Bolero (1984) Movie Script

(Piano music)
0h, if they only were, Rudy,
I wouldn't take another step.
But there's only one Rudy.
Oh, she's bit of all right.
She's driving me completely mad,
that's for sure.
Just one Rudy.
And so many millions
and millions of us.
Oh, let's get out of here.
Hurry up, Mac. They're coming.
Oh, here, the car.
Be my sheep and ride
with me over the sand dunes.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Kiss me, Rudy.
Kiss me quickly.
God, I could have loved her.
I could have, too.
Do you realize that
tomorrow we are finally free?
We can actually ride across
the sand dunes and be loved.
Oh, actually lie down
and be loved. (Laughs)
We're so overdue, as
we both know too well.
Everything in its time, Mac.
We are now possibly the most
overeducated young women
in the country.
But in the ways of love,
we're kindergarten toddlers!
Cat, fantastic idea:
Let's not start our
graduation trip in Paris.
- God.
Let's start...
I love this.
Let's start by galloping across
the burning sands of Morocco
in the arms of a real sheik.
Yes, we can spend our
nights learning of ecstasy.
Oh, what a beautiful word,
No, no, no.
Let's go wallow in it!
Mac, I don't know.
No, you're serious?
Do the backstroke in it!
You are serious.
Then you'll go?
- Do I have a choice?
- No.
Good! I don't like choices.
Congratulations to you,
miss pitts.
Tomorrow the Sahara.
Blood on the sand.
(Man): Well done, Ms. Grey.
Well done, miss macgillivery.
(Audience applauding)
Oh, cotton, stop the car!
Stop the car!
I'm sorry.
I just have to do something
that I've been dreaming
about for years.
I'm sorry.
(Orchestral music)
Yes! (Clapping)
(Giggling) Hey.
Who's that?
I believe that's the attorney.
What's he so happy about?
He probably liked the entertainment.
Oh, cotton, I'm so sorry.
I've embarrassed you.
Oh, how awful for you.
But, you see, I just had to do this.
I had so many years of
being so very, very proper,
I got claustrophobia!
You're terribly embarrassed.
Can you ever forgive me?
That's not my position.
Not your position?
No, miss.
Oh, you mean because you
drive that great big car
you cannot not forgive
a person for something?
That more or less covers it.
Because you drive the car?
Then I'll drive the car.
Now, you can or
cannot forgive me?
You'll drive the car?
Does that mean that I'm fired?
If that's what it takes
to allow you to answer.
I haven't been without a
job since I was 13 years old.
Okay, okay.
What was the question?
Oh, yes, do I forgive you
for having embarrassed me?
That was the question.
At first I was puzzled.
Then, well, then...
You were embarrassed.
Oh, I'm glad.
No, I was amazed at
how much you'd changed
since the last time I saw
you without any clothes.
Without any cl...
I think you were three or four.
You've grown well.
I think that was nicely said.
Now, would you
like your old job back?
Is it still available?
It is if you'll be my
friend and talk to me.
I haven't much to say.
But you'll say it?
Let's get the hell out of here.
He's a pretty spiffy looking attorney.
I believe today is the day I become
an excessively rich little bitch.
You'll still be my friend, cotton.
If that's the only
way I can keep my job.
That's the only way.
A pretty tough way to keep a job.
Well, I'm told life is not easy.
Miss ayre mcgillvary,
I am Robert Stewart,
one of your late father's
army of solicitors.
I mean you no disrespect.
Not at all. To the contrary.
But I wish when I had graduated,
I'd been cheeky enough
to do what you did.
Bloody marvelous.
I give you my diploma,
and you give me what?
Gee whiz, it's cotton.
I think I own the whole world.
Well, at least all
the good parts of it.
(Man): Now we must watch our
steps in every sense of the word
as we wind our way
through the casbah. Come.
(Cat): We should have
a policeman with us.
Don't you think we should
have a policeman with us?
(Man): They wouldn't
be welcome here.
Actually it is more dangerous
for them than for you.
Life is not without its risks,
compounded, of course, a bit
more here in the casbah.
Hey, Mohamed, Mohamed!
Look, look, look, look!
I am still scared.
Oh, cat, I'll protect you
with my life if necessary.
Protect me? You're half naked.
They will get you first.
No. No. They'll what?
Make you no more a virgin.
Ooh, well, isn't that
what we're here for?
(Man): This door,
it may this very night
hold in its bosom your sheik.
Shall we see?
We can ask Allah
for one authentic sheik.
(Mac): Two,
if he would be so kind.
(Mellow piano music)
I like that.
Don't you like that, cat?
I like that.
Yeah, I like it. Come on.
