Boiling Pot (2015) Movie Script

...the body was bruised and beaten
...autopsy performed revealed
...crimes on university campuses
...police questioning possible
...four white males
It is 2008 and we still have
black people hanging from trees.
It doesn't serve me.
My memory. I don't know what
was real and what I think I saw.
I'm not sure that there's a difference.
You weren't there.
You didn't see what I saw.
You're basing your
information off emotions.
Even if I am.
He got there after it happened.
I don't think you're
understanding the situation.
As insensitive as it may sound,
it's not my problem.
Look. I just need more time.
More time? You realize what that
tells me?
Did you see what happened out
there? I just need a minute!
So take a minute.
It's just hard to believe
it all comes down to skin color.
I mean, we're an educated
It's 2008 for Christ's sake. It
just doesn't make any sense.
It's politics Garret.
Why the hell would it make any sense?
it's not all that complicated either.
Your mother's complicated.
You fill out my absentee ballot?
Congratulations on your first vote!
Are you blind?
You on your bike?
Yeah, I was heading to the dorm.
answer calls while you're biking!
Yo Pop I gotta call you back.
Wow. What's going on?
My God.
This historic event will be the first
to join three different
universities assemblies.
It will be held on the first
Tuesday of October.
Many volunteers are still
If you are interested in
please email Sean Seals or Rose
Any other ideas?
We could hold an awareness event?
News flash! You know...
students are aware that black
people exist, so thanks Britney.
Alright. Anyone else?
Okay. Thank you guys so much for
I will keep you guys posted on
my meeting with the dean.
We're doing this guys!
It's exciting.
Y'all gotta come see this.
My God.
Okay, so what are we gonna do?
I have a meeting with dean
Marison's never done shit
for us.
So why are you knocking on that
door again?
What do you think we should do?
What do you think we should do?
I wanna do something different!
Like what Trey?
Like go to the Cracka house
and kick some ass!
What's a cracka house?
And who says they have anything
to do with this anyway?
You don't think any of those
Not necessarily.
Bullshit Rose!
Mind your business Kevin.
Do you even know what this is about?
I got this okay?
Lemme just, lemme take care of it.
Dammit man will you just make the call?
You wanna see my cards?
Here. Here are my cards. See it?
Afternoon gentlemen!
Woah. Okay. Hello.
What's up?
we're not rushing till next week...
so you can come back then.
No, I'm not here to join
your little boy scouts club.
Right. So why are you
I'm here because I was
walking to class today,
and I saw a noose hanging from a
tree on my campus.
I'm sorry, it's a little too
I was just wondering if you guys
had heard anything about that.
Yo any of you guys hear about a
rope hanging from a tree?
Alexander you hear about this?
Sorry man. Wish I
could help.
You think you're safe here with
your little Backstreet Boys?
You will always have to answer
to somebody. Bitch.
Aw shit!
Take it easy guys.
A bit more slack.
A little bit more.
Hazem, you're playing with
your phone again!
I'm not playing with anything!
You have my life in your
hands. More slack.
A bit more slack. More.
Sorry about that pumpkin. It's
my phone, you know?
I'm going to kill you!
Who's going to give you
more slack?
Just put me down.
Why are you so stubborn?
Stop forcing me to do something.
I'm just suggesting.
Okay fine, so suggest.
Anything but the blue button
You don't think I look nice?
I think you look nice
But I want my parents to think
you look nice.
And why would I care what your
parents think?
Because they're your future
My future what?
You're going to meet my parents
and you're going to wear the
blue button down.
I'll wear this shirt. How about
You don't like this shirt. Are
you serious?
Do you know what kind of
material this is?
This is husband material.
Hey Bobby! Tonight!
Not tomorrow! Tonight. Just
later. Okay?
Don't talk politics okay?
Especially not with my dad.
You think I'm going to
insult him or something?
Let's see how do I say this?
You're not exactly the best at
being politically correct.
Well, we're not all poli-sci
majors are we?
That's right. Dean's list baby.
Yeah dean's list.
Which reminds me, I'm taking you
next week to go register.
Yeah, about that. No. I'm not
gonna vote, okay?
We're just gonna register.
I'm not gonna vote unless I get
the free ice cream.
Okay. Convince
Okay. It is said that a weakened
sense of responsibility...
does not actually weaken the
fact of responsibility.
Are you seriously not voting?
Look I just don't wanna watch
two rich guys debate
and then jump on a bandwagon.
Smart people don't do that.
Great. So when all the smart
people think like you...
who does that leave to vote?
I can't vote for all of us.
Aw sure you can.
Okay, you keep this in your
fridge to keep your food fresh.
It makes things rise when you bake.
Baking soda.
Um, pure sodium bi-carbonate. Na H CO3.
Okay, this is an easy one.
You use it to sweeten your
drinks. You put it in tea.
Honey. But that's not a
compound. So...
Honey? How old are you?
That's what I put in my tea.
Alright what does everyone else
in the world use?
How you get so fly.
Jesus. Sugar.
C12 H22 O11
You got it.
Nice. Honey? Good Lord man!
Sorry that's mine.
Yo what is this?
Are you competing for that?
I'm not competing. I'm gonna
get it.
That's awesome. That's a ton of
And if you win, you can always
use it to...
Dude! Thirty thousand dollars?
Please help yourself to the
middle of my sentence!
Well you know my dad's been
looking for a job...
for a couple of months and I
thought, you know,
this might help him out a bit.
So, you know we'll see.
Sir. It is declined.
I have other customers to help out.
I told you. If it don't
work, I can get you another one.
I can't accept any other payment
I'm going to have to ask you
to step aside.
Are you kidding me? I go to
school here.
Man, just hold on a second.
