Body (2015) Movie Script

Redfield County 911.
What is your emergency?
Ma'am? Ma'am?
Please calm down, ma'am.
What is your current address?
It's the big house.
It's the big house on Deerfield Lane.
Ma'am? Ma'am? Is anyone else injured?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, there's blood everywhere.
Please send someone.
Ma'am, we have paramedics
on the way to you now.
They can't be dead. They can't be dead.
- Please send someone right now.
- Stay calm. Don't worry.
- You're gonna be fine.
- Oh, my God.
Everything is gonna be fine.
Okay? Stay with me.
Please, I'm so scared.
Please, please send...
Everything's gonna be fine.
# God rest ye merry, gentlemen ##
18 points, bitches.
Ugh! What a disgusting waste
of a triple word.
Whatever. I should get, like, extra points
'cause it has to do with the holiday.
What does that have to do with Christmas?
Christmas is about Jesus.
Satin is the opposite of Jesus.
So, I don't know, maybe it's not, like,
super relevant, but it's still religious.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- My God, you can't be serious.
- What?
- I can't.
- I can't... I can't even...
- What?
That's satin, you retard.
- Satan is with an "A."
- Well, whatever. It's satin then.
Yeah. Mm...
I don't know. I don't think
that should count for you.
Fuck off. You have, like, 30,000 points.
I don't know if you
should get those points.
Josh, please mediate.
Uh, I don't know.
Come on, Josh. I need you.
Yeah, sure. She should get the points.
Whatever. He doesn't know.
He's over there looking at porn.
Okay, ladies, this is the last of it.
- Why don't you polish it off?
- Dad, we're stuffed.
You know what, I'm providing lodging.
Think of this as rent. Eat.
Mr. Greenberg, I swear, if I eat anything
else, I'm gonna puke all over your carpet.
All right, you know what, I'll keep it there
just in case you get the munchies later.
Oh, Holly, can you talk to your dad?
I was thinking maybe the two
of us were gonna play golf soon.
Oh, yeah. He did... Yeah, he was...
He wants to do that, for sure.
There's, uh, you know, the election,
and it's just... he's so busy.
Busy. He's busy. Sure, I understand.
Dad, he doesn't want
to be your friend. Get over it.
Come on, who doesn't want to be my friend?
Yeah, you're awesome, Mr. G.
Don't you listen to that shit.
Thank you, Cali.
And listen, you know, tell your dad
he's making a big mistake
with that Patterson-McCarthy bill.
I mean, if he wants to drive
all the banking business out of...
Dad, please leave.
- Okay, okay, I'm done.
- Ooh.
Oh, hey, Mr. Greenberg,
you want in on this game?
You know, I'd love to, but Jeannie
had a little too much eggnog before.
I got to watch her. Next thing you know,
she's gonna be knocking over a lamp.
Well, maybe you'll get lucky tonight.
Fingers crossed.
Good night, ladies.
Okay, I'm tired of this shit.
Let's, uh... Let's smoke.
Come on.
- What are you doing?
- Is it cool if I come?
No, Josh, absolutely not.
These are drugs, Josh.
You don't want drugs.
Josh, you get back inside now.
You get. Get. No.
# From God our Heavenly Father #
# A blessed angel came #
# And unto certain shepherds ##
What kind of weed is this?
What kind of weed is this?
What kind of question is that?
What are you, some kind
of weed connoisseur now?
- You know all types of weed?
- Be nice, Mel.
I needed this so bad.
I'm, like, so full.
I feel like I'm gonna burst.
- Hey. What's up?
- Nothing really.
I'm just watching TV.
You ladies staying out of trouble?
Oh, yeah, you know us, just
wrapping presents for the orphans.
Well, yeah, I figured.
What else would you be doing?
Mel's family is so funny.
They're Jewish, but they like Christmas
more than anyone I know.
Well, yeah, Christmas is fucking awesome.
But what are you guys actually doing?
- We smoked a little.
- Nice.
Probably gonna watch some TV, go to bed.
I might have one more slice of pie
before that, though.
I miss you.
Yeah, I miss you too.
So, Josh gosh b'gosh,
what's the lady situation?
You pimping all over the world?
You got your hos in different area codes?
Yeah, I'm talking to a couple girls.
What? Are you serious?
Are you having sex with any of them?
