Boi neon (2015) Movie Script

Let me see the tail!
A bit more sand.
Shake off the excess!
Open the gate.
- How's that tail doing?
- It's good.
- Release the bull!
- Open the gate!
Bull down!
More. Down to here.
- That low, Iremar?
- Yes, your hips.
I have to measure your hips and waist.
96. You've put on weight.
You reckon?
My hips are all sticking out.
You were never ninety-six in the hip.
Stop, Iremar. Stop being silly.
94 and 96.
94 and 96.
Let's see your mane.
It'll be easier if you face that way.
What color do you have in mind?
Hold this between your eyebrows.
I don't know, what do you think?
When you said something striking,
I thought of bright pink.
Bright pink is for hookers.
You reckon?
What do you have in mind?
He's got the tail.
Nearly at the fall line.
Let's see this bull come down!
Bull down!
Clear the track.
Track cleared.
Touch up the fall line.
When I was young,
I drank lots of donkey's milk.
- Donkey's milk is good for you.
- Disgusting.
- It sucks.
- It does not.
- It's gross.
- Are you nuts?
- It's only fit for drinking when you're sick.
- Rubbish, it's always good!
If you drink too much, it'll make you ill.
No way, are you mad?
- Cow's milk is what's good.
- Yuck.
You can't beat cow's milk.
It's nowhere near as good as donkey milk.
Cac, did you know that cow's fat
mixed with milk makes ice cream?
- That's a lie.
- Dude! Why would I lie to you?
Quiet, stupid bulls!
Ice cream is made from cow's fat.
If you crack open a cow's shin,
it's full of fat.
- And you know what you can make from it?
- What?
Jelly! Red strawberry jelly.
Cattle have lots of uses.
Horses are a million times better.
All horses do is run around and look
pretty, cattle are much more useful.
You're gonna have to work
your scrawny arse off to get a horse.
I'd rather have a scrawny arse
than a belly button that size!
With a belly button like Z's,
you don't even need a cock!
With that thing
he just leans in and fucks!
Why are you being such a little brat?
- Z's got a hard belly button!
- You're one heck of an idiot, you.
Leave me alone.
You didn't use to be like this.
Hey! Is the fashion mall this way?
No, it's that way, straight ahead.
First left after the bridge.
That way? Thanks.
And that logo?
- What about it?
- Is it yours?
No, I'm just a painter.
- What sort of gear do they sell?
- Beachwear, surf wear, bikinis...
- Do you know the owner?
- No, I don't.
I'm going to check out some animal prints.
I've got an idea for your outfit.
Animal what?
Fabric with animals on it,
tigers, jaguars, zebras.
- Cool.
- Cool, right?
I'll be quick.
Don't be long,
this one's pre-menstrual today.
You bent out of shape?
Quit pouting!
G-strings, sexy panties!
Hey babe, want some sexy panties?
Let me see.
- How much?
- One for five, three for ten.
I won't fit in these, will I?
The tighter the better.
- These are gonna be way too tight.
- Trust me, you'll look great.
Take my word for it.
I've been at this for 10 years,
I know how G-strings fit.
If you say so.
- Three for ten, you said.
- Yep.
If they don't fit, I'm coming after you.
Hold on.
Please do. I'll be waiting.
- Here.
- Thanks.
If I like them, I'll come get more.
I'll be waiting!
Mom, can I buy some leather boots?
No, Cac, I told you before. No means no.
You only buy things for yourself.
You're right, I only buy stuff for myself.
And that's how it's gonna be until
you go back to school and to your gran's.
Whore's panties.
What did you say?
What did you say, Cac?
Say that again.
Say that again.
Say that again!
Show some respect.
Show some respect!
Respect the person
who raises you and feeds you.
I'm tired, Cac.
I'm tired!
I'm so tired.
Don't ignore what I have to say
Not in the crap.
All my life's woes
Water over here, Z.
Are because of you
You followed me wherever! Went
With your false smiles
and lying kisses
And left me in a daze.
There's no end to my suffering
I'll drink myself to death because of you
Missed the line. Disqualified!
Hey Z! You look like a caveman!
You need a barber!
- Fuck, I'm skint.
- What do you mean?