Woah, hey man get your hand out
of your pocket.
Hey! You heard the guy.
Let's keep it moving a little bit
I said why don't you take your
stolen credit cards...
and go to the fried chicken
place down the street, alright?
So what's up man, you got a
problem with me or what?
Hey, hey, let me take care of
this for you alright.
Look man I don't need this right now.
No it's fine. I got it.
What's your problem man?
Out of my way nig-nog okay?
You know what?
Alright alright!
Get out. All of you! You too.
Now! Get out.
You three too. Leave. Now get
Are you serious?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What's up? Fifteen pages
on the elasticity of macro-economics.
We were supposed to meet in the
grad library.
Dude. I am so sorry, you wanna
come in?
Miss Torrance?
Thank you for waiting.
Dean Marison will see you now.
Thank you so much for meeting with me Dean.
I know that you're extremely
Not at all.
This is why I'm here.
Yes sir. Um, I guess the problem
now is that students are feeling
offended by the events that
are happening on campus,
especially the noose hanging
Valerie. Make sure you get all
Listen miss Torrance, the
situation is bad.
It's bad for the students. It's
bad for the university.
It's bad for everyone.
I want you to know that the
and myself deeply
condemn these actions.
To teach people and help them
grow out of their ignorance.
That's the role we play as
Okay what the hell does this mean?
"Obama's presidency would be the
camel's nose. "
What are you reading?
It's my homepage. It's the news
An old Arabian proverb
states if...
the camels nose enters the
his body will soon follow.
I feel like I should be
offended by something here.
What's her name?
Buggle. Yo, watch it, she's
You know the French eat frogs
like this.
Yeah. Boiled frog legs.
Miss Buggle would be a real
delicacy over there.
Sounds gross. And painful.
Some French cooks found that if
you put a frog in water,
It'll just sit there and enjoy
the drink.
But if you start slowly turning
up the heat,
the frog will fall asleep.
Turn up the heat a little more,
it'll fall into a deeper sleep.
Eventually the water's boiling,
and Miss Buggle is dead.
That's how you go from a
live frog to a meal.
That's what they mean by the
camel's nose.
They're wondering how this guy
whose ancestors came over...
to this country chained up on a
ends up running for president.
You gonna take that?
No, that's fine.
It's 8:30. Let's get started on
this paper.
Dean. Off the record,
are we just going to let these guys go?
Off the record, Rose, let who go?
We don't know who did this.
Of course, we know who did this.
You and I both know exactly who
did this.
Are you suggesting the Kappa
House is responsible?
So you do know.
What I know, Rose,
is that college students love
spreading rumors.
These are not rumors dean Marison.
The Kappa House has a history of
that everyone seems to
acknowledge except...
As a results of recent tensions,
we have instated mandatory
diversity training for all
campus organizations.
And that is gonna do what
Valerie, would you please?
The administration cannot
charge a group of students...
with a hate crime without
substantial evidence.
Dean. This is a threat to every
black student on this campus.
I can understand that,
Miss Torrance.
We're going to explore every
possible means by which we can
find out what happened. We'll
set up a safe space...
With all due respect dean.
There is a noose hanging from a
tree in your safe space.
We don't need to explore what
You and I know exactly what
happened and who made it happen.
We can't know anyone's intention
It's not fair to misjudge
just as you wouldn't like
to be misjudged.
I would think someone like
yourself would understand that.
Dean. Do you want me to keep
No. Thank you for your time.
Miss Torrance. I want to assure
you there is no need to worry.
This is an isolated incident.
Hey what'd he say?
Rose, come on what'd he say?
You okay?
One minute Trey.
Take a break. Take a break
Time! Alright, we're gonna...
work our inside
counter-punch drill.
If I throw my left hook too
you shoot it straight
right down the middle.
Got it.
Okay. Nice, nice.
Yeah money!
Okay, alright. Now, when you
feed that right hand,
you better be ready to defend
yourself, alright?
Keep your hands up!
I let you have that man.
So how come your girl don't come
see you fight no more?
Because I don't wanna embarrass
you like this every time.
I know you got this ego thing
going man.
In the ring, I want you
to be confident, not cocky.
Cocky will get you killed.
You need to watch some Rocky or
and learn how to coach!
Man you leave the coaching to
me. I got this.
You be ready to practice this
weekend and bring your A-game.
It's the only game I got man!
Man what'd I just say?
I can't believe you talked me into this.
It is cold and wet out here.
Yo, don't even worry about it.
Let's go.
It's beautiful though.
Yeah, it is.
Hell no dude you ain't touching this.
First we're trespassing now, you
have a weapon.
What are you doing?
Yo, Relax. It's not a weapon.
It's a baseball bat.
What are you going to do
with a bat and a football anyway?
You poor ignorant souls.
Batter up!
Swing batter, batter, batter!
My goodness!
That one's outta here folks! Get
money, get paid baby.
It's okay, you can smile.
When all the doors are closed,
when you feel like you're
carrying the world on your back,
it's easy to forget that you're
just a kid.
You know I almost drowned as a little kid?
HAZEML Drowned?
So I almost never met you
Yeah. I almost died.
Wow. Well did your life flash
before your eyes like they say?
Actually, when something goes
your brain usually deals with it
trying to find a similar
So, when you touch something
hot, what do you do?
Pull my hand away.
Because your brain knows if you
don't pull your hand away,
This happens in your brain all
the time...
without you realizing it.
You making all this up?
No, I'm not. That's the case
when you're dying.
Your brain knows that something
is very, very wrong.
But your brain has never died
So it frantically searches
through all your memories
until it can find a similar
and hopefully save you.
But it can't.
So before you die,
your life actually does flash
before your eyes.
