Bog (1979) Movie Script

Alright, alright, Chuck
baby, check that out will ya?
Whoo, that is nice.
Hey, you're not driving anymore.
Oh, right.
Oh, man, look at that.
I bet they got muskies out there
big enough to eat my whole entire body.
You know, that Grant wasn't
lying man, he wasn't.
Lyin', Grant's
lyin' in his tomb, dummy.
Hey, I don't know how you can handle her.
Drinkin', yeah.
Hey, come on.
Oh May, this is pretty.
Hey, what's this?
I thought they said
nobody ever comes up here.
Leave it to those guys to
drag us off to a VFW convention.
Hey, Chuck.
We got company!
Company, we better
check this out, come on.
Listen, I'll tell ya what.
You do me a favor, alright?
You don't call me Chuckie-poo
and I don't bend your nose in.
Hope it spoils their whole damn day,
especially their thirst.
Damn, man.
Look at that.
Alright, look at this.
Somebody left us a boat, man.
Hold that, will ya?
Look at that.
They even got fishin' poles.
Oh man, aside from the
guy that owns this boat,
this lake ain't seen action in years.
Man, the way
these women are acting,
we ain't gonna see
action in years, either.
Well, we'll see about that.
Listen, we better get up and set up camp
before it gets dark, right?
You got it guy, let's get going.
Come on girls, come on, come on, come on.
Adrianna, Adrianna.
Adrianna, it's me, Wallace.
I saw it.
I saw it.
Here, May-sie,
have a drink, will ya?
Easy, easy, guy.
Sorry about that.
It's alright.
You know something?
You two guys are really a drag.
Oh come on, May-sie.
Lighten up, have a drink.
Enjoy with us.
Forget it, guy.
These two city broads here
are not gonna be happy
'til they're in sight
of Saks Fifth Avenue.
Matter of fact, they
probably won't be happy
'til we get 'em inside Saks Fifth Avenue.
You got that right.
Oh man, gimme another beer, will ya?
You got it, guy.
Oh yeah, that's just what you need.
You know, we're having a wonderful time
watching you two bozos suck up booze
out here in the boonies.
Is it time for bed yet?
Oh yes, beddie time, beddie time.
I forgot all about that.
You and Chuck get the back of the wagon
and Miss Charming and I get the tent.
Is that okay with you?
Yeah, unless maybe you
girls would like to play
a little spin the sleeping bag.
Sound like a good idea?
Yeah, it's a terrific idea.
With any luck at all, maybe
you and W.C. Fields here'll
wind up in the sack together.
Ah, yeah!
Those two couldn't
do it if we let 'em.
You and I get the car, May.
Hey, wait a
minute, wait a minute.
Isn't that, what, incest or something?
I got an idea.
Works like a champ every time.
Lay it on me.
I'll take the brown sleepin' bag,
you take the green one.
We haven't got a brown one.
Alright, alright, you
guys work the deep water,
and we'll work along the edge here
and between 'em we'll have
the damn muskies surrounded!
Be careful, damn you.
You gotta slide up by the oars.
Come on, May, let's get
our gear and get out there
and get them muskies!
Oh damn.
I'll never come out here again,
I'll tell ya that much, Alan.
Damn pine needles.
Alan, just how the hell do you expect me
to get through this stuff, huh?
I need an ax.
Ax me no questions, slave person.
I lead and you follow.
Goddammit, Alan.
Be careful.
It's bad enough being out here.
I don't wanna fall in this black water.
To your local bar for a
blast of your favorite brew.
Speaking of that, give me a beer, my dear.
Alright, I hope this
makes you feel better.
Chuck, what is it?
Holy mother of pearls!
That must've been the biggest
muskie granpoppa of 'em all!
I wanna go back in!
Oh don't worry,
man, Admiral Chuckie's here.
Gimme the end of the pole.
It's probably already gone, anyway.
Ah, come on.
Did you hear Kim scream?
Ha ha, yes.
That's old Chuck out in the boat, there,
trying to make up for
being cut off last night.
You know my Chuck.
In a bed, boat, anything.
Now, listen.
I wanna move on down this
bank here a little farther.
I think I can get some better bites.
You wanna come along or stay here?
I'm not going one more damn step.
Aw, May.
Look, hon, I know you're not
having a good time up here,
but could you hang on a little longer?
I mean if not, just say so and I'll call
Chuck and Kim and we'll
pack it in and head on home.
What do you say?
I don't know, honey.
