Blue Vengeance (1989) Movie Script

He's too strong.
He's too strong in my mind.
I gotta stop my old nemesis.
I've gotta stop him.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Fucking assholes, man.
I've got to get to
the other side.
'Cause he's living inside me.
I can't get him out of my head.
Hey shut up over there!
I gotta get more strength.
Gotta do it now.
Gotta do it now.
The time has come, he's
too powerful.
Gotta get him out of me.
Gotta fight him on the other side.
Time to die.
So long, motherfucker!
Fucking creep!
fucking hung himself,
let's go, get up there, let's go,
come on, how'd he get
out of his cell?
I don't know,
I told you to watch him.
Come on, call down the infirmary,
get a doctor, let's go!
come, let's go!
It's good to see you go,
Get the doctor
right now, you get downstairs!
get him out of his cell,
come on!
I told you to watch this guy, man.
Come on, get him out of here.
Come on, come on.
Take your time, I don't
think this guy's gonna make it.
Is he even breathing?
Sure doesn't look like it,
put that on him.
Stick this thing in, give me
a little piece of tape will you?
We're wasting our time, I don't
this guy's gonna make it.
You ever revive a guy before?
Put your hands right here,
just try that.
Like that?
That's too hard, you gotta place
your hands like this.
It do anything?
So how long are you in here for?
Two more years.
Got any plans when you get out?
You cannot escape me by death!
If you run, I will find you.
Only in defeat will I submit.
Only in victory can you die.
Come on, guy.
All right, we're gonna
take you down to
central booking, they're gonna
do your paperwork.
are you gonna
dust his dick for prints?
Bullshit man, you ain't
got shit on me.
I ain't going nowhere.
I told you my friend asked me
to take a ride in
his car, now how I'm supposed
to know it's stolen?
Shut up, you little monkey.
Hey Mick, I'm booking this kid on
a 227, grand theft auto.
That's an A-felony, don't
think it'll stick.
Best you can do is a
C-misdemeanor, unlawful entry.
Yeah that's right, a
you ain't got shit on me.
Oh no, fuck that, we caught him
in a stolen limo dead to rights.
What about the accomplice,
it says something here about a...
Ah he's a fast little fucker,
he got away.
Yeah, what about my homeboy?
Oh, I mean I ain't even know him.
Look Heany, any good
lawyer's gonna lay
an unwilling accessory
rap on the kid.
That's a class B felony.
Let's make a deal time,
plea bargain down to
C-misdemeanor, I mean what's
the fucking point?
DA's gonna throw it out, why
waste your time with it?
No you look, McCardle.
I caught this little piece of shit
and I'm booking him
on an A-felony.
You can't do that.
Perp is under 16, you guys
gotta read criminal procedure law.
No, fuck this, come on,
he's gonna be
back on the streets tomorrow
and you know it.
Whose side are you on anyway Mick?
I don't make the laws, Heany.
Since I'm the only guy who can
read around here,
you guys have learned to count on
my Solomon-like wisdom.
Yeah, Solomon!
You need to learn to
read like Solomon.
Shut up, shut up!
You know, I don't know how anybody
could wanna work with you anyway.
I don't know why anybody would
wanna work with you anyway.
Peggy, give us a moment please?
I'll be right back.
Everyone noticed you weren't
at the service at Saint Anne's.
There were 2,000 cops there.
I didn't think I
should be there.
Look, kid, there are certain
things you're gonna
have to deal with.
These kind of things
happen in our line
of work, you've got to
let life go on.
I killed my partner, Tony.
You shot and killed Brandon
Sullivan by mistake.
It was an accident.
An accident that happened in a
very fucked up situation.
Now you gotta worry about you,
you understand?
Your ass is gonna get the credit
for finding the Mirror
Man to Brandon.
The dead hero cop bullshit.
Look, it's what the
public wants to hear.
What you gotta be concerned
about is you gotta
ride out strong.
I'll do the best I can.
I'll try to keep your job.
Thanks, Tony.
I don't know why anybody
would wanna work with you anyway.
Thanks for stopping, man.
Well I did, so get on in.
Need a lift somewhere?
Yeah, I gotta get somewhere,
but to
tell the truth I don't know where.
I mean is your car broken down?
My caddy's out of gas a
mile down the road.
Is there a gas station around
here you can give me a life to?
Yeah, I can give you
a lift to the
fill-in station, but I
can't bring you back.
My man.
By the way, my name's Ernie.
My name's Trax, Mark Trax.
You know Ernie, I gotta tell you,
I've lived
a very tortured
existence up 'till now.
You know why?
I see things people don't see,
I know things people don't know.
I want you to
understand this Ernie
'cause you're a reason person.
I haven't talked to
one in a while.
Well you gotta get
out more often.