I think we should see other
Ha-ha. They don't teach you that
in med school, do they?
I wonder what I'd see flashing
before my eyes.
But I'd rather look at life with
a more positive outlook.
Yeah? How's that?
Well. we can build our future
home, for example.
You wanted palm trees out front,
Look! I found us a pet.
The hell is that?
It's a starfish.
Yeah I can see that.
No seriously. Valerie, I'm not
kidding, I'm serious.
I'm not scared, it's got these
Valerie I'm not playing anymore.
Quit playing.
Alright fine. You wanna handle
this like men?
You wanna take this outside?
We are outside.
Well then we're efficient people
aren't we?
Yes, we are effecient people!
I'm too fast for you, actually.
I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty.
Float like a butterfly, sting
like a bee.
I'm the pretty one in this
relationship, okay?
Give me a break. Alright, give
me your left hook.
This is my right hand. Here is a
left hook!
Right hand?
Fine! Give me a left hook! My
Whatever, my left!
Okay, get ready.
You can't punch me back!
Why not?
You actually punched me!
I'm not punching you
'cause you don't wanna get punched!
I got you! Come on, come on!
Comin' up, comin' up!
Come on! C'mon!
Yo! Hey! Hey!
Look man!
I need all your attention.
Get up in here.
What's your problem man?
This is my problem!
What is this?
"Compton Cookout. Join us for a
Nigga Night. "
What the f...
"In honor of celebrating our
black classmates,
the Kappa House cordially
invites you...
to its very first Compton
All dudes should be rocking
anything FUBU, Ecko, Jordans,
or Dunks.
Ghetto chicks should have
gold teeth, start drama, and...
wear cheap clothes. They look
and act like Shenaynay
and speak loudly while rolling
their neck
and waving their finger in your
The Kappa House is proud to
house this monstrosity
and experience the various
elements of life in the ghetto.
We'll be serving 40s, kegs
of dat purple drank,
chicken, Kool-aid, and of course
So come one, come all.
And join us for a party to be
remembered, or not. "
This is ridiculous.
Kappa House is off campus. They
can have any party they want.
There's no way we can cancel it?
So we're just not going to do anything?
We're going.
What time is your fight Saturday?
Six, I think.
And you want me to come to this
Hell no.
Fine, have it your way.
I'll probably end up going to
that frat party then.
Valerie why would you go to that
What, I can't handle going to a
party without you?
It's messed up. It's a ghetto
themed party.
No it's not. Where are you
getting this?
What fliers? Okay never mind
let's just drop it.
We need to get going anyway,
my parents are waiting. 'Yalla
nimshy. '
You know, when white girls try
to talk Arabic,
usually it sounds pretty bad.
You though? it sucks.
You are such a jerk!
I know. You love me though,
Sure? I want you to say it.
Yeah, I love you.
Wow, I'm not convinced at all.
Say it and mean it!
That's the best I got.
Say it with some passion, like
it means something to you.
Valerie, if you don't say it,
I'm gonna hurt myself.
And how are you going to do
I'm gonna jump. And if I jump,
you're jumping with me.
I would really like to see that.
You'd love to see me jump?
Last chance.
My life's gonna flash before my
eyes. Last chance.
My Go-
Coming! Hello.
The hell happened to you two?
There was a leak.
There was a leak in the car?
Yeah. Daddy this is Hazem.
Good to finally meet you sir.
Nice to meet you. Come on in.
This one will fit right into the
family photo album.
Why don't you go upstairs,
and get something dry to wear.
Maybe find something for
Khazem. Have a seat.
Just don't sit on the sofa
So Khazem, that's an ethnic
name. isn't it?
It depends on where you're
from I guess.
Aren't you from the Middle East?
I'm from Jersey. Hoboken.
You're from Jersey.
Okay so... Let's sit down somewhere.
Maybe the dining room table.
You have a beautiful home, by
the way.
Thank you very much. I like to
keep it that way.
Silence frightens me.
So Hazem, you haven't told us
what you've been studying.
I'm a third year med student.
3.8 GPA.
Wow that's wonderful. Money is
always wonderful.
That's why you're saying that
you hit the jackpot, Valerie?
Dad! I never said that. I never
said that.
Well I'm saying it.
So what's the medical field like
in your country?
What happened?
Valerie tells us you're from
Egypt? You told me Jersey.
His parents are from Egypt.
So what? Are you going to
live in Egypt?
No, Tim don't be silly. They're
staying right here of course.
Not that I don't like Egypt, Hazem..
I've seen pictures of the
pyramids. Beautiful.
What'd be so wrong with moving
to Egypt?
I think it'd be exciting.
But a person should live in the
best place they can afford.
And you don't want to be around
all those diseases.
Well, I think it's easy to judge
something from far away.
Yeah, sure, but by the same
You wouldn't want to be living
in Compton, would you Kazem?
Tim, you're being silly.
All those baggy pants and guns.
You know just the sight of
Frightens you. No, me too. I
Dad, you grew up in Detroit
Warren. Yeah, a little city
called Warren.
Yeah? What was that like?
It was clean.
No, wait a second. No, nobody
needs get up, I'll get it.
Claire, eat your food.
Hi, good to see you.
Good to see you. Well, just
dropped by?
Yeah, sorry I'm a little late.
Hey look who's here everybody.
Garret. You remember Garret for
God's sake!
Garret, you remember, Valerie.
This is Valerie's friend Kazem.
Fiance dad.
Hello Kazem.
It's Hazem.
Was that the first time you met Hazem Seif?
I'd seen him before...
but I hadn't officially met him
'till that night.
What was your impression of him?
I dunno.
You dunno? You got five don't
Do you have five? You have five.
No, no, no, no. you stupid
little twerp.