It's just that I don't like it
up here in these dark woods.
The whole thing bothers me.
Come on, babe, hang on.
Just a couple more days.
I'll make it up to you when
we get back home, I promise.
Thanks, babe.
You bet you will.
You're gonna take both me
and my mother out to dinner.
You and your mother?
Chuck, I wanna go home.
For Christ's sake, Kim,
it was just a big log or something.
Always time complaining.
Now, nothing out here's gonna hurt ya.
Oh, no.
That was May.
What's wrong May?
May, what's wrong, May?
Hey babe, where are you?
What's wrong May?
May honey.
Chuck, Chuck.
May, what's the matter, babe?
I hear you May.
I'm coming, May, where are you?
Say, what happened man?
I don't know.
Where is she?
I don't know.
I checked the campsite,
man, she's not there.
Well, where is she, then?
I don't know.
Now listen, I'll tell you what.
You check over there,
I'll check over there
and you get your ass back to the car
and lock yourself in it now.
May! May!
Jesus Christ.
Brad, I'm telling ya,
it's a story and a half.
Yeah, yeah, come on.
I'll introduce ya.
Gentlemen, this is Doc Brad
Wednesday, our local M.D. here.
Chuck Pierce, Alan Tanner, I believe.
Hi Doc.
Why don't we move
over here out of the way?
Sheriff Rydholm here has been telling me
a rather incredible story.
I'm really very, very sorry
to hear about your wives
and I'm certain that
everything humanly possible
is being done to find them.
Right, Neal?
Yeah, Brad.
I've got 25 guys out there
now looking for them.
If we need more, we'll get 'em.
Which one of you did
something with the boat?
It was me.
We were out in the boat and it hit,
it was big, it was powerful, like a whale.
It just lifted us out of the water.
Well, there's always been a lot
of stories about that lake.
I'd give my eye teeth
to know what's going on
out there now, though.
Whose boat was it?
We don't know.
It was there when we pulled in.
There was fishing tackle...
Now, wait a minute.
It's registered to a guy named Potter,
poacher I've been after for years.
He uses a DuPont lure for his fish.
A what?
Jesus Christ.
Oh my God.
Macweeny! Macweeny!
Ginny sent these over.
Yeah, these are just
the preliminary reports.
She'll be over herself as soon as
she finishes up the autopsies.
You know, all this stuff
is over my head, Brad,
but she's the pathologist,
she should know.
Yeah, you know it's sorta like someone
was preparing those two
girls for embalming,
all except pumping the fluid in.
Brad, all they had on them
was a few little scratches.
No injuries, no breaks, nothing.
How the hell can they take the blood
out of a body without a
significant wound, something?
I don't know.
I wish I did, I just don't know.
Well, I finally completed
the autopsy on the two girls.
And, so what's the scoop?
I know how, but the mystery of who,
that's up to you, Neal.
Wait a minute.
Yes, sir?
Those two guys that
just pulled up out there
are coming in to see their wives' bodies
and I don't want that to happen.
Stop 'em.
Right now, right now.
Okay, I'll stop 'em.
Hey, sorry to hear about your wives, guys.
Now listen, we just thought
we'd come by and see what's happening.
Well yeah, but Sheriff Rydholm doesn't
want you to see your wives' bodies
until the coroner's done with the autopsy.
Doesn't want
us to see the bodies?
That's right.
That's a bunch of bullshit.
Now just take it
easy there, pal, alright?
Hey, it's my wife, guy.
Maybe a little later, alright?
Why can't I see it?
Dammit man, I'm telling ya, that's,
cops got the world by the ass.
Where's the bottle?
I want the bottle.
Damn, this makes me mad.
Two young lives wasted like that.
Hey look, you two kick
this thing around, huh?
I got to get some men up there
in that area, just in case.
Boy, do I hate that
this thing is happening.
I doubly hate it because
it happened in my county.
We'll be here, Neal.
Oh, poor Neal.
He's blaming himself.
There's nothing in the
world he could have done.
There's nothing anyone could have done.
But I'll tell you one thing for sure.
By the nature of those wounds,
it wasn't anything human.
But something sharp,
thrust down the throat,
into the thorax and into the aorta.
Penetrated the largest
blood vessel in the body,
extracted the blood like a huge siphon.
We know how the blood was
taken, but by what and why?
Don't look at me.
Well, with the proper instruments, I could
duplicate the extracting process,
but I can't imagine why
anyone would want to.
