Body Keepers (2018) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[Hailey] Come on Sarah, eat!
Yeah, now they think that
it might be a nut allergy,
of all things,
it's crazy.
Hailey, would you get your
brother for school please?
[Hailey sighs]
Yeah, no, I can come
pick you guys up.
[Hailey] Cameron
get down here now!
I just need to drop some
paperwork off at the school.
Please don't yell in the house.
[Cameron] Mom, I don't
wanna go to school.
You need to go to school.
And you need to
eat your breakfast.
I'm not hungry.
We go through this
same thing every morning.
Why do you have
that stupid stuffed
animal on the table?
Shut up!
[Cameron] Whatever.
Tell me about it.
[doorbell rings]
Now there's somebody
at the door.
It's been a crazy morning.
God knows who's here so
early in the morning.
Great, nobody's here!
[Hailey screams]
[loud crash]
[Hailey] Mommy, mommy, mommy!
[suspenseful instrumental music]
[Woman On Phone] Susan,
is everything okay?
[suspenseful instrumental music]
Hailey, where are you!
[slow instrumental music]
[haunting melody]
[upbeat country music]
[wind whistles]
[upbeat country music]
Thank you so much.
Y'all ready for
the big festival?
[crowd screams and applauds]
Y'all got your wheelbarrows
ready for the race?
This year's first place
prize, gonna be $2,000.
So who's gonna
win that big race?
[crowd screams]
[country music]
I don't know why you haven't
broken up with that penis yet.
He treats you like shit, girl!
Bye, I'm gonna go to
the little girl's room.
Girl, where did you
get that necklace?
It is fabulous.
I don't know, my
grandma gave it to me.
Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
My nail must have got
caught in your hair, bye.
You have to go there.
It's quite the place.
So, aliens and hybrinoids
are basically the same thing.
Except in the game
version the hybrinoids
have super human power.
I mean, you really
have to understand
quantum physics to
realize how the molecular
field is changed in space,
allowing for this to happen.
Wait, I thought
hybrinoids and aliens
were the same thing?
[he laughs]
What, no, no, no, no.
You obviously
haven't been playing
this game for very long.
I've already invested
82 hours and 17 minutes.
I'd say that makes me
the table expert here.
Unless one of you
subterranean Zandoids
wants to challenge, the Master?
So if hybrinoids
and aliens aren't
the same thing
does that mean they
can't live on Zandar?
[he laughs]
[country music]
I can't believe you make me come
to this shit hole every week.
How do people
listen to this crap?
This is a bunch of
whiners if you ask me.
And of all the nights I forgot
my damn iPod at the house.
Yeah, well what
else are we gonna
do in this hick town?
Seriously, where else
are we gonna play pool?
Well, how do people listen
to this backwoods shit?
It's not like we live in Vegas.
Okay, sweet, rack 'em up Cowboy.
Hey, you wanna go like,
smoke or something?
Yeah dude, let's do it.
I'm sick of this shit.
I'm sick of this shit.
Seriously, screw this
country music bullshit.
Yeah, screw it.
Everyone here
just fucking sucks.
You just fucking suck.
You suck too.
I believe so.
[country music]
Like, seriously dude.
She's a bitch.
Yeah, she's gnarly.
Sarah, your father
wants you home now.
You give me hit of that, yes?
Okay, you go.
Get out of here,
get out of here.
[instrumental music]
Wait, stop, we can't, Heather.
Audrey, baby, Heather and I
are just together for show.
Cheer captain and quarterback.
And besides, it doesn't matter.
We've practically broken
up at this point anyway.
God Tanner, I've had a
crush on you for so long.
I've been to every single game.
Yeah, so you know
that I tend to score.
I've got great hands.
All things are built in fire
I can't.
You can't what?
I can't do it like this.
I mean, Heather is inside.
And what did I just tell
you about Heather and I?
We're the ones with
something real between us.
Are you going to tell me
you don't feel the same?
And we've both been looking
forward to this for so long.
It's such a beautiful night.
So romantic here
under the stars.
I'm living in a masquerade
I thought I was different.
You are different.
You are beautiful.
Tanner stop!
Are you fucking kidding me?
You're the one that wanted this!
Tanner, I, I just
want it to be special.
[he laughs]
What do you want,
dinner and candlelight?
The stars aren't
good enough for you?
I'm done with you.
Get the hell out of my Jeep.
Go back to your freak camp.
Bitch, you got black
lipstick on my shirt!
Audrey, wait, hey
where are you going?
