Bodysnatch (2018) Movie Script

[ominous music playing]
[object vibrating]
[distorted voice]
[vibrating vocalization]
[distorted voice]
[Ill Dr. Phil] Listen my
children and you shall hear,
a warning you must heed
before the fear.
One if by land,
two if by sea,
soon overtaken
we all will be.
[female dispatcher] We need
an officer en route to a 390
at the corner of
Broadripple and Carrollton.
[Ill Dr. Phil]
I have seen them,
I have faced them,
I have survived them.
[officer] Copy that.
Do we have a description?
[Ill Dr. Phil] A hyper-evolved
being with one mind, one pulse.
[dispatcher] Female,
brunette, mid to late 30s.
[Ill Dr. Phil] They manifest
themselves as you and me.
[dispatcher] Reported last trying
her keys in multiple vehicles.
[Ill Dr. Phil] If we're lucky,
they need only our resources.
If we're not...
All right, copy.
...they plan on complete extermination.
[officer] En route to
Broadripple and Carrollton.
[Ill Dr. Phil]
We can't know for certain,
but one thing I know,
trust no one.
We are not alone.
They are here,
but you can't see them.
They lie dormant amongst the
most familiar of us for now.
Trust no one!
The threat is real.
They're coming,
they're coming,
they're coming.
[loud vibration]
All right, step forward.
All right,
state your name.
Steven Carlton Marra, 23.
All right. Profile.
All right, there ya go.
Next. Come on.
State your name.
Jeremy Alan Phillips. 24.
All right. Profile.
All right, good.
All right, stay right there.
Come here, you.
All right. Now we need to get this on
camera for legal purposes, all right?
So repeat after me.
I, state your name.
- I, Steven Carlton Marra.
- I, Jeremy Alan Phillips.
Will obey
every order given to me.
[both] Will obey every
order given to me.
Because there ain't
no mountain high enough.
Because there ain't
no mountain high enough.
Ain't no valley
low enough.
Come on, fellas, say it!
There ain't
no valley low enough.
To keep me from gettin'
To you, babe
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God!
I'm sorry,
this never gets old.
I'm just kidding.
We're family right, cuz?
Kind of.
You guys ever been
on a ride along before?
Look, I don't know
if you know this,
but Indy, it's one of the most
dangerous places in the nation.
- No it's not.
- Hey, a lot of shit goes down here.
It makes you proud
to wear this badge.
Oh, we have fun, too.
Serve and protect,
but chill and respect.
Good, I'm gonna go
to the bathroom,
squeeze some piss out
of this legend,
and then we'll get
this party started!
[laughs] Come on,
bring it in, bring it in.
Boom! That's what
I'm talkin' about.
Oh, BRB! [laughs]
Ain't no mount...
- [Steve exhales]
- [Marcus] Whew!
How is he
your cousin again?
Nah, forget that.
He's just the cousin
of the guy my mom's seeing.
Guy's a douche,
but what the hell.
Asshole's letting us
do this, right?
Well, what time do you think we're
going to get out of here tonight?
'Cause it's Friday,
and I was...
Friday's the best day
for this, man.
That's when
this shit goes down.
I'm telling you,
it's gonna be epic.
And, besides, we haven't,
like, chilled, in forevs, dude.
It's gonna be dope.
It's gonna be like
our own episode of Cops.
What's better than that, man?
You want me
to make you a list?
Hey, check this out.
What?! Are you going
hipster on everyone now?
Are you Buddy Holly?
Nah, I got something
that nutsack don't have.
A camera.
There's a mini-ass camera
in these.
Remember Rob Portman?
He's the one
that told me about 'em.
Likes to use 'em
when he's...
Yeah, guy's a creep,
but maybe a genius.
He's not gonna
let you wear those.
Why not?
With the whole excessive police
force blowing up in the news,
all the cities
got paranoid
and installed those cameras
in the cruisers.
- What's one more?
- Why do we need to film this?
To expose
the seedy underbelly
of the corrupt
criminal justice system,
which is supporting
the ulterior motives
of the municipal government,
which caters to
the oligarchs in Washington,
which are just foot soldiers
to the Illuminati,
which have been sent here
by the demonic forces...
I swear if you mention
Illuminati, conspiracies,
or any of your paranoid bullshit
one more time, I'm outta here.
I've listened to it since high
school, and I'm done with it.
You need to grow up.
You know, if you would have applied
yourself to your academics
the way that
you do to these theories,
you could have
actually gone somewhere.
- Like Fordham?
- Yes, like Fordham.
You know, it's actually one
of the top institutions
in the country
academically speaking.
