Bodyguard: A New Beginning (2008) Movie Script

Mr Wong! Mr Wong!
Mr Wong are you ok?
I am fine.
Leung! The police are coming!
Are you ok?
I am fine, thanks for your concern.
Once again,
I was fortunate you were there.
I was only doing my job.
I heard what happened.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
For months now we've known...
...that Kai has been trying
to move in on our territory.
The longer you leave it...
...the stronger he will grow.
And you are sending
a signal to Kai...
...and the other bosses...
...that you are losing power...
...making yourself and us look
like an embarrassment.
I will take care of this.
- When?
- In my own time.
You're running out of time.
You may go.
How would you like
to deal with this matter?
Mr. Wong, wonderful
that you could join us.
I hope you don't mind
I took the liberty of making some calls.
I thought it was a great opportunity
for all of us to get acquainted.
Just go to the point.
What do you want?
It's in my best...
all our best interests... coexist peacefully.
I only came to show respect,
not cause trouble.
I know my place.
If you knew your place
you wouldn't be here.
We don't like foreigners.
Respectfully, on the even
of your 10th anniversary...
...of independence
from British rule...
I have a new vision...
...that can take us to the next level
of wealth and prosperity...
...a supply of valuable goods...
...that I need to have distributed.
And that's where you come in.
We don't need you to deal drugs.
Well, I know you don't have
access to the source...
...even if you wanted to distribute it.
We are not interested.
I certainly don't want
to see your drugs on my streets.
I understand your reluctance...
...but it's a no-brainer.
Think about the gain.
He has a point...
...why don't we collaborate?
Shut up! Watch your mouth.
Enough! This meeting is over.
I don't trust this man
and neither should you.
...I won't ask you again.
You choose your words
carefully, Kai.
Or else what, little boy?
Sir sir sir.
No. Sir sir sir.
Bloody foreigners...
Kai's got some nerve.
He's not the first and he won't be last.
His goods are attractive
and will tempt many.
We must be cautious.
If his drugs are sold on my streets,
I'll fucking kill him.
Boss he's got a point.
I heard you were stepping down.
Bullshit, who said that?
I'm not going to be around forever.
However, if I step down I will
ensure that stability is maintained.
Let's go.
Hey, Shen.
Unlike Wong and others...
...I believe in alliance.
It would be good for all of us.
I can help you...
...but you have much to learn.
So help me...
...and tell me why you're here.
You know nothing
of the relationship...
...between Wong and my father?
Look, spare me the family
history lesson...
Shut up and listen.
My father stayed alive
for one reason...
...the information
he had on Wong.
Tell me.
I'm no fool.
You think that information
comes with no price?
So name it.
You call me when
the price is ready.
I'll have something
for you then.
This stays between us.
Is that clear?
Kai was behind the attack at the office.
I don't want this turning into a gang war.
I have seen too much bloodshed.
I've held power for 40 years...
I'd hoped that my son,
Yuen, would take over.
But he's not ready...
the men won't follow him.
How long have you worked for me?
Almost 12 years.
Time goes by so quickly,
you've served me well.
There are not many I can trust,
but you are very loyal.
Thank you Mr Wong.
I'm getting old. I'm tired.
When I step aside I am worried that
the wrong person will take over.
That's why everyone will be
watching us closely.
Anyway, it doesn't matter
as long as you're here to help.
We have a deal?
What do you have for me?
My father kept it
locked in a safe... case Wong ever
turned against him.
- Who is she?
- I don't know.
But you're a resourceful man.
She could be anybody.
You consider this information?
My father would not
have kept this...
...if it was useless.
Understand this, Kai... not underestimate Wong.
If you push him...
...he will fight back
with great force.
Don't worry about me.
You just better hope
this is worth something.
There's a very private matter
I would like you to help me with.
This girl...
...lives in England.
I want you to go over and watch her...
protect her.
But Mr Wong, we have lots of men.
You are the only one I trust.
When do I leave?
And the situation with the Japanese
man, who will help you deal with him?
I will deal with him.
I don't want her caught up in any of this.
Whomever I choose as my successor,
they will be fortunate... have you by their side.
