Blue World Order (2017) Movie Script

Okay, so this is
Test Subject X-119,
in Hebrew block 614, Trial 5.
Take the cleaver
and strike the object.
Take the cleaver
and strike the object.
Take the cleaver
and strike the object.
This one.
It's ready.
On the 19th of October, 2022,
the world changed...
No one knew
who had launched first.
No one knew why they fell on remote areas,
Ohio, and not New York,
Calais, and not Paris,
Yorkshire, and not London.
No one realized the bio-power
plants were being targeted.
All the beauty of
the Northern hemisphere...
Radiation from
the nuclear fallout
spawned a bacteria
that spread south,
killing everything.
Thus war came and went
in the south
and society broke down.
The spurt of humanity
struggled to rise...
What the hell is that?
Six people.
No masks.
Taking water from the river.
You know, maybe you're right.
Maybe the bacteria hasn't come
this far of south.
Did you see, Bug?
Oh, I know you like it here.
Yeah, I'll get you
some help.
Says we're here...
and they're here.
Now, I understand
why you're going.
You wanna take control
of your life,
you wanna take control
of your situation.
What I don't understand is why you're
not doing that right now, right here.
Why don't you breathe?
Reach around
and grab my ankle.
I know this is a difficult time for you,
...but you're
not finished yet.
Master Crane.
I need to be with her,
you know.
Been away from Molly
far too long.
You got the next one?
You're with us in spirit...
Despite of
my feelings, Jake...
I'm proud of you.
You're free to choose,
you know.
You just have to submit.
There's no choice.
Thank you.
Hey, little Bug.
Time for Mommy to help change those diapers,
isn't it?
Look at you,
holding a baby.
Daddy's had enough
of that goofy smile.
When you first came in here,
you couldn't hold a glass of water
without getting it all over you,
you remember?
The other kid,
she's gonna be...
That is gonna be
one special kid.
Her parents are two of the most
stubborn people I've ever met.
Thank God
her mom is brilliant.
That's why I need to get my
two girls back together.
She's been away from her mother
for far too long. Haven't you?
Little Bug.
Come on.
Let's put you down.
Heads up.
Control this.
Is it dead?
It is now.
Ugh. Smells like ass!
We need to make this quick.
I was starting to think
you guys bailed on me.
Why? And give up
on all this?
What you got there?
A hospital?
Oh, again, come on.
- Ah!
- See.
Baseball, baseball takes
all day.
- All day?
- I fall asleep in the second innings.
This, from a man who used to play
a sport that takes five days,
- sometimes even a month.
- Cricket.
Cricket has all different
kinds of approaches.
There's all different
kinds of bowlers...
I'd rather lick
my grandmother's feet.
- Your grandmother...
- Hey, stop!
Stop right there!
- Stop!
- Hey, hey, hey.
Stop right
where you are.
- What is in the package?
- What is in the package?
I need a doctor.
Why is he
wearing a mask?
She's breathing...
Look around.
You won't be
needing that anymore.
What is this place?
it's home...
to many.
Who are you?
I'm Dr. Harris.
My daughter...
she's sick.
How long has she
been like this?
How old is she?
Since the flash.
She's eight.
And you are?
My name is Jake.
Is this a hospital?
Of sorts.
I must say, Jake,
you're a lucky man.
We can help her.
And you.
We're rebuilding here.
Getting people a home,
sense of purpose.
The transport is minimal.
Only what we could salvage.
Do you have electricity?
It's battery, mostly.
We've had to rebuild
since the AMP,
but yes, we have
what we need.
The lightning?
The flash?
It was
an electromagnetic pulse.
That's right.
It came from that tower.
Clearly, by the mask,
you're aware of the bacteria.
I was following
the signal from the south.
Said there was a cure.
Also from our tower.
Population was decimated
by the bacteria.
We were able to
save these people.
The EMP delivered software directly
into the brain of the survivors.
Mr. Jake,
it's all electricity.
Sit down.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Now keep your head still,
and look at this.
after the pulse, there were
unintended consequences.
How often does this happen?
Every couple of days.
I need another nurse here.
We need to take her inside.
No. No, she's not
going anywhere.
- We have, uh, more facilities.
- No.
Jake, it's been two years
since the pulse.
How long have you been out there scavenging,
and on your own?