You sure the Illuminati didn't recruit
you while you were at Fordham?
They like to troll those gothic
institutions, like, whoa.
- You have to be the biggest...
- [Marcus] Boom!
- Let's do this!
- Shh, shh, shh, shh!
Ahh, nice glasses, Elton!
Look at this guy!
- Your glasses.
- Whatever.
- Did you get it?
- Whatever.
- Ahh.
- [engine starts]
Hey, buckle up!
It's the law!
I'm just kidding.
Well, maybe
you two Nancies should.
What are you guys, like,
butt buddies or something?
I'm just kidding.
If you guys are gay
for each other,
that's totally fine
with me, man.
And it's, like, legal now.
Like, for real.
Like, rainbows!
- [dispatcher] Car 86.
- Good God, this bitch!
We have a 10-54 in progress
on Rosemont and Grand.
What's your 20?
I'm clear on that traffic.
10-9, Car 86,
didn't get that.
Um... I'm at the corner
of Main and 20th about...
- No, we're actually.
- Shh! Shut your damn mouth!
Uh... I'm out of range.
- Copy, Car 86
- Devil woman.
Get somebody else
to do your bitch work.
It's like I don't
know this chick.
She's been here
for, like, six weeks
and she thinks she runs
the place, you know?
Not a real people person,
if you know what I mean.
I don't get it, but it's
like somebody took a tampon
and shoved it up
her [whistles]
And forgot about it.
Hey, it happens.
I've seen it.
[engine revving]
Hold onto your cocks,
ain't got shit on this.
Put in a license plate
and, uh, pa-pow!
Spencer Bateman,
42, married,
lives downtown.
Two prior convictions
of possession of marijuana.
What are you doing, man?
He's getting away.
Getting away?
- Whoa!
- Sheez!
Now, I don't
want to scare you boys,
but Indy, it's one of the most dangerous
places in the nation right now.
This type of stuff
is common.
Now, I don't know
how this is gonna end,
but I just wanted to let you
boys know to prepare yourself.
You guys
ever shot a gun before?
Yeah, yeah, I have.
[Marcus] All right. Underneath
the seat, there are two boxes.
A black box
and a white box.
The black box
has the gun,
and the white box
has the Taser.
- Which has the gun?
- [both] The black one.
All right,
which has the Taser?
- White one.
- All right. Good, good.
All righty, here we go!
[Steve] Oh, shit!
[Marcus laughing]
[laughs] Whoo!
Here we go, boys!
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucka!
[Jeremy] Hell, yeah! That's
what I'm talkin' about.
Get 'em, get 'em, get 'em!
Whoo! [laughing]
- Holy shit!
- Shit!
- Here you are. [laughs]
- Aaah!
Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!
Get the Taser!
Get the Taser!
- Taser!
- Are you sure that's the Taser?
Yeah, bro. This is
what they look like now.
Can't hold him much longer!
Come here.
I don't know, man.
Pull the trigger.
[Marcus] Pull the trigger,
you pussy! Come on!
Aah! Aah!
Oh, sh...
You shot him.
- No, no, no. I got the Taser.
- You shot him.
You said the black box.
I got the Taser.
That's what you said!
- I said get the Taser, not the gun!
- That's what I got!
I said get the Taser!
Not the gun!
You shot him!
No, no, no. I was...
Marcus, I swear,
I was just following
your orders.
Stand right here.
Stand right here.
- Stand right here!
- No, no!
- Stand right here!
- No! You told me!
- Stand right here!
- Oh ho!
Look at the camera!
Look at the camera.
Repeat after me.
I, Jeremy Alan.
I, Jeremy Alan...
Am on Candid
freakin' Camera!
- [laughing]
- [Jeremy] What?!
[Marcus and Bateman laughing]
A blood packet!
Are you serious?!
They're blanks!
[Bateman] I just saw the funniest
shit in the entire world.
You know what
wasn't funny, Bateman?
You hitting me in the face!
That wasn't in the script!
Improv! It just felt right
in the moment!
- [laughing]
- But good God, though.
Look at his face!
Look at... Look at!
Oh, my... Oh, man!
Oh, it's so good.
It's so good!
[rock music playing]
All right,
mandatory pit-stop, fellas.
[siren stops]
All right,
let's get out of here.
Nah, man,
we're just getting started.
You want to stay after that?
Whatever, dude.
Just... just wait
until the sun goes down.
It's gonna be dope, man,
like the hood and shit.
We're gonna get
some golden footage.
We live in Indianapolis,
There's not a hood here.
Come on, dude.
We never
just hang anymore.
- What are you gonna...
- All right!
All right!
Fine, but any more shit
like that and we leave.