Mr Wong can I ask you something?
Of course.
When you step down I want to leave too.
What you ask is very difficult.
There's no easy exit.
You of all people should know that.
But if you do this thing for me,
I'll find you a way out of this life.
Yuen thinks he's all that, but he's weak.
He's nothing without his father.
Got a light?
Next time watch what you say.
When you land a contact will meet
you with details of her whereabouts.
I understand Mr Wong.
Remember only make contact with her
if you have to.
I've held power for 40 years...
I'd hoped my son,
Yuen, would take over.
But he's not ready.
The men won't follow him.
Shut the fuck up!
What's wrong with you?
Oh, yeah, you're a pretty boy.
Oh, that's what
it's gonna be, right?
Oh, yeah, this is
how it's gonna be, yeah?
Hiding behind your
big guys, you hero?
Bloody foreigner.
Come on, bring it on. Come.
What now? Come!
Get out of here.
Your attitude the other day...
I was impressed.
You didn't really threaten me...
...but I was impressed...
...that fire.
...and you can take
your father's business...
...farther than he ever imagined.
When you land a contact will meet
you with details of her whereabouts.
Remember only make contact with her
if you have to.
Such a shame...
...we've drifted so far apart.
And whose fault is that?
You ask me to help you out
with the business...
I try and help you out with
the business.
But no matter what I do
I'm just not good enough.
And you're
full of criticism.
You'd rather look
at your bodyguard for help...
...than you would
your own son.
I offer my advice,
but you don't listen to me.
The men that were once
by your side...
...are now laughing
behind your back.
The bosses that sit
around your table...
...are eating off Kai's.
And maybe
you do need somebody... step in your place.
And would that someone be you?
When Kai says
that you're losing power...
...and maybe we need a new god,
maybe he's right.
Maybe I should
stand in your place.
Maybe we do need
a new organization.
Listen to me.
For as long as I live... will never take over...
He's too old, he's not capable.
What are you staring at?
What are you saying?
What did you say?
Oh, fuck off, you idiot.
I'll call you back.
Bitch! Disrespect me!
Fucking get off me!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Please! Please get off me!
Please get off me!
You came to the right place.
Trust me, you're the last person
I'd want to come to.
It was an accident.
She just wouldn't
stop screaming.
If my father finds out
about this...
I'm out.
You'll be all right.
We'll take care of it.
Watch it.
Oh, I am.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa!
Understand something, Kai...
...this is a partnership.
Is that clear?
No problem.
Whether people like it or not,
I'm his natural successor.
I'm stepping up.
I need some force
for him to step down...
...a little bit of external pressure.
But if any harm
comes to him, Kai...
...I'm coming after you.
So why the sudden
change of heart?
He's jaded...
...attached to traditions
that have no meaning or place... this world.
Don't be too hard on him.
He's just old.
You sure you want to do this?
You know this has consequences.
Kai, I don't need advice.
This is business, that's all.
I admire your conviction.
What is this?
I was hoping you could tell me.
Just give me the bag back.
You've had your fun.
Come and get it.
Give it back!
Who the fuck are you?
This ain't none of your business.
What the fuck
is your problem?
Someone's got to know
who she is.
I want to know
who the fuck she is.
Get out of here!
Hey, woman... Customer.
Hey, he's not gonna
bleeding serve himself, is he?
Now go on.
Are you following me?
Look, if it's a reward
you're after...
...then you've come
to the wrong place...
'cause I don't have
any money.
I can't bloody pay rent.
Well, do you want
to order something?
Just sit there then, freak.
Okay, listen...
...I hate being in debt to anyone.
I finish in an hour.
After that I'll buy you dinner.
Then I don't owe you anything.
I'll take that as a yes.
Leung is in London.
So why should I care if Wong's
bodyguard is in the UK?
Because you find Leung... find the girl.
Yeah, well,
I'll make some calls.
Leung shouldn't be
too hard to track.
Kai, don't underestimate Leung.
He's a man of exceptional ability.
There's a reason
why my father has been... well protected
over the years.
You don't talk much, do you?
Do you even understand
what I'm saying?