Well, yes.
Well, what I mean is, why else would it...
Brad, don't look at me that way,
and don't think I'm crazy, but could we
have a Dracula running loose out there?
What's the biggest
damn gun you've got up there?
Well, I've got a 12-gauge
with deer slugs.
That'd kill a damn whale.
You fellas live in this state?
What the hell
difference does that make?
Well, you have to be a resident
or I can't sell ya anything at all.
That's a federal law.
That's a bunch of crap.
No, no, that's right.
I've heard about it in other states, too.
I can be of some help.
Who is that?
You get the hell outta here, Fry.
Wallace Fry, at your service.
You better count your fingers
if you shake hands with that creep.
Wallace Fry can
get you anything you want.
Yeah, for a buck.
For sure, for a buck.
Hell, that's alright.
Everybody's got to make a livin'.
Listen, how much you
want for that .30.
How much for the shotgun?
I'll sell ya both guns for $300.
That's a good deal.
Sheriff Rydholm might be real interested
in what you guys are fixing to shoot.
What you got in mind?
Here's something.
What's that?
Well, it looks like
bits of chitin's tissue.
I don't know.
But it's organic for sure.
Could be integument, bits of a carapace.
Well, that makes absolutely no sense.
Well, the substance
was found deeply embedded
in the hyoid process.
Now if it were merely
a piece or a fragment
of an insect, how could it have gotten
that deeply embedded in her trachea?
It had to be driven there
with tremendous force.
Wait a minute, wait a
minute, just a minute.
Are you saying this is a
fragment of whatever was used
to pierce her throat
and withdraw the blood?
But Ginny, that's organic material,
not some broken off piece
of a medical apparatus.
Do you have any idea of
what you're implying?
Yes, I do.
Now I'm almost sure it wasn't
a human being that took those lives.
Think you can
prove it conclusively?
Well, they have an
electron scan over at TC Lab.
I'd like to look at this
fragment at a thousand power.
Well, we've got the fastest
cab in the county, let's go.
Good, I'll just give them a call
and let them know we're coming
in case they have something scheduled.
Ginny, Doc.
Another one.
Who is it, Neal?
Damn, man.
These mosquitoes up here are
big enough to carry my gun.
They can carry mine anytime.
Dammit man, slow down, will you?
Hold it, hold it.
Man I am pooped, I mean really pooped.
It's just,
it's just a little further.
Where the hell
are you taking us, man?
Just a little further.
Come on, just a little further.
Come on, we gotta run, come on.
Dammit man, slow down.
Hey, Jim, where do you suppose
those guys went yesterday?
Out in the woods with
that creep Fry, that's where.
With guns?
With a 12-gauge
Magnum with deer slugs,
a Winchester model 94 with
200 rounds of ammunition each.
Holy mother of God,
Rydholm's gonna have a fit.
I think I'll track down
Neal and ruin his day, too.
Might as well.
I don't mind telling
you, I'm baffled myself.
Well, it's not every day you run across
something like this.
You bet.
I'll call you.
gentlemen, just down here.
I hope it's close.
Yes, here we are, gentlemen.
Right in here.
I don't think
I wanna go in there, man.
It looks too much like a tomb.
I ain't goin' in there, man.
Come in, gentlemen.
There's no harm here, come on.
Come in gentlemen, come in.
Be seated, be seated.
Christ, that was
a hell of forest march, guy.
Where the hell are we, anyway?
At the home of a friend.
My friend and your friend.
She can explain many things.
Who's that?
This is Adrianna.
She knows what happened at the lake.
Ah, yes.
The lake.
I know.
I know.
Peace, peace.
You will know.
I will tell you.
In time, in time.
Please, please tell us what you know.
It is known by many names.
Namatt, Wahatna,
Crad, many names.
long dead,
through all the centuries,
but alive.
It feasts on blood while awake
and once satisfied, it sleeps.
Years before,
it could sleep
a thousand months.
Now, too many come deep into
the forest and arouse it.
So, it must feed again.
Where does it sleep?
In the slime in the bottom of the lake.
That's it.
The boat.
Kim and I in the boat.
We woke it up.
It was awakened before you came.
That boat.
That guy that had the boat.
He's the one that woke it.
I know.
I saw him near the water.
I knew he'd never return.
Why don't you tell somebody before
something like this happens?
And who would believe
the old hag of the woods?
Hey, he's close by.
It is here.
Have no fear.
It will not harm you.
