Boeing, Boeing (1965) Movie Script

This is Paris.
And this is Flight 13
to New York.
After 6,000 km, it will land in America,
at 5:30 in the afternoon.
Four hours after departure, on the clock.
Lovely, is not it?
It's more than four hours, of course.
But it happens that the plane is
so fast the beating of the sun.
That's what happens
the reactor goes west ...,
time is canceled.
large airplanes take off ...
... and land.
In each of these planes
are, of course, stewardes [hostesses].
These beautiful, chosen creatures
for their charm and beauty ...
They are in a permanent migration.
They spend days in a row flying
on the countless routes of the world.
Climb and get down ...
Of course, it's going to go down to Paris.
Then they regret having to leave.
Many would like to know everything
about them ... Some people want to try ...
And that's actually the story.
Romanian version:
Hurry up, my love.
- Do not let me eat or eat.
- Yes, if you hurry.
- Bertha.
- I love the kidneys for breakfast.
- You do not?
- Not really, I'm just taking a vitamin pill.
- You called me, sir?
- Get another kidney.
- One more?
- Please!
Do you even want some horrible sauce?
No, thanks.
And the sauce is not horrible.
It's just the juice of these healthy organs.
She does very well to her.
Miss, I'm not interested.
I do not like the way she looks.
But I did not come here to change the world.
Let us with the comments
and bring the kidneys.
- Do not blame me if she's gonna be bad.
- Do you want to eat them?
No, my God!
Then hurry up,
Miss Vicky must take the plane.
I'm sorry, but I only have two men.
- Honest ...
- She's nervous ...
- I do not?
- I'm feeling very well!
- Go and prepare your kidneys. - I'm ready.
I know the lady's appetite,
I anticipated.
- Then get it!
- You do not need to cry.
It does not prove good education.
You know?
It becomes unbearable, Bernard.
- If he does that, I do not have what he does.
- Vicky, why are you saying that?
- I do not like her.
- Of course you are.
Loves you.
I think eating is ...
No, thanks, it's enough ...
- My love, we're in a hurry.
- When I'm with you, the time flies fast.
- Thank you for saying that.
- Well, it's true.
- Do you happen to yourself?
- Of course, my love.
- But my long absences?
- It's terrible, it never ends.
Are you allowed?
Anything else?
Yes Yes. Bring some coffee and
Strawberry for Miss Vicky.
No, thanks. It was enough.
- Well, thank God.
- Bertha!
- You saw? Do not like me.
- Yes, very much.
- No no. It's obvious.
- She likes you.
It was awesome sometimes, but for a while
is just hostile.
- Even anti-British. - Because you're gone, you're upset. This is.
- Because are your fiancee?
- Of course.
- It's 8:42 ...
- Just put my jacket and jacket.
Do it...
Tell me, love, ... when are you coming back?
Well ... Today is Monday, we get to
In the Canary Islands at 17h ...
... we will spend the night there.
We are back at 6:30 via Lisbon.
- And when you get to Paris?
- Thursday afternoon.
- And do not forget about Sunday.
- What time do you live on Thursday, love?
- At 18:45.
- Excellent.
Why do you always score in the book?
- To avoid confusion.
- What confusion?
I'm a busy man.
I have to get my stuff ready
I'm going to stop in time to dedicate myself ...
- ... from Thursday to Sunday.
- You are a genius.
And because I love you a lot,
I'll surprise you right now.
- This woman jumps me out.
- Calm down.
Bertha, give me the favor of taking the coffee
on the table and go to the kitchen ...
There are thousands of households in France.
- Yes but ...
- I have a work permit, miss. And the reason I'm here is that I've served
In the US Army ...
- ... in Paris, honorably.
- Honorable?
- You had a choice?
- I bet with life.
- I was the driver of the general commander.
- Seriously?
- At Eisenhower?
- Very funny.
Sorry, Bertha, you're doing my favor
to bring the lady's luggage ...
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Well, dear, you said you had a ...
- ... surprise ... surprise.
- A new plane has entered ...
- ... and I can not wait to see him.
- Wonderful. What a surprise...
It's the new UBC-10, with four engines
with a reaction of 10,000 horsepower.
- Lovely, wonderful.
- Especially for us.
What are the new 10,000 horses used for us?
Of course, you make the flight much faster ...
... we will see more often
and more time.
- Are we relying on that horses?
- You do not seem happy about my surprise.
I am! Are!
I'm gonna get it. But I think
you do not have to change it for me.
- Or will it be?
- It does not work, but soon.
Oh, that's great ... Hurry up, you have to go.
Just fix it.
- Serious is a good pilot. A timer, not another.
- It's essential.
- Open the door.
- Why?
Because I'm a correspondent
and do not waste time ...
... in my work ... if I want to
to be free when you come back.
- Not.
- I knew you would.
Bertha, take care of Mr. Bernard
I come from the voyage.
- I will do everything I can, but it is not simple.
- I trust you.
Come on.
Transportation may be delayed.
- We talk, later.
- I'm trembling.
- Come on, Vicky.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, chicken. Be nice.
Come on, Vicky.
Mr. Bernard Lawrence,
on the phone, please.
Hello, I'm Bernard Lawrence.
Mr. Lawrence, he's here
a telegram for you.
- Read it.
- "I came to Paris, I am very happy."
"Accommodation, impossible."
"Can I stay at your home?"
"Sign, Robert Reed."
I have not received this message.
You have not read the telegram.
- You understand?
- I do not know, but ...
- ... of course.
- Good. - Liebe! [love - frost]
- Lisa!
You got to fix it.
I ran out of work.
Just be patient for five minutes ...
- ... we'll be alone in our cubicle in Paris.
- Wonderful [ger].
Come on, run.
I still can not believe ...
What's wrong, Bertha?
I scared you?
I have a lot of work and
Nothing scares me, lady.
I'm not saying your work would be easy.
- What are you doing, Bertha?
- Well, I've prepared a bite with ...
Souffl? The soul is for
people who do not have teeth.
We need solid food.
Crank, cabbage and black bread.
You have an idea when I wasted time
to prepare the soul?
You do not think it was done with the magic wand.
- It would have been better...
- Stop fighting.
Did you find yourself in the house?
Yeah, but I'm old.
I took them three days ago.
Three long days.
And nights.
- Three nights.
- I'm going to my soul.
Oh, wait a minute.
I want to see the guys.
They do not seem to look bad.
- You're right.
- Well, of course!
If you can withstand the smell.
We will eat. - Is that what it is?
- Oh, kidney.
- Bernard!
- Yes? [frost]
Who was here for breakfast?
- At breakfast?
- Here?
- You do not eat kidneys.
- Rinichi ...
- You do not eat kidneys!
I do not like kidneys!
Oh, kidney!
It was Robert Reed,
from the Consolidated Press.
- He was here.
- And?
- Did he have breakfast here?
- Yes Yes Yes Yes.
I understand you do not suffer him.
Well, professionally, yes, but ...
you know how it is with journalists ...
- ... he always struggles, he says ...
- Was not he in Berlin?
Well, it was in Berlin,
but he moved to Paris.
That's it.
Why are you asking me questions?
- You do not trust me!
- Oh, forgive me, Liebe! [love - frost]
- You'll think I'm really jealous.
- Yeah ... If ...
- Sweetie, you know what I'm gonna do?
- What, Liebe?
- A bath, to be fresh and scented for you.
- Oh, Liebe!
[ger] - I'm gonna miss you ...
- Missglad.
- What does that mean?
- I'll see you soon.
See ...
- This can not be. It's not normal.
- Here you go? Because God made us all the same.
What are you doing there?
I need to wash her laundry
every time he comes here.
- Bertha, please.
- How many soiled laundry ...
... in just three days.
It does not do my easy job at all.
You always cry about the same thing.
You have a good salary.
Here's the buba. Not enough.
- I'd like to talk about it ...
- Why do not you take a seat?
Last week I worked 89 hours.
Twice he had to
to put shoes on my shoes.
22 francs.
Washing their laundry,
to take care of what each man does.
Let me remember the lingerie of each one.
Who's leaving, who's coming ...
You do not need a housekeeper,
but an electronic device.
- Listen ...
- Iubitel ...
What is it?
- I have a surprise for you.
- Yes!
You can throw away my old uniform.
Old uniform?
- And what are you stinking when you leave?
- With the new uniform.
What new uniform?
I'll be moved to the new intercontinental jet.
It's a super Boeing with speed
higher than 0.88 mach. - 0.88 Mach, how much ... [~ 1070 km / h]
- Four Rolls-Royce engines ...
... of 10,000 horsepower each.
We will see much more often.
More misery than ever before.
And to transfer, transfer ...
when will it be?
Once the aircraft enters the service.
- Is not it wunderbar?
- Yes! Very wunderbar.
[ger] - Missglad ...
- I miss...
0.88 Mach. 0.88 ... of 1224 ...
Hello? Vicky !!
But where are you?
At the airport?!?
Out of the UBC-10.
I send a car to pick me up
the new aircraft will be operational.