No, Five sens-
Five senses. You know, Hearing,
taste, feeling.
Hello! God gave you five
Now what was your impression of
What was your opinion of Hazem
He was kinda rude I guess. It
was just..
It was an awkward night.
Kazem was just telling
us about living in Egypt.
It's a very interesting place.
Mom, can I speak to you for a
Valerie sweetheart, not now.
Garret, would you like something
to drink.
Golly, alright. Excuse us.
Mom what the hell is he doing
I bring my fiance to meet you,
And you invite my ex-boyfriend
on the same night?
Valerie, I'm not in love with
your tone.
I have chosen someone
So your guys' little plan isn't
going to work.
Now let's go back to our guests
and enjoy a pleasant dinner.
And Valerie.
You're hair...
My God, mom! Stop!
Where's the other guy?
Yeah. The other detective who
was talking to me.
Gramps? He had to go home.
But daddy's here now.
I'm not a detective. I'm a
federal agent.
But I already told...
What kind of relationship did
you and Garret Perrin have?
We didn't.
I hate college girls. Other
they usually wait till the
fourth or fifth question...
before they start lying to me.
But college girls. There's
nothing honest about them.
I'm not lying.
What did you tell the detective?
God. We used to date! It was
a long time ago.
Your fiance know about this?
So I'm telling ya, this fish.
20 pounds, 8 inches.
I mean you had to see this son
of a bitch to believe it.
Now what're you girls doing?
Where've you been?
just wanted to show me something, dear.
Kazem wants to be a Doctor in
Dad, we really don't have to
talk about this.
That's lovely dear.
I never actually said that.
Egypt, you know? Egypt.
Isn't that where those doctors
there molested all those kids?
That's neither here nor there.
That was a rumor, Dad.
Well just the same,
I'm interested in Hazem's
stance on the matter.
I don't really have much of
a stance, actually.
If you think about it, one
person's actions can't really
speak for a large group of
people anyway...
You know all this talk of
politics, marvelous.
would you pass the corn?
It doesn't make any difference,
I mean, for instance...
Hazem, Tim's just trying to get
to know you better.
Yeah, I'm just asking questions.
I mean everybody around here
doesn't have to stand...
on political correctness amongst
family and friends.
Right, Garret?
You know, I think um...
I think we're done getting to
know each other.
I think Mr. Davis and I know
each other very well by now.
Is that supposed to mean
Yes. Yes sir, it is. Excuse me.
Garret, it was nice meeting you.
I should probably get going.
No, you sit down, son.
You just stay right the hell
where you are.
What is wrong with you? Are you
I must be crazy to allow
somebody like that in my home.
That someone is the person I
Just like you got to choose
and just like you got to choose.
Then I must be double crazy to
have allowed you to make such
A monumental decision with
such an immature mind.
Can we discuss this later? Yes?
Then why don't you choose for
me, Dad?
I should've. I should've chosen
for you!
Is that why you invited him?
I invited him because I can
whoever I feel like inviting to
my house.
What the hell is he doing here?
Don't raise your voice in this
I don't want to do anything in
your house!
Are you the kind of
girl that goes looking for trouble?
That's not what we're talking about.
You didn't think your parents
would be upset...
if you brought Hazem home?
He's my fiance.
You knew it wouldn't sit well
with them,
not with his background.
You think you can say that kind
of thing because you're black?
You do see color!
What I see is you throwing shit
and trying to make it stick.
People get murdered everyday.
But one interracial murder
And you get the cops and
the FBI involved.
When there's a chance for
everybody wants a piece of the
Just a small town girl.
Livin' in a lonely world.
She took the midnight train
goin' anywhere.
You either change
yourself to adapt to the world,
or you change your world to
adapt to you.
Neither one is easy. But you
just move on.
Love you too. Hey. I do love
So elasticity basically
lets us compare apples and oranges.
It's a unit-free measure
that allows us to...
quantify the differences in the
market without standardizing...
the units of measurement.
Now one of the best ways to see
this is in graphical form.
So let's start with your very
basic PED...
or price-elasticity demand
What is this?
Don't try to put it back up.
Leave that up here for the whole
class to see.
I wanna know which one of
you cowards...
put this thing up here.
You know what, screw it, I'm
outta here.
You know what? Forget this. I
want an answer. What is this?
Excellent. Now I want
another answer.
What are nooses used for?
To lynch people.
Good. Who used to use them?
Slave owners.
The Ku Klux Klan. Does anyone
know what that means?
Ku Klux Klan? No
one knows?
It's Greek. Kyklos. It means the
Yes, that's one version of the
Another etymology proposes an
Ku Klux Klan. Ku-klux-klan.
It's the sound of a cocking
bolt-action rifle.
You see racism is rooted in
and violence is rooted in
I didn't come here for this
This is not the country I came
We'll have this discussion next
week. You all can leave.
Come to the protest. Come to
the protest. Come to the protest.
Come to the protest. Come to the
Tremayne! Tremayne!
Why are you being so rude? Try
to smile.
Smile, alright. Whatever.
Excuse me sir, may I interest
you in a protest?
How about that? Come to the
How are we looking?
Sixty people.
Sixty people is good!
Come to the protest.
Come to the protest.
Yo. Come to the protest.
Hey, what is this?
Basically these punks over at
are trying to throw this
bullshit racist barbecue...
It's an event held to mock and
disrespect black culture.
We're holding a demonstration to
show our disapproval and share
awareness that blatant
discriminatory racism...
happens on this campus.
Wow. English major?
You wanna sign our list?
Yeah sure.
Okay cool. This is Britney and
Sean. He's gonna sign up.
- Hey guys...
- Hi!
Go ahead and put your name down
Come to the protest.