What's that on your belt?
It's my knife.
What does it look like?
Can I hold it?
Hell no, that's a bad
question to ask a man.
I got wheels!
Great, you complete
my collection.
Yeah right.
Thanks for picking me up.
I thought I was gonna
have to walk the
whole way to New York, or
at least I-95.
Nobody's picking
people up tonight.
Not even truckers.
There's an escaped
psycho on the loose.
You think too much.
You know, maybe a sane
person has escaped
and that's why they're all scared.
Yeah right.
Come to think of it, I don't
even know who you are.
Don't worry about me.
I'm a psych major.
I've talked to a lot
of psych majors.
I really gotta take a piss.
I tell you, I don't like what
I'm hearing all right?
If you gotta piss, piss
out the window.
'Cause I'm on a quest.
That's great.
What kind of quest?
I'm searching for the
gates of Hell.
You know, in the Middle
Ages the practice of
dentistry was nothing more
than butchery really.
Details here
on the scene are
sketchy at the moment, but
apparently an escaped
mental patient, Mark Trax,
hijacked this
vehicle after killing a
local resident and
then perished himself in this
bizarre accident.
On the action cam you
can see the scene
at the Maximum Security
Institution where
Trax was to have spent the
rest of his life.
Trax allegedly killed a
doctor after a faked
suicide attempt and escape
some hours ago.
Mickey, your dinner's
getting cold.
Mickey, your goddamn
dinner's getting cold.
Wanna know what?
I don't even care anymore.
I'm sorry.
Mark, where have ya been?
What do you mean
where have I been?
You know what I mean!
You're late for dinner!
I know, ma.
Where have you been?
You're late!
Mark, Mark!
All right fuck it, coming up!
Why are
you always late?
Don't you ever think about
anybody but yourself?
You ever think about me?
Who has been in my room?
It was those damn
policemen again!
You're bringing the cops down on
me again, why are you
bringing the cops down?
When was this, I gotta know
exactly when this was, all right?
I don't know.
It seemed like a long time ago,
maybe I wrote it on my calendar.
You're a fucking genius,
you know that ma?
Maybe it was years ago.
You really got, I
can't even say how
stupid you are, you gotta
believe me on that.
Don't call me stupid, you
can't call me stupid!
You are the one that's stupid,
I'm not gonna talk to you,
go to your room!
The principal called today about
that cat you killed in school!
Why do you do that?
How you doing, it's $10 tonight.
Tiffany O'Brian, I'm on
the guest list.
Who put you on the list?
The band, I'm the photographer.
There's no Tiffany
O'Brian on here.
Well look again all right,
I'm on there.
Look honey, I just checked,
there's no
Tiffany O'Brian on the list,
it's $10.
I can't believe you're
making me pay.
Well if you don't wanna
pay then leave.
Thank you very much,
have a good night.
Hey Leo!
Pipe down, will you?
I'm half fucking deaf already.
Hey, what's up Tiff?
Not much, what's going on?
Hey Jim, can I have a
nice cold one?
Nothing's going on here,
there was
two bands before Beezle
Bop and I don't
know what's going on with Molly.
There's nothing cool happening
here you know, this place sucks.
I know, it really sucks
because I could
be at some other shows
taking pictures
of some band making the bucks.
Did you check this guy's ID?
Nah man, you got ID?
Yeah I got ID.
Hey what the hell is this?
Leave the liquor outside.
Can't come in with that.
Did you get his money?
Yeah man, right here.
All right, go on in.
I want you to watch for that.
I make my money at the bar.
- Sorry.
Oh yeah, you do that
picture thing.
I've got a new career myself.
That's too bad.
I can still get you your dope.
Do you want some now?
It would be so totally awesome,
yes, yes.
All right listen, I
gotta go check on
him and make sure he isn't
Listen, just stay here and I'll
be right back, okay?
Don't move, I'll be right back.
Hey Jim, pick it up huh?
Move it.
Get the beer over the bar and
into people's hands.
That's how we're making money,
come on, move it huh?
Lyle, how you doing,
good to see you.
Oh it's such a long time.
Yeah, coming in to
check out the act?
Oh yeah, I'm bringing
everybody with me.
Gonna have the
photographer in here,
we're gonna shoot this place
into the next issue.
All right, hey Jim, comp
everything for Lyle!
Oh thanks.
Years ago, Mark, it would've
been you on stage.
You were very black.
All right all right, we've
had enough of that.
So you're gonna do a little
write up on this place?
Sure, sure.
Include me, do a little thing
about the club okay?
I will.
Nice to see you.
He is one bad dude.
Listen, here Tiff,
here's your weed.
Go ahead, take it.
- Appreciate it, I'll pay you.
- It's a nice dime anyway.
I appreciate it, thank you.
