Bolshoy (2017) Movie Script

Mom, you promised to buy me
roller skates, remember?
Yes, I will buy them for you.
Tanja, I told you,
wear the other panties.
They make your legs look shorter.
Karinushka, sweetheart,
how do you feel?
- Normal, don't worry.
- You're sure?
- Definitely.
- Then that's good.
My darling.
Mummy! Mummy!
They liked me.
Very well! I knew it!
You are a great girl!
Give me 20 rubles for beer.
I was so excited,
I couldn't sleep at all.
I'll pay you back!
That's me.
That's you?
Bolshoi Theater, 1972.
I was really good back then.
What I was on stage!
- I thought you were dead.
- Galina Mikhailovna.
Nice to see you!
You smell of cheap liquor.
Galina, look at the girl here!
- She also wants to go to the academy.
- You were as good as Albert!
Just because you weren't allowed to go
on tour to New York,
was no excuse
to drink yourself silly.
You are weak!
- The Bolshoi belonged to you then.
- Galina Mikhailovna.
I'm here with the girl,
she wants to go to the academy.
How the stage blossomed under you.
It could have gone with you to the grave!
But now? Only mediocrity!
Talentless sucker.
Nobody with passion.
- Nobody who would die for it.
- Galina, please listen to me!
She's adorable. Look at her!
Yulka is her name.
- She's pretty lanky.
- No, she's just tall.
Maybe she'll grow a little bit,
but not much.
- She jumps very high.
- Really? Very high?
Very high, honest!
Please, look at her.
Then I can die peacefully.
Go! Go!
That's Yulka.
She missed the first two rounds
and will show us everything together.
Thank you, Mitya.
Thank you!
Does Yulka have a surname too?
- Yulka Olshanskaya.
Can you take off your pants, please?
My name is Yulka Olshanskaya, my
teacher is Vladimir Ivanovich Pototsky.
Stop, stop, stop!
Hey! Hands off!
Don't be a hooligan!
Do you want to
work at the theater?
Not in underwear!
You think we here are
interested in your underwear?
You're standing here half naked, sweetheart,
because we are
want to see all your shortcomings.
For example, your strong physique.
With age, the hips usually
become wider.
My butt gets fat?
You have big hands,
like a man.
And yet you
somehow become a dancer.
Send the next girl.
Galina Mikhailovna.
- What's her name?
- Dance now!
Galina Mikhailovna,
I want to see the next one.
Come on! Dance!
If you thought I was accepted,
stick your tongue out.
If not,
make a little pout.
Champagne is not good.
Champagne makes you weak.
If you drink,
then only cognac, yes?
That's enough for a ticket back.
A cheap one.
I really need to save now.
- Are you calming my mother? Yes?
- I will.
Dear parents, dear applicants,
here is the list
of all those accepted!
And one, and two,
and three.
What's this?
Do you not have feet?
If so, then at least
I would feel sorry for you.
You are here,
to learn a profession.
And you,
come here to the middle.
And one,
and two, and three!
And we stay with our attitude!
Keep the attitude!
And we hug the clouds,
the clouds, that's right, yes.
The leg from the hip!
From the hip, Katja!
Move from the hip,
I told you!
I said, from the hip, Katja!
What is?
What, what?
Are we here today to cry,
or do we want to do ballet? Hey?!
- Katya?
- Her name is Tanya, yes?
- What's the difference?
- There's a big difference!
In ballet you are a nobody!
Until you prove yourself,
I do not care about names,
it's her legs that count.
You're all doing tendus now,
until the hour is over!
And no name
games anymore.
Come on, do it now!
Come on, tendu!
No! Tendu!
Pour les pieds!
Pour les pieds! Pour les pieds!
- Pour les pieds. Keep going!
- I can't do it!
I don't understand
those words!
And when do you want to learn them?
When you retire?
What are you doing here?
I come here
to talk to my mother.
Nobody else can hear me here.
That's like me with my dad.
While you are here...
Stand over there, Yulka.
- Why?
- You'll see.
Watch me.
This is "pour les pieds".
In translation, it means "thrust".
Repeat after me.
It's "pour les pieds".
Now you can repeat with arms and feet.
And one,
and two, and one ...
And one and two!
Girls, why are you all here?
Did you bet? No?
Then get out with you! Come on, get out!
- Tanya! Maya!
- Karina, do not give up!
Go now!
Come, come! Come on,
move a bit. Exactly!
Galina Mikhailovna!
I'm not going to argue with you.
Olshanskaya has great jumps.
She is really gifted, yes.
But it's all about the nuances.
Anyone else?
Whose turn is it? Who?
- 300 on Karina.
- On who?
- 300 on Karina.
- 500 on Olshanskaya.
- Wait, I can't!
- Give me that.
Guys, I can't keep up with you,
Write here, 250 on Karina.
