Blur (2007) Movie Script

Hey, sleeping beauty!
It's time to get up!
You told if I wanted to wake you at 7.00
and it is now almost 7.30
That's impossible!
I just want to to bed!
It's not so long ago!
You have worked again.
Why do you sleep
in bed today?
I can not do, these pieces
do I have to show have ex ...
I have to decorate the house,
for the party tonight.
Now you paint 20 hours a day
and already one month!
You can't burn out!
It would surprise me
if you still get your party!
I wanna make it to the party!
This is all have to calm down
after the opening, I swear!
Then I relax and sleep a purely month.
You've worked so hard for this.
I am very proud of you, Adrian!
Really, really pretty!
The coffee done, I have to go!
A kiss?!
I wish you a really good day!
They will!
- Call me!
You look good!
- Thank you!
Let's take a break!
Absolutely perfect!
Do you want me to take away all contracts?
Yeah, sorry ...
- Hey! It's me baby!
Hey! Hold on a second!
-Sure. - I want you to these folders
The meeting notes are viewing ...
and then makes copies of it on my desk.
I need your advice, thank you Victor!
Hi! Here I am again!
Is that bad time?
- Yes, so you know kind?
How are you?
- Good, good!
Penelope will come to some pieces
to view the exhibition.
Is everything okay with you?
Yeah, yes, sure!
Ok! I'm sorry honey,
but I'm very busy.
It's all right, well ... I love you!
I love you too!
What are you doing? Your time in killing
before you can drink?
Michelle told me she wanted
to clean up all the leafs today.
She said it had to be done today.
Do you see how many
fucking leafs still on the trees?
Mmm, that's a good point!
And what she said?
Did you already meet the new neighbors?
No, I haven't seen them yet!
Well, I do not!
It is a little weird, huh?
Mmm, maybe he is a privy guy!
I can not better keep in time!
I just walked into my deck,
there was a shadow on the window ...
Somebody is watching on me!
And that light, it's on all the time,
day and night!
Maybe it's some psycho with an ax!
Yes, that was funny!
I'm gonna scare
there's a nice tall fence.
You get to paranoiiede dude!
I see you later!
I hope it can stop an ax proof!
Remember that you have insurance
rights that covers everything!
Our policy does not cover
international shipping.
Call me,
when it's done!
Penelope! You look beautiful!
- Do not lie to me my boy!
Everything goes according to schedule?
- Yes, everything is going on this plan!
So, you come tonight?
- Yeah! I took my costume in this morning.
- Should I bring anything?
Yes! Just you and your sense of humor!
- And my talent for a confrontational interview?
Yes, that too!
What is this?
No, do not do that does not
belong to the collection ...
This I have never seen
anything this from you!
The ... it is ...
It's desperate!
No ... it's inconceivable!
Where did you come from?
It's one of those images in my head.
I can shake...
So I painted it.
It comes from the dark a side ...
You're any convergial,
as they speak!
There is a uitting of aggression in it!
Adrian, this is really perfect!
This should definitely this one!
- Absolutely!
The people will love this!
Do not misunderstand me, your paintings,
people gonna get female forms perfection ...
This is explosive... This is awful ...
It's brilliant!
We'll show tonight!
And we'll get the reactions!
No, no we do not!
What time does the party?
Why, you want to be late again as usual?
Silly boy, you know I do not take
keeping with self-pity.
We have said around 8!
See you around at 9!
What you wear on a
masquerade ball anyway?
It's more got wear
great masquerade!
Oh, got great masquerade!
Great! Here is my close it!
I had not think to work!
- And the ladies?
James, I told you that
there are no women tonight.
That's well! Is your dance card is full?
Promise me you will dance a foxtrot!
James, I got a thousand things,
I hang up phone now, right?
Say no more, Martha Stewart!
What are you looking at!
What are you lookin at!
You will find this funny?!
Come on! Let's play a game!
Come on!
I'm waiting for you!
Stay fuck of away from me!
Did you hear me?
Go away from me!
My favorite drawing.
I don't want to lose!
Turn that thing off!
- What?
Put fucking that thing off!
You're a stupid idiot, James!
I had my video camera because ...
you look like you fart shit
in that ridiculous swimming trunks.
Why would I do that?
You thought it was that psychopathic
next door, huh? Yeah!
That's great!
I wanna borrow this from you, right?
