Bokeh (2017) Movie Script

Welcome to Iceland.
Thirty minutes,
we'll be reaching...
You know that you used all
your savings for this trip?
I really wanna
help out so...
Yeah, I just thought...
-Nope, nope, no!
-Oh, you didn't.
-I did.
It's in my mouth. It's in--
yup, yup, yup, yup!
So you think we're gonna
be able to find film?
We don't need to.
I brought a lot of film
before I came out here.
So we're okay.
Why won't you just let me
buy you that new camera?
I don't want a computer
autocorrecting everything.
I wanna capture
the moment.
You are a stubborn
son of a gun.
My dad would talk about
capturing the moment, okay?
Now I was never
very good at it.
Um, I mean sometimes i
kept a little piece of it.
It feels good because
you're capturing something
where everything is great.
There's nothing bad.
I mean, if there's an
imperfection, that's okay.
That's not bad.
this church was built
in the 18th century.
But man came here
long before it.
Fleeing the tyranny of
Harold the fairhair.
Harold the fairhair
of normandy.
Yeah, but later spread the
word of god to the healers.
What was life
like back then?
Well it was simple.
And the stories
were simple.
There's that mischievous
age of the warmhearted.
And the adventures of
inqua, the far traveler.
You heard about inqua?
-I have not.
Okay, okay.
And this is where early
parliament meetings were held.
This is
or long rock.
I think I just defiled the.
You-you did.
You defiled the.
Nothing I missed
about churches.
What was your
dad's place like?
It was plain.
White walls,
beige carpets.
Felt more like an
office building than...
But this.
Baby, wake up.
-Wake up!
Wake up, come on.
Let's go experience
It's getting late.
I'm hungry.
We can get some food.
I'm still on us time.
Well, there's only
one way out of that.
Get up.
It's so bright in here.
There's supposed to be
continental breakfast.
Wanna do caf?
Someone's asleep
at the wheel.
what time is it?
10:30, I think.
Well it's just...
It's empty.
Is it like a holiday or...
I don't know. Maybe some
event or something.
Like the solstice.
That's a
celebration, right?
The summer solstice.
I mean, wouldn't we have
heard some sort of an event.
Like seen a billboard
or something.
We need to look inside.
Okay, where?
Anywhere. I-i-i...
There's nobody.
I called the restaurant
from last night
and there's no answer.
I called my mom.
She didn't answer.
what the hell is happening?
We walked through
half the city.
Where did everybody go?
It's like everybody
went on a lunch break.
City wide.
Is there a, uh...
A remote control.
There's gotta be coverage on
whatever the hell this is.
I mean, the TV's
still working.
Hey, mom, um...
It's been a super weird
day here and I just would
love to be able
to talk to you.
So if you can
give me a call.
The only channels that aren't
working are the news shows.
Riley, this is starting
to freak me out.
I know, I don't
get it at all.
If it were a plague,
where are all the bodies?
I mean, if it were aliens,
where are the ships?
I don't...
There's no
emails, no posts.
No activity anywhere.
Wait, what do you mean?
Hey, aims, um...
Call me when you get this.
I would love to
hear your voice.
No one's picking up.
Everyone should be up by now.
Nobody? No text messages,
no emails, nothing?
The Internet is
still working.
No, this is
from yesterday.
That hasn't been updated
since yesterday.
What is happening?
Nobody's picking
up their phones.
Voicemail's still working.
City's empty.
I mean, if it was an
Internet problem, we
wouldn't even be seeing
this stuff, right?
We need a vantage point.
We need a world view.
What is going on?
We're here, baby.
There's gotta
be other people.
There's gotta be
somebody, somewhere.
Let's go.
What the fuck?
Hey, hello?
It's still in drive.
Is something happening?
What do you mean?
Is this it?
Is this the rapture?
You mean like
the apocalypse?
The end of times.
Try your mother again.
Hi, you've reached
Sharon's cellphone.
I'm not available to take your
call right now, but if you'd--
I wanna say that everybody
just went to the east side
of the island.
And I wanna say that your
mom just went shopping and
she forgot her
phone at home.
Same as your dad and
Amy and everybody else.
I wanna say this is
the second coming.
I wanna say this is the
longest nightmare that I
have ever had.
But I just...
I don't know
what happened.
Atleast we're
here together.
Can you please
close the blinds?
Where did you all go?
I wanna go to sleep.
I'm exhausted and the sun
won't quit so can you
please close the blinds?
Yeah, baby.
Come on, baby.
It's time to wake up.
Not yet.
