Bombairiya (2019) Movie Script

I don't know who this new witness is.
No one knows it, Mr. Batliwala,
but legal expert, Karuna Singh has a different question for the commissioner.
Commissioner Wadia,
why is the CBI not investigating the Stanley D'Mello case?
Since it's odd, the police are investigating themselves.
Five years ago we lacked evidence, madam.
Now this new witness
pops out of nowhere just when
Mr. Pandya enters politics!
Are we saying this on Indian national television
that there's a system that protects witnesses?
You can't call it a system. There's no infrastructure.
However, we hide the identity of key witnesses,
but only until conviction.
You mean conviction or acquittal?
Because, the more famous the accused
the faster he goes free, while the witnesses disappear.
The point here is if we want to change the system,
our politicians must change the way they think!
We don't make the law.
Laws are made by the State. We just enforce them, that's all.
My Lord
I had told you where you'd find a plain sari.
Didn't you find it?
I had to leave...
so that whatever happens here...
does not destroy your life.
My Lord
The choice that I have made
As I left home today
My Lord
The choice that I have made
As I left home today
Whatever I need I will take it from You right now
That is for God to say
-Hey! She's burning something! -That's Karan Kapoor!
Karan Kapoor!
My Lord
O lord of mine, You are the light
By which I see the path
As I lay down And say Your name in prayer
I have lost myself
In my love for You
Let the world believe That I have gone crazy
As I lay down And say Your name in prayer
My Lord
-Sir, take this. -Kaboom!
Get ready for the killer shot.
What are you doing?
It's a Line of Control.
Imagine there are chairs on the left and right!
Cross at your peril!
-Sir... -From top to bottom...
Should I call Ms. Ira?
Don't cross the line, sir. These guys are Ms. Ira's spies.
She needs to know what's going on here.
I'm coming in!
Raju? What are you doing?
I'm not allowed to talk to the enemy.
Today is 20th December and the weather is still hot.
I hope you're keeping your cool
In fact, happy Sunday if you're relaxing at home
or chilling in jail.
And a special hello if you're just chasing your tail.
-My auto rickshaw is fine! -That's great!
-It is your mistake. -Who's going to pay for my damage?
He hasn't left the film, silly!
-This is a new scooter. -It's just a minor scratch.
Replacing me means
How will I travel to my workplace now?
If that witch finds out I'm helping you
I won't just be banned from the sets I will lose my job, Gopi!
Why should I give you 300 rupees?
Who the hell are you to teach me?
-Shh. -But your job...
-If you're done, let's go. -What do you mean?
-Madam said, "left, left, left." -And you obeyed her.
So this is your fault.
You want to fight with me now?
It's no joke. There's oil leaking.
-Hey! You... Show some respect! -Hey!
-And what about you? -What are you doing, man?
What are you doing?
-Return her helmet. -Who are you? Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
I told you to go! Oh, my God!
-Rascal! -Sir...
You again!
-Stop! -Hey, stop!
-Her cell phone! -Stop!
He took her cell phone.
Hey, stop!
-Stop! -You will be cursed for life!
-Why did you interfere? -Everyone was simply standing there.
Hey, madam! Madam, wait!
I'm so excited for this special someone for whom...
That person is about to get a chance to meet
with our celebrity mystery interview.
Yes, you guessed it.
I'm talking about our Lucky Lunchtime winner
who'll be in the studio soon.
Take a message, it's urgent. Tell her it's about Karan Kapoor.
She has your mobile number, right?
Not that number, the one I'm calling from.
Hello? My lift!
Bring sweetmeats for the boys.
Yes, sir.
Two weeks ago Satya Rahi Party leader
and former ACP, Kamlesh Pandya
refused to apply for bail entering judicial custody.
Tomorrow Pandya will head to Bombay High Court
to defend a charge that five years ago
he let rogue police officer, Stanley D'Mello escape the law.
D'Mello, who was last seen fitting this description in 2012
was an undercover officer and a master of disguise.
Is it possible he's still alive and protected by Pandya?
Viewers may remember,
D'Mello disappeared after carrying out 21 encounters.
Encounters in which he killed Don Arun Naik,
his entire gang, and some of his family members too.
Perhaps such violence is acceptable
given the murder of a police officer's wife.
But revenge always hurts the innocent.
D'Mello left his daughter, Alice, in a Christian orphanage
where she later died of typhoid fever.
Nobody knows the kind of feud this was.
Whatever lies behind the mystery of D'Mello,
the prosecution is confident that a new witness
will secure a high profile conviction.
If so, Pandya's political ambitions will surely end.
Boss, what do I do? Criminals work on Sundays too.
We need the station opened. How else will we serve the public?
Fine, I'll hold.
Sir, repeating my name isn't helping.
What are you doing?
Landline. I've exhausted my monthly cell phone allowance.
I won't pay from my pocket.
But, come on, my brother-in-law is a good cop.
-Greetings. -Greetings, Chacha.
I met with an accident on Turner Road while riding the scooter.
It's nothing major. Just some oil is leaking.
So I'll be a little late to deliver the parcel.
Yeah, I'm at Joe's Garage, off the Turner Road.
If we have time, I can get it fixed here.
He had to go. He's not home.
-Without his mobile? -Maybe, he forgot it.
And who are you?
