Bobcat Moretti (2022) Movie Script

Take a deep breath.
All right. Tell me
about these headaches.
I can't even think.
Scale of 1 to 10.
And did these
happen before the incident?
I don't know.
Maybe, uh,
happened for
a couple years.
How 'bout
the weight gain?
I haven't
felt able to do much.
Eyes open, Dad.
You know,
it's been a year,
people grieve differently
in different ways.
-No. No, no, no.
-So, if...
That's not what
this pain is. That pain...
That pain doesn't
go away ever, you know.
Because that pain
isn't physical. This is...
This is something else.
Okay. Okay.
I believe you.
I believe you.
Let's run a couple
of tests, all right?
Make sure you're
okay physically.
Get me out.
Get me outta here!
Unfortunately, we found
three lesions on your brain.
Now, as this progresses,
you may start to experience
some facial paralysis,
some muscle spasms and tremors,
slurred speech.
You may experience
some dizziness, some numbness.
There is no cure,
but I think,
with a lot of work,
we can manage this.
A 9-year-old metro
girl has a new lease on life
thanks to surgery at
the Hospital for Sick Children.
Tracy Hoover was given
the liver of a 9-year-old
accident victim.
- Oh, come on.
- Just a little more.
Hoover is in critical
but stable condition,
normal after
such an operation.
I can't eat that shit.
I don't know
what's going on.
It's Bobby, Ma.
I went to the bathroom.
Where is your father?
Is he at the gym? I...
I need him to change me.
I'll do it, Ma.
No, no, no.
I need your father.
Where is your father?
I got it, Ma.
What's goin' on, dude?
Uh, it's good
to hear your voice.
How--how have you been?
Uh, you know,
promised Ma I'd call.
Oh, uh, Mom was...
making sense?
She was in and out of lucidity.
How's she doing right now?
She's not good, Charlie.
Uh, how are you
doin' otherwise?
I'm thinking about
coming to visit.
Uh, my family and I?
Yeah. I mean...
I haven't seen the boys
in a while and the...
I could help with
the new baby.
We're in our,
uh, first trimester.
So all is under control here.
Give it to me!
Give it to me!
Look, I don't think I can
take it anymore, this house.
I don't think
I can be here.
You need to put Mom
in a nursing home.
I've been telling you
for a year now.
And she's got money
in the bank, right?
And I said
I'd cover the rest.
I mean, having her
in that other room,
that's too much for you.
Okay? Just get over
the guilty feelings, dude.
I mean, if-- if I were
going senile, uh,
the last thing I would want
is to stress my boys.
Hey, uh,
I mean it.
You know,
you're welcome here anytime.
As long as you need.
When the time comes.
Huh. Can you imagine
being a horse seamstress?
That's pretty cool.
the phone's ringing.
The phone's ringing.
Hey! Phone.
Got it?
Escondido Catering,
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
-I just wanted some food.
-Okay. It's okay, Ma. I got you.
-I got you.
-I hit my head.
I got you. Let me see.
Let me see. Let me see.
Oh, God. All right. We're going
to go to the hospital, okay?
-All right.
Okay. Okay.
It was you.
What, Ma?
You left him
alone with her.
I knew she was a killer!
Stop it, Ma.
-It was you!
-Stop it.
It was you!
How could you
do that to him?
I didn't, Ma.
It was your fault.
- Hey, there they are.
- Okay, here we go.
- Awesome.
- Hey.
Thank you. Do you mind
getting us some napkins?
-Yep, sure. I'll-- I'll do that.
-Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Now I'm gonna take this
while you eat, 'kay?
-Thank you.
You know, I never understood
eating after a burial.
I don't want to fucking eat
after a burial.
- Watch your mouth.
- Sorry.
That's all right.
Probably go home
and inhale the fridge, but...
right now,
I can't even look at food.
It's, uh...
comfort food, I guess.
Well, I don't feel
particularly comforted.
Mom, what's "comfort food"?
Well, it's food that
we love to eat that we know
isn't good for us.
- Food is good?
- Yes.
Yes, it is.
Uh, just some foods aren't.
-Eat it.
-Otherwise, I'm gonna take
every last one
of your French fries.
Honestly, I never got
the food thing either.
'Cause when my dad died,
you know,
I gained 10 pounds.
I didn't
want to say anything.
- Hey, there we go.
- All right. Thank you.
Just want to thank
you guys for inviting me
to stay with you.
Well, if need be.
Of course.
You can always stay with us.
I just have...
one loose end to fix.
Nobody's rushing you, Bobby.
Moretti, the phone.
Yeah, it's the phone.
Escondido Caterers,
this is Moretti.
Yeah. Let me just
pull up your file here.
You know what?
I am gonna have to
transfer you to Jean.
I don't work here anymore.
-Wh-- what are you doing?
-Uh, Mr. Ruiz
-is on Line 2 for you.
No, no, no, no, wait, no, no.
'Cause I don't do phones.
-That's your job.
-Gotta get out of here.
What do you mean?
Get out of here for...
for what--
like an hour? What?
No. Like, forever.
Oh, really?
Oh, whoa, whoa!
You're quitting on me?
I swore to your mother that
I would take care of you.
What, do you think you could
get something better than this?
Look at you!
You're a nothing!
I'm sorry your
mother died, okay?
Everybody's mother
dies sometimes.
I lost my mother too!
But you know what?
Life goes on!
Oh, great, okay.
All right. Yeah.
Well, good luck
with life!
So I inject one in a different
part of my body every other day.
And this is a steroid,
which I take
for nerve inflammation.
This is actually Keppra,
which is an anti-seizure
and I take that
three times a day.
This is
everything else I was on
before the MS.
People live with this, so...
We'll find you
a great doctor.
Yeah. It's not
a death sentence.
-We're here.
Noah punched me.
where did you get this?
Give this to me.
Oh, Mom kept
Dad's stuff?
Why'd you bring 'em
here with you?
-There you go.
-Thanks, man.
Take care.
Bobby Moretti, is that you?
