Blueberry (2004) Movie Script

He's dead.
And now it's my turn.
I'm leaving this world.
I'm leaving my memories.
I see...
I see the kid...
...kid that I was.
I see...
What are you doing out here?
Oh, I've been hired to escort
this one out to his uncle's.
Parents can't handle
him no more.
You ask me, he was left too long
to suckle on a negro pap.
His uncle's got a ranch
in a town called Palomito.
Maybe he can put some
starch in the boy.
I'm the uncle.
Give me the money, sir.
The money...
Here's your damned money!
- It's all yours.
- It's not damned money.
- It's money blessed by God.
- Go to hell!
Est- ce qu'il y a tout I'argent
la- dedans?
Et toi la? Je t'aurais garde un chien
de ma chienne la!
Qu'est- ce que tu regardes la?
Allez viens donc...
On s'en va.
T'es venu la pour
travailler, la!
T'es pas venu pour te
chercher belle donc.
Vermine la!
Mais c'est pas la niece
que j'ai demande, mon fils!
Lache- moi le sac!
T'as qu'a le faire toi!
Mais je vais te... taper!
Fous- moi le camp de la!
- Arrete!
- Va-t'en, sale.
Je vais te casser la calebasse!
Que je vais te demolir, ordure!
Vas- y, mon frere.
Bougre, le poteau! Allez! Tiens!
What took you so long?
Well I'm in charge at the ranch and
my uncle... Je veux dire...
What's your name?
Quoi? Mon nom,
c'est Mike.
Where are you from?
J'suis un Cajun,
La Louisiane.
Oh... Louisiana!
This is your first time.
Yes, it is!
Yes, it is.
Do you believe in God?
I don't know.
Do you?
Today I do.
My Mama gave it to me.
Come here.
Come here.
We can go just the two of us.
Toi et moi...
Sorry to break up the party.
Leave me alone, Wally.
I ain't working tonight.
Doing virgins now,
are we?
Don't be that way.
I've been riding
all day long, darling...
...just to get here and see you.
Wally, please!
Go! Go away!
You wanna see
how a man does it?
Go! Go, Mike!
He'll kill you!
You don't wanna die over
no whore, Mikee?
- Now get the hell out of here.
- I stay.
- Please, no, stop it!
- It's time to go!
Do you believe in God?
would you come with me?
I have money.
You were right.
I don't think he understands
what happened to him.
He's fighting hard against it.
He's not ready yet.
The spirit of the plants...
...can teach you...
...the secrets of life.
"Broken nose".
If one day you decide to
know yourself...'ll have to choose
the warrior's path.
You'll reach
the darkness of your spirit.
Then, if you overcome
your fears... will know who you are.
Hey, Rolling Star!
You'd better feed him somehow.
- Got time for a drink?
- Yeah, you know me.
- Billy!
- Don't worry, Billy.
I'll take him.
Do you mind building me one?
Here. How do you think your
little chat with Sullivan will go?
Well, we'll see.
You know, the town's starting to
They say there's more gold in them
mountains than in all California.
that's what I'm afraid of.
Damn, Jimmy!
- Goddamn butcher!
- Help!
Damn, Jimmy, what the hell
do you think you're doing?
You're my deputy now.
This dentist prick tried
to kill me!
Put him down!
Put him down, I said.
Do it.
What do you think you're doing?
You can't go throwing people
through windows!
We're the damn law.
I quit,
'cause he deserves it!
You'd better rein in
that temper of yours.
Where's my tooth?
- Sir, you're all right, sir?
- I'm all right, it's a miracle.
Don't worry, you'll be paid for
that busted window.
Ok, thank you.
Cause I'm docking it
out of your pay.
- Well, now, what about that drink?
- Yeah.
Sounds good to me.
No sir,
you're gonna simmer down...
...and you're gonna keep a watch
on things now!
- Can you put that back in?
- Yes.
You couldn't take
this one out, could you?
I think we have to
climb that hill.
You go on ahead.
I ain't fixing to die.
Pleased to meet you.
Looking for those damned
Sacred Mountains, huh?
Father Del Rio, may you be
blessed in heaven!
What was that?
What was that again?
Woodhead, I said you are
a pessimist and I am an optimist.
You've got to have faith,
my friend.
I don't have faith in
no one but me... and old Betty.
I promised you gold,
I'll give you mountains of gold.
They're so close.
I can almost smell it.
Well, let's get a move on.
Yeah, well, today is
maybe not a good day.
What do you mean not a good day?
Well, you know
tomorrow maybe we come back.
What do you mean tomorrow?
