Body Count (1998) Movie Script

Now, where the
fuck is he?
Put it down,
Come on!
CHINO: Let's go!
Let's go!
Smooth fucking
Where were you,
So, what happened
out there, Pike?
You know what
happened in there, man?
You almost
put us in the joint.
That's what the fuck
happened in there,
Stop fighting!
It's stressing me out!
Oh yeah, maybe you should
do some deep breathing
get involved in
some yoga, huh?
You know, I should be
running this motherfucker,
the way things are going.
Chino, look at me.
Look at me!
Who grabbed
the paintings
off the wall?
Who shot the
security guards? Chino.
Whose judgment
was a little skewed?
Chino! And you think
you should be
in charge?
My fuckin' brother
happens to like
I'm sorry!
I apologize,
But it wasn't me
who fucked up, man!
They were
supposed to be
guarding those
fucking museum
And they didn't.
Weren't you
supposed to be
watching the
monitor, you faggot?
What, were you
watchin' Oprah?
Is that what you
were watchin'?
The guy was asleep!
He wasn't supposed
to fuckin' be!
Oh, yeah, fuckin'
David Copperfield
stupid ass motherfucker.
Pike, who is this little
piece of fuckin' shit?
Nobody was
supposed to
get killed.
Yeah? Well, they did.
They did.
Listen, you gotta
have a heart, man.
The deal was
that I deposit you
guys, and that's it,
and then I get
my fuckin' money, man!
So give me the
fuckin' money!
Fuck this!
It's back to the
joint, man.
Not for me, man.
Not for me.
Nobody's finding
my G-Spot.
We're going back, man.
Shut up.
Just shut the
hell up.
CHINO: And then
what are we
gonna do, boss?
We ain't doin'
I'm gonna take
the goods to Miami.
And I'm gonna
get the money.
What about me, Pike?
I'm comin' with you, right?
No, man.
Boys don't leave each
other, Pike.
You know
what I'm sayin'?
You're not gonna
take care of me, man?
This was
Crane's show.
He put the deal together
with me.
We planned this
Now, I know everyone
and everything
from inside out.
Since Crane's dead,
I'm runnin'
shit now.
I don't give a shit
who's runnin'
the show.
I want my money.
I'm the only one
who knows
the contact in Miami.
Now I got
36 hours to
meet this guy.
You all are gonna
sit tight and relax
till I get back
with the money.
In your dreams,
my friend.
PIKE: What?
You heard me.
Until I get paid,
I go everywhere you go.
You don't leave my sight.
You hear me?
Me too!
I don't trust
any of you guys!
You guys ain't
leavin' me here.
Look, Pike, you
hurt my feelings, man.
I just wanted
an angel for my brother,
who happens to have
the name Angel
and likes angels.
Get in the car.
Get in the car!
PIKE: Hurry up!
I'm gonna make
this call.
You all sit tight,
keep your eyes open.
When Crane was here,
it was a five-way split,
Which was
$3 million each.
Now that the
a four-way split is
$4 motherfuckin'
goddamn million
each, man!
Yo, $4 goddamn
motherfuckin' million
each, papa!
Touch me again,
and I'll kill you.
$4 goddamn
Shit, baby!
But don't you think
we should give
Crane's family
his percentage?
Hey, what the fuck
do you think
you're doing?
Put that
shit out.
We're just relaxing.
I don't give a fuck.
Are you out of
your minds?
Put the shit out!
Just trying to relax.
What's your problem?
You better sit down.
You better sit down.
I'm tellin' you.
See, all that tension
inside of you is gonna
build up into a
You should have
some herb.
I mean, what the
fuck are you
listening to?
John Hancock Museum
was robbed early
this morning
of millions of dollars in
European masterworks.
So far, the suspect
killed in the gunfight
remains unidentified.
He's been
unidentified, man!
Nobody could be
this stupid.
Where did you
get this fuckin'
Hobbs is right, man.
If you never took off
your fuckin' mask,
nobody would be dead,
and we'd be getting
paid right now.
Why don't you regret
being late?
Then Crane
wouldn't be
dead, right?
The only thing that
I regret is getting
hooked up with you.
WARDEN: Some of you
will be back here
in a week.
Some of you
may make it
for a month.
Maybe even
three months.
But I know that
four out of five of you
will be back.
You gonna miss me?
Miss you?
Oh, I'm keepin' your
fuckin' cell warm
for you.
Miss you.
Won't be more than
a hot minute before
you fuck up
and come back
to me
and our
happy home.
You're a
two-time loser.
But you know what?
I hope you have
a Merry Christmas.
Okay, gentlemen,
the day you've been
waiting for.
Pike, man!
What's up?
I thought your sorry ass
would be runnin' to get out
of this motherfucker.
What's up, man?
What's up?
Yes, this is
Crane's friend.
Yeah, he gave me this number
because he won't be able
to make it.
I'll tell you about it
when I get there.
We're on our way.
Why are you bitin'
my dick when your dick
ain't big enough
to put in your mouth.
Put out that
god damn spliff, please.
That's what I
told him, Pike.
Didn't I tell you
to put it out?
All we need is for some
cop to pull us over
and smell that shit.
Put it out.
Don't put it out.
Hey, put it out
right now.
Let's go.
Okay, the drop
is still on.
Now, we're gonna
drive to Maryland
and take a bus
the rest of the way.
Low profile.
We ain't got any
fuckin' money to
take a bus.
I got all the
advance money
from Crane.
Now. It ain't much,
but it should be enough.
