How is it my fault?
- You're the driver.
- Can you do it?
Yeah, here we go.
Slowly. Oh, dear God. Please!
My God help us!
Fuck, Anton. Bro,
your magic cookies are fake news.
Just wait for it, dude.
- No, I took it a while ago. Still nothing!
- No!
- No effect yet?
- Nothing? Alright, take more.
- Bro, I'll take some.
- Me too.
- Easy there.
- Hold on.
Chigz, hydrate.
Troy. Troy!
You're driving!
- The hell, Anton?
- Did you just put a little?
Just a little!
Troy, don't! You're driving!
Anton, you're so annoying!
- There's no kick!
- Just to get a little kick, Rocky.
Please, be responsible.
Come on, you're driving.
Troy is driving!
- I'll take it. Do what you want. Here.
- Yes, sir!
Up to you.
Let's share, bro.
- Shit I've missed this.
- Go ahead guys.
- Take it easy.
- You've missed it?
- Take it easy.
- What do you mean?
So you never smoked weed?
- In Tibet or Indonesia?
- Yeah.
- In Laos?
- No, man.
- Fuck you.
- No.
Okay, alright.
Except that one time
I went on the Ayahuasca retreat.
Tell us.
Come on, tell us. Tell us!
- Woah.
- Tell us.
Dude, that's the reason why I stopped.
For real? It's that life changing?
It was that bad a trip, man.
It was that bad... Okay,
I'll tell you.
At the...
- Want some?
- At the start, it was good.
Easy there, guys.
It's really gonna bring you
psychedelic nirvana.
Awesome, right?
Well, okay it was awesome, alright?
At the start.
And on my last shot, man.
It brought me down to hell, bro!
That is fuckin' hell, bro.
- Save the rest for later.
- Hey. Easy, easy.
That's the meaning of fucking hell.
On and on, man.
It's crazy
and when I got sober, man.
- Shit!
- Disgusting.
- Yeah, so, okay...
- Hey, dude.
it really was like life changing.
- 'Cause you have to abstain for two weeks.
- You guys, okay?
So you need to do vegan diet
and stop all vices.
- That's rough.
- Even sex.
- Even sex?
- What?
I had to quit sex, man. For two weeks.
- Depressing. It was sad.
- That's hard.
I'm so sad.
And now?
You're back on vice and meat?
And sex!
- Very Antonian.
- Very Anton.
That's probably why Ayahuasca's
prescribed for crazies.
'Cause it's the opposite effect.
It'll fix their brains.
Crazies? For real?
Speak up, Christian!
What I mean is
those who are legit psychotic...
like clinical.
Those clinically depressed...
Do you have a problem with...
Your sister is just clinically
depressed. She's not yet...
Okay. Nope, that's out of line.
You're out of line.
You're just digging yourself deeper.
That's enough.
- Keep quiet. Just enjoy it, man.
- Sorry moma-ger.
You guys are so high.
I'm jealous.
See that?
It's crazy.
Look at that, man.
See that?
Can't you see it? Look!
Still hasn't changed, man.
It's been like this for years.
You know,
I used to think
the Philippines was
the only one struggling.
But then I realized,
when I traveled,
especially in Southeast Asia,
it's all the same.
- Just Insta stories.
- The only difference is language.
Also color,
But that's it, no other difference.
It's all the same.
You know,
'Cause I have a house to come home to.
And I have a phone that I can use
to post stories!
By the way, whatsup to my viewers. Hi!
- I can't believe people watch this shit.
- See, there's so many. Hi.
Oh, my God.
This again.
Why do you have to bring
such bad vibes, Rocky?
What the hell?
Don't you ever get tired?
I've been out of the group for so long.
Like you have something to say,
say it in your own stories.
Go there and make a speech.
- Yeah, but we can hear it. It's annoying.
- Leave my stories alone.
- You're so insensitive.
- Then don't listen.
- Aren't you aware?
- Anton.
And we're just normal people.
- Such bad vibes.
- Exactly.
Guys, that's the problem.
Is it us?
- There's po-po.
- Shut up!
- Go there, right there.
- Pull over here.
Fuck, don't be obvious!
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
What's our violation?
Back up into the checkpoint.
- There was a checkpoint?
- Asshole!
It's 'cause you're too rowdy!