I've got to.
Anyway one of us must live.
Damn it!
Mike the Conqueror!
I told you that horse
won't listen to anybody but me.
Easy. Easy.
Easy, boy.
Hey, hey! You're not gonna
win him like that.
- Wait, you're stuck.
- What?
You're stuck to me.
I'd thought you would've done
better than that.
Boys, finish them gates!
That's a hard ride.
What are you doing
round here, Marshall?
Interested in one of my horses?
I heard back in town
that your hand Woodhead...
...and that Prussian...
...are crossing the border
on to Chiricahua territory.
I don't know anything about that.
I would've tell you though that
I've send Woodhead up to Riata... sell some of my horses.
A pair of mules
holding digging tools?
You're accusing me
of something, Marshall?
I know about the Prosit's map
to them damned mountains.
And believe me
it ain't nothing but bullshit.
Well people around here talk
you know that.
I know that.
But what you should know... that anyone crossing the border
is breaking the law.
Is that a fact?
You shouldn't get caught up
in this nonsense, Greg.
You don't wanna
loose what you got.
we should get going.
What you want?
Well right now, all we want
is somethin' to eat.
Where's the manuscript?
The Del Rio manuscript.
No have.
Don't play dumb with me, because
I know your magic, Indian Witch.
Prosit took it.
Prosit took it.
Don't be afraid.
I don't kill animals.
Where did you get this?
My Mama gave it to me.
And this one here?
I bet a pretty Indian girl
gave it to you.
How do you know that?
Why else would you spend
so much time in the mountains?
"Broken nose"!
Where is Runi?
Over there!
Thanks, my pretty ones.
See you later!
"Broken nose".
Are you joining us?
I met a white psychic.
He steals people's souls.
I must heal her.
I must do it right away.
Then she'll be free.
Would you leave us now?
We will talk later.
Your demons are stronger
than ever.
They will soon reappear.
Now is not the time.
I haven't come here... listen to your sermons.
I know what you wish... speak to me about.
The Sacred Mountains.
There's an expedition
They're looking for gold...
...from the Sacred Mountains.
They have a map.
There is another man.
The one she met.
He is not seeking gold.
What are you worried about?
What's he seeking?
The sacred power.
Our secret is threatened.
He knows.
Hey, Mike!
Hi, Pete!
What are you doing here?
What does it look
like I'm doing?
Now you two are starting
resembling an old married couple.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshal!
Why don't I take you upstairs and
show you what kind of woman I am?
Too much of a woman for me!
Come on here.
Playing good tonight,
How about a song?
What happened?
Where's Woodhead?
Er ist tot!
He is dead!
Look what they did to me!
You were told not to go
on their territory.
We were on the road to Riata.
They attacked us.
Well, they've killed
one of our own!
What are you gonna do
about that, Marshal?
We can't just sit around here
with our tails between our legs...
...while they try to fence us
in from all sides!
You're a southpaw, huh?
Ain't you left handed?
You say I'm lying?
You think I sit on a horse
and do this myself?
And it must have hurt.
I am a Prussian Officer!
The Von Luckner family is well
respected in Germany for many years.
I'm a man of science
a geologist.
I make maps.
I've never seen
anything like this!
The whole world's gone mad!
but I'll find out what happened.
You can bet on that.
Maybe you're not the right man
for the job, Marshal.
It's our land!
You ruined my song.
A round of drinks on the house
in Woodhead's memory!
She's got cojones
as big as a bull's!
To Woodhead!
May God grant you vengeance!
Sullivan, I found the mountains,
I can...
Sullivan, you still need me!
Maybe not.
What are you looking at?
Who did this?
You, tell me.
What happened?
- Tell me, you son of a bitch.
- Ultimadamente, Marshal.
? de que lado esta?
Are you sure you don't
want me to go with you?
I need you here.
You know if Woodhead and that Prussian
did travel into their territory... may not get the welcome
you're used to.
I'll be back in a couple of days.
And Jimmy... better keep your eyes peeled
till Rolling Star relieves you.
Yes, sir... Marshal...
sir... Marshal... Marshal...
Damned Cajun!
Go back to your squaw, boy!
Get out of here, Indian!
Bye, you Indian lover!
I didn't kill him
He's a victim of a vengeance.
A white man says
he was attacked.
On his way to Riata.
It's the scalp of
the black man.
He was headed
for the Sacred Mountains.
I'm taking him to Runi.
Runi is not one of us.
The body belongs to us.
I'm taking him to Runi.
I'm not your enemy.
I'm not your enemy.
Go ahead!