You don't speak English,
do you?
Well, that explains a lot.
It would be nice to know
your name at least.
What do you want, Marvin?
I've just come out
for some fresh air.
Look, just 'cause I owe you money
for my rent...
...doesn't mean I have to prostitute
myself to you.
Yeah, but you know
you want it, don't you?
Hey, you will
if you want your paycheck.
You fucking...
...what do you
fucking want now?
Let's get out of here.
Um, so...
...this is me.
...have a seat.
So if you want
a drink or anything...'s in there. And...
I'm gonna go upstairs
and change my clothes.
So I'll be back
in one minute.
What are you two
doing in here?
I need to know
where this girl is.
You know, you've got...'ve got some dirt
on your shoulder.
I can wash that off
for you if you want.
Stand up.
I'll just be a sec.
What the hell is this?
Get away.
Stay there.
Why have you got photos of me... your jacket?
I'm calling the police.
You speak English?
Your life is in danger.
What? What the hell
are you talking about?
Kai's men found us.
We're hiding in a motel.
Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
And Chloe?
She's ok.
Her safety is of great importance.
Understood Mr. Wong...
...but she's asking questions
which I don't know how to answer.
Tell her not to worry.
I will make arrangements
for your return.
I understand Mr. Wong.
So who are those guys...
...and what do they want?
I don't know.
You don't know
or you won't tell me?
All I know is that I'm here
to protect you.
So you don't know...
...from who or what...'re supposed to be
protecting me?
I need a drink.
I don't think
it's a good idea.
Did I ask you
for your opinion?
I don't even know you.
Somebody just tried to kill me.
I've been running
for most of the day...
...from people
I've never seen before.
You've dragged me here.
I don't have any of my stuff.
So I think I deserve
just a moment... have a drink...
...and a chance to calm down.
So who is this Wong guy?
Mr. Wong is my boss...
...and I'm his bodyguard.
That must be fun...
...risking your life every day...
...for stupid rich people.
It's my job.
I'm going to the bathroom.
I don't need you
to come with me.
I'm a big girl now.
What, are you my shadow?
Can I get a bit
of privacy, please?
Get out!
What are you doing?
Do you want to die?
I'm here to help you.
I'm trying to protect you.
You understand?
I don't need you
to protect me.
I don't need anyone.
Since you came into my life,
it's turned to shit.
Fine. I don't care if you die.
Stay with me.
Have a seat.
You may need some help.
I know two brothers
trained by my father...
...worth their weight in gold.
I'll get them
to give you a call.
Make the call.
We'll see why they're
so special.
Gentlemen... come highly recommended.
Follow me.
What's on your mind?
What do you want
from me, Chloe?
I'm here to protect you.
Yuen, someone on our side
is working for Kai.
A traitor?
Yes we have him
trapped in a warehouse.
I want you to deal
with this matter personally.
Do you know who the traitor is?
Another thing, I don't want anyone
knowing about this.
Ok, I understand.
I am on my way.
What's wrong?
It was a mistake.
How could you... own son,
my own flesh and blood?
Your son?
I am your son...
...but I'm nothing more to you
than an employee.
You ask me to work for you...
I work for you.
You ask me to kill
for you... I kill for you.
Everything I do,
I do for you.
You see this girl?
I owe her mother my life.
And now you have put
her life in danger.
Do you really
hate me that much?
This isn't about you.
This is about business.
You betrayed me.
You dishonored your own triad.
You know the rules... must die.
I'm your only son.
You lose me...
you lose everything.
I never want
to see you again...
I don't have a son anymore.
To me you are dead.
I can fix it.
It's not too late.
It's not too late!
I just need you need
to chill out a bit.
You know, relax.
Do you have any family?
Wong is my family.
I'm here to do a job,
not make friends.
You don't get the girl.
Get the fuck out of town.
You want me to stop?
I make deals
in this town.
I'm calling this off.
You hear me?
You're such a little bitch.
All you got is requests and attitude.
- You fucking know who I am.
- Yeah, I know who you are.
You're a fucking
raping punk.
You're pathetic.
Come back when you grow up,
little boy.