- I'm skint.
- Take this tip then!
Stop fucking around and sand that tail.
This place stinks like an armpit.
Now I can buy some deodorant!
Go, Z! Stop talking shit!
Let's go! Who's next?
Stay behind me.
One more, Z! Let's go!
Keep behind me.
Shit, Cac.
- You hurt yourself?
- My arm!
- Let me see.
- I fell on my arm!
You're all covered in shit.
Come over here!
It's hurting! My arm's hurting.
Let me see. Where is it hurting?
- What's wrong, Cac?
- She fell in cow shit!
- Shut up, lard ass!
- You gonna keep quiet now?
Let me see your face.
That'll teach you.
- I told you to stay in the kitchen.
- She was only helping me out.
Let's see.
Right in the cow shit, Cac!
Close your mouth.
Where did you get the knock?
So keep the ice on there then.
Otherwise it won't get better, Cac.
No point holding it near where it hurts.
- Is it sore?
- Yeah.
How about keeping quiet from now on?
- Cac!
- What?
Come over here.
- What the hell's that?
- Jurema.
My new girlfriend.
She's ugly.
No, she isn't.
- Ask your mom for the toolbox.
- She won't lend you it. It's Dad's.
Your dad isn't even here.
When I took his hammer
without asking, she grounded me.
Tell her it's for me.
- She'll say no.
- Tell her it's for me!
- She won't lend it.
- I only need the saw.
- Just the saw, okay?
- Yes.
- Mom?
- Under here, Cac.
What is it?
Iremar wants to borrow the saw.
- What for?
- One of his outfits.
- Outfits?
- Yeah.
- Does he want the saw or the scissors?
- The saw.
Never heard of using
a saw to make clothes.
That's what he said.
Tell him if his scissors are blunt
I have a grindstone.
He doesn't want scissors, he wants a saw.
Be careful!
Wanna come with me to see the horses?
I can't right now.
But I want you to come with me
to see the horses.
I have to finish this, Cac.
The men here keep dissing mom and me.
Don't listen to the shit people say.
It's all lies.
- Do you think my dad is coming back?
- Your dad?
I never met him.
People say he was a good man,
so maybe he will.
I wish he was here with me.
You should go find him. You hear?
Vaquejada is no place for a little girl.
- But I can't leave.
- Why not?
I have to look after my mom.
Your mom's a big girl.
She doesn't need you looking after her.
You want to see your dad, don't you?
Well, then.
Did you see the sandpaper anywhere?
There it is.
- Can you give me a hug?
- What?
- A hug.
- What about it?
Will you give me a hug?
Grab me those legs.
- What?
- The mannequin's legs.
Perfect, we'll deliver on the 17th.
Thank you.
- Can I help you?
- How much for a label around this size?
It depends on the material.
The rubber sort is 220.
The material varies.
The better quality ones go for 200,
and the cheaper for 180.
- Not that much difference.
- No, it depends on the quantity.
If you order 3000,
the price comes down a bit.
This one falls to 190,
and this one to 150.
Got it. If I wanted to do just ten,
of this picture here.
Ten's not worth my while, and
the design has to be vectorized.
- Vectorized, what's that?
- In vectors.
It also has to be CMYK, not RGB.
My computer can't read RGB.
I need to digitize it first.
It's easy. Any Internet caf will do it.
Here, take this.
Come back when you've got
the drawing vectorized.
Hi, Mr. Milton.
No, that's too much for me.
It's midnight,
and the lights are going down!
It's the highlight of the night!
That's right, the Neon Bull!
The magic hour is about to begin.
He's got the tail.
It's wrapped around his arm.
He's got the tail.
He's pulling! He's pulling! It's down!
Way to go!
Is Cac awake?
She's still sleeping.
Cac, it's time to get up, it's late!
She spent all night staring at the horses.
- She only wants what she can't have.
- You don't take care of her!
All Cac thinks about
these days is horses.
Girls like horses.
But she'll never be able to have one.
You don't know that.
Iremar, why the hell did you draw
all over my magazine?
I drew on one page, that was already
glued together with your cum.
I spend ten bucks to see some pussy,
and you draw all over it!
Keep this shit. I want a new one.