Oh, my God, Cali, you're like
a fucking level seven sex offender
that needs to be locked away in a cage,
far away from young boys.
Melissa, do you think I want to
really fuck your little brother?
Like, that could never happen.
Hey, Josh, what would you do
if I asked you to fuck me right now?
See? He'd, like, die.
Uh-huh, just as I thought.
- It was him, wasn't it?
- Who?
Don't play dumb with me, you slut.
Well, it's none of your business,
but yeah, it was Ben.
Mm, Ben. It was Ben.
Fucking Ben.
What, did he read you poetry again?
What... What are you girls doing awake?
What are you doing?
Are you girls smoking pot
with your little brother?
- Mom.
- You're smoking weed?
You're smoking weed
with your little brother.
What are you girls...
No, you girls can't smoke...
You look so beautiful tonight.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Melissa...
I wish you were my mother.
- Go to bed!
- We are going to bed.
- Now!
- We love you.
Are you guys hungry?
# My mind is telling me no #
# But my body,
my body is telling me yes ##
Mmm, it's so good.
Okay, that's it.
I can't eat anymore. I'll die.
- I'm going to bed.
- No, it's so early.
I don't care how tired you are.
You're not going to bed.
Here, have a pigs in a blanket.
It's infused with energy and vitamins.
No, I'm, like, already
falling asleep right here.
Guys, this is pathetic.
We are not old people. We are not old.
We should not be eating ourselves
to sleep on a Friday night.
But... I don't really want to get up.
And, like, it's so cold outside.
And if we go out now, it's gonna
be so late when we get back.
That is the most boring string of words
you've ever put together.
Guys, we are young.
We should be living our lives.
We've got at least ten more years
before we've got to start caring about
our jobs, getting married, getting cats.
Come on, let's not go to sleep
at 9:30 on a Friday night.
We're going out. Mel, put down the food.
- But it's so good.
- No. Put it down... food.
Where would we even want to go?
Nothing is open for the holidays.
Are there any bars open?
I have something in mind.
I'm a great big fat person now.
Wait, guys, are we seriously...
Get your ass in the car, bitch.
I ain't telling you again.
I'm telling you guys,
this place is fucking sick.
You're sure your uncle doesn't care?
Oh, yeah. No, he's totally cool.
He loves me.
This isn't a big deal, I promise.
Well, how much further?
Because I have to pee.
We're close.
How weird. Someone's calling Holly.
What the hell?
- Who could that possibly be?
- Hello? Hey.
No, yeah, actually, I'm going
to Cali's uncle's house now.
It's supposed to be this big mansion.
And I guess no one's home,
so I think we're gonna, like, crash there.
What if I came over there?
Yeah, let me... let me ask.
- Are you serious?
- Can he?
Yeah, I guess that's fine.
Yeah, it's cool.
I'll text you the address.
- Okay, see you then. Bye.
- Adios.
- Holly!
- What?
- Dude, you can't fucking do that.
- Why? What's the big deal?
You just invited a guy
to our girls' night.
- I asked.
- What am I supposed to say, no?
- He's right there on the phone.
- Okay, what do you want me to do?
You want me to call him
and tell him he can't come?
No, absolutely not 'cause
then I'll look like a huge fucking bitch.
Okay, then what?
Let's just forget it.
Whatever, you don't understand.
Whatever, it's fine.
Let's just have a good time.
Geez, I'm sorry.
I just wish that maybe you
would've thought...
What is that?
- What is that?
- Holy shit.
Should we, like, help him?
No, someone else will come by.
- I'm just gonna say hi.
- Cali, I'm serious.
- What if he's cute?
- Oh, shut up. Just keep going.
No, Cali, go!
# Like a Kennedy, Kennedy #
Freak out much?
I'm sorry. I just got scared.
Well, yeah. She's right though.
I mean, what were you doing?
There was a guy
who looked like he needed help.
I was stopping to help the guy.
Oh, and what are you gonna do,
change his tire?
What are you so afraid of?
Oh, I don't know, maybe brutal murder.
Oh, my God. You guys
are such fucking pussies.
Oh, God. Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry we didn't want
to pick up a creepy beard man
and, you know, drive him home.
And what if that creepy beard man
is my future husband,
and I will never see him again
because of you?
You ready for this, guys?
- Oh, my God.
- Wow.