You found doctors.
We can help you both.
We need to take her inside.
- I go where she goes.
- Okay.
- No exceptions.
- Okay.
Let's attend to you first.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Anesthetic for the pain.
We're just gonna
clean you up, okay?
He is in
a remarkably good shape
for someone who has been
like this for two years.
She hasn't changed.
She hasn't changed.
We're gonna need
the life support.
What did you do to me?
Feel like going
for a climb?
Did you eat junk food
or something lately, Bug?
Your mother was the tall one.
I'm at full stretch here.
It'll hopefully grow where I could fit
through a hole the size of a golf ball...
What are you trying to say...-
What do we have here?
It's a nice jacket, asshole.
Get out of the way.
Nice one, Bug.
Did you find the food?
Enough for a month.
The ladder. You see it?
I'm on it.
No, no, no, come back, come back, come back.
Come on, come on, come back.
You gotta jump, baby.
You gotta jump. Molly, please.
You come one inch close and I will
fucking kill you, I swear to God.
I don't wanna jump.
Trust me, Bug.
Who are you?
Let me go.
She was six years old...
Let me go!
She had red hair...
Where's Molly?
What have you done to her?
What is that?
Is that her?
London Bridge
Is falling down
My fair lady
She had red hair, you see?
Red hair.
You need to find and see.
You need to get out.
Go on. Run.
They just saw me.
What have you
done to her?
Stop singing and tell me where she is.
I'm so sorry.
But I'll see you soon.
Tell me where the fuck
my daughter is!
Find the girl.
She's in danger.
They'll kill her.
Follow the map.
Find MadCap.
Find MadCap.
Where... Where is she?
Wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
What did you see?
Come on, no!
You're early.
It's like an hour
until shift change.
You can't be back there.
You got a key for this?
Of course I got...
You're not Jenkins.
You see something?
I see your royal flush.
Who the hell are you?
Today is Tuesday, right?
Is this
some kind of a joke?
I don't think so.
I'm not very funny.
We turn down just up here.
- How do you turn...
- Go!
Yo, people do that for fun...
Ow, ow, ow, no!
No, no, no. No, no, please.
She sent you.
She sent you. The lady.
She sent you to MadCap.
Follow the map
to find MadCap.
I just need to get something from here.
Dammit. Get off me.
Get off me!
Wait. You need to
come with me.
Yeah. To the Resistance Camp.
Yeah, you'll be safe.
It's what they said.
No, you're right, of course.
You're not safe.
Because they've seen you,
you'll never be safe.
But you gotta believe me,
my people can help.
They spend their days working on
ways to circumvent the virus.
- The virus?
- Yeah, the virus.
The reins. The control.
The bacteria.
You're kidding. No.
Not the bacteria, the virus.
You have no idea.
They will never stop hunting you.
Hunting her.
You can't outrun them
carrying her.
Please, come with me.
I promise you'll be safe.
Come on, let's go.
- See, they call me MadCap...
- I don't care.
The virus is like
nothing you've...
Is that what that crazy woman was
trying to warn me about before she died?
She died?
She a friend of yours?
Yeah. A friend to many.
Her name was Brooke.
Hey... I just need
to check her eyes.
It's the virus.
The same virus
that killed your friend?
Molly's got it?
Yeah, everyone's got it.
Weird thing is you don't.
The virus is a software.
It was transmitted
from the tower.
The flash.
They said that was
the immunization.
Yeah, well, yeah.
The EMP did, in fact,
carry an immunization
to the bacteria,
but it was just a cover.
A virus was what they
wanted to deliver.
It lives inside the brain and
makes us do whatever they want.
That's impossible.
Is it?
You've already seen it
when you arrived.
See, the brain is electrical
like a computer.
Uh, when the nukes wiped out
the top half of the world,
and the bacteria
migrated south,
society just tore itself apart,
the order steeped in
to control the chaos.
Is that not a good thing?
No, not the way they did it.
See, as far as we can tell,
they immunized us
by making our brains, uh...
stimulate an over-production of ATP,
which is a tendency to...
- I know what ATP is.
- ATP...
It seems to
counteract the bacteria.
I mean, that's
ingenious, really.
But they also delivered
software right into our brain.
But no one controls me.
That's why you and your
daughter are so valuable.
Somehow you're immune.
What about Molly?
