Blues Harp (1998) Movie Script

Do I owe you something
for the Iast month?
It's okay.
Bring that stuff in, pIease.
Why don't you go to schooI?
It's summer vacation, mom.
Oh, you...!!
Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
Seiichi Tanabe
Saori Sekino
Atsushi Okuno
Tatsuo Yamada
You bastard!!
Hey, Boss. You're wanted on the phone.
I'm taIking to you. Hey, Baby!
What's your probIem?!
Why don't you find yourseIf a bitch?
She can suck your dick!
You hear this, too?
Watch your weight, man...
Who are you?
What's this?
What a stink!
Did anybody come by, Chuji?
One of Hanamura's boys,
A shit named Kenji.
I've seen nobody.
- Yeah.
Come on!
What is it?
I need some more of that stuff.
But I don't have enough money...
Idiot! I've got some reaIIy important
things to do now! Let's go!
He's gone.
So you're the shit of the Hanamura
gang caIIed Kenji?
So you...
You're doing business with those guys?
I onIy seII some powdery stuff
to some idiots.
You'II have a Iot of
troubIe someday...
Come on in!
What is it?
Thank you for heIping me.
You're weIcome, that was
nothing speciaI.
What happened to you?!
You're bIeeding!
A rat bit him.
You sure are a daring nurse...
Show me your arm.
I didn't know that human skin
is so thin.
I've onIy deaIt with
cats and dogs before.
You are a nurse, aren't you?
You're working for a vet?
- Yes, I had a side job.
Don't worry!
For that, you don't need
speciaI quaIifications.
What an oId-fashioned name...
BIame it on my parents.
I don't mind seeing them.
That's impossibIe.
My father died in Vietnam.
That was said about every man
who had Ieft his wife.
Nobody reaIIy Ioves a whore, you know.
What happened to the whore?
She Ieft me at the orphanage
and disappeared.
I was ten years oId.
Don't you want to hear
something about me?
Aren't you interested?
What's your name?
- Tokiko.
Is that it?
That's perfectIy enough.
Is this the correct address?
I'm so gIad that you're aIIright!
Oh, I'm sorry...
Are you okay?
- Be carefuI.
I'm sorry.
I caIIed him and toId him I'm here.
Our Boss...
He patched things up with the Okadas.
He toId them that it was just
a scuffIe among smaII-timers.
I'm deepIy in your debt, man.
I'II pay you back for sure.
Hey, man!
Do you recognize the guy in that
picture? That's you, right?
So you're my dad!
Here, you can keep it.
See you!
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
We seem to have a probIem.
- What?
We don't put up with speed.
Watch your big mouth.
Because I, Nakaseko, ...
work for Mr. Okada.
Who do you think you are,
you piece of shit?
Stop getting us into troubIe...
You dirty motherfucker!
You got it?!
Hey, Aoyama.
That's enough.
That bastard was high on speed.
He had his reasons to do what he did.
Hey, drive her home.
- Yes, sir!
Thank you.
Who the heII are you?
ReaIIy big...
She wants you to caII her back.
That woman is part of my pIan.
Get the car.
This one.
- Yes.
I remember...
When I was a chiId, I saw them
fIying above my head.
When you were a chiId...?
Do you know Dejima?
- What?
You sureIy Iearned about it at schooI.
Where the foreigners Iived...
Oh, you mean the one in Nagasaki?
In Dejima, there was this camp, right?
In Dejima?
It's the onIy window open
to the outside worId...
I think it's just the other way round.
I have to go beyond this
pIace to go anywhere.
Where do you want to go, Chuji?
I'II get us some juice.
I've aIready arranged the
making of a new wiII.
It'II be ready in a month.
We'II onIy have to repIace
the oId wiII....
How wicked!
How did you get ...
such an idea?
You gave me the idea of doing it.
I onIy toId you that there's a wiII.
I never toId you ...
to forge a new wiII...
''I name ...
Kenji Shindo as my successor...''
PIease don't Ieave me...
It's aIready morning!
Good morning.
What's the matter?
What's up?
That was...
That was reaIIy wonderfuI...
I know...
Let me introduce a very speciaI
guest here tonight.
Chuji Yonashiro.
Come on!
I heard that you're good.
That was great, you're fantastic.
I aImost wet my pants!
What I reaIIy need now is a beer!
Is it dad?
Did anything happen to dad?
I'II give up the band and
seII tofu instead!
What are you taIking about?
- I saw my father.
He suffered a stroke, the Ieft
haIf of his body is paraIyzed.
I never did anything for him.
He cried when I toId him I'II
take over his tofu store.
Tofu store...
You'II get ice coId hands, man!
My kid wiII start prepschooI soon...
I think I've had it
my way Iong enough.
What about the band?
That's why I'm here.
Won't you take my pIace?
The others think that's
a good idea, too.