It's not great!
- Lovely!
- I'm coming home.
They'll call me when the flight is ready.
But do not come home. No no. Do not come home.
Stand there. I'm coming to the airport.
Liebe! [Sweetie]
- Who the hell are you?
- La Bertha.
- You called me, sir?
- No, I was not talking to you.
Thank you.
I have to go to the airport to write something
about the Embassy of Great Britain.
You tell Fr ulein Lise
that I went there?
- Look at her, she's Fr ulein Lise. - Of course it is. Who to be?
I have to go to the airport,
Ambassador of Great Britain ...
You just said that. You are fine?
You're kinda pale ...
- You know, I ...
- Bertha, get him a snap ...
Oh, no, no! I'm fine! I feel good!
She's just a little excited, lady, thinking
to the new uniforms, as they will ...
That's it. That's my passion.
You are brilliant.
I do not see her so intelligent.
Well, it's because he believed ...
He had them in front of their eyes ...
He saw them ... and I did not. She saw them.
It's smart, by comparison.
I am leaving.
- You're coming soon!
- You know what's up at the newspaper.
- Hurry up!
- Auf Wiedersehen. [goodbye]
- It's like a little boy. You do not believe?
- Yes, one more marikel!
- Did you see Vicky?
- He said he was waiting for you upstairs at the bar.
Where's Vicky?
nghite, nghite.
- He told me to tell you ...
- Yes Yes.
- ... and taking a taxi.
- A taxi, you mercy.
Sorry, my dad, the guy with whom
were you talking about Bernard Lawrence?
- Yeah, you know him? - Yeah, we're old friends.
- He is a remarkable man and full of energy.
- Exactly. I see you know it well.
Thank you very much.
Stay. Wait.
Bernard, what are you doing here?
Your phone does not work.
Is not it wonderful that the UBC-10 did not leave?
- Lovely ...
- Let 's land at home.
- No no. I came here to be with you.
- You are adorable.
- But since we can go home ...
- We can not, Vicky.
I have to write an article. Yes!
An article about the new plane.
- A famous journalist writes about an airplane?
- You see, knowing you're waiting for the flight ...,
I accepted ... and I came to cover
the event because you were here.
You disappoint me.
Oh no, dear. Next time
I'll have more time. Come on.
[ger] ... one ..., two ..., three ..., four ...
... one ..., two ..., three ..., four ...
Tell the driver
to shout when it arrives.
Auf Wiedersehen. [goodbye]
Stop eating. The new super-Boeing
go into service and go on the road.
Wunderbar! [wonderful] I have to go back to the airport.
Shame on the hale.
You're absolutely sure ...
- ... as you go in the morning. Yes?
And you come back to Paris ...
Thursday at 18:45. Yes?
Not! Wednesday at midnight.
It's a UBC-10, it takes time.
- An orange juice.
- A vodka Martini.
Oh, why do you make these notes?
I have the impression I am
included in the agenda.
I have to have a time schedule.
You do not want me busy when you get back ...
Is not it, honey?
Speaking of work ...
The new aircraft is in the hangar.
I do not think you can write about it at the bar.
A girl is like a dagger blow
for any journalist in the world.
- Oh no!
- Oh yes!
I'm Robert. Hi, Bernard.
- Hello, I talked about this in the morning.
- Really?
Oh, no, Bertha! Not I!
He commented how well you are in Berlin.
Are you back there now?
No, I came to Paris.
Did not you get my telegram?
No no!
- Is there something of interest now in Paris?
- No nothing. Only routine work. - I'm in hibernation.
- Like the bear.
Hibernate with the prince?
Miss Vicky Hawkins,
From Great Britain.
Robert Reed, of the Consolidated Press.
- Nice to meet you.
- Sit down!
Do not I bother?
- Yes!
- Not!
Thank you. To stay.
Is it more comfortable?
[fr !!] Give me a Martini ...
very dry.
- Very ... ok, sir?
- Yes.
- Do you know Bernard for a long time?
- I do not know.
- You do not know ... what?
- I'm your fiancee!
They are ... Yes, of course.
My friend.
- You're ... Yeah, she's my fiancee.
- Congratulations.
It's a good luck to have a man
that Bernard just mine ...
- You do not believe?
- I am convinced.
What is this?
It's UBC-10, which I talked about.
It was put into operation today,
Lufthansa took off her Super-Bboeing.
Lufthansa? Today?
I do not know how you can write about planes
when you have no idea what you are writing about.
Nothing ever gets him up
a good journalist.
- Very quiet, sir.
- Thank you very much.
You're the first friend
of Bernard who says that.
- You're so secret. - Yeah, I know, he's cute with you.
- You have no idea where to live in Paris?
- Oh, we have a gorgeous apartment.
About magnesity!
- Great?
- Huge! - Minuscule.
I'll just stay for a few days ...
- All Paris hotels are occupied ...
- No no.
- There are many tourists at this moment ...
- Go to a college camp.
- How stupid, you come to our house ...
- Not.
- ... to keep Bertha's company.
- Vicki, no.
It's the only one, poor ...
Flight Crew 237, British United,
will be submitted for verification.
It's mine.
Oh, do not get up.
- See what would have happened if I was home?
- I imagine.
You're always right.
- He's a genius.
- If you say so.
- No, stay here with your boyfriend.
- But ...
I come back to say goodbye,
after verification.
- Bernard, do you realize how lucky you are?
- I assure you so.
- If I could find a girl like her ...
- You'll go to the home.
- Do I find girls there?
- You're not gonna find them in my apartment.
But she's your fiancee. It's different.
Robert, the last time we met,
I was in Casablanca and I missed a report ...
two flamenco dancers ...
and a bottle of whiskey for you.
And that was different.
Girls, did you see Bernard?
What are you doing? Let it bring you another.
Oh, Liebe ...!
Oh, I looked at my watch.
- I'm glad I found you.
- Yes...
- You have to be your friend at breakfast.
- Yes.
- Breakfast?
- You're not Mr. Reed in Berlin?
You did not get your English breakfast
with Bernard this morning?
Oh, English breakfast! Yes of course!
Salmon "english" is delicious!
- Kidney.
- Oh, kidneys, I mean!
I confused my kidneys with salmon.
But do not tell me Mr. Reed, but Robert.
- Tell me Lise.
- Lise?
- You will not tell me you do not know me ...
- Should I know you?
Well, are not you Bernard's friend?
Of course he knows you.
I talked to you about it.
Does she know I'm your fiancee?
Oh yes. Of course. Bernard does not count
to talk to you about it. He's obsessed with you.
But ... but what are you doing here?
They called me because I was promoted
on the first flight of Super-Boeing ...
- Congratulations.
- He's leaving immediately.
I knew. That's why I waited.
That's why I'm here.
I knew you were going back to the airport.
He always anticipates everything. He's a genius.
Well, I'm leaving.
Do not get up.
Well, honey, we're going to Frankfurt,
then to London, Montreal and back to Paris.
- And when would you come back to Paris?
- Come on.
Poimine ...
At what time?
- At 20:20.
- 20:20.
I totally forgot about it.
Is not it, Liebe?
- True.
- He's the slave of my program.
Excuse us ...
- 'Wiedersehen.
- Auf Wiedersehen, mein Liebe.
Pleasant trip.
Very quiet, sir.
Know that you are very baft ...
And you're getting better
with every passing minute.
You know what these girls are ...,
flies around the world ...
- Karachi, Kartung ...
- I know I know...
I remember the past in the tone of the voice well!
I advise you to leave!
Good. I'm not talking. Do not even poke me with the wax.
I left in five minutes.
Do not get up.
- See you at midnight, sweetheart.
- Yeah, at midnight.
At midnight?
Every time I fly, I look out of the cockpit
at exactly midnight.
And Bernard looked at her,
from his bed, at the same time.
So we seem to be not far from each other.
We are together.
Because we were watching the same month,
both at the same time.
How pretty...
Vicky has a lot of imagination.
- It's very emotional.
- Forgive us.
- To leave?
- Look elsewhere.
- Oh no.
- Not.
One more one, please.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I'll see you soon.
- I look forward to seeing your apartment.
- Do not even think.
We could share them.
You and Vicky with Lufthansa.
You go to the hotel.
Lufthansa loses, but you too.
I'm going to tell Vicky.
- Do not fuck!
- Yes, if you force me to go to the hotel.
All right! Whether!
Avenue de Reine, 56.
Bertha, my maid, will receive you.
I have to go to the office. - Still, he still has time for work.
- Sorry, monsieur?
Oh, nothing! Just...
If it seems to be a lot,
I pay.
You are right. Checkout.
That's right, your broken mouth ...
- Bertha?
- Mr? '
[fr !!] I am ... a friend ... of him
Mr. Laurence ... I'm ...
a friend ... Mr. Laurence ...
I'm American.
Mr. Lawrence invited me
to stay here for a few days.
- And he?
- Oh, no, he's the taxi driver.
- You bring the family?
- No, I'm a bachelor.
- Like Mr. Lawrence.