Listen, I don't wanna hang out,
I'm too pissed off, you know?
This sucks.
I'm gonna go.
You crack somebody's head open,
I get sued.
Not you, me.
Slow it down.
Hey pal, this is a
private office okay?
You gotta get out.
Go back to the band area.
I'm not here to see the band,
I'm here to see you.
No, I'm serious, okay?
You gotta get out, all right?
Come on, man.
No really, get out of here.
Get out.
You're not gonna shake my hand?
No man, I'm not.
Get out of here.
Destroy the lost souls for
they do not know!
Hey, I'm flattered, okay?
I really am, I'm flattered,
you're a nice guy,
but get out of here before I have
to call the bouncers.
Hey, I'm flattered, but you
gotta get out of here.
You feel that?
It's death.
You feel death slipping
right into you?
And life slipping out?
There are ways to get out
of this chokehold.
You never learned them.
You know why?
You wanted me to do this.
You wanted me to come and do this.
What do you think?
Yeah, we agree.
You gonna mope around all night,
Yeah Mick, you haven't said a
fucking thing all day.
What's the matter, you and Peggy
have another fight?
We've got a lot of issues.
Well if that's the way it is, I
can't wait to get married.
Well it's not all peaches
and cream you know.
Just ask Mick here, you know?
I mean if you stay
married long enough
to somebody, you turn into a
different person.
Hey Heany, did you make it with
that nurse last night?
Nah, she hates me.
Well Louise said she saw you
talking to that young thing.
Fuck you.
Hey get this, she works over at
Saint Catherine's right?
So last night the bus brings this
vic in, was stabbed
down in the lower east side in
one of those joints.
DOA, no chance.
It wasn't really just a stab,
it was more like
some kind of sacrificial
ritual or something.
Know what she said?
She said that the body
had no blood left.
You gotta be kidding me.
That's nothing, you
ready for this?
The guy was beheaded or something.
Like with an ax.
The perp carved this guy's eye in,
jammed something in
there or something.
I don't know, whatever, I wasn't
really paying attention
at that point.
That's disgusting.
That's why they
call it Fun City.
Probably gonna be
another serial killer.
(metal clanging
What is your problem,
you're getting
that weird look in
your eyes again.
Tony, I called you 'cause we
gotta talk about something.
There's some weird shit going on.
The Mirror Man's back.
It's been 10 fucking years, pal.
Look, don't even bother me
with this shit.
I hear things.
I know Mark Trax escaped,
but he's dead.
They got the town
medical examiner's
signature on the death
certificate, end of story.
Tony, you gotta believe me,
he's out there.
I know it.
I feel it.
Look, don't give me
that mumbo jumbo,
you're just goddamn lucky
everybody in the fucking
department has forgotten about
your little problem.
What do you wanna dredge this
whole thing up again for?
If he's out there,
you want me to
just sit here and not do anything?
All right, let's just say for
a second I believe you, okay?
You're a good cop Mickey,
but you're out
of your fucking mind if
you're gonna put
your neck out on the
line for this.
Nobody gives a shit,
nobody cares anymore.
Look, do yourself a favor,
just lay low,
do your job, don't
piss anybody off
downtown, put in your 20 years,
collect your fucking pension.
That's what it's all about.
You don't believe that, Tony.
Oh yes I do, my boy.
Times have changed.
You've been so busy doing the
dog you don't know.
You can't do your job
anymore without
breaking some goddamn
patrol procedure
or some department
manual procedure.
You put guys away, you do years on
the job, it don't mean a shit,
you're gone.
It's not fair, but that's
the way it is.
I'm gonna go down to
One Police Plaza.
Talk to Manhattan Zone Commander.
That is the stupidest thing
you could do, Mickey,
you're not gonna get anywhere with
a shine like Charlie O'Holgan.
He's got his head so
far up the police
commissioner's ass you need a
bullhorn to talk to him.
I'm gonna work with
Homicide on this, Tony.
I think I understand the guy.
I've been seeing his face for
I gotta do this.
I gotta do this for Brandon.
Hey Mick, did you catch the
latest on the Mirror Man?
He just iced some teenage girl
in a club down on the Bowery.
You're kidding me.
Yeah, a teenage girl, can
you believe it?
Hacked her up real good.
Wasn't in the paper,
where'd you hear that?
I saw it on the city
wide teletype.
In the sergeant's office.
Brandon, you're gonna
get in trouble.
Hey, how am I supposed to get
ahead around here?
What you need is information,
that's what
it's all about, and I'm
telling you something.
If you wanna make detective,
you better learn that right away.
I bet if you bagged
the Mirror Man
you'd get your gold shield.
Yeah right.
I'll tell you something, I'd
like to kick his ass.
The guy's real scary,
he's a real sicko.
You wanna know something, Mick?