Everything okay?
Get ready! Drink!
It's on.
Get ready.
What is it, Kurnikova?
Are you scared?
Of what? Being drunk?
- Can you even stand?
- Do you have any doubts?
You should look at yourself.
Arms... look at Karina's!
Legs... look at Karina's!
And stability!
Look at Karina's!
Karina has the nuance.
But Olshanskaya has Aurora's part.
She exudes joy
and truthfulness,
when she walks through the palace.
And doesn't just jump
around on her perfect legs.
Hey, what do you want? Out, out, out!
You can't come in here!
We just want to watch, let us in!
- Out, out, out!
- It starts now.
- Let us through!
- Let me through, I have to go through!
Tanya! Now that you're done,
we're starting.
Antsiferov, I don't know
who you're betting on.
I bet on Karina.
- How much?
- I'll put 150 on Karina.
So, I have everyone together.
Come on, come on, fast!
Everyone else, out of the way!
Out of the way!
Make room!
And girls, ready?
Get set...
Karina! Yulka! Come on!
Keep going!
- Karina!
- Keep going!
Yes, come on, Karina!
Come on, on, on!
- Very good, on, on!
- All right, Karina!
Yes, on, on, on, on!
I need a name!
I have to work out a diet for her.
Have you figured out
who gets the role?
Or do you want
to just starve both girls?
Karina, Yulka!
Karina! Yulka!
We'll figure out Aurora's role
after the dress rehearsal.
Then we'll see.
We have to see
them on stage.
Put both on a diet.
Don't kill them.
Put it down!
You are a ballerina.
But you eat like a proletarian.
A parasite.
Coming over to other tables
and picking it up!
- If it tastes good.
I'm starving.
There are enough of them here.
But nobody gives me food.
- Can you wash floors?
- What do you think?
This is a damn museum!
Where do you live?
- I live here!
I am also, so to speak,
fond of antiques.
I'm going to
pay you every Thursday.
- Is that okay for you?
- Yes.
Are you telling the others that you
sometimes clean for me here?
No, no!
That's right!
Very well.
Maybe you'll make something of yourself...
in time...
Who's there?
Who are you?
Who are you, then?
Galina Mikhailovna,
what is it?
Galina Mikhailovna,
what's with you?
Where am I?
Galina Mikhailovna,
you are at home here.
What happened?
Come on, come on, look!
This is you as a young woman!
Picasso painted it.
You yourself told me today.
See, this is you,
when you were younger.
I don't know what's going on.
Maybe we should get a doctor
or talk to someone?
Not necessary.
I am only sometimes
a little confused.
A bit confused. Sometimes.
Not that bad.
This is a kind of disease,
it's called...
I can't remember
what it's called.
Promise me,
that you do not tell anyone.
Really, nobody.
- Nobody is allowed to know.
- I promise.
Otherwise I'll be kicked out
from the academy.
That's why
you must not betray anything.
It's cool.
I swear.
What is 'cool'?
There is nothing 'cool' here.
Nothing is cool.
- Lena, right?
- Yes.
I remember.
I remember...
- Krasnorutskaya.
- Oh, right.
Her feet were a catastrophe.
And her?
She's good.
I remember her very well.
- Krasnorutskaya.
- Krasnorutskaya was the one before.
Oh, I'm tired, Yulka,
leave now!
- Galina Mikhailovna...
- No...
- Come on!
There's only two left.
But I can't anymore.
- But that's Karina.
- Karina!
- Ku ... K?
- Kurnikova!
Look, you know it.
I said you could do it.
You are a nuisance,
Galina Mikhailovna.
There is only one left.
I swear to you!
That's the last one!
Never seen her.
Never seen her.
This is Tanya Yefremova.
That can stay,
Where the pepper grows.
Do you like them?
Take them! They're yours!
They are real, yes.
Diamonds, sapphires.
If you sold them, you could maybe buy a car.
But you can't sell them!
I wore them,
when I danced as Odette.
If you dance at Bolshoi,
you wear them.
I think that would be nice.
What have you got there?
Nothing at all!
Go to sleep.
Go back to sleep!
I don't want to dance
with Antoine Duval.
I don't like
how he created his role.
I don't feel so good today.
I'm too weak today
to dance as Kitri.
Yes, please move
all my rehearsals today.
Did you hear me?
I said,
my rehearsals today are canceled.
- Yulka. Are you coming?
- Yes, Karina, I'll come right away.
Yefremova, Tatyana.
But not the feet.
The hips... really bad!
If she gets wider,
she can't dance anymore.
I recommend
dismissing her.
And Karina Kurnikova?
I recommend her
for the next class.
And Yulka Olshanskaya?
She was only accepted
on trial.
I also recommend her
for the next class.
Please do not dismiss me,
I beg you!
What am I going to do?
How can I tell my parents?