You're strange enough.
You don't have the virus.
- But little Clare, she...
- Molly.
Yeah, right.
But right now,
we need your help.
You said you could help us.
And I can. I...
The tower transmits a control signal.
Also, that's how they
control the population.
Also, it has to be destroyed.
Also, you're the only one
who can destroy it.
They don't control you.
We gotta keep moving.
Hey, what do you mean I'm the
only one who can destroy it?
Well, see this,
this gives me a moment.
Not long enough to willingly
destroy the tower.
It has to be you.
Get your hands off me.
It's this way.
try it again.
Now punch in the other one.
Yeah, that's it.
All right. How does
that feel, Max?
You have a call from
the General, ma'am.
Okay, we're here.
I thought you were
taking me to your camp.
Yeah, I am.
The Resistance Camp.
I just need to grab
something from here first.
It's my secret lair.
If this is a trap,
I will kill you.
Hey, I don't doubt it.
You're still alive.
Here we are.
Great, huh?
I love these shapes.
You like limestone?
Temple Limestone.
I love limestone.
Just let me...
Just keep this away.
You can just
put her down here.
Just be a minute.
You hear that, Bug?
We're gonna
get you some help.
I'm never gonna let you
out of my sight again.
Over the last year,
we've been able to plant a series
of bombs on the transmission tower.
the last guy got caught
and fortunately,
he's found his way out.
So, yeah. They still don't
know why he was there.
He, uh...
He resisted...
right till the end.
Just gotta find...
a detonator.
Okay, here we are.
I built this to
detonate remotely,
but the virus stops me
getting close enough to use it.
you, I mean,
you could do it.
Whoa. Careful with that.
- Careful. Careful.
- What is this?
This is the most
valuable thing of all.
This is freewill.
You see,
everything that happens
comes from something else.
You know, like an asteroid
bumps into some space-dust,
and then bumps into
some more space-dust,
and eventually
forms a planet...
Sounds like it's gonna
be a long story.
No, just think about it.
You know, cause and effect,
all the way back to the Big Bang.
That's where we're different.
I mean, this world,
this pale blue dot.
We're not the product of
what came before.
We can choose
what comes next.
Good job we've done with that.
There've been
some bad choices, I know,
but at least
they're ours to make.
I mean, they have to be.
And that's what the Order's
taken from us.
They've taken
our right to choose.
What, with the virus?
Yeah. I've discovered that we could
communicate without being detected
if we think one thing
and then say or do another.
You know, like,
holding a conversation
while, um,
I don't know,
playing a guitar, you know.
We usually
sing nursery rhymes,
but, I mean, to act directly
against the order,
I gotta use this.
See, the... the jolt
short-circuits the virus
But it's not
a long-term solution.
We're almost
out of batteries.
You sure it's a virus?
Could it wake up Molly?
Probably. Uh...
Yeah, I mean,
someone her size, it, uh...
It might completely
destroy the virus.
Yeah. It's worth a shot.
It shouldn't kill her.
Kill her?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah. That's...
Don't wanna kill
the last child on earth.
What did you say?
The last...
Wow. You...
You really didn't get
the memo, did you?
The EMP, uh...
It killed all the children.
Yeah. When it went off, uh...
anyone too young
to take the...
they just, uh...
All but her.
You see, that's why
they won't stop.
Why they won't ever stop.
She's a holy grail, Jake.
That's why
you have to help us.
Unintended consequences.
You know, they say they
want to build civilization,
but, I mean,
isn't the first step having more children?
You know,
there have been no newborns since the pulse.
No births in two years.
And people are
disappearing, Jake.
I don't know what it is,
but they're up to something.
They're up to something.
You know, they said
that they can help her,
and they tried to drill
into her brain.
When you say that
you can help,
you're trying
to blow up the tower.
I'm being used.
That is it.
What? No, no. No. No.
There another way out?
You mean like a secret way?
There's a gas mask
in my pack.
All right, you keep her safe.
Okay. Got it.
What are you doing?
Keeping her safe.
Put her down!
Meet me
at the bridge.
You like cheddar
more than blue, huh?
News from above?
He wants the damn thing
to go out tomorrow.
Close it up.
But that's impossible.
It can't be done.
There's still so much
testing to do.
It can be done
and it will be.
Get another rat.