Oh. What the fuck?
- I know.
- Yeah, right?
And I'm in the will
so be nice to me, bitches.
Oh, wow. This is insane.
Party time.
Thank you, Cali, for dropping me off
- on this lovely ice over here.
- You're welcome!
Are you sure they're not home?
I mean, all their cars are here.
Oh, yeah. They have, like, 40 cars.
Those are just the beaters they take out
when they want to look like poor people.
Huh. That's weird.
He usually leaves a spare.
Well, why don't you just call him?
Maybe he left it somewhere new.
No, I don't really
want to bother him, you know?
All right.
Oh, my God.
Pretty classy, right?
Uh, the Scrabble, it followed us.
Wow. This is unbelievable.
Well, just you guys wait.
You ain't seen shit.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Boom. Mm.
Holy fuck.
What does your uncle do?
I think he's, like,
a hedge fund person or something.
What is a hedge fund?
I don't know, but I want one.
Have you ever driven one of these?
What, are you kidding?
I've, like, driven all of them.
What was it like?
You hit the gas,
and it goes so fast so quickly
that your body's pushed up
against the seat,
and everything
you have squishes backwards.
And then the whole thing starts
to vibrate, and you're just, like, flying.
I need that.
You guys want to go for a ride?
Dude, we're wasted.
I'm not crashing one of these cars.
I didn't say these cars.
Oh, my God, oh, my God!
- Look, Ma, no hands.
- Stop!
Hey, how do you stop?
It's so beautiful.
- Mel!
- Suck my dick.
- Suck my dick, just a little bit.
- Seriously?
- There you go.
- That's not funny!
- Holly!
- Okay, I'll do it, I'll do it.
Oh, there we go.
Ooh, yeah, right there. Right there.
- All right.
- Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
Fix my bangs. Will you fix my bangs?
You guys, it is officially Christmas Eve.
Oh? Aww.
It's Christmas, it's Christmas.
Guys, it's God's birthday.
- Happy birthday, God.
- Happy birthday, God.
- Happy birthday, JC.
- Happy birthday, God!
Aah! Ha ha ha!
# God rest ye #
- # Merry gentlemen #
- Oh, my God, here we go.
- Seriously?
- # Let nothing ye dismay #
# Remember Christ our Savior #
# Was born on Christmas day #
# He had a Jesus penis #
# It was long and nice and red #
- # Oh, tidings of comfort #
- # And joy #
# Comfort and joy #
# Bring us tidings of comfort #
# And joy #
- I won. You totally cheated.
- Are you kidding me?
- I'm still going.
- Come here, girl.
Give me head.
Give me head, just a little bit.
You're on a rampage.
Nice shot.
Nice shooting, Tex.
That's a perfect round.
- Beat that.
- All right.
Why does that not...
Why doesn't that count?
It's a cow.
All right.
Look, you're a lover, not a hunter.
Not everyone has that fire inside.
All right, I got to pee.
Where's the bathroom?
Right, I'll find it.
- Well, I'm a hunter and a lover.
- Yeah, girl.
That's too bad.
Oh. Damn it.
I like... I like her.
I'm cool with her.
- Hey, Cali?
- 'Sup, ho?
Why are all the photos
in here of Asian people?
Cousins. Extended family.
But you're not Asian.
What? My uncle is. He's adopted.
- Really?
- Yeah.
My grandparents adopted him... from Asia.
You're fucking lying, aren't you?
Okay. The jig is up.
Uh, what jig?
This isn't my uncle's house.
Jesus, Cali.
Well, then whose is it?
It's this family I used to babysit for.
They're, like, super loaded, obviously.
They go away every year
for Christmas for, like, two months.
Are you fucking kidding me, Cali?
We have been drinking all of their liquor
and we're wearing all of their clothes.
And we broke into their house.
Guys, whatever. It's not a big deal.
They're super mellow.
We'll just put everything back
when we're done.
No way. We're leaving right now.
- But just...
- Hey, who's here?
- What the fuck was that?
- Fuck. Um...
- Come on, now.
- Hide.
- Who the fuck was that?
- I don't know.
Do you think that guy
with the beard followed us here?
- Hey. Who's in here?
- Shit.
- I thought you said they were gone.
- They are. I don't know who this is.
- Well, what the fuck do you want us to do?
- I see your purses.