No, no, we'll be trapped here.
Listen, I don't think I understand, Doc.
Well, let me put it this way, Neal.
The wound in Mrs.
Tanner's throat was caused
by something extremely sharp.
Oh, I'd say about the
length of a nightstick.
It was inserted down her
throat, into the aorta,
but the fragment we found
in her throat was organic.
Living material from no
known organism on Earth.
I haven't the
vaguest idea, but it's there
whether we like it or not.
Hell, I'm having trouble
just believing it.
So am I.
Well, come on.
Let's join Ginny for dinner.
How the hell can you
eat at a time like this?
Come not again tonight.
Seek the of
your bed in the deep,
where you will be tested soon.
Rest and contemplate your escape
from those who harmed you.
Rest and let the untroubled eons
see through your clouded mind.
Maybe I'm dense, but what kind of thing
would have a hypodemic nerdle for a mouth?
I mean, a hypodermic needle.
I'm alright.
A lot of insects do.
Lice, for instance.
Their mouths pierce their
prey and suck out the juices.
Spiders do the same thing.
You mean to tell me there are breeding
bugs nowadays big enough to eat people?
You know, I'd call the National Guard out
if I thought they'd believe me.
You can bet your
bottom-dollar they won't.
Not until we can produce whatever this is.
I wonder if anybody's
ever going to believe
what's going on up here.
Some do for sure, Neal.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about those
people in the morgue.
Well, I've got
to say good evening.
I got too much to do.
Thanks for coming, Neal.
Thank you.
Yeah, take care, Neal.
Well, can I
freshen that up for you?
Thank you.
Here we go.
Thank you.
I suppose this isn't the best time to
talk about other things, but...
What other things?
I don't mind.
Ginny, you've been a widow
now for over six years.
I'd like to change that.
Let me finish, I want to
get this off my chest.
It isn't necessary.
Well, dammit, did
you take a look around?
Huh, I don't blame you
with what's been going on.
I'll tell Rydholm and
then get back to you.
Tell Rydholm what?
Siegel out by the junction found a car
beside the road, windshield
smashed, nobody in it.
What do you think?
Well, that's right by the lake if you take
the snowmobile trails.
Now, who's on the road?
Well, you tell 'em to
meet me at the junction
and stop all cars goin' in.
Well, like I just
said a few minutes ago,
we talked with Adrianna last night
and she said this thing
sleeps in the slime
at the bottom of Bog Lake.
Well, did she
say what it looks like?
No, no, no, no.
She's only told us exactly
what we just told you.
Well, look.
Why don't you two go get cleaned up
and have a big breakfast, huh?
That's a prescription, huh?
We'll tell Rydholm about
Adrianna and Wallace Fry.
Run along, we'll talk to you later.
Well, that sort of backs
up our theory, right?
Yes, but we haven't the foggiest idea
of what in the hell this thing is,
what it looks like or
even how to knock it out.
Oh, there's Neal now, come on.
Oh, okay.
Christ, I must be dreaming
this whole crazy thing.
I know how you feel, Neal.
Look, they didn't teach
this sort of lunacy
in medical school, either.
Amen to that.
Sheriff, what
are you people doing?
Slowly losing our marbles, you?
We know what you mean.
It's catching.
What can I do for ya?
You can tell us what you're gonna do
about whatever's at the
bottom of that lake.
You look, we're gonna set
off a charge in that lake
and if there's anything in
there, it'll float up dead.
We'll be there.
That's a pretty drastic move, Neal.
He's right.
I think you should be very cautious.
That's really neat, lady, you think
we should be very cautious.
Meanwhile, that thing, whatever it is,
is running around out
there waiting to grab
off someone else's wife
while you sit there
and say, "I think we
should be very cautious."
Full circle, half ended.
Rounded tips of time.
Broken, mended.
Mended, broken.
Breaths of stone,
no blood
but all blood.
The silence of screams.
Blow away summer
when we
so soon.
Oh, come then.
Anywhere in there Corky.
Hi Sheriff.
Hello there.
Christ, it's awful small.
I mean, what the hell is it?
It's a block of the new RDX.
You just watch.
Get your ass over there.
Get the boat out of the water.
You got it.
Sheriff, let me ask you something.
Do you really think this stuff of yours
is really gonna work?
If there's anything down there,
it's gonna work.
Jesus Christ, there ain't
any fish alive in there, now.
Well, nothing else is, either.
Come on, Corky.
Let's get outta here.