(Upbeat arabian music)
So sweet.
So sweet!
He's beautiful.
Catalina, look.
Mac, look at that! Look!
They are for sale.
Oh, cotton,
wouldn't you just love one?
Love may be too strong a word.
Miss, your sheik.
Miss, your sheik!
A sheik?
Yes. He is a young one.
A pup, you might say.
He comes from the south,
across uncountable miles of sand.
His father... (Laughs)
His father's a great pasha.
Oh, Catalina, do you see him?
Well, look!
Hey, Mac,
he could be your sister!
Miss, would you like
to meet the sheik now?
I'll wait here, thank you.
If you'll stay with me, cotton.
We'll stay here.
You're not gonna
pass on a real sheik?
There is only one.
Being beginners,
that's probably enough
for both of us right now.
But if you're too scared,
I'll brave this one myself.
We wait?
(Speaking in foreign language)
Honorable sheik,
allow me to introduce
this American lady to you.
She has come all the way from
her country just to meet you.
How do you do?
Well, thank you. And you?
You are a vision.
Thank you.
You may go now.
(Man): Miss mcgillvary?
Um, thank you. I'll be fine.
Please tell my friends I'll
rejoin them in a minute.
(Man): As you wish.
Sit here, if you like.
I never dreamed that
there was anyone,
anyone on this earth like you.
If there was,
I should never look upon her.
And now I am.
Allah is being too kind.
No, it is you that is too kind.
What did that man say?
You've come to meet me?
May I know why?
Well, it's a long story.
Does it have a short answer?
Yes, it does.
Is it possible that I may hear it?
Well, it's going to
sound so stupid now.
I have come all this way
to give you something
you may not even want.
My virginity.
I've... I've never been
given this gift before.
Is it true?
Will you take the gift?
This very night.
You will come with me to my palace,
and I will take your gift
with great happiness.
I had dreamed of a
beautiful tent and desert.
Oh, I can give you
the whole golden Sahara
and a thousand tents.
We leave tonight.
Oh, it's not too far?
I have an airplane.
You have an airplane?
How else could I fly you?
Of course, um...
Is it possible
we could go tomorrow?
I'll be carrying the
same gift with me?
Only a day older.
Do you think I'm mad, cotton?
No, not mad.
Or maybe bad?
- The truth?
- Well, can I take it?
I envy your spirit.
Thank you.
Now, this is a parachute.
- I'm gonna buckle it right here.
- All right.
Now I don't want you to use it.
- No.
- But if you have to,
you pull this little ring right there.
Okay, okay.
I'll save the biggest
piece of the cake for you.
That's because I love you
and because this airplane
scares me too much.
I'd rather you were
going on a camel.
This is a magnificent aircraft.
It is at least five
years ahead of its time.
An experimental design.
It's magnificent!
(Propeller running)
Everything's all right.
Hold on tight!
(Crowd chattering)
The sun's completely gone.
Her fat's in the fire now.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I don't think she'd have any
trouble handling that boy.
May I have the pleasure?
Oh, oh, no, thank you.
I don't want to leave
my husband alone.
But thank you for asking.
Dance with the gentleman.
You don't mind?
You know how much I like to
see my wife have a good time.
Go on. Hurry! Tell me!
Cat! All right!
Well, we flew over a
billion miles of sand.
(Men shouting)
(Men shouting)
Remember, cat,
how in the moving pictures
Valentino rode down
the sand dunes
- and swept the heroine off her feet?
- (Cat): Oh, yeah.
Well, I asked my
sheik to do that to me.
Oh cat, you should've
seen him. It was so sad.
Every time he would
try to be Valentino
and sweep me off my feet,
his horse would go the other way.
What happened?
What's the matter?
I hate horses.
But you can't hate horses;
You're a sheik!
I know I'm a sheik.
I had an English nanny.
He had an English nanny?
The nanny was all right.
I go to school at Oxford.
I've been here
three times my whole life.
I'm a poet.
Well, you're still a sheik.
Oh, the rest of my life
is going to have a very,
very hard time
keeping up with this.
Do you realize that
no man on this earth
will ever again know
the joy that you...
You will bring to me this night.
You are like the
most precious flower.
And your blooming can
only be enjoyed once.
Just once.
His tent was a dream.
It was gigantic, filled with
servants and dancing girls.
And belly dancers.
They do incredible things
with their stomachs, cat.
What? What do they do?
(Cat): Fantastic!
What happened then?
- Well, then he kissed me.
- Why?
Cat, he lay me down so
gently, but positively.
(Cat): I would have died.
And then...
He undressed me.
I mean, everything?
(Mac): Everything.