Scout's honor.
All right. You looked like a
bitch back there by the way.
- Hey. You would have been that way, too.
- I'm just saying.
- Just putting facts out there.
- I pulled out the Taser.
"Oh, man, it was the Taser,
it was the Taser."
You were sitting in the back
like a bitch, too.
You didn't even
jump to the rescue.
They didn't
have me on camera.
Hey, man, don't spill.
I know it's Friday.
I was your age once.
Not too long ago,
you know.
Here you go.
- All right.
- Oh, yeah!
Let me get
one of these things.
What about me?
You know,
somebody's got to drive.
She's all yours.
You pulling my dick?
no dick-pulling here.
She's all yours, cuz.
Be careful with her,
though, cuz, all right?
[Steve] I... I knew it!
I knew it.
Chelsea Lyle did get a DUI.
She could plow
through a bus stop full of kids.
I'd gave her a warning
and my number.
I mean, is it the chin nub
that does it for you, Marcus?
it's the giant tits.
You can't even see them.
Yeah, but you know
they're there.
Yeah, dude. She did
have some pretty big tits.
Who the hell are you,
some kind of like Don Juan?
You mean
you wouldn't hit that?
I have some standards.
Oh, you cannot have standards
when you're only into one girl.
Ooh... gossip.
What's her name?
What's her name?!
- Check this out.
- There isn't a name.
- Emma Harris.
- How you spell it?
- E-M-M-A.
- Jeremy, seriously!
- Cut it out! I'm serious!
- H-A-R-R-I-S.
Bam. Whoa!
She is smokin' hot.
And that's
her license pic.
Imagine what she looks
like in real life.
Man, please tell me
you are hittin' that.
- Nah. He wishes.
- Please.
She wanted some
from him so bad, though,
but this guy
was too stupid to see.
OK. He's making it sound like
she was throwing herself at me.
She was, man,
and everybody knew it.
Why do you think
she kept inviting you
down to the lake house when
her parents weren't home?
her parents weren't home?
And Steve liked her, too.
Like, a lot, a lot.
But Prince Hairy Bush
over here
was either too stupid or too
dickless to make a move.
Dude, you have
got to shave that shit.
[Steve] It's not true.
I was... I just didn't know
how to approach her.
I was trying
to be a gentleman.
By What?
Not giving the girl
what she wanted?
The gentlemanly thing
to do
is to say thank you
and to head downtown.
You mean like downtown?
Whoa! Listen, dude.
She may have
the holiest of holy,
but my donut-eater ain't going
nowhere near that honeypot.
I'm telling... Hey! Hey!
OK. Check this out.
You like it when girls
go down on you, right?
Dude, I love that shit.
Well, so do they, man.
I'm telling you,
it's the 21st century.
Chicks are just dudes
with tits these days.
I can kind of hear
what you're selling.
All right, all right.
But all the rug munching
in the world
ain't going to help you
with Emma now, bro.
What's that supposed
to mean, Jeremy?
Do you think she's
out of my league?
She's always been
out of your league, dude.
But that's not it,
I'm telling you, Emma is definitely
not the girl you used to know.
No, I know that.
I've seen her Facebook page.
She's got the nose ring
going, and the new look.
And I'm diggin' it.
Of course you are.
It's hot. I know.
But when beautiful girls
like that have a nose ring,
it's for a reason, man.
What the hell does
that mean?
It means she's feisty.
More like she'd eat Steve up
and spit him out.
I'd love to see that.
I would love to see that.
She would not eat me up.
- [Jeremy] Yes, she would.
- I'd eat her up,
'cause I'm a wild tiger!
And I'd go ranngrrrr!
Don't ever say that
in this car again.
Ever. Like, in life.
OK, bigshot.
Let's see if she's home.
All right. Pimpmobile 86
coming in hot!
Hold on, no,
we don't have to do that.
- Uh...
- [siren whoops]
Uh, guys, guys.
We don't have to do that.
- [Jeremy] Oh, come on!
- [Marcus laughs]
[vibrating vocalization]
[siren whoops]
Emma Harris.
Come out with your hands up!
- [groaning] Emma!
- Come here!
Shut up.
- Shut up.
- Get off of me.
Jeremy, what...
Steve? Steve Marra?
The prodigal son returns.
I haven't seen you
since you left Indy
and became
too good for us.
Come here.
Uh, what's that?
It's a ride along.
Lieutenant Officer Marcus
Wilder at your service.
But you,
you can call me Marcus.
Or you can call me
That's my call sign.
It's nice to meet you,
Marcus. I'm Emma.
Emma. Emma.
I've never seen a cop car
look like this.