Dude, seriously,
you can't walk home.
Don't let that
dickhead fuck with you.
Audrey Lowrey, the
biggest cock tease
in this fucking town.
Are you happy stud?
So lucky I don't have
my knives on me tonight.
Tear it out, tread
against my will
There you are babe.
I was just coming to find you.
[she slaps him]
After you made
it with that skank?
What, who?
That slut freak.
You thought I'd
choose a Goth over you?
Yeah, pretty much
anything that would put out.
Babe, come on.
I choose you.
A Goth, Tanner, really?
Why would I go for the 1/2 dead
zombie chick when I've got you?
The most beautiful, sweetest,
sexiest girl in town.
I am?
Of course you are.
Here, let me make it up to you?
Don't fuck up again.
Let's get you home.
I've been thinking
about you all night
and I'm dying to
explore what's hiding
under that sexy little dress.
So rip it up
Tear it out, tread again
[owl hoots]
[suspenseful music]
Oh my God.
Audrey, is that you?
Are you okay?
Hi Mr. Henderson.
Are you coming from teen night?
That's quite a walk.
Yeah, I needed the fresh air.
Well, can I at
least offer you a ride
since I almost killed you?
No, but honestly, I
really need the walk.
Okay then, see you
at school tomorrow.
Watch out for the drunks!
[suspenseful music]
[dials phone]
[suspenseful music]
[Audrey startles]
[dog barks]
Rex is that you?
Rex, don't do that to me.
Holy shit, what are you doing?
Go home, go home.
[siren blares]
Audrey, what are you
doing out here so late?
Hi Officer Powell.
It's way past curfew.
What are you doing
out here all alone?
I got ditched at the
Pioneer and had to walk.
I'm sorry, are you all right?
Yeah, just a bad night.
A stupid guy.
Well, we're not all that bad.
He's the one that lost out.
Well, thanks for stopping.
This is me.
You get some rest.
We'll see you at the festival.
[instrumental music]
[heavy breathing]
[suspenseful music]
Holy shit, you scared
the shit out of me!
What are you doing here?
[ominous music]
[she screams]
[bell rings]
[instrumental music]
Nice of you to show up.
So where's your slut friend?
My slut friend.
Your dick of a
boyfriend has been
trying to nail Audrey
for weeks, you know.
You're just too
caught up in your dumb
bimbo squad to notice
what's going on.
So shut your fucking mouth
before I strangle your
scrawny little neck.
Yeah, just like a Goth.
Well, tell your
whore of a friend
I'll be looking for her
in the hallways later.
Why don't you tell your
dick stick to find her?
He was the one that
sent her running
off into the woods last night.
The woods?
He better hope
nothing happened to her.
Ohhh, Little Goth Riding
Hood alone in the woods.
[he howls]
[instrumental music]
Your little slut didn't
make it back home last night.
And you're late.
Did you spend the
night with her?
What the hell are you
talking about Heather?
I was on the phone with
you until I passed out.
In an open air
Jeep no less, classy.
Nothing happened.
So where is she?
Oh, so you do care about her?
No, I just happen to have...
[Tristan] You're
a douchebag Tanner.
Why do you have to be such
an attention whore, Tristan?
If you guys focused on school,
as much as you guys
focused on gossiping
you'd actually be smart.
Calm down.
Hey, hey, hey!
Everyone settle down.
Thank you,
please explain
what's going on here.
Okay, well these
two bitches here.
Oh these two bitches?
I am not a bitch.
You're the bitch.
Stop, well, since
you've all shown
just how well you
get along together,
you, you, you,
you, you, and you have just been
put together on a festival team.
We're already on teams.
Now you're on different teams.
You will be getting together.
Everyone, pull your
books out to chapter six.
Yeah, so now I
can't be on the team.
But you were in
charge this whole time.
It is just like you
to always desert on us.
Well you can
thank Gothitude here
and her hussy friend.
You're such a, whatever.
Just like Heather.
Fricking sucks man.
[Dude] Fuck dude.
You're always just chasing tail.
Look where it got you.
Damn, we had a real
chance of winning this.
I know, I'm sorry.
Bro, you have all your
priorities out of whack.
You have the hottest
chick in school.
And one of these days
you're just gonna
fuck up and lose her.
Oh please, you all
know what a piece
of ass Audrey Lowery is?
Yeah, well that piece of ass
just cost you the competition.
No worries, we got this.
[rock and roll music]
So when are the freaks and
geeks supposed to get here?