Find coffee. It's gonna
be a long night.
Sorry, Max.
Ow. Ow.
What have you here?
Go install this
in the device.
- But I'm not supposed to...
- Just do it.
This has to get up by morning.
The General was very explicit.
And, Gavin,
get another rat.
I'm not sure
if this is the...
Are you okay?
This is gonna sting.
Tell me.
I'm not sure.
Looks like
it's worked.
Stop right there!
He's still coming.
How's he doing that?
What are you doing?
They'll see you.
I need your help.
How'd you do that?
MadCap is in there
with my daughter.
You need to help me
find them.
So it's true.
If she's here, they will have taken
her to the tunnels under the tower
where they experiment on
anyone different.
Here. Take this.
It's not all
mapped out, but...
You okay?
When you find MadCap,
tell him 31...
Tell him 312, right
where the drains go through.
Go! Go!
Tell me
about your home.
How was your life
before the war?
Did you have...
a family?
I'll never tell you anything.
You just did.
We can now see
anything you think.
My grandfather's clock
Was too large for the shelf
My grandfather's clock
Was too large for the shelf
Stop. Stop, stop, stop.
Back, back, back.
Right there.
Erase it.
Erase. Erase it all.
The General's gonna want this.
The General is gonna
want to test that himself.
Do you want to be
the one to deny him that?
Tell me about the bombs.
They're in the tower.
My grandfather's clock
Was too large for the shelf
You... You wanna
blow up the tower?
...the day that he was born
It was always
His treasure and pride
Is that what this is for?
That doesn't work anymore.
Trust me.
You don't want
the tower to be destroyed.
It will ruin everything.
...short, never to go again
When the old man died
When the old man died
Never to go again
When the old...
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no!
This could be so easy
if you just cooperate.
You bitch.
Thank you, Mr. Capper.
it's the General.
He wants to disperse it
at dawn?
That's in less than an hour.
Hey, no.
You can't do this.
Please don't do this.
You can't distribute that.
You can't steal
people's thoughts!
How many are you? Hmm?
How many traitors
are among us?
There's four
at the camp,
one of them died,
there's more in another camp.
One of them is a guard.
You know,
we know you found
a way to communicate.
In a few minutes' time,
none of that would matter.
Your friend showing up
like he did
has exonerated matters
Your very thoughts
betray you.
This update will render
your little workaround...
It's Bio-S2.
It's called Bio-S2.
It's a biological operating...
It doesn't matter.
How did he avoid infection?
Time to be more persuasive.
Tell me about the girl.
Who is she?
Who is she?
How did she survive?
Jake! Jake!
Man, I just work here!
Where is Molly?
Where is Molly?
what are you doing?
You took her,
gave her to them!
What? No, no, no, no!
- Where?
- The MedLabs,
up the stairs,
at the end of the next hallway.
The Guild took her.
I told you
what I'd do to you if you...
And I believed you.
Look where we are, Jake.
The update doesn't
interest you, Marion?
You know,
I saw something
very compelling
on my monitor just now.
You told me he was dead.
Yeah. I thought he was.
They bombed the hospital,
The rehabilitation wing that he was
working in was completely destroyed,
and I looked.
Believe me, I looked.
- I could not find...
- You saw me easily enough.
Think about
what we have accomplished.
Think about what we've done.
with your research.
We have stopped violence.
We have stopped violence.
the rape of women,
the senseless slaughter of
men, women, children.
We slaughtered the children.
I'm sorry, okay? Don't think a day
doesn't go by that I don't regret that.
I will not let that
happen again.
Well, there are no more children
left to kill, are there?
Look, we can't
have an anomaly.
We can't. We can't have some
new resistance to the software.
That man is the only reason
we have any software.
You have no idea
what is coming.
- Trust me, you have no...
- It's all based on his DNA!
We have to go upstairs right now.
We have to go upstairs.
We have to broadcast
the update right now.
Will you come with me, please?
Will you come with me so we can
broadcast the update without resistance?
Move your ass so we can go upstairs,
and start world peace!
What happened
back there?
You just froze.
Oh, look, ports.
So you're saying here that
you're gonna help me find her.
Yeah, of course, I will.
But we just gotta
get to the tunn...
Look, look.
They're gonna release an update to the virus,
like, any minute now.