-Oh, my fucking God.
It's been too long, man.
15 fucking years.
You look different.
Yeah. Uh, so do you.
I'm sorry about everything
that happened then.
I meant to call you, but I
didn't have your new number.
Same cell I've
always had, Trent.
-Fuck. I'm so sorry.
-It' fine.
-You know, nobody ever
thought Katharine could, uh--
Yeah. Um...
So what's the, uh,
strongest eighth you've got?
Top shelf.
I got you, bro.
33.3% THC.
This will rock your world.
All these years,
and you're still dealing.
All these years,
and you're still buying.
At least
it's legal for us now.
Knock, knock!
Hey. Um, I'm gonna
take the boys to the zoo.
-Do you want to come?
-No. I think I'm gonna head
into the city today
and look for a job
and keep my head
on straight.
They got octopuses
at the zoo!
- No, they don't.
- All right. Well, you call us
if you want to come, okay?
-All right. Say bye!
- Bye!
- Bye.
We gotta
get out of here!
No, they didn't.
The octopuses...
What are you doing,
Uncle Bobby?
Kiddo. I thought
you were going to the zoo.
Hey, we didn't want to
go to the zoo with...
--out you.
Oliver, can you go play
with your brother, please?
But I need to go pee-pee.
Well, you can hold it
for one second.
I'll be
right there, all right?
Wow. I see we're keeping
our head on really straight.
Can I help you?
Hi. Uh, are you
the manager?
who's asking.
-I'm just looking for a job.
-You sure?
I see a fat boy
in a suit too small.
What do you want to do?
Lose weight?
Oh. You want to be
like them, don't you?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
They--they'd kill me.
Besides, I gotta
be careful nowadays.
There's nothing
careful about boxing.
Nor are we hiring. Why don't you
try Starbucks down the block?
Don't you fuckin'
touch me, Tony.
So now I can't
touch you either?
Lacey's being Lacey.
- Mind your business.
- Sorry.
Why haven't
you left?
Listen. This place
is great and everything,
but I don't see anybody on
their hands and knees wiping up
the blood and sweat
from your mats.
What's your name, kid?
Bobby Moretti.
Italian boy?
-You from New York?
-No. I mean--well,
I was born here,
and then my family
moved to New York
when I was really young.
Then I came back
for college--San Diego.
So why you want to
scrub my floors, college boy?
It's a job.
Something different.
I can think of many different
things you need, Big Bobby.
-Bobby's fine.
-It's my gym.
Call people whatever
the hell I want to.
Yo, Clarence!
What's up?
Look, I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do
for your poor toilets.
These big beefy-ass dudes
taking protein shits in there?
What am I paying
you for, then, huh?
When I got the best plumber
in the city right here.
-This guy?
-Yes, this guy.
He look like he the one
took the shits.
Look, bottom line,
you're gonna have to invest
in some new toilets.
Can you fix
the toilets or not?
I mean, I can
come back tomorrow.
Don't bother.
All right.
Let him fix the toilets then.
This place is
falling apart anyway.
You better know I'll be here
for the next fight, though.
-You know how to fix toilets?
You lying to me?
Walk with me.
Hey, Marco!
Higher with your right!
Good block, Israel.
-You box before?
-Who, me?
Yeah, you.
Keep up.
No. But my--uh,
my dad did professionally.
Ah, then it's
ingrained in your blood.
No, I can't box.
Because you're fat?
This is bullshit.
Your brain is
stronger than your gut.
No. I'm--I'm sick.
I have MS.
That's not an excuse.
You set your mind on something,
your body will follow.
black shirt--
had stage IV cancer
as a kid.
And Chloe--
pink top--
had heart surgery
last year.
-Would you train me?
-Say what?
Um, uh,
is that even possible?
I mean, in exchange, I will
learn how to fix your toilet.
Back up.
This isn't glamorous.
Boxing is about finding
that inner strength
when you have none.
Have you
got that in you?
I think
I have to try it.
If you
want it to work,
you have to do more than
just try it, Bobby.
-I think I can.
-Stop it!
Stop thinking.
What the hell are you?
Little Engine That Could?
I've got nothing
left to lose.
And everybody here
looks so... peaceful.
It's because they settle
their problems in that ring.
They focus their negativity
on that empty space
between the bag
and the glove.
Angry, sweaty,
and at peace.
It's perfect.
-Think so?
Then tell me the real
reason why you're here.
-What, in the gym?
In L.A.
Oh, my ma just died
and I'm staying with my, uh--
my brother and
his family for a while.
That's not it.
You gotta be,
like, what, 39, 40?
No ring?
Never married?
-Not married anymore.
that's real helpful.
If I'm gonna take you seriously,
then I've gotta know
-the real reason
why you're here.
-I told you. I was...
walking by
and I needed a job.
-What are you running from?
-I just need a job.
Why are you
being so aggressive?
If I'm gonna
take you seriously,
I've gotta know
what got you here.
Now, tell me, Bobby.
Tell me!
Tell me, Bobby!
Tell me!
My wife
murdered my son.
And then she
shot herself in the face.
Well, there you go.
That's what
you're running from.
-I think...
-Look at me.
Don't think.
Nate Moretti.
He died from a brain hemorrhage
right there in that very ring.
You ever
hear of him?
He was my father.
That's it.
Come here.
I'm coming
here forever, and...
That's your father.
He was a good fighter--
a grinder.
-You look like him.
-No, I don't.
Were you there
the night he died?
No. Thank God.
That would have been...
I took over this gym
10 years ago,
and I always felt compelled
to keep his picture up.
Now I know why.
This is why
we moved to New York.
My mother
had to run away.
I understand.
Welcome home,
Big Bobby.
What's up, Jo?
Uh, this is, uh, Big Bobby.
Big Bobby, that's Carmine.
Hey, I ran into
Clarence down there.
- Is the bathroom fixed?
- What do you think?
- The guy's fucking useless.
- Exactly.
He's my assistant.
Oh, so you already have
someone helping you out?
