Bobby Jasoos (2014) Movie Script

Lala I can't do this Lala.
Don't be afraid Afee.
Have faith in me.
What is it?
Don't be afraid.
How much longer can we wait Afee?
Consider my feelings too.
Lala please be careful!!
Ari Ari!
Catch the old man.
What happened boss?
Come Come Come, Stop him!!!
Hey Wait!!!
Hey Wait!!!
Move it!!!
Come on!!!
Catch him
Catch him
Wait he stopped
He's running again. Get him
Kebab kebab kebab...
Hey uncle!
I'll have one plate Kebab!!!
Yes sure
Uncle! How long will it take
for you to give me a plate of Kebabs?
Pass it on
- Yes.
How much for this?
20 Rupees.
Yes Mother?
My darling.
Have some sympathy on your Mother.
For God's sake.
Bobby, It's been 20 days,
since your Father spoke with you.
Is he home?
He's on night duty.
If you roam around like this,
then who will want to
marry my other daughters?
Think about Noor.
People notice such things.
Put the phone away,
and go to sleep.
Its time to eat before you fast.
Even/one wake up. - Wake up!!
The call for prayer
is about to begin.
Aren't we going to eat
before we start fasting today!?!
Hey Noor! Wake up my child.
I am awake
Heat the minced meat.
Done that.
Heat the water for tea!!!
That as well.
Tell bobby to help you.
I'll wash up and come back.
Hmmph, Bobby!
Bobby wake up.
Wake up Bobby.
You devil's aunt, wake up!!
This is her daily drama
Oh ho...
Greetings Father.
Peace be upon you child
- Come quickly, everything is ready.
Yes, I'm just coming.
Have some more.
Yes, keep it here my child.
Bobby, have this milk.
What do you want?
Some gravy?
How's the food?
Its good.
There! Finally our
'big boss' is ready.
Move Noor!!!
Oh leave it be
Kausar Khala sitting at home has
arranged so many marriages.
And working for me
this novice
has proclaimed herself
'Bobby THE detective'?
- My baby!!!
I tell you, work at a
big office or for me, work is work.
You're going to freeze like a Kulfi
in your vain attempt to be cool.
Noor If I had an office
I would also learn to be arrogant
Hey, one minute, don't forget your carrot
you hotshot detective (KARAMCHAND)
You eat it,
Kitty (Karamchand's assistant)
Sir will my work be done Sir?
Sir please don't worn],
Consider your job done.
We'll also get you
Photo evidence. Okay?
Yes. . .who's next?
Hello ma'am.
Myself Vikram Singh Sodhi.
Hey! Bobby!!
You're back here again?
Sir, detective job.
Just for once, listen to me.
She's back here again?
Why are you so distracted Ruby?
Sir, sir,
Sir This time you will NOT say no.
NO. This time as well,
I will say no
Sir look at this
Look at what I did last night
I don't want to hear
or see anything, tell me one thing
Tell me one thing. What do you get from
coming here all the time and waste ours.
What do you get out of it?
Sir give me one chance and see
Chance! Do you think I've opened this
big office to give you a chance?
How many times am I
to explain to you Bobby,
To be a detective you need to
be qualified, you need to do a course
MA MA, English. Understand?
Move back. Get out of my way.
Besides an MA you
need field experience
Its not like you can watch four James
Bond films and become a detective
You're done?
Sir water?
Put it down, put it down
You need etiquette
This unruly behavior
won't do in our field
Sir tea?
Have you seen my clients?
They wouldn't take a cup
of tea from someone like you..
Wants to be a detective..hmmph!
Aye Sodhi!
We are talking about work,
stick to that.
Have you seen the way you work?
You've employed monkeys
in the name of detectives
The likes of these
I can outdo in a minute
I'm done trying to flatter you
Now Bobby will start
her own detective agency.
Right across from your agency
You will see
Dear God
Hey you self-proclaimed detective!
Come inside
No, not today
Come on, your work awaits
at table no. 4. Come on!
I'm not your personal servant.
I'm not in the mood
Ask everyone to leave
I'm not in the mood
ask everyone to leave
Oh madam this is not your detective
agency that you will do as you please
My job is to seat them, your job is to
Meet them here and order tea for each one
Get a move on
You get a move on!
Bobby the detective!
I want that girl's address
and phone number anyhow!
I think my son smokes cigarettes
Find out if he does
I found a matchbox in his pocket
Seal the deal for 500 Rupees and
make sure you get me the information
I've finally found a good match
for him, nothing should go wrong
I will marry only this girl, only her
He doesn't even look at me Look
at how well I've maintained myself
What do I tell you about my wife
She is flirting with my childrens'
tuition teacher, that too under my nose
You get a pill right?
to have within 24 hours !
She doesn't even spare
the vegetable vendor
I need to fix my water tap at home
and I cant even call the plumber over
Hey! what kind of
detective are you...l PILL
Don't you watch cricket?
After even] over they play this ad
My wife thinks I'm a fool!
Allah be merciful towards my son
There is no need for taxi fare,
you can take the bus
- Ae Sodhi!
Here's a carrot! Karamchand!
Didn't I tell you to order
tea even] time?
Bobby Jasoos!
Munna wants money just
for seating my clients
and Sodhi wants a man with a degree
Hey detective,
Are you done with your business?
Come on pull out my phone
And Sohail wants his phone back
Listen my father is asking
for the phone I can't help it
You'll get the phone,
Don't make such a fuss
I have work to do now
I'm showing this to you now
I can even show this to your Mother
But how?
Bobby you're here!
Come see Afreen's engagement outfit
It's so beautiful
Ok. I'm coming
Come, come
Just look what a beautiful outfit
I have got her Did you find anything
Yes its really beautiful
On our festival make
Afreen stand by the Mosque
They won't have to light it up
I didn't find anything.
Maybe there is nothing
What do you mean!!
What do you mean you found nothing?
You must not have checked properly
You know how hard your Kausar Khala has
Worked to find this match for Afreen
Please check properly
I will check
Useless detective.
What is it?
Shame on you Bobby
We know each other since we were kids
You felt no shame doing all this?
And if it is him you want to marry why
Don't you tell everyone at home about it
Because I have said nothing
There is hope
All I have are a few
stolen moments with Lala
Sure then pay for it
All of five thousand
Money? You'll take money from me?
Because it's you
You have time till tomorrow
All of five! Or tomorrow morning
I will take four from your Mother
Just watch
- Bobby listen to me. Bobby!
Your fate will shine
In these very bylanes
Bilkis Ahmed will show Moghulpura that
she can become 'Bobby the detective'
Mother says, wishes of the one that fasts
in the holy month are always fulfilled
Dear God show me your magic
Hello? -Hey Bobby, Lala Bhai
has called you tomorrow
Even walking this shod distance
is too much for your Lala Bhai
Afreen said it right,
he's a big coward
What Ae?
