Bombay Beach (2011) Movie Script

man: The American West is big.
You'd think there was plenty of
room here, wouldn't you,
for all who needed room?
But people began finding
conditions too crowded
and they spread out.
For this is the story of the
"miracle sea in the desert,"
the Salton Sea.
385 square miles of water,
formed by accident
back in 1905,
when the Colorado River
ran wild over manmade dikes.
A sea in the desert, with its
white sandy beaches, it's--
The Salton Sea,
the new recreational capital
of the world.
The future is now.
And you-- you have been present
at the birth of a city.
man: Love is a combination
of several things:
trust, caring, honesty--
which honesty
is the biggest thing.
And I'll just bet
my bottom dollar,
it was beautiful to you
to see your dad give your mom
a hug and a kiss.
If you see love
between your parents,
even if it's just once
in awhile,
that would
install love in you.
If you don't, you're gonna be
a long, lonesome dude
in a far away place.
The desert
is very unforgiving.
It has no mercy on anybody
or anyone.
To live on it, you have to
improvise in order to survive.
Where's the dead bird?
boy: Right there.
Look inside this,
while he's right here.
Listen, you want
a piece of gum?
boy: Sarah, will you pass me
my chips?
I really love those.
We're gonna have to
climb over here.
woman: You were grounded
for one week for throwing rocks
at another child.
You were fighting on the bus
and you threw a rock
at another child today.
Remember that?
And you hit her in the head
and made her bleed?
- boy: Was it her?
- woman: Mm-hmm.
I thought that was William
'cause his head was bleeding.
There was more than one.
There was three,
- I know what this is for.
- What?
Because this is
for the cut.
This thing is for cookies.
- Yeah.
- And the white ones.
This one is to--
it's Ritalin.
What this one does--
Is you know when you
run around a lot,
and you can't stop moving,
and you're very hyper?
This is supposed to make you
where you don't do that.
- Calms you down.
- Is that new, Mom?
No, that's not new.
He's been taking that for
almost two years.
And this one,
Resveratrol, is for--
No, you're not crazy,
Don't ever think
you're crazy, okay?
kids: Happy Birthday,
dear Benny...
Make a wish!
boy: Benny,
what'd you wish for?
I wished for Mom and Dad
to love me all year long.
girl: Bubbles, woo-hoo!
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
- Are you ready?
- No.
Let's get it on!
Bring it, bring it!
- Bring it!
- woman: Okay, you ready?
man: I left home
when I was 13.
My father told me,
many years ago,
"The harder you work,
the richer you will die."
"Is richness what you have
learned, by experience,
or the amount of dollars
you can get in the bank?"
Around a lot of the places in
the Southwest part
of the country here,
the state cannot tax
the Indian reservation
for the cigarettes.
So they sell 'em a little
So if you buy them there,
you can bootleg a few of them
and make a few pennies profit.
Well, you might say,
well, that's illegal.
You'd have to figure out a way,
at your golden age,
to support yourself,
at least partially.
Where's your master, huh?
Hey, Justin?
Do you know where Jerry is?
No, I don't.
woman: Like I said, I haven't
seen him since Wednesday.
Well, that'll be the last
fucking bill he gets on me.
I got a damned near $300
phone bill this month.
The desert has
a lot of poor people.
For different reasons,
they are poor.
They wanna bum a cigarette.
Why bum?
Why damn, for a quarter,
I'd sell 'em one.
Sometimes I wonder where
my next meal is coming from.
I've been that way
all my life.
But I sure enjoyed it.
# I been a #
# Moonshiner #
# For 17 long years #
# I spent all my money #
# On whiskey and beer #
# God bless them
pretty women #
# I wish they was mine #
# Their breath is #
# As sweet as #
# The dew on the vine #
We're goin' off-road
golf cartin' driving.
Left turn!
- man: Watch out for that hole!
- I got this!
- I got-- I got...
- I told you.
I got it.
Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo,
shoo, shoo, shoo...
- Man, let me drive.
- Nope.
This is the other
bar right here.
- Uh, it's open.
- I know.
Could I see the-- the menu?
A cheeseburger and onion rings,
and a hamburger and fries.
( playing piano )
Will you tell him
to get up, dude?
- What happened?
- Some fucking dickhead.
Could've been-- might've been
just a common mistake.
No one lookin'
or whatever and--
He just kept going?