I'd fucking kill him.
I'd fucking kill him.
Well now, McCardle.
What can I do for you?
Actually, do you have a minute?
Not really, no.
I had a few ideas about the
Belmont homicide.
An idea?
What do you mean?
It matches a certain profile.
That's for sure.
Well thanks a lot, I'm sure the
task force detective
assigned to the
case will really appreciate any
information you can supply them.
Actually I wanted to request a
temp transfer to Homicide.
Oh McCardle, you and every other
gold shield in the NYPD.
You know, membership in that squad
is just slightly oversubscribed,
now we really appreciate you and...
I think I know who the perp is.
McCardle, what's the matter?
Safe and Law squad not
glamorous enough for you?
Look, you are damn lucky just
to have your tin at all, and you
have no one to blame but yourself.
Oh hell, look, everybody knows
you got a raw deal.
You got crucified by
Internal Affairs.
You just should've got
command discipline
and that's all, but there's
nothing can be done about it now.
The killer is Mark Trax.
Jesus Christ, you are out of
your fucking mind.
The guy is dead.
His tent sheet came over
the wire city wide.
He broke out of prison, stole a
car, and piled it up.
He didn't die in the crash.
They found his body.
He fixed it, made it look
like it was him.
Oh please, why am I
talking to you?
Did anybody from state police
bother to check dental records?
Of course they did.
How do you know?
Because it's procedure, they
got good people at SP.
You know, you have got
brass balls coming
in here and bothering me
with this bullshit.
I think you should listen to me.
Will you get the hell out
of here, McCardle?
Something I can do for you,
Oh man.
What's the trouble, officer?
No trouble, listen, I'm just
doing some followup.
Anybody here that might've been
around the other night?
A regular who might've
seen something?
Man, I don't know nothing,
all right?
People come in and out, a lot of
people, how am I supposed to know?
The faces...
Shut up.
Well you know, come to think
of it, little redhead in the back,
name's Tiffany O'Brien, she's
here all the time.
She's some sleazebag
band photographer,
now why don't you go ask
little tramp yourself?
Maybe she can help you out.
In back?
Yeah, red hair, has a camera.
Smile real pretty all right?
Do the right thing.
Smells like good dope in here.
You sure you're a
cop and not just
a pervert with a bathroom
authority thing?
Very funny.
Listen wiseass, I'm in
the kind of mood
tonight where any wrong answer's
gonna piss me off.
Whatever you're on, I
assume you got enough
drugs on you for a nice
little narcotics rap.
No, no, I was just joking.
All right, we're gonna
play a little game.
I don't like the answers I get,
I'm gonna search you.
All right, sounds fair,
sounds very fair.
You here the night the
owner was killed?
No, I wasn't, I told that to
the other policemen, all right?
The bouncer says you were here.
He said that?
Well I didn't see anything all
right, I was working.
You were working, what do you
mean you were working?
I was taking pictures, look,
I gotta go,
this band's paying for this roll
of film, all right?
Wait a minute, you took
pictures at night?
Yeah, maybe.
So you might've gotten a shot of
people at the club right?
Actually I did.
Wait a second, you know what,
I think I
got a real tight closeup of the
owner being, you know, choked out.
Very fucking funny.
You got any photos,
that's evidentiary
material and we can subpoena that.
Okay, but let me just get
rid of this roll of
film all right, I can't let
the band down okay?
Okay, I'm sticking right
with you, all right?
Hey Stuart, you better
flush the heroin
down the toilet, we got an
uninvited guest.
I wouldn't be surprised.
What happened to Stigmata?
The band sucks.
My mom asleep?
I'm Detective McCardle,
I wake you up?
Nah, I just got finished
with a mega workout.
I was just doing this new
thing with my lats.
Can we develop the film now?
Yeah all right, watch
Elvis all right?
Mom's got an obsession with him
among other things.
Let's go.
what's wrong?
Nothing ma, go back to sleep!
I just got to
sleep, what are you doing to me?
Ma, what am I doing to you,
all right?
I'm talking, what's the big
deal all right?
Go back to sleep!
What are you
doing at this hour?
What am I doing to her?
How can I sleep
when you're talking?
Mom, you're eavesdropping,
it's your
fucking fault, if you
weren't listening
you wouldn't be hearing anything,
all right?
Just leave me alone!
You're sick,
you smoke pot
in this house, you belong
in the hospital!
Ma, go back to sleep
and leave me alone!
You smoke pot in this house?
So what?
She doesn't know shit.
'Cause I could use a collar.
Oh like a big pot bust
is really gonna
make your career, I
mean at this point
I don't even care if
you arrest me.
Come on.
Tiffany, bring
mommy her medicine!
That guy lives here with you?
Yeah, so?
So you're looking for
the killer right?