Look, you don't know
who Lala Bhai is!
So then introduce me!
That's what I'm sitting here for
Bhai says the final offer is 4 thousand
Hand the photograph over and get lost
You get lost!
Ae! Hey!!
And listen, I have a photograph of you
changing the number plate of the car you stole
Hey, my photo!!!
Seal the deal in 5
One extra for making me run
Take it, or leave it
Alright, six it is
This isn't over yet
Boss the scooter was not hers'
She made a fool of us.
Its your duty to be alert,
to be informed
Your safety is your
own responsibility
This is alert India,
I'm Tassawur Shaikh, I take your leave
Hey who turned it off
This is my office
I pay rent for this rat hole
Yes that is true
this month's rent is due darling
Now adjust a little
And turn the IV on
my sweetheart is on IV
Am I running away?
Take your sweetheart and leave
Hey why so serious come let me
get you a special cup of tea
I am fasting you good for nothing
So what's the latest gossip
Here its all the same
Every computer tells the same story
Some stalk the porn star
and others the queen of their dreams
Shetty? Do you know of Lala Bhai?
Lala Bhai?
Be wean] of him
He is a goon
You will never be able to spy on him
Really? Well I have just successfully
spied your big goon
What are you saying?
Aunty Kausar has fixed Afreen's
wedding with some Khureshi's son
But Afreen's mother suspects The she
is having a love affair with someone
You mean Afreen is having
an affair with Lala Bhai?
Someone is asking for you outside
Who is it?
Whoever it is dismiss them
They've come in a fancy car
Myself Bobby
Hmm. Aneez Khan
There's a case.
Will you do it?
Case? You know of me?
It's a matter of deep importance
And must be dealt with caution
You have to find someone
I will ask the questions
you will answer them
The sooner you understand this,
the better for you
Sir, this is Moghulpura
There are more than 10
people in even] square foot
Forty thousand people
live in this area
Approximately 75000 people
walk these streets everyday
This side of the river there
are twelve such localities
The city has over 80 Iakh people
buildings collapse here,
riots occur, bomb blasts happen,
people disappear all the time Sir
Its no small feat,
to locate someone here
We must not talk here
Do you have an office?
Yes! Of course. It's right here.
Right now it's a small office Sir,
but soon I will move to a big office
Move move!!
Who are you ushering
in so eagerly darling ?
He is my client
- Here...
Your client has gone.
How long will this go on?
We are not receiving
any marriage proposals for Noor
How is that Bobby's fault?
Don't make me say it Zebo
I know what you are all up to
Bilkis, has no interest in house hold
Chores or marraige
All she does is gallivant all day
She has no regard for elders
Or any concern for the younger ones
This is all your fault Zebo,
you have given her too much freedom
Don't you dare call her
Complete your prayers
Care for the ones who value you
There she is my love
Didn't I tell you she will come
She will definitely
come for her Mother's food
Father I...
How did these get here?
That tough looking driver
left it here 10 minutes ago
The one with the fancy car?
Hello. Bobby?
Did you get the envelopes?
You are?
Aneez Khan
First open the lighter envelope
There is a girl I am looking for
Her name, birthmark and date
of birth is written on the paper
Its possible her
name could have changed
All the details are
on that piece of paper
You need to find out
if she is still in this area or not
Sir how will this help?
Do you have a picture of her?
That is all there is.
You want to do it?
This is not enough
to carry out a search,
Could you please give
me more information?
Yesterday, you sounded like.. know this area rather well,
this is all there is
Your fee for the job is
fifty thousand
The cash in the other envelope
will cover your petty expenses
Yes or no?
And now most importantly
If you find the girl,
DO NOT say anything to her
Call me as
soon as you find her
The old man looked very smart
Is he not from here?
He didn't say much,
just sent this note
What's written in the note?
Nilofer, age 20,
3 inch birthmark on the right palm
What does a birthmark mean?
Birthmark means
that black black thing...
Not a mole!
Look, in the middle of your palm...
Oh God! Your skin is so dry!
Don't you ever use any cream?
Stop it
What stop it?
Bobby, did you ask
him to go to the police
Shut up! Why would she?
Don't you want her business to grow?
Have you no brains?
You should keep him on a leash
You will put me on a leash?
- Yes, come here!
Ohh really
- Ohh yes
Crowd: Look, Tassawur is here!
- Hi
Hi Bobby
Autograph please
Thank you
I know how to open a car door
This is courtesy.
It's a waste on you.
Hmmm.. any news?
Inayat Ali, age 22
Kausar Khala has reached Attar Bazaar
with a marriage proposal for you
Huh! Attar Bazaar?
It had come to this now?
How do we handle this situation?
Instead of scoffing at a neighborhood,
why don't you cough up some courage?
Inayat had run away
from her home last year
There was no
trace of her for 6 days
good good good...very good
This information
will reach your family
Thank you
Hey Coward!
Have you not forgotten something?
Here, take your money
How much is this?
Here, take more
Drives a fancy car and is a miser!
Hey! Did you hear about my case?
Now see what Bobby does!
That Nilofer and her birthmark
cannot escape me now.
Bobby stop babbling!
Hand me over the phone. I have
to go home I am getting late, quick!
Go to hell! You are always late
Where do you think you are going?
I made big claims
How will I find this girl?
I know even] nook and
corner of Moghulpura
How will I find the one Nilofer?
How will you spot a birthmark
through binoculars Bobby?
Use your brains
Aadhar card, Pan card
Peoples' identity has become numbers
In what document is
the birthmark mentioned?
Birth certificate!
God has put a stamp on someone's face,
hand or legs
Nobody questions the highest
and the lowest in rank
Come on Bobby!
So many Nilofers?
How many 21 year olds in these?
You think you will find a girl
with just a birth certificate
This moustache suits you,
you should grow ONE
They must look at
a thousand hands in a day
I couldn't even see four!
Use your brain,
use your brain Bobby!
Here I haven't managed to find
the right hand or made a buck
Buy some bangles, buy some bangles,
bangles for the pretty ladies!
Good thinking Bobby!
Now you have used your brains!
Become a bangle seller,
and hands will come to you!
Hey listen man
Pack all the bangles in her size
Yes yes yes...
it's free for you
- Keep this.
Let's go.
Greetings Bobby! Greetings!
A waste of time and money
Give back my advance now!
Forget it. Show me that costume
Show it!
Nilofer? No?
- What will become of me?
There is no hope for you. Go go
Nilofer? No?
Go! You are doomed for failure
Come fast child! Running.. running!
No no!