He hit you?
Most people do.
Did he...
What the hell?
What's hurting?
Your back or your arm?
It's all sides,
fucked up.
- Can you move your leg?
- The leg, too?
No, that's fine.
- It's just your shoul--
- My shoulder and my arm.
Mm, his shit is broke,
see it?
It's something.
It'll heal.
It'll heal.
You need to go to the doctor
or something.
You need to get up.
But if you want to lay down,
just lay down.
Don't get up,
just lay down.
- Yeah, sure, man.
- You just gonna stay here?
But please don't--
We're not, we're not,
we're not.
I don't want
nobody botherin' nothin'.
- All right.
- All right.
- I'll handle it.
- You're-- you're okay?
- You're all right?
- Yeah, thank you very much.
- All right then.
- Yeah, all right.
I'll remember your face,
All right.
And it's not funny juice.
man: His arm is broken,
can you see it?
woman: Probably.
His arm-- arm right here
is broke.
I'm not gonna touch--
I'm not gonna touch you.
Is your arm broken?
Above his elbow, look at it.
Right here?
You gotta go in the hospital now
and get it looked at.
I'll take care of it.
You need to go to the hospital,
seriously, to get a--
If it starts bleeding
inside, you'll bleed to death.
Thank God.
I thought I wasn't
gonna like it out here.
But it's better than LA,
to me.
boy: Eight, nine,
15, 17, 18, 30.
- boy: I'm not ready!
- Here I come or not.
- Whoa.
- How do I get down?
Hey, how did you get
all the way up there?
What the--?
How'd he get up there?
( screaming )
Go back there and look,
your happy face...
Benny, Mom's playing--
- Turn the light on!
- Come on.
- I wasn't ready!
- No, you were--
- One, two...
- Hurry up and run!
man: You can't use a flashlight,
that's not hide-and-seek.
boy: Ten, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four, three,
two, one.
man: KSWT, TV 13 Weekend News.
Sheriff's deputies recovered
the explosives and ammunition
in an island home.
Police first
responded to the home
to investigate
a child-neglect case
and found deplorable conditions
inside the home,
along with explosives.
Authorities arrested the couple
who lived there,
Michael and Pamela Parrish.
They say it's the largest
illegal-ammunition find
ever in Niland.
The Parrish Family
liked to play Army.
FBI attempted to get 'em
as terrorists.
You gotta remember
this is one year after 9/11.
Even though it occurred in
August 2002,
after we have a heavy rain,
it uncovers a lot of
the ordnance
that has been covered
with dirt or buried.
It hasn't gone off.
Well, we'll just put a block of
C4 on it and make it go bye-bye.
Ooh, look at the shrapnel.
I'm glad those people
are doing good.
They are now, they are.
they're doing great.
Hard to believe it's the same
Parrish Family, you know?
Pamela: Sometimes I think,
what else can we do
with our family here?
Because there's nothing.
All we could do is go riding in
the desert, shoot guns.
But we can't do that anymore.
Child Protective Services
already took the kids twice,
so if they take them again
for the third time,
they told us that
we would never see them again.
girl: How did Stephanie know
that CPS was here?
Sabrina told me that she saw 'em
at a house when he drove by,
and there were county cars
and the sheriffs.
And if they're
gonna take kids away,
there's gonna be
a sheriff there.
'Cause you can't-- they can't
take 'em without a sheriff.
- They had three sheriffs there.
- I know, so...
But you know what?
We're not doing
anything wrong.
And we're-- our house has been,
you know--
- Clean?
- Cleaned.
So, if they come, all you need
to do is tell 'em the truth.
- Or, just say...
- That you're happy.
You have a house.
You're not take--
You're taken care of.
Or just say...
"I'm begging you, I'm sorry."
"Please don't take me."
After we got back from prison
and we got the kids back,
I noticed Benjamin
was a little different than
the other children.
- This is my bunny, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Because I'm a girl.
This is my backpack.
Funny, Mom.
I'm a girl.
I'll be back soon, Harry.
I can go to school, like,
playing nicely.
Yeah, you can.
I can say,
"Hello, pretty girl,
I love you."
Well, I don't know about that--
you can say hi.
Well, this ain't Halloween.
Pamela: Bye.
What's this, Mommy?
- A bullet.
- Oh, that's a bullet.
Can I see it?
Can I have it?