Carmine? Please.
He doesn't clean.
And he barely assists.
He just kind of,
you know, hangs out.
-Good gig.
-Well, once I've known you
for over 30 years,
you can have that gig too.
All right, kid.
I'm gonna
take a chance on you.
Roll up your sleeves.
It's about to get real messy.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
can I call you "Jo"?
Everyone else does.
Is it short
for something?
You the new janitor?
Um, I guess.
Why are you
dressed like that?
I don't know.
Not very talkative,
are you?
Look. You ain't
gotta talk, but...
you mind lacing me up?
Nice and tight on this one.
It's healing from
a little something.
I'm Lacey.
-You box?
- No.
- You will.
I'll see ya 'round.
'Night, Jo!
Night, Carmine.
See you maana.
Hey, Bobby.
Gym's closed. Thought you
went home for the night.
Oh, I just got these
last couple bags to do.
Oh, thank you.
Never had a janitor before.
I can get used to this.
Yeah? I'd be happy to
come back tomorrow.
Who says
I'm done with you now?
Oh, sure.
What do you need?
Wrap your hands.
Moving too slow already.
Come on. Come on. You gotta get
in there. Gotta get in there.
-Around the thumb.
Don't I need gloves?
Hey, slow down,
Gotta work on
your stance first.
Okay. Okay.
Obviously, you're right-handed,
so we're gonna
-work on your left jab, okay?
All right.
Let's get in that stance.
All right.
Go left. Come on.
There you go.
Push it forward. Pull it back.
There you go.
All right.
Let me see it.
There you go.
All right. Now let's try
to work with your left
and your right,
Get in your stance.
Bend the knees.
There you go.
All right.
There you go.
Snap it back.
Keep your chin down.
Come on.
Let's go faster now.
There we go.
Let's get some speed in there.
Come on.
Let me feel it.
You're gonna be
knockin' 'em out, Bobby.
There you go.
Keep that chin, yeah.
There you go.
Good job.
One, two. All right, faster.
Come on.
Faster. Faster.
Faster. Step into it.
Get in there.
Chin down.
Let's go faster.
Faster. Come on.
Hit 'em hard. There you go.
Good job. Come on.
There you go.
Again. Again.
Use your legs. Come on.
You gotta use your legs.
Come on! You can do it!
Come on.
You can do it.
Wait. No, no, no.
Oh, no, no, no.
Come on. No.
Bobby, no. No, no, no.
Don't quit on me now,
Big Bobby.
Don't quit on me now. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Hang in there.
Look at me.
Look at me.
When you watch boxing
from the crowd,
when you're not
in the ring,
it looks like two people
are knockin' the shit
out of each other
for no rhyme or reason.
But that's not what
this sport is all about.
It goes deeper than that.
It goes to the soul.
Yeah. Sure, violence
comes with the territory.
But violence has
little to do with it at all.
-But my body.
-Forget about your body.
You worry about this.
Thank you.
For what?
For making me feel...
You're welcome, Bobcat.
You're welcome.
Most of my boxers
have nicknames.
I like Bobcat
for you.
-Why Bobcat?
-I like it.
You got a problem
with that?
I want you to wear some
different clothes tomorrow.
-Put on some shorts, okay?
I'm gonna get
the fuck outta here.
Get some
sleep tonight.
'Cause tomorrow, you ain't
gonna be able to feel your body.
Good start, Bobcat.
Good shit!
Good job, Bobcat!
Good job!
Where have you
been all day?
-You have dinner in the fridge.
I'm good.
I think I'm just gonna crash.
You're gonna crash?
It's not even 10:00.
You're up that late with
the kids and everything?
Oh, they're asleep.
They're all in asleep.
Um, I got
a job at a gym.
The owner said
that she would train me.
And I feel like I need that
more than the money, maybe.
That's great.
By the way,
I never told you.
I love your art.
You are really talented.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Okay, thank you.
Yeah. I love to paint.
Never too late.
Right? As long as you got
that fire inside of you,
it's never too late.
Painting is
very therapeutic.
-It really is.
Kill two birds
with one stone.
-Want to try?
-I'm gonna...
-Yeah, go ahead.
Go have
a great shower.
Don't forget about that
food in the fridge, okay?
-All right.
-All right. Good night.
Good night.
Why you cryin',
Uncle Bobby?
Sometimes adults
cry, too, kiddo.
Oh, hey. Oof.
What'd you
do that for?
That's what Mommy
does when I'm sad.
-Oh. Hey, Bobby?
-Oh, hey. I'm done. I'm just--
This whole place
is falling apart.
Well, look at me.
I'm a plumber.
Do you mind if I
wash my hands real quick?
I don't care.
So, uh, listen, I'm sorry about
yesterday. I didn't mean to...
be weird or anything
by not saying much.
I took no offense.
Wasn't weirded out at all.
I'll give you
your privacy.
No, stay.
You can help
lace me up again.
So Jo give you
a nickname yet?
Yeah. Bobcat.
Love it.
What's yours?
And, no,
don't call me that.
-You hittin' the bags today?
Just a quick spar
with Tony in the ring.
Then I gotta get home
and relieve the babysitter.
Oh, you have a kid.
Yeah. Riley.
She's 10.
-Mine's 10 too.
Boy or girl?
Sorry. I should have
said "was" 10, um...
It's Danny.
Oh, shit.
I'm so sorry.
We ain't gotta
talk about it.
So, uh, Tony,
is he, uh...
-My boyfriend?
I don't know.
He's something.
Is he Riley's dad?
Tony couldn't
keep a plant alive.
Wow. I feel bad
for him.
Do you always
spar with him?
It's more civil
in the ring than at home.
That doesn't seem
like a fair fight.
'Cause I'm a girl?
-I can kick his ass.
-Okay. Fine.
Give me
your other hand.
Keep going.
Thanks, Bobcat.
See ya 'round.
That's it!
That's it!
That's it. That's it.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. What you got?
Come on, Boots!
Come on, Boots!
