Body and Soul (1997) Movie Script

I want to fly.
Are you serious?
Yes. I want to fly like the swallows.
I want to float in the sky.
Aren't you happy with your life?
There is a strange flicker in my heart.
I want to master the world,
but I don't know where to start.
I can't be anything in this village.
I feel like a prisoner.
I want to change my life,
to broaden my horizons.
To see how others live,
to know them better.
The French, Italians...
I hope you understand me.
Have a good shift, Olga.
Yeah, whatever.
- See you.
- See you.
You're waiting for the weekend, right?
We are going to dance in that new
disco tonight.
You should come as well.
This place is amazing.
I'm having a great time, you?
Yes, I told you it was good.
- Look
- What happened?
Looks like they're looking for action.
They think they'll catch us by surprise
I don't know what West would do without us.
Hey! You two! If you're looking for
action, you're wasting your time.
Seems like you're looking for
something worth photographing.
Let's dance a little?
No. We were just there.
Look at that ass. It looks like tangerines.
Just like your sister's.
Was that supposed to be a compliment?
Excuse me. My name is Paul Verotek.
I'm a reporter for an Italian magazine.
Our new talent section discovers hidden
beauties and trains them as models.
Hi. My name is Ljuba.
Glad to meet you, Ljuba.
We are making a series about
Eastern European girls.
Can you speak a little bit about yourself?
Like about your future plans.
In this dump, what future plans can you have?
I want to get away from here.
I wish you good luck.
- Can I take your photo while dancing?
- Sure, why not?
Yes, what is it?
- Pardon me. Ljuba come here.
- Take her in.
Welcome to Italy.
So, you're our upcoming top model.
I have no doubt, you'll be popular.
-Francesca will take care of you.
Yes, she takes care of things here.
She'll take care of you too.
She'll show you how things work.
Can you take Ljuba to Francesca?
I'm sure you'll love it here.
We're making a calendar.
Your photos will be taken as well.
We'll put the best ones in this calendar.
- I don't believe it.
- Believe it, sweetheart. I'm telling the truth.
How do you like Rome?
I can't tell. I'm looking
forward to walking around.
I don't even know where to stay tonight.
- We'll place you with Masha.
- Masha?
Who's Masha?
See you later, slut.
Don't mind him. You know what,
men only understand one thing.
You'll treat them badly, so that
they won't expect anything
It's easier to do it to the
rich men, as you may know.
You'll act a little loose.
Really so sexy.
You know what? Men in Rome have a
real interesting taste in underwear.
Don't let this weird you out.
I'll teach you how to impress them.
The man in the suit is an
arms dealer and he's very rich.
The other one loves models.
They say he is very generous.
Loosen up and chill out, Ljuba.
I'm not sure about this.
Look at their faces. It's
obvious what they want.
It's true. You'll decide how far you'll go.
This is...
...he's a very charming man.
And this is my friend, Karl.
He's mad about me.
Nice to meet you, Karl.
Hi! It's a bigger pleasure for me.
Wouldn't you sit?
Did your friend talk about my plans with you?
To be honest, no.
Do you know why models attract me so much?
No, why?
Because I like the way they
exhibit the goods they have.
I'm starving.
Won't we order something?
I'll get lemon vodka and caviar.
It's a wonderful choice.
If you come to the hotel with me, I can show
you the goods I have. Would you?
Thank you. I already have everything I want.
I have no doubt about that.
I said, maybe we can share.
Excuse me,
I need to go to the bathroom.
What is it about caviar?
This is sublime.
It has a rare taste,
just like a sexual assault of a woman.
They don't say it for nothing:
"It has an aphrodisiac effect."
What do you think?
I don't know.
Aphrodite's favorite food.
I'm sorry.
Are they your friends?
Not the men.
It disgusts me.
Why don't we go?
My friend won't like it.
But what can I do? That dirty fatso
should pour his saliva into others.
- Let's go.
- Sure.
I'd be glad if you don't watch via the mirror.
Oh, by the way, my name is Boris.
And mine is Ljuba.
Victor didn't like this.
He wants to know where the stuff is.
I pity you.
Do you wanna see your face in the mirror?
You'll give us the stuff, buddy,
and we'll split it between us like nothing happened.
You'll play by the rules or...
No. No, don't harm me, please.
I don't want to die.