Throw that over there,
- Can I throw it in the water?
- No.
- Because it will scare fish?
- It might.
Look at the wave.
I know,
they're beautiful, huh?
I'm gonna go in the wave.
I think they're gonna
be big this time.
- I'm gonna go in the big wave.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna take off my shoes,
I'm gonna go really far.
Well, you don't
have to hold me.
- You can watch, huh?
- Yep.
You can watch me.
- I won't drown.
- I won't let you drown.
- Because you will run quick.
- Yep.
I'm gonna be
swimming like a dolphin.
Dolphins don't go
in here, huh?
No, it's too salty,
I think they're in the ocean.
- Is this the ocean?
- No, it's just the sea.
Dead fish, I hate dead fish,
'cause if I step on 'em,
it will get inside my shoes,
inside my foot.
What kind of a fish would you be
if you could be a fish?
- A fish.
- What kind of fish?
Like a silly fish,
or purple, or...?
A happy fish.
A happy fish,
that's a good one.
I think I would be
a happy fish, too.
We've got fishes!
Where you going?
man: The main thing I remember
is throwing up so hard
that there was nothing
left but bulimic acid.
I mean, I could just barely
force the water down.
Hydrochloric acid
is like, aah.
Oh, man.
Now that is a salad.
I baked 150 pork chops,
so I think we have enough.
Come here,
you smell real cute.
Well, you-- you better
be careful because--
You come here, come here now.
I-- I ain't gonna be sexy with
you, I just wanna smell you.
It's gonna cost you
a dollar a whiff.
Can-- hey, can I charge
a pack 'til the ninth?
It's when I get my money,
you know?
Well damnit,
if I charge cigarettes, I--
I know, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah.
Don't blah-blah me,
the hell with it.
Because goddamn, there's
too many that's owed me
and they still
owe me up today.
Yeah, but I don't do that.
Well, they didn't either,
they said, until they owed me.
Whatever, okay,
well, I-- you know, my...
man: Hey.
Were you sitting there
for a long time?
Just for a cool minute.
You got bored or are you just
having fun throwing rocks
in the water?
- Like that?
- That was good.
Maybe it's just stuck
on something.
Maybe you just stuck
on being impatient.
What you wanna do
Fourth of July, Day-day?
Well, we could go to Calipat.
And do what?
What you wanna do?
I know what you wanna do.
Go mess around and pop
some fireworks.
I'm thinking 'bout some girls,
I'm talking some girls.
No, we gonna pop
some fireworks.
- Oh...
- Yeah.
Pop some cherries, you mean,
yeah, yeah, yeah...
My rocket is ready to launch.
Yeah, right.
How many cherries
you gonna pop?
Um, one, hopefully.
- One?
- Yeah.
That's your goal, that's all
you're goin' for?
But I'm a virgin, so I have to
go for one good one.
Naw, you go for
six, seven, eight, nine.
Don't laugh like that.
Let me see it.
You can stop
looking at him.
All right.
- Why you do that?
- Ooh!
- Put it in the bucket.
- No, that little-bitty thing...
Okay, well, put it back in the
water, don't just let it die.
Oh, my God.
I hope you get hooked.
- Stupid.
- You're stupid.
You're the one
that walked past it.
Pick it up.
Don't kick it,
just pick it up.
Now it's probably dead.
- Ooh.
- Ooh.
Bitch, I like you,
but your attitude stank.
Bitch, I like you, but--
These stay fresh all day.
We in a recession.
You can use it when you
masturbatin' if you washin' it.
Get the beat, get the beat,
get the beat!
Don't fall.
I'm so fly, I'm so fly like
I say, it's the Fourth of July.
I'm so fly, I'm so fly, like I
say, it's the Fourth of July.
Bitch, I like you,
but your attitude stank.
Bitch I like you, but your
attitude stank.
Stank, stank, stank, stank.
Use this tonight.
I'm gonna lose my virginity...
You a virgin?
- You a virgin?
- Of course not.
All right, me and you are gonna
lose our virginity, watch.
You're gonna die
a virgin now, bitch.
I'm tellin' you,
today's our day.
Bitch-ass nigga!
Oh, oh, oh, oh...
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
What's up with that girl you--
you-- you fucked?
- Nothin'.
- You lost your V-Card?
Alls you need to know
is that it happened.
- Big tits?
- I-D-K.