(Cat): Was...
Was everyone still there?
- (Mac): Oh, no, no, no.
- (Cat): No?
(Mac): He had them sent away.
Every time he went for the honey,
my stomach would sort of
rise to meet his lips.
(Cat): Why would
your stomach rise?
I guess it was inviting him.
To where, Mac? To where?
(Lida): Catalina!
(Cat): Oh, oh, there, of course.
I've been lying.
I don't know, when we,
when we were, well...
When it should've happened...
No, Mac!
He went to sleep? (Laughs)
It's all right.
My ego tells me the sleep was
from the magic smoke, not me.
Oh, Rudy, Rudy.
Why are they all counterfeits?
Look at me.
I'm all dressed up
with no place to go.
(Laughs) Mac.
Now, what do we do?
Well, we try again.
Mac, this place scares me.
Really, couldn't we go some place
like Switzerland or Sweden?
Maybe Holland!
It's a nice place.
Hohand? Cat!
It has to be warm
and sultry and dark-eyed
when you give your virginity away.
Like Italy or Spain.
Italians scare me too much.
And Mac, I can't give my
virginity away in Spain.
I am Spanish!
I know you are a Spanish.
And you can't go to Barcelona.
So we won't even
go near Barcelona.
(Glasses clink) (Laughing)
Hey, toro!
Hey, toro!
(Crowd cheering)
(Band playing)
(Crowd cheering)
(Trumpet playing)
(Audience cheering)
You're a matador?
Too many seasons ago.
It must've been magnificent.
I had some afternoons.
(Crowd cheering)
Oh my god! What's he doing?
The horse could be killed!
This is a kind of festival.
You see the bull's horns?
They're capped.
But even in the big bull
ring, you never kill bulls.
Did you know vigo?
Used to fight without
the blood, nothing.
He is not so popular
with the people.
I like a little bit of the blood.
Cotton, did you
understand what he said?
He never the bull kills,
he never the blood sheds.
Therefore, he's not very
popular with the people.
Frankly, I think
I'm going to enjoy it.
Cotton, look at that!
Cotton, does all this
make the ends
of your boots curl up?
Tight as a drum!
Toro! Hey! Hey!
(Crowd cheering)
(Horse neighs)
(Horse neighing)
Andale, ven!
Hey! Hey!
- (Horse neighing)
- Toro, toro! Ven!
Who's that?
(Man): She is his gypsy shadow.
Cotton, did you...
(Cotton): She's his
gypsy shadow.
(Crowd cheering)
(Speaking Spanish)
(Crowd cheering)
Mac, what's wrong?
I'm going to go see the Duke
who is half-man half-horse.
Where do I find him?
- (Man): In the chapel.
- Okay.
Oh, see you later, everybody.
(Acoustic guitar music)
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
I just wanted to say I've never
seen anything so beautiful.
Nor have I.
Um, do you think it's possible...
Could I see your horses?
With pleasure.
(Horse whickering)
(Dog barks)
You know horses.
Oh, I I love them.
I was raised with
them at school.
But ours were never like these.
Ours would run and jump and
chase a ball around the field,
but yours are magical.
They're like Pegasus.
Aren't you like Pegasus?
I would consider it an honor
if you would join me
at dinner tonight.
Thank you.
Oh, but I have two friends.
Bring them.
Thank you.
You didn't have to
invite them tonight.
These are private moments
for the family only.
It's bad enough that that
gypsy child is always with you.
We never have any time alone.
With you living in the country.
You never come to the city.
You hardly put a bite
of food in your mouth.
I didn't come here to eat.
That's too bad.
That was very fine chow.
He hasn't spoken to us all night.
Hardly even a look.
Did you, um...
Did you enjoy the fight, cotton?
Uh, he's sending you messages?
You noticed.
That's a pretty big message.
It feels like it.
It's nice, huh, cat?
If that's what you want.
Oh, come on, cat.
Have some fun!
Send someone a message.
Who else is there?
Angel, angel! She looked at me.
Mac, god.
Just practice on him.
Yeah! You're bad!
I could be if someone
would just give me the chance.
She knows a real man
when she sees one.
Now it's your table.
Take care of the woman.
See mama home.
You must come to
see me more often.
I will, mama.
Good night.
Where is he go...
Where is he going?
I know where he goes.
I know you know.
That's why I'm asking.
Why you care where he goes?
I want to see him.
I don't think he wants.
What's your name?
Well Paloma, do you think
we can do business with this?
The mirror is for me?
It is if you take me to him.
Do you accept?
It's too much.
For you, it's nothing.
No, for me it is very
beautiful and very valuable.
For me too.