Time you quit wanking
and got some real ass to fuck.
- Got sand in your face?
- Fucking dust.
- That tail good?
- It's good.
Let me get this tail just perfect.
A bit more sand. I'm looking out for you!
I like sweet-smelling arse.
Not like you lot!
Release! This one's gonna eat sand!
Bring the bulls on down!
Get out of my face!
- You got a good bull in there, or not?
- One thing that's not in short supply.
Let him go!
Don't you know how to do your signature?
I don't.?
- No, you don't.
- Why not?
A signature doesn't look like that.
It doesn't?
- How should it be?
- Let me show you how to do it.
Show off!
That's how you do it.
A signature has to be quick and firm.
- Quick and firm?
- Yup.
Got it.
Let me see.
You need to put the accent, otherwise
people will read Caca, not Cac.
I don't care.
You should.
Does your name start with a Y?
- My name?
- Yup.
No, my name starts with an "I".
- So why did you use a Y here?
- It's my artist's name, dimwit.
What a pile of crap.
- That silver?
- Yeah.
Where did you get that idea?
That's not silver, it's brass.
Look at what he calls silver.
That's faker than a nine-dollar bill.
The guy who sold it to me
swore it was silver.
- You want rice?
- A little.
- How much did you pay for it?
- 300.
My arse you paid 300 for that bracelet.
I bet it cost a tenner at a market stall.
He's never worn real silver.
What's the point? With his mug
even gold would look fake!
Fake are those clothes
you drew all over my magazine.
You look like an old woman sewing,
you know?
- Rice?
- A little.
- I look like a woman sewing, huh?
- Yeah.
I'm not the one who strips drunk,
you faggot.
Whatever! You look like some old lady.
Where's the eye of the needle?
Go fuck yourself, son of a bitch.
Let's swap!
Now you two go together.
Let's go, Cac!
What are the tails for?
For an outfit.
What do you use them for?
To decorate a mask with a mane.
Is it true that ice cream
is made out of cow fat?
I saw some cow fat today,
and it didn't look like
it'd make ice cream.
I don't know exactly how, but it does.
Careful not to step too hard on him.
- Cac, grab that cow dung.
- And get my hands dirty? No!
It's clean. It's only cow dung.
Go on, grab it!
Do it, girl!
- There.
- Quickly, where it's bleeding.
- That's it. Rub it in.
- Put your back into it.
They won't come past the troughs.
- Lend me a squirt of that cologne.
- No.
- Just a bit.
- It's almost finished!
You're such a scrounger.
Asking for things all the time.
- Ha, got you right in the face!
- Shit, it stings.
If all goes well, we can buy
a motorbike and have some fun.
Nope, I'm getting myself
a professional sewing machine.
- Where's the bottle?
- It's in the bag.
- Can I go with you, Iremar?
- Not tonight.
You look sleepy.
It's time for bed, isn't it?
Off to bed, you sour fart.
- Can I go with him, Mom?
- Of course not.
- You're going to sleep early tonight.
- But I want to hold his hand.
No, tonight you're going to sleep with me.
- But I don't want to go to bed early.
- Well, you are.
- Aren't you going with them?
- Not me. Just get into trouble around there.
I should open a clothing store.
Stealing is too easy.
One of the most important lots
of tonight's auction
starting at 50 payments of $500,
$25,000 total.
$550 anyone? Who has $550?
The next lot is for someone
who loves genetics!
A breeder's gem!
It's merely $550. $600? Thank you.
Who will give me $700?
Marvelous maternal line.
Comes from the maternal gene
pool of the world champion,
from the family of Dash For Cash!
- Valquria!
- Who's there?
- It's me.
- Me, who?
No, Z! I'm real stressed right now.
I've got tons of work to do.
Don't be a drama queen.
- What?
- Snooty today, aren't you?
Valquria, it's me, Iremar.
- How are you?
- Fine, how are you?
- Help us out, gorgeous.
- How much can you pay?
- Ten.
- Ten bucks each?
Ten? Fifty!
What? I don't have fifty bucks.
Don't be tight.
If you don't like it,
go pay 200 at the door.
- How much do you have?
- Twenty.
Give it here.
- Thirty-nine.
- Pay up-front and you're in.