Yes! I hope you catch
your balls cut off for this.
Hold that dot!
What have you done with your hand?
I cut it a painting.
You cut it painting?
If you come for a beer from your bathtub!
No I can't. I'm busy.
Hot tubbing is "busy"?
I was taking a break,
until you came to interrupt me!
Thanks for your apology!
Are you sure you not come over?
I mean, it's almost beer o'clock!
No I can. I got a model sitting for me.
One ... model?
Yes, a model!
No, I didn't say a model.
Go home!
Auf Wiedersehen!
Hey baby! It's me again!
Hey, how are you?
I wanted to make sure you're all right?
- I've never been so stressed before!
No, no, that's not what I mean, You know ...
I just want to make sure you're all right!
You mean, I'm alive or dead?
Is not that a little strange to me mid-
calls on the day if I still breathing?
Yes, I know, I just
a bad... one of a bad feeling all day...
And I ... I just be alive happy
you were home!
Okay, now that makes me
feared out!
It's nothing just ...
drive safe, okay?
Just to stop it! Don't tell the paid!
Mr. Wolfare for you on Line 2!
I have to take this!
All right! Be careful, okay?
Stop it! I will!
I love you, Adrian!
You know that, right?
I love you too, baby!
Hey Adrian, I just want to ...
Oh ... Hello!
Eee, What?
I'll just want to say "hello"!
And ... You can use a little break!
Get out!
And I want you to know that
I'm done with your chainsaw.
Fucking things is awsome!
I've put back in ...
in the room down there and ...
I'm sorry!
it is behind ... behind the ...
- Just go home!
- I promise you that we had tonight.
Just go home!
Are you sure you do not need
extra pair of eyes?
I just want to help!
You do not get it!
James, I have a biggest show
in my life next week and ...
you stop me from my work.
Is your work?
That is real top work, buddy!
I mean, I swear It's all right!
You got to think that is work ...
James okay!
My work is a tribute to women.
On the women!
Who do fuck are you?
Are you sure you do not need a break?
- We will drink like fishes tonight!
- Now, go home!
Go to Michelle, think Michelle!
I do!
Okay, my offer stills on!
Apologize for that ...
James, knows not what he does!
How we know what chars!
My again?
Just off hair.
Just I have you did talk about your work
and that you're personal?
I find you sit and continue to ask about
myself real every thing you know!
You could always work as a nude ...
Or something like even to thank you!
That's a good idea ... but ...
You know, okay!
So I see you a very bored colors,
Sorry about?
So I see it in the world, I guess!
My training is realism that
most artists begin as ...
Eventually, you still find yourself.
I indicate here a phisical form
but my aim is to go deeper ...
every color and others is a
closer to closer to the soul.
Is it like an aura?
An aura is ... an energy fields!
But I see this is more
person is real character ...
for life, for faith ...
It's hard to explain.
You're saying a psychic, mister?
Who is come in handy!
Yeah, you just want to know
lottery numbers play on, huh?
Oh yeah of course!
So feed in see so much a lot of person..
does not take a look guess your life?
It is not exactly precise!
Okay, we're ready for today.
You did great today!
Really great!
So, have you come tonight?
Yeah, definitely! I'll be there.
She is a lucky lady!
Well, I see you later, OK?
Hey, baby!
What's wrong?
I don't know, it must be really hard
you're feeling about me all day to...
..painted naked women, and giving
the model even huggs she drive way!
What are you talking about?
I've always painted women!
You've been silly!
Am I?
Yeah, you are!
- It's just...
I have a very sellings of day!
Then you call me and take me off ...
it almost ended in a horrible accident.
What happened?
Stupid! I leave the office, walked
to the garage and I hear a sound...
...then I drive away so over,
some poor guy.
I thought I was followed
prophecy, you know!
Had I but not so feared out,
it was none of that happened.
I just called okay?
What have you do?
Ah, just a paper curl.
Getting better with you
when I kiss you ...
...and stroke!
...very tender!
Not only that!
Oh, not alone!
- You want to have me get out of here!
Squeeze my neck!
Squeeze my neck, very gently!
What's wrong?
I just hear a sound!
I'm gonna dress up
and look anyway.
He's already been filming!
Of course. The reggiseur is at work!
He is not consistent, isn't it?
He is definitely
and lot of things!
Michelle, you look wow ...
You look amazing!