I think I just
heard them pull up.
Hey, we can still
win this thing.
We just have to
work a lot harder.
[Brianna] Hello?
At least they figured out
how to use the back door.
Hey Heather.
You got more on the floor
than you did in your mouth.
Stop eating like a pig.
30 second rule!
[Brianna laughs]
What do you call yourselves?
Your name, do you have one?
You're kidding, right?
We have, like, four
classes together.
Jack, my name's Jack.
And you are?
I'm Brianna, we have Mr.
Henderson's class together.
I'm friends with Jack.
Hi Tanner, I'm Brianna.
[knock on door]
It's open.
Rear entry, just what I'd
expect from a rich bitch.
Oh and look, designer fag.
[Tristan] Oh, this coming
from death warmed over.
Fits her.
Her life sucks.
Her friend's life sucks.
So why not make everyone
else around her miserable?
I see you took
dickless back, good call.
[Tanner] So, did
you hear from Audrey?
You mean your
brainless forest hussy?
I thought fags were
supposed to be sensitive?
No, no one has heard from her.
Where do you think she is?
Do you even care how
you're making me look, here?
A real Mother Teresa.
[they laugh]
And the new girl scores!
What honey?
I didn't know the shy
girl had it in her.
I call it like I see it.
I mean, maybe something
serious did happen.
Seriously, she's
probably off screwing
someone else's boyfriend.
Who cares what happened to her.
Fuck you.
No, you shut your fucking mouth.
[they argue]
Is this how we're
supposed to win a race?
What was Mr. Henderson thinking,
putting us together?
Fuck Henderson.
Okay, I think we all
just need to settle down
and maybe crack open
a bottle of bubbly
to celebrate us coming together.
You don't drink, do you?
Look, we have to figure out
what we're doing
for the festival
so we're just gonna
have to get along,
like it or not.
Not, but if I have to
work with you losers,
then I might as well be
completely shit faced.
Anybody got a chaser?
We didn't really
know Audrey that well
but we had a class together.
She seems really nice.
Did you call her parents?
Her fucking parents
don't give a shit.
Seriously, they're out of
town all the time on vacation.
Like, she's been alone
since she was 14.
No thank you.
Go ahead, give it a try.
Just a little sip,
little sip sip.
[Tanner] Drink up, it's there.
Do you even drink?
I'm sure she just went to Denver
to blow off some steam.
I mean, let's be
honest, who doesn't
get claustrophobic
in this small town?
Yeah, maybe.
I mean, she has a
cousin who lives there.
There you go.
So, how long have
you guys been together?
Oh, no, no, we're not together.
But you guys would be so cute.
Okay, okay, can we cut
the shit and get focused?
With enough of
these, maybe we can
actually find a way
to work together
and try to win this thing,
who's with me?
I'm in.
Okay then, we
need to pick a theme
and we need to
practice the race.
It's my last year.
I want that trophy
and I want that cash.
All right, now that
we're on the same page
let's pick a theme.
I say we go with sexy vampires.
Yeah, because
that's not overdone.
Okay, werewolves.
But they have to
be sexy werewolves.
Isn't that the same thing?
Anyone have any other ideas?
Warlocks are always good.
Those aren't sexy.
Okay, well how about we
just go with hockey masks?
Simple and we don't
have to wear makeup.
What, no makeup?
Nah, that's not gonna
work for me honey, sorry.
No, I think it's a great idea.
I mean, it's easy and
we don't have time
to get costumes anyway.
You'd look good in a mask.
Oh, like the
transparent one you wear?
Look, we don't have
time for this shit, okay.
Hockey masks it is.
So, who's gonna be
in the wheelbarrow?
I've always wanted to be pulled
around in a chariot.
Okay, so we're
making great headway.
What about a wheelbarrow?
Well the rules say
we have to build one.
Way ahead of you.
I had one built from
my previous team.
They brought it
over this morning.
[slow instrumental music]
Super creepy!
Super crappy!
It's not crappy, it's light.
The lighter it is, the
faster we can push it.
Are you sure it can
carry four people in it?
It looks too flimsy to me.
It looks like it wouldn't
even hold horse manure.
It doesn't.
What do you want
it to look like?
Like a wheelbarrow?
Oh, there's a wheelbarrow
outside grandpa's shed.
Well maybe we should go take it.
Shit, why not?
Apparently this
ain't up to snuff.
Maybe we should go steal it.
Wait, why the hell
is there a wheelbarrow
outside that creepy shed?