Okay, which... It allows them to
literally see our thoughts, okay,
and if that happens, all hope
for the Resistance is lost.
We gotta get to the tower.
I don't care about
your Resistance.
I don't care about
your Order.
I care about finding Molly and
getting the fuck outta here!
They tested
the update on me. They saw.
They know you're here.
They know about Clare.
Oh my God.
They know about Clare.
You know what?
I'll do it myself.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait!
She may have survived
the EMP once,
but this close to the tower?
Look, if we don't
stop that pulse,
even if you
get to her first...
If that update goes out,
she's dead anyway.
Are we getting close?
I was following you.
We're close.
Hey, that's mine.
It's this way.
Spot 16.
Inter-transmission code.
Codes entered.
Generator is coming online.
You should be proud.
Your work here
is gonna save mankind.
Hold code accepted.
Twelve minutes
till transmit.
If he's alive, where is he?
Harris said that
he escaped from the camp.
No one has seen him.
We have to find him.
Yeah, we do.
I'm going to see how
the Whippett is faring,
perhaps you can find something
out from the prisoner.
You're... You're not staying?
You got this.
Yes, I do.
You've been here
before, right?
You recognize anything?
According to Clare's map,
the elevator to the tower
is this way.
No, we can't.
We don't have time.
Jake! No!
Jake, if the pulse goes off...
Damn it!
Stop it!
Stop doing that!
Please. Please.
She's the only child to survive.
We need to know why.
If there's a glitch
in the software...
Dr. Conners,
there is a call for you.
It's me.
He's gone.
Who's gone?
The anomaly came and
broke the prisoner free.
Take your men to the cells.
Do whatever you have to but
do not let them get in here.
Time to change the world.
Is she okay?
She's still alive.
Okay. Come on.
Come on.
No, no, you don't underst...
I can't stop it.
Sequence is initiated.
Ah! Come on!
There's no override.
What about the bombs?
I destroyed the remote.
Don't worry about them.
Just do your jobs!
I think we can
detonate it manually.
Detonate it manually?
Yeah. Yeah.
From the transmitter.
Let the guards do their jobs.
You do yours!
But it's on the roof.
We can't get to there from here.
Through there.
I'm not sure I can fit.
Not you.
Station 143,
quickly. Paulson down.
You had that
the whole time?
It's Clare's, right?
I think it's fine.
Okay, we're only gonna get
one shot at this.
But it's gonna be
the full charge.
This much power...
could kill her.
90 seconds, and
she's dead anyway, right?
Come on, Jake.
Come on.
I love you so much, Bug.
More than anything.
Come on, baby.
Come on, Bug.
Be back.
You're getting sad
all over me.
Did you catch me?
Oh, God.
Where is the pirate?
Where are we?
Look here, okay?
Something's happened, okay?
You listen to me
really carefully.
This is...
This is MadCap.
He's gonna tell you
what to do.
It's really important that
we do it really quickly, okay?
You gotta try to find the
little red box on the wall
Remember when you unlocked
that roller door for me?
You know, a fully-grown man can fit
through a hole the size of a golf ball.
That's... uh.
Yeah, just through the hole ahead that way,
and, uh, and you'll see
a small flashing blue light.
I see it.
Okay. Now, turn the key
from "Remote" to "Local," okay?
And press the button.
I can't really read.
Just turn the key and press the button.
It's stuck!
It's just tight!
It is just tight.
Oh, God, no.
What have you done?
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
You know her?
Great job, Bug.
Okay, we gotta
get out of here.
This whole tower's
gonna crumble.
Marion, is there
another way out?
Like a secret way?
The power's out.
The elevator won't work.
Come on, you gonna
give me a hand or what?
Molly, you see through there?
There's strings.
We gotta go.
Climb out through the cage...
Molly, get back here!
Now. You.
No, no, no, no.
I can't crawl in there.
Climb out.
Go, now!
Oh, no, no, no.
You gotta be kidding me.
Get on your back, okay?
Just lie down till
the cage moves.
You gotta hurry.
Ah, I can't!
You go, man.
You gotta go, now!
Tell me to move.
Just tell me what to do.
Put your legs over the rails.
We can't stay here.
We gotta go.
Molly, can you get me the...
Hold tight, okay?
The tower's falling.
If we can get down from
that mountain right now.
I need to reach that cable.