Thank you sir! Here are some bubbles.
Thank you, that's perfect!
I think that James and Michelle,
As always the first!
Oh, James, Michelle, How is it possible?
You look fabulous!
Just fantastic!
- You too! Hi, James!
Okay, who wants a drink?
Some Wine!
- White wine?!
Mmm ... beer!
You read my mind!
Hey cool, I did not know
what in this.
The color TV was in it..
What will it be, 50 years ago...
my husband finds it exciting
that filmed black and white!
Only we know that the colors
black and white do not exist.
What are you talking about?
Only delicious wine!
Thank you! That's the reality!
OK, it's definitly too early to be talking
philosophy at this pointed on this evening!
Ok, I proposed to toast two great
friends, a great party ...
and to beautiful wifes!
Are you okay, man?
- Yeah!
What girls, appetizers?
Appetizers are there you'll love them.
I am serving?
- Serving?
- Of course!
I'll help you.
- Well done Michelle!
Can you put away now!
Put it away!
Is a camera shy, and not you!
Why don't you say until the
party is more interesting?
How is your movie going?
It's just a matter of time before
everyone begins to shuffl.
....gets interesting all together!
Poor James, how about a beer?
Huh buddy?
- Let's just do it!
Here buddy!
- Thank you!
... Oh, I'm so sorry!
James, are you okay?
It would you get
walking on my session effect ...
Adrin! We have a problem!
Somebody call an ambulance?!
Probably they were making
love in the grass ...
and leaving one of the guests
have not seen them at the movement.
Do you know the driver?
No, it's a friend of a friend.
It's getting be in many troubles?
He has drunk, he has!
I look at I have everything of you
what's important, Mr. Jones.
And the couple,
they gonna be all right?
They live!
Have a good night tonight!
Thanks a lot, officer!
Those people gonna be all right?
- Yeah, it looks like so!
What a horrible accident said!
Maybe they are victims
of their own karma!
You're saying,
it's their own fault?
No, it was their punishment!
Whatever you up there,
Comes back area!
Here we go! The Guru,
is here and his light shines on us!
Do you have compression?
I'm just saying,
I don't believe in accidence in life!
But technically! Did they happen
on your property or mine?
'Cause I really don't want to explain
to my insurance company.
Isn't that a big in sensitive?
I see here it practicallities!
I don't want to lose our house!
Take it easy!
Anyway, that definitly killed my boss!
And now I play to catch up. ...
You okay?
Yeah! Do you remember that feeling
I called this morning...
...with the idea that
something was gonna happen?
Yes! You thought it was me!
- I know but, maybe it was this.
Maybe I misjudged whole thing.
Adrian, You want so badly to believe
that some kind of a shaman that ...
you make this crazy lips
in your mind you connect...
...facts nothing to do with
each other what so ever.
Now, we have a party in your honor,
and I want us to enjoy it together.
Thank you!
I love you!
Adrin! This is a weekend great party!
This is Allyssa!
Isis, Pleasure.
Really nice to meet you!
Isis?! That is incredible unusual name!
She was the Egyptian
goddess of fertility..
Wow ....
Has Adrin you ever painted?
You are courteous!
No, I haven't had such luck!
Surely, you're not
so shy pose one?
I'm not ashamed of my body,
what you mean.
Adrin but reveals far more
than the physical form.
And then summary,
the artists are suppose... be conveyors of the soul,
aren't they?
You are make it seem
so romantic, glorious,
but in order to convey
with lies you must... a soul you must first
...confront it
which can be dangerous!
It's like opening Pandora's box!
But you are sure to be a create
your imagination?
Absolutely! but the imagination
a double edge of sword.
So, what's your passion?
I'm very wonder in Greek tragedies ...
And there's so much
you can learn from them about...
human nature, relationships,
love, faith ...
even law ...
The characters are
quite compaling ...
...they're fault and beautiful
and sure enough, like Anfitrite!
Sorry, Anfitrite?
Goddess of the sea!
Sea represents our emotions.
Submerged emotions cause
the most waves, right?
I like the way you put that.
Anfitrite, the husband of Poseidon,
had several love affairs. So ...
She became jealous
and angry ...
Ah, a woman scorned
is that your relationship with her?
I intrigues
by the idea how ... love wants to tainted condemn
can each people reject.
If you think about it,
sex is the setter of almost ...