Good. Then it's done?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Now are we going to be welcome?
You are not welcome.
Because for a gypsy,
no stranger is welcome.
But you are with me,
so we'll be all right.
I think.
Angel, angel.
I have the rich lady.
I have the rich lady.
Why do you bring her here?
She gave me this.
What lady?
The blond lady.
Angel and Raymond
say she is the most
beautiful woman
in all the world.
(Dog barking)
You want to go to
the bed with my man?
I don't think any of us
wanna go to bed with your man.
It's true?
Do I look so dishonest?
It's true?
I think your man
is very beautiful.
You see good.
And do you want to
take him to your bed?
- I think...
- I think no.
I'm the woman for his bed
and there will be no other.
No other.
She is too mean.
Hey, how long has
he been with her?
Since her 14 years birthday.
It's me next.
Soon, he's going to take me.
He'll do what?
Take me.
I'll be his woman.
You'll be his what?
Oh, damn.
Well, it looks like
you're all out of luck.
The little firebrand is
taking her man to bed.
You know something?
I think it's time
we all went beddy-bye.
Why he do that?
He do not even like her anymore.
Thank you, Paloma.
It's been a very
interesting experience.
I hope your 14th
birthday comes soon.
You do not want me to
go to the town with you?
Like cotton said,
we are all going to bed.
And where are you gonna sleep?
Wherever they sleep,
I sleep on the floor.
You've got a deal.
Let's get out of the tub.
I go stay in here forever!
(Laughs) I'm sorry,
that's not possible.
- What a mess!
- Oh!
- No!
- (Laughing) Look at you.
What are we going to do today?
Am I going to help you?
Here we go. Up.
Stand up.
What, what you going to to do?
I'm going to rinse you off.
- But why?
- So you don't itch.
look at you.
I am woman ready.
Juicy, too.
We are not up here
freezing our tiny titties off
because you just want
to buy a horse today!
We're not?
No, miss macgillvary,
we are not!
You want this beautiful young Duke
to quickly take
your sweet virginity.
And that's why
we're freezing up here
in a dumb car that won't run!
I might kill two birds with one stone.
Don't you have to be in
love with him to do that?
I don't know.
I've never done it before.
Oh my god.
All right, very slowly,
everybody back to the car.
- Okay.
- He could break this car.
I'll hit him between the eyes.
Cotton, that's a bull.
It's not a bull.
(Horse neighs)
(Horse neighing)
What are you doing way up here?
Paloma said you may be in
the mountains for a whole week.
I couldn't wait.
And you came all this way to see me?
She said some of
your bulls had run up
into the mountains after cows,
and you had to
get them before they froze.
- (Bull lowing)
- Was that one of the naughty boys?
He was.
Why did you want to see me?
I want to buy some of your horses.
I don't sell horses.
Not even young ones?
I sell wine and bulls.
I don't sell horses, I'm sorry.
That seems so final.
I'm sorry.
I feel so badly.
I would like to offer you
the hospitality of my home,
but it's so far away
from this mountaintop.
Well, if you found all
of your wayward bulls,
maybe you could ride
back in the car with us.
That would be very nice of you.
It's our pleasure.
what possible use can you
have for one of these horses?
Assuming you owned one
of my horses right now,
what would you do with it?
If I owned one of
your horses right now,
I'd tell him,
"I am not your owner.
"I am your friend."
Gracias, Raphael.
(Horse snorts)
These horses are nothing
without the bulls.
Can you really see
yourself doing this?
Oh, I can.
But then some people
think I'm crazy.
You're sure there's
no amount of money
that can buy that horse?
No amount.
But isn't it said that
everything has its price?
My wine does. My horses don't.
- Hmmm.
- Mac, that's a beautiful horse.
I know. I want him.
Sure you do.
(Horse neighing)
May I invite you to dinner tonight
and try and change your mind?
I would enjoy such a dinner,
but unfortunately I have
plans that I cannot cancel.
What a shame.
You're sure?
Sadly, it's true.
What if I were to not
talk about horses but wine?
Even more sadly.
I surrender.
I've run out of what-ifs.
(Horse neighs)
(Cotton): Well if we ever
get back to the hotel,
it looks like dinner with
the old gang tonight.
(Yawns) Cotton,
I think I'm just going
to go to bed and lick my wounds.
you just lost the battle.
You didn't lose the war.
Mac, Mac,
do you think cotton believed
your little wounded lady story?
I think so.
It was partly true.
Why I can't come with you?
Because an opium den is
not a place for little girls.
You can stay there and bath,
I mean, and swim in the tub.
I'm no little girl.
Mac, do you know
anything about opium?
Next to nothing.