Can you blow up one of these?
Yeah, you gotta pay for
the paper though.
You're not married
to him are you?
Yeah right.
What does your
mother think about that?
My mother doesn't think.
Hey hey, careful, careful.
Do you want me to print
it light or what?
What are you doing?
Want me to arrest her?
You know, I don't
even care if you
shoot her at this point,
I really don't.
What's going on?
Ma, I'm not doing anything!
Why are you
doing this to me?
I'm gonna keep this, okay?
Be a dear and
bring me my medicine.
Thanks for your help.
I'll keep in touch.
I'm on time for once,
that's rare for me.
Great, come on in.
Who are you?
This place is you, it's
definitely you.
I guess you could say that.
So what can I do you for, babe?
I saw your ad in the book.
It's very very funny.
Well my name is Buster Hyman,
and I'm almost as
funny as my name.
You're not funny.
You're pathetic.
What do you mean?
I was just, I mean
listen to this shit!
It's not music.
It's not even reality.
Hey kid, look, get the fuck
out of here okay?
Fuck that.
Years ago, you made a
solemn pact with me.
A pact that could never be broken.
You sang that.
So fucking what?
I sang a lot of shit in my life.
What, are you fucking nuts?
That's just some shit song.
Look, hey kid, get the fuck out
of here all right?
cannot kill me, Trax!
Hey guys, come here.
What do you got, Mick?
It's a murder mutilation thing,
it's like
that sicko case on lower
east side last week.
We don't have enough cases?
We gotta start doing
homicides for them now?
What does this mean here, he
was a jingle writer?
I think it's like a musician
that writes songs for commercials.
You know about music?
I didn't know you
knew about music.
I don't.
Listen, you guys cover for me?
Yeah, no problem.
Who are you?
I'm Detective McCardle.
Can I talk to you
about your son?
Anybody contact you?
Did you hear what happened?
I know you.
You were at the trial.
You were sitting there making up
lies about my son!
You lied, all of you!
You all lied about Mark!
I was the arresting officer.
Your son was a very bad person.
Do you know what
they did to him?
They sent him to prison.
Do you know what they
did to him there?
Do you know what he did to
those 10 people?
He did not!
My poor little Mark.
Listen lady, it doesn't really
matter anymore does it?
I mean he's dead right?
The people from Social
Services called.
They said Mark died
in a car crash,
but my Mark was a
very good driver.
Why they're all crazy.
It's all bullshit.
What are you saying?
He used to drive my
car all the time,
but then the police took it away
and they never brought it back
to me and it's been 10 years.
How much of this bullshit do I
have to take before I
get my car back?
What are you saying, lady?
Is he back?
Maybe he is, maybe he isn't,
but leave him alone.
You've done enough to him already.
It's your fault he is the way
he is, now get out!
Get out!
It's your fault!
Can't get you off his mind!
Get out of here and
leave him alone!
Oh, it's my new cop friend.
What I do now?
Nothing, get in the car.
Actually I don't think I have
to get in the car.
Just get in the car.
This is your car?
This is a pretty fucked up car.
You should've seen it in '79.
I had a few more thoughts
about this case.
Mind if I ask you a few questions?
All right, if you wanna bug me
with more questions
though you gotta do me a favor,
all right?
You gotta drive me somewhere.
Just drive and I'll tell you
when to make a right turn, okay?
What's up?
What's up?
Come on, give me the money.
Hey man, this is a
really light bag.
Well fuck you then, you came
here to fucking blame me or what?
No, it's just you usually
give me twice as much.
Hey look, can you afford
the five dollars?
Then take the shit and go.
Come on, man...
Listen bitch, I am
sick and tired of
you coming here every fucking day
and giving me a hard time about
the shit that I'm selling you.
Let me tell you something else.
My problem is that I fucking
need a real piece of ass.
No man, come on.
I need a new fucking bitch.
I could use a nice piece of ass.
You're fucking buying drugs?
Hey who the fuck are you?
Hey get the fuck off my spot.
You ain't nobody I'm afraid of,
By the way, you're under arrest.
Why the fuck didn't you
tell me he was a cop?
Hey man, I think you
oughta let him go.
This guys was gonna have a
little fun with you.
Yeah I know, I know,
you beat the shit
out of him all right,
that's enough
for me, could you just let him go?
Your lucky day, pal.
Why are we stopped here?
It's a junkyard, we
got to look for
an old car, it's the
only lead I have.
You know, this is stupid,
I'm driving around in
the middle of fucking nowhere
with a fucking cop
who's asking me stupid questions.
How do I know you're not just some
pervert who likes me?
I don't think you have to
worry about that.
There's something you should know.
There was another
murder last night.
Very similar circumstances.
The guy was also mutilated.
Both these guys were in the
music business.