...every human dramas!
...even the greatest conquest of history ...
...contain the first principles
of sexual conquest.
Unfortunately, I must make my round.
- Sure!
Ok, who's next?
Adrin! Come over here!
Andrew, You'll find
this was not bad, huh?
It goes like this, I'm gonna
turn 10 cards face down...
Look one over.
You had tell me ...
What the next one is
higher or lower!
Did you do it right?
You move on the next card.
If not this is all you!
Ok, the first card!
Beginners luck?!
lower. Thank you!
Uhm ... Lower.
The last card. Remember, if you fuck in
now all we back beginning..
Uhm .... ho ... lower.
Separating it out man!
All good! Lucky bastard!
Let's go back.
You must see this!
This is ridiculous!
It is a fucking drinking day!
Let's up the drinks!
To everybody cheers!
This picture shows Adrin
a totally different style.
He exudes value with his paintbrush
In an aggressive art ...
Now comes the true
artist to his right ...
There you are!
Here I am!
Everybody is saying this painting
must be in your show.
Really! - Absolutely,
they all want your... showing in New York city!
Do not be modest!
This is a very provocative piece.
What was your inspiration
for this one?
I do not know ...
I really do not know,
Because challenging of that time!
In challenging, what exactly?
Some inmates of Hades?
No, Hades is the God of Death
This was previously a private devil.
Let me show you just another piece.
Private demon!
You don't agree?
No, I do not subscribe
in the concept of hell.
Oh yes, I don't believe
that they exist?
If a actuel place?
Hell to me is more of ...
devolution of the mind.
Well, I was raised Catholic,
which means hell has a zipcode.
Anyway! Good work!
Sorry, I thought
nobody was in there.
You leave me dead scared!
What are you doing here?
Come on!
What were you doing there?
I was looking ...
To what, where were you looking for?
I was looking for you!
I'm right here!
Do not worry, I'm here!
Come watch them play false,
you should come and watch?!
Stop it! You must stop! Hold on!
Stop it!
Just a second!
Are you all right?
Yes, just I need a couple
of minute to be alone.
Why don't you tell me?
It's nothing.
Stop to isolating yourself!
My God, you so tormented!
Next you say that?
Your painting is screaming face!
You attach too much importance to.
Am I?
I can see it in your work ...
Therefore you are such
a talented artist.
What do you see?
Can you see
my tortured soul?
That's just bullshit!
It's a fucking cliche!
I think you're just afraid of me
because I see so much about you ...
Maybe too much!
Adrian, what's wrong?
Adrian, what's wrong?
There are many people out there.
So what? What if
whole the world will hear us!
- Stop!
- What?
Come here, Adrian!
Flash what?
James has completly hammered!
Really? He would never does that!
I'm gonna go before
it gets anymore damage.
Did you had a good time?
Having a blast!
Where is our great artist?
Hey, Picasso!
Let us take another round,
on me!
No, no!
Wait, wait!
This is my best buddy ...
I want to toast to our friendship!
You toast it yourself to a press...
Must you ruin everything now?
But, this is my friend!
And what is your love?
I've just met her!
Forget it!
Do you remember me a favor?
Be a girl and give us another beer?!
Are you fucking mind?
My God, okay, let's go!
We will, I'm sorry!
It's okay, he's just drunk.
That excuse is really old!
Don't listen to these women...
...the party is not over yet.
It is all mine, it's all on me!
Bye, my friends!
Hey, baby!
What's going on?
Is there anyone upstairs?
No, everyone is gone.
What are you doing with that thing?
I have found my painting!
What painting?
The screaming face ...
He has laid there.
- Don't do that!
- Sorry
What would you put that to down?
What do you make you
so suffered about?
They can know who did that!
Our new neighbors!
They've invited himself
to our party!
Where you so soon to old lady
home to snoop around area?
What old lady?
The widow Levine?
Do you know who lives there?
Yeah, she has given an invitation
last week to get to know ...
and I've been with her,
she had baked best cookies.
It doesn't make sense!
There were two men boots at the back door!
Maybe she has a caretaker?!
Maybe they watch at me
all the time?!
What are you talking about?
This morning, somebody
had spied me house next door...
I saw a shadow in the window ... All day
long plays on a cat and mouse game with me ...
All day long fucking with me!
And then tonight at the party he decide
he is gonna by the firecare...
and wearing this mask, it lead back me!