You gotta eat
something, I mean.
Let's go make
some breakfast.
How are we gonna get home?
How are we getting
off this island?
I don't know yet.
I mean, do you think
we were selected?
That we should be
preparing for something?
No, baby, we're not
selected, okay?
This is not divine
I don't know.
I don't know if
this is an epidemic.
I don't know if it's some sort
of nordic relocation program.
I don't know why we're here
and everybody else isn't.
But I do know that
doesn't matter.
What matters, what we
should be asking ourselves
is what do we do about it?
Like what do we do now?
I just wanna get home.
I know.
If there's even a...
A home to get back to.
baby, guess what?
There's still room service
and it's just for you.
Gingerbread latte.
Is it that bad?
There's still too
much ginger bread.
I overdid it.
-Thank you.
Gotta do better than that.
I'll be right back.
This isn't all gonna
fit in the fridge.
I know, I've been
thinking about that.
Sit tight.
It's time to
upgrade, baby.
Upgrade what?
We didn't even knock.
Yeah, well we don't need to
because this is our place now.
That's nice.
Just like that?
Just like that.
Why are the
lights still on?
The geothermal plants,
they're all automated here
so they'll just keep the country
running for a little while.
Until it breaks down.
But yeah, until then, the
world just keeps on turning.
You done yet?
Which color?
Why do I need these red gloves?
What do you think?
You're like a
Mexican ninja.
What are you doing?
Oh, no.
here, here.
To many!
Don't puke!
You're gonna puke!
What is it saying?
What is this word language?
I just burped.
Corona's a thousand.
Give me a
thousand coronas.
I won a beauty
content makes sense.
You wanted to
be the banker.
That's 20,000.
-Thank you.
What is that?
This is mine.
You're taking the whole...
This is a death strip.
And I'm supposed to be
able to get through?
You're gonna
take all of this.
Here, it's yours.
I'm not...
Man the great.
It doesn't make sense!
This took only 35 minutes.
That is a new world
record for me.
Thank you.
First, lattes.
Then the world.
Do you think
this is a test?
Test of what?
Like the trials of job.
Like a test of faith?
I mean, you believe
in god, right?
And do you think that all
of this, everything that
has happened, was all
a part of god's plan?
Well, belief and faith
aren't the same thing.
I don't know what
god's plan is.
Well, that's kind
of the point.
What are we gonna do?
Maybe everybody really did go to
the other side of the island.
Okay? Maybe the main
communication pipe failed.
Or maybe this
will all pass.
And in the meantime...
Baby, this world is
ours for the making.
You're ruining my naptime.
Oh, am I?
You go on and
take your nap.
Jenai, you gotta try this!
Jenai, where are you?
Just because this place fell
off the geothermal grid...
Doesn't mean we can't
utilize the romantic
comedy of this, you know?
This is nice.
Yeah, it is.
The wine.
Some cheese.
We need to talk
about this.
Why are you laughing?
You need to be more
careful, please.
This was an accident.
How am I supposed to stop
an accident from happening?
You could've
broken a bone.
Or worse, hit an artery.
And you don't think we could've
avoided that accident.
We're not gonna stop
living our lives just
because you think
something might happen.
Excuse me.
We're not gonna stop
living our lives--
okay, it is not about that.
What if something
were to happen to you?
There is no 9-1-1.
There is no one.
You're freaking
out right now.
Can you just relax
and enjoy this...
I'm fine.
It's just a scratch.
We can't just childproof
this whole city.
We can't be
jackasses either.
Out here?
Out here we're on our own.
I should be in the shower.
It's six o'clock
back home.
On wednesdays I'm just
getting back from the gym
and I take a shower.
I'm not gonna goof
off anymore, okay?
I'm gonna be more
careful I promise.
From now on.
I should have brought it.
We were only supposed
to be gone five days.
What'd you forget?
My book.
To kill a mockingbird.
I just didn't think
that I would need it.
Well I'm sure that there's an
English copy of it somewhere.
No, I don't want a copy.
I want my copy.
It wasn't a journal, it
was I guess more of a log.
Everything important that
happened or you know,
little memories, I'd write
everything in there.
Why kill a mockingbird?
My dad got it for me.
This story about
racism, lynching, rape.
Great bedtime story
for an eight-year-old.
For whatever reason i-i hung
onto it, I connected with it.
You're in there.
I'm in your book?
The first time i
said I love you.
Well before I said it to
you, I wrote it in there.
when I look around,
i see a beautiful country,
I see land, Springs, houses,
and then there's you and me.