Oh, The Body Keepers.
They use it to bring
in dry ice for grandpa.
Body keepers?
[ominous music]
Yeah, since 1993, these people,
the keeper's of the bodies,
have been changing the
dry ice around his coffin
to keep him frozen.
You know, there used to
be two bodies in there.
But no one knows what
happened to the second one.
Legend has it that
this guy, grandpa,
was frozen in Norway.
And not just because he wanted
to be brought back
to life later.
Apparently he was some professor
who was trying to
re-innervate people.
But when he didn't succeed,
he started to harvest
souls instead.
This guy, he became
a serial killer.
He collected
bodies, kids mostly.
He figured out a way to
extract souls from his victims.
The bodies were kept on
ice so they wouldn't decay.
That way you can move
their souls back and forth,
any time he wanted to.
These people were left
in a state of purgatory
because this professor guy,
he created a living
hell on earth for them.
What, that's bullshit!
Where did you read this crap?
I mean, how could
somebody move souls?
I'm just telling
you what I read.
Okay, go on Jack.
So, to stop this guy, they
cryogenically froze him alive,
so that they could
freeze his soul,
encasing him forever.
[slams lid]
[Tristan laughs]
You guys actually
believe that shit?
Come on, everybody
knows it's just
some old dead guy
who wants to be
brought back to life someday.
I think Jack's on to something.
I say we go.
Who wants to go take a
look at the dead guy?
Steal a wheelbarrow?
I'm in.
[ominous music]
Yeah, me too.
This is stupid.
This is a bad idea guys.
We can't do this.
Shut the fuck up.
You shut the fuck
up Tanner, okay?
This is sacrilegious.
This kind of shit
gets people killed.
Okay then, it's settled.
Well we can't very
well break into a shed
during the day, can we?
Well I can't wear this.
Come on.
[rock and roll music]
[eerie music]
Ahh, this is sick.
Don't they have, like, some
sort of security for this?
I don't know.
Let's find out.
You know I'm a bad bitch
And you don't wanna
mess with this
Yeah, cause I'm a bad bitch
Oh baby
Best song ever.
You know it girl.
[ominous music]
So, where the hell
is the wheelbarrow?
Must be inside.
Oh no, no way in.
Let's bail.
We're breaking in.
[ominous music]
Ah look, one for the geeks.
[ominous music]
When did you learn
how to pick a lock?
I haven't yet.
But I carry this just in case
of the Zombie Apocalypse.
Zombie apocalypse?
Everyone knows a
zombie can't break
through a locked door.
Yeah, I read in Zombie
Massacre, a Survival's Guide
for the Average Teen,
that if we just locked
all the doors we'd be safe
from the zombie apocalypse.
But of course, that
means if someone
were being trapped on the
other side of these doors
we'd be screwed.
So, voila!
Zombie survivor gear number one.
I got this bad boy from
the Zombie Network website.
And if you get a pair
of goggles along...
So can you pick the lock or not?
Locks are surprisingly
easy to pick.
You just have to twist this
thing until you hear a click.
Then you move the tumbler
to the side, dammit.
Give me that.
[ominous music]
Why am I not surprised?
Prom queens first.
[ominous music]
[door creaks]
[ominous music]
That's it?
This piece of shit?
Has it always looked like this?
No, originally it was
in a much smaller place.
They must have moved it after
they stopped giving tours.
No, stop!
That stuff will burn you if
you touch it without gloves.
Did somebody say gloves?
There's the wheelbarrow.
Now let's get it
and get out of here.
Baby, come on, just a peak.
[ominous music]
[lid thumps]
Holy shit!
Do you think he's
actually in there?
Well, we've come this far.
Let's find out.
Oh this ought to be good.
Okay guys, we can't do this.
All right, we need
to get out of here.
This isn't funny anymore.
God will strike us down.
You need to change your
panties or something, man.
Shut the fuck up Tanner!
[Tanner laughs]
Calm down, calm down.
We are just gonna take a look
and close it back up.
Tanner, please don't.
[ominous music]
[he startles]
You asshole, that's not funny!
No, that shit was hilarious.
You got us Jack.
Well played sir.
I applaud you.
I almost peed my pants Jack.
That was so mean.
Didn't you guys just see that?
See what?
Something grabbed me
and started to pull me in
but then it just let go.
Okay, Jack you're
just fucking with us.
Okay, there's nothing in there.
This is bullshit.
This is absolute
tourist bullshit
that the town just made up
to try and raise some money.
I'm getting the
hell out of here.
