Bodyguard (2011) Movie Script

'My love story started
with a train journey... '
'... and continued like one.'
'Intentionally or unintentionally... '
'... this journey began from a
village called jaisingpur.'
'That night, bodyguard
balwant singh and sudha's child... '
'... would've never seen the world... '
'... if an angel hadn't
arrived at the right moment.'
'And that angel was... sartaj rana.'
'This is mr. Sartaj's mansion.'
'For the people of jaisingpur... '
'... this is nothing
less than the court... '
'... where one gets
right and instant justice.'
Mr. Sartaj, this is reema.
- Greetings.
Mr. Sartaj, please
save my daughter.
Few people have
forcefully abducted her.
Who are they?
Ranjan mhatre and his brothers.
Sir, there are other girls
along with my daughter...
...and they are being
taken to thailand to be sold.
What were the police and
the other officials doing?
They are all in this together.
That's why i approached you.
How did you get
all this information?
My brother ajay works on that ship.
He told me that in a few hours...
...a ship called m.v. Arun sagar...
...will depart from
mumbai's premium dock.
Uncle, please.
Please save us.
We don't want to go, uncle.
Uncle, please save us.
so, uncle ajay.
Are you here to free your
niece from our clutches?
Listen. Listen to me.
- Come on.
Due to her video we are
getting a good price...
...for everyone in bangkok.
No. No. Don't do that.
- Get lost.
Hey, listen.
- Uncle! Uncle!
Come on, uncle. Come on, go.
Get in.
- Leave my niece. Don't do this.
Yes, sir.
Call bindra.
Mr. Shekhar, instead of ten guards...
...i will send one bodyguard.
We asked for ten.
What good will one do?
Let me tell you
something about him.
He gives complete guarantee
of your job with warranty.
Whether you are there or not.
- When it comes to loyalty...
...he's one step ahead of royalty.
"Bodyguard." - and he's the
only person in the world...
...who can make his
opposition pee in his pants... simply staring at him.
- He's the best man for this job.
Lovely singh.
- "Feel the heat."
"Feel the kick."
"Feel the power."
"Feel the punch."
"Feel the heat."
"Feel the kick."
"Feel the power."
"Feel the punch."
'Do me a favor.'
'Never do me a favor.'
"Come one, come all."
"Come together."
"The bodyguard's here."
"He's hot, he's hard."
"Anyone that challenges
him will be in trouble."
"The bodyguard's here."
"He's our honour, he's our pride."
"He's everyone's friend."
"The bodyguard's here."
"He eradicates evil."
"He is unmatched."
"The bodyguard's here."
"Feel the heat."
"Feel the kick."
"Feel the power."
"Feel the punch."
"He's everyone's heartbeat."
"He's a good indian."
"The bodyguard's here."
"He is strong."
"He's unlike any other."
"The bodyguard's here."
"We were waiting for you."
"Here comes the bodyguard."
"Come one, come all."
"Come together."
"Come one, come all."
"Come together."
"The bodyguard's here."
"He's hot, he's hard."
"Anyone challenges him
will be in trouble."
"The bodyguard's here."
"He's our honour, he's our pride."
"He's everyone's friend."
"The bodyguard's here."
"We were waiting for you."
"Here comes the bodyguard."
"We were waiting for you."
"Here comes the bodyguard."
"Feel the heat."
"Feel the kick."
"Feel the power."
"Feel the punch."
- "Feel the heat."
"Feel the heat."
"Feel the kick."
- "Feel the kick."
"Bodyguard." - bodyguard, madam.
"Feel the power."
"Feel the punch."
"Feel the punch."
- "Bodyguard."
Hello. Bodyguard
lovely singh speaking.
Lovely, where are you?
Sir, i am taking a massage.
Do as i say.
Stop taking a massage.
And get to premium
dock immediately.
You have to save some girls.
Someone called mhatre is sending
them to bangkok to sell them.
Premium dock.
But that's towards the west, sir.
I am heading north, sir.
Opposite direction.
Lovely, don't waste time. Go.
Can't you send someone else, sir?
I would... if this
wasn't mr. Sartaj's job.
Thank you.
- Wel come.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Forty girls. And a deal
worth millions was ruined.
Only because of that one man.
Who is he?
We should ask 'what' he is.
He ruined everything all alone.
It's necessary to
find his whereabouts.
"My name is sheila."
"Youthful sheila."
"I'm too sexy for you."
"You can't lay your hands on me."
Well done, lovely.
Thank you sir. - Mr. Sartaj
is really happy with your job.
I feel you have
repaid all his debts.
No, sir. I can
never repay his debts.
I am alive today because of him.
Where is your uniform?
Sir, one of katrina
kaif's fans attacked her...
...and my uniform got torn
while trying to save her.
I have sent it for stitching.
Anyway, mr. Sartaj has called
you to his home, jaisingpur.
Why, sir?
He has a daughter, divya.
- Yes, sir.
Her life is in danger.
She is a management student.
These days she is at home.
Here is her photograph.
Sir, this is ma'am
katrina kaif's picture.
This assignment is over.
Shall i tear this photograph?
- No, give it. Give it back.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
You now have an opportunity... serve the benevolent
man you revered all your life.
Yes, sir.
Hey, tupperware.
what the... hey bus, tupperware.
Hey, tupperware.
Let me come in.
This is a passenger bus
and not a goods train.
Then what are you doing inside,
conductor. Why you...
hey, drive the vehicle
faster i say.
Hey, stop, stop.
Hey, move. Move.
Make place for a delicate man.
What are you doing?
I work for mr. Sartaj
of jaisingpur.
I am the conductor.
- I see.