- You didn't lick 'em?
- Naw.
- You didn't suck on 'em?
- She had her shirt on.
- Why didn't you take it off?
- Lame-O.
It was like a-- like a shirt,
like a big shirt on,
but she didn't have
nothing on up under it.
- So where'd you fuck her at?
- In the bathroom.
You didn't get in
the shower with her?
- Aw, nah.
- You didn't jump in?
Naw, she was like,
"Bring my bra."
And I brung her bra, she was
like, "Thank you."
I caught him in a lie,
I caught him in a lie there.
He said it, yeah,
didn't he-- didn't--
Yeah, he did,
you lie, you liar!
You didn't lose your
Why, why you say that?
'Cause you just said,
"She had a long shirt on,
and she didn't have nothing
Eddie, you're lame-- you just
lied, we caught you in a lie.
- Okay.
- Liar.
What's your name?
What are you gonna be
when you grow up?
- I'm gonna be a weirdo.
- A weirdo?
When you grow up, not now.
I'm going to Mama's
I wanna be a fireman.
A fireman!
woman: And how have you been
for the past two months?
- Benjamin: Good.
- Okay.
- How did school end for you?
- I don't know.
Did you remember
your grades?
Pamela: He's failing
every subject.
Oh, wow, okay.
And he wasn't doing good.
He was, um, not allowed on
the playground no more.
How'd it make you feel, Benny?
I don't know.
We can't help you if you
don't tell us.
- woman: One thing we can do.
- Mm-hmm?
Is we can actually increase
the dose of the medicine.
That probably would be the
simplest way of controlling
what's in his anger or his mood
swings, and things like that.
There are people who take
up to 2,000 milligrams
of this medicine.
But for a child, though,
wouldn't it be better
to try a different medicine,
and not put him
at risk like that?
Well, it depends.
There is another medication
called Abilify,
which is also approved for,
one, bipolar, in children--
Yeah, you know,
anger of a person.
What about, um,
his hyperness?
The Ritalin.
It's a very short-acting
- It wears off in three hours.
- It does.
He might need to take the
medicine several times.
You might give it
to him three times a day.
I think that might provide
better coverage.
- Mwah.
- Mwah.
- Mwah.
- Mwah!
Teach me how.
You just pinch your mouth
like this.
It's like kissing someone.
- Michael loves Rebecca.
- Stop!
Michael loves Rebecca.
Pamela: Oh, that's gotta stop
right now,
'cause you guys are little.
You're not old enough
for any of that.
boy: This means "I love you"
in the bunny way.
girl: Sure, I always wanted
to be a waitress.
Michael wants you
to do that thing again.
No, don't put it back.
Ah, that's disgusting!
boy: What happened?
He just put it back in when it
was cracked and it was yolky.
- Ew!
- And it fell on the floor.
Don't have a Jeep.
I don't know if I can
go on a date.
- I don't have a job.
- You have a job.
Figure it out.
"Do you want Rebecca and Michael
to have a date?
Write yes or no."
And I wrote this.
And then my dad circled "no."
That was, um, um...
Rebecca: You're not going.
Okay, we only have,
like, ten bucks.
We-- we do everything.
It doesn't involve you.
It doesn't involve you
at all.
It tastes like sushi.
Amber and Sarah
is gonna be the waitress.
We're in charge of everything,
so you guys can relax and talk
to each other.
It doesn't involve you.
I got a class at home--
At school.
Like a gentleman.
# Come sit at the table #
# Under October's #
# Able skies #
# Once we'd seen eye to eye #
# I'd known that
I'd pass you by #
# And I tried #
# The bells chime #
# Seven times #
# Completed at nine #
# The world moves slower
I find #
# No but I #
# Learned of time
by your hand #
# And in shallow waters' end #
# I learned not to swim #
# But to lie #
# I'll wait for now #
# Till it's ready to burn out #
# I insist on doubts #
# We're already lying
on the glass #
# The glass ##
Okay, let's circle, people.
As y'all know, we lost Danny,
Jeff and Franklin this week.
When you're born in 1924
and you're black,
it's not an easy life.
Okay, let's start.
- Good gravy.
- all: Good gravy.
- woman: Good meat.
- all: Good meat.
- woman: Good Lord.
- all: Good Lord.
woman: Let's eat.
- All my friends.
- Yeah.
Jeff, Franklin.