[suspenseful music]
They opened it.
[suspenseful music]
They opened it, make the call.
Little shits.
[Mr. Henderson On Phone]
This better be important.
I don't understand
why we went there
in the first place.
That's just so stupid.
But you were hilarious.
You scared my school
pride, peeing my pants.
Fuck dude, the look on
your face was priceless.
You should be a
fucking actor, man.
Jack, I give you credit.
Queen boy here oughta
check his delicates.
Whatever, I'm out.
I've had enough of this
freak show for one night.
Bye, text me when
you get home okay?
I will.
[Tristan] Bye guys, drive safe.
Are you okay Jack?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's get you home.
Fuck dude!
You look white as a ghost.
Well Casper, here,
obviously ain't
taking you anywhere.
I'll give you a ride.
The hell you will.
You can't leave me here alone.
I'm too tired to go with you.
So what, they're gonna walk?
After what happened to Audrey?
Oh all right.
You both can stay here.
You too, it's late
and my brother
and parents are in Grand
Junction for the weekend.
Jack you can take
my brother's room.
Brianna and Ivy, you
guys can have my room.
It's the beautiful pink one.
Tanner and I will
take the master.
Come on, I'll show you guys.
Are you okay Jack?
I'm fine, I'll catch up
with you guys in a minute.
I'm gonna call my mom.
[dials phone]
Hello, Mom?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just not feeling
too well is all.
So the team and I decided
to stay at Heather's
house tonight.
Okay, I love you too.
Um, yeah, you can take the bed.
I can't sleep anyways.
I think I'll just
chill here for a while.
Here you go.
Jesus, jack you look like shit!
Good, that explains
why I feel this way.
[Heather] Good night.
Good night.
[rock and roll music]
So I'm kind of
worried about that geek
in my brother's room.
Who, Jack?
Yeah, what are you watching?
[rock and roll music]
[Jack gasps]
What the hell!
Is someone there?
Yes, they're coming for you.
He will find you.
What are you talking about?
[wind rustles]
You've been touched.
He decays all who he touches.
He's coming for you.
Who, who will come for me?
[suspenseful music]
[Jack mumbles]
[ominous music]
Turn it off.
So, I really do wanna
talk about Ja...
[something thumps]
What was that?
I don't, I think
I heard something
coming from outside.
I didn't hear anything.
[something thumps]
[voices whisper]
There it is again.
It's coming from under the bed.
[voices whisper]
Sweetie, you're just
a little freaked out.
[voices whisper]
You must have heard that?
No, nothing.
[voices groan and whisper]
It's coming from under the bed.
Babe, there's
nothing under the bed.
Would you just look?
[ominous music]
Tanner, there's someone
in the bed with you.
[ominous music]
Help me.
[ominous music]
Stay out of the shed.
The shed, what?
There's dead people in there.
They took our souls.
Don't let them take yours.
[ominous music]
[she screams]
[ominous music]
[female laughter]
[marching band music]
Well don't you just
look like a million bucks?
Yeah, I didn't sleep well.
Where are the other girls?
Ready to do this shit?
Well look at you.
Keep it in your pants, big boy.
Heather's going to
be here any minute.
Seriously jock strap.
So where's cheer
bitch and the geeks?
Oh, speak of the devil.
All right, babe,
looking fine as ever.
Where the hell
were you last night?
I couldn't sleep, so I went home
for a few hours before
I had to come back here.
Where is Jack?
I think he went
home last night too.
We drove by his house
but no one answered.
[Heather] Weird.
Yeah, it was a weird night.
Well at least we got the
hottest chicks on our team.
Tristan, give me a hand.
Let's go.
[marching band music]
[people cheer]
[marching band music]
Let's go you guys.
I can't do this by myself.
Um, I'm not a guy.
We probably need Jack.
Oh my God, she just
flipped us off.
Hello everyone.
Welcome to another
year of Halloween Fest.
[crowd cheers]
And now, the moment we've
all been waiting for.
The wheelbarrow races.
[crowd cheers]
Here are the rules.
Each team must push
their wheelbarrow from
this goal line
to that one
and back again.
[crowd cheers]
But this year we're gonna
mix it up a little bit.
Instead of filling the
wheelbarrow with dirt
we're gonna fill it
with one dirt bag.
[crowd laughs]
That's right, one
member of the team
must be in the
wheelbarrow at all times.
The winning team will
receive a check for $2,000
[crowd cheers]
And a beautiful trophy.