- Me?
- What did you do?
- Holy shit.
- Shut your mouths. You're all high.
What is it?
- You're too loud. Stop...
- No.
I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't see the checkpoint.
It's not just that, sir.
That's a "No left turn."
- Where, sir?
- Right there!
And yet you turned.
- Shit. Sorry, sir.
- Guys record this.
I didn't see. It's pretty dark here.
Did we bother anybody?
- Hey!
- I got this.
What's that?
You on Facebook live?
Why, sir? Is it illegal?
Not really.
Just asking.
- B-R-A-N-D-Y Santiago vlog!
- Holy shit...
You think it's funny?
You think it's funny?
It's funny, huh?
Sir, can't you let us off this once?
'Cause first off, you can barely see...
See, it's barely visible!
Yeah. She's right.
And the streetlights are all dead.
How can you expect us to see it?
- It's like jail bait for motorists, sir.
- Exactly.
Looks like you came with a lawyer.
Kindly take out your...
license, sir.
Alright, sir. Hold on.
what's that?
What's on that tissue?
Want some?
You know the jingle in the commercial...
Goes well with coffee...
I see.
let's have a taste.
Give it.
- Oh...
- Son of a gun!
- Sorry, it's just my license.
- Forget it. It's fine. It's dirty now.
Just relax.
You're all too nervous.
Your license.
Damn. I almost forgot.
You're trying to trick me.
- So?
- Sir. Well, sir.
I mean. I left my license, sir.
Sir! What do we do?
Says he's got no license.
- What?
- No license.
Why are you driving without a license?
Thing is, sir...
I... I left it in my other car.
Drive a lot of cars.
Alright, sir.
Please take out your car registration.
Okay, sir.
I think it's there.
Try the glove compartment...
I'm confused. Who's car is this?
- Oh, sir, it's mine.
- Yours?
So why are you driving?
Well, sir.
He's already drunk.
I'm a little drunk so I... I can't...
Looks like they've been clubbing.
Hey, blondie.
Eyes there.
Look at the face of this one.
Got into a fight!
This one looks like a badass.
I'm sure it's there.
...kindly open the back.
Let them...
- Bro, you check the back.
- Just press the thing.
- That's it, sir.
- Sir!
How does it work?
- Dude, I'm told this is illegal.
- What?
- They can't do this.
- What's it say?
- It's illegal for them to do a search.
- Where?
- In the comments of my live.
- Show me.
No license.
No registration.
They're drunk. One's even bruised up.
Their eyes look like
they're high as kites...
- Positive!
- What?
- Positive!
- You're doomed.
I knew it! Let me see.
- What is it, sir?
- Guys, who is it?
It's not mine.
Dude, I don't mess with that stuff.
- Positive for what?
- The fuck is that?
Looks like it's about 50 grams.
Holy shit. 50 grams!
Hot damn!
-It's not mine
- Thank you.
- Well, I saw...
- Christian. Don't press on his tattoo...
- My tattoo!
- You'll knock over our stuff!
- It's a new tattoo...
- You okay, bro?
- Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay.
- What the hell are you doing?
- What is it, man? What?
What if someone breaks
a string at the Musicarnival
and I try to borrow some
but no one would help?
What if you don't have sticks,
if you're off key...
- Christian what are you thinking?
- Nothing's happened yet, bro.
It's alright.
Just breathe. Inhale, exhale.
- Why do you baby him?
- What?
- Just trying to help.
- Okay, don't listen to mommy.
You know, Christian,
that won't happen if you
double check all your equipment.
Make sure you've got all you need. Okay?
You know what? Here's my advice.
- Let's smoke!
- Hey!
Sheesh. No matter how rich or poor,
everyone's a drug user here.
They know it's wrong
but they keep doing it.
Such brats!
But try bringing them to Saudi...
Let's see if they don't straighten up.
That's why you're still lucky!
You got nabbed in the Philippines.
If this happened in Saudi?
Off with your head, kid!
And for rape, off with your dick!
You know, this will be easier
if the culprit just confessed.
Fuck you.
Why are you both staring at me?
No, I know for a fact
that none of us use it.
- Come on, man.
- I'm not talking to you.
You talk too much, huh?
Maybe it's you, miss?
It's like they say, first to cluck
is the one who farted.