All day long!
Eventually goes up my studio and
leave the mask there for me the fun.
So as magic caretaker
is talking you?
Adrin, really! Really, honey!
I'm not paranoid,
this time okay?
That glass, behind you, I had a vision
that falled in crashing a thousand pieces ...
I know It's connected...
Really, it's connected all
the things I've seen today..
Adrin, Adrin baby, come here!
You've worked so hard!
I've been long day,
I fell on day?
I just calm down a little.
I think maybe you wish
to go upstairs and...
...and pick up to love
under the showers?!
Take off my garter?!
Take off my girdle?!
Nothing happened!
I expect you about 2 minutes.
2 minutes!
What the hell!
I'm sorry baby ...
- What?
I got to heard something!
This is getting out of hand, Adrian!
We just need to talk about it!
I'm sorry, everything is fine, baby!
I'm worried about you.
I'm really sorry, baby!
What need you gonna
like a crazy person?
It looks like a nervous prick down,
or something.
I'm fine, baby! I'm fine!
You should try to get some sleep.
I'm worried about you!
Give me a minute?
Okay, I'm going to bed already,
I am exhausted!
Adrin?! Oh, my God!
Pull out the mask?
No, don't! Don't!
- Don't move, fucker! Don't move!
Oh, Fucking, it's James!
Oh, no! No!
- James! James!
Oh, my God!
Don't go!
- Hey, buddy! Buddy!
Don't go!
James, no, no, no!
Is he okay?
- No!
Oh fuck!
James, James,
come on man!
James! come on,
James, come on!
He's dead, honey!
- Do not say that he is dead!
Don't tell me that
he's dead!
Is he dead?
Fuck! Fuck!
What was he doing here?
I don't know, he came through the door
with that fucking mask!
What a fucking stupid joke! You fucking
asshole! Adrian, oh my God, Adrian!
But darn it, I knew it was him,
he came through that door!
We should call the police!
No, we can not call the police!
Are you fucking crazy?
Why not?
- What is gonna take they'll think?
What is getting him fucking shot'em!
- It was self defense!
Self-defense? He had no fucking weapon!
- It was an intruder, that we couldn't know!
I gave him a shot fucking guy!
- I know sweetheart, but he had this mask on!
Forget that mask!
Honey, we need to call the cops!
We gotta give here the body!
We have to get ready
out his body...
No ones will believe us ...
Our lives will break out!
- Why would they not believe us?
Think about it, I've shot him!
I've shot him without a reason!
But we couldn't know yet, just tell the
truth! Why can not we just tell the truth?
Stop, stop talking!
You histerische now!
We have to get ready
out of the body!
I can't!
It is the only chance, baby!
I can't do this!
It is our only chance, help me?
- No!
Help me!
- No!
I swear to God, this is our only chance.
Help me now?!
I can't!
Oh, my God, look at all that blood out!
What should we do?
It's okay sweetheart!
- What should we do, baby?
Honey, let me think ... Fuck!
I'm getting for something we wrap him,
We get to take him some far away ...
and buried him. Noones will ever find him.
This never happened!
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Ok baby, Everything is all right!
Good evening, sir!
How's going on officer?
How can I help you?
Some of the neighbors report,
they were heard the gunshots!
Gun shots?
When was it?
By half hour ago!
This is our second called on
to address this evening, is that Mr. Jones?
Yes, there was an accident earlier.
You think you heard strange
what belong to the neighbors?
No, nothing!
So you had some people over tonight,
is there anybody out of here?
No, they are all went home.
According to the called we got
where shots and a scream come ...
...from this direction,
You didn't hear anything like that?
No, I guess I was asleep.
You're home alone, sir?
No. My wife is upstairs.
May I have her a few questions?
No, ... What I'm saying that ...
She is sleeping right now.
She had a heavy sleeper?
Oh, to tell you the truth. She has
lot of drink earlier, and sleeping of...
now she sleeps like a log!
You know what... There are always a few
high school kids across the field over there...
And they are drunk,
setting of fires crackers...
There will be something to do about it.
It could be, but I still ask her
a few questions ...
...just be sure that
everything is allright!
I think it is not a good idea,
they ... as I said it ...
Are you Mrs. Jones?
Hey, baby, did we wake you?
Mam, your husband said you were sleeping.
- Yeah, I was!