We go way back.
Joe's Garage is off Turner Road, right?
Yeah, it will just take 20 minutes or so. I'll get it fixed.
Yeah, fix the scooter first
and then come here. Chacha will be back by then.
I'll just apologize to him and offer him some money.
Your brother-in-law is here.
We're illegal, according to the BMC.
-What? -That's hardly surprising.
Most police stations are gifted by builders.
Who's this?
Some brute took her phone and assaulted me.
It was the other way around. He got my phone stolen!
Let me see your face.
You selected today of all days to pick a fight.
-Is it swollen? -Yes.
Let me have a look.
Got it!
Great. At least we can make a report.
I'm not filing a report.
What do I do? She's sitting in my car.
Pick up the phone.
Do your work.
Ms. Meghna Shergill? It's about your overdue bill.
Two days back you said you'd pay it.
If you don't pay up, we'll cancel your service.
When will you pay?
When my shop reopens.
They'll be dressed to impress!
Pintu, tell Papa to smarten up.
His usual sloppy look won't do.
Not at Zapata's. Where are you?
Are you listening, Pintu?
I'll give the message to Pintu, Aunt.
Who's this on Pintu's--
To keep the line free.
Witness the FIR please.
Fair skin?
He wasn't short. More tall and broad.
The color of the scooter is wrong.
-How? Pink is pink. -No, it was more...
It was more like purple.
-Is that so? -Yes.
How can I sign it?
It's all wrong.
The person you're trying to reach is busy on another call.
Hey, Pintu!
-She calls you Pintu now, is it? -Ugh, God, come on.
Does this have a connection with the dating app?
And why isn't she wearing her shoes?
Hello? Listen!
I'm ready to pay for my phone, but within reason, please.
Hmm. You've changed your tune.
Huh? I have an emergency in the office. Who were you talking to?
First, you tell me, whose cell phone are you calling from?
Well, uh, I met my neighbor.
-Hello. -Please tell me who you were talking to.
Why don't you guess?
Pintu is here.
-How do I know? Archana? -He came to meet me.
No, it wasn't Archana.
I have no clue. Uh, Gopi?
Our plan in the afternoon is fixed, right?
Who is Gopi?
He's my boss. What do you want? I'll lose my job.
It wasn't your boss. But it was a man.
Is this a game?
You're a strange girl.
Do you ever think about the poor Uncle who lives in Delhi?
If there are any changes, then let me know.
-Did you speak to my father? -Someone had to!
You haven't picked up his call in two weeks.
-Do you think this is a joke? -I want you to do this.
Call Uncle now and tell him you're fine. All right?
Otherwise we're all done.
And if you want to chat further,
then pay your bill!
What are you doing with my feet?
I need to go!
Then who'll drop me home?
Let my brother-in-law trap this psycho. Don't go it alone.
He didn't sound creepy to me.
-Mom, mind if I talk to my daughter? -I'm not stopping you!
Just tell me what "it's complicated" means!
-I will seriously unfriend you, Granny. -There we are!
Hello. Granny...
I don't know. I'm out of credit maybe.
Just give your number to my brother-in-law.
I'll sell my car and give you the money. Okay?
Note her address.
Who hit you? Huh?
Her boyfriend?
Please don't tell this to Mom.
Oh, God, you're such a blabbermouth.
Hey, madam! Call the other hero from my cell phone.
That's illegal!
Your entire police station is illegal!
See, here's the girlfriend's number.
Should we tell Pintu about this?
Let it be.
Oh, hi! This is Meghna's Granny, from Delhi.
Oh, uh. Hi, Granny, how are you?
-Is she with you? -No, Granny, she's not.
Cool! Let's talk freely! Her father has gone out.
-Talk about what? -Meghna! Who else?
Poor thing's lost it ever since her mother died.
-Her mom died? -Didn't she mention that?
She got so bad that I thought I'd have to move in.
Now I'm going to trust you. Or I will move in with you.
Now, I have a personal question, so don't mind.
No, uh, Granny, I wouldn't know how to answer.
Just tell the truth.
-Did you get Meghna pregnant? -Pregnant?
She hasn't told you that either! She's usually quite frank.
No... uh...
-I just left her. -How could you just leave her?
She's probably pregnant, and you ditched her!
-Granny, listen... -No, you listen!
Being a Dad takes more than 15 minutes of exercise.
Whatever is wrong, fix it!
Try chocolates! Or take her out for ice cream!
Papa asked me to call as soon as you hand over the phone to me.
That's fine, but how do I delete this video?
-Which video? -The one you shot during the accident.
Don't do that! I mean I'll do it.
-My phone is temperamental. -Just like its owner.
Um, do you drink coffee?
I have work to do, there's no time to socialize.
What if I come to you?
I'll call you after I'm done with my meeting.
Look... Look, I don't have all day.
Get yourself to Mahim.
It's a ladies model.
By Sitladevi temple, next to a school, there's a PCO
run by a kid so no danger at all.
-Where's the parcel? -Parcel?
Where is the parcel?
Which parcel, Sherlock?
Oh my days!
Hey! Hey! Scooter! Oh, Pinky!
-My money! -My brother-in-law will pay!
Yes, Mom. I'm still stuck in traffic. Get a taxi to Zapata's!