My wife.
Well, I'll tell ya, but goddamn,
you know, three in a week,
that's getting pretty
Yeah, well, Franklin,
now let me see,
he's only about seven months
older than I was.
CeeJay, what do I do
when she say this?
CeeJay, what I do
if she says...
This is how you start
a conversation.
You go up to
her and be like--
Excuse me, you know
what time it is?
That's how you
start a conversation!
You ask her what time it is,
you say, never mind,
I don't want the time,
I wanted to talk to you.
No, hold on,
hold on, hold on.
- All right, she-- She say--
- You the voice.
I talk to her, you respond.
Excuse me,
do you know what time it is?
Say it now, say it now.
I know what time it is,
but you got your phone so why,
why you giving her the time?
Excuse me.
Do you know what time it is?
Okay, dude, okay.
You know, why do you need to
know what time it is
when you have a phone?
'Cause I wanted
to hear it from you.
- Climb onto it.
- I'm scared.
Don't go too fast and fucking
break yourself.
- Was that sweet?
- My hand is burnt.
Jessie: May I see?
Yeah, I picked it up
by that black thing,
I guess it was like hot
and I burnt my hand.
My whole hand is burned,
Well, well,
keep the ice on it.
We had a snake in our house.
- We had a snake in our house.
- Where's it at?
No, no, no, it--
it went in there but it--
My dad got it out.
What kind of snake
was it?
I don't know,
I was scared of it, though.
Where's your phone?
Oh, I put it back here,
didn't I?
I gave it
back to you, right?
No, you better not have
lost my phone.
No, dumb,
I gave it back to you.
I gave it back to you.
No, you didn't,
you took it from me.
Move your arm.
You think I'm messing around?
It would've been behind me
and it's not.
And don't throw the--
I told you.
I knew you had it.
We already gave him this in--
All four of you,
all four, uh--
Hats, jewelry put away,
everything put away.
- Take your hats off.
- Much obliged.
Come back to us, Red.
girl: Ahh!
boy: Whoa!
You had it,
but you dropped it.
Catch it.
Give me that ball.
( phone ringing )
Go away.
Press some buttons.
We're not fucking here.
So Vinnie all out, or...?
Well, you guys gotta
get used to it
if you're gonna
be taking our kids
and we're gonna be
taking your kids.
- You hung up on her?
- Yep.
What was she doing?
What did she say?
No Vinnie.
- Why?
- Can't handle them.
Well, you know?
Well, we can't handle your
fucking kids.
You know the girls did not
want him over there, period.
It's like mouthwash, huh?
man: That's a nice expression.
You can do it,
you can do it, Dad!
- You know I can!
- Calm down.
man: You know, well, if that's
something you wanted to do...
Benny, fuck him up--
how he get them...
I beat his butt!
- He's good at something.
- I'm good at this game.
You are very good.
man: Okay, press--
press start again.
Kick his ass again.
Pamela: Okay, I'm first.
Michael: I'm second,
he's third.
Pamela: Everybody be quiet,
shut the hell up.
Babe, Steve, babe,
what the hell?
If you want to hurt the people
that love you,
you're only gonna
hurt yourself.
Pamela: If you're not gonna play
right and play by the rules,
then you can't play.
- Yeah, baby.
- You can't play right.
man: I bet you you can't roll
a quarter off your nose.
You can't suck my dick
until I cum.
I'll bet you can't roll
a quarter off your nose.
Fuck this.
That was nothing.
Whoa, are you okay?
Pamela: Babe, look.
man: Well, did that hurt you,
man: Yeah, he's fucked up,
he's bleeding.
He's got a laceration,
he needs-- he needs towels.
- Michael: He is fine, dumb-ass.
- Pamela: Shut up.
Don't you talk to me
that way!
He's fucking bleeding.
I just wanna be beat up so bad
that I'm bleeding
and my lips are swollen
and my eyes are--
man: Why?
I just wanna get
beat the fuck up.
- Why ?
- Because I like it.
Because my family shouldn't have
been put through
what I put 'em through.
- And it's your fault?
- Yes.
I never blamed you,
nobody's ever blamed you.
You're blaming yourself.
- It's not your fault.
- It is.
I tried to do what I could,
and I let shit go, yes.
But I was learning,
and you know what?
I have a dirty house.
man: I know.