I thought you were the watchman.
I suggest you give me a
ticket for jaisingpur.
Where are you going?
No, no.
Come on.
You sit here. I'll stand up.
No, no, it's fine.
Give me the child.
I will hold him.
Come on.
On my lap.
Come on.
- Publicly.
Come here.
Later, later.
It's fine. Come on.
I cannot control any longer.
What are you doing?
You called me.
- Not you. I called her.
I'll make some space for myself.
Aunt, hold this.
- What are you doing?
I am making some place to sit.
All three can sit together.
Blind lady.
My name is tsunami singh.
Falling on deaf ears.
Ticket, ticket, ticket.
'Is he here to kill the ma'am? '
'A killer with killer looks.'
Hello. - Mr. Shekhar,
there is a man in the bus...
...and i suspect that he
wants to attack ma'am.
- He has the ma'am's photo.
He is a killer.
Hello, mr. Bindra.
- Has the bodyguard left?
Our bodyguard has left
by the nine o'clock bus.
I have a confirmed report that...
...a killer is on the same bus.
Yes, sir.
- I just received information that...
...a man has set out
to kill that girl.
And he is traveling in your
bus right now. - Okay, sir.
Lord, please protect my ma'am.
No need to be afraid.
There is just one killer and
there are 12 of you. - Thirteen.
Why are you counting me?
Dear, you?
- God bless you. God bless you.
How are you, brother?
- I'm absolutely fine.
And where's divya?
- Divya is inside.
You go inside as well.
Don't let her come out.
We're having an
important meeting here.
- Okay.
Mr. Shekhar. Mr. Shekhar.
Mr. Shekhar.
- Yes. - where is ma'am?
Ma'am is upstairs.
Everything is fine.
- Did you tell them everything?
No one will find out anything.
We'll deal with him.
Understand that. Yes.
Hey, videographer.
- Yes.
What are you staring at?
Make a nice video.
This might turn into
breaking news. - Yes, sir.
Go, quickly.
You are so strange.
First of all, you're
watching a horror film...
...and then you're scared.
I wasn't scared, i was surprised.
Stop lecturing me
and watch the film.
I am savita.
Aunt had called me.
- Yes, go in.
Has she come to complain about me?
Divya. Divya.
What is this?
Why is ma'am divya screaming?
What is happening upstairs?
I think the killer has
reached upstairs, mr. Shekhar.
- Yes. - half of you go that way.
The other half go this way.
You come with me.
Quickly. - Come on. Come on.
Come on, come on.
Kill her.
Kill her. I will bloody kill you.
Kill her. Kill her. Kill her.
Sir, i am bodyguard lovely singh.
You had saved my mother
when she was pregnant.
Maybe you don't remember.
Years ago you had a bodyguard.
Balwant singh.
I am his son.
Mr. Sartaj...
i regret that i
couldn't save your father.
How is your mother?
Mr. Shekhar.
- Yes.
For the first time i made a mistake.
What happened?
- I thought that he is the killer.
He is the killer.
He's tsunami.
Tsunami singh. He works with us.
It's his record.
He has never done
anything properly until today.
Let's go, girls.
Come on.
- Yes.
Go and show him his room.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Which is my room?
She is savita.
She is here to cook food.
Show her, her room.
- Yes, aunt.
Let's go.
You don't know ranjan mhatre.
He's a rascal of a man.
He can stoop to any level.
You must have heard that saying...
'... one needs luck to
survive each time.'
'But you need to be
lucky just once to kill.'
Divya doesn't know these things.
Because mr. Sartaj
doesn't want her... live under any threat.
Understand? - Yes, sir.
It's just a matter of few days.
As soon as her education is over...
...divya will leave for london.
She will get married there.
- Yes, sir.
In the morning, you have to go
to college along with divya.
Yes, sir.
Bye, father.
Ready, dear? Good.
I have to say an
important thing to you...
...this time a bodyguard
is going along with you.
- Yes.
What are you saying?
He doesn't even have a proper name.
What... lovely singh.
Lovely singh.
Bodygaurd lovely singh,
reporting ma'am.
Don't do anything
without informing him.
Don't go anywhere.
And yes, he will also
train you in self-defense.
But, father, how will i
find time for all this?
Yes, dear, you will
have to find some time.
Get up early.
God bless you.
- Oh, god! Bodyguard.
Are you serious? - Yeah.
In the college? No way.
- Look after yourself.
Okay, see you. Bye.
- Bye.
Where is savita? Oh, savi...
savita, are you leaving?
No. I am coming along.
That's more like it.
You fool.
Let's go.
Who is that?
Ma'am, until i don't
ask you to get down...
...please don't get down.
All clear, ma'am.
Now you can kindly get down.
Hi, divya.
- Hi.
Hi, maya.
- Hi.
Who lost his child?
I am not a child.
Then where is the rest of you?
Inside the ground.
- Why?
Didn't your
parents give you complan?
Shut up.
If they had given me complan...
...then i would've been here.
And i would've been on the top
floor of this beautiful building.
Understand, mr. Suitcase?
Handbag, i will lock
you up in a suitcase...
...and send you to
the complan people.
Excuse me.
Waiter, i will see you later.
Where is he?
I can't see him.
Where were you, lovely?
Ma'am, i am dumb. Sorry, ma'am.
I told you not to wear this outfit.
If i don't wear this outfit,
how will i look like a bodyguard?
Can't you come as a friend?
A bodyguard can
never be a friend, ma'am.
- How far have you reached?
What is happening there?
We reached 41/2 hours ago.
I have kept the luggage at home.
And right now, ma'am is
heading towards her class...
...and i am right behind her.
Too good.
- What is that commotion?