Mom, I'm driving!
No, don't pull over.
I have credit on my phone now.
that some guy left you like this.
Mohit called?
Mohit? Now that bastard has a name?
your granny thinks that I'm the father of his baby, that you're carrying!
I was taking down his number, when he hit me from behind.
Add this to the report.
-And mention terror suspect in the report. -First class, sir!
-Something's wrong. -So I heard.
The trial is still on tomorrow.
They're yet to find Chacha. Don't panic.
There's an alert on the guy on the scooter.
Hmm. We need to finish this today.
The city has changed.
What if there's another witness?
You never leave a trace, that's why I called you back.
Why are you so worried? Who do you think will testify against him?
People, it's 1:30 and you know what that means!
It's Lucky Lunchtime time!
With me are two lucky winners. Mr. Balvinder Bhalla
-and his sweet nephew, Jaswinder. -Jazz!
Jazz, you flew in from Gurudaspur just to meet Karan Kapoor!
-For your children. -Sister...
I am amazed how you quickly answered the question which was,
"What was Karan Kapoor's first theatre role?"
Sita. The Goddess, from the classic epic.
He's been Karan Kapoor's biggest fan since he was a kid.
Karan was a bigger star back then.
-I don't know what he does now. -So, let's connect you!
Jazz, be ready. Balvinder, be ready.
Maybe he's not picking up because he's shooting. Such a star!
He doesn't even know we're here.
Of course, he knows! And his PR team is listening in.
The lady at reception didn't even offer us water.
-Have my coffee, sir. -Forget it.
Just tell them there was an accident on set.
That will buy us some time.
What about the prize winners?
There's a kid from Gurudaspur
with his gym-body uncle. He's staring me down right now.
I'm a stuntman!
I have a new peon. I'll send my cell phone with him.
-Okay? -Yes.
-Why would he answer your call? -He will.
So they gave you a peon?
Huh? Yeah.
Listen, at the end of their call, please talk to Karan
and keep my cell phone with you.
I'll be there.
What happened? Hello?
I can't talk right now.
How can we not talk, huh?
I have a catastrophe happening and I need your help.
My catastrophe is bigger than yours, get it?
Go to Radio City in BKC. Ask for RJ Archana, okay?
She has to call Karan Kapoor from my phone.
Filmstar Karan Kapoor?
I was carting his photo around the entire morning.
What do you do for him?
You love him?
Public relations, media, interview, radio.
Well, uh, she's waiting for you in Bandra Kurla, okay?
And what am I to you?
My beloved peon, Prem?
Listen! You can choose a name for yourself if you want. Hello.
Just help me.
What trap are you luring me into?
No trap, I swear.
Two Punjabis won a prize to meet Karan.
A hitman is following me. He kills people and uses their phones.
What crap is this?
Tell me something.
Did you report your phone stolen?
Who reports a stolen phone, stupid?
Where are you calling from?
I'm at home and calling from my computer.
And whose cell phone did you use to call me before?
I told you it was my neighbor's phone.
What's all this?
Boy or girl?
-Hmm. We'll see. -What do you mean?
I'll dig out the number and call it.
She just left!
-Go, get her! I'm not sure I trust you. -And what about my work?
If I'm still alive, we can discuss it.
Listen to me. Hello?
Where are you from?
Join me for a drink!
I need to change my shirt and you need to find a gift for a girl.
Something that says, um, you know, "I'm sorry for today."
Or shall we go wherever you're going?
There's a quick update on Karan Kapoor.
He's not missing.
In fact, Mumbai, we're in touch with his PR team.
That accident on set was not life-threatening.
Thank you so much for all your calls.
We're making every effort
to connect Jazz and Balwinder with Karan Kapoor.
Sir, Ms. Ira.
Ignore her.
Hand him your phone, now.
Sorry, my phone was on silent mode.
What's this nonsense about an accident on set?
Which accident?
What happened with the radio promo?
I had to get away.
The PR guy you imposed on me is a pothead.
Mr. Wannabe Woody Allen who thinks he can direct.
Listen, Karan, my campaign can't take negative publicity, do you get it?
Where are you?
On a swan boat.
National Park lake.
-Are you alone? -Raju's stuck to me.
I am not asking about him.
Send me a selfie
from Swan lake.
Don't you trust me?
I'm not an idiot to trust you.
Did you get the bottles of cologne I sent you?
My body's not in shape... anymore.
So drink less.
If you can't focus on our film, at least focus on the election.
I'm with you.
I'm just trying to get my head together.
Sir, don't!
Pack up here!
We're off to the lake to take a selfie!
Where were you?
-Sit! -We'll talk later.
-Why is your hat at that angle? -I'm sitting.
Mom, just chill.
We get around four of them daily.
But, sir, pink scooter.
"Terror suspect, age 30, pink scooter, checked shirt."
Blah blah blah...
"Last seen in Bandra. CID Gujral."
In our country
when a witness retracts their testimony
and becomes a hostile witness
that witness is in contempt of court.
In other words they risk seven years of imprisonment.
Now just think the amount of pressure
and intimidation they must be under
to take such a big risk.
-Is this shop yours? -Hmm.
Do you know how to operate this? I need a number.
Will you pay me for this?
Of course! Come out.
Whose number do you want?
-Karan Kapoor's? -Yes.