Oh, it's a special edition
pursuit-rated vehicle.
It's built for hunting
the baddest on the road.
Zero to 60 faster than a
hobo on a ham sandwich.
It looks like something
out of RoboCop.
she's a real beaut, huh?
We've been riding
around in her all day.
I don't know
if you knew this, but, uh,
Indy's actually one of the most
dangerous places in the nation, so...
You know, we just wanted to come
see where all the shit goes down.
Hey, nope, nope, asshole.
Get in the back.
You know how it goes,
you know how it goes.
Emma, Emma, Emma.
[engine starts]
[Marcus, on speaker] Cruisin'
down the street Cuz I'm Five-O
Friskin' the hunnies
Pullin' over the ho's
I'm on your ass
In hot pursuit
Yo pull over, baby
Yeah, I'm talkin' to you
Cuz the boys in blue
We ball so hard
I'll ticket ya ass
If you disregard
Me and my crew
We run the city
When I flash my lights
Yo flash them titties
We don't have no clue
where the fuck we're going.
[rap music continuing]
Aha! Aha!
What is that, velvet?
There's nice little pond.
That's a beautiful pond.
And that,
ladies and Johnsons,
is what you call
a California stop.
[Emma] Uh-oh. Here we go. Now
you're paying attention.
[engine revving]
Flash 'em.
- Me?
- Yeah.
Pull over!
[imitating scratching]
Let's see what
we've got right here.
[siren stops]
Brandie Roddenfield.
She is smokin'! Man!
237 Hollybrook Court. 35.
MILF, right?
5'3", 110 pounds.
- Oh, she's tiny.
- I know her.
Ah. 1200 on her SAT.
Oh, she lost
her virginity at 15.
I'm just kidding.
You can't tell
from looking at the screen.
Be nice
if you could though, huh?
Hell, I don't know when
she got her cherry popped,
but she is smokin'!
I'm sorry.
My tender
sensibilities, sir!
She goes to my yoga studio.
Ooh... bendable.
She's sweet.
Sweet, tiny...
On it!
Dispatch, we got a 24-44 on
Route 44 and Washington Ave.
Uh, copy.
You copy a plate?
A 2015 issue. Copy?
[dispatcher] That's a negative, 86.
Bitch, you are not about
to cock-block me right now.
86, do you copy?
Could you repeat that?
Disengage immediately.
Car 86, clear.
Over and out.
[breathes, sniffs]
How do I look?
She just told you
to lay off.
Dude, her rules
don't apply to me.
I'm a P-I-M-P
Besides, I'll give Brandie a
warning and a mustache ride.
Am I right?
Am I right?
Yeah, that's my cuz!
That's how we roll.
Watch and learn.
Watch and learn.
Brandie Roddenfield.
What a douche.
Does he actually think
that's going to work?
You'd be surprised.
Girls appreciate
a guy with balls.
What?! Oh, my God,
what is she doing?!
Oh, shit!
Did she see us?
I don't think so.
The radio, the radio.
Officer down.
We have an officer down.
Say over,
you got to say over.
This is car 86.
We have an officer dow...
- [gunshots]
- Drive, Steve! Drive! Drive!
- [gunshot]
- [engine revs]
It's OK. We're OK.
It's OK.
It's over, we're OK.
I don't think so, man.
She just got up!
I just hit her with a car
really damn hard!
How could she just get up?
Dude, I know what I saw!
She made it!
Why is she attacking us?
We saw what she did to Marcus!
We're witnesses!
Maybe she was on drugs.
Maybe she's not human!
Maybe you're an idiot!
Car 86, do you read me?
- Answer it.
- No, no, no! Don't... don't, man!
- But why not?
- I don't know.
Are you crazy?
Car 86, I repeat,
do you read me?
Respond. Over.
What about Marcus?
Help! This is Car 86!
We have an officer down!
Officer Wilder
was just attacked. He's...
Ma'am, please calm down.
I'll need you to follow
my exact instructions
so we can get you to safety.
Proceed to 1720 Kent Avenue.
What about Marcus?
An officer will meet you there
to escort you to the station.
Keep this channel clear
for police communication only.
to Kent Ave immediately.
[Emma] Is this
an abandoned building?
Jeremy, are you sure you put
the address in correctly?
I put it in correctly.
[Steve] There's no way
this is right.
this is car 86.
We've arrived
at the location.
No one is here.
Is there anyone here? Over.
Why isn't she responding?
I need some air.
No, I don't think that we should
get out of the car, Emma.
I was wrong, man.
Look like she's
totally into you.
to any unit in range.
We have a Code 10-31
on Route 44 at Washington Ave.