I'll work on myself,
please give me a chance!
My hips will disappear,
and my feet will be better! Promise!
Now you're making me into a monster.
We always need a lot of people,
which we can teach here.
At this school.
But only on trial.
Tanya, get up!
You do not have to cry.
Come over here!
Your parents need to understand,
that if we dismiss you,
it's because we do not teach any dance,
but ballet.
You want
to see great dancers
at the Bolshoi Theater,
not mediocre.
There is no reason to cry.
Today, you will be
moving to the next class.
We give you another chance.
But only on trial.
Sit down.
Many thanks.
Galina, my God,
what are you always looking for?
We are in the middle of the meeting.
I am looking for my earrings.
Where are they?
They are worth a fortune.
I don't get it.
- Galina Mikhailovna, calm down now!
- How am I supposed to calm down?
They were stolen here at the academy.
You know that yourself.
We all know,
that the thieves are here.
The earrings
are really valuable
and not just a cell phone
or something like that.
Show me your hands.
Stop hiding them.
Show us, please.
I want you to admit it,
and say it loudly.
It's mean, Olshanskaya.
It's a big crime.
And only after you admit it,
can you repent.
Look at your classmates.
Of course you will be expelled.
But I want to see
that you are ashamed before you go.
Look into their eyes
and say it!
I will not let you go before that.
Everyone should understand that
stealing from teachers
is not tolerated at this school.
I did not steal them.
- I beg your pardon?
- I did not steal them.
what a thing to say!
Lyudmila, enough!
I want you to understand
that you are a liar and a thief.
By tonight, you pack your suitcase,
and leave our academy.
For you,
there is no future here.
Forgive me!
Forgive me!
You witch, disappear
and leave me alone!
Take off, and leave me!
Go away, I hate you!
I wish you were dead!
Tell me,
why are you always here?
Hey, Antsiferov!
You get on my nerves.
This is my bed, get down!
You are such a nuisance!
This is my bed, get down!
- And what do you think?
- Show me.
It must be going down, yes.
A little bit!
Do you think so?
Then diet again.
I think,
those are just old wives' tales
I don't think so!
That can't be a fairytale.
The whole academy knows.
Of course it's not true,
nobody can jump like that.
Even Amirkhan says that.
I think that Beletskaya could
jump from one house roof to the next.
- It's not a legend.
- Do you think it's possible?
- I have to talk to you.
- Only if she hangs on a balloon!
- Impossible.
- Maybe she's a hot air balloon.
- You are silly.
- A balancing act of over 1.80 m?
- Why not?
- The balancing act does not matter,
Imagine what legs
and thighs one would need for that.
That's right.
- Do you have a moment?
- What do you want from me?
Come with me.
Just a moment.
Oh, forget it.
Come on, tell me.
What did you want to tell me?
Well, all right.
I think I'm in love.
I believe it anyway.
I don't know exactly.
No idea.
I'm in love.
And that's why I can not
dance with Karina.
It would work with you.
For example, or so.
This ballet thing is weird!
Don't you find it weird?
You turn a woman in a circle,
and run around like a jerk.
Jump around, you're out of breath,
and that should be
an expression of
being in love.
I hate the ballet.
It was for me.
I finish the academy, I give
my diploma to my mother, and I'm done.
I'm going to be a cop,
like a normal man.
Oh, forget that. Please.
Were you guys
talking about me?
- No.
- No?
From a distance, it looked like
it were about me.
- What's are you laughing about?
- Nothing.
What is it?
It couldn't be true.
She didn't jump.
It's unrealistic.
How about you?
Do you want to try it?
Come on!
- You are a man, come now!
- Karina, I don't want to.
- Come on, try it!
- Karina, stop that! Damn it.
Why not?
The roof would only have to be a bit longer.
No, no, that was just fun.
Do you mean...
can you fall in love with me?
What are you asking me?
What do I know?
I'm in love ...
But the other guys
talk about you.
Who exactly?
Olshanskaya, how do I know
who is in love with you?
I have enough of my own problems.
Yulka, what are you doing?
Does she dare?
- Why is she undressing?
- Do you want to go swimming?
You just want to fool us!
Get dressed!
That is really blatant today.
Please get dressed now.
Yulka, what are you doing?
- Is she serious?
- Enough, Yulka, that's not funny!
-Yes, seriously, Yulka, leave!
- Yul! What about you?
- Now stop it!
- Yulka, are you crazy?
Nobody ever jumped over here,
that much is clear.
You're crazy!
What are you staring at me for?
It is impossible!
Stop! Stop!
Can you not just pick her up,
like normal?
What does "pas de deux" mean?
"Pas de deux" is
for the wedding night!
No, no, no, no!
What's going on with your face?
You are a princess,
and very much in love with him!
What is this?
You are standing there with a dead face
and an empty expression.