- What kind of a palm reader is he?
No no no go away
Is your sister's name Nilofer?
Not Nilofer? go away.
Look dad, He is palm reading
for free! Please let's go
no no.. Have you gone mad!
Nothing will happen for you
It is free, right?
okay have a look
You can see right?
Yes yes yes
She will make you proud..
Your daughter...
you will be very
famous in Moghulpura...
because of your daughter..
Not this one.. Not this one
then who? Zeenu?
Your eldest daughter. .
Eldest one..
she will earn you good name
lets go Noor
Yes father lets go.
He doesn't know anything.
Bobby's going to
make us proud... hmmphh!
Hear me out.. she will
make you proud... listen to me...
Find me that girl Nilofer
The one with the birthmark
You're stuck with a strange
man's stranger case, forget him
Shut up you waiter!
You will find her Bobby,
don't worn]
Ok tell me how am I looking today?
Like you look everyday.
You look constipated.
Shut up! Who asked you?
I asked you to shut up!
I got a facial done today,
A Gold facial!
Paid all of 3,000 rupees,
now tell me how do I look?
You pauper,
have you seen 3000 ever?
You or me?
you have that friend at Begum beauty
parlor right? Give me her number
Just give it to me
Where were you all this while?
Who are you?
Where are you hiding Nilofer
Sodhi was right. Maybe I
need a degree to be a detective!
English course?
There's no one here
how can you conclude
without checking Sir
I am very busy right now
a 22yr old girl is missing sir,
what if police comes looking for her
Sir, just think about it once
Bobby, you should also
learn English language
There is a Nilofer in
this class as well
What's your name?
- What's your full name?
Nilofer Baig, but who you are?
Date of birth?
First tell who you are
Why you got me here?
My father have no money. Let go me no
Cant speak one correct sentence
and still trying to speak English
Nilu my child
Dad, she got me here forcefully.
Don't give her any money...don't give
- Greetings uncle
what do you want?
Why are you taking these pictures?
With whose permission are
you taking them?
Just relax for a minute uncle
How dare you to stop me? And I If you
dare look in the direction of my daughter...
Why are you getting angry?
Get out of my way!
Just hear me out
Glad that you are here, she is...
What is happening here?
What are you people doing?
What kind of rowdy behavior is this
One minute
Bobby please wait outside
Take her too!
He has thrown you
out of your office!
That computer is good
That one in the middle?
I repaired it myself
- Father father...Lets go child
Mr Khan
You've forgotten my most
important instruction to you;
I won't accept this
kind of misdemeanor again
But she was the
right girl wasn't she?
I had told you,
if you find the girl,
do not speak with her.
How would I confirm if she was the
right girl without speaking to her?
I am there for that
You call me a hundred times,
And I will be there
In future you will not speak
to the girl after finding her,
But at least you confirm the girl..
Yes... very good.. thank you.
You can't repeat this mistake again
Amna, age 23 years,
birthmark on right arm
Your fee for this job 1 million rupees
A hundred thousand!
A hundred thousand!
Hello, yes mother, forget that.
My head tells me
we will see the moon Tonight
Listen up! A tune of happiness
is about to play
Listen up! Aspiration will look
as beautiful as a bride.
Listen up! Well beyond
the shadows of the clouds.
Tonight you will see
the moon shine bright.
Today dreams seem to
be knocking on destinies doors
This is the moment, live it to the
fullest, don't worn] about tomorrow
Today my hearts seems to sing
and smile for no particular reason
It feels as though
my heart is celebrating!!
I feel like I can fly
and nobody can stop me
It feels as though
my heart is celebrating!!
Today dreams seem to
be knocking on destinies doors
This is the moment, live it to the
fullest, don't worn] about tomorrow
Today my hearts seems to sing
and smile for no particular reason
It feels as though
my heart is celebrating!!
I feel like I can fly
and nobody can stop me
It feels as though
my heart is celebrating!!
Wish you a happy Eid Father
- And to you my child.
Wish you a happy Eid
- Give this to her
My hardowrk has payed
off and my wishes are fulfilled
My families dreams mean the world to me
and now I shall fulfill their every dream
These tears of joy will
wipe the stress off their brow,
my smiles will erase
their complaints
Happiness is nothing when not shared
and only by sharing does happiness grow
Often we long for tears of joy
and today those tears flow freely
Today my hearts seems to sing
and smile for no particular reason
It feels as though
my heart is celebrating!!
I feel like I can fly
and nobody can stop me
It feels as though
my heart is celebrating!!
Today dreams seem to
be knocking on destinies doors
This is the moment, live it to the
fullest, don't worn] about tomorrow
Today my hearts seems to sing
and smile for no particular reason
It feels as though
my heart is celebrating!!!!
I feel like I can fly
and nobody can stop me
It feels as though
my heart is celebrating!!!!
Father, my first big salary
Thought I should come
to you
Father I've got a very big case...
Mother one minute...
I've got a big case Father
I've received
my first payment as well
I wanted to give it to you
I would like to give it to you
Are you running shod of
money for household expenditures
No no not at all
The child wanted to give you
her first salary
Tell her
This house does not run
on a woman's income
I'm still alive,
I'm not dead
She can keep her income to herself
Don't worn] about it
Hey, hey bobby!
Have a look madam
My internet cafe without
Bobby Jasoos Detective office is
nothing Bobby...nothing!
Hey drama queen, come help me out
Yes yes
Where is my Father now?
Why aren't you answering your phone?
Haven't you seen my missed calls?
She did, even I saw them
Darling, she missed your
calls thrice in front of me.
I was busy
you were busy is it');
Well, in this busy period dad has got
two wedding proposals for me
This is unprofessional,
this is very unprofessional Bobby
you will teach me my profession?
Forget profession,
you're a disgraceful Son!
Your poor Father finds
suitable girls for you
But you want some high class girl,
So You set me after
your father so that
I can find something shady about the
girls and you can keep rejecting them
Hey I am not here to
listen to my life history
I have to leave this neighborhood,
I want a good lifestyle
I want to live in a high rise building
on the top floor, and why shouldn't I?
If I get married here,
everyday will feel like a century
That's all I know
I don't want to disrespect
my father by saying no upfront;
I am not that kind of a person.
I respect him.
That is why I am doing this
So now, you understand?
It's a rubbish idea, and for
a detective like me its rubbish work.
You understand?
I can't run after your father for you
Go get a rickshaw
Me? Yes me!
Auto? Where are you guys going?
Thank you for the lift
This is your office?
I didn't know I gave
you so much business!
Not with your money darling. Her
detective business has taken off
Take more money Bobby
Increase your fee but continue
my case and follow my father please
Oh poor thing!
Please help him out Bobby
Please Tasawur I
won't be able to do it
Okay, now I understand everything.
