Boi (2019) Movie Script

...the forecast,
intermittent showers are confirmed
for today and the next three days.
- With clear skies in...
- Creative and entrepreneurial?
Less than 27 years old?
Come and see the space
that we have designed...
"She left early", yes, it's correct Lola,
"she left early".
"Ella se march temprano".
That's right,
it almost killed me, you know?
But I took the flowers to her
right up there on the mountain.
Love, that is love.
Finally, why have you chosen
the Spanish version of this song?
Well, everyone knows the original.
But, you know,
it'll never be the same as saying
"I love you"
in the language that's in your heart.
Mati, come on, get off! Get off!
Are you there?
Aunty, have you seen
a red folder I left here?
Did you buy my lemons?
Anna always buys them for me.
You're kidding me.
When is Anna coming?
Aunty, don't go.
For fuck's sake, mate.
Excuse me.
- Hello?
- Yes, can I help?
Yes, the receipt won't come out.
- It always gets swallowed.
- I need it.
Give it a good hit.
- The machine?
- Of course, who else?
I'll get in here.
This idiot parked like a moron.
- So, everything's OK?
- Yes.
They were ten minutes late, but it's OK.
I had time for a coffee.
Remember to keep the receipts.
If not, you have to pay for it all.
I've kept them all.
Don't overdo it.
Be careful with the car.
You hear me?
There's trouble at the moment.
Some tyres have already been slashed.
Don't worry.
By the way,
did you cut your hair?
You're not driving
the yellow submarine.
Yes, boss.
Inform me of everything you do.
That's as important as being on time.
And wash the car daily.
- OK?
- Yes.
And be discreet,
you're a clever boy.
So much for first class.
Goodness me...
Damn Chinese guys...
Felipe, the star of the hotel.
Are you new?
- It's my first day.
- Rotten luck!
Sometimes it's good
to begin at the bottom.
I'll see you around.
Your breakfast, Juan.
Good morning.
Will you be long?
I'm not sure. They didn't say.
Move on then, please.
But they're staying here.
Easy, Stevie. They'll call you.
They always do, believe me.
Go sit in the sun, or...
have a beer, go to a bar, OK?
Thank you.
The brightness of the heavens
Just might change
What I feel for you
Will never change
I want nothing from the world
In you I have everything
If I ever lose you
I will die
That's why it's you
I'll look up now
and you'll be there.
- Claudia. Have you seen Anna?
- What are you doing?
- Get off.
- I need to talk to her.
- No.
- She won't answer my calls.
You're a shit, Boi.
Leave her alone, calm down.
Don't get worked up, young man.
Let her go.
Don't get worked up, young man.
It's all over now.
Now you know what to do:
don't get worked up.
You look much older...
All right, I'm going. Fuck!
Miami, you've reached me.
Let's talk politics.
Hi, Mou.
Hey, what's up, pal?
What's new, Mr Bean?
How's it going? How are things?
I'm having a bad day...
Like all of us, little man.
You have to study.
Are you happy with the job I got for you?
Hey, man, a quick question.
Are you coming to my gig
on Saturday with Anna?
I've saved you seats in the stalls.
Can we meet?
- Now?
- Yes.
No way, man.
I'm going to pick up some clients.
What's up?
Is everything OK?
Want to talk?
Tell me about it now.
- We'll talk when I see you.
- Fuck...
Let me know
when you have time.
I'll be at the congress
waiting for mine.
Cool, mate.
Whatever you want.
I'll call you when I'm free,
we can get a coffee.
By the way, my clients have asked me
to reserve them a restaurant and I...
Do you know any?
Of course, mate.
I know a wicked one for tonight.
- Hello?
- Good afternoon.
I'm a chauffeur.
- I'd like to make a reservation.
- How many people?
- For three people.
- Great.
Just so I can tell my clients,
what type of food do you have?
- Do you know where this is?
- Yes.
Good. We have a closed tasting menu
made up of 24 different dishes.
We have a table for three
available in January.
- What? January?
- That's right.
- January next year?
- Yes.
OK, thank you.
I'll call back later and...
I'll see what my clients think. Thank you.
Thank you, good afternoon.
Fucking Mou.
- Yes?
- Hello.
- What can I do for you?
- A table for three, tonight at 8 p.m.
The kitchen opens at 8:30 p.m.
But we have a bar with a live pianist
and the best cocktails
where they can wait
for the kitchen to open.