What you got?
That's it.
Yeah, come on.
Come on, Boots. I've seen
your ass move faster than that.
Yeah. Come on.
What the fuck?
You know I don't
allow that in my gym!
It was an accident.
Sorry, Lacey.
You're not hurt.
-Fuck you, Tony!
-Accident, my ass.
Come on.
It was an accident.
Are you--are you okay?
- You okay?
- It was an accident.
-What happened?
-I know how to get your ass.
No Friday Night Fights
for a month.
You know my rules.
Come on.
That's fuckin' bullshit, Jo!
-That was really
fucked up, Tony.
-Who the fuck are you?
- Don't start with nobody.
- Huh?
-Oh, wait, wait. Hey, hey, hey.
-Fuck you, nobody.
- You done lost
your fucking mind. Out.
-Out! Out!
-He hit me first!
Fuck is wrong with you?
So what are these
Friday Night Fights?
A little match we have every
first Friday of the month.
Draws a crowd.
Brings in a little extra cash.
That asshole Tony
always wins.
Why do you
let him fight here?
People like to
bet on him.
He's a big draw.
How's the eye?
I'll live.
Great. Let's get you up.
Starting training.
You can still see out of
the other eye, can't you?
Come on. Stop crying.
Let's go.
Let's move.
Work the right.
Right jab. Good jab.
Good right jab.
Good right jab.
You like this?
What, what, what?
Ooh, gotta watch out
for that, Bobcat.
Don't apologize.
Pay attention, all right?
Now block,
now block, block.
I'm comin' at you
from my left.
Block it!
Block it!
Good, Bobby.
Good. Come on.
- Good. Good.
- Good, good.
Don't break
eye contact, Bobcat.
Hit! Hit!
- Hit!
- Sorry.
Fucking guy apologizes.
-He's pretty good, Jo.
-You know, you're
an old man, Carmine.
Put him in the ring
with somebody like Tony,
we might have to get
ourself a new janitor.
With Tony banned,
who's fightin' Friday night?
Well, we got
Marco vs. Israel.
They're pretty good.
Pretty good?
They're fucking great.
Hey, can I come watch?
-Friday Night Fights?
It can get
a little messy.
Good thing
the janitor will be there.
Yeah, I know that's right.
Boom. All right.
Let's work on that left.
Work on your left jab.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Jab! Jab!
- Hey.
- Yo!
-What you doing?
-Picking up after the boys.
Come on. Let's, uh,
sit down, catch up.
-Mm, thanks, man.
-Hey, no problem.
Is work
kicking your ass?
Your face.
Oh. Um...
- I fell.
- You sound like Dad.
What are you
talking about?
He used to come home
all the time with another
injury or excuse
for Mom.
How do you
even remember that?
I used to sneak downstairs
after bedtime ,
uh, to see him
and hid behind
the kitchen door.
They would stay up for hours
talking about his fights.
And, well, some things
you never forget.
And for everything else,
there's Mastercard.
Ah, you're not funny.
Hey, man. I'm glad
we're doing this.
Doing what? Sitting in
the backyard drinking beer?
I rarely see ya.
I mean, you-- you leave
early in the morning,
and, by the time you come back,
I'm-- I'm already passed out.
Gotta keep busy.
I'm fine.
I could talk to Steve.
What, Steve Connors,
your boss?
See if he's hiring.
Make some actual money.
Listen. I worked at a job
I hated for 14 years.
I'm not about to
do it again.
What is it that you do
at the gym every day?
I clean.
I train.
Every now and again,
you get punched in the face?
So what?
I know you've
had it rough, Bobby.
But, uh, you know,
I--I want you to...
Uh, no. I, uh--I, uh--
I need you to be happy.
Why? Why do you
need that for me?
Since when do you
care about me?
I am happy.
I don't need to get on
my knees for Steve Connors
in order to be.
Well ,
cheers, then.
To what?
Being happy.
Here he come.
Yeah, you know,
if you was my girl, I wouldn't
-take your money all the time.
-Good to see you, man.
-Good to see you too.
-You trying to break
the bank tonight?
-Hey. Need a new chain.
-Oh, as always.
Coolio, stop taking
all her money, man.
She needs to buy some
toilets in this joint.
Bro, that's what I do.
Y'all need some
air conditioners.
-I know that's right.
What's up, Jo?
-What you doing here?
-I told you I was
coming to the fights.
-Toilets ain't fixed. Nothing.
-The big boy fix 'em?
-Get your ass on outta here.
-Ah, I'm gonna go take
a shit right now. See ya.
What's up, baby?
Hey, girl.
You good?
Saved a seat
for you.
Hey, Lacey.
Nice bruise.
Pretty stupid of you to
say what you said to him.
Well, I was
standing up for you.
'Cause I can't
take care of myself?
Hey, hey.
Could you all chill?
So we can enjoy
the fight? Geez.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to Friday Night Fight!
In the right corner,
weighing in at 207 pounds,
Marco "The Deckmaker"
And in the left corner,
weighing in at 212 pounds,
Israel "The Liquidator"
All right.
Touch gloves.
Here we go.
He's dropping his chest!
Hey, he's dropping his chest.
Off the ropes, Israel!
Off the goddamn ropes, man!
- Whoa!
- Now's the time! The combo!
That's it, that's it,
that's it! Go.
Chin down.
Chin down.
Get off the ropes, man!
Get off the ropes!
- Yes!
- Break, break.
-Break it up.
-Back him up. Back him up.
-Break. Break. Break.
Hold up. Come on.
-Hold him. Hold him.
See the way he's
using his legs?
Power in his legs.
Hey. Here's the good news.
He's dropping you,
but you're dropping
your left hand, Jack.
You're dropping your
left-- he's-- he's dropping
your fucking left hand.
-You didn't say nothing.
-Focus. Focus.
Dig-- focus. Dig down.
You understand me?
This motherfucker
can't beat you.
He can't beat you.
Get up and go out
and get that motherfucker.
Work the hands, man.
Israel, work those hands.