Except that it sounds romantic.
Well, the textbook say
that opium has two faces.
First face, killer,
in large amounts.
Second face, love potions,
in small amounts.
Well then it seems as long
as we're going to use it,
it should be exclusively
in the romantic amounts.
Are you sure angel is going
to be in this place tonight?
Sure, he going to be.
If he not at lady woohoo's tonight,
I give you back
mirror and Pearl.
All right.
I make exceptions for
you and your friend.
Thank you very much.
Do you know the poppy well?
Well, we're acquainted.
May I offer to guide you?
If you would be so kind.
A love potion, in small amounts.
Are we really going to do this?
Oh, I am.
Well, I hope
we have a good time.
Oh, shit. I can't.
It's so hot.
Can you, can you feel
yourself going or gone?
Can you?
It's nice feeling.
Oh, cat, it's more than nice.
I know.
The lady said,
"move slowly.
"Always slowly."
I think it's time we go find angel.
Is something wrong?
We were expecting angel sacristan.
I see.
If you wait a minute, please.
Of course.
We'll wait.
It looks as though our
little gypsy was right.
It seems he is here.
If he is, what, what,
what are you going to do?
Lie down and say hi?
I don't sell horses.
Only wine and bulls.
How many bottles of wine
would you said you had?
Maybe a million.
Nobody has a
million bottles of wine.
I wonder how long would take us
to count to a
million bottles of wine.
About, about 100 rows,
about 300 bottles.
I mean this...
We got, we got...
- I mean, there is no way.
- What?
- No, twenty?
- No-
was I right?
One million? Two million?
Five mllllon?
Angel, how much would it take
to buy everything you produce?
Everything that I produce?
Do you know about wine?
Catalina's family has vineyards.
Nothing compared to this.
Look angel,
can you excuse us a minute?
Of course.
(Horse snorts)
Mac, buy it.
You have too much money!
Buy it! And I'll run it.
And you know if I was a boy,
I was supposed to run ours.
Please do it, and we'll
divide up the profits, okay?
I will accept whatever two out of three
local banks value my wine at.
Is that fair?
But you must hurry and
close the deal with the bank
because they hold the
paper on the, on the wine.
They are trying hard
to sell their position.
Okay. Cotton and I will
leave immediately, okay?
Listen, call the bank and
tell them we are coming, okay?
Fantastic! Bye!
Fantastic! God!
Fantastic! God!
Now that that's behind us,
why don't we talk about
that honey-colored horse?
I'm sorry, but I
really don't sell horses.
Maybe the word sell is
where we're having our problem.
(Mellow orchestral music)
Mmm. It was wonderful!
Did you freeze?
Didn't you?
I was warm as toast.
I think I'm intoxicated by your horse.
Your horse.
Of course, my horse.
I never dreamed there was
such a beautiful horse.
What am I smelling? Mm.
Hot cinnamon wine.
Oh, I'd love some.
Didn't I smell something chocolaty...
Ange" (bangs table)
They say you gave her the golden horse!
Hardly I...
I do not speak to you!
Naty, miss mcgillvary is my guest.
Your guest.
Good night, naty!
You bitch!
All right, that's enough. Bitch!
You American bitch!
(Dog barking) You bitch!
Now I kill you. I have to kill you.
No more, naty! No more!
You are going back to camp.
Love me tonight.
Stop it, please.
Please stop it, naty.
Now I kill you. I have to kill you!
Naty, shut up!
You shut up!
I kill you for sure.
Then go get your knife.
(Dog barking)
Please naty, go home.
(Dog barking)
I apologize.
I think I've known her too long.
You've known her, I believe,
since her 14th birthday?
The gypsy world is very different.
Fourteen years is very different.
Does this interest you?
Um, I'd be lying if I said it didn't.
Why don't we go to a more comfortable room
enjoy some chocolate cake,
and we can investigate the difference.
And then as I told you, he fell asleep.
So now you have the story of my sheik.
Maybe you should have
come to Spain first.
Maybe I should have.
And now would you consider
giving this burden to me?
Would you be interested in taking it?
(Door lock opening)
And I'll join you here at sunrise.
Now seems just perfect.
Fruit's about to fall from the tree.
That was beautiful. Thank you.
I'll rest in here tonight.
Be sure to wake me exactly,
and I mean exactly,
half hour before the sun rises.
Well, tonight you make baby.
He's either very clever or very cruel,
because I'm going mad with wonder.
Angel. Angel. It's time.
Oye, you awake?
What, what are you doing?
I thought you should be
as scared to death as I am.
Awoooo. (Dog barking)
You are a ghost who is afraid?
That's about to wet its pants.