- Yes I know.
- I'm Robert Reed.
- Oh, with breakfast ...
Everyone associates me with breakfast.
Mr. Lawrence did not tell me
that you will come and stay here.
You know he's very forgetful.
Mr. Lawrence writes everything on the agenda.
- What room did he tell you to stay?
- Did he say anything about the room?
In fact, he said to be your choice.
this is the guest room.
- Here's the bathroom.
- Yes.
And here,...
... here is your bedroom ...
and that's for urgency.
There is a variety of ... You still do not know them well.
- I can stay.
- Sure.
- Thank you very much.
- With pleasure.
You are a guest.
You understand?
I feel like you do not seem to be starving
by this invitation.
Well, that's another mouth to feed
and other nursing care for someone else.
And I'm just a woman, are not I?
I took this job because the doctor
told me to avoid emotions.
- You want something special?
- I like everything.
- I think I understand you have a good time.
- You do not understand.
But I assure you that you will have the necessary comfort.
Install yourself in your room, while
I'm going to the kitchen to get you a drink.
Thank you.
- Mr Reed.
- What the?
You forgot something...
Forgiveness, mercy.
Oh, what was the door ...
Pierre, when the article comes,
I want the telex translated ten minutes.
Why are you hurrying, Mr. Lawrence?
Why not take a good snack?
Do not talk anymore, or
I'll hire another translator.
As you wish.
But I have a translator contract.
We know it twice. - I have something for you, something in the East.
- Another time, Pierre.
What's new in the office?
- There is a promotion ...
- Here you go?!?
They want to preach you
The agency in New York.
New York? Oh no!
Are you sure?
Yeah, but check the files
to "Personal" ... is not easy.
- It cost me a hundred francs.
- From my pocket.
- I do not want to leave Paris.
- Of course not.
Who would want to leave the paradise
from the earth?
- I'm translating this! Yes?
- Like you say. As you wish...
Hi, what are you doing, cock?
- Unbelievable!
- You're not Bernard!
Oh, how do you betray ?!
I was standing and seeing mine.
What are you doing in my apartment?
- Your apartment?
- And mine and Bernard. EEI ?!
Sorry. I did not want to take advantage of the situation.
We were expecting Bernard.
- Did you think you kissed Bernard?
- No no! Of course not!
Not! But it was delicious.
I hope you forgive me.
I'm Bernard's guest.
- My name is Robert Reed.
- I'm Jacqueline Grieux.
- Nice to meet you. - Take a seat, please.
You do not seem to know me ...
Bernard did not talk to you about me?
Oh, oh, yeah! Much, very much!
indeed there.
It does not talk about anything else.
Only you.
Jacqueline face, Jacqueline is,
Jacqueline here, Jacqueline on the other side.
- Always Jacqueline. Are you his fiancee?
- Yes!
I could not help you.
You are an old friend. He did not mention you.
It's so secret ...
Yeah, I wonder why, Miss Grieux.
Since you are Bernard's friend,
You can call me Jacqueline.
Oh, thank you, and you tell me Robert.
- It's a pleasure.
- I'm glad we have met.
- Sit down.
- You first.
You know, Bernard is very jealous.
I'm not afraid to tell him I kissed you.
- To make me forget?
- You want to tell her that?
At least to have warned me.
If it had been a warning,
it would have been no kiss.
That's right.
A kiss without premeditation, I do not kiss it.
So it's easy to forget it was
a kiss that does not mean anything.
But a kiss that means something, I will remember not to forget it.
This reasoning seems a little confusing to me.
Not at all. An honest and cast kiss
ensure my complete silence ...
- ... and absolute discretion.
- Do you want to kiss again?
- That's blackmail, Robert ...
- No, it's a kiss, a little one!
But it's impossible!
I can not forgive myself nsami!
If it's a service for you and Bernard.
- How so?
- You're his fiance and I'm my best friend.
We have to protect him from any harm ...
These journalists ...
It always causes emotions!
Bertha ...
- Are you kidding us for tonight?
- That's what I planned.
- Give it to me, I'll go.
- Where are you going, Jacqueline?
In my room, wait for Bernard.
I thought he would
as a gentleman to open his door.
Do not ask questions.
I just wanted to know if
you've done what you were doing.
Is she staying here? It is not like that?
Then there is nothing else left to me
until I go to bed.
I am very tired.
And a sleeping nap with dreams does not hurt.
Thank you, Bertha.
Let me sleep. I wake up alone.
Jacqueline. You hear me?
Leave me alone!
But a kiss is nothing!
Get out of here!
Give me a kiss, Jacqueline,
I promise I'm not telling Bernard.
Okay! Be ready!
EEI ...!
Jacqueline !!
Bertha, what's going on here?
- Jacqueline, you came early!
- Why are you screaming?
Scream? Sure like screaming!
I have the right to scream!
- Robert, I want an explanation.
- Jacqueline will explain everything to you.
So? Everything seems normal!
Let's get something to drink! Yes.
Bertha showed you your room?
- Yeah, that way.
- Magnificent!
What do we have for dinner, sweetie?
Do not worry about!
I'm going to see!
- Where is Bertha?
- I'm here!
- Very good. Very good. Fain.
- It's fun to serve in this house!
Ah, you were here!
- You are fine?
- Yes, all right! Perfect!
Just slightly excited.
Oh, excuse me!
I noticed you did not let anyone else
to answer the phone!
For the eventuality of the caller
only French speaks.
French is my language! May be the butcher,
who only speaks German.
- The butcher was.
- Then I'm going to have a bath.
It was not the butcher.
It was Lufthansa in Frankfurt.
- What ... what did he say?
- Hello, Liebe!
- Bertha ...
- I'd like to tell you something.
- Yes, what is it?
- I forgot. I'll remember ...
- She is, again.
- Give me ...
- It's Lufthansa.
- Give me the phone.
Hello? Oh, I have larynx.
Yes, it happens frequently.
Very nice of you, Liebe.
Sure, I can tell you.
Right now?
Ich liebe dich ... [love you]
and I.
No no. He does not call me in Montreal.
Lie, it's very expensive.
Pleasant trip. Auf Wiedersehen.
You won him.
- Nothing!
- Well, then ...!
- Did he call again?
- Yes Yes.
- Why are you talking whispering?
- Because I have larynx.
I mean, I speak normally!
- Do you mind me?
- No no no no.
- Waiting for calls?
- It might sound from the airport.
It may change the timetable,
if the new plane is put into operation.
Ultra-Caravelle. Yes of course. You want to be a stewardess
to the new service?
- How do you know?
- It's on the agenda.
- But the program has not changed yet.
- No, I'm leaving an hour late in the morning.
- An hour later?
- At 11:30, instead of 10:30.
- Why do you say "good"?
- Did I say "good"?
Yeah, you said.
I heard it too.
I said it, because we did
offers one hour extra, tomorrow.
Oh, you're a sweet one!
- Who was?
- Who was ... where?
On the phone. Was not there a woman, anyhow?
Another woman? You are so funny!
You're a bad little Frenchman!
Hear it!
- Another woman ...!
- Then who was it?
One who has the wrong number.
An aura ...
- What's that?
- What is ... what?
This letter...
with the stamp from England.
She takes another vodka.
- It's addressed to a woman, Victoria Haukins.
- It's Hawkins.
Leave your mouth.
It's clear she was not sent to me.
No, it's not Victoria Hawkins.
I know that.
Then what is the letter looking for?
Well, even ...
- You know what he is, he's been lost through the post offices. - No, how did he get here?
- I remembered.
- What the?
- What did I mean?
- Yes, what is it?
Um ...
- Dinner is almost ready.
- Good. THX.
Now, tell me ...
What is this?
- Well, a letter!
- It's me.
But it is addressed
Ms. Victoria Haukins.
Did you know?
I never heard of her.
He has to be a stranger ...
- He has to be alien.
- What's he doing here?
It would be ... it would be ... aa ...
Ah, he was crazy on the bottom!
- Our goalkeeper!
- Yes, the idiot ...
She received the letter and gave it to us.
It must be someone else in the building.
- It was my mistake.
- There's always an explanation for everything.
My mistake, Fr ulein, mademoiselle.
- Do not worry, Bertha.
- Thank you.
- We're people, and we're wrong.
- Yes! How sweet is ...
I'm sorry, honey.
You're very suspicious of me.
Hey, you ... you're ...
Good. I'm going to make my ass
just for you, honey.
Where have I heard that before?
What are you doing?
Change lingerie.
You have Air France ...
- ... not on Lufthansa.
- No, of course. They make them disappear ...
- I am exhausted!
- I understand you.
You think I have nothing else
than women. It is not like that?
With this team,
what else can you have in mind?
You remember the Suey story
with the four women, of which one ...
was the Israeli paratrooper ...
and other Arab judoka?
Yes, but do not wait for a conflict.
- Hey, I admit it's unusual.
- Unobserved ...
Bernard, I know it's not my job.
But you're engaged with all three. Not?
And all three believe it
will marry you. Not?
