Bodom (2016) Movie Script

In the summer of 1960 shocked the nation
of the brutal murders at the Lake Bodom.
Four teenagers were attacked while they slept in their tents.
The killer is still free.
Over the years numerous theories arose about Bodom mystery
and about what really happened that fateful night.
This film is inspired by these stories.
They are coming. - Both?
You're not kidding me? - No.
Do you have them with you?
These are too big.
They are too big! - It's my mother you're talking about.
But wait.
What are you doing? - Check this out.
It is the same stitch.
Imagine Lda in this.
Yes, Lda? - Can I go out?
Nora is a good girl.
She is a prostitute.
Have you already forgotten everything?
The entire family will be ashamed of the girl.
LDA Mary, sit down.
I am not a dog.
What did you say?
I am not a dog.
Let her go.
You can go.
Place where.
Take care of mom.
What do you ax? - For your mom.
In order to make her more beautiful. Give it to me.
Then you need a bigger ax.
So true.
I do not know how you convinced them. A reconstruction?
Say it. But we both get what we want.
They are here now.
Are you quite sure?
Of course.
We got the agreement.
Did you hear?
Lda, you have not been anywhere for half a year.
You have been invisible.
What happened to you was terrible.
But together we are stronger. Right?
This weekend we'll forget all that shit.
This is your fresh start.
God, how beautiful you are.
You just need a little makeup. - But they're waiting for us.
I heard that Nora's father killed himself in the basement.
He hanged himself. Think.
Leave it to talk like that in front of them.
I mean it.
Now they will.
- HI
- Hi
Let me help.
Hey! I can help. - What a gentleman.
Have you told anyone about this? - Do you think we would be here in that case?
It lacks all the senses.
What then? That's how it is! - Everything is okay as long as you do not get caught?
No. We're talking about two completely different things.
Girls and boys. Love and sex.
How do you get those two things? - There are two couples.
Anyway guys have different needs than girls ...
Now you're on thin ice. - May I speak to the point?
The point is that guys need sex and girls need love.
The need is the same, but it turns out differently.
I actually think you have a point.
Guys should have other rules in relationships.
Laws of nature in its purest forms.
You do not look convinced. - No.
Why not? - Why?
Yes. - Because it's bullshit.
That a woman could not be complete without a man.
Or to have sex like a man.
So you want to have sex?
Do not you want love?
I'm changing teams. We get rid of male pigs.
Are the others already there?
A part. The rest comes tomorrow.
Hey! - What the hell have you told them?
How do you think I got them to come? Your charisma can not do everything.
Fucking idiot ...
Listen. - On what?
It is this way.
What is this place?
Elias, you had the ax.
We do not need to hurry. - The cabin is allowed to be good.
Fuck ...
Fuck your bags.
Why did we?
Here it is.
It must be here. - What then?
I'm not saying anything. - Where is the cottage?
There is no cabin.
Sit down, I'll explain.
What? You lied to us?
You, watch a little! - Download the branches yourself, then.
I remember this.
Young people were killed as they slept. Summer in 1960.
I did not know you were interested. - I am not.
It says so here.
But why are you guys so interested in the murder?
The killer is still free after all these years. Is not that enough?
How does it concern you? Do you get anything out of this stuff?
What is it with you fanatic? Must everything be about sex?
How about the truth?
Do you really believe that you can solve the case?
You play Sherlock or something.
We do a reconstruction. - A what?
I want to test one of my theories.
This is not possible without you and Nora.
We need someone who is as tall and as heavy as you.
This gets you two to test themselves.
What are you doing. - Tighten.
What a fucking waste.
What should we do?
What time is it?
The forty-eight, how so?
Okay, that's enough. - For what?
Here. - Where did you get it?
Make sure that the girls smoke enough. You take it easy.
Party Time!
It was damn time!
LDA here. - She does not.
Is everything ready, Atte? - Really soon.
Come on. You promised we'd go swimming together.
Clear. We should probably get started.
No, damn it. - I can swim with you.
If you ask nicely. - I mean it. We begin.
Would you like to swim? - We do not have many hours left.
I can swim with you.
Can we get started? - We do not begin with something!
Go to sleep! - The water is ice cold.
Lda, you can help so we can start?
So damn cold!
I'm serious. - Yes, yes, Atte. Understood.
Fy, what they are here reeks.
They are the kind fifty years old.
Nothing in that they stink.
What do you think really happened here?
You dragged us out here because you have somebody theory.
Contrary to what people think,
I believe that the killer was an outsider.
Someone with the skills needed.