I need you to wriggle
round on to my back, okay?
I don't wanna.
Be brave for me.
Come on.
Grab me around my neck.
Grab my neck, I got you.
Come on.
You can do it.
Not that side.
Let's get up there.
Hold on.
Just slide down.
Come on, keep going.
You okay?
I hurt my knee.
Up against the wall.
My foot's caught.
I can't!
Tell him to put
the gun down.
Just tell him to put the gun down.
He'll listen to you.
Tell The General I got
the anomaly and the girl.
They were with Dr. Conners.
Jake, tell him.
No, no! Like you mean it.
Like a demand.
Put it down now!
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
and tell him to put his hands up in the air.
Put your arms up in the air.
I don't understand.
How... You shouldn't be able
to strike the security team.
Electricity shorts the virus
and it can't read my mind.
Didn't see
that one coming, did you?
Get out of the way, kid.
It's okay.
It's okay, Molly.
You can let him live, okay?
Okay, I'm just gonna
free his legs.
Your daddy and I are friends.
I wouldn't go
all that far.
MadCap, no!
She's the one
who made the virus.
She's the one, Jake.
She tortured me,
she gave me the update.
She's gotta die.
She's gotta die.
She gave me the update.
She's my wife.
She's my wife.
Hi, baby.
You're so beautiful.
I thought that you...
When the hospital
was hit, I...
He told me you were killed.
And when the pulse went off...
Dad said you were tall.
Did he now?
Okay, we gotta go.
We gotta go.
Come on. Come on.
Over here.
Okay, you guys go first.
Go, go, go. Go, go.
Come on, hurry up. Let's go.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
There could be guards.
Yeah, there's guards.
I'm not gonna stand here
and get shot at, okay?
So you cover us,
we're going.
Okay. Okay. Go, go, go!
Just a second.
In here.
Lock the door.
Okay, we go left,
get back to the camp.
- Which one?
- Uh...
Just up here, right where
the drains go through.
What did you say?
Uh, we go left to
get back to the camp.
No, no, no, no. After that.
Uh, right where
the drains go through.
Right where
the drains go through.
What's in here?
I don't know. Secrets.
Maybe you should
ask your wife.
We've been trying to get in but
can't complete the code. So...
There's something Clare said.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait. Clare?
She said "312, right where
the drains go through."
3... 3...
She meant "turn," right?
I don't know.
She kept repeating.
"312, right where
the drains go through."
Come on, 312...
Oh, my God.
Did you know about this?
Of course she did.
I knew they're up to something.
Jake, I swear we were only
told what we needed to know.
These weapons are like
nothing I've ever seen before.
Uh, well, actually...
Are these upgrades
for the guards?
That's too many for...
Too many for just guards.
Enough for an army.
For everyone, so we can fight their war.
War? Fighting against who?
I don't know.
Does it matter?
I don't know.
Maybe they wanna retake cities of the north.
Maybe other camps.
You know, this is what this
whole camp was designed for.
No, we were trying to help.
Oh, yeah, to help?
What, build armies?
Send people to their deaths?
That's why
there's no newborns.
'Cause it'd be a liability.
These don't work anyway.
Molly, come here.
If he's planning
to go to war...
get away from him.
Come here.
What's wrong with them?
They're looped.
Wait, wait.
What do you mean "looped"?
They're stuck searching for a signal.
Without a carrier signal,
they're paralyzed.
- They're paralyzed?
- They can still breathe.
Their tongue's
functions are fine.
You see what she did?
You see what this virus is?
She's paralyzed
an entire population.
You did this.
You did this.
Actually, you did this.
When you blew up
the tower, you did this.
You were about to
release an update
that was gonna steal
everyone's thoughts.
I was about to release a cure.
What about the guards?
Well, staff like me
are on a different version.
It's self-contained with
no violence inhibitor, but...
it's permanent.
And the update,
is that permanent?
That's why I had to act now.
The virus wouldn't have
worked after the update.
But how could you even
create something
that's just gonna rob people
of their own free will?
I did it for her.
Her dad was dead and
if I could stop the violence
and keep her safe...
But, then, the pulse happened.
Killed all the children.
All but her.
She shares her DNA.
It saved her life.
We gotta go.
Like... like, now.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't help it.