Is that your girl?
Yeah, used to be.
What happened?
So? Go get that.
Are you kidding me?
Do you see the guy she's with?
You're gonna let Osama over
there get in your way?
You got something in mind?
I just told you, man. Unless you
like seeing her like that...
I say you go take your shot!
Worst thing that can happen is
she says no.
Best thing is you get your girl
back. C'mon dude.
Thank you, person I met
twenty seconds ago.
See you at the protest!
Yeah, yeah...
Come to the protest, man.
Here you go.
Come to the protest.
Yo, what the hell was that Rose?
What was what?
Why did you give that guy money?
Trey, I give him change all the
Yeah but things are different
Look at us! Do you think I want
to be out here doing this?
I feel like every day something
else reminds me that I'm black.
Okay, when did you forget?
No, when did you forget?
Half these kids walk past us and
they ignore us...
or look the other way. You know
Because we're niggers.
- That's why!
- I know that.
- I know how he sees us.
- That's how everyone else sees us!
It's just you who can't see it.
Okay! Well then keep your change
to yourself next time.
So you were there the
first time Tremayne and Garret met?
They didn't meet.
He just gave him a flier.
Your brother never told you that
he had talked to Garret again?
No. What would make him so
special that...
Tremayne would even remember?
Relax Miss Torrance. Let me ask
the questions.
I'll be right with you.
I have to pee so bad bro
my kidney's about to explode.
No that'd be your bladder.
That's not your kidney.
No, no, you're thinking about
the liver.
The bladder supports the kidney.
Okay, can you believe him?
Malik. Why is he over
there talking to those people.
She means girls. And he's just
having fun, so why do you care?
I don't.
Hey what's up?
Why are you here?
I mean-
...why are you sitting
I mean you just want me to
hang out with you guys?
No, I don't wanna hang out. You
can stay here.
I'll see you guys later. Hey
where you going?
Why would I wanna dance? I don't
even know how to dance.
That's alright. I'll just break
some moves by myself.
What is that?
Aw ain't that cute?
You guys wanna tell some jokes?
Here we go.
Here's yours. Here's your girlie
That's mine. Thank you.
Enjoy that.
This is a girlie drink?
Dude, we're just here to have
fun man, remember?
Just chill. It's not a big deal.
Yeah. Alright.
Hey hot stuff. You look lonely.
And thirsty. Wanna buy me a
It's gonna have to be quick
before your boyfriend...
comes back from the bathroom.
He will kick your ass.
Okay, seriously are you going to
come to the party tomorrow?
About that, I heard that it
might be ghetto themed.
Hey! It's celebrating black
So invite your black friends.
I'm sure Hazem has some.
Okay, we'll see.
Woah, my bad man. You okay?
Yeah. Sorry, sorry.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Hey. You alright?
I don't feel really good.
Here I got you. You need a ride
home or something?
Damn baby you're wasted. You
wanna get outta here?
Are you gonna drive me?
Yeah, I'll drive you.
Get the hell outta here, alright?
Take a hike man. Get
outta here.
No, I promise you. You do not
want that, alright?
Back up and walk outta here.
We can be in the same place,
at the same time...
and still not get along. They
say it's a small world.
And yet, we still find a way to
avoid each other.
God you're such a jerk!
What are you doing?
I'm studying!
Yeah, what's going on here?
Gosh. I think the plant's
ended up intoxicating the soil
pH so...
I think I'm going to have to re
pot it.
Well thank God that's settled.
One more question. What exactly
were you going to do with this?
Water me to death?
Go away.
I have to go see my dad. He's
been calling me every other day.
Okay, don't forget to tell him
about the wedding date.
Of course. Matrimony!
How do I get some food here?
Is that everything is
relative. Every single thing.
Well you need to be a
little more specific Garret.
I mean opinions can be relative.
But math. Math is relative?
Who decided that ten was ten?
Here. Take this.
No come on, I'm not taking your
Take it. Okay? It's okay.
Thanks. Seriously, you keep this
in the oven?
Seriously, that's about how much
money it takes...
to open up a bank account, okay?
It's non-alcoholic okay? It's my
one treat. Don't say it.
I wasn't going to say anything.
Okay, let's watch the game.
Why is ten the number where we start over?
Ya know, why isn't it eight?
Ya know, why don't we go 5, 6,
7, 8, and then 1, 2, 3, 4?
Wow. And you go to college.
How many fingers and thumbs do I
That's probably why we count
to ten.
No but see...
I cheated, okay?
Yeah, you did. You did.
You see my new piece of art, up
on the wall?
Absolutely beautiful, isn't it?
That is God's greatest gift,
you know?
And God is telling us that the
rich can have their...
beachfront mansions and Ferraris
but that the greatest things...
that we get to look at in life
are always gonna be free.
Or, $5.95.
That's a fortune cookie there.
You know what the difference is
a mansion and a porcupine is?
What's that?
The pricks are on the outside of
a porcupine.
Another fortune cookie.
Alright let's get back to
watching this game.
A child that was
bullied will grow up to be violent.
Someone discriminated against
will go on to...
reflect that to others. It's a
vicious cycle.
And everyone sits back and
claims to be the victim.
Daddio! Guess what?
I answered your call and I'm not
on my bike.
Garret sweetheart.
It's your aunt. Something
What's goin' on?
Everyone is here.
I'm staying here as long as you
Okay. What happened?
The doctors tried everything.
Wait. What?
Garret honey.
Your father didn't make it.
Garret listen to me.
Aunt Tina?
Garret, it's Alexander.
Yeah, I'm glad I was able to
catch you. You busy?
My dad just passed. He was
killed. By two thugs.
My God...
I'm so sorry. Garret, stay put.