It is not easy to surprise four people.
And defeating them, while they are fighting for their lives.
Maybe he followed them all day.
Listened to how they amused themselves.
And decided to end it.
He knew exactly what he did.
He had the patience to wait for the right moment.
For the attack.
He knew the forest as their own pockets.
As an open-air type brownie, hunters or so?
-Yes, I believe.
We will find out. Perhaps he is still here.
Maybe he's still alive he was young at the time.
Thank you, there for the night sleep.
What if he was watching us. - Atte, ids not.
I mean it. - If he saw our tent.
And us at the campfire.
What would he think, Is? - I give a damn about it.
I go to bed.
Good night.
I am coming too.
Nora, you do not. - Do not interfere.
What did you mean when you said really
that for us fanatics, it's all about sex?
I do not know. I just babbled.
I have no right to judge anyone.
No, but you're right. So it has at least begun to be felt.
At home, you know.
What happened to you was terrible.
Those images.
I can not imagine how it feels.
But who would want to shoot me on the sly?
But you've done well. - Made it?
I have not been able to go anywhere after that.
You're here now.
Because you lied to us.
Do you think we dare go there clean?
I extinguish the fire first.
I thought that no one else is here.
I thought I saw a light.
Over there? There is probably no one here.
Should we? - I'll just wash me first.
Sorry! I would just draw water.
You do not like me.
You do not think that I'm here for you?
Everything all right? - Yes.
Did you Elijah?
"What ...?"
-What is it?
-What is it?
There is someone out there. - No it's not.
Where are you going? - I'm looking for.
Do not go! - Calm down, I'm coming soon.
Elias! - He just fiddling.
I'm disappointed in you. Especially you, Atte.
Very funny.
Where are you going? - I need to pee. Thanks only.
Sorry. I could not resist.
You, should I go with?
As security. - After what you just did?
Elias does not take when he gets the hill.
Are there any guys who make?
It's something I have to tell you.
This applies to images.
-What is it?
I do not know with certainty ...
Do you know who took them?
Atte? - It is not so simple.
Who took them?
You have to tell.
What the hell?
You succeeded.
Atte, it's not fun.
They are trying to scare us again. They dragged hit a branch.
Come, we'll give back.
Come then! - No.
I can not stand that stuff.
When we play dead. - I hate that stuff.
Stop it !
Stop it !
It's not funny.
Nora! - Lda!
Relax, it's only me.
That's me. They joke with us.
Trying to give back.
What the hell happened?
I do not know. He had a knife. - Who?
Atte was right. It was he! - What the hell?
Who? - We need a stretcher.
What are you talking about? - It was he.
Who? - Help me, damn it.
Come help!
What should we do?
I'm so sorry.
Do not give up.
Atte, we will not leave you.
He comes back, go!
Go away!
-Get lost!
Damn! We should not have left Atte. I should have stayed with him.
We can not drive.
Did you hear?
Ouch, Satan!
What happened? - Do not touch me.
Can you go? We carry you.
Let's go.
It does not work.
We try some. We bothered enough.
Keep only.
No. You can not do it.
Nora, we carry you. - No, you'll get help.
Are you sure?
Take this.
Haste ye back!
Wait! Lda, wait.
This way!
We're back here.
I was sure. We are lost! - Shut up.
Damn! - Shut the fuck up!
I will fix it.
We find the car.
But do not be nervous. Okay? - Okay.
Atte's probably dead by now.
Do not say so.
We were not very good friends.
I thought you were best friends.
Maybe, according to him.
I thought he was fucking irritating.
But you liked him. - What do you mean?
You sat by the fire all night. - And?
Nothing. We'll have to speculate?
Why did you come here?
"What ...?"
I have my reasons.
Yes, hard to guess what.
We did nothing.
If you think I and Nora ... - Whatever.
Lda, wait!
I lied. - About what?
About why I came here.
I wanted to talk to you.
Without Nora or another.
About what?
If the images on you.
What is it with the pictures? - Have you seen them?
Fuck you.
There are no nude pictures!
"What ...?"
I tried to find them. And I know if someone should have succeeded.
Then I realized Atte thing. There are no naked pictures of you.
When word got told everyone at school that they had seen the pictures. Except you.
But it was all bullshit.
Somebody messing with you. Someone wants to hurt you.
Everyone has seen the pictures.
What? - Why would I lie?
Because you're a guy.
Okay, but think about it: you go out to a party,
and have someone take pictures of you. Undresses you and share images.
You ought to have come across the images.
Police. Your family. Someone should have seen them.
Nora saw them.