I thought about
the Resistance Camp,
and whether they're
frozen like this too.
we've kept this
secret for years.
I've just shown them the way.
We'll be slaughtered, Jake.
Then we better
get there first.
She's nice.
Stay down.
We need to find cover.
Right there, right there.
Hope we need that weapon.
Hold on.
I'm holding steady.
I'm a better shot
than you, remember?
I don't suppose
you packed any extra ammo.
Hold on.
Good thing you stole
the fastest car.
Uh, looks like
they got one, too.
No, no, they only got...
Oh, no. What?
Oh, you gotta be
playing with my balls.
He's headed towards
the mountains.
Right there.
He's going towards the tunnels. Follow him.
Up here.
Hurry. Hurry.
Got the camps just through here.
It won't take long.
Just over the next hill.
Ten minutes tops.
See, most people think that diamonds
come from coal. They don't...
Do you ever shut up?
Hey, you said "About 15 minutes"
about an hour ago.
Yep, not far.
See, the pulse killed
everything, except the flies.
- Get the...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait up.
I swear I just saw a snake.
that's perfect then.
Come on.
Well, here it is.
I can't see anything.
If you could see it,
your friends would have already wiped it out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you crazy?
Well, I'm not.
You're out
of your mind.
There's a tunnel that leads
you out from the bottom to the hole
into a series of trenches
that we carved.
And that will take us
around the camp.
The passageway
is mostly crammed.
Funny word "crammed".
It comes from the Latin word...
So, uh, the kid. Is she...
It's mostly quartz,
It's okay, Jim.
We're gonna get you
out of this.
Don't they starve?
How do we unfreeze them?
They're, uh,
they're with me.
Wait, wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Clare. Clare.
Clare, it's okay now. I'm here.
I... I'm sorry, I...
I tried resisting
as long as I could, but...
I know. I hope they're better.
It's done something
to my head.
I can't see out my left eye.
Resisting can cause
Why is she here?
Uh, it's a long story.
Can you walk?
Easier with my zapper.
Uh, yeah, I know.
Um, it's gone.
We had to kill the virus
to wake up the girl.
So, there is hope.
You got any weapons here?
We need to leave.
And go where?
This is the only place
with food supplies.
Look, there are a couple
of guns in the armory.
But not very many.
They've beat us here.
They're slaughtering.
Just up there.
No! No! No!
It's all right.
Shh. It's all right.
It's okay.
I... I saved her.
Yeah, you did.
No. no!
You! You killed her!
That's enough.
Master Crane?
You killed her.
I'm sorry.
My guards acted in self defense.
I am truly sorry.
Your loss is regrettable.
Good to see you, Jake.
I don't understand,
Master Crane. I...
I thought you were...
I thought you were dead, too.
But, fortunately, we were
both wrong, huh?
How could you be
part of this?
Slaughtering all these people?
Slaughtering? No.
We didn't... There's no slaughter.
We saved these people.
You tried to kill me.
You tried to kill Molly.
You know him, too?
No one tried to kill Molly.
When I heard that there was a
man who could not be governed,
carrying a living child,
I thought...
I had to know. I had to know if
there were any other like you.
Others who were not
responding to the software.
For the sake of
humanity, Jake.
What's humanity?
- You stole our humanity!
- Would you please?
They said that
you promised peace.
Rebuilding society,
And did we not deliver
upon that? Did we not stop
the slaughter of the weak?
Did we not make
the world a safer place?
No, you did not.
We did not.
I thought we were doing
something noble.
You speak of peace
and prepare for war.
You're manufacturing weapons?
You're so noble.
Dragging these people
to their death.
Fuck your war.
My war?
This is every bit as much
your war as it is mine.
This is mankind's war.
Let me show you something.
Bring it in.
This, my friends,
is what is coming.
This is what Mr. Capper
refers to as "my war."
So, that creature
did all this?
What is that?
It is something else.
This is what bacteria and radiation
did to the survivors in the north.
Radiation didn't find its way this far south,
bacteria did.
Bacteria alone killed people.
They were the lucky ones.
Combined with radiation,
you get this.
There is a hoard of these
about a week away from here.
This is one of the many scouts
they have been sending.
And you are damn right
I am manufacturing weapons.
If this was the whole point,
why not tell everyone?
'Cause they would run.