Ma'am, it's the college
girls screaming, ma'am.
Where is divya?
Ma'am, she is inside. She is busy.
What are you doing outside?
Go inside and stand
beside her. Go.
How can i go inside,
ma'am? - What?
That's your duty.
Do i have to guard ma'am's body... the ladies
toilet as well, ma'am?
Stand right there, outside.
Thank you, ma'am.
Meghna. Get down.
Otherwise if it
breaks under the weight...
...people will blame me.
Shravan, did you
receive my message?
He will always interfere...
good morning, sir.
Not sir. Bodyguard.
- Bodyguard?
Good morning, sir.
Good morning. Good morning.
Please sit down.
Sit down.
Please sit down.
Everybody sit...
what happened?
- I cannot sit, sir.
Why? Are you suffering from piles?
I am a bodyguard, sir.
And bodyguards don't sit.
- Not even in the morning?
I have to sit in the morning, sir.
Bodyguard? Whose bodyguard?
But as long as you
are in this classroom...
...consider yourself a student.
And quietly be seated here.
Sir, i cannot sit next to ma'am.
I cannot sit beside her
nor in front or at her back.
Then sit on my head.
But, lovely, please sit down.
Okay, ma'am.
Look if divya's father
wasn't a trustee of this college...
...i would've sent you out by now.
Okay, today we shall talk about
the challenges of globalization.
Now for a better part
of the last century...
...the very concept of
citizenship has been based...
...despite its many differences
has had one thing in common.
And for those of us who aren't
listening, the very concept...
get out.
- Bodyguard, sir.
Get out of my class.
- Bodyguard, sir.
I said leave!
Wonder when was the last
time he smiled. - In 1947.
Wow! What a model!
Men in black.
Really, man.
We will at least have to
get his uniform changed.
But how?
Lord, don't wake me up...
...until the morning
rays don't fall on my bum.
I wish that savita falls asleep on
me thinking of me as a mattress.
Lovely. Lovely.
Leave it.
Ma'am, he burnt my bum.
Take a look.
Aren't you ashamed to
use words like bum... front of the ladies?
If i don't call it a bum
then shall i call it rum, drum...
'pani-kum' or 'humdum'?
Lovely, you will find
a new pair of pants...
...but i won't find a
new pair of my bum.
You are not a bodyguard
but itch-guard, itch-guard.
Look ma'am.
I can see your
faces through my pants.
Look. Look.
Because he burnt it.
I burnt it? How can i
burn it? I was sleeping.
Ma'am, go and rest.
You have to go to
college tomorrow morning.
Savita, why are you going to sleep?
You don't have to go to college.
No uniform from tomorrow. Come on.
Sister divya. Sister divya.
What happened?
Sister divya, come quickly.
I will show you something.
What happened?
- Come on.
What happened?
Take a look.
There is just one way to
tighten loose clothes.
Exercise with stones...
...and make a body of stone.
What will you do
with this loose screw?
Gone with the wind.
New uniform again.
See, ma'am.
He awakened the tailor at night.
Made him work the entire night...
...and got a new
uniform stitched for himself.
How could i go to
college without the uniform?
- Nude.
You two get ready.
Go quickly. We are
getting late for college.
Mr. Mhatre, we found her.
But that bodyguard
is with her as well.
Oh no. Our entire plan was foiled.
He will drive me crazy.
We will have to do
something about this cement model.
Yes. Really - sure thing.
And the worst thing is that
i can't even tell father.
Otherwise he'll call me back.
Please do something.
I have an amazing idea.
Why don't we get him
busy somewhere else?
Meghna, i have an idea.
Call him up repeatedly
and convince him that... have fallen
madly in love with him.
Faster. More energy.
Full power, ma'am.
Legs higher, ma'am.
Okay, ma'am. You can go.
Tomorrow morning at 4 o'clock.
Goodnight, ma'ams.
Why did you stop?
You will keep doing
this until 4 o'clock.
What a torture!
Outside he tortures
me as a bodyguard...
...and here as a trainer.
God, i want to kill him.
We have to do something.
On the phone.
- Divya, no.
No way.
- Yes, way.
You are crazy.
- He will be.
The caller id of this
phone is restricted.
Instead of the number, only
private number is displayed.
I know that.
But the bodyguard
doesn't know that.
But, won't he recognize
your voice?
He will recognize it
only when he hears it.
Now listen.
Hello. Can i talk to
bodyguard lovely singh?
wait. What are you doing?
Stop, divya.
Private number.
Divya, no.
Private number.
Divya, stop.
Lovely, i will see who is
disrupting your practice.
I'll switch on the speaker.
Brother, it's some girl.
Girl? Why would a girl call me?
Brother, if girls don't
call you will boys call?
Who is this?
This is tsunami singh speaking.
What kind of a name is that?
Su for surender.
Na for narender.
Mi for milka.
Tsunami in short.
Is this bodyguard
lovely singh's phone?
No, it's a blackberry.
Who are you?
This is his girlfriend speaking.
Brother, it's your
girlfriend speaking. - Girlfriend?
I don't have a girlfriend.
If you call me again...
...i will turn you
into a punching bag.
Tell her that.
Did you hear?
That was bodyguard lovely
singh's personal statement.
Brother, when her
voice is so lovely...
...then she must be
lovely looking as well.
Sorry, sorry.
- You are so strange.
That's the punching bag and not me.
It's okay for starters.
Wait and watch now.
You are such a...
- what'll happen?
Madam, it's 4 o'clock.
Please get up.
It's mr. Sartaj's order.
Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
Get up, ma'am.
Divya, get up.
He's here.
Good morning, ma'am.