Write it on my hand.
Yet the law threatens to punish them.
So just think! Is there any hope for justice?
All I know is
he is at his computer day and night.
Now he can stop dating girls.
Mom! It's not for me!
Soon! Just...
It needs some investment.
Something that you like!
We have an exchange policy!
Hey, Pintu!
Hey, Frederico!
Oh, I'm-- Don't worry! I'm with him!
Oh, uh...
Guys, this is Meghna.
Oh, Nandini!
Did you run all the way here?
Okay, so when the call comes you've to tell him that you're my neighbor.
Is she the same girl?
-Mom, what are you... -Who did this to you?
Leave it!
Yeah, Meghna's neighbor speaking.
This guy's still after you?
Oh, you gave her phone to her peon?
That's why you're calling from a PCO?
Yeah, I get it.
Why? Why should I give her my phone?
Oh, just till 8:30?
What's this about 8:30?
I'll tell you later.
I have Karan Kapoor's number. Note it down.
Hold on. Did I ask you for that?
No, right?
I asked you to go to Radio City.
And I decided to check out your PCO story first.
The little guy remembers you well. Who's this?
-The woman in the white sari. -And what did you find?
-Video. -Hit delete then.
What are you doing? That's my private video!
What's the big deal?
We will have to rectify your mistake.
Try acting less smart and you won't land in trouble.
Happy Holi, bless the blouse-less!
I need to take my paint off, please, baby!
What's all this?
-You're too young to watch this. -Pervert!
Let's click a sexy selfie.
-Karan! Give me the shower curtain! -Baby.
-Jerk! -Turn it off!
Don't just turn it off. Delete it!
Madam, we will delete it. Just not today.
Until our jobs are done,
I'll be your beloved peon Prem. Do you get it?
Why are you doing all this?
What have I done?
You're going to look after me, and I'm going to look after you. Okay?
I just spoke to my brother-in-law.
He's wanted for murder.
Enough of this.
Why are you leaving?
Your son is thinking about something else. There's no point lingering!
At least pay for what you ordered!
-Pintu, do something! -No, no, no!
You expect us to pay!
find-a-boy find-a-boy idiocity, okay?
Give me some more.
Have I opened a bank here? Huh?
Sir, checked shirt! Checked shirt!
Sir, catch him! Terrorist!
Hey, you! Stop!
Move it!
You got him!
What was the number?
Why did you let him go?
MH03 YY...
-Faster, Pintu, they're getting away! -No, let's go back!
I had to pay the whole bill, and I also left my glasses.
Dad, you can buy new glasses. My hat is irreplaceable.
Oh, Hatman. Where's your priority, lad?
-Hatman? -Hasn't he told you?
From the age of five he's been a crime fighter
wearing different headgear.
-As a child he made me tell stories. -Hatman.
Hatman in the jungle...
-saving animals from evil-doers. -Mom!
You were such a cute child, Pintu.
-Now he'll go prematurely bald. -Pintu.
Just like me.
From excessive hat wearing.
-I need to get out of here! -Okay!
Does she want to escape now?
No, I just need to meet my peon.
You can't go till we find out all about you.
You love my son, and that's why you keep harassing him.
-What's this rubbish? -She's more in love with Nandini.
-Huh? -What?
I witnessed it.
What's this peck?
Not here.
No, no, Nandini gave her a smacker!
Aunty, Nandini is a lesbian, not me.
What's a lesbian?
Nothing, Mom, don't worry about it.
Yeah, so listen! I mean, uh...
You know Bhagirath, who brought the Ganges from heaven.
-Everyone knows except Godless men. -Yeah, correct so...
Bhagirath had two mothers. He had no father.
-That's right, no father. -So Nandini is like one of his mothers!
She has saved our son.
Sing with me, child.
-Huh? No, no. -Sing along.
O daughter of Bhagirath!
O daughter of Bhagirath!
You are like the moonbeams For numerous sages
Humans, serpents and gods pray to you
Daughter of Jahnu
O daughter of Bhagirath!
O daughter of Bhagirath!
It must be brother-in-law.
Hey, Uncle!
Hello, dear, this is Meghna's granny.
I didn't want to disturb you. There's one way to be sure.
Get her pregnancy test done.
I won't tell Papa till we know it's positive or negative. Okay?
-Okay, bye! -Bye bye.
Who was it, Dad?
You keep your eyes on the road, Hatman.
-And watch out for the bumps. -Sing with me, child. Sing loudly.
What's the fuss about the scooter?
It belongs to some Prerna Mathur.
Sing, child!
-And who is Prerna Mathur? -I'm looking into it.
The scooter was sighted in Mahim near a police station.
Get over there.
End this.
Hey. Get me a glass of chilled water.
You'll find it in the fridge.
Daughter of Jahnu
Chacha had connections all over the city.
It may not be as easy as we think it is.
There are two things about this city that you need to keep in mind.
Property prices per square foot are highest in the world.
Pintu, we should go to the temple.
also are highest in the world.
O daughter of Bhagirath!
That's for sure.
You are like the moonbeams For numerous sages
Borivali National Park? What is he doing there?
Nothing. He is just sad and is thinking about you.
I can't come.
Listen! We're a team now!
Don't make me threaten you!
Okay, I'll come.