Why didn't you do the delivery?
I have a heart disease.
Then talk.
The stuff.
Who has it?
- The stuff.
- Who did you give it to, you scumbag?
Who has the stuff?
Don't waste your time. He's dead.
Damn it.
What are we going to do now?
We'll search the place.
I need to answer it.
It's not my problem.
Yes, alright.
I'm coming.
We made a great couple,
but my work awaits me.
I should drive you home.
That's not the end of the world.
I'll return anyhow.
I can't wait to spend another night like this.
I'll miss you.
We better leave.
Hey babe.
Is that all yours?
Fuck off.
Oh, my god! What happened, Masha?
Let' say you're right. They killed both of them.
But who did this?
Now, the most important thing
is to get rid of your ugly guest.
Why don't we call the police?
Do you want to be jailed for using cocaine?
They will put her in jail as well.
They will also accuse her of murder.
Let's call the police if you want.
We'll use my methods.
I hope you have an explanation.
Fucker died of fear before he could
tell us who he gave the stuff to.
We searched his girlfriend's house.
The bag is not there.
We searched his place as
well, and there is still nothing.
That's a serious setback for my country.
How can you trust these two idiots?
You should have dealt with it yourself, Victor.
We could have already had the uranium by now.
Calm down!
Karl died before he could reveal his partner.
But that fucker knows that we're after him,
and he's hiding for now.
We need a smarter hunter to hunt down
the smart prey.
He definitely won't be as lucky next time.
You've made fools of yourselves.
I'm sure you've heard the name Antonio Larosso?
Or Tony Zalenzo?
He'll take over the operation from now on.
Isn't he the mafia hitman?
Yes, exactly. Tony.
He's opening up to the world.
That's why I've called Tony.
He's the best.
Do you guarantee he'll finish the job?
I don't like giving guarantees.
Find someone else if you don't like it.
Our guy was together with one
of the girls from the agency.
I never saw a woman who can keep it shut.
We'll use her as bait.
I can introduce you two, if you want.
The potion of a lucky life.
Your friend seems like he's having fun.
Hey, Ljuba.
Isn't it a hard party?
What would you drink?
What's the problem?
All your fur is dissolved.
That's why you can't fly.
You fly then, smarty-pants!
I'm having fun!
That's a good party, right?
I'm sure you thought you'd get bored.
You're frowning like you missed your own funeral.
Come, I'll show you something.
You want to sleep with me, right?
Where are you going?
Where are you going, funeral face?
Did you fuck that bitch?
She's very good in bed.
Now it's your turn.
Learn what she knows.
It would be a waste of time.
She's sleeping with the man we're looking for.
Why is it a waste of time?
Do you want to hurt her? We can't get a word
out of her mouth unless we crack her face.
Let her go.
We can find him by following her.
All we need to do is to be patient, Peter.
You're not around for a week.
You were always in my mind, Ljuba.
I couldn't escape earlier.
By the way, I always thought of you.
I mean always.
I felt that.
I'm in trouble.
What trouble?
I'll send you somewhere.
I have a meeting with my partner. He'll
give me something very important.
It's impossible for me to go.
If you go for me...
Of course.
Industrial area...
Past the iron bridge...
You'll see a big, empty factory.
My friend will give you the documents there.
His name is Radek.
I'll go there.
Will we hide our relationship forever?
Be careful.
Be sure you're not being followed.
What if your friend doesn't show up?
You just go to the meeting place.
Leave the rest to me.
I'm Ljuba. Boris returned last night.
Everything is on the way.
I'm going to take something for him this morning.
Don't worry, it's not dangerous.
See you later. Bye.
You'll take the stairs on the right.
Be careful where you step.
Some of the steps are broken.
Are you Mr. Radek?
Yes. Hurry up a bit.
Take it.
Get in the car now.
- No, leave me
- Get in the car.
No, let me go.
Damn it.
Victor and Tony will get mad.
I would never want to be in her place.
Yes, I'm listening.
Okay, that's enough.
Leave her alone.
Wait outside.
We can't talk about quality for them.
Yes. Unfortunately, my men don't have
a lot of opportunities to have fun.
Where is he, bitch?
I don't even know him.
Tell me where he is.
C'mon, I know you'll lie.
I'm Ljuba. Boris returned last night.
Everything is on the way.
I'm going to take something for him this morning.