Dispatch, Car 14.
I'm arriving on the scene.
We've got a black SUV.
Appears to be idling.
No one's in sight.
I'm going to check it out.
Copy that. Proceed.
[engine running]
Dispatch, Car 14.
There's no signs of anyone.
The vehicle does
appear to be abandoned.
Copy that, 14.
No suspects found.
Stand by
for vehicle removal. Over.
Copy that.
- [Brandie grunts]
- [Colfax groans]
[vibrating vocalization]
I don't like this.
You don't like what?
This spot.
This situation.
The dispatcher.
I don't like
any of it.
When we called it in, how
did she know where we were?
[truck approaching]
[ominous music playing]
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
- Jeremy! Jeremy!
- Jeremy!
Steve! Emma!
Come on!
[vibrating vocalization]
Right here!
Right here.
Right here.
It's her. It's Brandie.
I hit her with a car.
I saw her face.
[ominous music playing]
Shit. Shit. Shit.
[gun clicking]
You know
how to use that thing?
Yeah. OK.
On three, we just run.
No looking back.
Just run.
She'll shoot us if we run.
Better a moving target,
[pumps shotgun]
OK, we're ready.
What the hell?!
You said on three!
Three, three, three,
three, three!
[Jeremy] It's all
right, lay in the back!
Get in the back!
[engine starts]
[ominous music playing]
What the fuck was that?
"What" is exactly
the right question.
That thing
definitely wasn't human.
What did I say about
your conspiracy bullshit?
You seriously think
that thing wasn't human?
Well, it sure as shit
wasn't Sasquatch, Jeremy.
Of course not.
Sasquatch lives
in the Pacific Northwest.
Everybody knows that, man.
But I think we're dealing
with a Jangling.
That's a beer.
One second.
She was shooting a gun,
I'm aware of that.
According to Ill Dr. Phil,
a lot of paranormals can do the
things us normal normals can do.
Like drive a forklift,
drink coffee, do yoga.
Janglings. Ah, here it is. Janglings.
Look. Look, man.
[Ill Dr. Phil] One of the most
recent and intriguing theories
in the field of exo-biology
is the Jangling,
or as it's known in popular
culture, the bodysnatcher.
Much like
their movie counterparts,
Janglings have been
described to possess
increased strength and resilience
compared to their human host.
A lack of emotion
and loss of unique identity
are also traits popularly
associated with Janglings.
But the most intriguing
are made about their method
of communication... telepathy.
Recently a coalition of groups
dedicated to the study
- of extraterrestrial life...
- Listen to this now.
...reported an alarming spike
in cases
consistent with the established
Jangling theory.
If their existence
proves to be real,
the question remains, are
they here as friend or foe?
Foe, pretty clearly foe.
This guy actually named
himself Ill Dr. Phil?
Ill Dr. Phil
is his call sign.
If his actual identity
was exposed,
he'd be dead
within 24 hours.
Who knows how many agencies
want his head.
Because he's a whack job,
and so are you.
You know what, call me one more
name, and I'll stick my foot...
You'll sick E.T. on me?
E.T.'s a fictional
film character, dick.
This is real life.
Body snatchers
and telepathy?
That's real life to you?
OK, you know what,
you have a better theory?
Let's hear it.
[Steve] I got it.
OK. Perfect.
I'm thinking Marcus
was a dirty cop, right?
And we're
caught up between...
between the Indianapolis
Police Department
and the Zetas
down in Mexico, yeah?
And they've loaded 300 pounds of
cocaine into the trunk of this car.
And Brandie, Brandie's probably
one of their sleeper cell...
You know what?
You're right.
Thank you.
We should check the trunk.
Well, I'm satisfied.
Wrong again, Steve.
You're unbelievable.
[on radio]
Dispatch to all units.
We have an A.P.B.
on three suspects,
last seen headed north
on Binford Boulevard
in stolen police vehicle 86.
Suspects are two male
and one female.
Female is Caucasian,
5'6", brunette,
23 years of age.
One man is 5'10",
athletic build.
The other male is 5'8", slender
build, wearing black glasses.
Suspects are wanted for the
murder of a police officer.
Please be advised suspects
are armed and dangerous.
Marcus is dead.
How does she know
what we look like?
She had
our exact profiles.
We need to turn
ourselves in right now.
No' no' no.
Are you crazy?
You heard what she said.
They think we killed Marcus.
But we have proof.
We have the glasses.
- What?
- There's a camera inside of his glasses.
Then let's show it
to the police.
No, no, no. No, we can't
show it to the police,
because they're in on it.
In on what, Jeremy?
I don't know.
The whole Brandie thing.