They reaIIy Iove your sound.
My sound?
I'm sorry!
This... and that... and this...
that... and this...
And this one, too!
There's so much to do!
This and that...
What's going on here?
WeIcome home!
What's that?
I can't take it.
Don't be overmodest.
What's her name again?
You two saved my Iife.
This is the Ieast I can do...
- That's not necessary.
PIease take it, do it for me.
For me, this is a matter of honor.
Thank you.
Women cost you a Iot of money.
You can never have too much...
EspeciaIIy peopIe Iike us...
PeopIe who are different ...
are not taken seroiusIy if
they don't have any money.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.
That doesn't appIy to you, you're not
a member of the yakuza.
Yakuza or not, you're a far
better man than me.
I don't know what I want,
I'm totaIIy doubIe-minded.
But you take your Iife in
your own hands, Kenji.
I bet you have a dream, haven't you?
But that's not just a dream...
I'II make it to the top.
I don't want to be a smaII-timer
for the rest of my Iife.
That's not my styIe.
So Iong.
What is it?
Do you Iike me?
I asked if you Iike me.
I Iike you.
You don't get it...
Very pecuIiar handwriting...
A tough one to feign.
I demand two percent extra charge.
Good work.
This Yukichi Hanamura
is your boss, right?
OId chap...
How good is your memory?
I'm oId.
I don't even remember what I
had for breakfast today.
Everything's ready.
Have you made up your mind?
- Don't press me.
It's quite risky.
Didn't you say that you prefer
a dangerous game?
Forget it.
AduIt Iife is a Iot more compIicated.
Can we meet next week?
- Why not tonight?
Next week. I'II caII you.
Are you sure that this guy
won't doubIe-cross us?
He won't dare.
He has aIways been an unIucky feIIow.
He's dying with his Iiver probIem.
He'II take part, be sure about that.
Even when you're hundred,
you stiII hunger for Iife.
I'm reaIIy happy just to be with you,
brother Kenji.
That's enough for me.
Is today Wednesday?
That's Kitamura of the
Tesshinkai gang.
Why the heII did he have to kick
the bucket in this area?
No idea, sir.
Hey, Inui.
- Yes?
That's the Iiver, isn't it?
Isn't that the kidney?
- It's the Iiver.
I'm sorry.
ReaIIy nice coIor...
Dig this thing somewhere.
Let's forget the whoIe matter.
Just forget about it.
How about grabbing a bite?
You're Iate!
I'm sorry.
I'm not an earIy bird.
Long time no see, Kenji...
Have we met before?
You idiots.
You see too many movies.
There's stiII one thing that
I don't reaIIy understand...
What is it?
Hanamura's wife ...
wiII change his wiII for
the forged one.
Then you'II kiII Hanamura
and bIame it on us.
And you'II be the new head.
Then, returning the favour,
you'II kiII our head.
That'II put me at the
top of our group, ...
that's the accepted custom.
Very simpIe, isn't it?
What do you need me for?
If you want to bump one
of our members off, ...
you won't need my heIp.
You can just get him
and finish him off.
It's important how things
proceed afterwards.
As a head of each group, we can
stop useIess strife.
SeveraI panes may be broken and
severaI punks may be dead.
Then a third party wiII
step in to mediate...
You mean you want to enter into
an aIIiance? You and me?
If we both want it,
things couId be that way.
We spIit 60 to 40, because you're
the one who has to strike first.
That's why I need you.
I've aIready taIked to
potentiaI mediators.
You have?
To be head of this IocaI group
is onIy the beginning...
Then I can finaIIy start
doing some big things.
CertainIy: ...
You're going to die.
Do good boys Iive Ionger?
Pick a smaII-timer and send
him over with a gun.
That Ioser won't have to kiII.
A sniper wiII take care
of him and Hanamura.
You're a ...
reaI disgrace to the yakuza.
You're the ...
right one to taIk...
What's that?
- ChocoIate.
It's supposed to do me good.
Want some?
Yokohama - Sasebo
You're doing great...
Want some more stuff?
I wanna take some time off.
They have an eye on me.
- Are you scared?
No, but...
I see...
A girI.
It seems you're having a good time...
- It's not what you think.
What? You have a crush? Oh man,
I can see troubIe ahead of you...
What about manners?
ShaII I teach them to you?
My IittIe Kenji!
- That's me?
How's your wound?
Next time I'II go straight to a vet.
TeII Chuji...
- What?
TeII him that he's the best.
So Iong.
- What?!
You're aIready Ieaving?
I don't feeI too comfortabIe...
We're a IittIe out of pIace.
Good morning!
- Morning.
What's up?
I'm pregnant.
I'm pregnant!
- Yes.
Is it mine?
- SiIIy. Of course!
What do you mean, ''so''?
WiII you have it?
- CertainIy, yes.
Dad and mom?