Hey, Pike,
while you was
out of the car, man,
we came on the
national radio program.
Oh yeah.
Top forty.
Could be worse.
They haven't ID'd
Crane yet.
But that shouldn't
take long.
The feds are on it.
Our only hope is
a low profile.
That and
nuclear warfare.
Don't these country towns
give you the willies, man?
These country towns
bug me out.
I'm serious. I feel
so freaky.
You know what
I'm sayin'?
These are one of
these towns
that are perfect,
till somebody
"goes postal"
and kills everybody.
Then runs into the
woods to live with
an inbred bitch.
You know what
I'm sayin'?
Here it is.
Hey, how are you?
Can I help you?
When's the next
bus to Miami?
Only one bus.
The Atlanta bus.
That leaves
any minute now.
And, of course,
then you
to Miami
from there.
Give me four
Hand me a pencil,
will you, sweetheart?
Thank you.
That'll be
Thank you.
Count that there,
would you, sweetheart?
Hey, yo.
There you go.
Are we all set?
By the way,
young fella,
you might not
want to stray
too far
from out front there.
That Atlanta bus been known
to keep right on truckin'
if he don't
see nobody
out there waitin'.
plenty of folks.
The next one
ain't till 6 p.m.
Only got
the two a day.
Thank you.
Where are you
I gotta get me
somethin' to eat.
I got a horrible
migraine, man.
Stay put.
The bus'll be here
in a minute.
No, man.
I'm not like you.
I gotta
get somethin' to
eat right now.
Come on.
I'm not used to
eating late like you.
Probably not a
good idea
for us suspects
to be on the streets
of Klantown.
What do you think?
That's right. We are
in Klan country, huh?
Hey, Elmo, did you
see the nigger,
this big guy?
He got a
pretty little mouth.
Come on,
roll down
them panties
so I can bend you
over a log,
hear you squeal
like a pig.
Hey, hey.
Hey, dipshit.
Sit down, shut up,
and wait for the bus.
Who are you talking to
in that attitude, son?
Give it a rest,
retard. Okay?
What'd you call me?
I called you a retard.
Here's the bus.
It didn't stop!
Hey, what are
you doin'?
He was supposed to stop!
I guess he didn't like
the looks of you fellas.
The bus was
supposed to stop!
Nice goin', asshole.
"Nice goin', asshole."
Nice goin'.
PIKE: Man, I'm probably
violating my parole just
talkin' to your ass.
You worried about
talkin' to me?
Excuse me.
Have I lost myself? Or...
Who loaned you money
when you needed it?
Who bailed your
sorry ass out of jail
so your mama
wouldn't know?
Man, we done been through
so much shit together.
Nigga, please.
I got some
shit for you now,
You're gonna
do this.
I know I'm
violating my
parole now.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, I've been
wantin' them to
come around,
'cause they've
been helping me out
with the details.
What details?
You didn't hear?
About the
Walpole Reunion?
whatever it is.
I'm not down.
No. No way.
PIKE: North Carolina.
BOOKER: Well, what's
the plan, man?
What are we gonna do?
We won't lose
any time if we catch
the early train to Miami.
What about
our special friend
in the front seat?
Well, you let me
worry about him.
Is that
your answer?
CHINO: How do you
like me now?
Miami's gonna be nice.
Yeah. I tell you,
I ain't gonna
be there long, man.
Because I'm gonna
get on a plane
and go straight
to Seattle.
You're going to
Yeah, man.
What the hell
are you gonna
be doin' in Seattle?
I just thought it'd
be nice to
buy a nice,
build a cabin
in the woods.
"I just thought it
would be nice to
buy a nice cabin
"in the woods,
and, uh, yeah."
Why are you tryin'
to shit on my dream?
I ain't shitting'
on your dream.
Come on.
Well, what are you
gonna do with your
I got it all
worked out, kid.
You got it all
worked out?
Why don't you
share it
with us then?
I got this
lawyer acquaintance
of mine,
and he's gonna
hook me up,
and we're gonna
pay off some people
at the state hospital
so I can get my
brother, Angel, out.
And then me and Angel
are gonna buy me
a drop-top Benz 50, baby.
A Benz, huh?
Oh, hell, yeah.
Baboon-ass red.
You know?
CD player. Phone.
The whole works, man.
I'm gonna even get
Fuck, what do you
call those stupid lights
underneath the car, man?
Neon fucking lights.
Yeah, well, whatever,
anyway, I'm gonna
be drivin'
that down to my
baby's house,
honk that horn.
Man, word is Ivette
hasn't been your girl
for over a year.
Yeah, well,
we'll see about that
when I drive up
dressed head to toe
in Armani.
Hey, Chico...
The name's Chino, man.
How many times
do I gotta tell you?
You want me
to call you Homo?
Sorry. My mistake.
Did you ever hear
of the IRS?
The IRS can bite me.
IRS? You got no job.
You're drivin'
a $100,000 car?
Yo, I worked at the
body shop
all last year.
Ask Pike.
So, you could've
I could've saved
up my money,
put it in a mattress,
stashed it away.
Yeah. I guess you
saved up 100 grand
at the body shop.
I think that makes sense.
For a moron,
a fuckin' moron.
You fuckin' people
are all alike.
Beware the toes you
step on today might be
connected to the
ass you'll be
kissing tomorrow.
No, I'm just saying
that, you know,
in a way, it's
a shame that
you had to go and get
Crane killed.
It wasn't me, man.
You could be in that
Benz right now,
toolin' down
the turnpike
to your deadbeat
father's place
with your Rain Man
fuck brother in
the back seat
and, what was it,
Pike, Ivette.