Natural! But how do you think?
that will be polygamy ?!
But you have a big risk.
And you can not deny it is illegal.
- What the?
- Having three wives, is punished ...
Stay! Who's talking about wives?
There are three females and they will stay.
In this way I have the advantages of marriage,
and none of the drawbacks.
You understand?
And, moreover, the fiends are
more affectionate than their wives.
- You're kidding?
- Not! Three is the perfect number!
Less, it would be monotonous. More, it would be tedious to the heights.
- Three is ideal.
- But immoral.
Immoral? Everyone thinks she's my fianc
and they do not think it's immoral. Me neither.
This is the only way to live.
- Does not it look a bit complicated?
- No, I can adjust sometimes!
It's not so easy.
It's not, if you know the timetable
to all airlines.
- To fly faster ...
- Let me show you.
Here are the flight schedules
of all airlines in the world.
- A whole volume.
- One volume.
- You are following me?
- Yes.
- But you do not understand.
- Not!
Let me show you ... I will explain otherwise.
Each of my fiancs belongs
a different airline.
- All three are hostesses.
- And very beautiful.
Thank you.
They passed the exams.
You know how to pass the tests to get in
These big companies are hard work.
- Yes.
- There are health tests, cooking ...
- ... intelligence, courtesy ...
- Kindly ...
I understand your point of view.
But what are they for you? What do you mean? Safety, knowing
that when they return from a journey,
... have a house of their own,
have someone there!
And they did not find another man
to receive them in the world?
- The truth is, they loved me.
- Admirable ...
Well ...
I remove my hat,
but I think it will not last.
You do not believe?
- Sit down.
- There?
- Please...
- Very good.
Look here...
Lise comes from Montreal in the afternoon.
Jacqueline's gonna be tomorrow morning
in Tokyo ...
Vicky ... is at this moment
Between Lisbon and the house.
So, my fiances
I give the wheel of the earth.
One as the sun, another as the moon ...
and the other home.
But they all come inevitably to me.
It's geometric! It's poetic!
One up, another down and another at home.
h. Something like that.
Well, now that you've learned everything, you understand
that you will have to find another salas.
Your presence here makes my life
much more complicated.
What you told me, he showed me so much
simple that it's not so complicated.
And so I do not move from here. I would not have thought you were in a state
to blackmail me this way ...
- Oh, do not call it that!
- Remain silent!
I admired you ...
... even envied.
You have even given me a great curiosity.
After what I hear, I am anxious to see how
geometric poetry ends in vulgar prose.
Listen, nothing will happen,
if you do not provoke something!
But if you put my nose in my chores,
if it happens to open your mouth ...
Let me talk! I will not get it
see the thing as if it were mine.
- That's what worries me.
- Bernard, we had our differences ...
- ... but I have to admit a genius when I see it!
- Merci!
You can trust me.
You want a translator, Mr. Reed?
I'm Pierre.
- Reputation precedes you, Pierre.
- Oh, I know you from Berlin.
In the world of journalism I am known
like a man with modest ambitions.
The money.
- You know Bernard Lawrence, International Press?
- I heard that name.
- You did not work for him, you ready? - I do not even know the address.
I understand.
What is the current situation a
Mr. Lawrence to the International Press?
- Know something?
- aa ... Oh, you mercy.
It is very likely that Mr. Lawrence
to be transferred to New York.
- Are you sure?
- The information cost me 200 francs.
- And about Mr. Lawrence's fiance ...?
- Sorry?
Come on, Pierre, you gotta have some sources!
Or go out to some swimming pool ...
... or at the restaurant?
Or will anyone be attending?
I do not know, sir. And I warn you
that it will be very expensive to find out.
- Find out!
- I'll start right away.
I assume you do not want to interfere with
Mr. Lawrence's private life?
No, of course not.
But I like his way of living ...
... including the maid and his apartment.
You think of Mr. Lawrence the day
will be transferred to New York?
Correct. It would be less expensive
if you go with him.
Oh, you're a good friend, sir!
Can I do something for you here?
- To translate something? - Oh, no, nothing, thank you.
I have to go.
Get information.
- May I use the phone?
- Of course, yes, he is.
Mr. Lawrence?
Just what he left ...
Sure I will follow him.
You will not irritate the pomp.
- Hi, Bertha.
- Hello, Mr. Reed.
Air France took the flight.
Who's coming to the landing ...
- ... I mean who's coming in?
- I got what you got.
- British United. It reaches midnight.
- At midnight, huh?
Poor Bernard ...
Their days are tough ...
Excuse my curiosity ...
Do you wait till dawn?
- No, I'm sleepin 'here!
- And you?
- You mean ... do you live here? Where?
- In the back room.
You can not imagine what it is.
I can. You know, Bertha ...
Mr. Lawrence is a good boy.
But it leads a complicated life.
And I feel a bit guilty.
- Is not it a burden for you ...?
- No, just ...
I refer to the work you do.
With so much confusion ...
Changing linen ...
and I remember what you said.
- You're not very strong. - No, I have a very delicate body.
"But you have a very spiritual figure, Bertha.
- I do not know how to keep it!
Because you are faithful.
Because you have a clean feeling.
I'm surprised you do not ask for anything ...
- ... in return.
- I will never complain about anything.
You are a great virtuoso.
Bertha, why do not you sit down?
I do not like seeing a lady in her legs.
- Here, sir?
- We're in France! Libert , Fraternit !
- Sit down, Bertha, take a cigarette.
- I prefer a drink.
Well, I'm serving you.
Mr. Lawrence is a clever guy,
you do not realize how lucky it is.
I am one, I hope to find
an apartment like this in Paris.
With a housekeeper, and pay a good salary,
to prepare refined meals.
I'll take care of paying in advance.
Without changing menus,
no permanent corrections ...
And tolerance, of course.
Understand the life of a bachelor
who lives alone, like me.
He's a man, after all.
And ... of course he can have it
a discreet relationship ...
A discreet relationship? He may be a Countess
or a lady in a high society.
- Quality knocks the quantity. Is not it, Mr. Reed?
- Yeah, that's the idea.
And I thought, Bertha, maybe
you could help me find that woman.
- Countess?
- No, housekeeper.
Who to be? There are landings now.
Probably the police.
I've been waiting for months.
I do not understand who can be ...
- Oh, Lisa.
- Surprise!
Welcome! But ... Lise,
how did you reach today?
We are waiting for you!
- Let me go.
- You're just like my Bernard.
He wants to know at the minute of my arrival.
- What do we have to eat?
- I'm pregnant ... Nassburgers. [browse soft]
Go get nassburners!
You should have been in Montreal ...
That's the surprise!
I did less to come back!
We've set a new record!
Bernard's going to love him!
- I leave it in your room.
- Thank you, Mr. Reed.
- Tell me Robert, please.
- Of course.
- Your back hurts?
- Constant.
It's a rheumatic pain. Must I take Tipfalipip Plaxas Lunan all the time.
- What is it?
- A wonderful Bavarian calmant!
He's very strong.
There are drops, and ... you fall asleep.
If I found myself
a good masseuse in Paris ...
- Maybe ... to a ...
- What the?
- Oh no. Nothing. Nothing.
- You were going to say something. Say it.
I do not want you to think I'm going to be bad.
I'm not afraid of men.
I know to show up.
Yes, I have no doubt.
Well, I meant that,
while we were younger,
Before I dedicate myself to journalism,
I worked as a physical therapist.
- Not!
- Yes!
Wunderbar! [wonderful]
Could you give me a massage?
A body massage!
- I'll try.
- What? Do you think I'm too bold?
Nobody's too bold
when health is at play!
- You are right! That's right!
- Of course I have!
But I think you're hiding something.
What do you hide from me?
- Nothing.
- Then do not think about it anymore.
I do not think anymore.
- What are you doing?
- I'm preparing.
- It would not be more comfortable ...
- It's true!
I forgot that you are an American. You should learn to stop associating
body with sex and especially therapy.
Yeah, just have more patience with me.
We, the Americans, hardly dissociate things.
I understand.
I'm going to my room. Hanging on my towel
and you oiled me with olive oil.
[fr] Good lust!
Check Before Printing.
h. Good. Thank you.
- I thought you were following Robert.
- That's what you do.
- Now he's back in the apartment.
- And before he went somewhere?
- At a rental office.
- You know why?
If you still have a question,
wants to rent an apartment.
Maybe I was wrong with him.
If he is looking for it, he will stay.
- Of course.
- But it's better to keep track of ...
... You may find something.
I know it.
- Hello?
- Do not you want to know more?
- I'm busy! It's important?
- Not for me! For you, it can be!
One moment.
If it's important, talk!
- Reine Boulevard, 56.
- Good. And what?
- Address...
- It's my address!
- Know!
- But ... I'll call you later! Did she ask for my apartment?
He wants to stay with him! He wants everything completely!
With furniture and more ...
And other...
- Are you sure? Do not try to ...
- Exactly, monsieur.
That's what she's trying to do!
He found out about my move to New York.
- Who told him?
"Oh, I have no idea, monsieur.