Run. Let's just run.
When he gets close, we'll run,
we'll grab our shit,
get the fuck out of here.
- I don't know.
- Go.
- Hey!
- Sorry, dude.
- Hey, hey!
- Let go.
I got you. Take it... Aah!
- Oh, my God.
- Who...
Who is it?
I have no idea.
I've never seen him before.
He... his neck.
What happened?
He grabbed us, and I pushed him.
Let's just go. Let's go.
Wait a second.
He's not breathing.
I'm... I'm gonna call an ambulance.
You can't.
Why? We have to do something.
- What, do you want to go to fucking jail?
- Why? It was an accident.
Holly, we were trespassing.
I don't think it matters.
Because of you, because you
said it was okay to be here.
I'm not the one that pushed him
down the fucking stairs.
That's not what happened.
So you didn't push him down the stairs?
I did. I... I didn't know.
I didn't... Fuck. Fu...
I didn't...
- No, I didn't. I didn't.
- You're okay.
It's not your fault. It wasn't your fault.
You didn't mean for this to happen.
It is, it is.
Holly, breathe. Holly, breathe. Breathe.
It's okay. It's okay. Shh.
It's okay.
- Please, let's just go. I want to go.
- I told you, we can't.
I know, but I...
They'll know we were here.
Like, our fingerprints, right?
They must be everywhere.
Exactly. That's why we don't have a choice.
I have to call the cops.
Wait. Stop.
Just... Let me think.
- Fuck.
- Cali, what are we doing?
We can talk about it all day,
but it's not gonna change anything.
Wait, why not?
I don't get...
Wait, just think about it.
He's dead, right?
So he can't really tell his side
of the story, can he?
Like, like, anything
could've led up to this.
I know, but we still broke into the house.
Yeah, okay, right.
So we broke into the house.
Big deal. It's harmless.
We were just messing around.
But what if he, like...
Like, what if he attacked us or something?
Like, doesn't that change everything
if it was self-defense?
- But he didn't.
- No. God, I know he didn't,
but what I'm saying
is that we say he did. Okay?
As soon as he realized that we were
in here, he attacks one of us.
But what if he's supposed to be here?
He attacked the intruders, you know?
No. No, I told you.
That guy does not live here.
Yeah, but he's obviously a neighbor or
someone who knows that we don't live here,
so I don't think that changes
what Mel was saying.
Okay, yeah, right.
Okay, so it's got to be, like...
It's just got to be worse.
It's got to be...
It's got to be more.
He raped one of us.
He tried to rape one of us.
That's... I can't... I don't.
No, look. Look.
Okay, so he knew we broke in, right?
And as soon as he realized
it was just girls,
he thought he could totally
get away with it because...
I mean, we would never say anything
'cause we... we were trespassing, right?
It's our word versus his, and he's...
you know.
We can't just accuse a random guy
of doing that. It'll...
It'll what, Holly, ruin his life?
Look, I'm not gonna defend this idea.
It's a shitty thing to do.
It's the worst thing in the fucking world.
We'll never forget it,
we'll never live it down,
and it's gonna follow us
the rest of our lives.
But we don't have any other move.
It's either this or jail.
I can't. It's not... It's not right.
Right. It's not right.
I don't even know what that means.
This is a matter
of life and death for us, okay?
And not just our lives,
our parents, our families.
You think your dad is gonna
get reelected after this?
His career is over, and you know it.
I'm gonna get kicked out of law school.
And my mom's gonna kill herself.
I mean, this is the responsible thing
to do if you think about it.
At least this way, we just take
the burden on ourselves, you know?
We're the only ones that know the truth,
and we're the only ones
that'll get fucked up by it.
If we go the other way,
we take everyone else down with us.
Okay. We'll say that we came in.
I knew the house from babysitting.
We were bored. We knew it would be empty.
We came in, drank a little bit,
played around. All harmless stuff.
Then that guy, I guess,
saw lights from the street.
Or maybe he was following
us all night... doesn't matter.
We didn't know his motives.
But he came inside, and he saw us.
And he, like, flew into a horny rage or
whatever, and he tried to rape one of us.
But then they struggled and pushed back,
and he fell down the stairs,
broke his neck, like what really happened.
No blood on our hands. Right?
So who's the victim?
Closest to "A."
All right.
So what do we do?