Your dad doesn't even
want you.
What do you want us
to do with him?
Don't kill him.
Wong won't take him back.
Just put him on the streets.
They'll take care of him.
Get out of here.
Focus and you can take
your father's business...
...farther than he
ever imagined.
For as long as I live,
you will never take over...
Grow up, little boy.
Your dad doesn't even want you.
You see this girl?
I owe her mother my life.
And now you have put
her life in danger.
You know the rules...
you must die.
Get off me, please!
I don't have a son anymore.
To me you are dead!
What do you want?
What? What?
What is it?
I don't want this turning into a gang war.
I have seen too much bloodshed.
What we discussed, prepare the men.
It's time to send a message to Kai.
Do you understand?
Sir, we're sorry.
It all happened so fast.
We need to get you somewhere safe
so you can lie low.
My girl.
No no no.
Get out!
Get the fuck out!
No! No!
We do what we must to survive... protect our way of life.
Mr Wong, it's Leung.
We board in one hour.
Can I speak to Chloe?
I'm sorry you got
dragged into all this.
Who are you?
How do you know me?
I want answers.
As soon as you get to Hong Kong
I will tell you everything.
When you arrive in Hong Kong
don't trust anyone.
Go straight to the safehouse.
I understand.
It's good to see you Leung.
I've brought Chloe as you requested.
Why have you
brought me here?
Please sit down.
I'll tell you everything.
It's all right.
You were two years old
when I met your mother.
We were very much in love...
...and we were married.
You were married
to my mother?
But soon after that...
...during one of my triad wars...
...she was killed... front of my very eyes.
And as she was dying
in my arms...
...she made me promise her...
...that the same thing
doesn't happen to you.
So why have I never
heard of you before?
Because of my life
with the triads...
I didn't want
to bring you up myself.
I had you adopted.
But I never gave up on you.
I always kept watch on you.
I always knew
that you were all right.
It was all for your protection.
For my protection?
Do you expect me
to thank you?
You abandoned me.
You came back here
to save yourself.
That's why I sent Leung
to protect you.
That's why
you're here today.
She died because of you.
I just didn't want
the same thing... happen to you.
I can't hear any more.
Mr Wong can I ask you something?
When you step down I want to leave too.
What you ask is very difficult.
There is no easy exit.
But if you do this thing for me,
I'll find you a way out of this life.
I have a meeting with the other
bosses to discuss Kai.
You don't need to worry.
I will look after Chloe.
Take care.
They have arrived.
- We need to leave now.
- Where are we going?
You what?
We're not married, right?
Yeah, just checking.
That means I don't have to
listen to your shit.
Now you get this job done
while I'm still laughing.
You can thank me later
for this reunion.
Hi, Daddy.
Bye, Daddy.
What have you both
got to miss?
He wasn't there
when you were born.
He never held you.
And he never will.
I am sorry, Kai took Chloe.
I couldn't save her.
It doesn't matter, I will deal with it.
Mr Wong you can't go, I will handle it.
Kai wants to see me.
Tonight I will put an end to this.
I'll come with you.
Hello, Daddy.
Glad you could make it.
Look, Kai, this is between us,
nothing to do with her.
Don't you think it's a little late
for that, old man?
Tell your men
to stand down.
Relinquish your
territories to me.
No, please.
Let her go.
Like you let my daughter go?
You and I...
...we know in this business...
...there are no winners,
there are only losers.
You kill me or not...
makes no difference.
You will never take power.
You ok.
I'm fine.
Mr Wong?
Look after Chloe.
We are Triads...
...and this is the fate we have chosen.
What the fuck are you doing?
Come on, let's go.
What the fuck
does it take to kill you?
Get out of the fucking car!
You chickenshit.
You're dying. I'm dead.
What the fuck's
wrong with you?
Go ahead, you little fuck.
Come on!
Look at me.
Look at me!
I had more faith in you
than you had in yourself.
I guess like father
like son, huh?
You done?
Yeah, I'm done! Yeah!
Get up.
You can't leave me.
I need you.
You're okay. I'm here.
I won't let you down.
I'm sorry.