And we have
everything we need.
Everything else,
we can build.
Just you and I together.
We can't build everything.
We don't need to.
The hard work's
been done for us.
Just need to stock up
a little, that's all.
We have the world
at our feet.
I just wanna go home.
I just want my book back.
What are you eating?
That's the blueberry one.
The blueberry ones
aren't ready yet.
Tastes ready.
The strawberry
ones expire first.
Well I wanted a
blueberry one.
We agreed to eat
them in order.
It's like three days
different, alright.
That's not the point.
What is the point?
The point is, we are not going
to have fruits and vegetables.
And then the meat goes
if the refrigeration
is still even working.
We can plant
more vegetables.
I can get more meat.
No, that's-that's good.
So what are you gonna do?
Go be Johnny hunter?
Get a shotgun and shoot
a cow in the head?
And then what?
Do you really think
you're capable of that?
Do you think I am?
Just eat the food in order.
nice uh, mark.
Taking ash Wednesday to
the next level, huh?
Can I ask you something?
This whole thing, this
disappearing act.
Was this your guy?
Because I can't
figure it out.
Maybe it was my guy.
Maybe those chosen few
are back home roasting
marshmallows or whatever.
Why does this happen
when I'm here?
Stuck in no man's land.
Maybe our guys
are the same guys.
You ever think about that?
Maybe that's why I'm
stuck in no man's land.
do you wonder where we are?
do you hear that?
It's the heartbeat
of the world.
I love it here.
Can you see it?
they say that there were these
two trolls who tried to stop
the incoming ships
in the new world.
They grabbed
and they pulled.
But the ships were too
strong, and the sun rose
and turned the
trolls to stone.
And they left these
petrified markers as a
kind of gateway between the
ancient ways and the new world.
It's like they were
waiting for us to bring in
everything that was clean
and good and fresh.
I always liked that.
We're out of water.
I know.
It's from the 70s.
What's it doing here?
Um, just
abandoned I guess.
You see it the side.
What, they just left it?
I guess so.
It's beautiful though,
don't you think?
I don't think we're
looking at the same thing.
What do you mean?
Another forsaken object that's
outlived its usefulness.
It's just an airplane.
Exactly, it's garbage.
Don't try to tell me
that it's beautiful.
This is dead.
Can't you see
what this is?
No, go ahead. Enlighten me.
What is it?
No one's coming
back for us.
No one.
I thought you'd like this.
This isn't some
sort of game.
God damnit, I know
it's not a game.
Well you can't just change the
scenery and expect me to smile!
What am I supposed to do?
Open your eyes, Riley.
shit! No, no, no!
Just wanted to talk
for a little a bit.
I was being a jerk and i
ran off the some show so I
get to sit here
and be angry.
I guess you can't pick up.
I know it's however
many hours later there.
I miss you.
What are we...
What are we doing?
Nothing, go back to sleep.
Just so were clear.
Your boyfriend took
me to Europe.
My boyfriend is hungover.
So keep having
fun out there.
For the both of us.
Love you.
Hey, I must have
just missed you.
Well I wanted to tell you
that I just bought the
tickets so
Iceland is a go.
And uh, I'll see
you at dinner.
I love you.
you keep taking pictures.
You still don't have a
place to develop them.
I will.
We're sitting
on a glacier.
This is the equalizer.
Force of nature that
wipes the earth clean.
What's so funny about that?
Maybe god got impatient.
I can't tell you what's
happening tonight.
I've been trying to figure
it out and I don't...
I'm not giving up on you.
I'm not giving up on us.
I know.
Do you hear that?
I don't know.
Might be kinda fun to
change up the place a bit.
Wait, uh...
Babe, wait a second.
Oh god.
My god, there's
nothing left.
Exactly. There's no
need to be here.
Let's go, please.
Just turn around.
We'll find some flowers.
This is what we needed.
Just a change of scenery.
I mean, the city's no
place for us right now.
We're pioneers here. We don't
need all those complications.
Man has been happy for thousands
of years without all that stuff.
Just come out here
where the air is fresh
and everything's simple.
Of course that means no
more gingerbread lattes.
I'll survive.
We got enough food
for the weekend.
It's gonna be a nice
little uh, little getaway.
Let's find a spot.
There's a fireplace.
Wood stove.
I'll go get some wood.
I mean, you can't beat that.
Sir, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Do you speak English?
May I have some water?
Yes, of course. Can you
get him water, please?
My name is Riley.
My name is Nance.
Do you have any food?
Of course.
We have plenty of food.
How long have
you been here?