- Howdy!
- Hi, Jacqueline!
Jacqueline! What are you doing here?
You were supposed to be in Tokyo ...
We had a shorter time
with Ultra-Caravelle.
Ultra-Caravelle! Magnificent!
Pierre, Jacqueline! Pierre is just leaving!
Pierre, keep going!
I'll tell you, sir.
They have a revoir, mademoiselle.
- They have a revoir, monsieur.
- He's French.
- I see, thank you.
- Yes of course.
- I was talking about Ultra-Caravelle.
- Did you know Air France is competing ...
- ... with British United and Lufthansa?
- British United and Lufthansa!
Good good. See...
How long will you be at home?
It's been hours.
The next flight is tonight.
- Tonight! And at what time?
- At midnight.
- We have time to have dinner before.
- Yeah, let me tell you something! Come on! We go to the apartment!
They can call you at any time!
Do not be so rushed, honey.
You're always worried about my schedule.
- Now, I have more time.
- Good! What do you want to do?
- I'd love to see a movie.
- All right, go to the movies!
Oh, I'm so happy!
Mr. Reed?
- You asleep?
- No, I do not sleep anymore.
- Where is Lufthansa?
- She's just like a baby.
- Like a child...
- He said you had wonderful things.
- Yeah, it was like the beef to your dick.
- Tell me, would you like Nassburger with cabbage?
Because otherwise ...
- What was that?
- I do not know. It's like an accident.
- What?!
- It's Mr. Lawrence!
He came with a taxi
with Miss Jacqueline!
- Air France?
- Yes!!
Do not make noise!
Do not wake Lufthansa!
Wait, give it to me! I do it!
Prepare tot! But it does not make noise!
Oh, fuck!
No, no, not in the room! Not!
Take them there! Hide them there! Run, run!
Hide everything in the kitchen!
In the kitchen!
Oh, hello. Are you back ?!
- Is not that wonderful?
- What the? I can stay the whole afternoon with Bernard.
- I'm going to talk to Bertha.
- Yeah, it's in the kitchen.
Robert, see what you're doing,
either you do your luggage ...
- You heard me?
- Let me explain.
- Not! I speak!
- Listen!
No, listen to me!
They're at my house, I'm talking!
I know where you were in the afternoon!
You were on rent!
It is not like that?
What did you do there?
- You wanted my apartment!
- I wanted to rent an apartment!
- I wanted to rent ...
- You wanted my own!
- Who asked nassburger on cabbage?
- Oh, he ... He asked!
- He worked in Berlin!
- You know I'm detesting this stuff!
- I asked Berthea to make a breeze.
- I can not eat that!
- Wait!
- I mean, it's not good for her!
Sweetie, I'm tired of my breath.
Better have dinner in the city.
- Good idea! Let's have dinner at the city!
- Who asked for your opinion?
- Why do not we go to Bois de Boulogne?
- Lovely!
- I'm going to put my suit!
- I change my clothes!
- Hurry, you do not know how busy you are!
- Me! It's hard to find a table!
Do not change! It is more understandable!
- What is this?
- What?
- To stay...
- Oh, oh, it's my travel bag.
Do you always take with you?
Even when you do not fly?
Yes Yes. I keep here forever
my personal things ...
- ... like olive oil, creams, powders.
- Know something? I think you're a sonata!
Wonderful! Now I'm happy
that we go out to eat at the table!
No, I do not think so.
I want to eat at home.
I'm tired of restaurants.
- And fresh air from Bois de Boulogne?
- I've got enough air to fly.
Yeah, but you can ... you and Bernard,
the night, the moon, and those wonderful gardens.
- Is not it romantic?
- Yeah, but we'll eat ...
- You are not well...?
- Does not matter. Do not worry about me.
I am very pleased with the Nassburgs.
Oh dear! I do not want to get out of town!
Let's stay home! Not?
- All right, we'll have dinner here.
- No, it's too late!
- It's not possible!
- Robert!
I want to have a discussion with you, before
that Jacqueline might force me to do it! If she wants to eat here,
we're having lunch here!
No, we do not have dinner here! I insist to go
In Bois de Boulogne, with birds and bees.
- I think he has a crazy access.
- No no! I'm fine! You are not normal.
- Forgive me ...
- Yeah, Bertha. What?
- I wonder if there are changes.
- What?
- Well, at dinner.
- There is no change!
- What have you been told to do!
- Soul, I think I already said.
- Are I at dinner?
- Why do you ask? We are not three of us.
I will not survive this job!
I'm not strong enough! Just know!
How did your mother's doctor say?
Bertha is working!
But it does not have a strong constitution ...
- What's this woman got ?!
- I have the impression she wants ...
- ... to tell us something and do not hesitate.
- Yes...
Be good and get out of the way.
- Tell her!
- What do I say?
- Come here!
- What is it?!
Tell him he can not use it
Jacqueline's room, when Jacqueline ...
... is the absence ...!
Do not you understand?
All I understand is that you are envious!
That's how you've always been! I'm tired of you over your head!
- I guess you guys are envious.
- Look, I do not want to argue with you!
Get out and leave it
Jacqueline enters her room!
- Get out!
- Hey, wait!
Why can not I go back to my room?
Why! Because there are things
my personal and I do not want to see them!
I assure you I do not forget!
You will see them! I have linen there,
panties, toothpaste! Do you understand, Jacqueline?
- Not really.
- It's a matter of principle!
I can not stand anyone seeing me
the most intimate things! I can not stand!
You're right when I see you and I hear you
it seems to me that you are gone with sorcova!
I'm going to another bedroom!
Listen! Listen!
You listen to what I'm saying ...
You do what I say, or go out!
- If you knew who was there ...!
- Aoleu ...
What is this?
- See you, Bernard!
- Wait, wait!
- You kicked me off!
- Do not wait!
Stay! I apologize!
- Nothing, I do not want to hear anything!
- I apologize! My love, tell her she can not leave!
Certainly not. Has some Wunderbar!
- Thank you. I'll stay.
- Wunderbar ?!
Lie, you came early.
We're just waiting for you ...
Well, I'm here! You can give glory
Boeing's super!
- Yes!
- With 10,000 horsepower engines.
- Now we will be together more often!
- Yes, but now I have to go to work.
- But you just came!
- You know what journalism is ...
Robert will accompany you to dinner.
- Mr Lawrence, I put the blow ...
- Souffl? What Blow?
- He ordered it.
- Yes, I asked him!
The soul is for
teethless people!
Well, Robert does not eat the soul!
That's it! Remove it from the menu!
Delete it from the menu ...
But he's our guest.
I asked him to stay.
Do not worry.
In Berlin we have a daily breath.
- In Berlin? Souffl?
- Brewery.
I do not understand. Is this an American joke?
It is not like that?
- Nein! [not]
- Nein! [NOT]
I find it very funny!
Forgive me.
I'm going to take a bath. - Yes.
- Yes. Good idea.
- If you do the bathroom, I'll go to work.
- Are you coming back, Liebe?
For once I can.
- I look forward to you.
- Thank you dear.
Now we will see each day, not three days,
as before! Is not Wunderbar?
[ger] - I miss ...!
- Missglad! Bye!
One more trick, with the massage!
Do not you quench anymore ?!
If I Wunderbar ...
What to do?
- Wunderbar!
- No, I'm leaving.
No, no, do not go. Must
to invite Lufthansa to dinner ...
- Take it and keep it until midnight.
- I would, except ...
- Hey ...
- Yes?
- Are you still here?
- Yes.
Oh, Jacqueline. Be a little bit blond
with my friend, Robert.
Sorry, but I still do not understand something ...
I took the soup out and put the Nassburger.
I do not know why confusion, Bertha.
I said the blow.
The only change will be Mr. Reed
do not stay at dinner.
Sorry, it will stay. Yes!
Maybe I wronged him.
Well then, blow for three or four?
- Only one. For Mr. ...
- For me yes. ... Reed. He stays. Miss Jacqueline
and I'm dining in town.
Oh my God!!!
- What the? Get out?
- Oui. [Yes]
- And your friend will stay here?
- Exactly.
You were ready to try.
ncaierare? Oh yes.
But I forgave him.
We always fight. We're old friends.
She just suggested going to dinner.
- It's a romantic!
- The quarrels between friends are not tragedies.
- Right! Good boy, Robert!
- Good boy, Bernard!
- The son of God!
- The son of God!
Mon ami. [comrade]
- I hope I do not have to go out!
- Here you go?
I guess you guys are gonna die in Bois de
Boulogne, and I eat Robert's heart!
- But I made a reservation!
- I'm having lunch at home!
No, Jacqueline! Do not fuck!
Come on!
Bertha, do not bother with your heart!
We go to cinema!
- I do not want to go!
- Let's go to a ...
... restaurant in Bois de Boulogne!
Why not?
- What?
What is it?
- Water is heard in the bathroom!
- No, no, no water in the bathroom!
It's at the kitchen! Bertha washed your dish! - Did you call me?
- Yeah, Bertha. It will be a little change ...