What happened?
We're such idiots.
You're not my second choice, child.
If only we'd known about you before
none of this would have happened.
Where in this rotten world
is such a beautiful, pure and pious girl to be found?
What do you mean?
with your mom in that state?
Where do you want to go? Do you want to go up?
Place the altar! I'm ready!
Really, Pintu, you're ready?
If she wants to have a family with you, marry her.
Do you even care if she doesn't like me?
Do you know where your logic leads us?
-First, we'd get married. -Yeah.
Then that child gets a Dad.
Yes! That kid will need a father.
I might be infertile.
I just let you think that to escape.
Sir, we found two phone numbers on the police report.
They're both being tapped now.
There's a meeting in National Park
-with Karan Kapoor. -Who?
Bollywood actor, Karan Kapoor.
Who got the Bollywood involved?
Guess what! Tell the prize winners Karan is treating them to lunch.
They must be hungry.
I'm hungry too.
Oh, yeah, you're included. Eat with them.
And keep the bill. I'll pay you when I see you.
I need to fix Karan's mood.
-Okay, just don't keep us hanging. -Of course. Wait there! Bye.
Hop in the back.
Sir, I'll drive.
Please let him drive.
Quickly now.
Hey, listen.
I'll wait here for your peon.
No, no, no!
Let's go.
Open the barrier!
Sorry, sir. Mr. Karan sprayed too much perfume on me.
Abhishek Sharma?
Who's this?
Inspector Gujral, CID.
Is this about the guy who is wanted?
Right, I read your crime report.
Sir, my description is 100% accurate.
I need to ask you something.
Have you seen Meghna Shergill's peon?
No, sir. Not as yet.
Are you aware that she trashed your report?
I wasn't aware of that, sir.
Give it to Abhishek.
And make sure he stays over there, okay?
Didn't you turn celibate?
Yeah, I tried to, three times. Today was the fourth time I went there,
but the Cosmos had different plans.
What Cosmos, what plans? What nonsense! Come on!
Guess what I was doing before your ego summoned me here.
Tell me. What were you doing?
I can't hear you. Come into the swan.
No one will come.
-Come to me. -No, no!
-I often think of those times... -Yeah?
So I thought of giving you a small funeral.
I'll organize a small funeral for you!
It cleanses you.
And sometimes eliminate them which is why a funeral was required.
Not a real funeral, it was just your standee.
I wore my mom's sari.
Of course, in your honor
But they found it too glam.
So I'm rejecting both of you
I'm not in love with you.
And so, I was saying goodbye to your standee
when some slum kids chased me
for burning a demigod!
Sometimes in life...
So I got in a rickshaw,
you took of me at Holi in the shower washing off color?
Such as?
Such as, I thought I looked good in it!
What is it, Raju?
Sir says the CID want your phone.
An inspector is on his way.
-Tell him I'm coming! -Sure.
The guy who has my phone...
Is he the one who called me?
Yeah, I had to give him a job.
Has he seen the clip?
Meghu, why didn't you delete it?
I was going to, after your funeral!
If CID finds the clip
your career is over.
Forget me! You're just wearing paint!
Where are these people?
I parked them in a restaurant.
I've never seen such a crazy girl! Why doesn't this move?
That's quite a big bill, it includes the hats too.
Are you feeling better, baby?
Ya! I suddenly got a spurt of energy!
Is it from the lake breeze?
Yeah, yeah!
Sorry, I was moody before.
Listen, I'm off to meet those prize winners now.
Oh, you're coming!
Missing you, a tad.
You forgot about us so we set out from Zapata's!
How could we forget you?
Are you near the park? I'd love to meet you.
Sorry, what's your name?
Wow! Fit for a hero!
And you?
I'm Abhishek. Meghna is with Karan.
Bring the prize winners to the gate.
CID needs to check Meghna's phone.
Did you say CID?
Don't worry. They want her call records and that video.
Yes, the video.
I hope the video is still there on the phone.
Are you this shameless?
What's shame got to do with it?
It's police procedure, that's all.
I'll not talk to anyone but madam, okay?
What the hell is going on?
Bossy peon, man.
Hey, hold on!
Where are you going?
Why is peon Prem so confused?
You hurry home.
What do you mean?
Karan, we're reaching.
No, no, no! Meet us in Film City, not the park.
CID are coming!
Turn around!
Go back!
Fraud. I'm going to continue driving.
Just remember, I've done what you asked. Now it's your turn!
What do want from me?
You don't want your scooter from these guys?
Scooter? Which scooter?
-Is this for Karan Kapoor? -Yes, he ordered us to do this.
Stop honking! Shut it!
I've got this.
Stop. Stop here.
You want to meet Karan, don't you, Jazz?
-Karan! -Yeah.
Sir has to rush to set.
Over here, ma'am.
-Prerna, who? -Mathur.
I've never heard of her.
I need to meet your peon, right now.
He's here! Peon.
-This is-- -Yes, he is my peon.
-Fianc? -Go home! I asked you to leave.
Meghna Ma'am? Your phone.
I got my phone back, from my peon.
-The bill for lunch. -Oh.
Who gave you this? The guy on the scooter?
The guy on the scooter.
-Where is he? -I'm the peon.
Thank you, sir, she has her phone.