Go, hurry.
Wow, what a looker.
- She is, isn't she?
- Yeah.
- You look real pretty too.
- Do I?
You think so?
Thanks for this. You smell good.
You think you can buy me with a kiss?
It takes a lot more than that, Iremar.
- I like these shorts. Did you cut them?
- Yeah, I did.
- Like them?
- Yeah.
Simple but elegant, how I like things.
- She's in heat. You can smell it!
- Get your hand out of there!
Go on in. I have a lot of work to do.
- Thanks.
- Go.
The next mare is going
to be disputed today!
An international gene pool in Brazil!
The master bloodline
of the Brazilian Vaquejada.
I've got $850. Anyone $900? $850, $850.
- I have $900. Do I see $1000?
- Don't bang the hammer yet!
Attention Brazil! Here fertility is
absolutely guaranteed, physique too.
100% healthy.
I want to wish everyone good luck
in their business today.
Go on. Smell that pussy, stud.
He's getting hard already.
Here, take the bottle.
Get the oil quickly,
the horse is pulling me.
He's pulling.
Hold him tight, otherwise
I'm gonna get kicked.
Grab it. Use both hands.
I told you to bring your gloves!
Get the bottle, Z. Come closer.
Don't let him move back.
- He's pulling me.
- You've got to keep him still!
It's not me. He's pulling me.
When he lifts his tail he's gonna cum.
The tail's up, Z! Where's the bottle?
Shit, Z! What the fuck!
Take a look! How much
for Wagon To Hollywood?
Once, twice... Attention!
Going once, going twice...
In installments.
Once, twice... Thank you.
Who'll give me $700?
Once, twice...
Going once, going twice...
Sold! What a bargain!
Next up, item number 200!
- You didn't wait for me.
- I did!
How hard can it be to get
a horse's dick in a bottle that big?
All right, all right.
- You can find a woman's pussy, can't you?
- Of course!
- It's much smaller than that bottle.
- It's easier.
Waste of money and cum.
Now ifs time for tonight's
most' special lot.
She's a phenomenon!
The most important
breeding mare of its kind in Brazil!
This machine of reproduction
is on her way.
Calm now.
Lady Di is on her way!
Calm now!
Holy fuck!
Hold the mare so I can help the man.
Bring out Lady Di, lot number 200.
An exceptional mare!
I see our champion
is being a bit of a diva.
While we're waiting for her
to be brought out,
deejay, play me something romantic.
I want to tell you all a love story.
She was kept apart, always
reserved to receive
artificial insemination
from one special stallion.
Today we're selling her eggs,
her blue-blooded eggs.
The reproduction of a princess,
from the royal family
of the Brazilian quarter horse.
Bring out number 200!
Bring Lady Di out, please.
What a wonderful mare!
A show apart. Beautiful.
A true blue-blooded specimen!
A queen!
An extraordinary quarter horse mare!
This week, she'll be impregnated
with unique semen,
by a laboratory
with Brazilian Association accreditation.
Number 200, Princess Lady Di's womb!
A blue-blooded noble.
Damn it, Z!
Fuck! Z!
It's the owner of that horse's truck!
He must've discovered everything.
- Holy shit.
- I told you to clean up the sperm!
But you insisted on going on stage
with that damn mare. Now we're fucked.
- Z couldn't steal a chicken's egg.
- Shut your mouth. Go back to sleep!
- You're the one that messes things up.
- Shut your mouth or I'll kick your arse!
Is Z there?
Yeah, come on up.
You're gonna get it.
He's here.
Where is he?
In the other hammock.
Got nothing to do with me.
Pack your things. Let's go.
I can't. It wasn't me!
For the love of God!
No, it's nothing like that.
Lady Di's caretaker is in the hospital.
I know she's difficult,
but you handled her well.
- You sure?
- Totally, now you are gonna look after her.
Have you spoken to the boss?
If you take Z, we'll be short-handed.
I brought Junior from my ranch.
He'll take Z's place.
- Let's go.
- Will I get a contract?
- Have you spoken to the boss?
- We've spoken. It's all taken care of.
Come on lad. I'm in a hurry.
That was a close shave.
You escaped a beating, Cac.