Baylor owned that shithole club
and this guy was a songwriter.
You hang out with these types,
I figured you might know them.
What's his name?
His name was Buster Hyman.
Oh get out of here.
I mean I certainly do not know
everybody in the business,
and I don't
know anybody named Buster Hyman.
It's the only lead I have, I
thought I'd ask you.
I think I know who the killer is.
The guy's been incarcerated for
10 years, he just broke
out of prison.
No shit.
What was he in for?
Multiple murder.
The guy killed 10 people in 1979.
Wait a minute, how
come the whole
department's not working
on this thing?
'Cause no one believes me.
Oh great.
What are we doing in this place
anyway, all right?
The least you could do
is let me know.
This place is disgusting.
Oh all right,.
The guy might've seen
you snapping pictures at the club.
Don't scare me, man.
This is the fucking car.
This was a stupid idea.
This is the guy's car?
Actually it's
registered to his mother.
There's shit in here.
Rock Magazine, it's the Kiss
cover, I got this issue.
Big fucking deal.
Oh excuse me, I'll
let you know when
I find a Frank Sinatra magazine,
all right?
Come on, let's get out of here.
What was that?
That was a gun right?
It's him.
Don't fuck with me, man.
I got him.
So Superman, mind telling me
what's going on here?
Fuck you.
Patrol Bureau Commander,
will you
please read the specifications?
Michael John McCardle,
detective, third grade.
Presently assigned to
Midtown South
Detective Area Task Force.
This review board hereby brings
formal charges under section five,
article 42-751 of the
patrol guide.
You are to consider yourself
under suspension
until such time as a hearing is to
be formally scheduled.
Okay, okay, look, what
we've got here
McCardle is another case of you
fucking up royally.
What the hell were you doing
at the auto dealer?
No no no, don't tell me, I
don't wanna know.
Well I wanna know.
It'll all come out
at the hearing.
You've got your hands on a
homicide case that you
don't have the slightest
authority to be mixed up in.
Who assigned him to Homicide?
Nobody did.
You are suspended, and
this time lad I am
personally gonna see your
badge taken away.
Now the PBA will supply
you with a lawyer
or you can get department council.
Is that clear?
Turn in your badge, McCardle.
And your sidearm.
Actually Chief, I'm not
wearing a sidearm today.
What do you mean you're not
wearing a sidearm?
It's regulations.
I'll turn it in to the
proper police office.
Add that to the
specifications will you?
McCardle, get the
hell out of here.
Well it could be worse,
you could be here.
Whatever they want, I don't
give a shit anymore.
Oh come on, a man dies, you
don't give a shit anymore?
Tony, I saw him yesterday.
All right, something
happened yesterday,
I mean the impound lot looked like
a war zone, but you
didn't see him.
Tony, I saw him yesterday okay?
I've been seeing his face for
It was him.
Jesus Christ Mickey,
that fucked up kid
was 16 years old when
he was sent up,
his face would've changed,
you didn't see him.
Tony, I saw him.
You never forget the eyes.
I had a chance to kill him
yesterday and I fucked it up.
Listen, we'll go to the PBA,
I know some people.
Fuck it, I don't have the time.
What, Tony?
Will you wait for me?
Where have you been?
I haven't seen you for two days.
My parents were expecting us at
their anniversary party,
but forget it.
Lay off, I had a rough day.
I've had a rough day!
Oh really?
Well I just got suspended,
I'm off the job.
What does this mean?
Does this mean you lose your
pension and benefits?
What about the PBA, I mean
can't they help?
You pay all that money in
dues every year!
Hi, I'm Tiffany, is
Mickey McCarthy here?
Who is it?
It's Tiffany!
Let her in.
How'd you find my house?
The cop that drove me home gave
me your office number,
then after bugging them all day
I finally got your home address.
How you feeling?
Like shit.
How's the security guy, he
didn't look too good.
That's cause he's dead.
May I have a word with you?
What is that little whore
doing in my home?
Shhh, keep your voice down,
she's not
a whore, it's a police
business thing.
You told me you were
kicked off the force.
I was.
Why are you doing this to me?
You're humiliating me in my own
house by that cheap tramp!
I am going to my mother's and I
don't care if I ever
see you again!
That's your wife?
Sorry man, that's fucked up.
Nobody asked you.
Mickey, I brought the issue
of Rock Magazine.
Big deal.
There's something you
gotta look at.
Bango, page 53.
The band's name is Warriors
of the Inferno.
They were big for a couple months,
you-know-who's under the makeup.
What am I looking for?
Real the caption.
Warriors USA Tour '79.
Mark Baylor, Buster Hyman,
Vince Capeti.
Two down, one to go.