Maybe it's you?
I pity your parents suffering for you.
you look like a bunch of rich kids.
You can fool around with drugs,
get rotten high.
It's fine.
They can easily send you
to some high-end rehab.
But now, your luck's run out.
'Cause we caught you.
Get in here.
Move faster!
I said go inside!
Hurry. Over here.
Move faster I said go inside!
Hurry the fuck up!
Hurry! Hurry!
Hurry up.
Get inside the blue room.
Get in.
Grab a chair.
Ma'am, sit beside me
so we can be close.
Let her sit!
I'll go get boss.
Have some to calm your nerves.
Oh. He doesn't like my cheap cig?
My apologies.
I'm so sorry.
You smoke?
And I thought
you were the good one in the group!
What a turn off!
If I may suggest,
just between us.
I think it's really ugly
for a girl to smoke.
Right? Honestly.
Come to think of it.
You can't avoid cigarettes
and vice in a band, huh?
Your band name alone says a lot,
Rebel Rebel?
What's your genre? Death metal stuff?
- Hey! What the hell, Santiago?
- Sir!
- Put it out. Here.
- Why did you let them smoke here?
- You should've brought them out.
- Here. Here, sir.
Bring a fan. It's hot in here.
So who among you are minors?
How old are you, kid?
Eighteen, sir.
Let's talk about your case.
Ah, my mistake.
We are gonna talk about...
your many cases.
Let's start with the traffic violation.
Who was the driver?
Oh... it was me, sir.
Your biggest case is
about the meth that was found in your car.
Got it?
But your lives will be easier...
if the owner just confesses.
for sure none of us brought it...
How can you be so sure?
Tell me.
How can you be sure
that none of you carried the meth?
How are you all related?
We're bandmates, sir.
They've got some name...
You know, I was a kid once.
I used to be
a "rebel rebel" too.
So, I know.
Drugs are all over bands!
Will no one really admit
who brought that meth?
'Cause if no one confesses,
it's the car owner
who will take the brunt of it.
It's mine, sir.
The meth is yours?
Oh, no, sir. That's not mine.
I'm the car owner. It's my car.
But the meth...
The meth isn't mine.
You only smoke weed, right?
You're all just potheads?
Well, earlier your eyes said otherwise
according to Santiago.
I know this.
It starts with
then alcohol,
then marijuana. Next, heavy drugs!
That's how it goes!
So no one will confess?
I know there are people wondering
if I'm really okay now.
if no one confesses,
we're filing a case against all of you!
Dear God!
Fifty grams of meth
was found in your car!
It's no joke!
It's non-bailable!
Do you understand?
It's a tough drug case.
You're guilty until proven innocent.
And if we find out
that you're hiding the culprit,
that's another case.
Protecting the criminal.
I'm so talented,
smart and insanely handsome.
I couldn't find
Do your parents know about this?
Are they on their way?
we'd like to keep
our parents out of this if possible.
I knew it.
Why don't you want
your parents to find out?
I'm a parent too.
It's painful for a parent
to see their child lose their way.
We work and work.
Your parents,
all working for your future and for what?
For drugs to ruin you?
Sir, perhaps
we can keep this amongst us?
Like maybe discuss
how you might let us go.
What are you trying to say?
What are you trying to say?
that's one more case.
But, alright.
I'll agree.
One million.
One million each.
Sir, we don't have that amount of cash.
You know, honestly,
one million is just a small amount.
Should the case proceed,
you'll vomit a whopping ten million
just on lawyer's fees.
And so many drug cases
are lined up in court.
You'll have to wait in line.
It could take years.
And what's worse is
you're not even sure if you'll win.
- Sir.
- What?
That amount, sir, we can provide.
We can provide that.
Five hundred thousand, sir.
For each of you.
Got it?
we're taking all your instruments
and everything else in the car. Got it?
Alright, think about it.
Maybe you got rich friends who'd be
willing to lend you some cash.
- Santiago.
- Sir.
- Is the service here?
- Yes, sir.
Bring them to the hospital.
Get them examined
So they can think it through!
Sir? Sir!
Isn't half a million too little?
That's the only income of our assets.
Maybe I should start
calling their relatives?
You know Santiago,
Buencamino already replied
about the car register.
And one of those kids
is from the Montero clan of Romblon!