Now, Goddammit, man.
I know there's something in there.
Hell man, they don't believe us.
You see how
that one looked at me
when I got back in the car?
Yeah, I did.
What the hell is that?
I don't know.
Well, something's
happening back there.
We better go take a look, huh?
Where the hell is it?
I don't know.
Get down there, look.
Corky, look, look, look!
Look over there, look!
Rydholm here!
Jesus, son of a bitch!
Good God, look at that.
Well, where's Rydholm?
Oh Doc, don't ask.
He's in a foul mood.
I'm terribly sorry about Corky.
It's just awful.
Yeah, well, Corky and
Macweeny were my friends.
Them two other guys had
some pretty heavy guns
with 'em, Doc, for all
the good it done 'em.
They put a lot of lead into the air
before they went down.
I guess Corky never had a
chance, though, Rydholm said.
I don't see how they coulda missed.
Them guys had firepower.
I think they knocked this glob of stuff
off it with a shot.
Welp, maybe they didn't
hit it with enough force.
I think you can pump that thing
full of lead and it'll keep
on coming no matter what.
Excuse me.
Oh yes, Neal.
Yes, he's right here.
Well, will you tell him to get back here
on the double, Ginny, huh?
Thank you.
Rydholm here.
This you, Terry?
Oh yeah, everything's fine
but I do have a problem, huh?
Yeah, I wondered if you and a couple
of your boys could come down here
and help me with a drowned body search?
Oh great, great.
Yeah, Terry, this could be pretty bad,
so don't bring any
lightweights with ya, huh?
Yeah, no, no, no.
I'll tell ya when you get here.
Okay, bye.
Want me, Neal?
Yeah, I want you, Jensen.
I want you to get a bunch of volunteers
and go up to the lake and close off
every trail and every
road that goes in there.
Make sure there's nobody in there.
I don't want anymore bodies outta there.
I want you and Siegel to go in
and get the old hag Adrianna
out of her shack there.
You got it?
Yes, sir.
But, Sheriff?
What do we tell the gentry
when we turn them back at the roadblocks?
Well, you tell the gentry that if they
don't like it, they don't have to
vote for me at the next election.
That's strange.
So is that.
Several positive reactions,
and now a negative one,
all in the same series.
Well, it could be an abnormal amount
of heparin in the blood serum.
Yeah, could be.
Heparin is an anti-coagulant.
Yes, but why a very
complex organic serum
that stops blood from clotting?
Well, wait.
Whatever this thing is,
if it requires blood,
it would want it to flow freely, right?
Like a mosquito, it would
add an anti-coagulant
just to pump out the blood more easily.
Yes, but a mosquito only
leaves you with an itch.
Our mystery monster is far more sinister.
Yeah, that's an understatement.
If I see what I think I see,
sinister is a frightening understatement.
Take a look at this.
Oh my God.
It looks like malignant cells.
Subcellular organelles.
The mitochondria.
Look at the Farber glass.
Ginny, is it possible that we have a
walking, breathing,
living one hundred percent
cancerous organism out there?
Slime sample seems to
indicate that possibility.
Damn, I just don't have
the proper equipment here
to do a truly definitive test.
Oh, did you notice the crystalline
structure of the cells?
Yes, I did.
Now, wait a minute.
I'm over my head as it is.
Don't forget, I'm just a country sawbones,
not a trained pathologist like you.
Don't be modest, Doctor.
Give me another slide, will you?
I stained the dense
part of the slime tissue.
My God, this is bizarre.
You know, I could almost swear I,
I was looking at a
metallurgical cross-section
of a six B group metal.
Let's see, on the periodic
table that would be uh...
Whoo boy.
It's been a long time
since I looked at that.
Uh, let's see, it'd be
chromium, molybdenum,
and that'd be tantalum.
Very good, Doctor.
First two are correct,
but the third is tungsten,
not tantalum.
Well, two out of three isn't too bad
for a country sawbones, is it?
Wait until
you see this hag, Chris.
You won't believe it.
Sight for sore eyes, let me tell ya.
Watch yourself over here.
Watch your step.
See what we got here.
What'd you find in there?
Aw, nothing but a pile of junk.
You oughta take a look in there.
You won't believe it.
I'll take your word for it.
Hey, you know what she's using
to sleep on in that back room?
Dried up, smelly old fish skins.
Fish skins?
You gotta be kidding me.
No, let's go
see if she's wandering
around here some place, huh?
Hi Neal.