You have to go jogging, ma'am.
Then you have to go
to college, ma'am.
Get up, ma'am.
Please get up, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
Let's go, divya, or
else he will kill us.
Come on, come on, hurry up.
Hurry up.
Faster. Faster.
Yes, ma'am.
- What do i have to do?
Cross trainer.
Faster. Good. Very good.
I'm the winner.
Work out.
Tsunami. Tsunami. Tsunami.
Brother, is it...
- shut up!
...the same girl that
called last night?
If someone's troubling you,
don't answer the phone.
No need, ma'am. It's
just a wrong number.
Why don't you switch it off?
No one will switch off their phone.
Everyone will keep their phone on.
It's mr. Sartaj's order.
Your class is done for the day.
I have to teach
someone a lesson today.
Please. Good night.
- You may go.
You may leave now.
You too.
- Yes. I shall also leave?
Sir, i shall also leave?
Who is it?
Disconnected the call.
Try and call again.
Who are you and where...
- lovely...
- Lovely.
Yes, sir.
- Are you in your senses?
Yes, sir.
- Whom are you screaming at?
Sorry, sir. Someone's been
calling me repeatedly, sir.
What if it were a girl?
Would you have talked to
her similarly? - No, no, sir.
Where are both the girls?
Are they working out or not?
- Of course, sir.
You must also run.
- As you wish, sir.
Good, well done.
- Thank you, sir.
Sir also gets up so
early in the morning.
This is the only way to
handle this bodyguard.
What if he finds out?
You are always worried about
something that won't happen.
Good night.
Try again. Call him again.
Waiting for your call.
Divya, get up...
...otherwise that uniformed
hitler will scream at us again.
Oh god!
I will at least get
rid of his uniform today.
Not again.
"I am a crazy..."
parvati nambiyar.
Brother, some parvati
nambiyar is calling.
Who is parvati nambiyar?
Parvati nambiyar.
Private number.
Both have almost the same spelling.
These englishmen...
i told you so many
times not to call me.
Why do you call me?
Sorry, i couldn't control myself.
Actually the thing is that
all the girls in the college...
...are crazy about you.
Girls are crazy.
Your style, your sunglasses.
That uniform.
Killer style.
That uniform.
So hot.
I am always worried that...
...if you stop wearing that
uniform what will happen to me?
The truth is
because of these things... look like the only
man in the entire college.
Others look like children.
Please, always stay like this.
Promise me.
I am warning you for
the last time.
If you call me again
i won't spare you.
But how?
You don't know me.
I'm a bodyguard. I'ii find out.
They have turned me into a servant.
What is wrong, savita?
You are really happy to see me.
No, no, that bodyguard.
What is wrong with the bodyguard?
I just saw him without the uniform.
Aren't you ashamed?
You are jumping with joy at
seeing another man unclothed.
And when will you see me unclothed.
Not unclothed, without the uniform.
- Yes.
Lovely has quit his
job as a bodyguard.
Not job, duty.
Duty means obligation.
No one ever quits his obligations.
Lovely, is it your birthday today?
- No... yes, ma'am.
Today onwards,
everyday is my birthday.
Lovely, you didn't tell me
it is your birthday today.
Happy birthday to you.
A small gift for you.
Brother lovely.
Brother lovely.
Brother lovely, where are
you going leaving me behind?
What shall i do with this carrot?
That pervert.
Good morning.
- Hi. - hello.
Good morning. Hello.
Say it again.
- Hello.
- Hello!
- Hello.
- Hello
- Hello
darn it.
oh! What's this unique piece!
You know.
You are the only man here.
The rest are children.
'You seem like the only
man in this entire college.'
'The rest look like children.'
Say it again.
- What?
- Hello.
Hello. Hello.
Thank god.
Dear brother. I don't belong
to your category, brother.
But, sister, can i give
you a compliment? - Yes.
This is the first time lovely
singh was scared of someone.
Excuse me.
He's there.
Where are you?
You can't imagine how close i am.
Hello. Hello. Hello.
Say it again?
- Say what?
No, not you.
- Can't be her.
Where are you?
I just passed-by when you
were troubling that girl.
Just say i love you once.
I will show myself.
I have changed my appearance...
...and you still don't understand.
But you are looking hotter now.
So hot, yet so cool.
Cool. Bloody...
you think i am a fool...
in nursery school.
But you need some changes.
Why do you wear
sunglasses all the time?
Because your eyes
are so lovely, lovely.
So that my eyes are not seen.
Your smile is so lovely.
Because your heart is so lovely.
Just tell me your name.
How sweet!
My name... chhaya.
- Chhaya.
Chatra-chaya (under one's wings).
From today i am your enemy.
No one knows me by this name here.
He is done for.
Of course he is.
"Wonder what this secret is."
"Wonder what you have done."
"It's like you lit up my life."
"Wonder what this secret is."
"Wonder what you have done."
"It's like you've lit up my life."
"The moon and the stars
are nothing compared to you."
"You are more beautiful than them."
"I love you."
"Hey, i love you."
"We talk the entire day."
"Yet i feel it's not enough."
"I don't think of anyone else."
"You are the only
important one to me these days."
"I am the cloud."
"You are the sky."
"You are close but where are you?"
"You are not my
obsession but my passion."
"I love you."
"Sometimes i ask myself."
"Am i worthy of you?"
"But i do know one thing."
"After meeting you i've
changed into a better person."
"I learnt a little... from you."
"The ways of loving someone."
"The heart yearns only for you."
"I love you. - I
love you, i love you."
"I love you."
I love you, i love you."
"I love you."
I love you, i love you."
"Wonder what this secret is."
"Wonder what you have done."