Michael: But I've been through
shit that you will never,
ever, ever, ever be through.
Michael: I tried to
go to the military,
but they wouldn't take me
because I didn't graduate
high school.
So we built our own camp.
They're making us look like
we were pieces of shit.
But we were never
ever pieces of shit.
Every bunker, every
fucking foxhole,
you know we
did that for fun,
it keeps you busy.
Not because we were building
a fucking militia.
I'm screwed now.
I can't get a good job
because I'm a felon.
I would've took the whole
fucking rap.
My wife shouldn't
have been in there.
She didn't even know some
of the shit I had.
man: Oh, Mikey, Mikey.
Pamela: How were you born?
Well, when two people really,
really love each other,
they have sex.
Do you know what it means?
You know it means something
but you don't know what.
Me and your Dad met
when we were real young.
I was 13...
when I met your father.
And I didn't graduate.
- You still didn't?
- No.
You see, that's another thing
I didn't wanna tell you,
'cause when I got
pregnant with you,
I was 15.
I finally know what age
you were.
I know, you've been asking and
I've been telling you different.
But that was only
for one reason.
You were saying 17, 18, 19...
- Mm-hmm.
- 51.
But you know why
I told you that?
I just didn't
want you to think,
"Oh, well, Mom got pregnant
when she was 15,
so I'll get pregnant
while I'm 15."
Because I don't want you
to end up like that.
Not that I would change it.
I love you guys and I wouldn't
change a thing.
And I love your father.
But if I had a choice,
and I could still have the same
three children and everything,
I might have waited
a little bit longer.
You know what I mean?
I know, I'm getting
my grades up.
I'm doing what I gotta do.
All right.
I'll get it.
Benjamin: I've got something
serious to tell you.
I was in jail for 100 years.
Even Mom was in jail, too.
Me and Michael
get ripped apart.
And I'd be alone with
someone else.
But Sarah wasn't even there.
There was no TV,
no cereal, no food.
There was no chairs,
no beds, no house.
No anything.
We had to sleep on the ground
where scorpions are.
Bad people are in there.
They kill kids.
There was a rope tied up
on the wood.
They put--
They made a little hole,
they put on your head
right here.
And they tell you,
"Jump off,"
and you'll die.
And you can't breathe, either,
if you do that.
I didn't even die.
They didn't even kill me.
Michael, is that a big old
blue wave coming at us?
See that blue stuff?
- What was that?
- A stick.
You finished your
ice cream already?
- Yeah.
- No.
You're gonna kill
all the fish.
I hope that
fish doesn't die.
I think I caught something.
Can I go in the water?
You didn't ask Mom.
Dang it,
I wanna go swimming.
So I can be happy.
He put his keys in the door,
and then he must've fallen.
We found the first mark
right here,
'cause this is
where he hurt his head.
This area, the ashtray was down,
the ashes were here.
From there
he crawled to the chair,
pulled himself into the chair
and bent over like this
and that's how we found him.
# If today was a knotty
crooked highway #
# If tonight was
a knotty crooked tree #
# If tomorrow wasn't
such a long time #
# And lonesome would mean
nothing to you at all #
# Yes and only if
my one true love is waiting #
# If I could hear her heart
softly pounding #
# Yes and only if
she was lying by me #
# I'd lie in my bed once again #
# Yes and only if my one true
love is waiting #
# If I could only hear
her heart is softly pounding #
# Yes and only if she was
lying by me #
# And I'd lie
in my bed once again ##
Is one of the side effects
from the Resveratrol,
does it cause, like,
- Not sleeplessness--
- No? It keeps you up?
Not keeps-- keeps you up.
- It makes drowsy.
- Okay, makes drowsy, okay.
'Cause he's just been getting
like black circles
around his eyes and stuff.
- Not getting any sleep?
- Yeah.
Why's your face
got chocolate on it?
I think that he's taking, uh,
Ritalin too, right?
- That's causes, yeah.
- That's-- Okay.
That's keeping him awake.
So we went to the doctor and we
had his medicine changed
and he changed him to Lithium.
I know that Lithium
is for bipolar,
but I don't know
all the side effects,
or what its-- really does.
I wasn't really
explained that.
Well, after two weeks,
I was told to up the dose,
so that's 600 milligrams
a day.
And then on the third day,
he went to get a drink
from the fridge.
His hand was shaking real bad,
and he dropped his drink.