It would be good later after class.
- Yes, good.
- Do not forget your shampoo.
Thank you!
- Do you hear me?
- Yes.
I wanted to ask you something.
Do you think
you are still a virgin?
I think so, yes.
Or not anymore?
You know,
what Krasnorutskaya said yesterday?
That through all the stretching...
everything down there
is already completely torn.
Maybe it's true.
said in the second class,
that kissing
makes a mustache grow.
Do you think that's true?
- I do not know.
It would be bad,
if it's true.
Before I get so ugly,
I would rather become a man.
How does that matter?
What's the difference?
And the worst part,
was that she said,
if someday you have sex,
dancing suffers.
Tell me more, that
Lopatkina and Zakharova never had sex.
That's just talk.
I don't believe it.
And by the way,
what I wanted to tell you,
was why Mitya would
always drop you while dancing.
He's totally in love with you.
He says,
he can't touch you.
He can touch me,
but not you.
Thank you for telling me.
Oh my god!
That's a Picasso!
Galina Mikhailovna,
that's you!
This is a beautiful portrait.
Excuse me,
Who are you, then?
- The mom of Karina Kurnikova.
- Ah!
Mrs. Mikhailovna! I'm here
because of the big graduation party.
We from the parents' council would like you
to introduce some of our suggestions.
We have a lot of ideas of all kinds,
but one is
a little...
maybe something crazy,
you can say.
Excuse me,
who are you again?
The mother of Karina Kurnikova.
- Ms. Mikhailovna ...
- Yes!
Should we smoke one first?
You smoke, right?
Not anymore.
Don't tempt me.
I'm sorry.
Galina Mikhailovna,
could you me
at least tell me something.
My daughter doesn't tell me anything,
but of course I am worried.
I am her mother after all,
and I don't know anything.
How is she doing in class,
What is she doing in her free time?
She doesn't want to tell me anything.
Please just tell me a bit.
I won't tell anyone else.
For example,
does she get the role of Aurora?
Now that you're here,
will you forgive me,
but I don't know you at all.
I haven't seen you before.
I understand, yes
that a trip is expensive...
from Shakhtinsk,
but in eight years...
have you ever
called about Yulka.
Do you understand,
that your daughter could
become a great ballerina,
do you understand that?
And that Yulka is
working hard for her dream?
Then come here now,
and not even know my name,
and that I've worked with
your daughter since she was 10 years old!
I'm really stunned.
Will I give Yulka the Aurora role?
She will get it.
That's how it looks.
I give Olshanskaya the role.
I will not say that.
As I sit here,
the role clearly goes to Olshanskaya.
You are scum.
Are you there?
Hey, stop!
And what happens to them now?
Do both have to go to jail?
No, no.
They will be sentenced immediately.
I'm fed up with the girl.
She is here for the fourth time,
as a juvenile arrestee.
She has to learn,
that you do not behave like that.
please wait!
One second!
Maybe there's art.
Another option.
I'll take the petition back.
But that won't really
be necessary.
Fancy a juvenile prison?
Then follow along.
Your father works in the mining industry,
awarded special merits.
Your mother works as a foreman,
and you? A crook!
Masha, why are you saying that?
- She did not steal, she just danced.
- Yes, go ahead, just praise her!
Good kid!
You'll see, Masha!
Yulka, we go!
You start with ballet lessons.
What's that for?
So, it starts!
That's where we start.
What's that bar for?
What do you think?
Where do I have to go?
- Where do you prefer?
- Right here in the middle.
I'm supposed to dance, right?
Or not?
I could dance on my hands,
or I could jump?
I'll show you.
This is called first position.
Come, turn your feet outward.
Turn your feet out!
That hurts me!
Oh really?
Just because you get applause
from a couple of drunkards on the bus,
do you think,
you can dance well?
I said,
you should turn your leg.
Don't be so stubborn, you can do it!
Knees together!
The juvenile jail would really
have been much nicer.
Good, if you want,
then go to the juvenile jail!
And one, and two,
and three, pli?
Deep pli?
Galina Mikhailovna?
Is my arm correct?
- Huh?
- Is my arm correct?
That's right, Katya!
Krasnorutskaya, full stretch!
And you?
Do you think you will be famous?
And one,
and two, and three...
I wonder,
could I become as slim as you?
How about...
Our favorite?
- Shall we?
- May I?
- Why not?
- Well then go!
Karina will not come with us,
she is too scared.
You're weird.
Come on, let's go.
You drive very well!
Be careful here!
Nice... downshift,
and turn!
Here, here, here, here ...
Do you have a car?
At home in Shakhtinsk?
No, of course not.
Can your mother
come to your graduation party?
Unfortunately no, Aunt Vera.
Too expensive.
Vanya is now in the 7th grade!
Mother writes that the school is milking
money from her like a dairy cow.