First team up,
Henderson's misfits.
Tanner, the wheel is broken.
Classic, what a piece
of shit you built.
I could have built
a better wheelbarrow
than this out of
glitter and a glue gun.
Okay, okay, we'll make it work.
Go over there with Heather.
Oh, this is so stupid.
Take your marks.
[marching band music]
Ready, set, go!
[crowd applauds and cheers]
[crowd laughs]
Great Tanner, your piece
of shit creation cut me.
Oh, I ripped your tights.
I'm so sorry about that.
Wow, Tristan thanks.
[marching band music]
Police suspect foul play.
And there are no new
leads in this case.
Let's hope this,
is not another case
that goes unsolved.
So if you have any
information on Audrey Lowrey,
please contact the sheriff's
department immediately.
Back to you Amy.
Come on, I'm sure she's okay.
She'll show up.
[upbeat music]
Ugh, there's nothing to do here.
Hey, a psychic.
We should do that.
Welcome, see what the
future holds for you.
Come on in.
Why not?
Come on in.
So, what'll it be this evening?
A peek into the future?
A Tarot card reading?
A palm reading?
Or how would you like
to speak with the dead?
You can speak with the dead?
I have since I was a child.
You know, most
clairvoyant's don't realize
that they have the gift.
They'll be visited by
spirits in their dreams.
And they won't realize
that those dreams are real.
So, what'll it be?
My best friend has been missing.
She has hasn't been seen or
heard from in two days now.
Can you tell us what
happened to her?
Definitely, I'll
give it my best.
Give me your hands child.
Yes, yes.
[suspenseful music]
I see her, a pretty girl.
Long blond hair.
Yeah, she was last
seen with you.
And she left alone
and hasn't been
heard from since.
Yeah, Pioneer Inn teen night.
Yes, yes, yes,
my vision's becoming more clear.
[room shakes]
I see a river.
Danger, darkness, running, fear.
She knows who they are.
They've taken her.
There's more than one.
So many children.
There's a room full of death.
Coldness, ice.
I had a dream last night.
Two kids came into my room
and told me about the shed.
We should have
never gone in there.
Trapped, their
souls are trapped.
He's overtaking their bodies.
Are you okay?
Please, please
just make her stop.
The dead are disturbed.
There's something
unnatural going on.
You, you are in danger.
He is trying to overtake you.
He's coming for all of you.
Come on, let's get out of here.
[suspenseful music]
Holy shit, what an act!
Well, how do you think
she knew all that stuff?
Okay, so she guessed
what Audrey looked like.
The rest was just made up.
Well she said we were in danger.
What do you think that meant?
Look Bri, you just
need to calm down okay?
It was all just in fun.
Seriously, it's Halloween.
She's supposed to scare us.
Well this calls for a drink.
Come on, let's find
some soda for this rum.
Wait, Heather and
Tanner already left.
They're actually at their
house waiting for us.
And I think it's party time.
[Television reporter]
Topping the news today,
two murders and a robbery,
in less than 24 hours.
Several city citizens
were in a panic
after a gun battle on some
of their busy streets.
[speaks in foreign language]
[slow instrumental music]
Dammit Jack, you're never
borrowing my car again.
[rock and roll music]
So you pull a block and
follow the instructions.
If you crash the tower
you have to take two shots.
Who wants to go first?
[rock and roll music]
Take off an article of clothing.
[they laugh]
This should be good.
Okay, you're gonna
have to help me though.
It's like, really tight.
Pull it off.
Right through my little head
like we're giving birth.
[rock and roll music]
Okay, take two shots.
That's two.
[Tristan] That's a double shot.
Tanner, you go.
He always picks from the top.
[rock and roll music]
Take four shots.
[Ivy laughs]
Make them count, no sips.
[rock and roll music]
Kiss the person to your left.
[rock and roll music]
Enough kissing!
[rock and roll music]
That's two more shots for you.
[Ivy] Got this.
Kiss a girl.
Yeah, not happening.
[rock and roll music]
Oh no!
There is a penalty for that.
Pour up.
[rock and roll music]
Apologize to the
freaks and geeks.
They're not so bad.
Tanner, that's so sweet.
Now read what it really says.
[Heather laughs]
Kiss a guy!
Kiss Tristan, kiss
Tristan, kiss Tristan!
Not a chance.
Well come on,
he's kind of girly.
Take four more shots.
This one's so full.
[rock and roll music]
Maybe you should see
who's on the bottle?
She's out.
All right, this one's a goner.