I asked him if he was okay, but
he couldn't get the words out.
They were broken words.
There's no hospital in Bombay
Beach, there's no doctor.
There's nothing.
I had to carry him
because he couldn't walk.
And he just had one really big
rapid movement
and he hit his
head on the sink.
It was just really,
really scary.
I was terrified.
- Hello, Benjamin, how are you?
- Pamela: Hi.
Is he, um, fine?
No more episodes?
I haven't noticed any.
But he's still taking
the Lithium,
the one I think
gave him the seizure.
Or, if it was a seizure,
I don't know if it was.
Well, I have good news,
The EEG is completely normal.
The CAT Scan
is completely normal.
Really, oh.
So, he's clear neurologically
for now.
- Okay.
- Until a next episode comes.
What should I do if
that happens again?
Because we live in
Bombay Beach, 'cause--
How far is the next town with
a hospital, with a doctor?
Um, that would be Brawley.
And that would be
maybe an hour.
- To Pioneers Hospital?
- Yeah, to Pioneers.
Well, if he has another episode
you have to--
Just take him?
Immediately bring him
to Pioneers.
Should he continue
that medicine?
- Which one?
- The Lithium.
Well, you'd have to ask the...
- The other doctor.
- Right, okay.
I am just clearing him
So it probably was a reaction
to the medication, probably.
But neurologically,
he's clear.
So he has to continue with
his behavioral medications
and doctors, okay?
All right.
Nice meeting you, okay?
What did you do to me,
Give 'em the
pictures, I don't care.
- Yeah, you do.
- No, I don't.
Brentley, you're over here
threatening me,
blackmailing me,
I don't care anymore.
Go show those pictures,
I don't care.
We broke up
like almost a month ago.
And he's just trying to
blackmail me
- to get back with him.
- I know.
'Cause he has pictures of me
doing oral to him.
Yeah, I know, but I'm scared.
Yes, I know.
It's my fault, I know.
How many times
did I tell you?
A lot.
You was blinding me.
I'm sorry.
- What are those for?
- Magician career.
Well, why a white mask?
I think it looks exotic.
Like everybody-- everybody's
face is the same.
That looks creepy.
But I mean, like,
then you guys can't see
- your facial expressions.
- That's the point.
Like everybody just looks like
stiff, but like--
- I know.
- Like everybody looks stiff,
but like the movements are like
crazy and how you hit it.
But I like,
like, seeing your face.
- Can you see my eyes?
- Oh, yeah.
# Well it's been a long time #
# Long time now #
# Since I've seen you smile #
# And I'll gamble away
my fright #
# And I'll gamble
away my time #
# And in a year
a year or so #
# This will slip into the sea #
# Well it's been a long time
long time now #
# Since I've seen you smile ##
Red: I get up each day.
I make it out to the road to
pick up the newspaper.
Bring it in for Les and Didi.
Trying to more or less
take care of myself,
yet gain the exercise and all.
I gain a little bit
every day.
But I still wake up at night
thinking I hear somebody out
here trying to steal something.
I don't know, it just gets to be
a habit, I guess.
Life is nothing
but a habit, anyway.
Wake up.
Wake up.
It's your first day of school.
Look, what is that?
- Oohh.
- Oh, isn't he cute?
- Benjamin: It's gonna suck.
- Why?
Because I don't wanna be alone.
You won't be alone,
you'll have friends.
I wonder if
they'll be nice to me.
If you'll be nice to them,
I'm sure they will be.
It don't wanna button.
What in the world?
I want that one.
All the girlies are gonna be
like, "woo-hoo."
Rub 'em together.
All over your face.
Smells good.
Open your mouth.
Okay, now open.
Don't spill it
on your shirt.
Here comes the sexy boy.
Well, hello, Mr. Boy.
- You gonna be good today?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna take my wallet
so they know who I am.
Oh, they know who you are.
But you're gonna show 'em
a new Benny, aren't you?
- Mm-hmm, I am.
- A new and improved Benny.
- Pamela: So, are you okay?
- I hope so.
You'll be okay.
Did you say you hope so?
I hope I behave.
Pamela: I gotta talk to 'em
because there's like
the side effects
from the Resveratrol.
Michael: Uh-huh, what is that?
One of the major ones
is the drooling.
There's also the little bugs,
he thinks there's bugs on him.
These never go away.