Come on. Come on.
You got lucky.
Someone's salty!
-'Night, guys.
-'Night, Boots.
No matter how many times
you get hurt.
Can I walk you home?
Tony's around here
somewhere, I think.
Are you-- are you
waiting for him?
So, uh...
how are you gonna
get home?
I'm walkin'.
I live two blocks away.
Keep up.
I'm right around
the corner. Thanks.
Um, I could take you
to your door.
You're not
taking me anywhere.
Good night, then.
Tony has a bad temper.
But you don't know me.
What if I'm worse?
Doubt it.
Do you love him?
He makes money,
and he helps me out sometimes.
Let's leave it
at that, okay?
See you around, Bobcat.
-Later, Boots.
-Shut up.
Jesus Christ.
Stop. Let's go
do something else.
Come on. Come on,
come on, come on. Don't stop.
Come on.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
That's it. Work it.
Don't stop.
Push, push, push.
Don't stop. Keep it going.
one. Hit it.
Champion of the world,
Bobcat Moretti!
So when you gonna
get fit again?
The day I'm no longer old.
Get outta here.
Has anybody
seen Bobcat?
All I see is
some skinny white boy.
Hey, that joke
is already old.
-Short again?
-Soon. I promise.
Next week.
No skimming this month.
You got it.
- Hey!
- Hey.
I thought I said
wait in the office.
They ran out of Gatorade.
Oh, Riley,
say hi to my friend.
Hi. I'm Riley.
Got a name?
It's nice to
meet you, Riley.
Woo. Ooh, ow!
She'll kick
your butt one day.
Hey, we're going for tacos.
You done?
Sure. Just let me
get cleaned up.
We'll wait outside.
See ya.
-Thank you.
You gotta eat
to lose weight.
As crazy as it sounds,
it's true.
I'm not hungry.
Come on.
One bite won't kill you.
-Oh, yeah. That's good.
-See? See?
-That's very good.
-Authentic-a! Mmm!
I'm so sorry.
-Forget a little something?
-Yes, my brain.
I'm-- I'm--
I'm really sorry.
-That's a nice excuse.
-Hey, buddy. Ooh.
Happy birthday.
I'm so, so sorry.
Well, did you at least
got me a present?
I have a feeling
that Uncle Bobby's gonna
bring you something
real special tomorrow.
Oh, sure you do.
What's that
supposed to mean?
-It's okay. Stop.
-No, it's not.
No, I know,
but not here.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Debra,
is everything okay?
It's all right.
Look. Look.
It-- it's my MS, all right?
I-- I know it's not
an excuse, but--
You're at the gym
all day, not getting paid.
You could stay here all day
and not get paid too.
You've been here for months,
and we haven't seen you.
You don't do anything to
help out around the house.
-It's true. And you
do live rent-free.
-That's-- I got this, Deb.
I'll get another job!
Oh, another job.
That's funny because, uh...
-jobs pay, and yours doesn't.
-We're just concerned.
Would you ever
consider working again?
Just do something
with your life, Bob.
You think that you got
all your shit together
because you're
married and you have kids?
I never said that.
You know,
because I had all of that.
And look where
it fucking got me.
Nowhere. We've wanted you
out of the house for months.
All right?
You're a fucking loser.
What did you
just call me?
You heard me.
You're a fucking loser.
Now get the fuck
outta my house.
Fuck. Charlie.
-Get the fuck outta--
-What are you doing?
I'm done, man!
Fuck! Shit!
Damn it!
Oh, my God, you guys.
Stop it! Stop it!
Get off me!
There's people outside.
Come here!
- Ow!
- Oh! Shit!
-Shit! What the fuck, asshole!
-Oh, my God.
-Deb. Deb, Deb, Deb, Deb.
Deb, are you okay?
-I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- I'll take you to the hospital, okay?
-I'll stay here
-and watch the boys.
-What? You're not getting
anywhere near them, all right?
They're coming
with us.
Boys, put your
shoes on, 'kay?
Do not be here
when I get back.
Come in!
Hey, Bobby.
Hey, Riley.
Mom? Bobcat's here,
and he got punched in the head.
Go brush your
teeth and get ready for bed.
Your couch is over here.
Let me see if I can get some
Neosporin for that gash.
Nice place.
I can't thank you enough.
Is this your mother?
Hm? No.
That's my ajee.
-My grandmother.
She's really pretty.
She raised me.
My mom died
when I was in diapers.
And my dad
kinda sucked, so...
It was just me
and my ajee.
Some people say
she looked like me,
but I think that she
looked like Nina Simone.
I could see it.
Nina Simone?
Where'd you
learn how to do this?
-I was a surgeon
back in Trinidad.
No. I'm just
fucking with you.
It's Neosporin
and a Band-Aid.
But you're
from Trinidad?
-I bet it's beautiful.
-It is what it is.
All done.
Thank you, doctor.
Mommy, I'm in bed!
Did you
brush your teeth?
-Girl, go brush your teeth!
Was yours a precious
little liar too?
He would have been
her accomplice.
I promised myself
I wouldn't bring that up.
It's okay.
We all broken.
The difference
is how you choose
to put yourself
back together again.
And what you're doin'
for yourself...
you are the toughest
guy I know.
Hey. What are you doing?
Oh, shit.
I'm so sorry.
What were you thinking?
I guess I wasn't.
Mom, I'm done!
I--I--I'm coming, sweetheart.
I'm gonna tuck you in.
I gotta go.
No. You have
no place to go.
What-- you're shaking, Bobby.
Oh! Are you okay?
What's going on?
What's wrong?
- Hey, is it epilepsy?
- No!
Is it--
Come on, Bobby.
- Bobby.
- Yep. I'm fine.
What are you doing?
I'm fine.
-Why was your top lock on?
-I don't know, Tony.
I saw that fat fuck outside.
I thought you
had higher standards.
Fuck you, Tony.
Riley is in there sleeping.
Oh, is she asleep?
Don't touch me!
-I like the skirt.