Ivette in the back
seat givin' Rain Man
a blow job,
while he's drooling
government cheese all over
your new seats.
I'm sick of your
motherfuckin' shit!
Hey, man, tell me
everything you know
about government cheese
right now,
before I blow your
'peckerwood' head away!
Tell me
what the fuck
you know!
It was a joke.
Yeah, a fuckin'
big joke, man!
You hear me laughin',
Dipshit, it was a joke.
This is not a
skin thing.
This is not
about Rain Man.
This is about being
a professional.
Something you
know nothing about.
So, go ahead.
Leave another
body in your wake.
That's what you're
good at.
I think I'm gonna
do it.
I'm gonna fuckin'
blow his head
away, Pike.
All right, come here.
Hey, hey, come on.
Get the fuck out,
get the fuck out,
get the fuck out.
You hold a gun
on me, motherfucker?
You hold a gun
on me?
What the fuck is
wrong with you, Chino?
He's talking
about my brother.
Stop it! Just stop it!
Calm down!
Back off me.
You're a real fuck-up.
Say it.
I wanna hear
you say it.
You'd make me
say that in front of him?
Say it, or I'm not
lettin' you back in
the fucking car.
I'm a real fuck-up, Pike.
I'm a real fuck-up.
Man, please
don't make me
say that.
I'm a fuck-up, Pike.
Say it.
I'm a real
fuck-up, Pike.
Hey, listen,
let me tell you
We are not taking
him with us!
Pike, man,
we are lookin' at
murder one
because of this
How many chances
are you gonna
give him?
As many as
I'm gonna
give you.
Okay. Okay. We're not
goin' to Florida.
We're never gonna
make it to fuckin' Florida
because of you,
Fuckin' piece of shit!
CRANE: I'm talkin'
about mad money.
I'm talkin' about retiring
on your own private island.
PIKE: You wanna rob
the Hancock?
You know,
it breaks my heart to think
about these incredible
works of art
just sittin' in the
storeroom at
the museum,
just waitin' for us
to steal 'em.
BOOKER: This is
gonna be butter.
I mean, all we got
to do is walk in,
take the paintings,
and we're rich.
I mean,
the only problem
is the security system.
You're the best
at that.
Who else is down?
There's me,
there's Chino,
there's Booker,
and Hobbs,
you know, the
wheel man from Southie.
Yeah, the white boy
with the red hair.
Yeah, yeah.
And you,
if you're down.
How much?
Fifteen million, you
know what I'm sayin'?
Can I get a
chorus here?
Fifteen million!
Sounds kind of nice!
I'm down.
Hey, man.
That shit that
happened back there
with Hobbs, man,
with the gun and
You shouldn't
let him get to you
like that, man.
I mean, he's old, man.
You don't know what
the fuck's goin' on.
Yeah, but he never
should've said that
about my brother.
You know, you're
not supposed to
call him that.
And that shit about
my girl suckin' his
He don't even
know her. You know
what I'm sayin'?
I know, man. But,
to be honest with
you, man,
all that race shit
he's talkin' about,
that ain't gonna
matter in the next
twenty years.
Yeah. I mean,
think about this,
Everything in
the world is a
Clean air, food,
a decent place to
And your point is?
The point,
smart guy,
is that the
one element that
everybody needs
and nobody knows
how to put a price on,
and even pussy,
you gotta pay for.
No, no. I don't
gotta pay for that.
I never have.
Know why?
Because I got
a big dick.
Why don't you
listen to me?
Listen, listen to me,
man. Listen.
One element that
everybody needs,
that nobody knows
how to put a price on
is protein.
Yeah, man,
think about it, I mean,
if you could take
that shit, right?
And give it
a market value
you would make
millions selling that shit.
Think about
what I'm tellin' ya.
Forget nigger this
and whitey that
and all that other
petty bullshit
you worry about.
Control the protein,
control the world.
Step up.
Uh, four one-ways
on the next train
to Miami.
Keep the change.
BOOKER: Understand
what I'm sayin'?
Control the protein,
control the world.
Control the protein,
control the fuckin' world.
I hate the protein.
Could you find
some other place to
sit for a little while?
What are you
doing, man?
Should you be
lookin' at them
Check this out.
My beach house.
My daughter's
Claudia Schiffer's
phone number.
That's a lot of
money there, man.
Hey man, do you
want one of these?
They're fuckin'
good, man.
What is it, Cuban?
No, man. Cubans
are illegal.
Hey, I wanted to
talk to you about...
You know, maybe
everyone trying to
get along
a little bit better.
We have a very
serious situation
on our hands here.
I know. I know we do.
That's what I'm sayin'.
Now, there's a solution,
but we gotta be unified.
And Pike is the
swing vote.
Swing vote for
I am talking about
Chino. Chino has to go.
If we don't take
him out,
he's gonna get
us all killed.
You know that.
But we've gotta have
Pike's cooperation.
But I think, if you'd
lay off, things might...
No, fuck that.
Fuck that.
I wanna get home.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
When the shit
hits the fan,
and it's going to,
can I count
on you?
Are you in?
Whoa, man.
Because, I heard a rumor
about you.
I heard that you were
Pike's bitch in the joint.
Who the fuck
told you that?
You know, I heard
that you were a
regular fuckin'
Maytag up there.
Washing socks and
underwear for the
whole tier.
That he had you
in a fuckin' dress.
That's what I heard.
Where the fuck
did you hear that?
That's where
I heard it.