You've turned out to be like those
who with status turn arrogant
Yes, fine!
Fine fine
Bobby, I am running out of time
And you have a lot of work to do
I understand. Your fee now
is two hundred thousand
Ammi give me food please
Characterless woman.
I am telling you the truth mom,
This is all of my jewellery
Poor girl is being harassed so much
Why are you feeling sorry for her?
you know what she's been up to?
I found her a groom and on
the day of her wedding she ran away
Who? This fat cow?
I got her a match in Mumbai
Aunty, you are fibbing!
You think I am fibbing?
Fibbing... look at this
That rotten face ran away
from the station itself
Trust me mother
Here take it, take it
Ammi look at this
Money and fame child
Has anyone been able to escape it?
Everyone seems to want to be on I V
Hunt for Aamna
Aamna you and the birth mark on your
right arm will walk straight to me
It's such a tiny job;
You just have to get
me the names from voter list
Can't do it Bobby
What do you mean you can't?
How can I do it Bobby?
Take some chocolates for your kids
Can you do it now?
I will see what I can do
200 posters and 2000 pamphlets,
You got the same written
on the pamphlet, right?
Yes! Do we get
the same outfit stitched?
150 pieces
All the same?
- yes
And measurements?
32-28-38, medium size
And leave margins for alterations,
Make sure they're all sleeveless!
And don't you dare
add sleeves to any of them
Watch it. Yeah
Don't. Don't please.
These tiny cameras
are not going to work...
We will have to hire one..
a good camera,
Someone to operate it,
and one light
You just leave
One of those tripods and
a microphone... don't forget
No one is left out of the voters list
All the 23yr old Aamna's
from this area are in this list
What if we miss out on someone?
We have pamphlets and posters
for that fool! Now let's get started!
You'll be pleased to know that you
have been shod listed for
the final audition for the T.V Soap
"Aamna Ka Salim"
contd. be there on
12th of this month..
...between 11:00 - 14:00
at Khatri marriage hall
Please carry your photo
ID and this letter along with you
Aamna these are all ways to make money
Keep quiet and finish your meal
They're making a fool
out of people
Mummy... mummy
No mangoes for you from today,
you must lose 2kgs in 6 days
Mind your age aunty
if not your manners
Not aunty, its me man
Sohail! What are
you doing in a Burkha?
What if my Father sees me?
I wore this to save myself from him
Put this on quickly
What is this?
Do as I say
But tell me what is this
- okay I have to go
Hell.. hello
What an amazing device you've
made Sohail! Shetty can you hear me?
Yes darling
Even I can hear you
Are people coming or not?
They're coming...
You can go...
Are you with her?
Go go
Did you get your I-card? Give.
Your name?
They will have to write it down
Got an ID? Go.
Maintain a queue. Quickly!
Your mother can come later
You please go
Please help me a little
Could you put your hand on these
before they fly away.
Hello! How long will it take?
Mummy, please do something
How much longer before we start?
Why aren't you letting us in?
Since when we have been
standing in the sun
Do you see an umbrella over my head?
Is everyone from the list here?
No.. 2 or 3 left
How much longer is it going to take?
ID.. ID.. letter? Go!
Hurry up hurry up
The drama is building up here
Everyone is here from the list
Shetty close the gate
and gather everyone!
Okay, I am on it.
Security let's go!
Security, follow me
Okay Madam!
Everyone move Madam is on her way
Which way are you going? This way!
Form a line please
Hail the lord
Hail the lord
It was my Guruji's advice
That in the old city of Hyderabad,
a 23 year old girl with the name Aamna
That her destiny will make
my show a big hit
APDlaud... applaud!
That's the reason why
I have come all the way here.
Hail the lord
Set up the camera
Queue up...
Are you here to audition or to eat!
Move ahead. I haven't seen so many
bare arms in my life
Keep an eye on the arm
- Yes okay
Just below the shoulder.
- Yeah yeah
Look out for a 4inch
birthmark on the right arm!
My eyes are on the arm
- Yes Bobby
Sohail let's begin
Camera rolling. Action!
My name is Aamna Durrani,
age 23 years
Turn right
The girls from Jharra are better
than these
Who will marn/ me mother?
Will bring nothing
but shame to any family
Oh Lord! Where has she come from?
My name is Aamna Farhan
Okay now turn right
Who will marn/ me mother?
I can't be the honor of any family
Sohail ask her to leave
What is going on Bobby?
Can't see one mark.
Bobby, the shoulders are
reducing in number.
The number of girls are reducing
Turn right madam.
Its all right if you don't turn left.
Today is the day isn't it?
Yes it is
I will be there shortly
Action, ok come on, quickly now.
Who will marn/ me mother?
I can't be the honor of any family
The girls are very few now.
Okay move on move ahead
Hey Bobby how many more girls
do you need?
You are too overconfident Bobby
Hurry up ma'am
Camera rolling
Who will marn/ me mother?
I can't be the honor of any family
Yeah. Are you done?
Move on now.
Come ahead soon
What is all this?
I am working on your case
like this?
Who will marn/ me mother?
I can't be the honor of any family
Only four shoulders left now
Where is she?
Who will marn/ me mother?
I can't be the honor of any family
audition.. audition.. audition sir
901 your ID?
Yes I did
can I have a look
My name is not Aamna on the ID
we are done auditioning, leave!
Who will marn/ me mother?
I can't be the honor of any family
Sir, I saw the poster ..
...but I just got back from
a holy pilgrimage with my family..
Trust me; I am a very good actor...
Sir, please give me one chance
Madam we are done auditioning,
please leave
I can't be the honor of any family
Hardly any girls left Bobby
Please try and understand
- Hey security, do your job
Why are you yelling at me?
I asked you to leave
Hey look, look! Salman Khan
Where? Where is he
Hey... hey... Hey
Madam... everyone at
home refers to me as Aamna..
Please come to my house and check...
I swear by my mother I was named Aditi in my
records which is why I don't have an ID that says
I am Aamna as well ma'am,
just give me one chance
Madam just one chance..
please... just one chance
We will give you a chance,
let's go out
Just one chance chance
Didn't I tell you.
Outside ma'am.
We'll take your address
and phone number
She was the right girl, right?
Sir, for once say it please
Good good..
Thumbs up, thank you, something!
The payment is full and final
Hello mother,
you wont believe what happened today
Come home right now
Now? Why?
Stop asking questions.
Come straight home
As I was saying
My son is a simple guy...
very simple boy
The most educated in
the entire neighbourhood
Bobby.. Bobby come here
He is a star on television!
He is God's simple child
Bobby is here
What's happening?
God has finally
answered my prayers
What is Tasawur doing here?