-I said, stop playin'.
-Come here.
-I'm not playin' right now.
-Keep doin' it, and I'll...
-You'll what?
...make your face ugly.
Do it.
Beautiful princess.
I love you.
Me too.
Don't call me.
We're at the hospital.
We're gonna be here
for a while.
Don't hang up.
I just want to
know about Deb.
Is she all right?
I'm fine, Bobby.
And the baby?
The baby's fine too.
Thank God.
Listen. Listen.
I'm-- I'm really--
No. You listen,
all right? Don't call us.
I want to meet
my new nephew.
Bobby, you will.
Just, please,
give us some space
right now.
What are you
doing here, Bobcat?
Good morning.
Have you been sleeping here
all night?
Nah, I've been awake.
Go on,
let's go inside.
So, what's up, Bobcat?
What am I
doing here, Jo?
I was about to
ask you the same thing.
No. I--I mean what
am I doing here at
the gym, in general?
-Apparently not sleeping.
-I'm being serious, Jo.
Okay, you are...
-Yeah. But I'm also cleaning.
I--I need a job.
Look. Look.
I got this-- this
great thing going here,
and I really love it,
but I need to
move forward in my life.
I need money to do that.
I'll start paying you.
-You will.
-But training
is now on your own time.
-Thank you.
-But I want you here
this early every morning
to get the gym open.
-No problem.
-Is that it?
Is that what you waited
all night to tell me?
I want to know
more about you.
I mean, you know
all my baggage.
I want to know
who I'm working with.
- Well, you're working
with someone
who took a fat kid
with no life and...
turned him into the man
who's standing in front of me.
That's who you're
working with.
Anything else?
Forget it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Spit it out.
You walked in here
with more confidence.
Be confident.
Are you
Lacey's landlord?
Oh. Yeah.
She's staying at a...
former rental
that I had with, um...
I ju-- I just help her out.
I give her a break on rent.
-Oh, that's nice.
You want me here
on time, right?
-Let me sleep here.
Do you see any beds
or mattresses here?
There's the physical therapy
table in the back
nobody uses.
It looks pretty comfortable.
Where-- where we going
with this?
-My brother--
-Kicked your ass out?
- Yeah.
- How long?
Just for a little while.
I better not see
a spike in my water bill.
Get to work.
Thank you.
You scared me
the other night.
You're not gonna
tell me what's up?
-Did he come with you?
-Answer the question.
Okay, forget it.
Not my problem.
Let's go,
let's go, let's go!
Lookin' good!
Lookin' good! Yo, T!
Just who I need to see.
I have no one
to fight this month.
-I need you.
-Oh, now you need me.
For a change, yes,
I need you, Tony.
What about janitor boy?
Don't be an asshole.
I'm in if he's in.
What about Razor?
Yeah. Razor's
been looking good.
That's my deal.
That dude or nobody.
Then I'll find someone else.
No. I'll do it.
Very funny.
Hell no.
I got this, Jo.
-I said no.
I want this.
I said I'm in.
What you trying
to prove, Bobby?
I don't know.
I guess I'll find out.
Looking forward to it.
Promise I won't kill him.
You'll never fuck my girl,
but I'm looking forward
to fucking you up.
You know you just
really fucked up, right?
You're gonna have to
double down on training.
He's been fightin'
in the ring for years.
Even if I lose, if I get
to hit that motherfucker
even one time, I'll
consider it a minor victory.
Then I won't
stop you, Bobcat.
It's not an excuse.
You set your mind
on something, and your body...
Boxing is about finding
that inner strength
when you have none.
If you want it...
Have you got that in you?
You have to do more
than just-- than try...
...focus their negativity
on that empty space
between the bag
and the glove.
You are
the toughest guy I know.
Angry, sweaty...
All right. Faster.
Come on. Faster.
Faster. Faster.
Step into it. Get in there.
Just do...
something with your life.
- Would you ever consider working?
- -We've wanted you
out of the house for months.
All right?
- You're a fucking loser.
- What are you doing?
I'm done, man.
It was you!
It was you!
You killed him!
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Friday Night Fight!
- Come on. There we go.
- Good job.
Come on. Harder.
There you go.
Again! Again!
Open your eyes.
Bobcat, what the hell
are you doing here?
Oh, uh, Jo's,
um, letting me--
Oh, your old lady
kick you out too?
Something like that.
Where am I gonna
sleep now?
I guess the ring is soft enough.
I've done it before.
I'm wasted.
I'm gonna pass out anyway.
Fuck it.
Long as
I'm still breathing...
-I'm good.
Good night.
By the way...
I trained...
Your dad, you know.
It was a long time ago.
Why didn't you
tell me?
Well, you haven't seen me
stumbling in here
shitfaced before.
And you-- you don't
talk about him either.
Um, I mean, I was
so young when he died.
He was so...
fuckin' good, Bobby.
Yeah. I heard.
I wish you would have
seen him fight.
Were you two close?
He was a groomsman
at my wedding.
If he was so good,
then-- then why--
why did he--
Don't say that.
Accidents happen in the ring.
That was
a bad fuckin' accident.
You're gettin' in
the ring with a killer.
You gotta know that.
You dad, he would
have rearranged
Tony's face, but you--
you ain't your dad, kid.
Although, I do--
I see a lot of him in you.
So you pay attention.
You got it?
You be careful.
You know what
his nickname was?
Because he jumped at you!
Like a bobcat.
That's why
he named you Bobby.
Oh, man.
You got this.
And, if not, you gotta know
what it feels like
to get your ass kicked
in order to truly enjoy
kicking someone else's.
What are you doing here?
What, there's no
fresh air at the gym?
I wanted to apologize.
Me too.
So where have you
been staying?
Um, at the gym,
They started paying me,
and it just makes sense.
I'm there all the time anyway.
The rent is free.
I'm training
for my first fight.
Are you
out of your mind?
No, Charlie.
I finally found it.
Goddamn it!
Dad used to say that
to Mom verbatim.