You're fuckin'
lying, man.
Am I?
I can smell
those underwear
from here, man.
What the fuck, man?
This is all over
the fuckin' place?
Where's Hobbs
and Booker?
Pike, I need to talk
to you for a minute.
Where's Hobbs
and Booker?
Please, I need
to talk to you.
You know, it's just...
Where's Hobbs
and Booker?
They're fuckin'
urinating in there, man.
Chill out, man. What's wrong
with you? Chill out!
jumped me.
He's fuckin' lyin', man!
What's goin' on,
He got what he wanted.
He got what he wanted.
He got what
he came for.
Come on. Get up, man.
Book, come on, get up.
PIKE: Aw, Jesus!
Congratulations, Hobbs.
You broke
his fuckin' neck.
Fuck him.
Oh, man. He's done.
He's still breathing,
Man, what are
we gonna do now?
"What the fuck
"are we gonna do?"
If you motherfuckers
would just think,
just use your
heads and just think.
I wouldn't have to
keep answering
that goddamn question!
Shit, I didn't kill
the motherfucker!
You don't got to
talk to me like
that, man!
Help me get him up.
Help me get him up!
Don't forget
his hat.
Yo, my buddy,
you gotta stop
drinking, yo...
Broke up with his woman,
that's what happened, huh.
Yo, what you been
drinkin' like that for,
you alcoholic?
We're gonna miss
the train.
We're gonna
miss the train.
We're on the front
page of the paper.
Let's get outta
Look, fuck trains,
planes, buses, all
the rest of that shit.
We're goin' the
rest of the way
by car.
Wait a minute.
We just bought
train tickets.
I am gettin' on
the fuckin' train.
We're goin' the
rest of the way
by car.
Man, I'm not goin'
in that car!
That car sucks, man.
Wait a minute.
You're changin'
the plan again?
We're goin' by car.
Now, you two think
you can put away
your petty
bullshit until after
we get to where
we're going?
Yo, Pike, it ain't me, man.
Why don't you talk to the
friend killer over there.
It's up to him.
Chino, you're
No drinking,
no weed, no radio.
Just driving.
Don't do nothing else
but get in the
motherfuckin' car,
point it south,
and drive.
Now, you think
you can handle that?
Hell, yeah.
Handle it.
Chino, you can do it.
I'll handle it. Give me
the fuckin' keys, man!
I'm goin' about
my business.
Hey, next time
you change the plan,
you check
with me first.
Fuck you.
This white boy
you killed
was my friend.
I'm running out
of friends.
CHINO: Is he asleep?
Good. Don't have
to listen to his
mouth no more.
Tell you the truth,
I don't want to listen
to yours, either.
Well, you know what?
Excuse the fuck
out of me. All right?
You know,
it's really stuffy
in here today.
Damn, I hate
the country.
You know?
It's too goddamn
All you got is corn,
and cows,
and chickens.
Chickens everywhere.
All right.
Hey, hey. Chino.
What's up, man?
This is
a fuckin' mess, okay?
I've made mistakes.
You've made mistakes.
What do you say
we get down to Florida,
we get the money,
then we never have
to see each other again?
Sound good?
All right, man.
It's makin' sense.
All right?
Let's squash it.
Back, back!
Sit. Sit down.
How're you doin'?
Chino, this is
a very simple thing.
Just be cool,
stick to the plan,
and we're all
gonna get paid.
Do you hear me?
You got it, boss.
You got it, boss.
You know, I just wanted
to thank you, man.
Because I know Crane
would never pick me
if it wasn't for you, man.
I'm not gonna
disappoint you.
Promise, man.
I want you to
get on the radio
and find out where
your rover's at.
Base to Unit 3.
What's your 20?
MAN ON RADIO: West wing.
Now, tell him
to call you
when he gets to
the gallery on
the second floor.
Uh, give me a 21
when you get to
the showcase rooms.
CHINO: Did you ever
have a fat girl sit
on your face
after she came back
from jogging? I have.
And that's
how I feel with this
mask and wet suit.
Man, I'm suffocatin'.
I'm serious, man.
It's like having
a sweaty fat ass
on my face.
PIKE: Chino,
shut up, please.
I don't like violence,
and I don't like guns.
So, tell me what
the codes are
for the storeroom,
and I won't
have to hurt you.
and then you wait
three seconds
and it's 1-2-8-9.
Got it.
Bag him.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
That sort of reminds me
of the best sex
I ever had, man.
There was this
girl who used to
live in my building.
She was 14 years old.
I got a 14-year-old daughter,
so go easy.
I was only 16
at the time.
All right?
All right, go ahead.
Give it to me. I'm ready.
No, you don't want it, man.
It's all right.
I wanna know.
Give it to me, man.
Oh, God, man.
Anyway, I used to be
downstairs hangin' out,
and she calls me up.
And I was fucking scared,
you know. She was a fox.
She was fuckin' fine, man.
She's got beautiful
fuckin' breasts,
legs all the way
to the ground,
and a booty like
two ripe grapefruits.
So, I'm just hangin' out,
and I go up,
and climb into
bed with her,
and we're gettin' it good.
Fuck it.
She starts comin',
screamin' like a banshee.
So, I'm coverin' her mouth
so her father don't hear.
It was too late.
Her father just
charges in with
a baseball bat and whatnot.
And it was so
fuckin' sad, you know?
Did he hit her
with it?
No, I had to shoot him.
I had to shoot him.
And she never
spoke to me after that.
I love women, man.
I love the way they look.
The way they smell?
Oh, my God.