I'll take you home. Trust me.
We can make things right again.
What do you he meant
by "we can make things right again?"
I can't read his mind.
You know Alexander. You know
what kind of a man he is.
What do you think he meant?
I don't know.
You trust him?
I barely knew him.
Do you trust him now?
Alright, tell me, what happened
Where are you taking me?
I thought you were taking me home?
Just passing by the house for a second.
I'll be right back. Stay here.
Hey white boy! You wanna dance
with me? I got dat purple drank.
Woah, slow down! Come on.
What up, nigga!
Garret! Garret!
Come with me.
Talk to me man. What happened?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Don't get up in my face dude!
Garret. Just take a deep breath.
I'm here for you. Just tell me
what happened.
They killed him man.
Who killed him?
Our neighbor said she saw two
running around the place
Yeah, just some black guys.
You think it was them?
Val! Hey over here!
I knew you'd come!
This place is crazy!
What's on their faces?
Where's Hazem?
Did he come with you?
Now listen.
Zone everything else out.
Nothing exists except
you and your goal.
And the only thing standing in
your way is him.
Now you won some fights before,
but this is the fight.
You lose today, you
lost them all.
You Understand?
Now go take care of this chump.
Alright, bring it in gentlemen.
Alright, fight clean, fight
Touch gloves. Back to your
Are you ready? Ready? Let's do
Real action!
Real pain! Real action!
Real pain! Real action!
Real pain!
Real action!
Real pain!
I don't know what to do?
Don't do anything,
it's not your fault.
He was trying to call me. He was
trying to call me.
I just. I just wish I could've
talked to him.
He reached out to me. Why didn't
they just take the money?
Why didn't they just take the
money and go?
I don't understand!
Do you believe in heaven? Do you
believe in heaven, Garret?
I don't-I believe in God.
Your father was a good man.
Whoever did this. Why?
You're asking the wrong
Then what's the right question?
You gotta ask the right
questions, Garret.
It's not about why they shot
No, it's much simpler than that.
It's about who you are and who
they are.
That's the price you pay for
being part of the majority.
What did you think of the Compton Cookout?
What do you mean what did I think?
I didn't think anything?
So you didn't go to the party.
You know I didn't go.
But you didn't go to the
Where exactly do you stand on
all this?
I had a match. Two hundred
people watched me fight a guy...
the entire time the party was
going on.
That doesn't answer my question.
What were you doing at that
I didn't know it was gonna be like that.
And when you saw Tremayne there.
I didn't see him there! They
were all outside.
What were they doing outside?
Racists have no place here!
Stop the hate! Stop the fear!
Racists have no place here!
Stop the hate! Stop the fear!
No justice!
No peace!
No justice!
No peace!
No justice!
No peace!
No justice!
No peace!
Wow, look at that.
Now they want to take away
our freedom of speech.
What are you doing?
Watch this.
9-11. State your emergency.
Yeah my brother is having an
asthma attack!
He's not breathing. We're stuck
in the car...
and there's a big crowd of
people in the street.
I'm sending an ambulance to your
They look drunk. They're
blocking the street and-
And, my God.
They look like they're getting
We have a squad car in the area
now. I'm sending it your way.
Put your ear up to his chest-
Please hurry!
Wait for sixty seconds.
Fifty-nine. Fifty-eight.
Keep your hands up!
That's it. Move!
Hands up. Sweep! Sweep!
What do we want?
When do we want it?
What do we want?
When do we want it?
Forty-two. Forty one.
Who wants to do some body shots!
Thirty-four. Thirty-three.
Nineteen, eighteen, seventeen.
Justice! MLK.
Huey Newton. Rosa Parks.
Fred Hampton. Malcolm X.
Justice! Justice!
Justice now!
Racist white boys,
get outta here!
Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven.
Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.
Stop the hate!
Stop the fear!
Stop the hate! Stop the fear!
Bye-bye losers.
Stop the hate!
Stop the fear!
Alright, alright.
Settle down. Settle down!
Let's clear these
streets immediately.
With all due respect...
we have the right to peaceful
We need to get these people out
of the streets right now.
Hey, we have a right to be here!
Start some additional units.
we're not breaking any laws.
Be that as it may,
we can't have all these people...
Don't you see what's going
on in there you dumb ass?
You wanna see the real
criminals, look behind you.
You guys are creating a traffic hazard.
Now we need everyone to get off
the street now!
We're not going to say it again.
Let's go. Move!
Screw the police!
A single action. A symbol.
But it can change everything.
Hey! Hold on! Woah woah woah!
Get back now! Get back!
Tremayne go!
Yo, this is bullshit!
Why are you here?
You brought me here.
I don't know.
You wanna know what I think?
I think you were looking for
some truth.
And you thought I could give it
to you.
Truth is you flinch when you're
at the bank...
and two homies walk in.
You're not surprised when you're
driving down the highway...
and you get cut off.
And there's an Asian behind the
You're scared when the plane's
about to takeoff...
and Osama sits next to you with
his towel-head wife.
You hold your breath as they
pass by.
No one tells us to feel this
We just feel it on your own.
The media doesn't put these
stereotypes into our heads.
Television only mirrors reality.
It's our experiences that tell
us that there are good people
and there are bad people. And
now I'm telling you.
I'm telling you all the things
that you think...
but you won't say. It's not
their poverty.
It's not lack of education that
makes them criminals.
No one goes to the ghetto and
passes out guns.
It's just them.
Pig ass cops.
They say what goes around comes around.
Just maybe not like we expect it
Bang, bang, bang!
You were just takin' it to him, wasn't you?
I just had to feel him out.
That's all.
That was nice and then
bang, bang, bang, boom!
Knockout! That was sick!