You are so damn lucky
you weren't old enough
-to be at that fight.
-I wish I was.
Why would you say that?
Do you know why
my name is Bobby?
-Why didn't you tell me?
-'Cause those are
fuckin' bad memories
for me, man.
Dad was a legend.
Yeah, he's-- he was killed.
You could die
doing anything.
You know?
What happened
to Dad was rare.
He died.
But he really lived.
And, because of that,
many great people
kept him alive.
Can I come
watch you fight?
No. No, no.
Please don't. You'd be worried.
I'm probably gonna
get my ass kicked anyway.
Can you at least tell me
which gym you're living at?
And how'd you find out
about your name?
You're fighting at
the same gym where Dad...
Better see you
at Christmas.
Oh, damn.
I hate these bolts.
-Boots! It's me!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I got it.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, hey there,
baby girl.
What you doing?
You doing your homework?
-Give me a hug.
Riley, go get ready for bed.
Take a shower.
Be a good girl.
- Thank you.
- So...
What you been
doing with Bobby?
What do you mean?
I don't even
recognize him anymore.
He needs this, Boots.
What does he need?
-He didn't tell you?
-Tell me what?
Bobby has MS.
No, he didn't
tell me that.
You're going to fucking
get him killed, Jo.
Did I turn you away when
I met you nine years ago?
-Fighting works for postpartum.
-Oh, here you go.
I guess you don't remember
what I had to do
the last time I came
through that door, huh?
I punish myself
for that every day.
And would you be alive
to punish yourself
if it wasn't for me? No.
-Get out, Jo.
I don't fuckin' need
this shit right now.
What did you say
when we met?
This ain't about me.
This is about Bobby!
What did you say?
-I said I felt dead inside.
-So does he.
The exact same words.
So you worry about you
and your daughter.
Bobby will be just fine.
-Yo, yo! What's up?
Well, look what the cat
just dragged in.
-Oh, so you're calling me a rat?
Your boy's a rat.
I'm a wolf.
And I'm gonna eat him like
he's my prey on fight night.
-Is anyone even
bettin' anywhere?
I could beat this dude
with one hand behind my back.
Well, how 'bout
you have both arms
behind your back,
You better keep it clean.
I'm out.
See you Friday.
-Bye, Jo.
-Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Thought you were
training tonight.
Nah, just leg work.
Do you know he has MS?
-I don't give a fuck.
-You can't do this.
You're gonna
fucking kill him.
-It is what it is.
-I'm leaving.
Me and Riley.
And you won't see us again.
She'll stay with me,
and you can get the fuck out!
Tony, you can
get the fuck out.
You wanna play games?
We're gonna fuckin'
play games tonight.
Let's fuckin' play.
Mom, who is that?
C-- coming, baby!
I'm comin'!
Fuckin' shit.
Pay attention, Bobcat.
Go to his left!
Okay. All right.
We're good for today.
Well, at least he promised
that he wouldn't kill ya.
Can't back out now.
I'm not
plannin' on it.
Good. 'Cause you'd be surprised
how many people bet on you.
On me? Why?
Apparently, you're, um...
inspiring or some shit.
-I'm making a huge mistake.
Think about it.
You'll be more prepared
and less nervous
for your second fight.
If he makes it
to his second fight.
-Jo, Jo.
-Hey, what's up, C?
Hey, I got, uh, 20 bucks
on your toilet boy.
-Shut up.
-But this is a...
used Cadillac convertible
for me when he wins.
You just make sure that left
hook comes what you said at.
I never said he was good.
No refunds.
- Where Coolio at tonight?
- Saving his money.
That's 'cause he know your boy
ain't got no hands.
-Give me my money back, Jo.
-You snooze, you lose.
Go have a seat.
You're cold, man.
Knock, knock.
I don't feel good
about this, Bobby.
I still don't know what
you're trying to prove here.
Don't worry about it.
You have
multiple sclerosis.
He's gonna fucking
kill you, Bobby.
My guess is
he's scarred you
worse than anything
he's gonna do to me tonight.
I'm--I'm sorry.
Fuck you.
I'm not watching.
I'm outta here.
Bobcat? You ready?
Let's do this.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Friday Night Fights.
In this corner,
undefeated at 13-0,
Tony "The Reaper" Pinto!
And, in this corner,
- in his first
Friday Night Fight,
Bobby "Bobcat" Moretti!
Okay. Protect yourselves
at all time.
And obey what I say.
Let's have a clean fight.
Touch gloves.
It's all right, Bobby.
Let's go. Come on.
Put your hands up!
Keep your hands up!
Come on, Bobcat!
Protect yourself!
Let's go! Let's go!
You got this!
That's all right.
Get up! Come on!
You got this!
Come on. It's okay!
Don't give up!
Keep fighting!
Open your eyes.
It's all right.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay,
all right?
Break. Break. Break!
Break! Break it up.
Dude. Break it up.
Stay down, kid.
Your ass is still standing.
You did that.
I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of you, Bobcat.
Yeah! Bobby!
...his fucking jaw, Bobcat!
-What is that?
-So fucking proud of you!
I am so goddamn
proud of you, Bobcat.
Where are you going? I think
he should go to the hospital.
- You did it, buddy!
- Bobcat!
-Bobcat, where are you going?
-Bobcat, where are you going?
Hey, Bobby?
It's not locked, Tony.
You should have
seen the other guy.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
He won.
But I made him bleed.
We're done.
Go to the hospital.
I love you.
-Everything about you--
No, you don't.
Is that why you fought him?
My father...
was great.
But then one night,
the other guy was better.
And then I couldn't
protect my own son.
That's why I fought
Tony tonight.
You don't even
forgive yourself.
How you gonna
love somebody else?
I know love
when I feel it.
-You're confused.
Look at you.
I've loved before.
I know.
Okay, look.
I don't care.
You want a competent
father for Riley?
I was a damn good father.
But not anymore.
So, Tony. Tony.
That--that asshole?
He's the right guy
for you?
He's Riley's dad.