I love the way
they smell.
The way they taste?
I love the way
they taste, man.
I love lickin' between
a woman's thighs.
You're on your own
there, brother.
I don't go downtown.
You don't know what
you're missin', son.
Oh, my God,
that's exactly what
I'm talkin' about, Hobbs.
This ain't a good idea,
Pike ain't gonna
like this.
So, what seems to be
the problem,
huh, sexy lady?
Um, I don't know,
she just died.
Why don't you just
jump in?
We'll give you a ride.
Come on.
No, that's okay.
I'm sure there's
a gas station nearby.
I can walk.
You don't trust us?
What, do we look
like the thuggish type
to you?
Oh, come on.
I hate to see
a beautiful lady
like you
stay stranded
like that.
The last gas station
was about how far away?
Uh... Light years.
Yeah, it was a way back.
Fifteen miles I'd say.
And the next one?
Who knows
when it's comin'.
I forgot what
your name was.
Come on, jump in, Nat.
Get froggish. Come on, jump.
Come on, Natalie.
Just to
the gas station.
Whatever's comfortable.
Who's there?
I can hear you
guys all the way
down the hall, man.
CHINO: Who's out there?
PIKE: Where're the guards?
West wing.
Now look,
that gives you
at least 15 minutes until
he gets to the Dutch gallery.
These are the keys,
and these are the codes.
Hey, Booker, your
girlfriend left you
a note in here, man.
Shut up.
Wait for my signal,
all right?
Good luck.
And watch out
for the furniture.
I hope I don't
look as stupid
as you do, man.
Who got these
ridiculous masks,
Didn't see it
coming, did ya?
Great fuckin'
It's me!
Slow down.
It's me, man!
Slow down,
for Chrissakes!
Okay, okay.
He's on the other
side of the building.
You're all clear.
I'm not talking
to you, Chino.
It's like my old man
said when he got
out of the joint
after five years
and his woman
was gone...
Oh, he didn't have
a chance of loyalty.
He told me that
everything wrong
he ever did,
was for the love
of a woman.
That shit is deep.
And he started me
I'm robbin' and
jackin' this museum,
all for the sake
and love
of sweet pussy.
You know what
I'm talkin' about.
Let me get this
right now.
You're sayin'
that we're here
riskin' our fuckin' lives,
robbin' this joint
for some pussy?
Yeah, that's what I'm sayin'.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
It may not be
about the money
but, if you wanna play,
you gotta pay.
Wait, wait...
Hey, I never paid
for no pussy.
but come on.
You know what
I'm sayin'?
Tell him.
Tell him, man.
Enter the conversation
and shit.
Uh, well, once you
begin to understand
the historical
of male-female
in Western culture,
I can't help but agree
with his point.
That's what
I'm talkin' about.
See what I'm sayin'?
Listen to him,
Listen to him.
Okay. Take your time.
Tell him, man.
Tell him.
Look at it!
CHINO: Whoo! Yo,
she's ugly, man!
A wildebeest.
But I'd do her for
15 million dollars.
I'd do her.
Sociology has a theory
that there was
a de-ritualization
of classical
gender roles.
The de
Of a, uh,
classical gender roles.
Of classical
gender roles.
Women. Pussy.
You know what
I'm sayin'?
I think your friend's
waking up.
CHINO: Look who's
back from the dead.
Stop the motherfuckin'
car now.
Who's this?
Oh, that?
That's just Natalie.
Don't be cute with me.
Who the hell is she?
Yo, Pike. Her car
broke down,
and she was sittin' on
the side of the road.
She's goin'
to Miami, too.
Check it.
So, I'm just
helpin' her out.
Oh, her car
broke down?
And you went
along with this?
We're just tryin'
to help the lady out,
Look, if there's
gonna be a big drama...
Oh, there's gonna
be a fuckin' drama,
all right.
Get out.
Excuse me?
Get the fuck out.
They were just giving me
a ride to the gas station.
Keep your mouth shut,
and you won't get hurt.
Here he comes, yo.
He's coming.
How's everyone doin'?
Pretty good, Officer.
It's a beautiful day, huh?
It sure is, sir.
It surety is.
Look at those clouds.
See, I studied in school.
You are the man.
Any trouble here?
No trouble
at all, Officer.
We're just on our way.
What happened to
your eye, young lady?
We'll, sir,
my husband hit me.
And these are
my friends.
They were protecting me,
and I was a little nervous
so we pulled over
to the side of the road.
You know, they're just
calming me down.
You want to file
a complaint?
No, that's okay.
I already did.
All right, then.
You all drive safely,
ya hear?
Thank you, sir.
Thanks a lot, sir.
Thanks, Officer.
Now, what the hell
was that?
That noise.
Sounds like the trunk.
Neither did I.
I didn't, uh...
What's in the trunk?
Well, it's our friend.
He broke his neck
and we're taking him
to the hospital.
We got you,
didn't we?
How about you open
the trunk for me?
There's nothin'
in there, Officer.
You'd be wasting your time.
I'm serious.
Step out of the car,
please, sir.
Show me that nothin'.
The rest of you
keep your hands
up in plain sight.
Don't anyone make
any sudden moves.
Help me out, man.
Help me out, yo.
I forgot my keys
inside the car.
Can I go get 'em?
I'm sorry, man.
I just forgot.
Today, young man!
The key's stuck, Officer.
Unstick it!
I'm tryin' to get it,
It's just one of
these old cars.
T.C.B., baby.
Take care of business.