Hey Terry!
Hey, Neal.
How are ya?
Just great.
How are you?
Boy, is it good to see you.
How's it goin'?
Real good.
Who's your buddy here?
That's Bill Beckley.
Hey Bill, how are ya?
How you doin', Sheriff?
Real good, where's the other guy?
We figured we can do
it just the two of us.
We don't need the other guy.
Oh, that's alright, okay.
Yeah, you need any more gear?
No, we brought everything.
We even brought two bang sticks
in case we see a big muskie.
We got 'em, alright.
Come on in, I'll give ya a short one
and tell you what the score is.
Okay, alright.
That sounds good, let's go man.
It's good to see you, man.
I got my orders
that nobody can go down there.
Well, there's a lake down there.
I been fishing there for 14, 15 years.
I don't understand it.
Hell, I know,
Sid, but I got my orders.
Animal, mineral, mineral, animal.
What, no vegetable?
No vegetable.
These are mucus producing
cells with a crystal shape.
Oh my gosh.
Yin and yang, hot and cold,
positive and negative.
Eh, it's a.
An absolute logical inconsistency.
And right in front of our eyes.
You know the crazy thing that
was running through my mind?
Living fossil,
breathing stone,
mineralized tissue
and slimy.
It's strange, but every time I look out
at those bogs, those glacial lakes,
I can't help but think.
15,000 years ago they
were covered with ice.
10,000 years ago it began to melt.
I've always wondered,
what would have happened
beneath that glacial carpet?
What strange forms of
life could have existed
those millions of years ago only to be
caught, trapped, crushed
and held under the ice mass,
waiting for the first warm days to come,
slumbering in the ooze, just waiting.
Oh, I gotta good spot over here.
Well, I can only
say I'm glad it's you two
and not me diving down there.
Good luck and be careful, huh?
Neal, don't worry.
We're born careful.
Well, you better be.
Over that way.
Come on.
To my left, you guys.
Terry, over there.
Okay, alright, okay.
Gotta go straight back now.
Hey, Neal.
To your left.
What are you doing
with the scuba divers out there?
Well, we're trying to
find out what's out there.
Who knows?
Sheriff! Sheriff!
Pull us in!
Neal, Neal.
There's something in
the water behind them.
Hell, hell, what is it?
Neal, don't pull in the boat.
They may need it.
They'll never need it
or anything else for that matter.
It's definitely some sort
of a reproductive organism.
Not exactly a seed and not exactly an egg.
Something in between the two.
Or outside of both.
Well, I guess the only thing
to do is get inside of 'em.
Wait a minute, hon.
Look, why don't we play this thing safe?
Take it over to TC Lab?
They have an isolation chamber,
mechanical manipulators
and we have no idea
what's inside those things.
You're right.
I guess I was just overanxious.
Come in.
Doc, Ginny.
Hi Jensen.
Well, we got another one.
Girl, 20 year old.
Got past the roadblock on a bike.
Girlfriend was with her,
but she managed to get away.
Rydholm has a sketch of whatever it is
and wants to know if you want to see it.
You bet we do.
She says this looks like what she saw.
I think she was on angel dust myself.
Well, it has that pointed mouth part
that we theorized about.
You know it has kind of an
aquatic look about it, too.
Yeah, but remember this poor girl
was scared half to death
when she saw this thing,
so any aspect of it could
be way out of proportion.
Oh, we're taking that productive cell
the divers found over to the TC Lab.
Maybe they can help us crack this mystery.
What do you think they'll find?
No, thanks.
Yeah, I'll have one, thanks.
Oh boy, oh boy.
Here ya go, Doc.
Something's gotta happen in town
one way or another.
How you doin', fellas?
Getting ready to close up Jim?
Yeah, we might as well.
There's nobody out and
about these days after dark.
Well, I don't blame 'em.
I'd be home myself if I wasn't on duty.
Ah, gimme some double aught, huh?
Charge these to the county?
Hell yes, I'm
gonna use 'em for the county.
Too damn big for ducks.
Okay, Jim, what the hell's going on?
Dammit, we're gonna do something
about that thing out there in that lake.
Something like what?
Kinda like seeing what six cases
of 80 percent will do with it.
80 percent?
Christ, Rydholm's already used stuff
ten times stronger than that.
Yeah well, maybe, but
maybe not in the right spot.
Anyhow, we're gonna try
it, and if it doesn't work,
I'm leaving town because
it's not safe anymore.