- What type of food is it?
- Excuse me?
I said, what type of...?
- This is an Italian restaurant.
- One second, please.
- Yes, I'll wait.
- Don't hang up.
I haven't got all day.
- Is that car comfortable?
- Sorry?
What setting is your seat massager on?
Watch out,
we've got our eyes on you.
Fucking hell...
Hospital del Mar, can I help?
Could you put me through
to gynaecology, please?
Right away.
- Hello?
- Could I speak to Dr. Mascar?
- Who's speaking?
- Boi.
OK, Boi. I think she's with a patient.
I'll put you through,
don't hang up.
Hi, Boi. How are you?
Give me a second, please.
"In your novel, Reasonable Blood,
so many fun moments and happenings
are intertwined with more dramatic ones.
But your intention
is not always clear,
it's as though the meeting
of all of your characters
represents the nature of solitude
and the eccentric.
Your capacity to observe
and your imagination are undeniable
but, at times, it's as if
you're only doing an exercise,
omitting the purpose behind it all,
its raison d'etre.
It's for this reason, and others,
after a lengthy reflection,
that we won't publish your novel."
Look, Isabel.
The ad we told you about.
White is white.
Black is black.
Black and white...
that's cinema.
Can you make coffee
come out of your nose?
Me neither.
Caff Ampolloso,
coffee from the movies.
What nonsense. It made me shudder.
Isabel, you need Caff Ampolloso.
Don't start, ngel.
Don't you boys have homes to go to?
Between us,
your coffee is rubbish.
- Really?
- Yes.
People will come if you serve Ampolloso,
it'll reset the bar.
Leave that modern stuff out of it.
We've always served Caf Carrizosa here.
My parents, my grandparents, and me.
When it closes,
it'll be serving Caf Carrizosa.
- Look Isabel, here's a dare.
- No, enough of your shows.
Take him away, David.
It's always the same with you:
you come for a snack,
and we're here all night
- with an ambulance...
- It's the last dare.
If coffee comes out of my nose,
you'll serve Ampolloso.
First of all, that's not coffee.
Thanks, kid.
- Tell her.
- We must resist, we're revolutionaries.
Stop banging, did you hear?
It's just that...
there are lots of flies.
Flies? Pests, more like!
Go on, out.
Home with you. Go, go!
- It's just a handstand.
- No handstand!
Every day the same.
Clear this up, off you go.
The fly one, too.
Hey, Boi,
I can't see you later, alligator.
No, man, I'll never make it to the caf.
Anyway, tomorrow
we'll see each other at 9 a.m.
near the congress, where I said.
You can tell me
what's up with Anna and everything.
All right then,
big kiss, daddy-o, take care.
Jeez, the Municipal Police... Mamma mia.
They really are punctual.
Fucking hell.
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
To get to Hospital del Mar?
- I'll check, OK? One second, I'll check.
- OK, thanks.
Sorry, I'm just...
Are you OK?
Yes, thank you.
Yes, look.
- Turn around at Via Laietana.
- OK.
Look for the Ronda Litoral.
- It will be signposted from there.
- OK.
Thank you.
Great, Aunty.
I'm pleased to hear it.
Did you buy me lemons?
Yes, I have your lemons.
I bought them.
I'll give them to you when I get home.
- Don't be long.
- OK.
I have to go, Aunty.
I'm almost home.
See you in a minute, I love you.
This is ridiculous.
Fuck, it's cold.
Good morning, Aunty.
The city awakens.
The bleary eyes are long gone.
Dogs stroll around
like dreams... ownerless.
Cars with empty
and absurd lives inside them.
Prostitutes and weapons
which don't commit their crimes.
And here, by my side,
a teenager clowning around.
He's staying.
Unbelievable, everyone ignores me.
What a guy...
People don't have a sense of humour.
Who laughed at you back there?
Who roared with laughter?
Nobody. Just me.
Careful with your guys, eh?
I mean, don't expect anything in return
and don't take anything for yourself,
you know?
So if they leave some coins on the seat,
a packet of cigarettes,
a roll-on deodorant... You keep it.
They'll ask for it,
just you believe me.
This is it.
Boi? That's your name?
Hey, Mou.
Hey. What's up?
Just let me finish this.
How are you?
What happened?
Anna is pregnant.
Almost three months.
It wasn't planned
but we decided to keep it.
Last week the last editorial
wrote to me.
I read it and lost heart.
I disappeared for two days.