"It's like you've lit up my life."
"The moon and the stars
are nothing compared to you."
"You are more beautiful than them."
"I love you."
- Hello.
Hello, chhaya. Hello.
Why are you screaming?
- I am at the disco.
You? At the disco?
- Ma'am is here.
I am doing my duty.
You are ma'am's tail.
Look i am warning you
stop roaming around
with that divya. - What?
Of course. That arrogant girl.
She shows off her wealth.
And... - chhaya, don't say
such things about divya ma'am.
What nice?
She has done only one
good thing in her life.
Made you her bodyguard.
Though only to show off.
Show off? The poor
girl doesn't know that...
...her life is in danger.
Yeah, right.
- Honestly.
She can be attacked any minute.
What nonsense!
Look. Chhaya,
don't say such things...
...about divya ma'am. Please.
Seems like ma'am is in danger.
Danger? It's okay.
Disconnect the call.
Disconnect the call.
- Disconnect the call.
Out. Everybody out. Get out.
I'm doing a favor on you.
I'm leaving you alive.
Get lost.
You are done for.
- Lovely.
Chhaya, i am sorry, chhaya.
I screamed at you.
i understood everything about you.
That means now you won't say
anything about divya ma'am.
I know everything, lovely.
I love you.
I love you, lovely.
"I love you."
Bodyguard, ma'am.
Do me a favor...
...never do me a favor.
Ma'am, this
nightclub is dead, ma'am.
You have to get up at 4
o'clock in the morning. Please.
Actually, lovely, i
am grateful to you.
Thank you - but why did
you take divya to the club?
Actually, sir, divya
madam and her friends...
if she wasn't listening to you... could have called me.
I made a mistake.
That's not good.
Didn't you see?
He came here as soon
as he heard the news...
...about the attack on his daughter.
Mr. Bindra, ranjan
mhatre's brother, vikrant... a dangerous man.
He won't remain quiet about
his younger brother's death.
He will surely do something.
This is not a good thing.
Mr. Sartaj...
...regardless of how many...
...and whatever kind
of enemies you have... long as lovely singh is
with you they need to worry.
You don't have to worry at all.
I am a father after all.
I am worried.
But i trust him as well.
If i didn't trust him...
...i wouldn't have handed
such a valuable treasure to him.
Sir, as soon as
the college is over...
...i will return your valuable
treasure to you safe and sound.
That's my promise.
What are you staring at?
I didn't send them there to die.
They went there willingly.
Knowing that he
alone had the upper-hand.
Why did he have to act smart?
But who is he?
Where did he come from?
He is balwant singh's son...
...whose father sacrificed
his life for sartaj singh.
The same blood is
running in his veins too.
There is a time for everything.
It's his time now.
Let our time come.
I will surely meet him.
But not now.
First i am sending a gift for you.
Bodyguard lovely singh.
Divya. What happened?
Are you okay?
Where is lovely?
Tsunami was saying that...
...they have gone to
the girl's hostel.
Girl's hostel?
"My name is chhaya."
- chhaya?
Ma'am, we are looking for chhaya...
...and not for you. Please leave...
- whatever.
"My name is chhaya."
"Youthful chhaya..."
blind people.
"My name is chhaya." - this isn't
the airport but the girl's hostel.
- Chhaya is an educated girl.
She will come as soon
as she reads this board.
This way...
- "my name is chhaya..."
lovely. Lovely. Lovely.
Why are you repeating my name?
I can see it clearly.
The way you stroking her name...
...when you find her, you will
do the same with her cheeks.
Watch just that much.
Don't look any further down.
Brother, forget about that
and think of the future.
Tell me, are you
sure she will call you?
The girl that said "i
love you" to me yesterday...
...will surely call me.
- What are you doing?
Brother, i suggest that you
take that girl's room number.
It will be easier
for us to find her.
Go and take her picture.
Just a second.
- Not mine you...
take your sister-in-law's picture.
Brother, the sister, sister-in-law?
I am confused.
What are you doing in my
hostel early in the morning?
Chhaya, you live in this hostel?
I was just passing-by.
What is your floor number,
room number, phone number?
Very funny.
As if i am going to tell you.
Fine, that's okay. Don't tell me.
I am not in a hurry.
Take your time.
Oh, it's itching.
I just passed by a while ago.
You didn't recognize me.
Who is that huge girl?
- What is the hurry?
I will see you soon.
What's wrong in waiting
for a while?
Yes. I know.
What are you asking on the phone?
We will speak when we meet.
Chhaya chhaya... everywhere.
You always talk on the phone.
Won't you come meet me?
I cannot meet you.
- Why are you standing outside?
And in abundance.
So what if you waited for a while?
I wish i was a mobile as well.
Lovely, you are really lucky.
Chhaya. Chhaya. Chhaya.
- Lovely, that's amazing.
Chhaya there as well.
- I miss you?
Chhaya. Chhaya.
- But i cannot meet you.
You will have to come see me.
- Hey. - chhaya.
Girls, thief!
Beat him. Beat him.
- I am not a thief.
Fatso. Bag of potatoes.
I am not a thief. - Catch him.
Beat him.
Save me.
Someone save me.
Someone please save me.
What did i get myself stuck into.
Why are you beating me?
It's his idea.
- Whose?
Fatso, his?
- Whose?
Where is the bodyguard?
You dare lie?
Beat him. Beat him. Beat him.
Take your shoes out.
Beat him.
They beat me black and blue.
Who are they?
Who is she, brother?
- Savita.
Savita, do you have a twin sister?
- Why?
He's seeing double of everything.
And i can see four of
thing's that are double. - Stupid.
Come on.