Don't bother her.
She's cute when she sleeps.
We need to get
her to bed, come on.
I'll take her to my room.
Come on, come on.
Good night Brianna.
[slow instrumental music]
You know, I saw
footprints in that shed
and drag marks next to them.
They led to a back room.
No shit?
I had a dream about
Audrey last night.
I don't know.
It was just a dream but
it was so real.
She was asking for my help.
Shit Tanner, what if
it wasn't a dream?
What if it was, like, a
premonition or something?
There's no fucking way
Audrey ran away, okay?
I know her, she just
wouldn't do that.
I think, well, I think
her disappearance
might have something
to do with that shed
and those drag marks.
[ominous music]
Okay then, let's do this.
Hold it.
Oh, gotta go.
Wait, Heather's got a
camcorder in here somewhere.
[ominous music]
Is someone there?
[voices whisper]
[phone rings]
Jack, where the
hell have you been?
I'm so sorry.
They took me.
What are you talking about?
Who took you?
Where are you Jack?
The body keepers, Mom.
It's real, it's all real.
They took me and
they put me in...
[static drowns him out]
I can't hear you.
Where are you Jack?
The body keepers, Mom.
The shed.
I need help.
[static drowns him out]
Jack, what are you saying?
Are you all right?
[Jack cries]
Mom, I'm tied up.
[heavy breathing]
[voices whisper]
Jack, Jack?
[slow footsteps]
[ominous music]
[voices whisper]
Jack, Jack!
[dials phone]
[Operator] 9-1-1, what's
the nature of your emergency?
My son, Jack.
He's in trouble.
He's been taken.
I think he might
be at the old shed.
Please send somebody
right now, please.
[Operator] Three 32 Robert.
Need certified at 535 Pine
Grove, 535 Pine Grove.
[instrumental music]
[she vomits]
[toilet flushes]
[suspenseful music]
[voices whisper]
Help me.
Oh my God.
How did you get here?
God, you're hurt, let's
get you out of here.
Gi meg din sjel.
You're not making any sense.
Gi meg din sjel.
Gi meg din sjel!
[ominous music]
[rock and roll music]
Hey Ivy, I don't know.
Okay, let's do this.
Tanner, we've got to
get back into that shed.
[ominous music]
Yeah, I always had it in my car.
I just didn't wanna
make Jack feel bad.
[slow instrumental music]
Where did you see
those footprints?
This way.
[slow instrumental music]
What is that smell?
It smells like rotten
meat or something.
Oh God.
[slow instrumental music]
Please tell me
you're getting this.
I'm getting this.
[slow instrumental music]
Shit, look at this.
[slow instrumental music]
What is all this?
[slow instrumental music]
It looks like they
thawed grandpa out
about five years ago.
Just about the time
they moved him here.
It says here, they've
been trying to use
organ replacements
to re, re, rein...
This is some sick shit.
Looks like they were
trying to revive grandpa
with fresh organs.
Yeah and when that didn't work,
it's like they were
trying to search
for a new way to,
soul transformation?
Harvesting souls.
Looks like they've
been searching
for host bodies to inhabit.
Audrey's name is listed here.
[slow instrumental music]
This is her necklace.
You're sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
She was wearing
it at the Pioneer.
[urgent instrumental music]
[suspenseful music]
Henderson, what
is he doing here?
At least it's not Audrey.
[ominous music]
Jack, jack, wake up buddy!
Jack, wake up, let's
get out of here!
Come on Jack.
[ominous music]
What the fuck is going on?
What the fuck?
Oh you silly, silly girl.
Grandpa was right.
Being the gay BFF
made it so easy
to collect everyone's DNA.
I fucking told you not
to go in that shed.
If you would have
just listened to me
none of this would be happening.
Now I have to do all
this cluster fuck.
You killed Mr. Henderson
and Jack, too, didn't you?
Mr. Henderson provided
my great grandfather
with a great host
body, for years.
But his body became
riddled with cancer.
You see, diseased
bodies reject the soul.
So Audrey was the
perfect specimen?
You sick fuck, you're dead!
No one else should
have been involved.
What about Jack?
He got in the way.
What did you do to Jack?
He touched my farfar.
He doesn't like his
body to be disturbed.
So, he was eliminated.
You people treat my
great grandfather
like he's some
sort of freak show.
He was a brilliant man.
Well worth the cost of
a few useless lives.
I'll show you useless lives.
[suspenseful music]
No, please stop!
No, no please stop!
You love death so much, Ivy.