I'll ask Mrs. Angre to get you promoted.
Mr. Karan.
He is the murderer CID
There's a hitman after me. He kills people and uses their phones.
Let's go, Meghu.
I need to tell Ma'am something else. What if I get whacked?
What else?
Unblock the road!
You come with us.
Meghu, let's go!
-One minute! This is evidence. -Hey!
Give me something.
-Take my card. -Give it.
-That was a superb stunt! -Get out!
Out I said!
Step aside, Dummy!
What did you call my nephew?
Get out!
-No, brother, don't! -Get out!
Hey! What did you say?
Hands up! Hands up!
Who are you freaks?
The wife you banged was like a car to me, sir.
Who are they?
-Where's the camera? -They're prize winners!
Prize winners who won a stupid scooter.
They're just fans. Case closed.
-What are you doing? -Sir, one minute!
My peon here was simply delivering it.
You just told us he's your peon.
There's a new peon for a new day. That's the film industry!
How long have these delivery guys been working for you?
-One month! -Shut up.
-I'm talking to her. Quiet! -Correct, sir. It's been a month.
-Sharma! Lock him in the jeep. -Huh, me?
You might be helping the wrong guy!
Sir, sir, my phone. I will vouch for him.
-Really? -Yes.
Then you'd have to come along.
-Sharma! Take her into custody. -What?
-How am I involved? -Move it, Miss.
Give me my phone, please.
What's got into you?
I'm in love with you, you idiot!
Is that your fianc?
You can lock her up, and I'll get her out!
-You don't know me! -Of course, I do.
I wish I could be reborn with your face.
What's your badge number? Which station are you from?
Here's my badge.
-Please, sir, let's move. -Back away.
Hey, Raju! Give me my phone!
I'm going.
-You'll be hearing from me! -Step away!
Call the Commissioner.
It's a Maruti gypsy. 6881.
You forgot about me?
No, no, there's definitely a Karan Kapoor connection.
Does the stolen phone have a video on it...
that's got everyone excited?
Is that so?
Happy Holi, bless the blouse-less!
I need to take my paint off. Please, baby!
You're filming with my phone, you idiot. Pervert.
Let's take a sexy selfie.
Come on. Baby.
Give me the shower curtain.
You are so beautiful, Meghu!
Hello? Commissioner, this is Karan here.
Step out.
Don't try to run.
Who is Prerna Mathur?
No idea.
Did you steal the scooter?
Did you?
What's in the parcel?
I don't know.
-Where is the parcel? -I don't know.
Where is the parcel?
I've no clue.
Don't shoot! She doesn't know anything.
If you shoot her, I won't tell you anything.
You're threatening me?
It's by Chacha's place!
I already searched his place!
You need to take me with you.
Please, just let her go!
Say goodbye.
Of course, it was a stunt, Jazz. I was acting too.
This is Film City. People shoot here.
My beloved
My darling
My beloved
My darling
Meghna ma'am! Are you done with the shooting?
Must you leave me
St. Anne's Church
Drop the scooter there.
I've bound myself to you
I've drowned myself in you
I've bound myself to you
I've drowned myself in you
I've bound myself to you
I've drowned myself in you
I've bound myself to you
I've drowned myself in you
Are we enemies?
Must we remain so?
Are we on the path of hope?
My beloved
My darling
My beloved
My darling
Must you leave me
After all you have seen
I've bound myself to you
I've drowned myself in you
I've bound myself to you
I've drowned myself in you
I've bound myself to you
I've drowned myself in you
I've bound myself to you
I've drowned myself in you
How many times do I need to tell you? Do you want to blow us up with your phone?
Son, go to Meghna's flat right away. Papa is there.
Papa? Papa is in Mumbai?
Deputy Home Minister Irawati can easily unmask this witness!
Use that video Karan took to put the squeeze on her ladyship, hello!
Please tell me you've noted Gujral's badge number and his station.
Hey, Dheere!
What's Gujral's badge number?
I didn't take it.
Why not?
We need to involve the Police Commissioner.
He's bound to know something.
After Karan Kapoor punched me
he called the Commissioner to complain about Gujral.
All your indiscretions will become public
right in the midst of my election campaign!
Sir must be busy.
Shall I call back?
Who's this?
Inspector Gujral, CID.
How can we help you, sir?
We found a video on this phone.
What kind of video?
The kind that ruins lives.
Actually, Meghna Shergill's peon is in my custody.
The peon was blackmailing her,
but his real target was you.
This peon...
Whom does he work for?
What does he want from me?
The name of a witness.
It's about tomorrow's trial.
The one involving the famous encounter specialist.
Hey, listen. Why don't you get to the point?
One moment.
To protect the witness from these goons, we need extra security.
I am ready to volunteer. It's my duty after all.
I... can talk to the Police Chief.
You have a word in his ear.
Mr. Gujrat, this, uh...
I want to see it.
Ira, listen to me--
If your friend is really lucky,
she may just lose one leg.
How much did Chacha pay you?
300 rupees.
He used to make bombs.
Mostly to entrap people for the Encounter squad.
Wherever your parcel is delivered
at whatever time...
We will soon find that out.
Pray to God it's not RDX.
It's not your fault.
You're the delivery boy
who delivers on time, guaranteed.
You're a man of your words and you'd give your life.