You're in trouble, bitch.
Where is he?
Come here, boys.
The bitch has fainted. Take her away.
The only thing that's saving you is your nice ass.
Yes. What do we have here?
What happened to you?
I need to leave Italy.
Can you help me?
I can't tell.
Get inside. You're safe here.
Sit down. Make yourself at home.
What kind of help do you want?
I need to get away from here.
It'll have a price.
Can you pay it?
I'll pay you your money.
You'll need this.
I want it right away, if possible.
It depends on how you'll treat me.
You're really amazing.
Take off your clothes.
An amazing body.
We'll do it on the billiards table. Walk!
One moment.
You can't go now. Wait.
Okay. I got it.
I'll give your money tomorrow, Tony.
Don't worry, bitch.
Nobody's going anywhere.
It's me, Ljuba.
Where are you, Ljuba?
I'm in big trouble, Misha.
I was afraid of that.
You were not around for two days.
I know. Listen, can you do a favour for me?
Yes. I'm listening.
I need money. As much as you can give.
I'll return as quick as I can.
Okay. Where should I take it?
Are you coming home?
Not important. Listen.
Tomorrow morning, in the zoo.
Is 10 am okay?
I'll be at the tigers' den.
Can you take something to eat too?
Okay. Let's meet at 10 tomorrow,
but where are you?
Pardon me. Where were we?
We're closed.
Open the door.
Who are you?
Tony, it's me. Who'd you think it was?
Great. You fooled me.
It was smart.
- Did you take my money?
- Yes.
You have a new name now.
Maria Rossi.
An ordinary name, an ordinary person...
We still have a lot of time.
You didn't tell me where you
want to go with this passport.
A country where you can
trade that stuff freely, I guess.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Let me tell you clearly then.
A plate that contains rich uranium. You've
taken it for someone called Boris, right?
And he stole it from someone called Victor?
Or didn't he even tell you?
All you want to do is to have me in bed.
So why do you keep playing with a gun?
I knew this.
That's why I didn't wear any underwear.
You bastard. Your friends have arrived.
You need this to fire.
You're a disgusting little reptile.
What are you after?
I want to make a deal.
We'll give you an option.
An option about the stuff you're after.
This is the deal.
We'll transport the stuff.
- What do you want in return?
- You'll leave us alone.
Boris finds this game boring.
We want to live a peaceful life.
No problem.
You have my word.
Do you think we're fools?
Everything I said depends on us.
We'll do it with Boris.
That's the only way you guarantee your life.
When is the delivery?
And where will it be?
You'll be the first one to know.
Stay by the phone.
Oh, by the way, Victor.
To be honest,
you're not at all bad in bed.
I've examined the sample.
Make the deal.
- But you said...
- Yes.
But nobody can tell me what to do...
...and get away with it.
What if there is a set-up?
Of course, we'll take precautions.
That depends on you, Victor.
One way or another,
Ljuba and Boris signed their death warrant.
Hello, it's me again.
Did you check the sample?
Yes, I've checked it.
We're waiting for you in the office.
I can't.
Then where?
In the abandoned factory next to the iron bridge.
8 am. We'll do the deal in person.
I know that.
Don't forget it. Bye.
To be honest, I've been waiting eagerly for you.
Probably you've got the stuff.
But I thought you understood my terms.
I only deal with you.
Take the men and wait outside. I'll deal with it.
- But you said...
- I don't want to be disturbed.
I know what belongs to me.
Now it's time to face the facts,
my stupid Ljuba.
The password was 'Pandora'.
Do you know the story of Pandora?
- Is it your wife?
- No.
She was a very curious girl.
Just like you, little dummy.
Because of her curiosity,
she opened a very special box
and unleashed the evil inside.
What a stupid thing.
Of course, this is a trap.
Just as I thought.
You little bitch.
You pretend to be smart, right?
First, you found a way to trick Tony.
Nobody tells me what to do.
You've made a deadly mistake, Ljuba.
But you were the fool here.
Because the police... going to arrest you.
Don't bluff.
The police can't ever touch me.
I have diplomatic immunity.
You disgusting...
You no longer have diplomatic immunity.
Where do you think you're going?
I don't usually shoot women.
I would do that as well.
Yes, I know.
Because your brain is stuck between your legs.
You're dead, little slut.
It's over now, Ljuba.