Go to the hospital.
You have a broken nose,
two broken ribs,
and internal bleeding.
You have MS.
What compelled you to do it?
Such a load
of horseshit.
you got very lucky.
She is right, though.
You got lucky.
He could have killed you.
Yeah, he could have.
But he didn't.
You know, I broke my...
first rib boxing
when I was 16.
My parents
practically disowned me.
Thought you might want to know
something about me,
you know?
Trying to throw you
a bone here, kid.
You did good.
You still got a lot more
work to do, though.
I'm done training.
They all say that.
You're not done.
Get some rest.
See you
in about a week.
I'm finished.
Stop saying that.
I saw my father last night.
I used to see Danny...
and Katharine...
all the time...
in my dreams.
But since
I started boxing,
I haven't
seen them as much.
I haven't needed pot or pills.
My head has been clear.
But it was good
to see him again.
But I can't do this anymore.
I'm too weak.
My body hurts too much.
I'm in too much pain.
I got what I needed, Jo.
I'm done.
You're never done.
You'll be back.
You need this.
This is your drug.
I'll see you when
you're thinking straight.
Why'd you
never quit, Jo?
I'm not a victim
like you.
God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things that...
I cannot change.
And the courage...
to change the things
that I can.
And the wisdom to
know the difference.
Drugs or alcohol?
Got so bad that
my partner left me
after 10 years.
you know, we-- we--
we tried adopting, but...
didn't work, so...
We got a dog, though.
She took her.
I miss that fuckin' dog.
Joanne Wallis.
My name is...
Joanne Wallis.
And I'm an addict.
I'm an addict.
You'll be back.
Mom, Uncle Bobby's here.
Get off that chair.
Go put that back
where you got it.
Go on.
Thank you.
Oh, hi.
-Can I come in?
-Yes, come on in.
And then
the toilet paper
fart monster...
turned into...
a Dracula-- aaahhh!
It's nice to
have him back.
You should tell him.
- Yeah?
- -I told you it was a true story.
-Why not?
-Eh, maybe.
-Hey, Bobby.
-Is that for me? Okay.
All right.
Thank you.
- Open it up.
- Whoa!
Big wheels.
Thank you so much, Dad!
Oh, shit.
Whoa! Okay.
Hey, you're okay.
Hey. You're okay, baby.
You got this, Deb.
We're going to the hospital.
Dr. Forest,
dial 118, please.
-Hi, Uncle Bobby.
-Hi, Uncle Bobby.
-Thank you, good man.
Meet Alex.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, buddy.
-He looks like you.
-Gee, thanks.
Just like that,
huh, Bobby?
New life.
Are you
expecting a difference?
There is none.
Not much has changed.
That's okay.
I'm surprised
you are here.
You are
a brave man, sir.
I would not put myself
through continued misery.
Most people
are not tough.
Mr. Moretti...
be well.
Hi, Kat.
Happy new year.
Sorry about the cane. I'm not
walkin' too well these days.
[Katherine whimpering quietly
So, guess what?
Debra had
another baby.
A little boy.
You have
a new nephew.
He looks just like...
No, you don't
have to speak, Kat.
It's okay.
Um, I'm living with them
in Los Angeles.
For now, anyway.
Why am I here?
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
We're closed!
-Hi, Jo.
You never returned
any of my calls.
what do you want?
Happy Valentine's Day.
the nice gesture.
Nobody should be
eatin' this shit.
Thanks, Jo.
Same time tomorrow?
Dawnmarie, I want you
to meet Bob Moretti.
Bobby, that's
Dawnmarie Deshaies.
Such a pleasure
to meet you.
I was diagnosed
with multiple sclerosis
over 20 years ago.
Secondary progressive.
She comes in every day.
Just like you used to.
You're such
an inspiration.
You are a warrior,
and I am
inspired by you.
Thank you. Have a great night.
Bye, everybody.
So, when you left me
high and dry,
I decided to do my research
on multiple sclerosis.
And now I have
three clients.
-You're an inspiration.
Haven't seen you
in months.
Where the hell
have you been?
Look at me.
What am I looking for?
You've always been
so good at that.
Good at what?
At making me
forget what I am.
So what are you? Hm?
Still a victim?
Lacey asks about you.
I tell her, I don't know.
Haven't seen him.
-You should give her a call.
are you back?
I want to be,
-but I can't.
-Why not?
-Jo what?
Look. Nobody
knows the future.
Not you.
Not the doctors.
-So why not?
-Jo, come on!
No. You come on.
You could have a stroke
while wiping down a bag
or get hit by
a fucking bus!
Nobody knows!
I feel dead already.
Oh, come on.
Stop it with
that melodramatic
bullshit, Bobcat.
Stop calling me that.
I'm not Bobcat.
That's not my name.
Well, in this gym,
you earned that name.
I didn't earn it!
I'm not my father.
I got something for you.
This is your father's medal.
He won his second
Friday Night Fight.
He lost his first fight
just like you did.
If you come back, you're gonna
win your second fight too.
Still think you
don't have anything
in common with
your father?
Oh, stop it now. Come on,
oh, now. No cryin' in my gym.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now, look here.
Give me this cane,
and give me
this Sunday best,
and let's get
back to work, okay?
-We're going back to work.
-No, I can't.
Yes, you can.
Now, come on, Bobcat.
Let's get back to work.
Let's go! You can do it.
Let's go.
-Hit it!
Hit it!
Come on, Bobcat.
You got it.
Come on.
Hit it!
There you go.
Gimme a combo.
There you go.
Hit it!
Come on, Bobcat!
Good job.
Okay, okay, okay.
I know that hurt, now.
I'm sorry.
But look.
Look at me.
One day at a time.
That's all you can do.
That's all any of us can do.
You still
feel dead inside?
-Hell no.
-That's what I'm talkin' about.
Head up strong.
Eyes open!
Hit it.
Hit it!
There you go.
Gimme a combo.
There you go.
Hit it harder!
There you go.
You gotta want it.
Feel it.