She bought him shoes in the spring,
which are already too small.
And the twins are always sick,
and in 1st grade.
But it's not that bad.
I'll go to the Bolshoi, and then
I'll get her out of there.
Yulka, how about
if I give you money?
Drop it, pretend
I didn't tell you anything.
I understand you well,
I also hate to take something,
but what I am about
to suggest to you, is
You are doing something for this money.
You do something,
then I give you money afterwards.
You would earn it,
you would have...
worked for it,
just like normal people do.
You could then
send your mother money.
- What should I do for you?
- I don't know.
I can't think of anything right now.
You could say no,
to the Aurora role.
We would like to help you.
What do you mean by the Aurora role?
Well, you give up the role
of Aurora in the final performance.
You're crazy!
You want to fool me.
I can't believe it.
Come out!
Karina, honey, show yourself!
See you!
My admirers!
- All of them?
- Sure, of course.
Daddy has a lot of money.
And, you said Mitya as well...
But you?
What do you think?
My body belongs only to ballet.
Actually, I've decided
that there will never be anyone.
I swear.
I only feel this in my body.
Lift a leg.
Bend leg.
Raise the arms, and arabesque.
And then?
And then what?
You have a leg,
you lift that up,
and then?
Lift your legs and bend.
And who the hell
needs an arabesque?
We are talking about facts here!
And the fucking "second position"!
Who needs all this?
Can you live without them?
Why are you getting angry?
I'm not forcing you
to participate.
You can me!
- All!
- What's going on?
The next stop is
Moscow Central Station.
It's because of the grand battement.
What are you saying?
- Nothing important.
- Seriously, what is it?
Alright, I do not care.
I'm not interested.
Put your hand on my chest.
Yulka told you, right?
Are you making fun of me?
And now below.
I like you very much.
But let us wait.
Until after the final performance.
There's a lot going on.
I'm focused on my role.
We can do it afterwards, yes?
First we have to dance.
Please don't drop me.
Lie down and stay relaxed.
Mrs. Mikhailovna,
I don't have his number.
Honestly. There's some guy.
I myself don't know him.
Call again!
A guy.
Change your clothes!
Galina Mikhailovna,
who is our Aurora now?
I don't know yet.
Right away...
We'll decide right away.
Phone is off.
I tried.
Keep trying.
Try it,
while you warm up.
This slut.
Call, call, call!
If I catch the ...
Here you go.
Then let's see
what awaits us today.
They are all prepared.
So everything should go smoothly.
I hope.
All actors, please prepare
for the first stage rehearsal!
Everyone, please,
rehearsal on the main stage.
Take that off!
Don't stand around, take it off!
What is she doing?
Zhana, stop! Stop!
Olshanskaya, what's going on?
Get out of this scene!
I said, you should stop!
Has everyone gone crazy here?
This is a huge scandal!
You yourself forgot!
You yourself totally forgot!
What are we supposed to do?
The rehearsal is
finished for today!
I have a problem.
I want my best student,
that I've had in my life,
dancing the main role
in our final piece.
But those assholes ...
piss me off
and will not let me.
But that is no problem,
my dear Galina.
What is the name of the student?
Yulka Olshanskaya.
Is there anything else
that I can do for you?
Maybe a tea?
I love men,
who are not resentful, thank you!
Are you kidding, Galina?
You're the best I've ever had
happen in my life.
Galina Mikhailovna!
How could you do that?
Everyone out, please?
What does all this mean?
didn't appear for the costume rehearsal
and you give her
the main role in the piece?
I have always treated you fairly.
I gave you the end of your course.
I've let you finish your course
with the final piece,
on the ballet stage.
I even let your
favorite student Olshanskaya
stay at the school,
after the story with your earrings.
And your memory lapses?
I kept that to myself.
I have always covered for you.
We had an agreement.
You promised in return
not to interfere in the academy.
You wanted to go in dignity.
Did you forget that?
Did you forget about it now?
What are you thinking?
I forgot.
Forgive me!
Lyudmila Sergeyevna, believe me,
I did not do it on purpose.
I am naturally very grateful
to you for everything.
Believe me. Now, I have,
out of sheer forgetfulness,
forgotten our agreement.
I'm crazy.
And my time is over.
I really am now
pretty crazy.
It's time.
I am very sorry.
I really shouldn't decide anything more.
how long did your longest marriage last?
Two or three years?
I've known you for so much longer.
I'm very sorry, you know?
I have been with you for
thirty years at this academy.
Thirty years!
Then your little one,
she just gets the role of Aurora.
Just please make it fast
and then go, Galina!
Hurry up
and then get out with you!
Admit it:
you never
jumped from roof to roof.
Damn, another ballet rehearsal!
Have you heard already?
We only get a week's vacation.
- We have to complain.
- Lena! Get out!