Bobby talk softly
Mother, this Tasawur is not...
We had given up hope.
After all these years we
have finally got a good proposal
He is a very good boy
He earns so well and
he even comes on television
Rubbish he is a spineless boy.
You don't know him...
He's just not right for Noor
Don't put on an act!
What are you doing?
His proposal is for you not
for Noor it is for you!
Come on!
A man was visiting Hyderabad
And he asked
At least she has a pretty face
Excuse me. Where's the toilet?
It's at the back
Thank you
Please eat something
You are not eating anything.
Tassawur wait
Please eat.
Have it.
Bobby made this tea.
What do you think you are doing?
I had to do it;
Bobby it's all because of you
Because of me?
You've show me your true colors,
now I have to handle this situation!
This is how you will
Handle a situation? Fool
I've told them I like you a lot.
You reject my marriage proposal and
I'll pretend to be the heart broken
And that will give
me six months of peace
For your 6 months of peace
You will malign my reputation?
How did you have the nerve?
Not nerve, I have the brains
Thank you
Hyderabad is famous for two things,
Bin/ani and water from Gandipet lake
But Hyderabad is not the same anymore
Anyway... Mr. Ahmed
We are happy with your
acceptance of the proposal
Better if you ask Bilkis once
We don't really have to ask her
Zebo ask her once
The girl has accepted your proposal
Congratulations everyone
This calls for a celebration
We done my my get.
You've done very we
Get on to the flyover from there
Bobby Jasoos Private Limited!
Wait here
Good morning
Sodhi Sir its you? please come in
I just saw your board,
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I thought I must confirm
that this is really your office
Yes, it's mine...
Right opposite your office
It's all good that
You have an office
But do you even have any work?
Where's your staff by the way?
Oh you're on your own?
How do you manage all on your own?
I manage quite well
What do you do? Do you do
a background check on your clients?
Or are you playing office
office still assuming that
Neighborhood quarrels are real cases
Hey detective,
come on Bhai wants to see you
The "Bhai" has asked for you
"Bhai" Has asked for you
Who Bhai (Brother)?
And who let you come in?
Hey hey... what are you doing?
Get lost
Please come for five minutes my Mother
Is this any place to meet?
Hey detective!
This way... she's coming Bhai
What is it?
You have to do a small job for me
If you do my work, I swear
I will make all your problems mine
What is it Lala?
I want you to do the same
as you do for your charming Tassawur.
Break the marriage proposal
that has come for Afreen.
I don't want to get in
to your affairs. I am very busy
Think about it...
How will you? If you have time to spare
form looking for young girls, you will do my work!
You could've argued, fought and said
Even your shoe is
not worthy of marrying me
But you? Agreed happily!
Yes! You had the nerve
to come to my house
Lie to my father and
just to save yourself?
Tassawur Shaikh,
You're messing with the wrong person.
I'm sorry okay! I'm sorry.
So now will you really marry me?
Answer me
Your new office, have you bought it?
I have rented it
There are five hundred thousand
Rupees in this briefcase
And the papers for the top floor
of the building opposite your office
I have bought out the whole floor
In your name
My name?
Just one last job
There is one more person
who you need to find for me
As soon as possible
If you have time to spare form looking
for young girls, you will do my work!
Khan Sir, who is this?
I will hold on to this
for you from today
But remember,
we have very little time.
Just 10 days
Ali, age 28, no toe on right foot.
This is a man!
I never asked why
Khan is looking for these people
But why should I ask?
I should mind my own business I'm
a private detective, not the police.
Why am I so bothered about
what that idiot Lala said?
Khan never even spoke to those girls
Let me check on those girls once
Then tension free
I can start the search for Ali
Who do you want?
Aunty, is Nilofer home?
And you are? Noor
I attend that English
course with her
She is not here
Can I come later?
I don't know when she will be back.
My girl.
Aamna lives here doesn't she?
She did
Where did she go?
What do I know?
The whole family packed up
and left overnight
Hey they have still not cleared
their clues for the eggs they bought
Did you ask him to go to the police?
You need to check
a client's background
If you have time to spare form looking
for young girls, you will do my work!
I hope I haven't done something wrong?
How did they both disappear?
What? What are you doing here?
My Father will...
Tassawur, Hi!
You mad girl!
What are you doing here?
What if someone sees us?
I accept your apology
Tassawur relax, no one will come
Take a deep breath
Now sit.
Did you hear what I said?
I accept your apology
I will refuse the marriage proposal
Why do I have a feeling
that this is going to cost me?
Tell me
You know of that 5 star hotel, Avasa?
We need to break into
someone's room and search it
Are you mad?
That's bloody illegal
We wont steal anything,
we just need to look around
No. No way.
Have you...Have you gone mad?
I am not crazy Tassavur.
Someone's life could be in danger
It is very important to find out
What is it Bobby?
What is going on in your case?
I hope you haven't gotten yourself
involved in something shady
What are you doing Shetty?
- Let me see.
Let me see!!
There's a lot of checking going
on darling This is mission impossible
Give me that
Bobby this is not your turf like
Paradise. Don't take unwanted risks!!
Such elite people come here?
Had Tassawur been here, he would have
sweet talked them in English
Forget that. Where will you
get his room number? And the key?
Key? Those doors don't open with keys
They open with key cards.
Hey the key card can be made,
but it won't work
Bobby, if we get caught
we go straight to jail. Understand?
Why are you fiddling with my things?
I need to frisk you ma'am,
please cooperate. What is in there?
What is it? It's a phone!
Hello ma'am
Aneez Khan
May I have your good name please?
To let Mr. Khan know.
No no no no
But ma'am we have to let him know
Put the phone down
You're not meant to tell him I'm here
Just give me his room number
But madam, we can't give you
the number without informing the guest
Who told you to do that?
I have come here means
I am also your guest, aren't I?
Sorry madam, it doesn't
work like that here.
No no, you...
There you are darling!
Why didn't you wait for me?
She doesn't wait for anybody!
So did you tell them the plan?
It's Aneez uncle's birthday,
we'd like to surprise him.
- Hi...
Tassawur Shaikh, Alert India?
You know I get this feeling that
today you are going to help me
Sunita? Yeah? Nice name
Come, come, come no!
- What are you doing?
Chivalry. It's a waste on you
How will you get into his room?
Doesn't work
But its cleaning time
and someone will be around
How do you know Khan
is not in his room?
Some people pray on Fridays
She's okay
Where is the room?
- Here
You will go home and
reject the proposal
Get the door opened
Go to hell
You will call off the wedding?
- Sure.
Oh no. Again
Happens all the time
Excuse me, could you
Card isn't working
Whatever you are
doing do it soon Bobby.
Yes, you check there.