The two gentlemen have ...
decided to go to dinner alone.
I have decided to stay
home and eat the soul.
I thought you wanted something else,
when you called me.
Are you saying you canceled the menu?
And then, what do we have for dinner?
Nassburgers on cabbage.
Nassburgers on cabbage ?!
I'm here two days a week!
I came home, where I think it's me!
And what do I find? First of all, I'm denied entry
In my room! Secondly, I'm hungry ...
and it's me in the restaurant ... you're booked!
And thirdly, the housekeeper comes to impose ...
what to eat! Well, stay with Robert,
because I want to be alone!
But ..., Jacqueline!
It would be time to talk about salary.
As I said before, ...
That's what we'll do, Bertha.
But not now.
- Do not tell me you've already bathed!
- The water is very hot!
- Why ...
- Not ...! Because of Robert!
Robert does not feel good! He suffers from a horrible headache!
- Terrible! Do you have aspirin?
- I think so.
- Thank you ...
- But ...
Bertha, where's my scarf?
Oh, you changed the door, I see!
- Here's the scarf.
- Thank you.
- Here's the aspirin.
- THX.
Drink plenty of water, always do good.
I drink four liters a day,
... wherever I am.
Four liters?
Over time, there will be an aquarium in the house.
Go and wash yourself!
If you can separate yourself from your buddy,
come with me.
Jacqueline! It's ridiculous!
It's a misunderstanding! But, baby ...
I'm waiting for you outside,
five minutes! No more!
- But, Jacqueline!
- As for my salary ...
You at the kitchen!
Come over here! Come over!
Listen ...
You have to empty the "runway" for
British United who will land tonight.
I'm going with Air France
to the country, somewhere overnight.
Get Lufthansa out
of the apartment.
Get it out? How?
- I do not know, take her to dinner, shopping ...
- And if he does not want to go?
Well then ...
It has to work! Musa! It has to work! Point.
- Lie?
- Jaaa?
- The water is still too hot.
- Then blow it.
- Are you mad at me?
- No, no, why should I be ?!
I just have to go to work!
[fr !!] Nani, nani ...
... swinging ... babies sleeping ...
My little girl gave me this song.
That's it, you have to
stay with me, Lise.
Do not worry, I'm not bothering you, Robert.
I'll get Tipfalipip Plaxas Lunan
and I sleep until Bernard returns.
- Oh, no, Lise! It's not possible!
- Why not?
Well, you do not understand.
I am American.
I feel lost in the great Paris.
I'm like a stranger who's abroad.
- I'm alien!
- And I'm stranger to Paris!
Yes of course. That's what you said ...
Do not you think strangers should be together?
- Not!
- We go to dinner!
No, he would not like Bernard!
He is very jealous!
He wants us to dance together!
He said it! Did not you hear?
But he said to keep me company here.
No no. That would make him even more jealous, Lise.
Instead, in a restaurant ... what can it happen in a restaurant?
He knows Bertha is here.
So if you want to go, you go alone.
Did you call me?
Mr. Reed leaves. I'm the only one,
bring my Nassburgerii to the cabbage.
- But I deleted them from the menu!
- Who told you to do this?
I told him.
Lise listened from the first moment
When I saw you, I did not control myself.
When I touched you, I understand.
I told her to throw the Nassburger
to spend more time with you.
I can not keep my actions anymore.
I am a man.
And not for me,
but for you and Bernard.
You understand?
Lise, you have to go with me
to have dinner both.
Help me overcome temptation.
Sarmane, Mr. Reed!
- Tell me, Robert.
- Oh yes! Robert!
I did not get it! I thought you were one
simple American! A cash machine!
No, of course not.
You are different! As you look at me
it seems like you are full of love and tenderness!
Are you suffering, Robert ?!
I was supposed to feel the beauty of your hands!
- Do you breathe again?
- I wish I could!
- What is it? - Robert, I will not catch you!
- To be appreciated!
- It would be nasty to me!
We do not have to be here, where Bertha can
eyeball and anything can happen.
He goes to town to have dinner.
We will be alone, we will be able to overcome the temptation.
- Yes, it sounds logical.
- I'll be there in a moment!
Get into the bath quickly!
Robert, you're an honest man!
- Goodbye, Mr. Reed.
- Where are you going?
I've had enough!
- You can not leave now either.
- We bet?
- Bertha!
- I'm not stewardess, Mr. Reed!
But Bertha, have you forgotten what I said?
Mr. Lawrence is about to leave soon
I'll take you to work ...
- ... and the peace will return ...
- Not!
... as you wish. Trust me, Bertha.
It will be awesome.
Really, trust me.
There will be no jerks. No misery.
What are you doing here?
I live here!
True. I mean, you arrived early.
We're waiting for you after midnight ...
- I had the right wake.
- I am leaving.
- Bertha, do not leave the sinking ship.
- Do not women and children go away? - You can leave if you want!
- I only get orders from Mr. Lawrence!
Exactly, that's right.
This is Europe, not the United States.
Here the man is the master of the house.
Only he obeys him. Not his lover ...
... Oh, I'm sorry!
- What's that noise? Is Bernard in the bathroom?
- No, Bertha washed the dishes.
- Bertha is here!
- Oh, yeah, what a shit they say!
It's my shower! I like steam!
I like to have steam at the shower!
- Where is Bernard?
- Bernard went to write a report.
He said that if you come,
to get you out for dinner.
How could I know I came earlier?
No, thanks. I will keep waiting.
Bertha, what do we have for dinner?
Sweet, there's nothing left to eat.
- It hates me, I know!
- No, come on!
- Does not matter. How about eating with me?
- Agree. To change my uniform.
- I bought a beautiful dress.
- Seriously? Good!
- Oh, but, but ... do not change anymore!
- Do you want me to have dinner like that?
- I have a weakness for uniforms. - Do not be ridiculous! Change me now!
Okay, but why not
do you use my room?
Why not mine?
Because in my room
personal things are exposed.
- And what?
- And what?!
There I have my own stuff
and I would like to see them.
It's a whim. I would like.
Do me a favor, Vicky.
There are worse things. Read the papers.
Kind of eccentric!
But hurry up, please.
We can not find free tables anymore. Faster.
- It makes you feel another woman!
- Who?
The bathroom!
A good hot bath.
- What is this?
- Oh gosh! It is mine!
I keep all the maroon in her.
Look, I'll give it to you! It's ridiculous
use a British Airways United bag!
In return, you're going to dinner.
I'm ready.
What do you do with my bag?
- Me?
- Yes, you. What are you looking for in my bag?
- Oh, nothing!
- I do not have money there. I assure.
If you thought I was going to take ...
- Give it to me!
- Take one!
- Whose is this?
- Mine!
I thought it was yours. I want to say that
it's mine. But yours was the other one.
Are you coming? Yes ... aa ...
But first, let's say goodbye ...
- You called me, sir?
- This woman has a radar, or something!
- What do you want, Mr. Reed?
- You see, Bertha, we're going to dinner.
- Here! Who's going to dinner?
Miss Vicky and me. Of course.
- And I stay with ...
- I miss my ears, Bertha!
- It's their specialty!
- After you, Vicky.
What to do?
I'm ready!
[fr] Good evening!
A two-person table?
Jacqueline, you have to listen to me ...
No no!
You can spend the whole night excusing yourself!
It was not installed in
my room without your permission!
But if I told him after he moved,
what could I do?
Get him out!
That should have been done!
All right! I'll talk to him!
Tomorrow, when we get home!
Not! I want you to talk to him
- But you said we went to the country after dinner.
- I changed my mind.
I do not want a man, however cute,
to come to us!
But ...
Jacqueline, women tend to have
jealousy on other women, not men! I know there's no other woman in your life.
What woman would you support ?!
Please, Jacqueline,
do not make the martyr anymore!
For your information,
I say I'm not a martyr!
But I'm your fiancee
mistreated unjustly!
Jacky, you're making a scene because of it
Poor Robert!
Do you know where Bernard went tonight?
Hey, be careful!
It's a business dinner.
But we can not bother him.
- Driver!
- Yes, monsieur?
Look where you're going!
Like you say something?
I do not understand why we can not go to
Bernard's restaurant, just to see him.
Because at this meeting
are just men.
There are many jokes, jokes,
it would not be advisable to go to such a place.
You're talking to a plane stewardess!
- Well, I really do not want to see him.
- Why?
Because I'm jealous and jealous!
Because of me?
Do not you see yourself in the mirror?
I do not look like a normal man?
I think so, especially as
I have seen all your things ...
... personal ...!
- It was a way to keep your interest. - And you think you did that?
- It's not impossible.
- Say it again!
- It was just a way ...
- No no! That 's impossible! Say it!
It is not impossible!
Divine! Repeat!
- I can not!
- Oh, please!
When you say it, it's the adorable shape of your mouth!
- Are you over my leg?
- No, honestly. Just one day!
Looks like a florist!
Just like a flower!
- What are you doing?
- I'm floating in the vase!
We should not have left
to dinner together.