You, Tanya!
How about a breast reduction operation?
What are you upset about?
You owe me another hundred, Lena!
What, don't you remember?
I bet that Olshanskaya
is dancing as Aurora!
Lena, are you listening to me?
I am happy for you.
Thank you.
What is it?
My breasts.
They are huge.
It hurts, to
always tie them off.
My termination.
I want to quit the school.
Sincerely, of my own wishes.
And you my dear,
for your shame,
Shall you stew,
for fourteen weeks!
- Four times a day!
- For fourteen weeks,
four times a day!
We heat the sauna in the backyard!
Julka! Give it here.
You are so pretty.
- The coat looks good on you.
- Who asked you?
- Are you crazy?
- What is it, Masha?
They finally paid us off,
I can give you something.
And what happens
until they next pay,
did you think about that?
He gives gifts!
Don't sit on the cold floor!
How should I feed you all,
did you think about that?
What should I do?
With a fur coat?
Vanya? Have a look,
Dad gave me the ballerina!
Come on!
Here we go!
Sorry, who are you?
- Are you Misha?
- No, I'm Lyosha.
I am Misha.
I am your sister.
- See, I have presents.
- Oh cool!
Thank you!
Look, what's in there!
That's just for us, right?
I'm making borscht for you!
Without meat,
only water and cabbage.
And Vanya is still
traveling with his friends.
Oh, I have no bread at all.
Emergency! Somebody gets fined now!
Yes, only one now!
Come on, go on!
Go away! I'll kick you out.
- I'm coming!
- I will be first!
- You're the last one!
- I won!
- Go away! That is totally unfair!
- Yulka!
- Food is ready!
I'm really lucky.
They are so nice.
Rich, but still quite normal.
If I could choose,
I'd work there forever.
And how polite they are to me:
would you clean the windows?
Mom, what's that?
Only the tail.
- Are those their leftovers?
- What's left over in the evening ...
Mom, please do not say that
before Vanya and the twins.
- I beg your pardon?
- Please do not eat any leftover food.
Do you see, Vanya?
The ballerina is here.
'Do not eat any leftover food.'
Are you ashamed of us?
As a Muscovite?
Mom, it's enough.
Did you ever ask how
we lived here?
You were away for eight years,
swinging your legs.
You dance around
in your Moscow.
Good, keep dancing!
But do not tell me
how we should live!
After the death of your father
I even got a color TV!
Mom, that's enough now!
Your father pampered you.
- That's why you're so selfish.
- What does he have to do with this?
Very much!
He left me!
With a big belly and Vanya!
And here she comes off dancing,
without ever mourning!
- Mother!
- Listen, Vanya!
She packed her things,
went up and away.
She's dancing so well!
I was allowed to dance Aurora.
Your daughter will soon be
on stage at the Bolshoi Theater.
Did they not have anyone better?
Why are you leaving today?
You said,
you'd stay for a week!
Yes, but I have something to do.
Yes, of course!
Nothing but excuses.
I would leave her, too,
if I could.
She always needs help
and is never nice to me.
Please! You should help her.
I don't remember my father at all.
Was he actually like that?
- Good day!
- Good day!
Yes, hello!
Kurnikova looks good.
I wish you success!
I wish you success!
Boych comes today!
Now get ready.
Get changed, yes?
Go get changed now!
Because you will dance today.
- You're crazy!
- Tonight you dance as Aurora.
- What's this nonsense?
- You have to dance tonight!
- Because I'm not dancing today, ok?
- Yulka?
Isn't Karina watching the show with us?
She will not be watching today.
I want that to be sent to
Shakhtinsk by registered mail.
- Good day.
- Good day.
Galina Mikhailovna,
good morning.
Galina Mikhailovna?
I told you, put on some other underwear,
so you do not embarrass me.
- But you're just lying around.
- Oh my god.
I can't stand you anymore.
I can't stand it anymore,
living here with you every day.
Yes, you take
nothing at all,
Do you have money for tickets?
Here money, there food,
then TV,
Clothes, food, money.
Keep it up!
Stay here in your shit,
it keeps you warm.
You seem to be freezing here.
I only asked you
to change your underwear,
so you don't feel embarrassed.
And you continue to drink. Like every day.
Are not you ashamed?
How else can you handle it?
And what are you doing here?
I asked what you want here.
Do you think you're ready for Moscow?
You belong in the juvenile jail
and not in Moscow.
- Blithering idiot!
- Get out!
Piss off, I said!
I can walk by myself!
whatever's left after the tickets,
you keep!
And promise me one thing:
You'll never come back.
Be good!
I'm from Shakhtinsk.
I came to Moscow
and joined the academy here,
with Galina Mikhailovna.
Today I work at the Bolshoi Theater.
To dance in Swan Lake,
has always been my dream.