Chiricahua, kill me!
Go ahead!
It's a hot one,
ain't it, Sheriff?
I'm looking for
a good friend of mine.
His name is Prosit.
I reckon you'll find him
over at the Venus Hotel.
All right!
Many thanks.
Prosit, huh?
Come on, Billy,
get me over to the saloon, quick!
Hey, sheriff,
we got a wounded one!
Holy Mother of God!
Where's Prosit?
- What did you say?
- Prosit!
I saw the mountains,
you have the manuscript...
Sullivan's got it.
I'll have a drink.
Now Woody, look, come on,
don't make me do anything rash.
Come on, take me
back to the office.
Come on, come on!
Let's get Jimmy. Let's go
And keep it straight!
I was there.
He was my partner.
We were like blood brothers.
Howdy, Pete?
I'm looking for a man
named Prosit.
It's a miracle!
So both of us will live!
I know what you're gonna say,
but look what they did to me.
They scalped me
and left me to die.
I begged.
I prayed to God to give me
the strength to make it back... I could kill you.
Drop the gun!
I said drop the gun!
You heard the man.
You can't leave me
in the same cell!
He's a killer.
You're breaking my heart!
And I thought that
we were partners.
Wally, my friend!
I thought you were dead.
It seems
you've been very busy, Prosit.
What matters is that
you're alive, partner.
Where's the manuscript?
- Manuscript?
- The manuscript.
Ah, that manuscript!
Like the Del Rio manuscript?
Eh, I don't have it.
But I know who's got it.
Yeah, I can take you to him.
We can find him right now.
Well, we can't get out but...
You know we can...
We are partners.
We are partners?
It's good to see you, Wally.
The Marshal is here.
Riata, was it?
Yeah, Woodhead's dead.
But it wasn't the Chiricahua
that killed him.
Some shooter came into town today
and finished the job.
He's sitting over
there in your jail.
That man shuffles his feet.
What's wrong?
Well, nothing's wrong, darling.
Here, I'll take that,
I'll take it.
What was that all about?
Oh, just a friendly conversation
between two men.
Is that so?
Well, he sure left in an awful hurry
for it being so friendly.
You're in love with him,
aren't you?
Whose side are you on,
I didn't know I had to choose.
Well, I'm on my side.
Hey, hombre!
Been real busy.
Got a full house in there.
I heard.
You gonna paint my portrait?
Hey, what's your name?
Wallace Sebastian Blount.
Hey, stranger.
You got a light?
Most folks used to call me Wally.
No, Wally!
Please, no, stop it!
You shall see...
Back off!
Stop it!
It won't be like it was before.
You want to see
how a man does it?
Go. Go, Mike!
You don't wanna die over
no whore, Mikee?
You, son of a bitch,
I thought you were dead.
I'll be damned.
You're fixing to shoot me
with my own gun!
That ain't right!
You're the son of a bitch,
I guess maybe... never got over...
...that thing what I did.
Fils de putain!
In fact,
you did me a favour.
I died,
but I came back.
And now, I'm heading for
the Sacred Mountains.
But first...
...some truth. The same way
that you've done for me.
You want what's real...
...and I won't deceive you.
You wanna know
what I saw in the fire?
I saw...
...funny shapes...
funny little black tongues
licking my soul.
I'm going to learn to kill.
To kill with my spirit.
It's nice to see you again.
Mike, Mike!
Come on, come on!
I think you'd better go
and find your mummy, OK?
Follow us.
Take me to Runi.
We get out of this, I'll take you
anywhere you want to go.
Follow me!
Billy, Billy!
No! No, Billy!
Billy, no!
Billy! Billy!
No! Billy!
Don't do that.
You can't shoot me!
Look at the manuscript!
- What for?
- The last pages.
I ate them.
Wait, you need me.
We're partners.
I guess I'll have to
cut it out of you.
Wait, Wally.
We're partners.
Hey, this is madness!
We'll pass through now!
Think! Think... Wally.
We're partners, Wally.
Let's go.
Ja, ja, schnell.
You tried to kill me,
but the map is in my head.
Well, I hope so
for your sake, partner.
Father! Father?
Oh, no, no, no!
No, no, no!
Oh, no!
Come on, boys!
Get some water on that thing!
Get that through the window here!
Come on! That's it! Come on, pump, boys!
Come on, boys!
You wanna go, that's it!
Hey, Jimmy! You sure you boys
don't want to wait till sun up...
...get a good night's rest?
You want to tell him
that we wait till the morning?
I've enough shit already.
I sure I wish
I could ride along with you.
- You gonna be OK?