- Pay the taxi driver.
What is wrong with you?
Ma'am, the girls at
the girls' hostel...
...beat me up so badly
and they hit me in places...
...that i can neither see nor touch.
Why did you go to the
girl's hostel?
All this happened and
what were you doing there?
I will tell you.
I was getting beaten up...
...and he slipped out of there.
Come, let's go to the bedroom.
Savita, apply some
ointment on my delicate body.
Phone. Where is my phone?
Sorry, ma'am.
Ma'am, i have a request.
- Yes.
I can't find my phone.
Will you please give a miss call?
Please give a miss call
fine, i will do it.
Please. Thank you madam.
your phone.
Return it soon.
I am in the mood today.
Thank you, ma'am.
I found my phone. Thank you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Today my phone saved you...
...but how long can you escape?
What are you doing, divya?
What are you doing?
I love him.
Are you mad?
Don't be a fool, divya.
You know, right?
The day your father finds
out about this what then?
What's wrong with him?
What's wrong in it?
Divya, it's wrong
to play this game.
It's wrong to lie.
It's even wrong to deceive someone.
And it's wrong to
fall in love like this.
This is true love.
He doesn't love you,
he loves chhaya.
I wish i were chhaya.
Then go now and tell him.
More than losing chhaya...
...the fact that you are
chhaya will hurt him more.
Divya. Lovely can never be yours.
Because he looks up to
your father like god.
He will never break his trust.
If he finds out that you love him...
...he will hand you
over to your father.
That's why the
sooner you end this game...
...the lesser it will hurt.
Lovely. Note down her address.
- Hello.
- Hi, chhaya.
How did you call so early today?
I couldn't sleep the entire night.
- Me too.
Lovely, i want to meet you.
- Today?
No, not today.
- Sunday?
What's on sunday?
She wants to meet.
I am not free on sunday.
You can go meet her.
And do tell her that
tsunami will see her on monday.
Hold on, i will
confirm with my ma'am.
He is coming up.
Divya ma'am, any special
plans for sunday? - No.
I have to go see the doctor.
No, if you have
any special program...
...then i can go later as well.
It's fine. You can go.
Thank you, ma'am.
So tell me where we
have to meet on sunday.
Summer park 5 o'clock.
- Done.
Listen. Don't bring divya along.
I can't even tell her.
But how sweet!
Ma'am has given me permission.
- Fine.
Then sunday at 5 o'clock.
When did you learn?
- In my mother's womb.
Brother, did you tell her that...
...i will meet her on monday?
- Well done.
I won't spare her.
"Today i entered the ring of love."
"Play the native beats."
"I will take you away
with me in broad daylight."
"Play the native beats."
"Your eyes are shooting arrows."
"Today i entered the ring of love."
"Play the native beats."
"Your eyes are lovely."
"Eyebrows are mesmerizing."
"Give me the order."
"And i will marry you right away."
"You are my love."
"And i am your beloved."
"Leave the world
behind and come to me."
"The path of love."
"Is not an easy one."
"I have lost my peace and slumber."
"I will announce it
to the whole world."
"Play the native beats."
"Your eyes are shooting arrows."
"Today i entered the ring of love."
"Play the native beats."
"Turn the track you
got the desi beat."
"The beats been loud
to get on your feet."
"Better keep the music popping,
gotta feel the heat."
"Put your hands in the
air if you're down with me."
"My condition is similar to yours."
"My life is wherever you are."
"I accept that you are
the only one for me."
"I have devoted my life to you."
"I want to dwell in your eyes."
"You've bewitched me."
"Now i just want to be yours."
"I will take you away
with me in broad daylight."
"Play the native beats."
"Your eyes are shooting arrows."
"Today i entered the ring of love."
"Play the native beats."
"Turn the track you
got the desi beat."
"Better keep the music popping,
gotta feel the heat.
Put your hands in the air
if you're down with me."
"Turn the track you
got the desi beat."
Rock it, buddy.
Yes, madam.
- Oh, you are ready.
Come, we need to go
buy some books.
Today is sunday.
Oh, god. Today is sunday.
You had to go see the doctor,
isn't it? - Yes.
But that's fine.
I will come along with
you to buy the books.
I will go see the doctor later.
No, no, it's important
to go see the doctor.
I will come along with you.
Ma'am, i... was
meeting the doctor outside.
Meeting him outside?
- Yes, ma'am.
What kind of a doctor is this?
He's a nice doctor.
What is his name?
He doesn't have a designated name.
That's why we all call him doctor.
He's a nice doctor.
Lovely, did anyone
ever tell you that... are a failure at lying?
- Yes, ma'am.
Tell me, what is the reason?
Actually, i am
going to see a friend.
Friend or girlfriend?
- You never told us.
Who is she?
She is from the college, ma'am.
She is from our college.
Yes, ma'am.
You sly guy.
Do you love her a lot?
- Yes, ma'am.
Does she know?
Do you have a photo of
hers that you can show us?
I haven't seen her, ma'am.
- What?
And yet you love her so much?
- Yes.
What if you don't like
her after you see her?
We like someone
from the heart, ma'am.
We love someone from
the heart, as well.
Fine, go. - Just a second, madam.
Ma'am, i'll just
go tuck in my shirt.
Yes, ma'am.
If you don't mind, can i
come with you? - Okay, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
- Why?
Will she be furious seeing me?
Fine, i will watch
from a distance. Promise.
- Okay, ma'am.
Madam, is this shirt
right for this occasion.
- Thank you, madam?
a lot.
I have talked to her many times.
But right now... face to face...
i don't have the
confidence to talk to her.
It concerns my wife and life.
Today you need a bodyguard.