And his grandfather is a retired general!
That's not good.
I keep telling you.
Before you bring people in,
especially the rich,
make sure they're not well connected!
Damn it! Don't just nab whoever!
What if this gets out?
We're all screwed!
So I'm telling you,
just toy with these kids for now.
I almost let them go!
Lucky, they're still afraid
of their parents.
I managed to squeeze them dry.
Guys, who really brought that meth?
Alright, can we confess now?
Okay, I know I'm the easiest suspect here
but trust me when I say it's not mine.
Yeah, 'cause you did that
Ayahuasca shit, right?
You're the only one I know
who's capable of that dumb shit.
Shut up, bitch!
You don't know me. Bro, help me out.
If it wasn't yours, then who brought it?
Why me?
Why not Troy?
Or Chigz?
Me out of everyone?
For all we know,
you're the one screwing with...
Guys! Guys! Can we...
- Troy! Troy!
- Too loud.
Can we?
Let's all calm down, okay?
Let's talk about
how can we get out of here.
Pay up.
That's the only way.
But I can only do 50,000.
That's all my savings.
Shit, this day is so fucked up.
- Alright, alright.
- Why?
Plus, didn't you hear what they said?
They'll have us jailed
until there's a court decision.
- Come on.
- Dude, same.
My dad's gonna kill me.
But if none of us really brought it
then we have nothing to fear. Okay?
If they find it,
they might get us to do a drug test.
I didn't force feed you them.
They're all adults! Look!
It's your fault.
What if we just talk to a lawyer
to get a straight answer?
- Come on, Christian.
- Oh, Christian!
Don't you get it?
they could've planted it in the car.
Or we escape.
- What?
- Shit. Let's escape.
- Anton.
- Let's escape.
- Are you still high?
- Listen up all, of you!
Later, they're taking us to get a medical.
Hospitals are packed.
That's our exit.
Alright, it's like this.
When you hear me later, I'm gonna do this.
That's the 'go' signal.
I'm serious!
- So what, it's that easy?
- Still trippin' huh?
Actually, yes. It's that easy.
Now if you want to pay, then pay.
- Hey, Anton.
- Okay?
Those who want to
lawyer up and rot here, stay.
Those who want to go with me, let's go.
That's really what you're good at, huh?
Breaking up the band?
What's your plan exactly, Anton?
Fuck! Use your head!
- Rocky, come on...
- No!
- That'll make us look more guilty!
- Oh, fuck.
Maybe you're guilty
that's why you want to run?
- Rocky, I'm broke!
- Anton, just chill.
Okay? I've run out of money.
I used it all up on my trip.
My parents cut off my savings,
my funds, everything!
- Shit.
- That's why I'm back.
That's one of the reasons why I returned.
Not a single centavo. Okay?
I also don't wanna rot in jail.
I'd rather kill myself!
I'm telling you guys!
Who wants to kill himself?
Let's talk about it.
- We want to speak to a lawyer.
- Rocky!
- No. Don't.
- No, sir. No.
Looks like the group is split up.
Hey. What about you?
I'll pay up, sir.
We'll pay up.
And you?
I'll pay, sir.
What now, miss?
Looks like you'll be left alone with us.
Get up.
We'll get you examined
so you have a record.
You'll need it
if you want to call a lawyer.
Hurry! Come on.
On your feet.
- Go on out!
- No!
Let's go.
So then Jhona keeps texting me.
I'm not in the mood to respond.
'Cause I left my other phone
at home charging.
So she read all the messages that came in.
You're dead.
No, I'm getting pissed.
I'm considering leaving Jhona.
- I just can't stand it.
- That's bad.
Well, I'm just gonna scare her a bit.
I'll open the door.
Once it's open, run.
- This is the fucking situation...
- Anton, and then where do we go?
Later, I'll signal, you get guys ready.
Christian. Troy.
When I open the door in the back,
open yours.
- ...dictating work hours.
- Christian.
Alright, come on. I'm opening it.
When I say run, run.
Don't open the door.
You son of a bitch!
Don't you dare!
Or else I'm blowing his face off!
You motherfucker! What the hell?
You fuckin' asshole
better clean it up later!
-Fuck you, Toledo
-Fix that! Little shit!
- I just had this cleaned.
- Fix that! Little shit!