- We're gonna be fine. Billy and me.
Sure sorry about Billy.
See you down the road a bit
Come on, boys!
Pump it up there! Come on!
Horses are ready,
We've got guns
and supplies for a week.
Let's go.
What our dreams tell us... difficult to interpret.
Sometimes we're able to.
It's what you taught me.
I saw his power.
I must fight him.
Teach me your secrets.
I must know.
He's not Indian.
It's strong.
You will suffer.
You will know fear.
You ain't gonna drink
that shit, are you?
protect "Broken nose".
Don't worry.
You went through this.
He'll make it too.
You must be alone... see what's within you.
And what inhabits us all.
Runi! Runi!
It's the drink.
It must be the drink.
You are afraid.
You're letting
these forces possess you.
You can go beyond...
...and let the spirits... you the way.
Now you know
my people's treasure.
This man is trying to steal it.
It will be up to
you to confront him.
I don't know why you're
going back to kill them.
We should leave them
to the Chiricahua.
Can't you see how hard
he fights to survive here?
You have no respect for life.
What was that?
Just a couple of coyotes.
We'll never catch up with them.
We don't even know
where we are.
Well, you can turn back
if you'd like.
They only killed your uncle.
anybody else want out?
You're free to go.
You and Charlie take first watch.
I am not afraid.
You are vulnerable,
my friend.
You have awakened
your demons.
Sweet Jesus!
I'll kill the man responsible.
I promise you that.
He's ok, he's ok.
Don't worry.
He's a friend.
It's all right. It's all right.
I'm sorry.
Well, I promised you gold,
I'll give you mountains of gold.
Don't even think of trying
anything funny, Prosit!
You know the difference
between you and me?
You are a pessimist,
I am an optimist.
We must head to the canyon!
They won't follow us there.
- Which way is it?
- It's that direction!
Let them go.
Now they must face
the spirits of the mountains.
You'll be all right.
Well, I'm happy here.
Most men think this here mountain
is just full of gold mines.
But I know different.
I know the truth.
I wish I was a spider.
I love these creatures.
Yes, it must be
great to be a spider.
If I was a spider,
you would squash my head.
It is not what I...
Yes, you would squash my little
black head, wouldn't you?
Animals are beasts,
but men are monsters.
You are right.
Men are...
Father Del Rio...'re a saint amongst sinners.
I'm trying to save
my animal spirit.
Why do I have to be stuck out here
with a pathetic human like you?
The Mountain is here.
It has been waiting for you...
...for a long time.
But you will have
to find the entrance alone.
I must leave you now.
You know, that tooth's got to
come out one way or another.
Easy. Easy.
You should have let Runi
take a look at it.
No way in hell.
I don't want any of his Indian magic.
I'll end up as crazy as Mike
My goldmine.
And now, the gold.
Get up.
Get up!
He's already no longer with us.
You can't kill him that way.
Why not?
You won't resolve anything.
I can take you to him.
You can still refuse to go.
If you accept...
...I'll leave you alone
with him "Broken nose".
Both your true natures
will come forth.
Don't let fear
or anger break you.
You are where you wanted to be.
I am with you.
Now I will leave you with him.
We've known each other
for quite some time now...
...mighty Mike.
It's time to go!
You're a dead soul.
You're not welcome here.
Why do you say that?
You're so lucky...
...that I owe you so
very much, little boy.
I was in many shapes
before I was released.
And I see...
I see...
I see why I'm here now.
To bring you with me.
I see why we met the first time.
To come here
in this world...
Mike? Mike...
Come on.
Come on, Mike!
My love.
how are you doing?
You see where love leads us.
Time to see the truth.
Come with me, brother.
Take my hand.
Speak with me
in deep tongues...
...the language of the dead.
It was you Mike
who killed that girl.
Sweet little Madeleine.
It was you, Mikee.
May the gods be
with you... friend.
It is you who must go
and I must bide.
You're free now.
I love you so...
I love you so...
I feel her through love.
And you will bend
and tell me...
...that you love me.
He's dead.
And now it's my turn.
I see...
I see my memories.
- But I don't want to die now.
- Runi! Help! Runi
Remain inside your body.
Everything is all right.
I... I love you.
I love you too,
You've been a little rough on me
this last while.
You've returned.
I've been...
...all over the entire universe
to find you.
You see finally you
had nothing to fear.
She's waiting for you.
Watch your thoughts
and feelings.
Now you know
what it is basically.
Welcome to the other world,
Broken Nose.
My mouth's feeling a lot better.
Real good baccy this!
Welcome to the other world.