Did you happening hear unusual tonight,
any loud noises?
No ... I was just woken up and asked
wondering where my husband was!
Well, it looks that everything is
allright here. I'm sorry about the fox.
You're safe now!
It was good!
What did he say!
Now go upstairs...
...we have the body...
...clean up before
he comes back.
What? ... What?
What about Michael?
Oh, God, what if they're heard anything?
Or what they saw and called the cop ...
Baby, she was here now,
she has not hear anything.
We gonna hurry now, okay?!
What have we gonna say to her?
We have gonna say anything!
Nothing, right my baby?
I dare not to look at her!
Forget that now but baby ...
Hey baby, we think about it
right now. I love you!
I love you so much but,
we can't think about that.
We just have to plan
and nobody can see us.
What do we gonna do?
Let's go upstairs.
Right! So think the plan!
Okay, go now!
I love you, baby!
- I love you baby!
- I love you baby! I love you!
Get up baby!
We have lost a lot of time,
I know the cops are coming back.
Grab the gun and
put it on the dressior!
1, 2, 3, now!
Wait! ... Okay!
The car is still there?
- We go to the garage!
Why we go to the garage?
We make sure that
he has nothing to identifier.
Trust me! Come on!
What is that for?
We got to eliminate everything
what he can identifier.
What do you mean?
- Oh, no, no, no!
- Baby!
If they find the body,
they can uses fingerprints ...
...and teeth in order to be able
to identifier. It just has to be done!
No! No! Don't do that, this is James!
- It just has to be done!
If we fuck on this, then,
It just has to be done!
James, you can't do this!
This is James! You can't do this!
He's dead already!
He's dead already!
Stop! Stop and
think for a second!
Give me the fucking pliers!
No, no!
There must be better way!
We get a place where we dig a deep hole!
So deep that no one will ever find this!
Give me the fucking pliers!
We can't do this, no!
Which gonna be done, Illiana!
You are ouster
fucking mind! Hear it!
Would you listen?!
It's me! Adrin! It's me!
Oh, my God!
Say something dirty!
What the fuck is this?
How you like my tongue
in your thigh caressing!
Sorry, I didn't know
there was someone in there.
That was Adrian!
- No!
What did you fucking do it?
Oh, my God, you're ...
What happened?
Should we not tell him?
- What happened to us?
Now, tomorrow, next week, it's never a good time?
- Adrian, what has happened to us?
Please, tell me!
He will destroy it.
I know!
No! Neeeee ...
- I'm not sure I tolerate this any longer!
Babe ... Babe?
Isis, babe?
Who did this?
What's going on?
Baby, baby ...
What is this?
What the hell is going on?
What are you doing, James?
- Gutten tag! Do your speech!
No! Okay, congratulations Adrian!
Is it chocolate?
- Yes!
Just be still!
Keep you really chocolate?
How's Adrian?
Well, he tries it right!
But he is even better!
Oh, he! He ... what?
- He is sometimes ...
Sorry, I didn't know
there was someone inside!
That was Adrian!
Great God!
Stop! Immediately betrays
the surprise yet.
I'm really proud of you, Adrian!
I'm really proud of you!
Squeeze my neck!
Hold me baby!
You are ouster fucking mind!
Listen to yourself!
It's me! It's me!
Get out of my head! Get out!
You trying to destroy me now?
Where the fuck do you look for?
We want?
I know what you are ...
Why are you doing this to me?
Okay, I think you're right!
Welcome home!
He could never forget you!
What the hell did
you do to him?
He was not!
We were so young!
He was so intensely busy and ...
I never really knew if he had feelings
had for me, so I broke it out ...
Years I have had no touch with him ...
I did not even know he was married.
It's gonna be all right, baby!
Is it's all my fault?
Adrian was a very sick man, Illiana!
Everyone close to something
was wrong with him...
...including Isis!
He had such smooth sweets!
He was at illusion times!
Obviously who is fabulous anyone fault.
What if ... Maybe ...
maybe I have caused
I loved his attention, maybe ...
I liked the way he treated me, maybe ...
Do you have deceived him?
I was saying not so,
I saw many people, but ...
he knew it, I told him all!
He wanted something from me what
I could not give!
I thought so ... Desperate!
We've all hurt anyone
done in love.
You were so young! What has happened
is not your fault!
Adrian had his own devil ...
and it died with him.