The dispatcher
who set us up earlier.
Why would she do that?
Because we know
too much, man.
We literally know nothing!
OK, the dispatcher told us to
go to the warehouse, right?
And Brandie shows up.
So we run.
Do you know what happens at the
end of a manhunt for cop killers?
Do you remember
Chris Dorner?
That scenario does
not end well for us, man!
I know, exactly.
It's a conspir...
It's a conspiracy.
And the patsy never
lives to tell the tale.
Haven't they taught you
any history at Fordham, Steve?
Think about it.
Lee Harvey Oswald,
Sirhan Sirhan,
William T. Piper.
We do not run.
Guilty people run.
Let's just find someone we trust
and show them the footage.
But we actually need to make
sure we have the footage.
We need a USB cord.
OK, I have
plenty at my house.
- It's not...
- Whoa, whoa.
We can't go to anyone's house.
Whatever goes down, we stay the
hell away from our families.
We can't risk it.
Then what?
I have an idea.
[music playing]
All right, guys,
stay here.
Honk if you see
anything weird.
are you seeing anyone?
are you hitting on me?
Now? No.
"[bell jingles]
Larry, my man.
What's the word?
You OK, Larry?
Party a little too hard
last night?
One too many whippets?
Uh. Uh.
You gotta lay off
that stuff, bro.
It's going to fry
your brain.
I'm not seeing anyone.
I'm looking
for that right person.
You know,
someone you connect with.
You know?
Steve Marra is having
trouble meeting girls.
God, it's shocking.
It's not that I'm having
trouble meeting girls.
More that I'm having trouble
meeting the right girl.
I had a plan.
Work hard in high school,
graduate college with honors,
start a career,
court a lady,
have kids, buy a dog,
build a tree house
in the back.
Real American dream.
That's what I was told.
Sounds like it didn't
work out for someone.
Let me get this one.
You went on
a dozen job interviews,
and at every single one,
there were 12 dudes
who looked just like you?
All with college degrees,
all desperate for work.
And one day it hits me,
what's the point of it all?
So here I am.
Right back
where I started.
What about you?
Are you happy?
Living here?
I mean...
You don't see me bitching,
do you?
You didn't
answer my question.
They're my family,
When Mom got sick,
I did what I had to do.
I'm glad I did it.
No one should have
to go through that alone.
But, yeah, you're right.
After being here my whole
life, I just feel stuck.
I know it sounds selfish,
but I'm young.
I want to backpack
through Europe.
Cliff dive off a beach
in Thailand.
Hell, I would settle
for falling in love
while spelunking
in New Mexico.
I just want to know I exist
outside of this place.
You know?
That's life.
We're lucky to experience
anything at all, so...
we shouldn't waste it.
Well, I'm stuck here,
too, now,
'cause someone has
to take care of that asshole.
You sure you're OK, man?
Oh. I'm OK.
Finally, he speaks.
Usually can't
get you to shut up.
I'm just going to pay
for this and this.
Hey. Can I get
you anything else?
Another meat stick?
A meat stick?
Nah, man. I'm good.
One meat stick
is enough for me.
[cash register clicking]
My God, today, man.
There you go.
What about
the roadhouse chili?
(It's game)!-
Here he is.
All right.
What took you?
Larry. He's acting
all weird, man.
Weird or high?
Weird weird.
Check the footage.
[Jeremy] OK, we don't need
to see this.
OK, stop.
Brandie, what are you?
Now what?
Got to get it
to somebody we can trust.
Who do you trust?
No one.
What the hell, Jeremy?
This was your plan.
It's not my plan.
It was Emma's plan.
I just knew
where to get the USB cord.
OK, we have
to get out of here.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
[engine starts]
[suspenseful music playing]
Go, go, go, go, go!
Stomp on the goddamn pedal,
Watch out!
[horn blaring]
Shit, shit.
[brakes screech]
[horns honking]
[horn honking]
All cars be advised,
suspects were last seen heading
south on Cold Creek.
They are armed and dangerous.
I repeat, they are
armed and dangerous.
Use of lethal force
is approved.
Maybe you do need glasses.
What? This thing's
a freakin' hand cannon.
Knock yourself
over unloading it.
All right.
That's a lot of gun, Emma.
You got to be
really careful.
That thing has a lot...
Yeah, it's got some kick.
how'd you do that?
Remember that lake house
down in Bloomington?
The one where you
used to invite him
when your parents
weren't using it, right?
But he was too much
of a pussy to show up?
- I didn't know that your parents...
- [gunshot]
[can rattling] -...parents
weren't going to be there.
Why else would I invite
you to my lake house?