Everyone knows how much work and
talent are needed
to dance in the Bolshoi Theater.
- Yes.
- And although I'm a dancer,
I'm just an artist.
Only the third swan.
I am not the prima or a soloist.
I stand in the second row,
and most
probably don't know me.
But for me, it is a great honor
to stand on one stage
with Karina Kurnikova
and Antoine Duval.
I am proud that my name
is in the program of the Swan Lake.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, I am proud of you.
Yulka Olshanskaya.
Antoine Duval is already on his way
and will be here any moment.
In the meantime, the artistic director,
Oleg Nikolayevich Boych.
You probably know
that Antoine Duval
will soon finish his great ballet career
with this piece here at the Bolshoi.
This will be his farewell performance.
You've already heard
from the dancers.
So I'll answer your question.
Yes, a Frenchman
will be in Swan Lake.
- Yes, that's correct.
- Yulka? Yulka, where are you going?
Oh, Tanya, listen.
She'll touch her ear.
Sweet and shy.
And the role of White Swan
goes to...
our unique dancer
Karina Kurnikova
Now she'll turn to profile.
A nice neck like that,
she has to show it.
Now she'll smile.
How easy and accessible!
Forget her, Mitya.
Alright, but I told you
I know her well.
- You're right.
- She's a machine.
Hey, Olshanskaya!
Great speech!
Where'd you go?
Come back,
Antoine is arriving now.
I'm drinking to you, Tanya.
Didn't you always want
to be in the Bolshoi?
And now you're here, Tanya,
as a costume maker.
I drink to your breasts.
And also to you.
To the breasts!
I regret nothing.
Too much for the ballet
and very nice for life.
Why not?
Holy shit!
Antoine Duval.
Do you know where I first saw you?
At the Bolshoi.
You danced in Nutcracker,
and I stood next to you backstage.
You were my prince.
I really wanted to
be your wife.
Slow down.
I don't understand
Russian speaking that quick.
By the way,
Everyone is waiting for you,
at the press conference.
Listen, can you help me to escape from here?
Do you dance in Swan Lake?
Because I don't remember you.
Beletskaya always knew who I was.
Beletskaya, she was sick.
Totally losing her memory.
She didn't remember even Karina.
Or that she gave me her earrings,
which she wore in Swan Lake.
They don't understand that.
When time goes by,
and nothing is happening.
What do you know about time?
I'm 40,
and I can see that I'm losing my jumps,
One millimeter after the other.
Today's one, tomorrow it will be two.
And there's nothing I can do.
And you wonder
if it's difficult to quit ballet?
It's not difficult.
Almost impossible.
And the journalists:
What will you do after your retirement?
Will you be a teacher?
Teach who?
Dumb people like you?
Needs to drink to be able to dance?
Come on!
What a future?
I wish I could be at your place.
Tu comprends?
No, I don't understand!
Why are you so bitter?
You've achieved everything!
What is it?
Yulka, are you drunk?
I've thought about it.
I'm moving to Moscow.
Why not?
Seriously! What can I be in Shakhtinsk?
Who's waiting for you here?
Come back to earth.
Every day many come on wagons like you!
I know what I'm talking about.
You'll just ruin your life.
Whatever you have of it.
But you did it too!
You went off to study!
And now you have an apartment,
and dance at the Bolshoi Theater!
And do you know,
how proud mom is of you?
she's talking about you
all over the city!
And d?elopp?..
all the way.
Stretch your standing legs.
Okay, give more space...
to your neck and chin.
Mind the shoulder.
Rond de jambe.
And arabesque.
And one, d?elopp?
three, and four.
All the way with the foot, please.
Three and four...
Mind the finger.
two, three,
Rond de jambe.
It seems somebody has been
drinking yesterday?
I was.
Don't you know that you
shouldn't drink before the class?
I'm sorry, I had to, with one man.
I couldn't say no.
He was very upset.
Are you sure you can work?
I'm standing and working.
So you're shaking like that,
every time you're dancing?
I think you should quit.
Toni, stop!
Yulka is a great ballerina.
She used to dance Aurora at the academy.
Oh really?
Ok, bring the bar away, please.
Show me.
We'll do the first entrance of Aurora
in Sleeping Beauty. Ok.
Ok! And!
Okay, okay, stop it, stop it.
Thank you, maestro.
Well apparently you've been waiting too long
in the corp de ballet.
It seems to be too late for you now.
She had to run her mouth!
Stupid cow!
You are still good!
- No!
- But! You are very good, do you hear?
What are you crying about?
Come on now!
Do you remember
that time with the earrings?
- I told you.
- I know that.
Please forgive me!
It's not important anymore, Tanya!
What is that supposed to mean?
You could have been thrown out!
And you were always the coolest!
You're the best ballerina, believe me!
What do you understand, you idiot?
Ow, come on, stop, stop! Stop, stop!