See, Officer,
this is one of
these old cars
where you have to
make sure the key's up.
it don't work.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Damn, I dropped 'em.
Can I get the keys?
Stay put.
No more donuts
for you, Officer!
Is he dead?
No more honey-dipped,
no more sprinkles,
Oh, we really
fucked up now!
We killed a white cop
in goddamn North Carolina!
HOBBS: He's gone.
What are we
gonna do, boss?
What about her?
We ain't killin'
no innocent girl.
I'm not talkin' about that.
I'm talkin'
about the fact that
she's a pro, man.
Look at this eye.
What the fuck
do you mean?
It means she can
take a punch, man.
No! I'm talkin'
about the way
she handled our
friend here.
She's a pro.
Look, this is not
even up
for discussion!
Get rid of the body,
get rid of the car.
Just so you've
heard it once,
my man.
You're a natural
born killer, son.
Thanks, pops.
You get Booker.
I'll take him.
I didn't do anything.
Let me go.
I didn't do anything.
Oh, God.
Look, you don't know me.
I'm crazy.
I'll kill all of you.
You don't know me!
I'm fucking crazy!
Listen up, Crazy,
'cause I'm only
gonna say this once.
You be cool,
you're gonna get
out of this.
But you got to
get your shit together.
So you do whatever
it is you need to do
to get your shit together.
Because, if you don't...
Let's go.
I think we should
say something.
I mean,
we're all Catholic.
Come on.
Booker, earlier,
Chino tried to
grab your cock.
I wouldn't let him.
Amen. Okay, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Yeah, we're still
good for time.
I told you
this was gonna be
a walk in the park.
Know what I'm sayin'?
All right. Just go.
What'd I tell you, Chino?
Smooth like butter, baby.
Smooth like butter.
Chino. Chino.
What the fuck
is that light?
What the fuck
is it?
I'm not sure.
Something must have
been taken off the wall.
I think it's
the silent alarm.
He took something
off the wall?
For Christ sakes!
They took a painting.
What's that?
What the fuck
is that?
Look, save yourself,
all right?
You tell' em
it was a false alarm.
You give them
the right code.
No, everything's
under control.
It's a false alarm.
Uh, 1-7-5-7-A-1-M-F-A-
It's a false alarm.
Everything's under control.
I'm almost done
with my Christmas
shopping, boy.
Chino, you just
set off the alarm.
I don't hear nothin'.
It's silent, stupid!
Who the fuck
is that?
Where did he
come from?
Where the fuck
did he come from?
Who the fuck is it?
Where did he
come from?
Where did he
come from?
He works here!
He comes in
late sometimes
and sleeps
in the office.
Oh, shit!
Chino, it was
just a burglary.
Just a burglary.
Pike, he saw my face!
What are you gonna
do with your money?
I don't know, Sapphire.
What are you going to do?
Hey, guys.
Don't do nothin' stupid.
You hear me?
Do you hear me?
Don't do nothin' stupid.
Hey, let's leave
his cocky white boy
ass behind. Come on.
Let's go for it.
What would that do, Chino?
"What would that do."
Check him out.
Tell me you haven't
been thinking about it.
Tell me. Come on.
Thought about what?
You're good.
You're smooth.
Fifteen million
divided by five
is how much?
Three mil.
Divided by two?
mil, right?
Yeah, but you
got this all down.
You've been thinkin'
about it, haven't you, Pike?
You know what
your problem is, Chino?
I'm too fuckin' realistic?
Is that what it is?
You're one giant
set of need.
You see it,
you want it,
you take it.
No thought given
to the consequences.
Crane used
to call it 'the blaze
of glory' syndrome.
Yeah well, if I was you,
I wouldn't be quotin'
a dead motherfucker.
He ain't no genius,
and this ain't the Ricki Lake.
So, save that shit.
Hey, baby,
have you got a man?
Do you got a man?
You know,
they call me
'Chino Soft Touch'.
That's what I'm famous for.
You and I could
get together
and hook up nice.
Come on!
Okay, here's the bad news.
This is long-term parking.
We need cash to get out.
Why don't we
just blast our way
Jackie Chan style and whatnot?
I have some cash.
How much?
Hopefully it's enough
to guarantee
my personal safety.
Personal safety's gonna
cost you a bit more
than that, boo.
We got 17 beans.
That's enough, let's go.
Chino, where's Natalie?
Dumb, dumb.
Fucking dumb.
Get back in the car.
do not fuck with me.
I am on to you.
Do you understand me?
So, get back in the car.
Okay. You're onto me.
But what about
your friends, huh?
This is a mistake.
Just telling you,
the little one's
tryin' to kill you,
and you don't know
a goddamn thing about it.
It's a mistake.
Get back in the car.
When we were
stealin' the car,
the little one told
the big one that he
wants to kill you.
But the big one
doesn't want to do it.
I thought
you should know that.
How's your eye?
It looks like it hurts.
It does.
Does it?
Go along with this.
Look at that shit.
Do you believe that shit?
There's only one
explanation for that.
She likes white boys.
Hey, Hobbs,
get off of her, man!
do I have to
watch you 24/7?
He's fuckin' tryin'
to steal my girl, man.
Hobbs, get back
in the car!
Give me a dollar.
Can I please have a dollar?
'Sup, ladies?
Good day.
Good afternoon.
Yeah, whatever.
You got a nice place here.
It's so organized.
Bet you can find anything
you're looking for, right?
Thank you.
Anything in particular?
I'm just lookin' for
sundry miscellaneous stuff.
I bet you two got
some nice husbands
waiting for you at home.
You bet.