You guys are crazy.
Rydholm's gonna have your mortal asses
if he finds you messing around out there.
Christ, that whole area is off limits.
The hell with Rydholm.
If he can't kill that
thing, by God we will.
You gonna tell Rydholm about this?
That all of you lunatics are lunatics?
Christ, he knows that already.
Christ, he probably even
knows what you're thinking.
Well, goodbye dummies.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe we should tell Rydholm
and if he doesn't do it, then we will.
Whatever you
say, we'll follow you.
Brad, why would anyone
want to steal 'em?
They weren't stolen, look.
Oh my God.
It came here for them.
Yeah, right into town.
I better call Neal.
Those roadblocks are useless.
Brad, I got all the units
coming back into town.
I think we need 'em a lot
more here than out there.
Look, I've been thinking.
With all the information
we've gathered so far,
we just may have enough to go after it.
Well you see, we know it needs blood.
We could use that as a lure.
We've been thinking of
building a blood-scent generator.
We'll get it upwind from the lake
and then fill the air
with the scent of blood.
Neal, it should be hungry by
now, and it just might work.
Yeah, but there's only one problem.
The chemical composition of
this thing is very complex.
How do we capture it?
Well, how 'bout using Rotenone,
you know, the stuff that
Fish and Game Commission
uses to kill the fish in the lakes
when they want to restock 'em?
Think it'll work, Ginny?
Sounds feasible.
How do you apply it?
I'll get the
fire department in on it.
They got the hoses,
they'll spray everything.
Okay, okay, we'll
build the scent generator,
but we're gonna need some
help in getting this thing
directed in the direction we want it to.
Alright, I'll
get all the volunteers
you want in front of my
office in the morning.
How many you want?
All you can get.
You got 'em.
I'll see you in the morning.
Well, why don't
we look in the storeroom
and see what we can find?
Why Dr. Wednesday.
This works on propane.
Maybe we can improvise a vaporizer.
Well, at least it's a start.
What are you, some sort
of a female Rube Goldberg?
Not for a vaporizer.
Well, you work on that
and I'll work on this.
We wanna talk to you, Sheriff.
come out here, Sheriff.
So you shall,
gentlemen and I want
to talk to you, too.
About this creature at the lake,
we feel it's time something be done.
I couldn't agree with you more,
and I applaud your civic sense of duty.
Now, if you gentlemen will
gather every able bodied man
in the area and meet me out here at six
in the morning, we'll go after it.
Does that suit you?
Yeah well, exactly
what are we gonna do?
Very good, gentlemen, very good.
I'll see you at six in the morning.
Don't forget now, get everybody you can.
Come on.
Get up here, we gotta get up here.
Gonna send this stuff down that way.
Come on, come on.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Set it all up over there.
In the place.
Have it all coming this
way, downwind, huh?
Everybody's all set.
You call the shot whenever you want.
Well, it looks perfect.
The wind is exactly right.
The blood scent should
go just where we want it.
And probably calling
every damn mosquito in the state.
Well, if this idea pays off,
I can take a few mosquitoes.
You heard the
man, Jensen, get cracking.
Okay, let's clear the area.
Set up the sprayers.
We have no idea how fast
this thing can move.
I'll never argue
with Rydholm again.
This plan's gone well.
Yeah, yeah it is.
That stuff stinks.
What is it, garlic bombs?
It's something Ginny concocted.
Does smell a little
rank though, doesn't it?
Rank isn't the word.
Rotten is more like it,
but at least it's working.
Let's just hope it smells like
ham and eggs to that thing.
I'm going back to the generator.
Neal! Neal!
No, not that way!
Neal, my God, Neal!
What's the matter?
Oh, Brad, Brad!
He went right in the
center of the blood scent!
I'll get him.
No, no, hold it.
With that smell on you, you're a dead man.
Oh God, Brad.
Go back,
go back, it's a trap!
My God.
Hit the spray,
damn you, hit the spray.
That's enough, shut it off.
I don't know.
I can't tell.
Wait a minute, don't shoot it.
We want it alive.
Come on fellas, hurry up with those nets.
Be sure those Rotenone soaked
nets are all around him.
Wrap up carefully.
Wrap him good and then
let's get him in the truck,
down to the lab.
Into the truck.
I really appreciate it, John.
Oh yes, of course we'll meet you.
Thank goodness John is coming.
Maybe he can figure this thing out.
Well, if anyone can, he can.