Well, guess what?
Now you get to
experience it firsthand.
Let her go.
Naughty boy, would
you care to watch?
No wait, we know you would.
You've fucking lost it,
you sick son of a bitch.
No, I found it.
So shut up because
it's too late.
You see, farfar realized that
the only way to keep
his own body alive
was through blood transfusion
with genetically matching blood.
It seems Goth girl
here's the perfect match.
The irony is, your poorly
constructed wheelbarrow cut her,
giving me the perfect sample.
And not only that
but you brought her
to our doorstep.
So you see Tanner,
in the end of things
you are the hero.
Now this, you're
gonna wanna see.
You wanted to see my
grandfather so bad?
Well now I guess all
that's left to show you
is what re-innervation
looks like.
Now comes the fun part.
[she screams]
Now then, over here
on my little table.
I have several knives.
Don't worry, I keep their
edges extremely sharp.
You like knives, don't you Ivy?
You won't feel the
initial incision
but you might feel a little
pain from the blood loss.
Stop, Tristan, please!
I'm sorry Tanner.
I wasn't asking you.
Why are you so scared Ivy?
Don't you like blood?
[she screams]
[ominous music]
Don't worry babe.
This is a bloodletting tube.
So just do me a
favor, sit still.
[she screams]
Freeze, don't move!
They're taking off!
Call for back up.
Requesting backup,
575 Hidden Trail Road
at the old shed.
[Operator] 10-4,
all units be advised,
we have a pursuit in progress.
All units on non
essential call are
directed to clear and
standby to assist.
You stay here.
[instrumental music]
He's gone.
[instrumental music]
All right Miss McCoy.
Walk me through what
happened last night.
And when you found
Brianna Miller
dead in your bathroom.
We were drinking last night.
And she had a lot to
drink so I put her to bed.
When I woke up this
morning everybody was gone,
so I went to check on her.
I thought she was
passed out but,
or at least I thought she was.
But she wasn't breathing and
I didn't know what to do.
So I called you guys...
[she cries]
Okay, calm down.
We found your boyfriend, Tanner.
Well can I see him?
Where was he? No, just sit down.
We need to know
when exactly you all
broke into that shed.
We found several dead
bodies in that shed.
We need to know exactly
when you entered that shed.
We were just going in there
for a wheelbarrow, that's all.
There were no,
we didn't see any dead bodies.
What's your relationship
with Tristan Swensen?
He's my best friend.
Where is he?
He's missing.
And so is the body of
his dead grandfather.
His grandfather?
Have a seat.
We need to show
you both something.
We need to know if
either one of you
recognize any of the
teens on this video.
[Girl] Help me, help me!
[she cries]
[ominous music]
Help me.
[girl screams]
[boys gasps]
Well, the boy in this
video is Craig Westerman.
He's been missing for
almost two years now.
Did either of you recognize any
of the other teens
on this video?
No, okay.
Tell us what you
know about this shed.
Ivy and I, we went
back to the shed
after we broke in
the first night.
We were looking
for Audrey Lowrey.
That's where we found
Jack, and Mr. Henderson,
and that room with
everything else.
The jars, the body
parts, and they
kept saying body
keepers, they kept saying
body keepers, body keepers...
Whoa, slow down son.
Tell me about Jack.
We found him dead.
Slumped over in that chair.
He'd been missing
since Friday night.
And Mr. Henderson?
I don't know how
he got in the shed.
Well, we do.
Seems this operation's been
going on for some time now.
It turns out Tristan Swensen
is the great grandson
of grandpa Swensen.
When the family moved
him here years ago
they tried to bring
him back to life.
And they've been running
a type of butcher shop
out of that shed, ever since.
We found several
bodies in there,
including the two missing
children from Eldora.
The other's we haven't
identified yet.
Son, we need to know
where Tristan Swensen is.
[suspenseful music]
I lay my head back down
So tired of being
pushed around, 'round
Around before made
a selfie of me
You help me free my
lonely soul, soul, soul
Whenever lover do me wrong
And every song is
such a sad, sad song
You fell down for another
For the first time
I say, say, say
That my will is
built from the sun
And I'm not giving up
Not giving up
No, no a bridge
built with thunder
Here comes my love
I'm not giving up
Some come on and saddle up
Hello students, my name
is Professor Swensen.
Today we will be talking
about re-innervation.
So come on and saddle up
I wanna be that girl
And we can travel 'round
the world, world, world
And honey come back down
Just as heavy all along
[instrumental music]