(Dog barking)
I was so secure when I
came in here last night.
But then I was also as high as a kite.
Angel, what are you doing?
Angel, what are you doing?
Have you gone?
Are you still here?
Angel, are you still here?
I knew it!
I knew this sheet was a dumb idea.
I shouldn't have done...
Boo! (Screams)
Oh my god!
You are as naked as the day you were born.
That's true.
But only because it's been found to be
the most practical way to make love.
Oh you're gonna kiss me?
I thought I was.
May I kiss you instead?
Whatever you like.
Where would you like us to be?
Oh I don't know.
The bed!
The bed would be nice!
Is there anything I can do to help?
Um, I don't know!
Lie down, please?
Could you lie down, please?
I think that would make it even better.
I've always imagined this
would be a fabulous kiss.
Put your head down please.
Oh and now close your eyes.
And keep them closed.
And remember this is my kiss,
you do nothing.
(Bell ring)
Was, was my imagination lousy?
Was it a blah kiss?
It was a great kiss.
I'm sorry, it was a blah kiss.
It was a fabulous kiss.
No. I'm sorry.
right now,
will you show me everything?
Do everything to me?
Show me everything I can do to you?
Am I too greedy?
You must be greedy.
The bed is a selfish place.
In it we seem to give only
so that we may receive.
Is there enough that I can give to you?
So that you can give ecstasy to me.
That we will have to look for together.
Do you mind, Marie?
do you mind, please?
(Mellow music)
No, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm not a virgin anymore.
(Dramatic orchestral music)
Hola. Hola.
(Speaking in foreign language)
the telephone. He wants you.
(Horse neighing)
Catalina, (speaking in foreign language)
Do you like it?
I think he's the most beautiful thing
in the entire world.
I have to go to the bank, sign papers.
I'll go with you.
You will not.
You will enjoy your horse
and when I return tonight
we will celebrate your horse
and the entering your wine business and...
I see here that you are
holding several valuable items.
A, a 1924 rolls motorcar and some art.
Hey, why don't we take
care of these as well?
There you are, gentlemen.
Come on!
We did it, cotton! We did it, angel!
Angel, he go to your bed?
I think he do.
No, Paloma.
I went to his bed.
All right, enough talk.
Out, out, out. Come on.
Bitch! Bitch! American bitch!
Damn it!
Let me go!
I got her, I got her!
Let me go!
Bitch. Let me go.
Now what are we gonna do with her?
I'll kill you!
Leave her there.
No like her anyway.
(Dog barking)
Woof. Woof. Hello?
Woof. Miss mcgillvary!
Come out, come out, come
out wherever you are!
Come out wherever you are!
(Spanish acoustic guitar music)
Catalina! Hey, hey!
(Speaking in foreign language)
Hey. (Laughs)
Oh, I'm sorry.
We are going to have to
stop dancing and get some rest.
Horses and bulls ship out tomorrow
and the following day, I fight.
You do?
And from the looks of things,
your friend can't drive.
So everybody will stay here.
(Spanish acoustic guitar music)
Toro, toro!
(Bull growling)
(Audience applauding)
(Dog barking)
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
(Bull growling)
(Traditional Spanish music)
How awful for him!
No one comes to see him.
(Audience applauding)
Hey, hey, hey!
(Woman speaking in foreign language)
Hey, hey!
Can't they see the beauty in that?
This is too different for them.
It is always the other
way, with the killing.
(Bull snorting)
He should be in a big beautiful ring
with thousands of people cheering him on,
not here with a few people
wondering what he is.
(Speaking in foreign language)
They want the killing, Mac.
They want the blood.
(Intense music)
(Dog barking)
(People speaking in foreign language)
Marie, go!
Go, Marie!
(Dog barking)
Marie, please shut up!
Go! Go!
How is the horse?
Is he hurt?
Fine, fine.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
Take Marie home.
Do what? Do what?
The dog, Marie. Take her home.
I'm all right.
You're all right?
Really, you're all right?
I'm fine.
He's alive and I just don't care.
Mac, I know I sound cruel,
but that's romantic gobbledygook.
It's not.
Mac, you don't care if he can never
make love to you again?
No, I don't care.
Mac, one time in your
life, that's going to be it.
Well it looks like it may be.
Jesus Christ.
This really stinks.
It's all right.
In a couple of weeks,
he'll be as good as new.
Not really.
All they said was he most
probably won't be able to.
That means there's a chance.
That's a pretty strong probably.
Okay, forget about how you
feel for a minute, okay?
What about him?
Can you imagine what's going
on inside him right now?
Cat, I'm just not gonna
believe what they say.
Okay, tiger. Okay.