Carwash is expensive.
You even sprayed my windshield?
This son of a bitch!
You fucking shit.
Excuse me!
- Hurry! Here.
- Excuse me!
- Whoops!
- Wait.
Go on.
Hey, Balthazar!
I knew you looked familiar.
Of course!
What's up?
Of all places, we meet here.
Where would you rather? Beer house?
Your godson
celebrated his birthday last Sunday.
- You were absent again.
- Sorry!
Tell him his godfather
will make it up to him.
But go watch over the addicts.
They might escape again.
- Alright!
- Yeah, right!
Get your own chairs.
Hurry it up. Hurry.
Who's first?
Doesn't matter.
Fancy anyone?
Stand up.
What happened to him?
Your work, no doubt?
No way!
We found them like that. Got into a fight.
You know what...
they tried to escape earlier.
Do you feel anything?
You, do you feel anything?
Pull your shirts up.
You, sit.
Pull up your shirts. Up!
You, up.
Pull up your shirt.
What happened there?
Looks scalded.
Mother or father?
That'll do. They can go.
You can take them now.
Can you grab the handcuffs
from the police car?
Let's handcuff them. Bring them out front.
Alright. I'll go get them.
Get out. Out!
Hurry up! Stay there.
Let's go!
Hurry up. Let's go.
All of you sit down!
Alright. Sit.
Nog! Nog, make me some coffee.
- Okay, sir.
- John Lloyd.
De la Cruz!
Pretty cool, huh?
Like an actor.
I don't speak English,
how much do you want, you filthy low life?
The hell is he saying?
He's gonna rat you out to the secretary!
Yeah? What?
The kids tried to escape.
Help me up! Hurry up!
- Lift it!
- What?
Gosh. I said lift.
- Okay, now to your left.
- What?
So you tried to escape?!
You fucktards!
Take their photos! Book them.
- Give them all a record!
- Sir.
Your cases are stacked high!
You want to add more?
I've given you a chance.
Lock them up.
Lock them all up.
Well, sir?
Where do we lock them up?
Split them up
before they come up with another idea.
We're really locking them up?
What about the one connected to a General?
We're just scaring them.
Until they beg us to take the money.
Put the mouthy female
and the runaway
put them in the staging area.
Yes, sir.
- Santiago.
- Sir!
Put that Troy kid to the blue room.
Here kid, you go here.
And there we go.
Hold it like this.
And then
I'll photoshop your names in.
Sick, right?
I can do stuff like that too.
You wake up gasping
Your head is bowed
As you drag your body
To the mirror of your emptiness
As your scheme ends
A life of literature
You force connection between creation
And the wishes of the true Creator
You're in search
For meaning
At the musings
Of the first dawn
Your bare room is witness
To all that has passed
In the poem you once birthed
In a life of denial
You're in search
Of meaning
At the musings
Of the first dawn
The images encircle
The shadow you created
From the distant past
That you're running away from
Now, now, now
You're in search
Of meaning
At the musings
Of the first dawn
Dawn has come
Come here.
Come closer.
Just relax.
I'm just checking you for weapons.
- Massage.
- Sir?
Massage my back.
Too soft.
That's way too soft!
Aren't you the vocalist?
Press harder!
That's it!
Go harder.
Yeah, that's good!
A lot of people think
the song "Fly" is about getting high.
You know...
Right? I was...
What you in for, kid?
I think he prefers English, boss.
I don't know.
Drug posse...
They say it's drug possession.
In the car of one of my mates.
So your homie brought it?
None of us brought it.
I think.
Where are your homies then?
I don't know.
They split us up.
How much were they asking for?
- Half a million each.
- Gosh!
it's actually pretty low.
But I'm broke. I'm just on scholarship.
Oh! A scholar!
Ask for mercy.
I know someone who got it down to 40,000.
Try to beg.
You can still smooth it over with them.
'Cause, damn,
if you go to court...
You'll be stuck here for years.
You don't have a shot against those guys.
Looks like Ching-Chong here
will be freed ahead of you.
Why are you laughing?
He said, the Spratly islands are ours!
Fuck you!
- Enough! Hey!
- You've been pissing me off!
I do have friends.
But even when I hang out with them
I still feel alone.
'Cause, like, am I the only one
who gets my jokes?