Oh, thank you.
How long have you been here?
Oh, geez.
Okay, okay, okay.
You're alright,
you're alright.
Come on.
Let's get some food.
Here, come sit here.
We thought we were alone.
There is no one else.
You found no one.
Just you.
Are you alone here?
When everyone disappeared,
i left the city.
I thought if the world is
going to end, I will come
here where shortly
I'll join them.
Were you in Iceland
when it happened?
Is this your place?
This is my cabin.
But in previous life
i was a fisherman.
What have you been doing?
I made my bed.
Well you don't have to
join your family just yet.
I mean, we're here.
We can stick together.
We can survive.
Can we get him water?
Here, here, here.
Drink this.
I'm just so glad
that I found you.
I thought, I thought
god abandoned us.
They say that god only...
He just must have more
to say these days.
Well it's still good to
know that we're not alone.
We hadn't been alone.
It's worse.
You and I.
Well Jesus Christ, I mean,
that's not very helpful.
There's three of us now.
There is one and one and one.
We each occupy our
own distinct space.
It's worse alone on the sea.
I don't get why...
It doesn't make any sense.
Why are you so
determined to give up?
What brought you here?
Uh, we were on vacation.
My first time overseas.
I've been here
all my life.
I spent time in the
isles, years ago,
but the sun has always set
on the western shore for me.
I miss my family.
The welsh have a word.
Grief for a home
you cannot return.
And as a young man, I left
my wife and my young son
to make my living.
I was on the seas for months.
When I returned,
nothing was the same.
My son was a young lad and
my wife was not the woman
I had left.
I sat in my own home
and did not belong.
She left you?
She didn't need to.
She was already absent.
But soon I spent more and
more time on the sea.
There was nothing
you could do?
How is that fair?
The world is the world.
You cannot fault it for
not behaving as you
believe it should.
So you don't believe that
we've been led here to
find each other?
We do not factor
in the will of god.
His plan for us to exist
in the world he has
created for us not to
exist in his world.
What if that's true then?
We really are on our own.
There's another
meaning of hera.
Longing for a
foregone home.
Perhaps a home
that never was.
And none of it matters.
Even if god exists,
he's forsaken us.
You, human, go forth.
And in the end the question of
our context is inconsequential.
If there is a design we
are foregone to fit within it.
And if there is no design,
we are alone in our keep
and no ground
will hold us.
It's time to wake up.
Do you want me to make
you guys some tea?
He um...
He didn't make it.
There's a cemetery
down by the lake.
I already picked
a spot for him.
What are we doing?
We're burying him
with his family.
Is this his family?
Have they missed him?
Will they welcome him now?
Yeah, you're not
making any sense.
Talk to me.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
What's the point
of burying him?
Laying here,
six feet under.
What's the difference?
This is what we do.
We bury the dead.
None of this
makes any sense.
What doesn't
make any sense?
Why was he here?
I don't know.
There has to be
someone else.
Old man, or a woman, or a
child that may need our help.
It's been weeks.
We haven't seen anybody.
But have we really
been looking?
Please help me.
It can't just be us.
You've been busy.
What uh...
What are you doing?
If there's someone out there,
we need to find them.
You're not looking for the
living, you're marking the dead.
Will you just come home?
Baby, we can work
on this together.
There's no home here.
You, me, nails.
That's it.
You don't know, we could
be a statistical anomaly.
Baby, we could be the world's
last rounding error.
Alright? You're looking for
answers where there aren't any--
you're damn right I'm
looking for answers!
You have this insane
situation and what,
you think it's some
celestial mistake?
I'm not saying that
it's a mistake.
I'm just saying it
doesn't really matter.
Is this gonna change the
way that you live your life?
Does it have to?
Is it gonna change
who you are?
None of this
makes any sense.
No, it doesn't
make any sense.
But it doesn't matter.
We can still
live a good life.
I don't even know what
that is anymore.
Keep your
eyes on me, okay?
Oop, oop, oop!
Alright, don't look.
It's beautiful.
Do you remember that
glacier you took me to?
Do you remember the water?
This is that water.
When the ice melts, it
cuts through the base and
it creates this river.
The glacier slides a little
further, it refreezes, it...
It's just this
constant cycle.
Life is resetting,
it's reinventing.
Jenai, it's trying.
I mean, this place is
beautiful because of all that.
There is no tomorrow here.
There is no yesterday.
There is just this
moment right here--
I am trying.
This is the last
of the water
so we'll have to get
some more tomorrow.
I wanna thank
you for today.
We're gonna be okay.