Blue Spring (2001) Movie Script

Congratulations on your graduation.
Just forget about it, Kujo.
- It's open.
- Holy shit! Right on!
Asahi High School Graduation Ceremony
- Taxi.
- Wait, asshole!
Wait, asshole!
Go, go!
- Where to?
- Just get out of here!
- Hurry, go!
- You're dead!
Don't lose him!
Go and catch him.
- Come back, you prick!
- You're dead!
What a loser. Total loser.
- Look at him.
- What an idiot.
Don't stare Kujo,
he'll beat the shit outta you.
He's got a bad temper.
- So what.
- So what?
He's so damn slow.
Ooh, I'm gonna rat on you.
Wanna die?
Step closer, Kujo.
Forget me, you get in.
I'll take it.
Still camera shy?
Some guys just don't want
to remember the good days.
What a waste.
Here we go.
Say cheese.
- Here we are.
- Whoa, it's high.
This is bad.
Damn, you're gonna die.
Nice view, huh?
Not so good.
Holy shit
Hori, I don't think you should do this.
- You see this, Kujo?
- No way, man.
You can't clap here.
I don't want to.
No way.
No chance to clap.
I'll pass
- I'll pass, too.
- Me, too.
Shit, shit this is high.
Chicken shits.
Ah, scary!
8 claps - Kujo
Man, 8 times is ridiculous.
Now Kujo's the boss.
How funny.
Whoever claps most rules.
That's our rule.
Hooray for Kujo the boss.
It's a drag.
Goddammit. Kujo
You'll never boss me around!
What do you want, fucker?
What do you want, you shit?
What the hell do you want?
Let go, asshole.
I said let go.
Let go, dammit!
Hey, you little...
Shit, that's snot...
Are you okay?
That's a Kujo special, the nasal twist.
I like that.
Are you okay?
Hori, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Today we'll be covering the birth of...
the warrior clans and
the Kamakura society...
Want some?
Aoki, don't bother waking up the Ghost.
That's not fair.
This is class time.
Look who's talking.
Besides, he's sick.
Eat your meal at lunch!
I'd quit school if I were him.
The guy creeps me out.
Heard he broke Hori's nose.
Word is, he's the boss now.
More than just a gloomy freak.
He's just a nerd, a total nerd.
Hell of a class we're in.
Scary shit.
What're you drawing, Kujo?
What is it?
Who is it?
- Dunno.
- Dunno?
Getting chilly.
Let's go get warm.
C'mon, you can tell me, right?
Leo, that's Kujo. Don't stare.
Look at those juniors.
Can't even pay you respect.
Don't get so worked up.
Why you keeping so cool about this?
If someone's talking
shit, just fuck 'em up.
Just a bunch of idiots.
We'll freeze 'em one of these days.
You got to show them, man.
Show what?
That you're the boss, Kujo.
Don't let them fuck with you.
You're more cut out for this.
You were boss in junior high.
That's not what I meant.
You'd be better, for real.
I said that's not what I mean.
Kujo, you're seriously good at football.
You'd make it to the nationals
if the rest of the team was any good.
I don't care about winning anymore.
You should aim for the world
stage, like Nakata.
Leading me on again...
I only joined the team
because you asked me to.
What's up?
You guys gonna make it to
the baseball nationals?
We lost, I'll just watch 'em on TV.
Ow, shit, my nose... still hurts.
Are you okay, Hori?
Kujo's Turf
So when scatterbrains bump
into people on the street
they're clueless who they are...
You will be thrown out.
Wish I could burn them.
Press down firm,
or you won't get any sound.
The string's rusted.
My fingers hurt.
- We're going to the store.
- Okay.
Let's take it from the start.
Man, my stomach hurts...
Bad timing as always.
Gimme some paper, Yukio.
4th floor stalls are broken.
Try the 3rd floor.
Got it.
Yoshimura, go buy me guitar strings!
- Electric?
- Classic.
Got it.
Tell me, is Aoki your gofer?
From the top, again.
I've known him since we
were wet behind the ears.
Since you were little kids, huh?
He's a good guy.
I don't know if I believe that.
I don't have any other friends.
I think it's your personality
that's the problem.
- You kids are going to flunk.
- How rude.
If we do, we'll drop out.
We'll graduate fine.
Do you want to try growing flowers?
I doubt they'd bloom.
No way.
Black flowers, maybe.
That'd be cool.
Water it every morning,
each of you.
Are you serious?
What a drag.
- What flower is this?
- You'll find out soon.
- Won't bloom, anyway.
- Never know.
Oh, shit!
Damn, it stinks!
Flush it. You ass!
Don't be heaping it up!
Get outta there.
Can't you shit at home, moron!
So we lost our baseball game.
You were aiming for the nationals?
Of course, they'll never
draft me if we don't win.
Do it, then.
Go do it right now.
Too late, no interest.
- No interest?
- That's just you.
Forget it, my life's
about more than baseball now.
What happened to you?
Just look at him, Kujo.
What a dork.
What the hell happened to you, Aoki?
I'm killing that goddam half-breed!
Stop, you fuck!
Stop, you fuck!
I said stop!