I missed the 12-week visit
to the gynaecologist and...
when I got home I told Anna
I wasn't ready to be a father,
that abortion was the best option.
She left.
I haven't heard from her since.
I write, I call...
Now I'm worried
she'll make up her own mind.
Something's up, Mou.
I went to live with my aunt
to help and write the novel...
I got both things wrong.
And now, Anna.
She's the most important thing to me...
and I've failed her.
Look, that's how you feel right now:
like it all revolves around you.
It won't make you strong.
What will, is trust.
Trust Anna, as always.
I need to calm down
and think it all over.
Don't think.
The best things in life are unplanned.
I like to call it: "universal touch".
I don't want to bring
a kid into the world
and mess up its life
as a frustrated father.
This letter is telling you
to bring a kid
into this awful world.
I'll read it:
"I have a hunch that this could become
an excellent work.
But it needs time,
maturity, silence, obsession.
You need to challenge yourself and write
when you can't or don't want to."
That is,
between nappies, crying and swerving.
We should be celebrating this.
- Thanks, Mou.
- Don't thank me.
I'm just your inner voice,
the one telling you
to open that glove box.
"A Latin dream".
I changed the verses we were looking at
the other day.
I think I have it.
"With my heart"...
it'll be a real hit.
Come on,
let me introduce you to humanity.
There's a wig lurking.
Can you find it?
This is my mate, Boi.
Be nice, OK?
- Hold the smoke in, it gets you higher.
- He's right.
But don't overdo it.
I have to make a call,
back in a minute.
- Kilometre?
- What?
Does water with fluoride
make you infertile?
You don't say! Of course.
Listen, as I was saying before...
life can be blown out
just like a match.
This guy, less than 20 years old...
I wear this suit
for everything, you know?
For work,
to go to my niece's communion,
to go to a charity event...
- Hey. What's your name?
- Boi.
I'm being watched.
A pleasure.
I don't know
what I've got myself into.
This is why, look.
- That's weird.
- Yes.
It's from a novel.
The worst was this morning.
This is my steering wheel
at 06:33 a.m.
and at 07:46 a.m.
What was your name?
I fly in and out.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Ciao, thank you.
I'm afraid that
we only find truth
when we don't know we're being watched.
That's where the fantastic is created.
But, to be able to see that place
you need an anonymous presence.
To be born with the gift
of going unnoticed.
Like Matilda, my dog.
She's rude
and she's smart.
An eternal flneur.
I wish I could say
she's my self-portrait, but...
I don't think so.
It's foul.
In this car
it's difficult to go unnoticed.
it's given me
the power to be an exhibitionist.
And don't be mistaken...
What's that?
If Boi comes from voyeur?
Maybe it's just fate...
I don't know.
But I do know
I'm talking to myself
and it's a good time to whistle.
I know how to whistle. Look:
Anna, please let that be you. Please.
Please, Anna. Please...
What the hell?
Fucking hell.
Hello, Boi!
Come on!
Come on, Mati!
Come on!
Hurry up, we're late.
The keys...
Come on, Aunty.
What do we do now?
Don't worry, Mati.
We'll be home soon.
Damn it!
Hello, Boi.
Fucking hell.
Fucking hell.
Just what I need.
There, Matilda.
Boi, where are you?
I'm going to the hotel
to drop my clients off.
Why didn't you answer?
Sorry, boss, but...
my clients had a mishap in the restaurant
and asked for help.
So you hang up?
Can't you just answer
and tell me that?
Sorry, boss.
It won't happen again.
Listen to me.
Come to my office tomorrow
after the airport.
Can you confirm that you understand?
Hey, Mou. How are things?
Fine, here with my guys...
- With the Chinese?
- Right.
- How's the night going on?
- There was a bit of a scene, but fine.
Let me ask you something,
my clients are trying to find someone
but they can't...
and I thought that
from his chauffeur we could...
- Do you know who that is?
- Yes. No, I don't know who it is.
- I see...
- I saw their car, a black 4X4.
- Brand?
- A Jaguar, I think.
Yes, I think it ends in "KGP".
KGP? That's Eduardo.
Yes, Eduardo.
You don't look like
you'll last long in this job.
I have the rest, but...
I must send Simon's location
to my clients first.
Now you have it.
Fucking hell.
Good evening.
Hello, gentlemen.
We're here for Simon Albatross,
he invited us.
Your names, please?