Just! And yet I'm the one who needs to apologize.
You do not have to.
Do you think actually that we believed in you?
The fact that we came out here to party in a cabin?
You should not brag so loudly.
I do not know what you're thinking
but I'm here for you.
I promise. When we come here
I will indemnify everything.
It is too late.
Do not say so. You do not know.
You know what?
My heart ... It bolts just for you.
So yes, honey. Now it is done.
But we must hurry. We're slow.
The watches.
Three, two, one.
Did you get?
Lda, you got it? - Sorry.
And the coveralls.
Next time we butchering them.
Clear. - Not until we wake up with us.
Three hours and 26 minutes to breakfast.
We empty the camp, go to town and driving the car into the lake.
Then we are free. - Can we?
We have time. - Thanks.
You have thought of everything.
Now comes the tricky.
You are a good driver. Remember clutch.
What? - Damn!
The keys.
Elias has car keys.
You can do it.
Just continue.
That is where.
Did you get them? - I can not do it.
Do not say so! You are the school's masters.
I'm coming up. - No. I will not let you come up.
I do not see anything down there. - Do you understand,
if they find the car, they'll find us. It's the only connection.
When they win.
Two hours, twenty minutes for breakfast.
Please, I beg you. You can do it.
I'm serious. You can do it.
lda! Did you get them? You got them!
Then we draw from here!
Nora ...
We have time enough.
It is a few hours to sunrise.
It's not that.
Elias said anything.
Well, he is talking no more.
What did he say?
It's probably bullshit. - But it gnaws?
Well, tell me then.
He said that...
... There are no pictures.
And you believed him? - Of course not.
But it gnaws.
I saw the pictures.
They were terrible.
I mean, why else would I help my best friend?
Sorry. It has happened so much.
I get it. It is okay. Much has happened with me.
But now you are free.
And me too.
How did they look?
The images?
I've told you a million times.
But, so where exactly.
Have not we talked about this?
It is better that you not know.
You would not palletizing, believe me.
lds not.
The guys got what they deserved.
And we can be as before. Just the two of us, okay?
Fast ... We can not meet anymore.
Are you serious?
Think about it. Nothing else connects us to them.
Fan in hell.
You're a fucking kid.
Now we have even more reason to be friends.
But we are not just friends.
Or, you're not. - What did you just?
Make sure you mean it.
You are so fucking ingrate!
Who wanted to kill them? You or I?
You! Who helped you if not me?
Think about it!
Damn! You do not even know how much I've done for you!
Your parents are so fucking right. You are so totally unnecessary.
If you really love me will tell you.
There were some pictures, or did you find it?
Do you think it was easy to constantly listen to your nagging about Elias?
I realized that I would lose you to him.
He was the only one you were talking about.
I realized that I would lose you.
Then I came upon it.
How I would dislodge you from Elias.
Get detach yourself from him.
I realized that I would lose you.
I would lose you.
For real.
It was so simple.
It took just a few drinks.
And a little ugly reputation.
Suddenly everyone was talking about your nude photos.
Said they had seen them.
Said they had seen the pictures.
Said they had seen them.
The pictures that do not even exist.
I just needed a scapegoat ...
And from that moment ...
... You were once mine.
But people can be nasty.
When you said it.
The three most beautiful words.
They should die.
It needed only a suitable opportunity.
It took only a moment.
Best of all, they thought they cheated us.
I believed in you. - It's always been your weakness.
When we get home I'm going to tell everything.
I was afraid you'd say that.
Do not start bellowing. You deserved it.
- "Let me go!"
I'll kill you!
-Don't touch me!
Hey, wake up!
Lda, are you okay?
Lda, can you hear me?
LDA wake.
Is everything okay?
Can you turn the light off?
You were lucky.
LDA wake.
Did you see him?
What are you doing? - He saw us. And the car.
As previously. You distract him and I hit from behind.
I do not want anymore.
Give me your knife. I packed my things. - What knife?
What did you use to kill Atte? - What?
It was you who killed him?
We jump out!
Nora! Are you okay? - Yes.
It does not go up!
l backseat!
Lda, jump!
Do it!
He is coming.
He is coming.
Let's go.
Damn. Can you move on you?
No. - Not at all?
No. I'm not leaving you.
Go. - No.
You must survive.
No one believed her.
Of course the police searched Bodom, was looking for a giant with a dog.
But they never found anything.
Why had they found something?
All knew that the giant is.
There was just a crazy girl.
She could not admit even to herself what she had done.
And I think it was that destroyed her at last.
Here it is.