Check that briefcase
What is it
what are we looking for?
Anything that will give us a
clue about Khan. What he does
Tassawur, look under the bed
There's nothing here
- Yeah? Did you find something?
He is a man with good taste,
drinks scotch. Its quite expensive
Tassawu r!
Aneez Khan?
Let go
Let go
I said let go of my hand
How did you dare do this?
What did you do with
Nilofer and Aamna?
You will pay for what
you have done today.
Get to the point,
where are Nilofer and Amna?
I did not ask you to
keep track of Nilofer and Aamna
If you have done something to them...
Now I get it. You paid
me a heavy fee to distract me
And involve me in your wrong doing
The only wrong that has happened is
That a taste of money
has gone to your head
People like you should
be kept in their limits
Bobby let's go
What would a minion
like you know about the real world
You reek of your poor upbringing
Khan Sir enough
This is between you and me
Do not bring my upbringing into this
Now I will not let this go!
Be careful Khan,
Now Bobby Jasoos is coming after you
Throw these two out!
Should I inform the police?
- Let go of me!
- Let go..
Let go..
Let go..
Let go..
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
I'm going to get you
Enough, enough.
- How dare they touch me?
Are you all right?
Lets go.
Mother, I'm being honest.
Just listen to me once
Then tell us
Even we must know
What were you doing with
Tassawur in a hotel room?
Tell us.
- Kausar...
Mother I did not do anything.
I went there because of a case.
Tassavur was not going to come.
Father please listen to me
Listen to what?
That your gallivanting has
led you to a hotel room today?
Yes, Shaikh Sahib, greetings
Yes, I am very embarrassed myself.
Shaikh Sahib if you do not mind
Could we have the wedding sooner?
Yes, Sir...
Ten days should be enough.
Yes... Ten days are enough.
Thank you.
Thank you very very much.
Father please listen to me.
What are you embarrassed about?
I have not done anything.
This is how a detective's job is.
I need to be at places,
anywhere, anytime!
Just spare me for ten days Bilkis
Spare me for ten days
No more of this detective
drama in this house
There is a limit to everything
What limit?
What did I do?
What are you punishing me for?
I am the one being punished here!
I have to know.
I have to know Zebo
Be quiet. Be quiet
- What were you doing there?
Be quiet...Be quiet.
- Bobby why are you going out?
I need an answer!
I never did all this
I knew it
Lala? What are you doing here?
Bobby! Wait
So this is what you do
And you want me to take
your marriage proposal to Aafi?
Vocation can be changed
aunty but not character.
My income goes in charity
I cannot bear to see poverty
Don't be silly Lala
Whether you do charity
with one person or hundred
The truth is,
your income is illegal
Do as you're told
And if you don't...then
Then what huh? Then what?
Congratulations on
your daughter's wedding.
- What are you doing Bobby?
Why aren't you answering my calls?
I have called you 20 times
What is it Tassawu r?
The wedding has been moved up...
What are we to do now?
We'll handle that later.
I need to go to Lala's house now
What are you doing here?
Go back inside.
- I'll be right back.
Bobby, you aren't
ashamed at all, are you?
Why should I be ashamed?
Everyone at home is stressed
because of you and you are just...
I am aware that everyone is stressed
I am going to put an end to all this,
there's very little left to do.
And if you just trust me for once
in your life it wont kill you
Go die! Come back soon
And listen Bobby,
What do I say if someone wakes up?
At least tell me that before you go!
Don't be stupid Bobby...
Are you mad...
- Tassawur move
Don't try to be an
angry young man Bobby!
Tassavur do not come in my way
Bobby! Bobby...
How dare you huh?
To come to my house
and threaten my aunt?
You brought a gun to my house?
You low life thug
Aunt Kausar was right.
You showed your true worth today
Mind your language
- Get lost!
I guarantee that aunt Kausar will not
take your marriage proposal forward
I will not let her
I will get your Aafi
married right under your nose
Do not drag Aafi into this!
Why did you drag my family into this?
Bobby, you are crossing the line now
That's enough Bobby. Lets go now
Lets go
How did Bobby get this photograph?
So khan left?
Yes. He checked out last night
Even his phone is switched off
Now do one thing. Send me your scarf
What for?
- I want to hang myself.
Tassavur stop being melodramatic
This evening after you
come back from office...
No I'm not going to office today
I have to go wedding
shopping with my father.
Tasawur if you don't man
up today you'll take both of us down
I am not afraid.
I have to go
My father is waiting
Listen listen listen
Tassawur be bold!
Just talk to him once
He will agree
Where did the photograph go?
Come on. Get in
- Mother...please Mother
Hear me out.
- How will you not?
Now I'll only let you out
after your wedding - Aunty?
Aunty? Aunty?
- Sit inside
Where are you going?
I had my doubts from
the very beginning.
Before her brothers
and her father find out...
Its good that I found her
mobile phone in her clothes
She is having an affair with that Lala
Kausar was all praises for you
You couldn't even
figure this much out?
Get lost!
- Lets go. Move it!
Mother don't do this
Aunty, listen to me...
Khan's driver!
Where is Khan? Huh?
You stole his phone didn't you?
No I did not steal the phone.
He had 5 such phones
- Yes.
- Where is Khan?
You wont tell me? Take this
You wont tell me?
Yeah? Tell me.
He gave me 5000 Rs.
And this phone.
I dropped him off at the international
airport just last night.
Where is the phone?
In my pocket.
Go now.
Do some exercise your fighting
for your breadth already
What are you all looking at?
Bobby now how will you find Khan?
We'll find Khan. Let me address
this wedding problem first
Go now
Yes Bobby
Now? Where are you?
Outside my house...
What are you doing outside my house?
Unbutton yourself
Come on I don't have too much time
What do you mean?
Father is on his night shift.
And the rest are out watching a movie
And you?
Everybody is at the theatre
No one will realize
I'm gone until the interval
Open it
Huh? Bobby
Bobby bobby bobby
Mic? Where did you get this?
Bobby! What are you doing? What?
This won't be visible
if it's on your leg
Do you know what this is?
Put it in your ear
Eh eh
And listen. I'm going to tell
you what to say and how to say it
to your Father when you go upstairs
OK. Now go. Go
What is this?
What has she put on my leg?
What happened?
What is this?
This will give you courage. It
will only give out a 10 watt current
Okay. Now call your Father
This is no way Bobby
Talk to him now,
today, right now
What are you doing?
Nothing Father. Nothing
Tell him you need to speak to him
No. No. Aahh!
Son, are you alright?
I have something important
to talk to you about
I have something important
to talk to you about
What do you want to talk about?
Get the oil
Just...just like that. Myself,
I want to talk to you about myself
What is it?