That is our point,
I was like, oh, my gosh.
I hadn't really done any
research on Resveratrol.
Michael: I saw you bringing
some stuff out.
Well, there's your classroom.
Wow, I used to have
this class.
woman: I have a seat for you--
come here, come look.
I put you right here, okay?
Right here.
Pamela: Wow.
woman: And you have
all your new books.
Hey, can I talk to you?
I know that last year,
you got yelled at a lot.
Is that correct?
You don't want to get yelled at
anymore, do you?
You want to get yelled at
or no, you don't wanna?
- No.
- I didn't think so.
So, um, how-- how--
Do you think you can control
yourself this year?
- I don't know.
- Well, I hope so.
Pamela: Can you try?
woman: So what happens?
You start feeling mad inside
or what?
Uh, I have a special
trick for backpacks.
You need to go into the front
part of your desk
and push the backpack
in from the front.
Squish it, squish
it right through there.
Squish, squish, squish.
Your backpack will not fit
there, so that can go there.
Okay, please stand.
And do the flag salute.
Okay, ready, begin.
all: I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the United
States of America.
And to the republic
for which it stands,
one nation, under God,
with liberty
and justice for all.
all: Let's go, Hornets!
Let's go, Hornets!
Let's go, Hornets!
Let's go, Hornets!
Catching the ball.
man: CeeJay, go, go,
go, go, go!
Come on, CeeJay!
Cedric, good job!
# Well don't you make
that sad mistake #
# You know that I'm
talking 'bout a birthday cake #
# Get your finger
out of it #
# It don't belong to you #
# I wouldn't give you a piece
even if you want me to ##
- This ain't a beach.
- Yeah, it is.
Benny, I've got something
important to tell you.
And what is that?
I have a baby in my tummy.
You're going to be
a big brother.
And why do you
need to be pregnant?
There is three kids
- I wish this was my house.
- Why?
'Cause it's a big room.
( phone ringing )
This is the day
the Lord has made.
Let's rejoice and be glad it--
Wrong phone.
Bombay Market,
good afternoon.
There's a plate in there.
- What do you want?
- Gold.
all: # Happy birthday
to Michael #
# Happy birthday to you ##
woman: I believe we got a Red
coming, yes.
Red's here.
Good to see you,
you look really good.
Well, I am good, even better
than you might think.
How you doing, Scooter?
Pretty good,
how you doing?
Real good.
Can I get me one of them
I'm going to jail
this morning.
We told 'em we were going
on vacation.
In about a half an hour.
Red: That Jerry's
little brother.
- Oh, Ben and Miranda--
- Ben, yeah.
They're actually
going to church, too.
You aren't talking about Big
Mary and Little Mary, are you?
- Eskimo Patty?
- No.
What about Chris
that used to be out here?
- He's kind of a vegetable now.
- What happened to Half Pint?
And what about
old Scary Sherry?
Is she still around?
Wow, what about, uh...
No, I call her "Cow's Ass."
Up there... Sheila?
Red, who do you think
that looks like?
It's on TV?
Spaceship movies?
How 'bout "Star Wars"?
- How 'bout Yoda?
- Was that Yoda?
I thought they called that
I'm back
and I'm happy about it.
And dang it, I'm a lucky cuss.
I told 'em when I was
down and out,
that I would get back there.
I still enjoy my cigarettes,
and I drink a bourbon
now and then.
I love my girlfriends.
I never say "goodbye."
I'll say so long to you.
Glad to know you.
Hope to see you again.
"Goodbye" is very definite.
And I don't believe in things
that definite
about something
you don't know.
It takes a whole community
to raise a child.
But you must remember,
some of the very best-raised
children do turn bad
because of
their inner thoughts.
# I was thinking #
# Of a series of dreams #
# Where nothing
comes up to the top #
# Everything #
# Stays down
but it's wounded #
# And come to a permanent stop #
# Wasn't thinking
of anything specific #
# Like in a dream when #
# Someone wakes up
and screams #
# Nothing #
# Too very scientific #
# Just thinking #
# Of a series of dreams #
# Dreams where
the umbrella is open #
# Into the path you
are hurled #
# And the cards are #
# No good that
you're holding #
# Unless they're #
# From another world ##
Benjamin: Bye-bye, bye-bye,
everyone, bye-bye !
I love Bombay Beach, bye-bye!
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