I learned from the best! That's
My man.
Hey you think you can give
me a minute?
You gotta holler at your girl?
Alright man.
Hey, there you are.
Listen, I'm going to get going.
It's getting late.
Okay honey.
Do you want me to walk you out?
No it's okay. I'll be good.
I'll talk to you later okay?
Okay bye.
Our biggest flaw
is not that we make mistakes.
It's that we don't know when we
make them.
What're you doing here?
Nothing. I was just...
Yeah, I know who you are. I saw
you at that party.
Yeah I see you. I see you.
Was Miss Davis sexually assaulted?
Aww, c'mon now Mister Perrin. In
your statement...
Here, and I quote, lemme see,
"She came back to the party...
Her eyes were all teary. And she
told me that he raped her. "
No. Look! Valerie didn't say
Laura was the one who told us. I
don't know what she said.
Dumb ass,
I told you to paint these black.
Who cares?
What is this? White face?
Alexander, my God!
What's wrong?
I need to talk to you.
Do you think Tremayne
Torrance actually raped Valerie?
I don't know the guy. I never
met him.
And yet you were going to kill
You don't need to know a guy in
order to...
So you admit you were going to
kill him.
What's up?
A girl downstairs was beaten and
My God.
When did this happen?
Less than fifteen minutes ago.
One of the monkeys outside did
it. He ran to the forest.
Let's go get the little shit.
Ready for some payback? Bring
Valerie where are you? I called
you a million times!
Hazem I need you to come here
I'm coming just tell me,
Valerie. I can't hear you.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Hazem you can't get mad.
You went to the party.
I don't. I cant.
Hazem, it's Laura.
Laura what the hell happened.
Look you need to get here right
I'm coming. Just tell me what
She said he went toward the forest.
Well, is that what she told you?
And so you followed him?
If everything seems under control...
then you're not paying
You trying to play hardball with
me son?
I'm not trying.
You followed him toward the forest.
I dunno.
To kill him!
Mister Seif, we have a number of
witnesses who saw you...
driving toward the arboretum to
murder Tremayne Torrance.
Did you hear what I said?
What? How's that Did I have
a sign pinned on me saying...
"I'm going to go kill him"? Who
saw me?
I'm asking the questions here,
And I'd advise you to take this
more seriously.
I'd advise you to take your time
more seriously. Look at it.
Listen chump, I'm the only thing
between you...
and a life in prison and you
know this.
And you're scared to death about
I'm not your opponent here.
I am not your equal.
I'm the goddamn right hook that
drops your ass.
Well then why are we still
Those kids are so ridiculous.
There he is! There he is!
Wooh! Yo nigga where you goin'?
Yo, what'd you say?
You heard me. Right in the
jungle where you belong right-
Get off him you monkey!
Get him! Yeah!
Asshole! Piece of shit!
Come on!
Stupid coon! Come on!
Come on nigga!
Stupid nigger!
Come on, nigga!
I know you.
What did you say?
I know you.
You don't know me man, don't
talk to me.
Shit it's you.
What you want cracker?
You'll always have to answer to
someone. Ain't that right nigga?
Alright, let's get outta here.
My God. Guys. He's not
You guys hear about that girl.
She got molested-
I just can't believe they cuffed me man.
You're lucky you aren't in jail right now.
Yeah I'm serious. Why are you
making this about you?
There are a lot more things
going on right now.
Guys just stop arguing!
Trey is missing.
It's gonna be alright!
You've reached Tremayne Torrance.
...and I'll get back to you as
soon as possible.
Rose. Rose! Where are you going?
Dude I am not going to jail for this man!
My God.
What the hell was that,
Dude just shut up!
Don't tell me to shut up, Nolan!
I told you you're hitting too
And where the hell did that come
And you kicking him in the face
was good for his health, right?
Would you just cut it out?
Guys we gotta get out of here.
No, no we can't just leave him
Our fingerprints are all over
Dude, fists don't leave
We weren't feeling him up!
We gotta hide the body man.
We can't hide the body.
We can't just leave him here man.
We can't leave. He recognized
me. He saw my face.
He's dead, man.
- Nolan: Why does that matter?
- I know! I know that!
He was drunk? Maybe
he hit his head.
Sam look at his face! How's he
supposed to do that to himself?
I don't know!
Sam. You got any rope in your
Yeah. Yeah...
Go get it.
Holy shit Alexander.
- What? What?
- What the hell is that?
You just said it.
He did it to himself.
He hit himself in the face with
a crowbar?
Are you thinking right?
You gonna help me with this,
You gonna help me with
this, brother?
Yeah, I'll help you. But after
that I'm out man. I'm out.
Go get the stool too.
The one that Garret brought.
Okay. Alright.
Who's idea was it to fake a suicide?
Now, wait. People saw you coming
out of the fraternity...
with that stool, Garret.
No. I didn't touch him.
Why'd you bring the stool?
I didn't-
I didn't know what it was for.
And then what happened?
What happened after that?
I don't remember.
You aided in the murder of an
innocent man.
No. Wait a minute! I didn't
touch him.
My fingerprints weren't on him.
I was just there.
You did not stop them.
Of course it is. Criminal
You had knowledge of the
incident. That's an accessory.
Wait a minute. I was...
You stated you didn't know the
whereabouts of...
Alexander Kraus, Samuel
Boergadine, or Nolan Miller.
Who else was there?
I don't know. I...
Who else was there?
We spoke to your trainer Dimon.
ANd you've had some weapons
training too, is that right?
I get it. So, I didn't go to
the protest and so I'm a racist.
I had weapons training so I'm a
And now, put two and two, I must
have killed him.
I'm glad we're on the same page.
Give me a minute.