This is a .44 Special.
It's got
major stopping power.
It's the reason Dirty Harry over
there was having so much trouble.
Here, let me show you.
Get your legs shoulder-width
apart and get rooted.
All right.
Now, this is the sight.
So line it up with that dot
on the end and let her rip.
All right, now.
Close your left eye
and look down the sight
only with your right eye,
What is he doing?
I think he's having
a seizure.
Holy shit,
you can't wink, can you?
I can't close just one eye.
I have never met
someone who can't wink.
Is that a thing?
Yeah, actually,
36% the population
doesn't have voluntary
unilateral eyelid closure.
I think that number
is a little high.
[Emma] OK.
Here, hold on.
Try this.
[can clatters]
Look at that.
You are without a doubt
the worst pirate
I've ever seen,
Captain Jackoff Sparrow.
Yeah, but
at least I can hit a can.
[pumps shotgun]
Check this out.
I'm more
of a short-range expert.
[man] Stop! Police!
Put your hands in the air!
Get on the ground!
Get down
on the ground now!
How'd they find us?
Come on, Emma.
Take them out.
I'm not going
to shoot a cop.
They might not be cops.
They might
not be Janglings.
No, Jeremy!
[male officer]
Stop right there!
When I catch you,
I'm going to kick your ass!
[female officer]
Turn around! Turn around!
We're being set up!
We're innocent!
- We didn't do anything!
- Get on the ground.
Get on the ground.
Stay on the ground.
Put your hands behind your back,
both of you.
- [cuffs clicking]
- [groaning]
You're under arrest for
the murder of Officer Colfax.
Who... Who's Colfax?
We are so screwed?
Who's Colfax?
What's your 20?
[all three] No!
Go ahead. Car 64.
[dispatcher] Stay at your
location till backup arrives.
Copy that.
You can't listen to her.
Som... Someone
is trying to kill us,
and she's helping them.
No. Uh-uh.
You don't get to talk.
She's sending other people.
Shut the hell up!
You don't get to talk!
Excuse me, Officer,
technically it's within our
Miranda rights that we can speak.
Please, you don't even
know what Miranda rights are.
You underestimated
the wrong guy.
I took Law 101.
I have the right
to remain silent.
I have the right
for protection from, uh...
[exhales] Thanks.
Officers, please.
We're innocent.
Just shut the hell up!
A cop is dead, another one's
missing, you're in his car!
That's all
I need to believe!
We didn't kill anyone.
We know who did, though.
We have the video.
It... it's on the camera
from the glasses right here.
[female officer]
OK, I've seen enough.
[doors open] -[key in
ignition warning chiming]
[doors close]
[conversation inaudible]
We just need to try
and explain everything.
Yeah, good luck with that.
You know what? How about
some constructive criticism?
Oh, that's right.
I guess that's hard
when you're out there running
like a little bitch.
I don't run like a bitch.
I run normal.
I mean that you left us
out there to die,
and I'd call that running
like a bitch.
Oh, you mean
I ditched you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
Kinda like
how you ditched me?
Ditched you?
When did I ever ditch you?
When you disappeared
on me, man.
You went to Fordham,
and I didn't see you
for four years. Literally.
We were supposed
to be best friends, man.
Supposed to
have each other's back.
But you cashed out
just like that.
I never got a call.
You text me,
like, two times.
You ditched me.
That's a fact.
You want facts?
Here's a fact.
We're here because you decided it
would be a good idea to play cops.
- [Emma] Steve...
- Here's another fact.
You're right.
I did ditch you.
I couldn't listen to you
spew about the bullshit
that was keeping us
down anymore.
I outgrew that shit.
And I outgrew you.
You really went and made
something of yourself, Steve.
Great job.
All right, lean up.
I'm going
to take the cuffs off.
When I take them off,
I want you to put them
in the front.
All right, now, listen.
what we're going to do.
We're going to take you
to our precinct
of downtown headquarters.
I think you'll
be safer there, OK?
- [truck approaching]
- Sound good?
[gunshot] -[male officer] Stop!
Police! Stop!
Stop right there!
[truck engine revving]
Stop! Police!
[truck engine revving]
[Jangling shrieking]
[female officer] Stop!
[both officers screaming]
All units, A.P.B. update.
Suspects were last seen
heading north on 31.
to be leaving the city.
We have to get out of town.
Get on 70.
It'll get us out
of Indianapolis in 15 minutes.
[dispatcher] Roadblocks needed at all
highway on-ramps north of Kessler.
Suspects are believed to have
killed two more officers.
Once again, use
of lethal force is approved.
[news theme playing]
[announcer] Live from
Wish-TV's 24-Hour News 8,
this is breaking news.