You little shit!
Ugly tattletale!
- God be with you.
- Amen, for all of us.
Selfish fatty.
Well, that fucks everything up.
Left us on our own, you see?
Excuse me.
You can put your things there.
That thing in your mouth hurts to put in?
- What, the braces?
- Yeah.
No, it only hurts
if you have to tighten it.
How old do you have to be?
Any age, you just have to pay for it.
It looks cool.
- But it does hurt, right?
- No.
Stop bothering the man,
can't you see he's got dental problems?
- What's wrong with your teeth?
- No problem!
It's cosmetic.
Your mouth looks really cute with it.
Come on, Cac. Move.
- I'm not going.
- Move, girl.
- No.
- I'm not asking. I'm telling.
- You're not my dad.
- You don't have a father, brat!
Move it, I'm telling you.
- I know what you did!
- You know what?
- Cat got your tongue? What do you know?
- Your scheme with Z.
What scheme? Tell me!
You know nothing, you hear?
Hey, can I hang my clothes up here?
Hang them on your arse for all I care.
What's wrong, Cac?
The other dude upset her.
- Who are you?
- Jnior.
I'm here to replace the fat guy.
Come here, Cac.
Come here.
Let's go eat.
- How long will you be with us?
- For as long as needs be.
Stop crying.
It wasn't me.
- It wasn't you that drew this horse?
- It wasn't me.
- Who drew it then?
- It was Z.
- And Z knows how to draw horses like that?
- Sure.
It's not you that draws horses everywhere?
But it wasn't me.
Firstly, never draw over my designs.
Second, don't look at porn.
- But it wasn't me.
- Got it?
- If you want to lie, do it right.
- But it wasn't me.
Shit, Cac! Porn?
I'm sorry.
Hi, boys, how are you?
How about some cologne today?
I have a catalog full
of new Jequi products.
- Jequi what?
- Jequi.
Jequi, perfume, facial creams.
She wouldn't know. She's a hillbilly.
- What would you know about perfume?
- I know a thing or two.
I may be a hillbilly, but you're
the one shoveling shit all day.
She got mad!
I can't pick from a catalog.
I need to smell the stuff.
No problem. I have samples,
so you can try the scent.
Haven't you heard of Jequi?
Jequi is one of Brazil's
largest cosmetics firms.
We have a whole range of products:
hair treatment, skin care,
a full line of makeup,
with pencils, eyeliner, lipstick.
And an exclusive line of men's cologne.
It's got to be strong stuff for them,
they spend all day stinking of shit.
We have a range of fragrances,
some mild, others stronger.
But that's a matter of taste.
How do you choose?
Take a look at the catalog,
try out the sample,
and I'll come back with your order.
- Would you like to try some?
- Can I?
Of course. You're going to love this one.
Let's go, Cac.
Don't smell it straight away.
All you'll get is alcohol.
- Am I right?
- You have to wait a little.
I know my shit.
- Like it?
- Yeah, it's good.
- How much is it?
- That one's 60.
Sixty bucks? Expensive.
Nothing compared to what
you spend on that hair of yours.
Hey, take over
so I can check out the scents.
- Is that tail good?
- It's good!
Give him a kick to wake up!
Just let me wash my hands. Come with me.
- What cologne are you using?
- Azarro, but I'm almost out.
I used Polo Ralph Lauren.
I may be a cowboy, but I have good taste.
- You should change aftershave then!
- Why's that?
All men wear it. It's old school.
Women will smell you
and remember another man.
- Like it?
- I loved this one.
Yeah, it's good.
- How much for a bottle?
- Fifty-five.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Want to try some more?
- Okay.
Let me put some here.
This one's good.
Now I'll go back smelling like a lord.
No one can say I smell like shit now.
Let me see if it smells good on you.
Yes, let me see here too.
I like it. It suits you.
- Great. What's your name?
- Geisy.
- And you?
- Iremar.
Swing by tonight.
I don't have the money on me.
I can't tonight
because I'm on a night shift.
- Are you a nurse?
- God, no. I hate hospitals!
- What's the night shift?
- I'm a security guard at a clothing factory.
I don't believe it!
- Really?
- For real.
- That's my dream, you know?