- Come on my tiger, Now start
Tell him Father I feel like I may have
rushed into making this big decision
Father I feel like I may have rushed
into making this big decision
What decision?
About the wedding
About the wedding outfit
We bought it too quickly
What happened?
Nothing. It seems like an insect
Tell him you don't want to marry me
I don't want to. I don't want to.
Are you high on something?
You idiot. Talk about the wedding
You idiot. Talk about the wedding
What? Actually.
Nothing. Let's talk tomorrow
Tassawur wait.
What about the wedding
do you want to talk about?
Make up something bad about me
What should I say
Grab a chair and sit down
Grab a chair and sit down
You go inside
Look, Tassawur.
Even I've been wanting
to talk to you
You've had 34 marriage proposals
but you declined them all
Then you told us about Bilkis
I thought however she is,
Mr. Ahmed is a very respected
man in our neighborhood.
But Bilkis
The truth is that she
is not worthy of marriage
Why not?
She doesn't get along
with anyone in her own family
how will she manage in our house.
She's already 30 years old,
how will she have children?
She has no regard for anyone
She is such a Vagabond. How could she
go to a hotel room with you just like that?
She did not come with me,
I went with her
- Yes
Tassawu r, be quiet
No no, wait a minute
Listen, whatever it is
That girl is not wohy of being
anybody's daughter in law. That's it
Bobby is a private detective, Father
Even that day she went
to the hotel only for work
Its good to be career oriented
Which is why she has ven/
little interest in getting married
I admit she is a little different
But she's not like other girls
Only cooking and watching TV serials
all clay. She is not like them
I'm Sorry.
What are you trying to say?
I was a little confused, am...
Take the mic off
I have to return it to Sohail
don't feel bad about
what father said
You know, how everyone's
mindset is here.
A very lucky man will be
your husband, you will see
Right now you are that lucky man
I know. And it's all your fault
Why didn't you stop me? Huh?
Because I discovered today
That Tassawur is capable
of speaking his mind
We'll think of something else
Hey when? Tomorrow is...
Bobby you don't even know this much!
Give me your hand Bobby
My daughter is looking like a princess
- Really
Sit...sit down Wow they look so
good together. God bless this couple
Tassawu r!
Khan is right here, he is right here
There is no way he can leave without
hunting down his last prey
Uncle is everything
correct on my passport form?
I cannot afford to make any mistakes
Is your name...Ali Khan?
Why did you never mention it before?
I did!
But since everybody calls
me by the name Munna it kind of stuck
Is that so? Get back to work now go
Out of all his personal belongings,
you get this one copy
What will you get out of it?
Hey! What are you doing darling?
There are two more stacks left,
hurry up!
MQ stationary, Eastham, London?
MQ Stationary?
Who is speaking?
I'm...I'm looking for someone.
I was hoping you could help me.
Aneez Khan.
Aneez Khan?
I'm coming, I'm coming.
You plan to break the door down?
Cant I even take a shower in peace?
Is your name Ali?
Yes. Why?
Why didn't you tell me before?
What is with the sudden
interest with my name?
A man had come asking for you.
Asking for me?
Look Munna, are you running
some shady business from my house?
Was it the police?
- Is it a police case?
Oh no uncle!
I have applied for a passport
Isn't it obvious that the
police will come for verification?
I've got a new job
In Muscat!
Go go.
- You go
You go
Where are you hiding Khan!
S hetty!
I am going to kill you Shetty
Run run...
How far will you get fatty!
14 Kilos?
Bobby, where are you taking us?
Just come will you?
Who's wedding is it?
- Yours.
Then mother I want the
Bin/ani to be the best
Yes of course my child
Do you deliver Bin/ani
to the old mansion orphanage?
No no I don't.
Bobby just finalise this one
- Please go now...
No no one month back...
did you not send it?
No no... Please go and ask ahead.
Lets go. Not this one.
Get off Zebo. Hurry up!
Bobby stop making us
eat so much...Get in Zeenu
At least on this pretext she is taking some
interest in the wedding. So what if it's the Bin/ani?
A million thanks to God!
But why isn't Bobby joining us?
- Come here
What happened? Eat
Zebo how much more
will we have to eat?
Hello? Hyderabad house?
Greetings uncle
Hello Sir
Uncle was an order placed with you
for 14 Kilos of Bin/ani last month?
Enough enough
Lets go zebo.
I am not going to touch Bin/ani
for a whole year
Oh Kausar!
I forgot to cook again today
Bin/ani again!
Stop this God!
What was the name you mentioned?
Aneez khan!
How much more can we eat
Thank you
Mother, this one is final!
It's the best!
Let's go let's go let's go.
Noor come on!
Thank God!
I'm going to get up slowly
Auto, Moghulpura?
Come on everybody.
- Me first
Come on! Come on Mr.
God! My stomach
is going to burst. Really
Lets go Mr.
Did you hear?
My child has said such a noble thing.
She wants to feed the
kids at the orphanage.
Bobby, tell your Father.
Father...l was...
Take the money from my pocket
I sense something is fishy.
Is your sister up
to some new mischief?
Aunty, what kind of spying
can she possibly do in an orphanage?
Even you sometimes...
You crack me up
Hey look look...look there.
Anjuman Khairul
Islamia Madrasa and orphanage
All of you wait here.
I will be right back
Yes sister
- Where is the supen/isor's office?
Its right there sister
No one seems poor here
Looks like they
eat Biryani everyday
- Hello Zebo
Sayeeda? Why are you crying?
You hold that side
One minute. One minute
Aafi my girl
Open your eyes my child
- She will be alright
She drank the whole
bottle of Phenyl
God please save my child
Look Afreen opened her eyes!
What's happening to her?
Is she okay? Is she okay?
Afreen? Look at me my child. Afreen?
A million thanks to God!
Look, she has gained consciousness.
You are my true romance,
you are my only love
"you are my favorite habit,
you are what I worship"
you are my reason to smile,
you are my only reason to worry
"you are my purest mistake,
you are my only forgiveness "
"you run through my veins"
"you seem to have become my veins"
"you are my life
and you are my soul"
"You are my only passion"
"You are my intoxication"
"you are my prayer,
and whom I bow down to"
you are my true romance,
you are my only love
"you are my favorite habit,
you are what I worship"
"my head requests your presence,
please come"
"it has so much to say to you,
please come"
"a new feeling
has awoken inside me"
"a new tune seems to be
playing for us, just listen to it"
"my head requests your presence,
please come"
"it has so much to say to you,
please come once"
you are my true romance,
you are my only love
"you are my favorite habit,
you are what I worship"
"I often lay awake for hours, hoping
that you will caress me to sleep"
"I often feel parched, hoping that your
presence will breathe new life in to me"
"My nights are lonesome without you,
give me the promise of appearing in my dreams"
"my even] and only desire
is for you to love me"
"change destinies
will and come to me"
"my head requests your presence,
please come"
"a new feeling
has awoken inside me"
"a new tune seems to be
playing for us, just listen to it"
"my head requests your presence,
please come"
"it has so much to say to you,
please come once"
you are my true romance,
you are my only love
"you are my favorite habit,
you are what I worship"
you are my reason to smile,
you are my only reason to worry
"you are my purest mistake,
you are my only forgiveness "
I was looking for you there,
what are you doing here?