Okay, consider me
chhaya and talk to me.
Consider you chhaya?
No, ma'am.
There's no comparison
between you and chhaya.
In front of you... not possible.
- What not possible?
Don't be so stupid.
You love her so much
though you haven't seen her.
I feel she's your soul mate.
And if you say
something absurd to her...
...and if she leaves you forever...
...what will happen to you, lovely?
Come on, give me your hands.
Come on.
Hello, ma'am... divya. Chhaya.
How do you do?
How are you?
I am lovely singh reporting.
Are you introducing
yourself to the girl's father...
Look into my eyes.
And you will
automatically convey your feelings.
That's even more difficult, ma'am.
Nothing is
impossible in love, lovely.
Coming, ma'am. Coming.
Sorry, ma'am.
Chhaya... you do love me, don't you?
I hope you are not joking.
When you said that you love me...
...i couldn't say anything.
But it felt nice.
I love you, too.
I love you.
Say the same thing to her honestly.
She will be yours forever.
Chhaya is a very
lucky girl, lovely.
Thank you.
See, i did a wrong thing
so the tree punished me.
It's okay.
Come here, hide.
What do they say?
Won't you wish me 'all the best'?
All the best.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Hello, chhaya.
Is the network proper?
Chhaya, i am waiting for you
in the garden under the sun...
...wearing blue jeans
and checkered shirt.
Can you see me?
I never want to see you again.
I told you not to
bring divya along, right?
What kind of a
reason is that, chhaya?
You're joking with me, aren't you?
Why did you bring her
along when i asked you not to?
She didn't have any
wrong intention.
She just wanted to see you.
I saw everything that...
...was happening before i arrived.
Chhaya, how can you doubt me?
I had explained you that divya...
no need to say anything, lovely.
You broke my trust.
- Chhaya.
I will never call you again.
Forget me.
Forget everything
that has ever happened.
What happened? Is she coming late?
Actually it's my fault.
I was talking to her the
entire night on the phone... she's tired.
She will call me tomorrow.
She knows that i am here,
doesn't she?
No. Not at all.
I am sorry.
Divya ma'am,
she will call me today.
She surely will. 100 percent.
Chhaya loves me, divya ma'am.
"Our love story is
a difficult one."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
"This is a new story
of a boy and a girl."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
"Our love story is a difficult one."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
"We separated though we
were made for each other."
"Our love story is
a difficult one."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
"The whole day will pass."
"The entire night will pass."
"Your thoughts
trouble me every moment."
"This anguish wants the distance
between you and me to disappear."
"We separated though we
were made for each other."
"Each and every moment we
shared was filled with joy."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
"This is a new story
of a boy and a girl."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
Brother, can i say something?
I'm really scared.
What if savita
turns out to be chhaya?
Hello, chhaya.
- Hello.
I knew that you would surely call.
Lovely. I wanted to talk
to you for the last time.
I know... there's
something restraining you.
But, chhaya, you
will have to meet me.
I will come.
Maybe we should get
married soon, lovely.
Yes, chhaya.
We will get married soon.
Fine, then we will meet in an
hour at the railway station.
One hour?
Chhaya, i have to go
drop divya ma'am home.
It will take me around nine hours.
It will be too late
until then, lovely.
My family would have
taken me away by then.
But, chhaya, i
won't be able to come.
But... - chhaya, right now
nothing is more important to me...
...than divya ma'am's safety.
Not even me?
I will wait for you at the
railway station, lovely.
I am much more
troubled then you are.
I will call you later.
You heard everything, ma'am.
But don't worry.
I will first drop you home safely...
...and then go see chhaya.
Duty comes first, ma'am.
Adter all, i am a bodyguard, ma'am.
You called him.
I called him... because i
cannot live without him.
He will wait for chhaya
at the railway station.
And here he will take me home.
How is that possible?
Tell him everything, divya.
Go with him.
Go from here.
There is no other way.
I will handle everything.
Yes, savita.
What are you saying, savita?
Yes, mr. Sartaj.
Tsunami, give the phone to lovely.
Lovely and divya ma'am
are coming separately.
And the three of us
are coming seperately.
Hello, lovely.
What am i hearing?
That you are eloping with divya?
I am sure you will never
resort to such a cheap thing.
But still i want you
to hear it from you.
He disconnected it, didn't he?
I told you.
But no one believes me.
Madam, please come inside.
- Lovely.
Move aside.
Lovely, listen to me...
leave me.
Look lovely.
Our main target is
sartaj and his family.
We don't have any enmity with you.
I can do a favor to you.
I can let you leave from here alive.
Do me a favor, never do me a favor.
Madam, sorry madam.
Dont worry, madam.
I don't have any enmity with
you but with your brother.
If you want to save yourself... yourself a favor...
...go away from here.
And don't every come back again.
I won't go back.
Or spare my brother's murderer.
I pray the right one wins.
For us we are the heroes.
And you are the heroes
in your view.
Hey, bodyguard.
There was your father...
...who gave up his life
to save mine.
And then there's you...
...who is trying to snatch my
life from me... - no, father.
It's not his fault.
He saved my life.
What do you think?
He was eloping with me.
The girl he loves is
waiting for him at the station.
Yes, sir.
- Please let him go.
Divya ma'am is right.
Someone is waiting for me.
We love each other immensely, sir.
With your permission.
Please, father.
You go.
- But, mr. Sartaj...
you go, lovely.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, divya ma'am.
I will miss all of you.
'Right then, there was just
one thought in lovely's mind.'
'To give up his life.'
'And if i hadn't reached the
station at the right time... '
'... that's exactly what
he might have done.'
We are about to reach.
Get ready quickly.