Well, he was trying to rape you,
so maybe he ripped your shirt.
Should I just do it?
Yeah, just a little bit.
Like that?
Here, let me give it a try.
Jesus, Cali.
- Are you all right, Holl?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
How many are you gonna take?
I mean, like, ideally, it would be a clump,
but I'll just do a couple, okay?
- Ow, fuck.
- Sorry.
And I will wrap it around his fingers.
Okay, um...
Hey, what about skin?
I feel like I've seen that on TV.
Like, like, skin under the nails?
I mean, yeah,
the more evidence the better.
If we're gonna do this,
we have to do it right.
- Okay.
- Move in closer.
Let's take a look.
I think that looks pretty convincing.
Looks good.
You ready?
I... I just...
I know, I know. It's...
It's really hard.
But we're so close.
We're almost finished.
Thank you.
Did you do it?
You sure you got enough?
You guys ready?
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Holly.
He just fell on the...
From the stairs. I don't know what to do.
Oh, my God. You were just standing there.
You didn't do anything.
He was just laying there,
and he was just completely dead.
I didn't know what to do.
You looked so scared.
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Wait, stop.
What was that?
What is what?
What happened?
I can't feel my legs.
you fell down the stairs.
Did you... Did you call an ambulance?
Is someone coming to help me?
I can't breathe. Please. Please help me.
- What the hell do we do?
- I don't know. I don't know.
I can't.
Wh... What...
What do you want with me?
Um, we have to go talk in the other room.
What were you doing with my hand?
Please, I don't know what this is.
I need an ambulance right now.
can't wait.
Who are you?
My name is Arthur.
I'm the groundskeeper.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I grabbed you before.
take my phone.
Take my phone and call 911.
I won't tell what happened here.
I'll never tell a soul.
On my word.
Wait, please, please, please, please.
You can't leave me here.
Let's just do it. Let's go
and hope he doesn't say anything.
What, are you fucking kidding me?
We have no reason to trust him.
He's seen our faces.
And he knows what you were doing.
He saw you with his hand.
How the hell didn't you see he was awake?
I don't know. He... He wasn't moving.
I believe him, Cali.
I don't think he's gonna
say anything. I trust him.
- I don't know why, but I do.
- Oh, that's great, Holly.
That's really fucking great
that you trust him, but I don't.
Well, what then? What are we gonna do?
We can't just sit here.
Why not?
Why don't we just, like,
wait for a little bit?
I mean, he's in really bad shape, right?
What if we just didn't help him?
Maybe everything would
just kind of work itself out.
It's the same thing as going in there
right now and killing him.
No. No, it's not, not really.
How is it not?
Look, we thought we killed him before,
and we were prepared to deal with it.
So what's the difference if he wakes up
for a couple minutes and then dies?
It's the exact same thing
as him falling down the stairs
and being alive for a couple seconds,
only it's, like, a little bit longer.
No, the difference is that now
we could do something about it.
We can call an ambulance and get him help.
Yeah, and what if he dies anyway?
You saw him in there. You heard his voice.
He's completely fucked.
We'll be totally screwing ourselves
if we call the ambulance,
and then he dies
before they even get here.
We get the worst of both worlds.
Look, we're already doing it.
No, no, of course not.
Well, actually, I don't want to say that.
Last summer, I didn't do
much other than see concerts.
But I mean, since then,
I haven't touched anything really.
I heard... I heard about the whole...
"Bald eagles, the US national bird,
makes some of the largest nests
in the animal kingdom.
They use the same nest year after year,
sometimes for decades,
constantly adding twigs, branches, moss,
feathers, and other nesting material.
One found in Florida in 1963 had
a weight of more than two tons,
a diameter of ten feet,
and was 20 feet deep."
I'm gonna go check on him.
He's still alive.
- Damn it.
- How long do we have to wait like this?
As long as it takes.
Well, what if it takes forever?
What if he's like this for days?
Then we'll figure it out. I don't know.
Who the fuck is that?
- Ben.
- Jesus Christ.
Well, we can't just leave him there
in plain sight. Let's go!
Guys, right here, behind the couch.
Pull, Mel.
Oh, my God.
Okay, let me just go talk to him.
I'm just gonna tell him to leave.
No way. You're all fucked up. I'll do it.
Well, what are you gonna say to him?