It was not dinner, it was a kiss!
I'm waiting in the parking lot.
- What are you looking for?...
- I came ...
Sit down!
- You're crazy!
- Listen ...
Lisa's out, Jacqueline can appear
from the moment!
- What the hell are you?
- I thought ...
Shut up!
"Bernard, I'm going home to put it
things in order, Jacqueline "
- I advise you to get home before her.
- Why? If Lise is with you!
- Vicky!
- Lise! Just do not confuse them!
I do not confuse them. I'm here with Vicky.
I came to warn you.
- Super-Boeing does not get to midnight!
- Reached! Before. Boeing! Boeing!
- Wait a minute, please.
- Oh, ma'am.
I do not understand how Lise is at home,
Vicky's home ... I can not figure out how ...
- Have they seen? ...
- No, of course not!
What did you do with Lise?
I left it there! What did you want ...,
to bring them to dinner at the same time ?!
What is it?
Do not worry!
Do not look for you!
Jacqueline left home!
- Oh! You talk about wolf ...!
- What the!
- Jacqueline!
- What's he doing?
- Go to the toilet!
- And?
- Well, it's part of the game!
- One day, it was supposed to happen!
You have nothing to worry about.
Many advantages you had.
- Know something? Partly, I'm happy!
- Yes! Not me!
- What's your business?
- Know that I did not profit!
But you tried!
- Well, you know what it is ...!
- You do not deserve!
Whatever happened, happened.
No resentment. Peace?
- What's up with me ...?
- That's it.
They do not seem angry ...
No, really!
Hold on ...!
Why be wicked?
They do not know each other ...
- You are right!
- Of course!
- Mademoiselle.
- Yes? The Lord was worried ...
Tell the gentleman I'm coming back
after finding my gloves.
- Do you have a taxi?
- One moment...
- I am waiting for you here.
- Very good.
- Okay, we got back to work.
- What do you mean ... "we got it right"?
- I'm back! You stay calm!
- Well, you just said ...
I know what I said!
Go to your job!
Very well, then I'm not protecting you anymore.
I'll talk to Jacqueline.
No no no no! Sorry!
Forgive me! I do not know what I got today!
Jacqueline leaves.
I'm gonna try to stop it!
Just call Bertha
and tell him to hide Lise!
- Wait, Vicky is outside the taxi, he sees you.
- You're going to distract Vicky's attention!
And with the phone how it stays?
Call from anywhere!
You do not need to be here!
And keep Vicky busy all night.
A good advice,
You like to look good!
De La Reine Boulevard, 56.
- Not! Not!
- Wait!
Do not miss the taxi in the eye!
Bernard! Bernard!
Follow that taxi!
- Follow him!
- Stop!
Quick! - No no!
- Hold on! Please!
Stay up!
Now! Give it to me!
Oh! Almost killed me!
- Where are you going so fast?
- It's Bernard! I'm following his taxi!
I think he's going to another meeting.
Something is wrong!
I looked at his face!
I do not...
Jacqueline, please, listen to me!
I do not listen and I do not listen to you anymore
never! Not!
[fr] - Faster, please!
- Jacqueline, you do not understand!
I understand everything!
And I understand you're a big villain!
If it has an important meeting of
business, why is it in the taxi?
Maybe he's with the client ...
- Can not you go faster?
- Excuse me, Mademoiselle.
Do you want to look where you're going?
The blood is coming to my head!
Stop it!
Not there! Take it back!
- Stop it!
- Oh, I lost him, Robert ...
- Go home. Driver?
- No no no! Get us a phone call!
- On the phone? For what?
- For something very important.
- But ...
- Believe me! It's very important!
[fr] Do not stop! Go ahead!
- Jacqueline! Jacqueline! Listen! - NOT!!!
- Where are you going?
- At home, make my baggage!
Wait for me!
- Go to number 56!
- It's forbidden !!
- Then go forbidden!
- It's against the law!
- Does that help you?
[fr] - Live America!
I come back immediately.
Bertha !!
Ho, as I come!
How can I help you, lady?
- Bring cold water.
- That's the second half-eyed.
I need to wake up.
- Bernard is coming soon?
- You already woke up.
- Bertha?
- Say ...
- Have you ever been in love?
- My husband.
- It should last forever!
- I do not believe. He ran with my sister.
Oh, I'm sorry, Bertha!
I was lucky with my Bernard!
- Why? Do not you have a sister?
- No, she does not look at another woman!
- I'd fire my fire!
- Do not do that, you might burn!
No, Mr. Reed. Nobody is home.
Just Lufthansa and me.
After you left, he took it
German pills and drip was ...
- She just woke up.
- She will not let her wake up. Give him another dose. It does not matter how strong it is!
Give it more!
[fr] - What does the american say?
- She wants to drug a fool.
[fr] To drug a woman ?!
Put it in the water.
He will not realize.
- What did he say, now?
- Looks like the guy's desperate!
[fr] - Desperate ?!
- Yeah, that's got a muddy moon!
[fr] - Turbot?
- It's just parsive!
Do not be panicked.
I'm taking care of British United.
But as Air France remains free,
you have to deal with Lufthansa.
[fr] - Who, of whom?
- She's taking care of British United.
[fr] Not by Air France!
And somebody else deals with Lufthansa ...
Lufthansa ?!
- Hey, boy!
- Yes?
- Do you know English?
- Oleaca, yeah.
There's an American in the cabin on the phone ...
You wait to come and tell her ...
- From you?
- Yes!
I do not trust you. Go home
to tell Bernard of our relationship.
- Look, for you.
- Merci, mademoiselle.
"I do not trust you.
I'm going home to tell Bernard of ...
- About our relationship.
- ... of our relationship " [fr] Very good!
- Reine Boulevard, 56.
- To well...
Bertha, it all depends on you.
What is it?
What have I done?
"I do not trust you."
"I'm going home to tell Bernard
about our relationship. "
[fr] It is used
even innocent deserts!
Takes. Drink it.
Lunan Tipfalipip Plaxas is so hard,
that even the carafe has its taste.
Good! So, fetish!
See you do not go to work ...
- Where is Lufthansa?
- In your room
- Get it out of here, Air France is on its way!
- Is sleeping!
- Wake up and go!
- Do not wake up!
What crap do you say?
Liebe! Liebe!
Come on, wake up!
I'm not guilty!
Your friend asked me to give him!
We gotta get her out of here!
Help me pick her up.
- I'm a housekeeper, not a messenger.
- Hold her up!
returns it. coming back up!
They have ... valley!
- Now what are we doing?
- Wait.
Do not go ...
- He's gonna die dead!
- Are not you ashamed to talk like that?
It's sleeping log! - I hope not to spend the rest of my life in prison!
- Who's talking about jail?
This is Mr Reed's room!
If we put it to Mr. Reed,
Jacqueline can come back to you!
But Mrs. Vicky thinks it is Mr. Reed's!
You really said that!
So we can not put Lufthansa there!
Do you think Miss Vicky will want to
to enter Mr. Reed's room ?!
Vicky will not come home!
I trust Mr Reed
like me!
We'll take her to the bedroom!
- You're back! Poor you!
- Get back?
- You left me for dinner!
- Did I leave you?
But I stayed there all the time!
Are you going to get my buddy out of my room?
Or will I give it out?
Come come.
Watch. It disappeared.
Obviously, he is not home,
you take my nose.
He disappeared from the room.
Bertha said he was taking them
things in the guest room.
Then you can bring him back!
- That's not what you wanted?
- No, if I had to talk to you ...
... to get the privilege
to sleep in my room! Jacqueline, do not say that! Please, my baby!
Tonight we're going to make changes!
You'll sleep alone tonight!
I do not sleep in the room of yours!
- Fixed as I predicted!
- None of your business!
- Now we're talking about our problems with the maid?
- Oh, no, Jacqueline!
- You sleep with your boyfriend Tonight!
- But Jacqueline ...
See what you did to me, Bertha?
Jacqueline, listen to me!
[fr] My little one!
Little, do not do it!
- What are you doing?
- I can not stand it bitter!
Stay! Forgive me, Bertha!
I'm very nervous, tonight!
Stay away from me!
- Hi, Bernard.
- I'm sorry I was not here when you came.
Has not Robert come with you?
Do not be angry.
We did not expect you so early.
I'm not miserable! ...
- ... but I have something to tell you, Bernard.
- What is it, my love?
- Good! I do not listen!
- Prepare my bath and sleeping exchange!
You do not have to scream!
It does not bloom in her ear!
- Bernard?
- Yes?
- Yes, yes, you know!
- Better sit down.
Staying down?
- Eee, Bertha ...
- I'm going! Here, I sat down.
What is it, my love?
I can no longer be your fiancee.
- Why?
- I'm sorry, but it has happened.
But what has happened yesterday?
You were still my fianc ...
I did not know Robert, alianceers.
- The bathroom is almost ready.
- Vicky, listen! Do not get caught!
- I'm sorry!
- Vicky, I'm begging you! Hear me out!
- What about salary growth?