Hey, boss!
Oh, you!
You're so Iate!
I have some great news!
- Wait a second!
Let me teII you something first. Mr.
Sugiyama from City Records is here.
Oh, you've been here before...
Oh, man!
You simpIy don't get
the point, do you?
He is a scout!
For what?
Not basebaII pIayers.
I work for a record company.
I'm tired of aII that
teenybopper stuff.
I want to produce your sound.
My sound?
- There's one more hurdIe to cIear.
I'II bring our chief to your next
show. If he Iikes what you do, ...
we'II produce you.
The next show wiII be on Thursday!
Of course I want to hear
your opinion first.
I'm ready.
Sorry, but I didn't mean your opinion.
Do you want to try?
Thanks for coming.
- Make it short.
I reaIIy don't want to
be seen with you.
We'II do it next Thursday.
- Okay.
Have you decided who's
going to be the one?
The one to die?
I have a few candidates...
I'm not quite sure about it yet.
I think there's an ideaI one.
Somebody who's good for nothing...
And now...
I have to open it carefuIIy...
CongratuIations, Chuji.
Thanks to you.
- How come?
The first time I went on stage...
You were the one who had
taIked to Yuya about me.
He saw me perform and
then he got interested.
That's the way it goes...
Yeah, I guess.
It seems you've found your way, Chuji.
I've never feIt Iike this before...
I'm being needed.
Of course!
But even if you faiI, ...
I don't want you to feeI bad about it.
I'II be with you.
Me and the baby...
Thank you.
You're doing weII, don't you?
They toId me...
ShouId I ask for your autograph?
And ...
I've heard your woman is pregnant...
If you do me one Iast favour, ...
I'II be very generous in return...
I'II forget our coIIective past.
It won't be good if they find out ...
It might be hard to become a
professionaI ...
if you had deaIt with
drugs before, right?
I toId you that I see
troubIe ahead of you.
Thursday, 5 p.m..
We'II meet here.
Don't worry.
It's a breeze.
What's up?
I was thirsty.
What is it?
What's the troubIe with me?
I feeI so strange...
HeIIo, Chuji.
What's up?
May I speak with Kenji?
- I'm sorry.
He's out of town.
He won't be back untiI next week.
I don't know where he stays
or how to reach him.
It's today.
Today's your stage!
What's the matter?
You're acting kind of funny.
I guess I'm just a IittIe nervous.
I'm going out, I'II come
straight to the cIub.
Don't be Iate!
I won't.
Do you think it's a boy?
Why do you say that now?
- I don't know.
I suddenIy thought I want a boy ...
who Iooks Iike you.
Funny, isn't it?
See you.
This is Reiko.
Is he in?
It's me.
I have something to teII you...
Have you ever used a gun?
Of course not!
I bet you have.
You're from Okinawa, aren't you?
You have a Iot of nerve.
What do you want me to do?
KiII him.
If you puII the trigger,
your past wiII be erased.
It's easy enough.
What a buIIshit...
If you caII me an idiot once again,
I'II kiII you.
Come here!
Sit down.
You don't seem to understand.
Is your pregnant wife fine?
You better make sure...
Yeah, heIIo?
It's me.
What's up?
- Is everything okay?
What do you mean?
- Oh, nothing...
Oh, by the way...
A Benz is parked right
outside the house.
It's in the way...
AII right, I'II see you at the cIub.
And don't be Iate!
- Okay.
Oh, I aImost forgot...
- Yes?
Time for work.
Lend me the expressway toII.
I paid for everything up front.
You've spent it aII?
He is as crazy as they say he is...
He's onIy good at kiIIing.
What's the matter, Kaneko?
Forgive me.
- What happened?
PIease forgive me!
What are you taIking about?
Brother, to me you are...
I'm so sorry!
- I'm so sorry...!
What is it!
- Forgive me!
What does that mean?!
- I'm sorry!
Spit it out.
- Sorry...
What have you done?!
- Forgive me...
TeII me what you have done!
TeII me!!
I'm asking you, teII me!
TeII me!!
What have you done?
I soId him to Kojima!
Hanamura visits his woman at the same
time every week in her apartment.
He drives a nasty-coIored LincoIn.
10th fIoor.
He takes the eIevator in
the basement garage.
After that, he's aIone.
That's the card key for the entrance.
Good Iuck.
Here I am!
It's me, Kitagawa! Something went
wrong! Don't shoot!
Stop screaming around.
That's needIess.
Your voice won't reach heII.
Don't underestimate women...
They don't see bIood every
month for nothing.
Laugh, Kenji.
That's aII you can do now.
Come on!
Everything's okay!
HoId on...
HoId on!
You'II make it!
What the...?!
Go faster...!
He's here!
You're Iate!
What happened?
- Just a IittIe argument.
Don't worry.
Can you patch it up Iater?