Don't spread your leg like that!
I can't lift you,
I already told you that!
I'm sorry.
No it's me, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have drink yesterday.
Let's do it again?
No, it's enough for today.
I'm tired.
Ladies, please be quiet now!
Stand in two rows.
Yes, exactly.
Arms deeper.
Tilt your upper body.
Take care that you don't sag.
Take a deep breath.
Lower arabesque.
Lower arabesque!
Lower arabesque, Olshanskaya!
And now under your arm, under your arm.
Okay, tilt your body!
Yes exactly.
Olshanskaya! Lower sissonne!
Lower sissonne, Olshanskaya!
I can't jump lower!
That's my leap!
Get out!
From the second beat, please, ladies.
If you would be so kind.
Beautifully done!
And in the next position... Bravo!
Attention, fifth position...
I can't believe it, Olshanskaya!
You're the second cast
for Odette in Swan Lake.
Look, there's four premieres.
Of course, Karina is dancing all of them.
Whether you dance or not,
it is the same dress in the rehearsal.
You fucked him.
Everyone knows about it.
That's why you're the second cast.
Finally, Olshanskaya
did something reasonable.
Go to hell, Yefremova.
Go! Didn't you hear me?
Go sew, seamstress!
Tanya, better to go.
Oh, fuck you, primadonnas.
Kurnikova, you could have
talked to me first.
- After the press conference...
- Do you know that he has someone like you
in every city? There is no safety with him.
Krasnorutskaya was also there.
And waiting in America
are his wife and two children.
- Is that not disgusting?
- You are jealous.
- You're in love with him!
- No, I'm not in love.
Oh, Kurnikova!
But you're actually right.
As for his wife, if you're really
in love with someone, you wouldn't care.
You accept the wife and the two kids.
Do you remember Kirill?
I took his hand and
went with him off the train.
And I didn't care if he slept
with Krasnorutskaya.
You take yourself as an example?
I am the prima!
And you are not.
I was the best in our year.
And you are a hillbilly
from Shakhtinsk or something.
I was the one Mitya
wanted to dance with in Sleeping Beauty.
He bet on me.
Didn't you know?
It's because of me you can come
to all the press conferences.
Because of him, I am no longer a virgin.
It wasn't like Kirill on the train.
I was Aurora at our graduation.
Admit it, Olshanskaya.
You were Aurora only because
your mother paid me.
I accepted the money.
Afterwards, I went on the roof and jumped,
like Beletskaya.
Merci! Merci, merci!
You were great!
You were wonderful, dear.
Only try to remember
that at the end, that this little piqu?
you have to cross right there at the end.
The rest was great, yes!
Are you alright?
After only the second rehearsal
it's really just this little
piqu?at the end...
Hurry up now!
Look at the tree!
Man, is that cold!
And here we are,
all connected to each other at random.
What are you staring at?
You're holding up everyone.
- Tell me, what is your name?
- Yulka.
Well, give me your hand, Yulka.
We're going together now.
Do you like it?
- And do you know who played him?
- Yes, Marius Petipa.
Oh, very well done!
Do you know which year?
That was 1982.
Very well. And do you know,
what role will Antoine Duval play?
Yes. I know that.
Where's Olshanskaya?
I don't know.
Karina! Tell me, where's Yulka?
I don't know.
Well, little one!
What do you want here?
Olshanskaya, what are you doing?
I was looking for you all over the theater.
Antoine, things happen.
Dancers can injure their legs.
He said it happens.
Dancers can break the leg.
She really can't dance?
Call her again.
It's switched off.
I can cancel the performance.
He will cancel the performance.
- Did you warm up?
- Yes.
What's happening?
- I'm not ready.
- She will do it.
- I can't dance that!
- Antoine, nothing can come of it.
This is my performance.
I take the responsibility of it.
She will dance.
Is he serious?
Why are you still sitting around here?
Tanya, I can't do it.
I can't go out there,
it's not working!
Such fairy tales aren't
intended for people like me.
Forget fairy tales, Yulka!
You're dancing the premiere today!
Then you do ballet again.
Do you think you'll just
keep the lead role after?
Then forget it.
You'll work hard again.
Just like in the academy back then.
That doesn't mean that you're good.
It's just Karina
is giving you your chance.
You know,
it's no fairy tale for them either.
Antoine will go back to his wife
and Karina stays here.
You know, I remember the first time I
came on tour at the Bolshoi.
I was dancing Nutcracker.
I was young.
And I wanted everything to be perfect.
I was so stressed,
at the begining of the performance,
that I barely could even dance.
until this little girl in the wings.
She must have been ten years old.
She pointed at me like that.
She had such eyes
full of dreams and light.
She gave me strength
and confidence to go on.
So I danced for her.
Maybe you should think
who you are dancing for.
Let's go. Toi toi.