I'll have someone get you a
formal letter of confession.
Yeah you know what, let's do it.
Do you think this is funny?
Yes, I do. But I wasn't the
who was identified at the scene
of a murder...
standing under Tremayne's body
holding a weapon.
Ha! It was a baseball bat.
It's not a weapon.
Plus the kid was lynched, right?
So with some detective work...
you'll realize that
your assumption...
doesn't mean anything.
Clever. But must I remind
you that Tremayne was beaten...
before he was hung? Surprised,
Aside from having his neck
broken, snapped...
Tremayne's left arm was broken.
What kind of weapon do you think
was suitable for that?
Do you know? Do you know or
should I tell you?
No man save your breath. You'll
need it to blow up your date.
Listen you arrogant prick.
I have an eye witness who said
you helped kill him.
How about that?
You know what your problem is?
You don't know how to lie.
Go ahead check the bat for DNA.
Hey buddy, a guy does that to my
fiance, shit, I'd kill him too.
You wanna hit me? Take a
How about you shut your Goddamn
You had to go. A tough guy like
you. Couldn't just go home,
look her in the eye, knowing
that another man touched her.
Had his hands all over her.
The minute you got that phone
call, your mind was made up.
The minute you got that call,
Tremayne was a dead man.
You know what, go screw
I'm not answering any
more of your questions.
I'm not even finished yet.
We're just getting to the juicy
stuff right now.
This isn't a joke.
No honey, it's not. But you
know what is funny?
You date one guy. Dump him.
Get engaged to another. Then you
get him to murder a third guy.
All for you, Valerie. Valerie
of Troy. Or Sparta.
Which is it? Troy or Sparta?
Hell with you, it might be both.
I didn't get him to do anything!
I mean he didn't murder him.
- Prove it!
- I don't have to!
This is not a game, princess. A
young man was lynched.
And I need answers.
Now you give me something to
dance with.
Why am I being interrogated?
I need the overtime.
I'm the only one who has no
reason to be here.
Can you explain that?
You're a smart girl. Take a stab
at it.
You want me to say something
that you can use against Hazem.
Final answer?
Is that why I'm here?
Look I hate to be the one to
tell you honey.
But you should know that Romeo
actually testified against you.
He told me you were
the last person to see Tremayne alive.
Said you saw him in an alley.
Couple hours later he was found
So that's why you're here
Romeo's gonna spend a long time
in prison.
So I suggest you put the
wedding off.
That's okay, I'll wait for him.
After he testified against you?
He didn't!
He killed a man and he wanted to
frame you!
He had no reason to kill anyone!
He had all the reason he needed
because of you.
There's no one else.
There were four other guys...
No one else with a reason.
They all had reasons! You don't
have him!
I'm gonna hang him for it.
You're lying.
If he didn't do it, you know who
I did it! Okay? It was me. I did
Imagine if you could get a glimpse...
through someone else's eyes.
Suddenly, judging them loses its
So I want you to listen to me closely.
We have an eye witness
who saw Hazem...
at the scene of your brother's
murder. Now we got him...
and we got you. You saw him
right after. He's a young man.
His fiance was just assaulted
by Tremayne...
less than an hour before he was
Tremayne didn't touch her!
She ran off crying to her friends...
because she saw a black guy in a
My brother didn't touch her.
All the numbers add up Rose. All
we need is you.
So let me ask you again.
Did you see anything to
indicate that...
Hazem Seif took part in murder
your brother?
No! I already said no. What is
Do you understand what you're doing?
You could be letting
Trey's killer get away.
No one would doubt you about
Is that what this is about?
You need to decide what side
you're on, Rose.
Now, let's try to do the right
The right thing.
My God.
What did you do?
No, no I just got here.
I just got here.
Please, wake up!
That's my brother!
What did you do to him?
I didn't do anything! You think
I did this?
Go away. Go away!
Here Trey. He's cold and you're
just standing here.
Here Trey. God.
No! Get off of him! Get off of
Just shut up a minute I got
What are you doing? C'mon Trey
come down. Yeah. Get him down.
Please. Please. Wake up,
What did you do to my brother?
What did you do to my brother?
I just got here! I already told
you that! Are you crazy!?
What happened to him? What
happened to my brother?
Only under extreme circumstances...
only when we're pushed to our
only when we have so much at
is our character truly tested.
And how we respond says
everything about who we are.
We argue about right and wrong.
Meanwhile the guilty walk
away unpunished.
Then we say justice is served,
but it doesn't mean that...
injustice didn't happen.
Justice won't be served as long
as the good are silent.
It's always obvious
when you look back on it...
what was right and what was
I got the grant. Thirty
thousand dollars. It's a lot of money.
But I'm giving it to a
childrens' home...
in the inner city. It was
supposed to be for you.
I miss you. Dad, I
miss you so much.
I didn't have enough time with
But I'm okay, I'm okay though.
And I know what I did was
and I take full responsibility
for it.
From now on, I'm gonna be a
better person.
I'm gonna do good things.
I'm going to make things right
I'm going to make things right
First there was God.
And then there was light.
And then there was Man. And Man
was different.
And then they killed one another
because they were different.
Everybody wants progress.
But if you're on the wrong road...
then progress is the worst
thing to have.
People say that in an ideal world...
you would never notice a
person's color.
But that can only happen after
And appreciation can only come
after acceptance.
We would notice a
splinter in a stranger's eyes...
while overlooking the branch in
our own.
Racism is rooted in violence.
And violence is rooted in
Once you're able to scare people...
it's easy to control them.
Manipulate them.
Fear rules all.
My God!
Call the cops!
Someone call the cops!
What if we just need to stop being afraid?
What if we're all guilty?
What about the violence?
Who's guilty of that?