What was the need
for her to poison herself?
She could have just run
away with Lala. Idiot!
Why are you looking
at me like that?
What happened? Just tell me
Even I find myself on the run
Away from these streets,
Away from this neighborhood,
I run away from all my relationships,
But this...relationship,
It's drawing me in
When I m with you,
I forget I am in this neighborhood
I feel happy when I am around you,
And maybe marrying you
won't such a bad thing after all
Tassawu r, listen listen
Tassawu r,
Tassawur wait, don't do anything,
Tassawu r,
according to my plan,
we can find Khan,
Just let this case wrap up
once and for all
Case! Case! Case! Bobby!
Everything is just a case for you,
Even me. Right? Right?
I am a fool, I got carried away,
I thought for once, you would think of
Someone else other than yourself
Tassawur where are you going?
To call this relationship...
this wedding off
Holy cow...
Hey, hey let go of me!
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
This is not Ali
What do you mean?
What did you think?
Munna showed up at paradise with
a passport form just like that?
Didn't I tell you Khan?
Now Bobby Jassos is coming after you,
And that gun you're roaming
around with, hand it over
I have led you to the police station
What did you think?
You could throw money at me
and hide the truth?
Mr. Khan you have turned out
to be such a small person
The truth never remains hidden,
stop running,
How far will you run to keep
the skeletons of your past hidden?
Life has given me many a wound
Its not in my nature
to run away
Then why are you running now
What shame can one possibly feel
in looking for their own children?
In school my father...
give me one chance,
ma'am please,
give me one chance, please
Surprised? Mr. Khan?
MQ Stationery?
I'm, I'm looking for someone,
Aneez Khan
Mr. Khan supplies
hand-made paper here,
He should have been
back here from India by now.
Everything was destroyed
in the riots of 1992
Mr. Khan rebuilt it all
The whole orphanage
runs on his donations
That said you can try
looking for his name anywhere
But you won't be able to find it
Bobby what if Khan
doesn't come?
Hundred percent, Khan will come
You just take the passport form and
be ready and he will come after you
Just remember if anyone
asks your name, Its Ali
Is your name Ali?
Yes it is, Why?
A man had come asking for you
What kind of father are you,
You are going to throw money
at your children and just leave?
You think your money will bring back
Their childhood,
their life without you?
She's speaking the truth
Answer her
You keep out of this
It's his right,
let him speak today
She's saying the truth
Why didn't you come back?
I looked for you everywhere,
through all that blood and fire
On the night of those riots,
One by one I lost all of you
In all that chaos
I lost your mother too,
Leaving you children
at the orphanage,
I went in search of her,
I found her corpse,
And the devil that murdered her,
I stabbed him with the same knife
He killed my wife with
That's how the chase began
Everywhere there was
a curfew and the police...
I somehow managed to escape to escape,
from this city and left my country
And your son
20 years
For 20 years you
didn't think about me?
My son
I did not want to
complicate your lives
I wanted to give you prosperity
I have sent Nilofer abroad to study
I have moved Aamna
In to a better home
I haven't even told them
Who I really am
I couldn't even place my hand
on their heads to bless them
I had no great expectation of you
I just needed
help from someone
who would ask me no questions
of my past, just do as told
Your aspiration and
my need were similar
Thank you, Bobby
Father I...
If I really do leave,
will you stop worrying about me?
It's a waste to worn] about you
My detective work, that which has been
the biggest fight between us
Has taught me something
very valuable today
That a father's head
is not always cold,
but can often be helpless.
Today I reunited a father
with his long lost children,
and myself with you
Are you listening to me, father?
I know you're
listening to me father,
Because you can't hate me,
You just worn] about me too much
I understand, father
But why aren't you understanding?
I don't want to be
the cause of your shame
Instead I want to be
the reason for your pride
Where are you going?
Who's going to pick up these bags?
You never put your
things in their place
Come inside
Look at her
She really seems to have grown up
Sayeeda, your daughter is getting married
to the man of her choice because of my daughter
Yes, you are right
Isn't it?
But where is bobby
Come on kids, get a move on
Red rose means sorry
Red rose doesn't mean sorry
Yes it does
I love you
That's what it means
everybody is not a case for me
Bobby NOW what do you want?
Tassawur I still cant
figure one thing out
Is our wedding on or off?
The night is dressed up to
celebrate my best friends wedding
The women are wearing their
finest and add to the aura
The night is dressed up to
celebrate my best friends wedding
The women are wearing their
finest and add to the aura
Their mascara laden eyes
Cast a spell on each of us
As they simply steal the night away
Playful glances with on another
That act like arrows
aimed at my head
It's now clear that
I am crazy about you
My head has fallen for you
I simply cannot
get over your attitude
Sweety, don't you see
I am dancing for thee...
Sweety, don't you see
I am dancing for thee...
All you boys at the
wedding roam like Romeo's
You profess love for me but
have eyes for all the women here
You may be a smooth talker
You may shower me with compliments
But you are sure to break my head
Sweety, don't you see
I am running from thee...
Sweety, don't you see
I am running from thee...
See what a beautiful night it is
See what wonderful
sights it brings to cherish
Its almost as though
the stars dress up our hair
Its almost as though the black
of the night makes for our eyeliner
Believe me, you are my happiness
You must know that
you are the reason I smile
The beats of the drums
The sounds of the paayal
All call out to only
you on behalf of me
Sweety, don't you see
I am dancing for thee...
My head fears that
you will betray me
How do I make myself trust you
There are many ways in
which you can choose to do so
But first you must give
me a chance and come my way
I still find myself in two minds
How I wish I knew whether
you are saying the truth
But deep down in my
head I want to believe you
I feel like we may
have a future together
I just need to find a
way to trust in that feeling
Sweety, don't you see
I am dancing for thee...
Sweety, don't you see
I am dancing for thee...
The night is still dressed up to
celebrate my best friends wedding
I give up and accept
that I am in love with you
The mascara in your eyes
Will always cast a spell on you
You simply steal the night away
Sweety, don't you see
I am dancing for thee...
Sweety, don't you see
I am dancing for thee...
Sweety, don't you see
I am dancing for thee...