Hey, tiger.
I'm going to be one.
May I come in?
Do you have a minute?
I have a minute.
Now pay attention and concentrate
on what I'm about to say.
Are you concentrating?
I'm trying.
All right.
Now give me your hand.
Will you marry me?
Pay attention! I'm proposing.
I will ask you again.
Will you marry me?
I would marry you in a minute!
In a second!
But as I'm sure you
know, I have no right to.
Not now.
Because of...
Yes, because of!
All right. Okay.
Um, consider this then.
You teach me everything you
can do with these horses.
And watch me and grow to love
me more and more each day.
And then soon, the prediction of the
doomsday doctors is no longer true.
And then you can sweep me into your arms
and drag me to the altar.
And then we can live happily ever after.
Can't we make a deal to do this?
Some of it for sure.
I'll accept that for now.
Do you like the outfit?
Don't answer that.
I love it. I may never take it off.
That thing is going to work.
I guarantee you this.
Excuse me.
You calling me?
Miss mcgillvary told me
I'd find Catalina Terry in the winery.
Are you she?
Yeah, that's me, that's me, that's me,
that's me, that's me,
that's me, that's me.
How do you do?
Oh, sorry.
That's okay.
Who are you?
Robert Stewart.
Pleased to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm one of miss
mcgillvary's solicitors.
Attorney solicitor?
Yes, yes, she told me about you.
you're handsome, so handsome!
Are you going to help me to
make a big company out of this?
I shall try my best.
What do you wear under that thing?
Everybody jokes about that.
To learn that, you must
get to know me much better.
To know, to know me much better.
Do you like virgins?
I don't understand.
Virgins. Do you like virgins?
I'm afraid I'm not a
connoisseur of virgins.
Are there connoisseurs of virgins?
How strange.
Why, why you won't tell me
what do you have under that skirt, huh?
What is under your skirt, huh, huh?
Listen, if we are going to be friends,
you'll no more be calling
this kilt a skirt.
Is that clear?
(Laughs) What? Tell me!
Don't call the kilt a skirt!
It isn't a skirt. It's a kilt!
Is that clear?
Yes, very clear. Absolutely.
Eight days and that
sulking, pouting little boy
stays in his room like scrooge.
Put, put a thing so I can put a thing.
It's not easy.
Sure it's easy.
Put this one.
Okay, let's see what you can do.
Easy. I win.
You win, yes.
And now I'm going to go to bed and cry.
Let's take a walk.
Me too. I go to cry. (Bangs table)
Cry angel.
Every night.
Cry angel.
No really, cotton.
I'd rather be in bed crying.
A very short walk.
Very, very short.
I know.
But you may be wanting
marriage because of this,
rather than in spite of it.
That's part of what
I'm going to go cry about.
If you'll let me go to bed.
As long as you understand,
then you're dismissed.
I love you, cotton.
Me too.
You were really a cowboy?
I was until I got so big,
the horses figured they were
going to ride me. (Laughs)
Did you kiss your horse
like in a moving picture?
I, I, I kissed them
better than anybody.
I was a,
a really good kisser.
You wait.
(Dog barking)
(Dog barking)
(Dog barking)
(Instrumental music)
(Speaking in foreign language) Paloma?
Help! Help!
Ugh! Ah!
(Intense music)
It must be her. She's not in her room.
Evita, get the men! Give them guns.
Get the cars! Now!
Hurry! Now!
Really, they stole her?
There's no key.
Mira, Mira.
The truck, the truck, the truck!
Come on, Paloma.
(Speaking in foreign language)
Come on. What you waiting for?
(Intense music)
(Speaking in foreign language)
(Ayre screaming)
They was stolen her
because she's so rich.
I hope so, Paloma.
I hope that's all it is.
Drive fast!
Fast! Go!
Why are you doing this to me?
If you still have your
virginity, I want it.
I don't have it anymore!
That's sad for me.
But no matter.
I want you to live with me forever.
- Oh no!
- And I take you now!
Like my father took my mother!
Cotton! Cotton!
Hold on, ayre!
Oh, yes!
Oh yes, cotton! Thank you, thank you!
Oh, no! Oh no, cotton! Oh.
(Dramatic orchestral music)
My sheik, your thought
is very beautiful.
And I'm very flattered, but I'm in love.
Down there. I'm in love!
I'm sorry, but I do have my needs.
It's a chauvinistic world!
What I do is correct.
I know you have your needs.
But I'm very flattered that
you consider me one of yours.
But I must be selfish and
think of myself first.
No, no! Oh no!
I say he was stolen you
because you're so rich.
No, he stolen me because I so cute!