I have no idea,
but I will figure it out, okay?
Mel, you come with me. You stay here.
Yo, you guys in there?
Hey, Ben.
Hey. What's up?
Can I come in?
Sorry, no.
What? Come on, I'm freezing
my balls off out here. Let me in.
we know what you did.
What are you on right now? What did I do?
I should've stayed home tonight.
Just my luck.
I got kids.
I got two girls.
Please don't.
Look, Ben, Holly doesn't
want to see you right now. Sorry.
Why not? What are you talking about?
You're not saying anything.
We know you cheated on her.
All right, not funny anymore.
- I'm coming in. Where is she?
- Hey, look, it's not okay.
You can't... Sorry, you got to go.
Bullshit. I won't.
- She knows I wouldn't do that.
- Get the fuck out of here, Ben.
You're being a psycho. Jesus.
What? I'm gonna call the cops.
- Go ahead.
- Ben!
You got to help me.
I'm dying.
I didn't want any of this.
We were just fucking around.
It's Cali's fault.
- I was just...
- It's okay. It's okay.
I won't tell. I won't tell.
I mean, people make mistakes.
I forgive you, okay?
I forgive you.
You got to let me go.
I won't tell a soul.
I swear to fucking God!
Don't, don't, don't.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
I need you to be quiet, okay?
I want to help you, but I...
You just need to be quiet, okay?
Help, help.
What the fuck is going on right now?
Open the door, Holly.
Go away. Just go.
What the hell was Cali talking about?
Do you seriously think
I would cheat on you?
I don't want any of this right now.
Please, just go.
Are you kidding me?
I just drove 45 minutes.
I'm not going anywhere until we talk.
I'm sorry I'm yelling so much.
I just honestly don't know
where any of this is coming from.
I love you.
You know I would never do
anything like that.
if you love me, you'll leave... right now.
All right.
I'll go.
Bye, Holly.
Such bullshit.
Bye-bye, Romeo.
What the fuck was that?
- Was that you?
- No.
You little shit.
He said he's not gonna tell anyone.
What are you, fucking stupid?
You actually trust him?
After that shit he just pulled?
He is just trying to save his own ass.
We have to do something.
Cali, we're talking about killing someone.
We thought he was dead, Holly.
We all thought he was dead.
We thought we killed him.
So what's the difference?
I'll do it.
I'm ready to do it. Let's just...
You guys stay here, and you can just
pretend like none of this ever happened.
It's not the same thing, Cali.
It's one thing
to kill someone accidentally,
but if we go in there now,
and if we do this, it's just different.
I can't believe I am fucking
explaining this again.
What exactly do you want to do,
Mel, just leave?
Do you actually think that will work?
Think about it.
There is absolutely no scenario
where we weren't in this house.
Even if he's telling the truth and doesn't
say anything, they'll know we were here.
There's no happy ending where we just
walk out of here and everything's fine.
Either we take action,
or we turn ourselves in.
Then we turn ourselves in.
We're not gonna do that.
I am not gonna do that.
Well, it's not your decision.
There's three of us,
and I say we don't kill him.
I say we do.
Come on, Mel, don't throw this all away.
I'm sorry.
I can't... I can't kill someone
in cold blood, not like this.
I just can't do it.
I just can't.
But I don't think either of you realize
what this is gonna do to us.
- So what do we do?
- Call the police, I guess.
We're gonna tell the truth?
- Yeah.
- The entire truth?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Let me just go get my phone,
and we'll all do it together.
I can't...
I can't believe
we were just at your house.
I know exactly what you mean.
I can just picture us in my living room
with my brother and my dad.
And his sunglasses.
Why the hell does he wear
those things all the time?
It's because he still smokes all the time.
He thinks nobody knows,
so he doesn't anyone
to see how stoned he is.
But there's nothing more conspicuous
than those fucking sunglasses.
It's true.
Is that you?
Then what...
Oh, my God.
Cali. Oh, my God.
Cali! Cali, open the door!
Open the door!
Cali! You don't have to do this!
You don't have to don't do this, Cali!
Cali! Cali, don't do this!
Cali! Cali!
Open the door! Please, Cali!
Please open it!
Don't do it!
Cali! Please!
Cali! Open the door!
You're a murderer.
At least I can admit it.
You said you couldn't do it, so I did.
I did what needed to be done.