- Fuck it!
Vicky, listen! Do not be so!
Oo, Bertha ...
Is Lawrence at home?
- Is Vicky here? I missed it.
- Yeah, he's here.
What happened?
- The ring!
- Yes, this is!
You told me not to split her.
- But I had to go to the phone.
- Yes, but you should not have missed it!
- And should I leave my eyes out?
- You think you're good at something?
I see idiots.
Well, just go to the home!
Okay, but let me get my stuff.
If you have nothing against it.
I do not care!
Oh, sorry!
Choose the room you like!
I will not oppose my choice!
- Sorry!
- Stay! Where are you going? - I take a bath! Do you allow me ?!
- Yes! Yes!
- Do not mind?
- Not me.
- He's bothering him!
- Me?!?
And because he was expecting the bathroom ...
... Bertha filled his bathtub!
- He could go ahead ...
- Yes. We were going forward.
I'll clean the tub.
No, no, no, no, no! That's bad luck!
- For whom?
- For the third.
How about three on card game.
- I'm very superstitious.
- Me too.
I thought you had
many things in common ...
- Why do not you take a bath at Bertha?
- I'll do!
What is this?
That's ... it's Bertha, it fills it up again.
- Yes?
- You said he's in the bathroom ...
- Not! Did I say that Bertha's in the bathroom?
- No, in the bathroom? You did not say that!
How can I say that,
if Bertha was here?
Miss Jacqueline will use your bathroom.
I am honored!
Oh, I need my bag!
Robert, yeah, yeah, give it to him!
- Have a nice bath!
- Here you go! Take one!
Hi darling.
Oh, Vicky!
You do not have to worry.
Everything's settled.
- She knows.
- So good... - Things should be clarified sooner.
- Best of all.
- Have you seen my stewardess bag?
- No no! I did not see her!
Who screamed?
- I got Bertha on her leg!
- I'm ready now.
- I hope.
Sleep on me!
Get it in your arms!
Keep it!
- I have Wunderbar!
- Get it up!
On her, not me!
Pick it up!
I grabbed it!
I put it around.
I have a problem.
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's a matter of ethics.
Since I'm no longer your fiance,
I should not sleep in the room next door.
- Of course not.
- Then I sleep in the guest room.
- Already ...
- Do not be rude, Bernard!
It's not like you.
Well, I'm sleeping there.
- Not!
- Not!
Why not?
Because Bernard said that
Bertha will sleep here.
Can not she sleep in her room?
- Did you call me?
- Yes, Bertha! Yes No! See?!
Mr. Lawrence planned, of course ...
as of now, to sleep in that room.
- Who I?
- Yes, you!
Do not remember that I said
that he sleeps in that room?
We understand, Bertha. We all have some eccentricity.
- Yes!
- You sleep in your room. I do not care.
- Good night.
- Good evening.
Good night.
- What's going on, Bertha?
- Nothing.
- What is it?
- Nothing!
- Bernard, where are you going?
- La r u!
Do not be so dramatic! Let him
your friend to go to the State! Come over!
You will not stop your fiance
to make a bath.
Get rid of him. Then we talk.
I have to hurry.
I'm flying tonight.
But do not think you get rid of it.
What's with you? They are on different tracks.
Jacqueline flees to catch the plane!
Your girlfriend is going to bed immediately and Bertha ...
- You know Lise's unconscious!
- Open my door!
- Where are you going?
- I am leaving!
You do not need maids,
but mascara!
- Close the door!
- Bertha!
Robert, are you my friend?
Go and look at Lise!
You have to help me! Do not get her out of my sight!
- Where are you going?
- Get me a bed at home!
Come here!
Ignore me, Robert!
- You wanted me to go!
- Robert, you can not!
- I want to get out of here! - You have a little patience with me!
- We had too much!
- Robert, friend! I beg you! I conquer you!
- I'm sorry! Please, get me out of the trouble!
- Good...
- But what about Vicky?
- Perfect! You are a wonderful couple!
I knew it was wrong!
Good night!
- Why are you doing ssst?
- Because you wake up everybody.
- But everyone is awake ...
- Oh yes!
Listen to Bernard. Do not be sad.
I called you because I feel guilty.
You do not have to feel guilty about anything.
I did not behave correctly,
I was cruel!
Hey, you did not do anything ... bad.
He did!
- Hey, I would love to go out!
- Good! All right! As you wish!
Anyway, I apologize.
I hope this will not break
your friendship with Robert.
- Oh no! Continue Forever!
- Why do you have to get your nose in everything?
- I'm trying to keep you alive!
- Do not touch me!
- Okay ... without consolation.
- Let it go, leave everything as it was!
All good!
I am calm!
- OK!
- Now I can sleep in peace.
- Good night!
- Good night! - Good evening.
- Good night!
I left.
- Who is?
- Who are you?
It is, is, is ...
Robert's fiance!
Exactly, Robert's fiance.
My fiancee, of course!
Do not you congratulate Robert?
Not his fiancee?
- Congratulations, Robert!
- Thank you!
Thank you!
And now, tell me ...
... what were you looking for? ...
- I'm wearing the uniform.
- Jacqueline works at Air France!
- Do not tell...!
- Yes!
Vicky works at British United!
- What a wonderful coincidence!
- Yeah, it's a coincidence!
- What a match!
- A real coincidence!
- Right!
- They have the same job, they're hostesses!
And I both slept
the same apartment!
- Yes!
- No no no no!
It's late!
You have to go!
Between flights, are you sleeping here?
He never sleeps here!
Nobody sleeping in this house!
Come on!
- I sleep!
- Seriously?
- Bernard, what does that mean?
- I have the same question!
- It's Robert's girlfriend, I told you.
- My fiancee!
- They're engaged and came here to be with him! - That's it! Exact!
- Not quite, not exactly!
- We're not talking about it now,
- ... we are here and that's what matters!
- No, it's not important!
I'm intrigued, what she's looking for here!
Why did not you tell me Robert had a fianc?
Why have you concealed it?
Well, I did not say anything because ...
- It's been so suddenly!
- Five minutes ago!
I understand! I'm going to the bathroom, I'm not
friends, get out of the bathroom and down! Here you!
- Logodites!
- Because Robert is very fast!
Well, goodbye!
- We have to go!
- Yeah, I see it's hot!
- Where did you meet him?
- Here!
I got it. You came here tonight
not knowing the fiance, nor being here,
- since you did not know him yet.
- Oh, not that!
- No, that's right! Not!
- Not like this!
Come on, come on.
And we're talking about that before.
What is important in the couple
is that they are in love.
We do not need to ask why.
What a beautiful couple! Come on!
I did not ask why?
But where?
- And I would like to find out all about you! - We do not have time!
I do not understand what you're doing here!
- That's very complicated.
- He's going to the plane!
- Exactly.
- It's been done late.
Oh, sorry!
Now, listen to me!
- I'm Bernard's fiance!
- And you are the perfect pair.
- I say no ...
- You do not bother!
No, do not bother!
It should not be
neither she nor nobody!
Since when are you Bernard's fianc?
You see, I was her boyfriend,
Before it's yours.
- Then what happened?
- Then ...
- Then?
- Then he fell in love with Robert.
Robert ...
That's right.
- But you did not know me. It was after.
- Please do not start again!
I beg you! Dice were thrown!
Whatever happened, happened! The past has gone!
The only important thing is that
you are in love with him!
Although I was your friend, I forgive!
I forgive you both!
Then I became your fiancee!
Not that I despised it, but because it was
I did, but I did not mean to tell you!
- It's clear?
- Like water.
The bad news was that I felt guilty! - You've been his fianc long!
- Of course I was!
- And I am! Though he's a liar!
- Me? Liar?!
How can you say one like that?
Here is my best and my best friend!
He knows me, he understands me
and speaks for me!
- Come on, say something!
- I do not know what to say!
But, but it's easy,
the explanation is very simple.
Bernard, Liebe!
Oh, sir, I have something special
from the Middle East!
Grabe? Up! Let's go!
- I'll be there in a moment.
- But, sir ...
- ... is the exotic quality merchandise!
- I told you this time ...
This time,
a miracle saved us!
- If we're not careful ...
- Where will I go, monsieur?
May, a woman taxi driver!
I have not seen a taxi!
- Me neither.
- We're only three in Paris.
- Do you hear it ?!
- To see ?!
- Are you a friend?
- Yeah, we're sharing an apartment.
- An apartment?
- Magnificent!
- What do you think?
- Still, we do not see each other too often.
We worked eight hours each
In different shifts.
- Tell me ... what's your name? - Franjoise.
- Franjoise, what a nice name!
- Superb! It is not like that?
- I like how it sounds!
- Let me talk, sorry!
- Franjoise, it's great!
- When one works, the two sleep.
- Not?
- Sorry?
- When the other ...
- I was wondering!
- One more, do not forget!
- You talk when I finish!
- You hear why not ...
- Let me!
Call your friends ...
We invite them to the table anytime, now!
- I'm sure it'll be great!
Where's the apartment?
end there / b