Does no one else dig what I dig?
Don't I have any allies?
Sorry, 'cause I got you into trouble.
I panicked like crazy.
Can we get through this, Anton?
I don't know.
Did anything change?
But for us,
so much.
So much has changed.
For me...
God, I hope they don't bring in
more people.
It's packed!
You're right.
I'm getting dizzy.
Oh, ma'am. Ma'am says she's dizzy.
You got a fan?
Just breathe, ma'am.
Hang in there, okay?
I think this might be where I die.
No, ma'am!
You still have kids waiting for you.
Don't lose hope.
Just breathe.
Hang in there, ma'am. Okay?
I traveled everywhere
wasted so much money
in search of it.
I told you, it's my cousin!
What the hell are you saying, Jhona?
Listen to yourself.
You get jealous of everyone!
Yeah! Whatever!
Hello? Jhona?
Where did this come from?
Hey, what was that?
What's that?
You motherfuckin' asshole!
Your dad still owes me.
So you better fix it up.
Fix that!
You dare look at me?
What? You wanna get even?
Do it. I dare you, you son of a bitch!
- What?
- Enough. Enough?
- Get up. Get up...
- Sir, that's enough.
- Enough, sir.
- What? Enough?
Sir, that's enough.
Sir, that's enough.
- What do you want?
- Sorry, sir.
That's enough.
Don't you dare touch me!
Son of a bitch!
Don't you dare touch me!
Nobody touches me!
You're nothing!
I wrote "Totoy" as a sort of
spin-off to the song "Triangle."
It's a coming-of-age ballad
about Totoy, the kid in "Triangle."
The narrator of "Triangle" who, in a way,
becomes Totoy's guide,
passes away. He dies.
That's enough there.
Up here. Massage my thighs.
Hey, do my thighs next.
You're too soft.
Use your elbow instead.
Bow down and use your elbow.
No need. I'll just do it harder.
Bow down and use your elbow.
- I don't want to.
- You're a sissy!
Come in!
What is it?
He's done with his community service.
- Go on and sit.
- What happened to him?
This one's feisty
so I gave him a lesson, sir.
For fuck's sake, Santiago.
You have no control over your fist.
Go ahead.
Bring the rest of his buddies in here.
Yes, sir.
Hey, kid!
Kid, get up from there.
Kid, get up.
That's some name.
- Ow! You son of a bitch!
- High and mighty little shit.
- Fucking turd!
- Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Hey, cool kids. Get up.
Are we going too, sir?
- The cool kids are getting out!
- You sit down. Out!
- Sir, what about us?
- Don't come back, alright?
Can I take a piss, chief?
How was it?
Did you enjoy the sneak peek
of prison life?
You know,
I'm a good man.
I see my children in you.
But I didn't like your attempted escape.
But I'll give you one more chance.
One million each.
One million each, sir?
Sir, 500,000 is already hard for us,
never mind a million?
Don't you have rich friends?
We'll start informing your parents then.
This has gone too far.
Did anyone bring the meth?
Son of a bitch.
Give back their phones.
Sir, what now? What should we do?
I don't know. Fuck it!
what if...
we just let them all go!
Are you nuts?
What about the work we put in?
You asshole.
Are you dumb?
This will put us in hot water!
Did you think of that?
I just told you.
- Use your head!
- Keep quiet.
General Montero's grandson.
They brought it to my attention.
But my men didn't know...
that they were a band.
Sir, they were caught
with meth and party drugs.
But when they were brought to the hospital
to get a physical,
they escaped, sir. They escaped.
Yes, sir.
The dashcam captured it. Yes, sir.
You're on your way here, sir?
Son of a bitch.
It's all falling apart.
What do we do now?
We'll stick to our story
that they escaped.
Bring all of them to the staging area.
Clean this up tomorrow.
Good morning!
What is it, sir?
What is it?
What else? You've got new classmates.
- What's that? Incoming?
- Hey! There's more.
- Oh, it's the rich kids.
- You two again!
- Hurry!
- You bunch of losers!
- Sir, we're squeezed in already!
- Wait, why is he going in...
- Sir, this is crazy.
- We're already crammed.
Keep quiet!
Sir! I can't breathe!
- Can't breathe.
- They can't breathe here too, sir!
- Hey!