I know, after I found this
I couldn't sleep,
I'm so totally pumped, I'm
playing detective
or something, so I'm
running around to eight
different record stores so I could
find their only album
Feel the Wrath.
I mean they only have
it on cassette.
How much do I owe you?
10.98, it's pretty
rare obviously.
Let's go inside and
listen to it.
No no no, hold on, we
don't got to.
I've got speakers on my walkman.
Who is it?
It's Detective McCardle,
is Tiffany there?
No, she went looking for you.
All right, can I drop
something off for her?
Yeah, yeah sure, come on in.
I thought you said you were
Detective McCardle.
I said I was his
partner didn't I?
No, no you definitely
said you were him.
You don't look like a cop.
Yeah, I'm like Serpico.
Yeah, undercover.
I wanted to be a cop, but I
missed the test.
That's very interesting.
Where is Tiffany?
Wait, I'm confused now, I
thought she was with you.
What's going on?
Nothing, Mrs. O'Brien!
Yeah hello, police?
I have to report a murder.
A young man.
The address is 250
East 23rd Street.
Well when I came in here,
I bumped into
a guy, he was a police officer.
I think he was a detective.
I mean that's a gold shield right?
Okay, yeah sure, I'll wait here.
Take a look at this.
What kind of shit is this?
It's this sick 70s kind
of concept album.
I mean their whole image is
based on Dante's Inferno
with some sword and
sorcery shit mixed in.
How many detectives
couldn't figure this out?
I know, it's all bullshit.
They're talking about
fucked up stuff.
Reunion in Hell for all
with the faith,
get back together
ghostly as a race?
I know, everything's
about suicide
and death, it's typical 70s metal.
Mark Trax is
obsessed with this
band and stupid obviously
is killing them.
I guess he's killing people that
he doesn't think are worth living.
But that doesn't explain
how you guys are
connected, I mean what does
he want with you?
It's a long story.
Mick, look at that smoking
Spanish chick over there.
She's gonna have a lot of kids.
No Mirror Man stuff today.
Maybe it's his day off.
You want to hear my
theory on this?
No, not really.
I'm just kidding, relax.
What is your theory?
Well no one's ever seen
this guy right?
So everybody pictures him as a
big fucked up psycho.
Which he is.
I don't know, all
his victims have
died without a struggle right,
so what do you
have to be to just sit
there and get killed?
What, I don't know.
Great theory Mick, the guy's a
fucking hypnotist.
Let's drive down to One
Police Plaza and
tell everybody the news,
they'll think we're
fucking morons, what are
you kidding me?
All his victims have been
fairly young right?
Yeah, so?
All the murders have been
around here or downtown.
Okay, so what do you
have around here,
you got a lot of bars, got a
lot of rock clubs,
after hours joints, the guy's
part of that scene.
He's probably young, good looking,
he fits right in, he's
not a monster.
He fits right in here.
And then what does he do,
hypnotize the people?
I haven't figured
that part out yet.
Some of kind of rock and roll drug
thing or something.
Mick, you know something?
You're gonna make a
great detective.
Where are you going?
You're driving our of our sector,
what are you doing?
Let's just take a
look around here.
You know something, we
get caught, I lose
vacation days, I'm gonna kick
your ass, all right?
You're the one who always
wants to bend the rules.
I don't give a shit, I don't
wanna lose my days, all right?
Mickey, come in Mick.
Wake up, Mick.
Mick, the light's green,
it's gonna be red
again soon, let's get
with the program.
What's that up there?
I don't know, it's probably some
kind of joint, why?
I've never seen it before.
Maybe someone's
throwing a party.
So what, what's the big deal?
Let's go check it out.
What the fuck for?
Look out.
Brandon, Brandon, Brandon!
Wait for me!
10-13, office needs assistance!
I'm coming, Brandon!
Brandon, where are you?
I can't see, where are you?
Over here Mick, over
here, get over here!
What the fuck is going on
in this place?
I can hear you but I
can't see you.
I'm over here!
Follow my voice, Mick!
Where are you?
I see something!
Brandon, I see him, Brandon,
I see him!
Get your gun out,
get your gun out!
It's him!
Who, who is it?
Brandon, I see him!
Mick, are you okay?
Pull your gun out, Mick?
Pull your fucking gun
out all the way if you see him.
I see him!
Jesus God, Brandon!
He's only a kid!
He's only a kid!
That is really fucked up.
But it sounds like it
wasn't your fault.
What did they do to Trax?
Well Trax never said a
word to anyone.
Not to the cops, not to the judge.
Not even to his lawyer.
He got sent up for life.
Now he's back.
Look, I'm not gonna put you
in anymore danger.
What do you mean?
Thanks for all your help, I mean
you were a big help on this case.
What are you talking about?
I solved this fucking case.
I thought we were a team.
So stop being a dick, all right?
You need all the
friends you can get.