- What is?
- To work in a clothing factory.
- I thought you meant a security guard.
- No, tailoring.
- Cool.
- I love it.
- Keep it. You can pay me later.
No, swing by later.
I don't like owing money.
- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
It's up to you. If you want...
No, that's fine.
Thanks for your time.
Mom, why don't you iron
your hair like Jnior?
I like my curly hair.
I was born this way, and I like it.
You should, though,
to fix that rag-doll hair of yours.
Why, if my hair is already straight?
My hair's like this
because I take after my dad, right?
Your dad doesn't have straight hair.
My mom has straight hair.
Isn't Iremar coming to eat?
He's all irritable today.
He's been the same with me.
- Don't you want some more, Junior?
- No, I'm good.
Do you like it?
It's gorgeous.
This one's even prettier
than the first one.
I'm really happy with it too.
- The gold really enhances it.
- It's so sparkly!
It's because of you.
You followed me
Wherever I went
With your false smiles and lying kisses
And left me in a daze
There's no end to my suffering
What, Cac? I'm busy.
Jnior is asking
for some pliers and a hammer.
- I can't now. I'm busy.
- He said he won't be long.
- Cac.
- What?
Come here.
You needn't come back with it, okay?
I'm busy. I'll get it later.
Keep going!
Where's Galega?
She's sleeping.
Excuse me.
- Don't pour it on me!
- Just a bit.
- Have you ever eaten cattle feed?
- No!
- Want to see me do it?
- You would?
- Think I'm kidding?
- No.
- I bet you ten bucks.
- Okay.
- Hey, you can't push!
- Yes I can!
Watch, I'm about to win ten bucks.
Now you're done for!
Take that!
I'm gonna bury you. Here I come!
Scrub properly, Cac. What's the rush?
The more you mess around,
the longerwe'll be here.
Pour some water on me here.
Don't come round here. We're not decent.
Are the boys around?
- What for?
- A delivery.
- For who?
- For Iremar.
He went to speak to the boss.
Will he be long?
I don't know.
Caca, grab a towel
and go see what that woman wants.
- Cac is coming over.
- Okay.
Hi, how are you?
- Can you give him this?
- Okay, but is it paid for?
- Tell him it's a present.
- Okay!
- She left that for him?
- Yes. She said it's a gift.
- Is it nice?
- Yeah.
Leave it over there.
It's Iremar, the cologne guy.
Is that you?
Does Geisy work here?
- Is it you?
- It's me, boy.
Check out the uniform.
I'd never know you sold cosmetics.
You don't look much like a cowhand either.
- What you doing here?
- I came to say thanks for the cologne.
- It was a lovely present.
- A little gift, that's all.
I wanted to give it to you myself,
but that woman wouldn't let me.
- I told you she's a redneck.
- That's true.
- I'm wearing it now. Have a sniff.
- Let's see.
Nice. I told you it suited you.
Yes, you did.
- Want to come in?
- Can I?
Just promise you won't tell anyone,
or I'll lose my job.
- I promise. Come on in then.
- It's not a problem, is it?
- No.
This factory has industrial secrets.
I've always wanted
to go in a factory like this.
Just look at the size of it.
It's big, isn't it?
Aren't you afraid of carrying a gun?
Me, afraid of a gun?
- Just the sight of it scares me.
- I'm used to it.
I have no choice.
If something happens, I need to be ready.
In case some weirdo shows up
wanting to come into the factory at night.
If he's unarmed and not
dangerous like you, it's okay.
At this hour, there's not a soul around.
Check it out. This area's nice, isn't it?
Look at all these machines.
I've never seen so many in one place.
- And they're all professional.
- Man, this is paradise.
I can barely believe it.
Look at these overlooks.
These ones sew, cut and hem.
Hail Mary!
Look at the size of this!
Mine's a tiny little thing.
Always jamming. It's a pile of crap.
- This one even has a screen!
- Don't touch anything.
I'll be in trouble
if you mess something up.
I won't mess anything up, woman.
- Look at the panties they make.
- Yeah.
- That's all they make here.
- It's good stuff.
During the day,
this place is packed with people.
This is just the machine room.
There's more through there.
This is for cutting, right?
Get on the table.