None of this needed to be done.
We could've walked away.
We could've turned ourselves in.
We could've stayed at Mel's house
and watched a fucking movie!
Well, we didn't!
So now we're here and so is he.
What was it like?
Him dying.
Was it fast?
Yeah. It... It just sort of happened.
I put a pillow over his face.
He couldn't move.
He just stopped breathing.
It's like he went to sleep.
This doesn't change anything.
It only makes it worse.
This changes everything.
I just gave us a way out of this.
- It's back to the way it was.
- This is different, and you know it.
We put him at the bottom
of the stairs like before.
We call the cops. We tell the same story.
We said we weren't gonna kill him.
We voted.
Things changed.
It's time for a new vote.
I say we stick with the original plan,
don't go to jail.
I say we tell the truth, everything,
including you killing him.
Mel, please,
you know we can't get away with this.
If we tell the truth,
it won't be as bad for us
because she's the one
who fucking killed him.
That is bullshit, and you know it.
If we turn ourselves in, we're all fucked.
your life doesn't need
to be over right now.
He's gone.
We're still here.
That's all that matters.
He's really dead, isn't he?
I'm sorry, Holly.
I can't...
I can't throw it all away.
I can't.
Okay. So we're doing it.
Yeah, we are.
Fucking bitch!
Don't do it.
You guys, stop it!
- You think you can...
- Stop it!
Get the fuck off of me!
It's the same story,
just a little different.
We get to the house,
we fuck around for a minute.
Guy shows up, we freak.
Now here's where it changes.
He attacks Holly,
only not on the stairs this time,
in the sitting room.
So he's trying to rape her, but she gets away
for a second and knocks over the table.
So now she's on the ground.
He goes over to the table and then,
in the heat of the moment or whatever
he just starts bashing her over the head.
And that's where we come in
and we're like,
"That's our friend, you motherfucker."
So you attack him, and he drops
the thing, and I run in and grab it.
And before he can do
anything to you, I hit him.
And then I'm, like, in this
uncontrollable rage, you know?
So I just keep hitting him,
and I can't fucking stop, right?
And that's why his neck is so fucked up.
I just kept going.
"I don't know why I did it, sir.
I just saw my friend on the ground,
and I just saw that bastard,
and I just kept hitting him."
And that's how we get out of this.
You ready?
Please, please.
Piece of shit, come on.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Cali, don't.
I have to.
You're making me do this.
Fine, then do it.
Get off me!
You should've just kept
your fucking mouth shut!
Now, Mel, do it!
Fucking do it!
She was bad.
She was gonna kill me.
Mel, it's okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine, Mel.
Mel. Mel, look at me.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Look at me.
So what now?
I'll do whatever you want.
Well, neither one of us
have to go to jail, Mel.
It was Cali's fault.
She brought us here, she killed him,
and now she's gone.
And that's the justice here.
That's what's right.
Maybe she had a point, too, you know.
It doesn't... doesn't just affect us.
It's our families.
Maybe the right thing to do here is lie.
She's a hero.
# Silent night #
- That's the story.
- # Holy night #
He pulled me into the room,
and he started to attack me,
ripping my shirt,
shoving his hand into my pants.
# All is calm #
That's when Cali came in
and saw what was happening.
# All is bright #
She started hitting him and he...
he snapped the leg off of this table,
and he hit her in the head.
He hit her hard.
So then we both jumped on him,
and he dropped it, and we picked it up.
And you hit him first.
You stopped after that,
but I grabbed it from you and kept going.
# Infant so tender and mild #
I was angry.
After a minute, we looked down.
- Cali wasn't breathing.
- # Sleep in heavenly peace #
She was gone.
So she died saving me.
She was my best friend,
and she died for me.
# Sleep in heavenly peace #
- And that's when we carried 911.
- Ready?
# Silent night #
# Holy night #
# All is calm #
# All is bright #
# Round yon virgin #
# Mother and child #
# Holy infant #
# So tender and mild #
# Sleep #
# In heavenly #
# Peace #
# Sleep in heavenly #
# Peace #
# Silent night #
# Holy night #
# Shepherds quake #
# At the sight #
# Glories stream #
# From heaven above #
# Heavenly hosts #
# Sing "Hallelujah" #
# Christ the Savior #
# Is born #
# Christ the Savior #
# Is born ##