Uh, at least her belongings are here.
-Yes, madam, tell me. -Sorry to trouble you on Sunday.
It's about the Star Witness case.
The Pandya case.
The government should perhaps provide extra security to the witness.
A CID Inspector is already looking into it. Gujral?
He's the one who threatened Karan today.
Don't worry about that. It was a misunderstanding, in fact.
It will be better if you stay out of this, ma'am.
I am the Deputy Home Minister.
But there's no time to check out Gujral.
Will you take the blame
if, just in case, something goes wrong?
All of us are responsible, ma'am.
Ah! So...
I'll tell Gujral. He'll contact you.
Roy, search the system for a CID Gujral.
She may be near Grant Road
on the way to St Anne's.
I'm in a boat. I can't come out.
I asked her to deliver something.
Uncle, it might be RDX.
She's to arrive at 8:30.
And whoever Gujral is, he's hunting some witness--
St Anne's Church, Grant Road, 8:30 p.m.
What has St. Anne's Church to do with this?
That's for you to find out.
Get me the boss.
He's not available. You'll have back up.
I don't want backup.
People are on to you. The commissioner is involved too.
I said I don't need back up!
It's not in your hands. Stand by for orders.
Connection broken.
Who is our back up?
When he's in position, connect us.
Why didn't you mention St Anne's?
How does he know?
We've been roaming around since morning! Why didn't you tell me?
A courier's code is silence!
There's a tap on both phones!
A tap?
Look, I don't know who's chasing who,
I just don't want that girl to die in a bomb blast
My child,
Since you are reading this
it means my trusty courier
has delivered your scooter to Father Daniel.
You can have faith in this man
to not to open the parcel
nor talk of it to anyone.
We've seen so much in the last five years.
You taught me much.
Now you must go on...
without me.
Tomorrow, when you're the star witness,
I may not be in court with you.
My written testimony must reach Commissioner Wadia
who has wanted justice for Stanley D'Mello for years now.
I discovered later...
why Don Arun Naik was used...
for such a gruesome job.
Someone wished for Stanley D'Mello
to take revenge on the Don's gang and family...
for the murder of his wife.
No one could link your mother's death to Pandya...
except you.
You, and Pandya's driver, Ramakanth...
both drowned...
in a sea of silence.
From the shell of a shattered family...
Pandya created a hollow killing machine.
That left you like an orphan.
Your only sanctuary...
was the place your family visited on Sundays.
St. Anne's Church.
-Sir, Rathore. -Hmm.
Rathore, listen up.
This concerns national security.
Your target is a CID officer
and there is one more target that you need to identify.
-Look, Dheere. -Huh?
Our country's two heroes, looking in the same direction
but with different weapons.
A bit like us.
You pack a pistol.
I don't.
Giving you a pistol would be a mistake.
They have to be fired sometimes.
-Has anyone spoken to them? -No, they've been in your office.
Has Gurjal made contact?
No. Sorry, sir, I couldn't find out much about him.
-Dig deeper! -Sir.
I want transcripts from that stolen phone, now!
Sir, they're on your desk.
Sir, the number has been monitored since morning.
On whose authority?
Sir, yours.
Sit over there.
Monitor all phones in contact with that number.
And show me all authorizations!
How did you two hear about this witness?
I've reached the location.
The pink scooter is here. A woman is riding it.
See who she meets at 8:30.
Looks like she's delivering a parcel.
-Any sign of Gujral? -Not yet.
So whoever the girl gives the parcel to is our target.
Rejoice, rejoice
Father Daniel allowed me to put his signature
on Alice's death certificate, and all public records.
Inside is all you need
to become Prerna Mathur.
Who's Prerna Mathur?
Please wait here. Wait here.
If only we were born with the knowledge...
that we gained by life's end.
Gujral is here.
We need that parcel.
That we are all part of one living being.
The bonding inside the concrete.
Here's your parcel. And the keys to your scooter.
I'm underage for a scooter.
What was Chacha thinking?
I won't be able to say goodbye to her.
I can only leave you a poem of Kabir's...
in which I see myself.
"I went in search of a crooked fellow
Looked far away and near
When I got home and looked inward
I found him already here
I will offer these words to my maker
Whenever we may meet"
CID Gujral.
We've been informed of a bomb.
-Please move out. -Bomb?
Outside, hurry.
There is a bomb inside. Please leave.
Sir, outside.
For your safety...
-Leave this here. -Please move out.
Close the doors, Father. No one enters unless I say.
Leave the church. Leave!
What are you doing?
Children! Who wants a present?
What's going on?
That girl on the scooter is handing parcels to everyone.
-Someone is with her. -Who?
Well, Santa's friend... who looks like a camel..
Yeah... Rundeer!
More people have arrived.
Gujral, or whatever he's called, is here already.
They're hugging each other.
Don't worry. Everyone's coming. My mummy, daddy,
-my brother-in-law, the commissioner-- -Papa?
He thinks I'm Mohit.
If it makes life easier for you we can stay engaged.
Break it off later if you like--
Santa and Rundeer are holding hands.
Everyone's looking somewhere else.
I can't quite see.
-Hatman! -Pintu!
-Meghna! -What's going on?
Take good care of her.
Papa. My parents.
What about the RDX?