I'll just never understand why Neal
ran out there in the first place.
Well honey, Neal was a man of action.
When he saw this thing, he
just naturally went after it.
That was his nature.
Oh Brad, I miss him so much.
Yeah I know.
Now when you grab
the nose, just slow it up.
That's it, now we got it.
I'll take care of the windshield.
Alright, John.
Brad, Ginny.
Hi, John.
Take your time,
we'll make it better.
Get a hand on it.
There's the money.
Thank you.
Okay, now you got it.
Good to see you both.
Good to see you.
I'm sure glad you could make
it on such short notice.
Oh I had to give
up my double lecture,
but big deal.
Why the devil didn't you call
me about this thing sooner?
Well, we didn't know what it
really looked like until now.
Well, this definitely seems fish-like.
Suppose you let me decide
what looks fish.
That's why we called our
favorite ichthyologist.
We really need a second opinion, John.
Well, you've got it.
Had a good look at the bogs flying over.
They could be the natural habitats
of all sorts of things
we don't know about.
Well, let's take a closer look.
Come on.
It's incredible.
If I didn't see it with my own
eyes, I wouldn't believe it.
How'd you like a
DNA reading on this thing?
What a that'd make, huh?
How soon can we get one?
Well, I'm sending
some tissue samples off
to a colleague of mine on the coast.
We'll have DNA data very
quickly, if I know my friend.
This old woman, Adrianna?
How is she connected to this?
We don't know how, but she was.
There was no question about it.
Tried to warn this thing
when Neal was killed.
You said she lived out there alone,
yet the creature didn't harm her, why?
Why wasn't her blood drained,
just like all the others?
Take a look at
this blood serum analysis
I ran on Adrianna.
Now take a look at the other one.
Well, they're se...
Wait a minute.
I thought that would surprise you.
The other one is this beast.
They're virtually identical.
It's some sort of a blood affinity.
But we don't know how, why or what.
Well, without a DNA report,
I wouldn't attempt a.
Well, the sooner
we get these samples off,
the sooner we'll have an answer.
So, why don't you two get out of here
and let me get to work?
Okay, well I'll
pick you up in about an hour.
Does that give you enough time?
That sounds fine.
Come on, John,
I'll buy you a drink.
It's conceivable Adrianna
was transfused by the creature.
It injected her with its blood.
But that would have killed her.
Yes, you would think so,
but perhaps there's a fact
that we don't know about,
Something that would make
such an injection feasible.
How long do you say
she lived in this area?
Oh boy, ever since I was a little kid
and that's been over 40 years ago, why?
Well, the coroner's report
indicated she was very old,
but nobody can say how old.
That's right and mixed
up with that thing.
What's that?
The creature can't reproduce itself
without the help of a human female,
but with the vast incompatibility of vital
body fluids, it must do
something to modify it,
so it injects its own blood,
after which, the victim
willingly participates.
Well in Adrianna's case,
she might have even wanted to.
But that blood injection
could affect the brain,
cause an aberration so wild
it makes the victim willing.
Well, she's dead and that's that.
Not quite.
The creature got away
with the egg cluster.
When those eggs hatch, and that brood
begins to look for more
human females, then what?
John, you really picked up my day.
Look, you wanna head back to the hotel
and I'll check with you later, huh?
And thanks again for coming.
No problem.
John, John.
Oh thank God I caught you.
Listen, I just tried to call Ginny
at the lab and there's no answer.
I have a feeling something's wrong.
Will you meet me over there?
Oh great, yeah right, thanks.
Jensen, call all units
and tell 'em to get over
to Ginny's lab at 82nd
and Lacey right away.
Okay, Doc.
Calling all units.
Don't be a fool, Brad.
Nothing could live in that.
Brad, look.
Her shoe.
He's got her.
Hell, there no sign of him.
What if he's headed for some place else?
What if he's not headed for Bog Lake?
Cut it out, Doc.
What if's are a nickel a pound.
We'll get him.
He needs her, John.
Doesn't have Adrianna anymore.
Just gotta catch him
before he infuses her.
Hope to God it's not too late.
John, I thought I
saw something over there.
Let's check it.
Yeah, that's a slime trail alright.
Jensen, he's headed for the bog.
Get everybody down there right away.
We'll follow on foot.
It's not much further.
Ginny run, it's Brad!
Ginny, wake up!
It's Brad!
The creature got
away with the egg cluster.
When those eggs hatch
and that brood begins
to look for more human females, then what?