- Sir, I can't breathe.
I told you to shut the fuck up!
- But we can't breathe...
- Shut up!
I've got enough bullets for all of you.
You motherfuckers!
The General!
He's coming.
What happened to the officer
who went viral?
Where is the band
that got nabbed at the checkpoint?
- Are you aware of what's happened here?
- Move! Move!
Who's the Station Commander here?
Colonel Delgado, sir. This way, sir.
Let's go.
Is the band detained here?
Sir, what band?
Those brought in by your officers
from the checkpoint!
The thing is...
they escaped, sir.
- Escaped?
- Yes, sir.
Are you telling the truth?
You sure?
'Cause I've been hearing too many
unlawful incidences
happening in your station.
That's not true, sir.
As far as I know, my men are exemplary.
If I find out,
that you've been messing around here,
I will personally have you punished.
- Check the whole place.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, they're here!
- Chief!
- Sir!
Nothing here, sir.
What are those beer bottles doing here?
Are you drinking on duty?
No, sir!
Check elsewhere.
Coming through.
Where are the officers involved?
I sent them home,
because they were traumatized, sir.
What the hell are these officers of yours?
I hear you caught them with drugs.
Yes, sir. We found them
in possession of meth.
I've been hearing
that you're planting drugs
on your accused.
Sir, if we planted the drugs,
why would they think about escaping?
If they're innocent,
what are they afraid of?
Just shoot for video inserts...
They're back!
Can you give a statement?
- Ma'am, what are they doing?
- Did you find anything in there?
They're looking for this band
that went viral
but apparently they escaped.
are they not inside?
Thank you.
Do you know something?
Hopefully, it'll only take a day or two.
Go and search!
Find that secret hiding place.
We're back here!
What was that?
Give me that.
Pull it open!
Okay, freeze!
Nobody move!
- Help us.
- Help.
What's this?! Are these prisoners?!
Yes, sir! We are!
Why are they here?!
'Cause our cells are packed full.
Why are officers in there too?
- How long have you been in there?
- Thank you, sir!
- Let's go, bro.
- Thank you, thank you so much, General.
Thank you, sir!
Sir! Thank you, sir!
My child was wrongly accused
but they still brought me here!
Sir, thank you!
It's nothing, ma'am.
I am your ally.
Okay, transfer them to prison.
Yes, sir!
- Give each one a lawyer, alright?
- Yes, sir.
You okay?
Who is Chigz Montero?
I am, sir.
So, it's you.
Forgive us for what happened.
I know your grandfather.
What if you didn't know him?
What if... What if you didn't know
Chigz' grandpa?
What would happen to us?
They're alright.
I'll call an EMT for the kid.
So they found meth in your possession?
- It wasn't ours.
- So, they planted the drugs?
We'll find out in the investigation.
But we're all innocent.
Did they extort money from you?
Do not worry.
And I want you to know,
I do not tolerate this misconduct.
We firmly believe that
the police are the citizen's allies
in achieving true peace.
When you know you have an ally
then you feel more empowered
as an individual.
You can keep going forward
with that fear knowing that he's alone.
He knows he has no one
I could no longer pretend
when shit truly hits the fan.
That's why all of a sudden,
everyone was able to write.
But this is still a sentimental album.
I think...
there's more depth.
You game, Christian?
- You? Ready?
- Totally. You know me!
I think it's Chigz who's nervous.
You nervous, bro?
- Alright.
- Chigz?
Let's wait for Nog.
Nog's a slowpoke.
Nog-nog! Let's go!
Are you ready?
- Are you ready?
- Ready.
Good day to everyone!
We are...
Rebel Rebel!
Oh, my god, Rebel Rebel!
Okay, the first song we'll play today
is for you.
And also for you.
Okay, you too and for you,
for the entire Filipino nation.
Right? Right, huh?
But, apparently, what I needed to do
was to give.
I guess that's how I was able
to write this song.
And to our older fans
who no longer like us
'cause we changed our kind of music,
you know, it's fine by me.
'Cause I was able to make
something not just for me
also for you.
For us.
And for our nation.
Oh, what has been
Happening here?
What are they
Doing to you?
The future of the youth
Is what's at stake
She cries
She and her children suffer
I pity you, my beloved Motherland
My Country
My Nation!
My Motherland!