Yeah, some would
fight, sure, but...
unless we override fear,
override mass hysteria,
we are gonna be
as dead as our friend.
They are formidable.
And they are hard to kill.
But you can't make
people fight these things.
Yeah, but they would fight.
I mean, if they had the choice.
Would you fight?
Mr. Capper.
You're damn right I would.
And if you chose to fight...
if you all chose to fight,
how long would you last?
You farmers.
You teachers. You florists.
You are not soldiers.
The update
does more than
let me read your minds.
It... well, observe.
What the hell are you doing?
Your ideas,
they're flawed, Jake.
I'm sorry, man.
It's not me, it's the...
Oh, whoa, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
Free will hesitates.
Free will has regrets.
It makes mistakes.
Free will falters.
It grows weary.
It becomes weak.
Free will lacks conviction.
You must understand this, Jake.
This is your most important lesson.
I'm sorry, man.
Even if they have the will,
they do not have the skill.
Are you okay?
Am I okay?
Even if they wanna fight,
they don't have the...
The ability.
I can't stop, Jake.
All right.
Let me help you with that.
The update gives them
that ability.
Nod if you follow me.
don't fucking move
if you follow me.
Thanks to your little stunt,
you gave me
an army of mannequins.
I thought
it would free them.
Never fear, Mr. Capper,
there is still a way.
You know there is.
The tower's gone.
What are you doing?
Marion Conners,
you have betrayed the order.
You know the penalty.
- Ready?
- Hey, what are you doing?
Baby, I will always love you.
Thank you.
- And fire.
- No!
I am so sorry, buddy.
I had to be sure.
That you could kill my family?
No, that you could stop me,
and, man, but go ahead, you tell 'em.
You're the one who discovered.
I just... saw it
on a little scream.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay. Okay.
Jake has the virus.
But you told me
that I was immune.
Yeah, but I was wrong.
You weren't controlled.
In the cave I felt it.
You told me to keep
Molly safe,
and I had no choice.
When that animal
was gonna cut me in half,
I... see, that's why
they listened to you.
Jake, you have the virus.
But unlike the rest of us,
you can broadcast.
And there we have it.
You are the tower, Jake.
You were able to broadcast
the update. And you alone
can save us.
Oh, so this is a test?
You wanna fucking test me?
Let 'em go.
Step forward.
Kick each other in the nuts.
Run until your lights
give away.
you're no virus.
You can free them.
This, Marion,
after all the work
we've done together?
That was the last strand
of uninfected DNA.
This device
will amplify your reach
to that of the tower.
Careful, it will sting.
Well, come on, you see these people, Jake.
They're trapped.
You gotta free 'em.
There's no choice here. Come on.
You taught me
the value of control, Crane.
I understand the need.
The update can save
these people.
You say free will
lacks conviction.
It falters.
It has regrets.
Grows weary and tired.
What I've learned
from these people
is my greatest lesson.
'Cause no matter what,
you always have a choice.
You're wrong, Marion.
There is still uninfected DNA.
Trust me, Bug. Come.
The other hoard
is coming,
and we stand and
face them together.
Many fled.
Many more chose
to stay and fight.
There are other camps
further south.
But we are their
last line of defense.
And we choose to fight.
Oh, MadCap?
Oh. That's all right.
Don't say a word
I won't let you cry anymore
I'll share the hurt
With you
You're not alone
This is worth fighting for
I'll take you home
Real soon
Just tell me
You won't let go
I'll promise you the same
How do I bring that smile
Back to your face?
Stay strong
Tomorrow will be better
Rest your head
And sleep
From now on
I will be your shelter
If you stay strong
For me
This single thing
Is all that I'll ever ask
Until the spring appears
And just like you said
I'll be that
Sun flooding in
Just stop ahead
From here
I'll never let another
Worry get to you
We'll carry each other all
All the way through
Stay strong
Tomorrow will be better
Rest your head
And sleep
From now on
I will be your shelter
If you stay strong
For me
Now more than ever
Understand the urgency
I'm making sure
That it's impossible to
Lose you
Listen to my heart
Whatever you do
Stay strong
Tomorrow will be better
Rest your head
And sleep
From now on
I will be your shelter
If you stay strong
For me
Stay strong
Tomorrow will be better
Rest your head
And sleep
From now on
I will be your shelter
If you stay strong for me
For me