The bloody manhunt
continues today.
The new bodies were found.
are still at large.
If you have any information
regarding their whereabouts,
alert police
as soon as possible.
Now it's still unclear
what the motive is
for these three to carry out
such horrific acts.
And authorities urging everyone
to stay inside tonight,
lock their doors,
they say.
Police say if this
is purely a cry for help,
there's no telling what
these kids might do next.
[woman in restaurant]
Our faces are on the news.
We got to find another way
out of Indianapolis.
There is no other way.
They've locked down the city.
We have to kill them.
Mm. Headshots.
Ill Doctor Phil
says that's the only way.
You're really wanting to go
toe-to-toe with those things?
We don't stand
a chance, man.
They will never stop
following us.
I'm not running anymore.
We have to fight.
[dispatcher] All units report any
unusual police activity immediately.
still remain at large.
I have a plan.
[bell jingling]
Hey, Larry.
How are you?
Oh. I'm good.
It's good to hear that.
we're in trouble, Larry.
We need help.
[vibrating vocalization]
I know it sounds crazy,
but we're running
from the cops,
and we're innocent,
I swear.
We need help, but there's
no one we can trust.
Can we trust you,
[vibrating vocalization]
I said,
can we trust you, Larry?
We need a place to hide,
just until the morning.
There's a dirt road.
That way.
That way?
A dirt road.
You take it.
[grunts] To the end.
What's at the end,
A safe place.
Stay there.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much, Larry.
Just, please,
don't tell anyone.
[vibrating vocalization]
How'd it go?
He said he'd help us.
How much?
Free for you... [chuckling]
You really are
a godsend, Larry.
[vibrating vocalization]
[ominous music playing]
We don't have
very much time left.
You ready?
I'll lure 'em into here.
Right in the middle.
You and Emma can flank them.
Are you sure?
You're... you're going to
get a lot of heat up here.
Nah, man. It'll be like
shooting fish in a barrel.
And you think you can
shoot the fish?
Spray and pay all day, baby.
Sorry I ditched you.
No. Hey.
I ditched you first.
No, you didn't.
You had to become a man.
And all I found out is that this
is where I'm supposed to be.
Right here.
At this creepy-ass farm.
With you.
For real?
For real reals.
Bring it home.
You be careful, OK?
See you on the other side.
All right, you two.
Break it up.
We got shit to do.
I will be back.
Yeah, this will work.
Come here.
Much better.
So, are you
seeing anyone?
Are you hitting on me?
What? Now?
Is it working?
Are you sure
you weren't bodysnatched?
Shouldn't we go
spelunking first?
[Jeremy cawing]
[engine revving]
[vibrating vocalizations]
[door clanging]
[vibrating vocalizations]
[machinery starts]
[loud bang]
[Larry shrieking]
- [grunts]
- Aah!
[Brandie rasping]
[distorted voice]
- Aah!
- [gunshot]
[vibrating growl]
[Janglings growling]
Aaah! Yaaah!
[Marcus vocalizing]
Come on, motherfucker!
[body thuds]
Yeah, that's my boy!
- Aah!
- [Marcus growling]
Oh! Aah!
[grunts] Aah! No!
[rasping growls]
You OK, man?
Yeah, I'm good.
You just make sure
you get this on camera.
[ominous music playing]
[Steve's body thuds]
[pumps shotgun]
[door clanging]
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
[vibrating vocalization]
The Indianapolis Police
Department is on high alert
as their manhunt
for three fugitives continues.
Meanwhile, the death toll
continues to tick up.
Steven Marra, Jeremy Phillips,
and Emma Harris
are now wanted for the murders
of three city police officers.
[news theme playing]
[announcer] Live from
Wish-TV's 24-Hour News 8,
this is breaking news.
[male news anchor] We want
to show you a clip right now
we just received
from Jeremy Alan Phillips,
a fugitive
from the ongoing manhunt.
I'm Jeremy Alan Phillips
of Indianapolis, Indiana.
I'm 24 years old,
and I'm not a fugitive.
I solemnly swear that I did
not kill Officer Marcus Wilder
or any other
Indianapolis Metropolitan
Police Department officer.
Neither did Steve Marra...
or Emma Harris.
- Yes, we are running.
- [dispatcher growls]
But we were set up.
What you're about to watch
right now
has not been altered
in any way, shape, or form.
It will prove our innocence.
And it'll you show you
that Indianapolis
is ground zero for something
we're not ready for.
And when you find
all of this to be true,
believe me when I say,
kill the dispatcher.
[vibrating vocalization]
[ominous music playing]
[rock music playing]