Yeah, right.
Tomorrow's my anniversary.
That's a beautiful thing,
you know?
Go home and give him
some special lovin', right?
I know you like that.
Well alright,
I got my forty,
a couple of Slim Jims,
some fat-free crap
and I want some of this...
Deer-in-Heat Urine.
You never know when
you're gonna meet a deer
in the woods, right?
I just need
one more thing.
That's right,
it's a fuckin' holdup.
So, empty out the
fuckin' register!
Now, all right?
Now! Open up the
goddamn register!
Move faster!
Faster, goddamn it!
Don't make me
have to shoot
your old ass! Come on!
Who you callin' old?
All right, "mature."
All right? "Mature"!
Now, empty the register now,
turkey neck. Come on!
And I want some of
those fuckin' Tic-Tacs
and cigarettes, bitch!
Not those fuckin' cigarettes!
The other ones, scrotum face.
Come on!
Be cool, old lady.
Don't make me
have to hurt you! Ow!
Get out of here,
you son of a bitch!
You motherfucker!
What the hell was that?
You're welcome.
Hey, Chino,
what the hell
happened in there?
You're bleedin'
pretty bad, man.
Oh man, I was just
trying to be polite
with the old lady,
and she busted out
with a damn machete.
You dope.
Can I help you?
Only God can help
me at this point.
You're the religious one?
In jail we used to
say, "God help me,
because man won't."
Well, out here
we say God helps those
who help themselves.
So, what are you
trying to say to me?
You're the one
who's staring.
What are you lookin' at?
You kinda remind
me of someone.
You remind me
of someone too.
Someone I'd rather forget.
Someone who gave you
that black eye?
Anybody ever hurt you?
Yes, ma'am.
Sometimes you just
don't see it comin'.
I hear that.
The devil wears
all kinds of disguises.
I gotta wee-wee.
Pull over,
will you, Pike?
I gotta go too.
That's far enough.
Could you turn
around, please?
Come on, princess,
no one wants to look at
your tired ass peeing.
Chino, turn around.
Hey, Chino.
You know anything
about cars?
Yo, I'm Puerto Rican. Right?
Look at these injectors.
I think they're clogged.
Die! Motherfucker!
Die you little
fucking cockroach!
You just...
You just won't die, will you?
You little fuckin' cockroach.
You little fucker.
I thought we were
all set, man.
We are all set.
I heard
about your little
tete-a-tete in the car.
No, I don't know what
you're talkin' about.
Bound for Miami
Oh, come on, man.
What are you doin'?
You sure you wanna
do that, man?
Damn right I do, baby.
I've waited
my whole life for it.
You know how many
rounds you got in there?
You're gonna give me
the math homework right now?
Do you remember Booker?
I'm right at your face.
You better put it down.
Do you see
what I can see?
Booker had how many
Two for Booker.
You know how
many the cop got?
Do you remember?
Go back.
Ah, for the cop...
I'm right at your face.
You better be right.
You fucking
testing me, motherfucker?
Chino! No, Chino! No!
No, Chino! No!
Put the gun down!
Fuck you, Pike!
Fuck you!
Going for less partners,
huh, motherfucker?
Makin' me think
I'm your boy,
and then you
fuckin' sell me out
when I was sleepin',
Is that what you are,
you Judas fuckin' bastard?
I went to your fucking house
and this is how
you fucking treat me,
you son of a fucking bitch?
You know what you are?
You're a piece of shit, man.
I fuckin' hate you.
Motherfuckin' piece of shit!
That's what the fuck you are!
You're not even a man.
You're not even
a fuckin' man!
You're a piece
of fuckin' shit!
You ain't gonna
kill me, man.
Why the fuck
did you do this, man?
You ain't gonna kill me
'cause you don't know
who the contact is.
It's all up here!
Fifteen million dollars.
So, you do
what you gotta do.
God, I'm so sick
of you tellin' me
what to do, man.
You're such a
big shot, right?
"I know the contacts.
I'm such a bigshot."
You know what
I wanna hear you say?
I know what I want
to hear you say.
"Chino, I'm a fuck-up."
Go ahead, say it.
Pike, say it,
or I'll kill you!
Say, "I'm a fuck-up."
I'm a fuck-up, Chino.
That's what
I wanted to hear.
Now, tell me
who the contact is.
You know,
it's gonna be
a fuckin' shame
seein' your face
down in that ditch
where that bitch was peein'.
Tell me
who the contact is
one more fuckin' time.
God forgive you.
Don't put those hands up, man.
I hate to...
Put those fucking
hands down, man!
Don't fuckin'
touch me, man!
Fuck, man! Fuck!
You okay?
My family gets
my share, right, Pike?
Look, when
everything settles down,
maybe we can go out.
Hear from
Rain Man lately?
you come with me.
Do you believe in God?
Yes, ma'am.
I'm so fucked up,
God's the only one
who'll have me.
See, how I look at it.
When I got in the
car with you guys,
I just
gave it up to God.
You know?
Maybe it was meant to be.
Maybe he meant for us
to meet that way.
You know?
Like maybe we were just
two people on a bad road.
And we met,
and we're supposed
to make it right.
You think that's corny?
I think that shit's corny.
So true.
I'll be right back.
Would you hug me?
Maybe later.
Can I come in?
Man, you get
the dope room.
That's not right.
Did you get to shit
and shave? Do you
feel a little better now?
Hobbs, what's the matter?
Hobbs, are you okay?
Are you alright, man?
You fuck.
You're not lookin'
too good, man.