Wait a sec...
What the fuck!
I'm trying to take a piss.
You think just because you're a senior...
365 days in a year,
bound to be days like this.
Maybe I'm cursed.
My NewYear's fortune sucked.
It's got to be your personality.
- Am I that bad?
- Better than me.
That's not really saying much.
You're more mature than me.
I said that doesn't mean anything.
Cut a bit too much.
Want me to line it up?
Of course you'll line it up!
What're you doing after you graduate?
Work? College?
We'll never make it to college.
You think?
I mean, we're cutting class right now, man.
Got a point. Not likely, huh.
What about you?
I don't know.
You don't know?
This is about you, man!
I realize that.
But I just don't know.
Got an idea.
How about we go work
on a tuna fishing boat.
There goes the Ghost.
He's got some disease.
Won't live much longer.
He should just quit school.
- Not too much water, now.
- Right.
You won't graduate at this rate, Yukio.
Your grades were always bad.
Now you've tarnished your record.
You'll make your proud parents cry.
You must really love school, huh?
Ready to join the juniors again next year?
What do you want to do?
What kind of job do you want?
What do you mean, "hum"?
What do you want?
You're young, you have dreams, right?
Well... vague dreams.
Vague what, exactly?
I have hopes for world peace
and whatever.
You just know he was a
cherry tree in his past life
Look who's here.
It's Fuckin' Slow Mizuguchi.
Don't kiss-ass, man.
What're you going to do?
Work? College?
I'm destined to join Ultra Man.
That a part-time job?
You like school, don't you?
Yeah, like this is heaven here.
Huh, well, must be hard to figure
out your future at that rate.
Too bad for you.
This is awesome.
This is awesome, just awesome.
Awesome, it's awesome.
Look, it's the bathroom roach!
Dirty one-suiter,
double-double 2 bonuses, I win.
You owe me 7000 points.
What's the point of winning mahjong
if we just lost in baseball?
Yes sir.
It was my dream.
Yes sir.
Going to the nationals
was everything to me.
Go for the nationals!
Don't let it get to you, sir.
I should've pitched that curve,
just like the catcher told me.
He's always right.
That was your best fastball.
For real.
Hey freshman...
If there was one pitch
you couldn't take back.
You think it'd be possible to...
take it back?
With career counselling, just go in
and tell them what they wanna hear.
None of your business.
Why've you been skipping the meets?
Some of 'em are freaked,
think you're chickening out.
Boss Mizuguchi likes me.
So I'll put in a word for you.
So, the boss...
He told me to take over this turf next.
You can be my right hand man, then.
We're gonna take over the turf, man.
Hey, what is it, a teacher?
No, it's nothing.
Nothing my ass, you idiot!
Wanna die?
Damn, she's waiting out front.
You're so useless,
thought you had more guts.
Gimme a light.
Hey, Yoshimura!
What is it?
Run to the store
and get some Home Run bars!
Who's gonna stand watch
if he fetches for you?
I'll let you in the crew
if the bar you buy me's a...
Don't be getting' ideas, Yukio.
You can't recruit him
without clearing it with the boss
Different story if I put in
a word, of course.
Boss likes me, you know.
Just a minute.Wait...
Hey, cutie!
I tell you, boss is amazing.
We were cruising the coast the other day,
When he spots this guy
at a stop staring at us.
The guy's in this 50s style suped-up rider.
So he drags him out
and beats the shit out of him.
The guy's apologizing,
but he won't listen.
It was crazy, man.
Teeth scattered all over...
And this other time...
Anyone there?
You deaf?
I said a light... Fire!
Wanna die?
You wanna die?
Wait, wait, hey...
I'm gonna tell boss, I'll...
I'm not choosing ice cream.
I'm choosing my life.
In any case, hurry up.
They'll all melt pretty soon.
Hey, that one's a winner.
For sure, that one.
What an idiot.
That's why you'll always be a gofer.
If I pick a winner,
I can join the crew.
I'll never have to stand watch
or fetch again.
What do you want to be
when you grow up, Yukio?
When I grow up?
What do you want to be
when you grow up?
When I grow up...
I got the ice cream bar, Yukio.
- Ice cream bar, huh?
- Yes.
Keep it.
Where's Ohta?
Killed him.
That's not cool.
You got some nerve smoking
on campus, Yukio.
Ready for the consequences?
So Y equals X squared minus 3...
That's the first given...
Now stop looking outside...
So if that's the given...
Let go.
I got exams to take!
I said let go!
I'm gonna graduate!
I'm gonna graduate, dammit!
Let go!
Let go! Let go!
Wait, wait, wait!
Hey, hey, hey, Yukio!
- Where're you taking Yukio?!
- Okay, now calm down...
We understand, yes, yes...
now don't move...
I said leave me alone!
Yukio! Wait, hey! Yukio!
Where you going?
Hey, Kimura.
Your hair's grown.
Had enough of school?
Well, running with the Yakuza
isn't easy, either,
My uniform never looked that good on me.
I'd been having diarrhea
since this morning.
So I took a shit on my teacher's desk.
Heard you lost.
Yes, losing's all we do now.
Wanna join up?