- Okay, father.
The train arriving on...
welcome, welcome, welcome.
That's enough. What are you doing?
Come, son.
Come on. Let's go. Come.
Sir. He's here.
Come in.
Lie down, sir.
- I thought you won't come.
How is that possible?
How could i not come?
- Bless you.
Sit down.
I am really happy to
hear about your progress.
Thank you, sir.
I heard that you are
going to canada. - Yes, sir.
For a few months.
I couldn't control myself.
That's why i called you here.
Sorry for the trouble i caused.
You are my master.
Everyone's good wishes
are with you.
You will get well soon.
You didn't ask about divya.
I was about to, sir.
How is she?
She must be in london
with her husband, isn't it?
Is she happy?
How many children does she have?
Divya isn't in london.
She is right there.
Bodyguard lovely
singh reporting, ma'am.
How are you, divya ma'am?
When did you arrive from london?
Are your husband and
children here with you too?
Divya... didn't get married.
Didn't get married?
But... your marriage... in london.
Sir, i would always
tell my wife that...
"...only a man that has
earned many merits..."
"...can be fortunate enough to
have divya ma'am as his wife."
I couldn't find such a boy.
And when she found one herself...
...i couldn't recognize him.
Ma'am. I could never imagine that...
...i would see you like this.
Your son is here too, isn't it?
Where is he?
I thought that when he
grows up he will be like you.
Bless you.
Sartaj, did you recognize her?
That's aunt divya.
'Poor divya.'
'She could've never imagined... '
'... what happened with
her that day.'
'She had to lie to her
father to save lovely's life.'
'That you tried to snatch my
life from... - no, father.'
'What do you think? '
'He was eloping with me.'
'The girl he loves is
waiting for him at the station.'
'You go, lovely.'
'Mr. Sartaj, do you think
he is speaking the truth? '
'He always speaks the truth.'
'But someone's lying.'
- Yes, sir.'
'Go to the station
and take a look.'
'Lf there's really a
girl then let him go.'
'Otherwise... '
'yes, sir.'
'Divi, are you okay? '
'I don't know how savita
found out everything.'
'Maya, you will have to go
to the station right now... '
'... where lovely is waiting for me.'
'What, me? But...
- lovely's life is in danger.'
'Dad has instructed his men... '
'... to shoot lovely if they
don't see a girl with him.'
'Oh my god.'
'That is why i am
sending you there.'
'Because if chhaya
doesn't make it there... '
'... then lovely might do
something to himself.'
'Go and tell him the truth.'
'That i am chhaya.'
'But, divya, why
will he believe me? '
'Of course he will.'
'I would've have
called him myself... '
'... but i lost his phone.'
'I suggest that i will call
you and explain him everything.'
'Go on.'
'Yes, give the signal.
Just a minute.'
'Mister. This is the last train.'
'Maya, you could have tried telling
me once that you are chhaya.'
'Lovely, chhaya is... '
'divya's friend maya is with him.'
'I did something with my friend... '
'... which no one does
even to their enemy.'
'But i wasn't that fortunate... '
'... to have a husband
like your father.'
'I brought him far away from
this world, those people... '
'... where no one could find us.'
'And then i was
punished for my doing.'
'My ailment will soon
put an end to my life.'
'I will be with you
two for a few more days.'
'You will find this
diary only after i am gone.'
'Son, throw this diary
away after reading it.'
'Because i never want
your father to hate me.'
You aren't asleep yet.
I am not sleepy.
Are you crying?
- No.
Why are you lying?
Your father couldn't lie either.
Tell me why are you crying?
I am missing my mother.
I am right here.
Are you angry with my mother?
Angry? No.
I am slightly hurt that
she didn't try to meet me.
Nothing else.
Forgive her.
I already forgave her.
Thank god.
That i lived long
enough to apologize to you.
To see you happy.
And... meet this junior sartaj.
We will come see you often, sir.
Just look adter yourself.
Son. Say goodbye to aunt divya.
Go. Go. Go.
I will say bye on
only one condition...
...if you come see me again soon.
Can i call you mother?
Why not?
Then come with us as my mother.
Son. Say sorry.
Say sorry to divya ma'am.
Say sorry now.
Say sorry.
Sartaj. Sartaj.
Sir, he is a very decent boy.
I don't know why
he misbehaved today.
He didn't misbehave, son.
He has a clear conscience.
His intentions are
clear just like yours.
The truth us, son... he has said...
...what i wanted to.
But... i couldn't
muster the courage.
Son, will you...
...accept my daughter?
Bless you. Bless you.
Where is he?
Where were you?
I had gone to the toilet, father.
There's a bathroom in
the train as well, come on.
Where were you?
Bless you. Bless you.
Bodyguard lovely singh reporting.
"I love you."
"Our love story is
a difficult one."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
"This is a new story
of a boy and a girl."
When you find her, you will
do the same with her cheeks.
"It's impossible to convey
it in a few words."
I will come along with you.
No, there is no need for that.
"Our love story is a difficult one."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
Brother, don't
forget to do one thing...
"we separated though we
were made for each other."
"Our love story is
a difficult one."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
He will recognize my voice.
- Sorry.
So sorry, i am sorry.
"The whole day will pass."
"The entire night will pass."
"Your thoughts
trouble me every moment."
"This anguish wants the distance
between you and me to disappear."
"We separated though we
were made for each other."
"Our love story is
a difficult one."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
"This is a new story
of a boy and a girl."
"It's impossible to
convey it in a few words."
Arrogant girl. Arrogant girl.
"You are there in my every thought.
You are there in my every dream."
Action. - "it's impossible
to convey it in a few words."
(D D R)