But right now our
biggest problem is
catching that guy before he
does Capeti right?
You're right.
Come on.
McCardle, we're from,
step away from the girl.
Just keep your hands by your
side where I can see them.
What do you got?
Your gun was found
at the murder scene.
The victim was Stewart Damon, 18
year old white man.
The log books says you
paid him a visit.
Ballistics is working on it,
but we came up
with your name from the serial
number on the piece.
When did this happen?
Don't worry, I'm
sure there will be
a lot of of brass to explain
everything to you downtown.
Right now you're the
main suspect.
Listen, before you take him
down to Police Plaza.
Get out of the car!
Get out of the car!
Put your hands up, get
out of the car!
Whoa, watch where you
point that thing!
All right, all right, all right,
take it easy!
What the fuck do you
think you're doing?
Down, down, put your hands down!
Now stay that way!
The fucking handcuffs.
Don't worry about the fucking
handcuffs, just drive!
Just drive!
Pull over here.
Why, what
are we doing?
Gotta ditch the car.
All right.
Oh shit, how are we gonna get you
out of the handcuffs?
Look in the glove compartment.
Look for a ballpoint pen.
Take the top off.
Put it in the keyhole.
I'm sorry.
Try and turn it out.
I got it.
What's going on?
This is never easy.
The guy killed your boyfriend.
At your house.
Oh shit.
The bonehead probably invited him
in for a cup of coffee.
He stole my gun, killed
your boyfriend,
on top of everything else I'm a
prime murder suspect.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I got you into this.
Jesus, you got a major self
pity thing going on.
This guy is fucking
with you Mickey,
this is pathetic, all right?
We're in a lot of
trouble here right?
I mean I'm probably
gonna get 100 years
for pulling a gun on those cops.
There's only one thing to do.
Exactly, if we don't get this
guy nobody's gonna believe us.
I gotta call a friend,
you all right?
How do I know?
We better get out of here.
Mickey, Christ, what the fuck
is going on with you?
I didn't kill that kid.
You're crazy calling me here.
I said I didn't kill that kid.
The boy is dead.
They got the murder weapon,
it's your gun.
Ballistics has got the match.
He took my gun at the junkyard.
This does not look good.
Look, either you believe
me or you don't,
if you believe me I need you to
run a name for me.
Vince Capeti, lives
somewhere in the...
Who is he, how am I
gonna find him?
Come on.
Look it up in the phone book,
I don't know.
Come on, you're a detective.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Wait, let me get a pen.
You weren't listening?
I'm just trying to make sure.
Look, I'll call you in a
half hour all right?
Whole fucking department
is looking for you.
They say you've got an
underage female with you?
That's right, she's
my new partner.
Tony, what do you got for me?
Well I got something for you.
What do you mean, who is it?
Look, let me get
something straight.
This is the guy you say is gonna
get hit by the other guy right?
Something like that, Tony.
Just give me what you got.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Listen, this guy works for the
transit authority, he's a
subway conductor.
Guy's gonna do him tonight.
What else you got?
Well all I know for sure is that
he's working on the Double
R local tonight.
Thanks, Tony.
I just don't understand Mick,
I mean what's the connection?
Just trust me.
I was right once before.
Yeah, well you better be
right this time.
If you are, I hope you nail
this motherfucker.
I heard that.
Vince Capeti.
I can't believe it after
all these years.
I'm drawing a blank, buddy.
Stare Into the Abyss.
You know the lyrics to
that shit song?
It's not a shit song.
You wrote it.
You wrote about the dark side.
You wrote about the truth.
I want you know you
haven't betrayed me.
Look at you.
You're in disguise right,
you're a civil servant.
You're hiding right?
Come on man, get real.
It was a long time ago, it was
all make believe.
That comic book bullshit gave
us our 15 minutes.
Fucking get him!
Fucking go get him!
Catch him!
Fucking go get him, catch him!
Hey bitch!
Come on, skanky bitch, come on,
you want to play hide and seek?
Are you mourning your boyfriend?
Come on, you fucking ugly bitch!
Let's see what you want, what are
you chasing me for?
Come on.
Let's go Tiffany, right here.
Let's go up.
I always hated chicks like you.
I'm right here, come on!
I'm getting bored with this!
Hey bitch, you want to run away?
Try to get me!
Come on!
Come and get me!
Nice try.
Fucking somebody hear me!
This sucks!
Get me the fuck off this!
Somebody fucking hear me!
Oh about fucking time.
It's just you and me.
As the gods watch.
Fight me, Trax.
That's not Distort I'm hearing!
You all right?
That depends on your
definition of all right.
Nobody is ever gonna believe us.
What are you talking about,
it's New York.
So what are we gonna do on
our second date?
This is our second date.
Oh yeah.