Good timing, sir.
You keep this.
You better make it to the nationals
and get it back.
Get what back?
- My youth.
- Yes, sir!
Staked my whole youth on baseball.
My only goal the nationals.
In this shit hole of a school,
baseball was my only flower.
I staked my life on my bat,
My dreams on my pitches.
Watch me make the spirit
of baseball bloom.
In the midst of the roaring crowd,
a glimpse of my mother's face.
Even a fool like me,
she's always there to love.
Always ready to smile.
I love you so much for that.
Even if my body is broken
and all my tears and sweat dry up,
My dreams remains,
The Nationals.
No regrets for my youth.
Kujo, did you hear?
Yukio stabbed and killed Ohta.
Kujo, you listening?
Man, he's changed.
- Good morning, sir.
- Oh, hey.
It's gotten awful quiet around here.
Not really.
Still plenty of fools around.
He scares me.
Scares you?
People who know what they want scare me.
How you doing?
Baseball players wanted
All right!
Asa High, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
Asa High, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
Here comes Asa High...
C'mon, there, go!
Hey, Kujo, did you hear
Leo clapped 7 times?
That punk's taking us for fools.
We got to clamp down
and show them.
How do we face that murderer Yukio
and Yakuza Kimura now?
With those 2 gone,
they're all puffed up.
C'mon, Kujo!
Leo, was it?
So you clapped 7 times?
Um, I'm not trying to
defy you or anything...
Chill out man.
I know you want to beat me
and act cool.
All right! All right!
Just imagine there's a pool behind us
and it's not so scary.
Too cold for swimming.
Whatever, shut up!
No way. You can't do it.
It's too far.
Scared, right?
Shut up! Be quiet.
No way.
Help me, I'm gonna fall!
Help me!
Ow, stop it, cut it out!
Leo, who the hell do
you think you are, huh?
Die, fucker!
You punk ass!
You pierced bitch!
Die, you fucker!
I'll kill you!
Die, you bitch, die!
Kujo, where you going?
We're not done with him yet.
Stop leaning on me for everything.
You can handle the juniors yourself.
Who the fuck are you!
So the range of Y equals...
2x + 3 over X + I...
Sorry about yesterday -Aoki
Kujo, Kujo, late again?
It's the Always Late Kujo,
late again.
Anyway, back to class...
Kujo, sorry about yesterday.
Let's go to the store, huh?
Hey, Kujo...
Aoki, Aoki...
Look, Kujo, Aoki's going somewhere...
Okey dokey,
there goes the low key Aoki...
Anyway, back to class...
Hey, Baba! Baba!
Hey, Aoki.
Go and buy me some Home Run bars.
What? You chicken shit...
You're Kujo's gofer, right?
I'm buddies with Kujo, so c'mon...
Who's Kujo?
He's just a condescending fucker!
Wait, Hori...
My eyes... I can't see.
Hori. Get outta here.
No, seriously. What should I do?
This is bad.
Really? Yeah.
Don't. Mom gave me that
to buy books with.
I need to buy comic books.
Please, give it back...
- Hurry your ass up.
- Let me go.
C'mon, move it. What the hell...
Yay! Home run!
Aoki's Turf
See page I 3 I, the magistrate here,
And the peasant classes...
Who the fuck do you think you are!
Stop talking shit!
Who put you in charge!
What're you talking about?
Die, asshole!
Leave if you don't like it here!
I love it here, you asshole!
Then stay till you die!
I'll make it hell on earth!
You can't do it!
I'll do something you can't.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Um, would you happen to be...
affiliated with a senior here named Aoki?
What in hell?
What school you from?
This is my school
Sorry, I'm not getting this.
You look stupid anyway.
Falcon? What the...
It's an international school with...
International or whatever, who cares?
This is Japan.
- And this is our school.
- True.
I mean, what's with this bike anyway?
What colour is this?
Aoki, I got the Home Run... bars...
"If you're happy and you know it,
clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it,
clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it,
and you really want to show it,
If you're happy and you know it,
clap your hands...
My dream was to become a pilot.
Are you okay?
Just take it slow, real slow
Be careful.
Is Aoki your friend?
Or an ex-friend?
People change when they change.
Something you've born with.
Can't be helped.
The flowers are dried up...
They'll bloom again.
But all flowers dry up...
I'm thinking of...
quitting school.
You watering them everyday?
aren't there some flowers that never bloom?
Flowers are meant to bloom,
not to dry up.
That's what I choose to believe.
It's a very important thing.
I'm going home.
Take care.
Good morning! Good morning!
This is your new classmate, Kujo.
Everyone be nice to him, okay?
I'm Aoki. Nice to meet you!
Uh, thanks
Let's play dodge ball.
It's no fun just watching.
I 3 claps: Aoki
Kujo, take me with you, please?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13...!
Kujo played by
Ryhei Matsuda
Aoki played by
Hirofumi Arai
Yukio played by SsukeTakaoka
Kimura played by Ysuke Ohshiba
Ota played by YutaYamazaki Yoshimura played by Shgo
Oshinari Freshman played by Takashi Tsukamoto
Writer / Director: Toshiaki Toyoda