You know,
I bet you're hurtin'
and everything,
so I'm just gonna keep
this really short. All right?
I've been in my
room thinkin'
about stuff,
and about forgiveness.
Does this have a point?
I just have to have it
beaten into me.
Like you tried
to do for me.
And so I figured all the
things that I needed
to forgive you about,
and I can do
most of them.
You fuckin' up the job,
you know, all those
stupid "you people" comments,
and then you trying
to turn Pike against me
and cutting me
out of the deal.
Gone. Forgiven.
All right, bro?
But you know what
I can't forgive you for?
Think about it.
It's a mystery.
Oh, yeah.
My brother.
My brother.
Yeah. Yeah.
That's what it is.
You know
what's funny, man?
I can do anything
to you right now.
I could just take
my dick out right now
and slap it
across your face.
If you had one.
Or I could shit
on your face then.
You know, I could
stuff toilet paper
up your nose...
Chino. Chino.
I need to talk to you.
Come closer.
Come down here.
Do you miss me already?
You have
stink, stank,
spic breath.
Sorry I had to be
the one to tell you.
That's all
you gotta say?
Mmm. Yeah. That's it.
Talk to me, come on!
Come on, big mouth.
I wanna hear it.
Say something.
I can't hear you.
I can't hear you,
big mouth.
Let's see what
we have here.
What do you want me
to read you from?
Do you like Genesis?
Or something maybe
from Ecclesiastes?
"The wicked
in his pride doth
persecute the poor."
"Let them be taken
in the devices that
they have imagined."
This is very
appropriate to you.
"For the wicked
boasted of his
heart's desire..."
That's you. "...and
blessed the covetous..."
That's me.
"Whom the Lord abhoreth."
"The wicked..."
Sit down and shut up.
I didn't say anything.
Do you wanna
come and sit down
and shut up?
Come on.
Remember what we
was talkin' about before?
Was you serious
about that?
About what?
About what we was
talkin' about before,
about you bein'
my girl and all that.
Chino, I told you
I just got out of
a bad situation.
I'm not ready to
get involved with
somebody else.
That's not what
I'm talking about.
I'm about to become
a very rich man.
Do you understand that?
I'm gonna become
a future millionaire.
You're gonna be
very successful
at it too, Chino.
So, you think
I'm stupid too, don't you?
All you motherfuckers
think I'm stupid.
But I'm not.
I let you think that.
I clocked you and Pike.
I know what's going on.
"Oh, yeah.
Wassup, Pike, honey baby?
"Let's dump the
spic in the hotel.
"Why didn't you
off the little midget
a little sooner, huh?"
Excuse me.
Could you have the courtesy
of fucking lookin' at me
when I'm talking to you?
You really think
I'm interested in Pike?
Hell, yeah.
You're wrong.
Why do you think
I got in the car, huh?
'Cause you
just needed help.
You're usin' his money.
It's because of you.
You're the man, Chino.
Besides I just
can't get involved
with somebody.
I'm married.
And I'm Catholic.
I know you're
Catholic too.
You're not gonna
get involved with
a married woman.
Not usually.
But, in your case,
I'd definitely make
an exception.
NATALIE: Close your eyes.
Oh, no, no.
I'm not closing my eyes.
Come on, baby.
It's a surprise.
I'm gonna peek eventually.
This is a surprise.
Happy now?
What happened?
He just went too far.
I'm gonna clean this up.
Operator. Get me
the Sheriff's office.
Here we go.
Here we go.
This way!
Who fucked up?
Fuckin' Chino
took off his mask,
and he blew away two guards.
Oh man, I told you
I was claustrophobic
and I was suffocatin'.
What are you
thinking about?
Come on!
Get down!
Shut the door!
Now where the fuck is he?
Put it down, asshole!
Come on!
Police emergency!
Open the door!
Get the fuck back,
I've got a hostage!
I swear to God,
I'll fuckin' kill him!
Get the fuck back!
Put the gun down.
Whatever it is you want,
we can talk about it.
Back off, motherfuckers!
I got a fuckin' hostage!
Get the fuck back!
I've got a fuckin' hostage!
Get the fuck back!
I swear to God
I'll fuckin' kill him!
Move back!
Put the gun down.
Whatever it is you want,
we can talk about it.
Put the gun down.
Fuck you!
I want a Benz
drop-top 50',
with $40,000 in it,
in twenties and tens
in the front seat!
Do you hear me?
And I want my
brother taken out of
the State Hospital.
Move, move!
All right, it's secure.
Where to, boss?
I don't know.
But I know I'm gonna
put away my past
and start all over again.
And I wanna start
all over again with you.
That would be nice.
What would it be like?
You know, we'd be the
typical American family.
You cook, you clean. I sleep.
Me Mandingo,
you Jane.
We could take it
real slow.
Real slow.
I'm gonna pull over.
Good girl.
Get out.
What's up?
I decided to keep
the paintings for myself.
But they're worthless.
They're too hot.
Yeah. Well, I figured
if you guys could get
15 million in Miami,
I could probably
get a million
someplace else. Right?
A million's good for me.
You mean this?
I really like you, Pike,
but I don't know,
I wanna start over.
And I wanna do it
by myself.
Hey, Pike.
Merry Christmas.
PIKE: Did that bitch
think I'd let her point
a loaded gun at me?
All right,
hold it right there!
Let me see your hands!
Don't move!
After all the backstabbing,
I sold the painting
in Miami for a cool mil.
Gave everyone's
family their cut,
except for Chino.
His brother wouldn't
know what to do
with it anyway.