Mr Wong,
and I'm Boi Salt, his translator.
Mr Wong...
Boi Salt...
No. You're not on the list.
He says it's not right, it's insulting.
Mr Albatross told him
to be here at this time.
Can you do something?
- One second. I'll check.
- Thanks.
Two here for the Albatross table.
Could you check, please?
Mr Salt?
Thank you.
What the fuck am I doing?
Without asking who you were
I fell in love
And whoever you might be
I will always love you
I don't know where you come from
Or what you might prefer
I only know that when I saw you
I fell in love
I miss you so much, Anna.
That's why it's you
I hope you're OK.
You'll be my baby
Only you my baby
My baby love
You'll be my baby
It's you.
Don't you remember?
The scribbler,
all fogged up inside.
And now that all the doors are closed...
Look up.
There's an open window.
You'll be my baby
My baby love
Hello! Hello.
Hi, beautiful. Hi.
Let's go home.
We're going home.
Hey, Boi, what the fuck?
Why didn't you pick up the phone, mate?
Hey, Boi!
Can you hear me?
- Yes, Mou. Hang on. I'll call you back.
- Fine, call me whenever.
Don't worry, Mou.
I'll drop him off and go home.
OK, mate.
Send me your location right away, OK?
I just sent it to you.
OK, mate, I'll take a look.
Just remember this:
the only way to look out for each other
is to know where we are at all times, OK?
Thanks, Mou.
- All right, great.
- Speak soon.
See you soon, pal.
Fucking hell.
OK, Matilda.
I'll be right back.
Shit! Fuck!
What the fuck is this?
- Are you OK?
- Mati!
- Calm down.
- No!
Calm down.
Calm down.
Boi, I'm sorry.
We have to go,
this will get really ugly.
Take my car and take the clients.
I'll take care of the rest.
Everything will be OK.
Trust me.
Your aunt had another attack.
The door was open when I arrived.
All the windows, too.
She was on the balcony.
Matilda escaped.
How are you?
I'm really tired.
I'm so sorry, Anna.
I missed you so much.
Where were you?
In the country with my mum.
You smell of lavender.
You smell of smoke.
Claudia told me you bumped into her.
You were very gentlemanly.
Mou found me a job as a chauffeur.
How did it go?
It was fairly quiet.
I brought you something.
Here, open it.
Keep writing the things
that only you come up with.
And so you can tell me
how your nose got bigger in so few days.
Did you hit it a lot?
Not really.
But, really?
Does it look bigger?
It's perfect.
I'll look after you, Anna.
And us.
And Matilda...
Matilda will come back.
As always.
I love you.
I love you too, Boi.
Where are you?
Going to the airport.
When you drop them off, stay there.
I have a client for you.
- It's a French woman.
- Understood.
You speak French, right?
Excuse me?
Yes, I speak a little.
Her name is Madame Tabard. Terminal one.
You'll have to wait one hour.
I'll text you the information.
Yes, understood.
Good. Call me when you're with her.
Thank you.
Speak soon.
See you!
Do I know you?
I'm an actor.
- Mrs Tabard?
- Yes.
Boi, pleased to meet you.
Boi. That's a nice name.
Thank you.
Can I get your cases?
I'll pay the ticket.
This way.
Thank you.
It's always the same.
What we have, we don't want...
If we don't have it, we want it.
The joy of life.
And how...
How do you start each project?
All creation begins
with a thought, or an idea.
The bigger the idea,
the greater the responsibility.
In fact,
it's the same for everything.
Something I might know?
I used to work
in a building here, a hotel.
Are you staying there?
No. Funnily enough.
But yes...
I was in charge of the T-Hotel.
Can I ask you something?
Of course.
Just the other day
I was talking about the T-Hotel,
about its creator's inspiration.
Excuse my indiscretion.
I admire reality,
what we have in front of us.
Trying to find the extraordinary
in the ordinary.
We always talk
of "create" and "creators".
I prefer to believe in discovery
and the T-Hotel...
I guess it simply represents
what I expect from life.
Something happy and sad
at the same time.
For example?
An example?
The birth of a baby?
Is there anything as beautiful and cruel
as a woman's leg covered in blood
who is going to be a mother?
The first thing we see in this life.
What everyone discovers
when they arrive.
in a way...
it's your mother's...
And it's yours too, I assure you.
Yes, go ahead and confirm.
You're up already?
I didn't know.
Translation: Amy Sue Bennett