Oh, you know, angel walk.
Alta, Marie.
Alta, Marie.
You don't think you
should come out into the sun?
Maybe look around, watch me ride?
You know, you're days and
days behind in your loving me.
Thank you, but Marie and
I are learning new tricks.
Hello, Marie.
As you wish.
I brought you some more
sweet little companions.
Ooh, oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!
(Birds chirping)
(Dog barking)
Did the lovebirds send you my message?
I've got your message.
(Traditional Spanish music)
(Traditional Spanish music)
Oh, I did it!
Today he let me hug him,
and he even hugged me back.
And now he's back in
his room like a hermit.
A hug beats a kick in the butt.
And Rome wasn't built in a day, I know.
Who said that? I never said that.
You want I give you
some more hot chocolate?
Oh yes, please.
Put two spoons of
Patience in hers, please?
Put what?
Never mind.
Do you want I give you some too?
Okay, good night,
everybody. I'm going to bed.
Why you go to bed so early?
No, Paloma.
For me, it's very very late.
Good night.
Good night.
Thank you for taking them off first.
For you, it is a pleasure, Catalina.
I can't believe we are doing this.
I can't believe I am
happy we are doing this.
But to do it properly,
you're going to have to
take off your clothes.
Listen, why don't you do it for me?
Take your clothes off, you mean?
Yes, yes.
I hope you think I am as beautiful
with my clothes off as I think you are.
This is unbelievable.
I love it.
And the hurt, I love the hurt.
Love, do you love me?
I do.
Right now, I really do love you.
I know right now you love me.
And listen, if I want, I want your love,
we better not stop doing this.
That would be the most
wonderful way to spend forever.
I don't think I'm up to it.
What? But if we cannot,
I could still love you.
(Dramatic orchestral music)
You're a hard man to seduce.
Listen, angel, we made a deal for over
300,000 bottles to the United States.
We ship them out next
week, I mean, next month.
Can you believe it?
It's fantastic.
Listen, Catalina.
I'm getting the feeling that
you haven't kept me here
most of the day just to
show me your sales reports.
Mm, no, no, as a
matter of fact, I haven't.
Mac asked me to keep you away
from the ring for a while today,
and I think I've done very well.
Why would she want
me away from the ring?
(Bullfighting music)
(Crowd cheering)
Hey, toro!
(Bullfighting music)
Oh! Oh!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, toro!
Bravo! Bravo!
(Bullfighting music)
(Bullfighting music)
(Bullfighting music)
(Crowd cheering)
This is great!
(Bullfighting music)
I've done this to get
your undivided attention,
to tell you that I will
see you at sunrise.
Oh, you do remember sunrise, don't you?
This better work.
I sure wanna be the duchess of piores.
I'm sorry, Paloma, but
if this works my way,
I promise I'll find you another.
I'll give him to you.
Tonight be good night.
Angel be a man for you.
(Mellow music)
Happy sunrise.
Mac, this is not going to work.
Hold it right there! Hold it!
Come on, Marie. Out you go.
He's mine now. Come on. Out you go.
Hey, hats are bad luck on beds.
You oughta know better than that.
Did I ride the horse marvelously today?
Even more marvelously than you?
I did, didn't I?
All right, off the bed.
Come on. Come on! Off the bed!
Hey! What are you doing?
Off the bed! (Laughs)
What are you doing?
Come on.
That's not the way we did it last time.
But then I was a little girl.
Now I'm a woman.
You want to taste my blood?
Aiii! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Damn you!
Don't do this to me.
Don't take it out on me just because
you got cute with the damn bull.
This is a very strange vigil
we all seem to have gathered for.
What are we here to do?
We're here to help angel and Mac.
We cannot help angel.
Angel have to be a man.
Is no problem.
You say that we never found ecstasy.
That it was like quicksilver,
always promising next time.
Angel, I want ecstasy.
Let's find it.
Make me whole again!
I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.
Make me whole again!
I guaranteed it!
Shame on you.
Was she as wild then?
Did she scratch you?
Long wicked scratches?
She did, didn't she?
And you loved it.
I think this seems like a perfect time
to tell you that I love you.
And an equally perfect time
for you to tell me the same?
I do. I'm sure.
Beyond your wildest dreams.
Well, my dreams take
me beyond infinity.
What love you must have for me.
I guaranteed it.
You, bravo.
(Crowd cheering)
(Dramatic orchestral music)
Oh, look.
X, I was right.
(Dramatic orchestral music)
Oh, oh, angel, oh, angel my foot.
My foot is cramped.
Angel, give me back my foot please.
Oh god, oh.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
(Speaking in foreign language)
(Mellow orchestral music)