Hey, do you have a phone? I need to make a call, please.
It'll cost you.
Here, take all of it.
-There's... zero credit left. -What?
Where's the bomb?
-Now what? -Commissioner Wadia is here.
Everyone freeze! Nobody moves!
God bless you.
-Greetings. -Sir, family, sir.
Is your entire family involved?
Is this for me?
-Give it to me. -One minute.
Okay, the boy has the parcel.
They're playing pass-the-parcel.
Where's Gujral?
The parcel is with the commissioner now.
Kill Wadia.
Shoot everybody.
Get away from here! Go! Move!
There's no answer from Rathore, sir.
One second.
There is an incoming call on Sharma's phone.
Go inside.
Listen to me carefully.
The St. Anne's parcel is a decoy.
I have the real parcel.
Where are you?
Never mind.
Send someone to collect the parcel.
They'll find it in a canoe
behind Jesus's shrine which is beyond the Worli Fort.
What's a Jesus shrine?
Which church are they talking about?
It's in Koliwada.
And what do we do there?
Fetch the parcel.
This is your phone. Take it away and destroy it.
Merry Christmas. Go!
Ma'am, I didn't approve any additional security
which you wanted Gujral to provide,
because there's no Gujral in our system.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but I need you and Karan to reach St. Anne's Church at Grant Road.
Are you summoning me?
You decide whether you want to be summoned by the court or me.
We're all responsible, aren't we?
Uncle Terrorist went that way.
That was Mr. D'Mello.
Who is he?
Police! Hands up!
Where did you...
What are you doing?
It's me!
The parcel.
That's in the other church.
-What? -Yeah.
Then what's this?
My plan was to trap Gujral.
But this thug showed up.
Will I have to pay for all his crimes?
He thinks we're all idiots.
-Put me in another jail. -Which jail?
Who are you talking about? Get up!
You don't get it.
He will drive me crazy!
A wise man once said...
"Knowingly or unknowingly we decide to meet...
because our decisions bind us."
"In this great city...
you can go from strangers to becoming friends in one night.
Friends who are like family."
"How much ever we run from people...
thinking people are the problem..."
I mean, it's true.
We do cause each other's problems...
but we are also a part of their solution.
I'm sorely tempted to lock you all up
till this trial is complete.
We are, as the wise man put it...
"All part of one living being."
"And our bonding is as strong as concrete."
Repeat after me.
-I... -"I."
...solemnly swear...
"Solemnly swear..."
-...that the star witness... -"...that the star witness..."
-...prior identity... -"...prior identity..."
-...shall never be revealed by me. -"...shall never be revealed by me."
-As long as I live. -"As long as I live."
-Victory to India! -"Victory to India!"
-Victory to India! -"Victory to India!"
The public discovered how Pandya finished off an entire gang
by instigating D'Mello.
All for the hundred million that some other gang
invested in Satya Rahi Party!
Now each night... he lies awake
fearing a visit from D'Mello.
And his old driver...
who had kept his secret during years of abuse...
suddenly found courage...
to become a State Approver.
The point here is if we want to change the system,
we need to change how politicians think.
We don't make laws. Laws are made by the State.
We just enforce them. That's all.
India's first
Witness Protection Program
otherwise known as the Gawah Suraksha Karyakram.
Apparently Pandya has a mental illness
caused by idiots,
meaning all of us.
I feel I fit right in with all the other idiots
who are out there
trying to be the change we want to see in our world.
I want to ask the Commissioner,
who hasn't come on my TV show for a while.
A few years back, Stanley D'Mello disappeared.
Are you closer to solving that mystery?
Some incidents are meant to remain mysteries.
Anyway, among us today,
is someone I'm really thankful to.
I want him to be recognized by the world.
Which is why, next month
Sub-inspector Dhanendra Patil, will go to the Rashtrapati Bhavan
to receive the President's Police Medal
for gallantry.
Mr. Dhanendra Patil.
How are you feeling, Mr. Patil?
Name one superhero who doesn't have a sad private life?
I made up my mind And set out to accomplish something
My Lord
I made up my mind And set out to accomplish something
I set out to accomplish something
Whatever I need I will take it from You right now
I will bow down
I will bow down to You
I will bow down
I will bow down to You
My Lord
Get lost from here
The night is long and the cars are big
There are hundreds of people We think about
You have to be careful
Increase the speed
And increase the heat By wearing a backless blouse
You have to be careful
You love roaming around
You aren't bothered about eating
You have to be careful
Hey, chant God's name And get all the stuff here
Then throw it all in the river
I know what brought you here
There will be a lot of confusion You better pull up your socks
Shall we earn or shall we vote?
What do we do?
Everyone around us is waiting But the system is down
Hey, weirdo
Give me the OTP Hey, weirdo
Hey, weirdo
You have all the news in the world And you're not scared of God
You keep posting weird stuff On social media
Hey, weirdo
You've made so many preparations
But we'll remain friends Only for a few days
Who will take your responsibility?
You are an honest person
And your lovers are businessmen
We never know when you might Do something magical
You don't put up with anyone's bullshit
Don't pass by the adjacent lane
There are boys waiting to tease you
You have to be careful
You love roaming around
You aren't bothered about eating
You have to be careful
Hey, sinner
Get lost from here
Salonee Kadam